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Peace Corps Senegal Welcome Book | July 2009

Peace Corps Senegal Welcome Book | July 2009


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Peace Corps Senegal Welcome Book
Peace Corps Senegal Welcome Book

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In its commitment to present the highest quality training, the

Peace Corps has implemented a training system that provides

Volunteers with continual opportunities to share best practices

and enhance skills. During your service, there are multiple

training events, including:

• In-service training: Provides an opportunity for

Volunteers to upgrade their technical, language, and



project development skills while sharing their experi-

ences and reaffirming their commitment after having

served for three months.

• Sector conferences: Meetings of all Volunteers in a

particular sector, such as health, Environmental educa-

tion, agroforestry or others, with a focus on sharing best

practices, reviewing goals, and improving

technical skills.

• Regional strategy sessions: Meetings of all Volunteers

in particular regions of Senegal to develop and hone

their plans for working together, with the government of

Senegal, and with nongovernmental organizations active

in the area, to achieve defined goals, particularly aligned

with Millennium Development Goals.

• Technical education seminars: Periodic seminars on

technical subjects, such as tree grafting, beekeeping or

other subjects of interest to particular groups

of Volunteers.

• All-Volunteer conference: An annual conference in

which staff, Volunteers, and partners network and share

information and best practices.

• Close-of-service conference: Prepares Volunteers

for the future after Peace Corps service and reviews

Volunteers’ contributions during their service and their

personal experiences.

The number, length, and design of these trainings are

adapted to country-specific needs and conditions. Training

events are integrated and interrelated, from pre-departure

orientation through the end of your service, and are planned,

implemented, and evaluated cooperatively by Peace Corps

training and programming staff and by Volunteers.




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