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New Magicks for a New Age Volume 3 Beyond Ritual Book 9 O Thelema! Part 3 Liber Al vel Legis, Thelema, Republican Rome, and the United States of America: Comparison and Analysis
New Magicks for a New Age Volume 3 Beyond Ritual Book 9 O Thelema! Part 3 Liber Al vel Legis, Thelema, Republican Rome, and the United States of America: Comparison and Analysis

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Published by: Polaris93 on Jun 14, 2010
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Yael Dragwyla email: polaris93@aol.com http://www.webleyweb.


Volume III: Beyond Ritual: Historical, Philosophical, and Scientific Considerations
Book IX: Thelema
Part 3: “Liber Al vel Legis, Thelema, Republican Rome, and the United States of America: Comparison and Analysis”
Notes America/Republican Rome: Liber Al vel Legis Castor & Pollux, Romulus & Remus, Horus/Set, Ra-Hoor Khuit: Gemini Mercurius/Mercury: Thoth Liberty? Luna: Nuit Mars/Venus (Gods of battle): Hadit, Who protect the nation) Saturnus/Saturn: Maat? April 26, 1995 In the traditionally accepted natal chart of the United States of America, for 2:15 a.m. local time, July 4, 1776 e.v., at Philadelphia, PA, Uranus is rising in Gemini in the First House, conjunct the Ascendant (generically ruled by Mars) and the martial Star Aldebaran, while Mars is in Gemini in the First House in that chart, as well, though at a much later degree than Uranus. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, the Eighth Sign, the traditional ruler of which is Mars; Gemini is on the Ascendant of that chart, which is thus ruled by Mercury, generic ruler of the Sixth House of any chart; the Part of Fortune in that chart is in its Sixth House, in Scorpio. In that chart, Luna is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, Who is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, Who is in Cancer, ruled by Luna, all three thus partaking of a tripartate mutual-reception system. In the Qaballah, the Key-Scale Numbers for Luna are 9 and 13, and the number 3 is traditionally associated with Her as well as with the Hebrew letter Gimel and Tarot Trump II, The High Priestess; the Sephirah of Mercury is 8, and His Path is the Hebrew letter Beth, associated with the number 2; the Sephirah of Mars is 5 and His Path is Peh, associated with the number 80 and Trump XVI, The Tower; Uranus is associated with Aleph and the numbers 1, 11 (its Key-Scale Value), and 111 (the height in feet of the Statue of Liberty); Aquarius, the 11th month, is associated with Heh (Aleister Crowley’s system), the number 5, and Trump IV, The Emperor; Cancer, the 4th Sign, is associated with Cheth, the number 8, and Trump VII, The Chariot; and Scorpio, the 8th Sign, is associated with Nun, the number 50, and Trump XIII, Death. There are thus many numerological links between elements in this chart and the Eighth Sign Scorpio, traditionally ruled by Mars. Currently, there are 50 states in the United States of America -- and Pluto is just winding up His 11-year traverse of the Sign Scorpio. Therefore the years 1984 e.v. - 1995 e.v. (80 a.n. - 91 a.n.) should be exceptionally important in our history in ways clearly Thelemic in nature, i.e., bearing the unmistakable hallmarks of the Aeon of Horus (Age of Aquarius) which Crowley believed he had ushered in as a result of his Equinoctial Working in the Great Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt, on March 20, 1904 e.v. That age should be

centrally concerned with libertarian issues of all kinds, the emancipation of women and former oppressed peoples the world over, objective science, the most sophisticated possible technology, high-energy technologies, space-travel and colonization of other Planets, and so forth. Looking back over the last 11 years, clearly we were very concerned in this country with all such issues. This lends support to the idea that when the astrology of the times agrees with both the natal astrology and the Qaballah of a nation or a people, the latter will respond in ways simultaneously characteristic of all three. America is the alchemy of uranium, refined, purified, decomposed, recomposed, in every possible way, in the Black Dragon of the human body and the crucible of the human spirit. Trying to establish control over Americans in any way is rather like trying to control bomb-quality uranium metal: it is not recommended that one try it without using waldos, or using more than very small portions at a time! (By comparison, the metal of the modern state of Israel, in whose chart Neptune is rising, having the same dominion over Israel that Uranus has over the United States of America, is of course neptunium -- subtle, powerful, strange. As for plutonium -- who else but the People Who Live in the Sewers, in the undergrounds of great modern cities, having first gone down there to live early in this century after all else failed, remaining ever since, and now thriving there, true children of Pluto? The feudalistic societies typical of the Old World ultimately couldn’t survive here for long. The only sort of feudalism that has any chance of thriving here, for any length of time, is Magickal feudalism: the people are led by ideas, embodied in individual Americans, living and dead, whether heroes, statesmen, saints, authors, inventors, engineers, scientists, academicians, physicians, even entertainers. In America, anyone can be king or queen -- so long as he or she embodies a kingly concept, an idea with true royal power in the context of the times, its astrology, and its numerology. When it is time for war, we are led by soldiers; when it is time for peace, we are led by philosophers. When it is time for sickness, we are led by doctors; when it is time for health, we are led by alternative-medical practitioners and proponents. When it is time for wealth, we are led by plutocrats; when it is time for austerity, we are led by saints. These come and go with the times, and it is the lineage of the heavens -- Magickal lineages, astrological and Qaballistic lineages -- not those of the loins of inherited titles, that determines who these avatars of our Zeitgeist will be at any given time. The people thus are led by their own -- but in a strange, a Magickal way, in a living sociocultural system which works at least as well as the more concrete forms of feudalism that have appeared in Europe and Asia. Thus the seemingly irrational, sudden, horribly puissant allegiance to emergent ideas such as “radical feminism,” “political correctness,” “anti-communism,” or even the “bacon-and-grapefruit diet” -- and the equally irrational, sudden, horribly complete deflation of those ideas and scattering of their followers when their time has passed. We adore the idea and its avatars -- and despise the ideas whose time has come and gone, deserting their following like Autumn leaves blown in the wind. Power stays with the idea or symbol, though; if an avatar of the latter strays from ideal embodiment of it, the power deserts him or her -- and when an idea’s or symbol’s power leaves it, it likewise leaves all the latter’s avatars (as witness Joe McCarthy, who was thoroughly pre-empted by television via the Army-McCarthy hearings). In these things, even those of us who count only the European and/or African portion of their ancestry are more Indian than they know. American Indians have always been comfortable with the things and the world of the spirit, easily interpreting the human psychospiritual meaning in all things and events, and building their lives around such meaning in a way Europeans call Magickal. So Magickal feudalism isn’t a new way of doing things here, by any means -- it is, in fact, as old as the first appearance of human beings on the American continents. Why do Americans cuss? We are, above all, a practical people, a nation of inventors, engineers, amateur home-repairmen and craftsmen, jacks-of-all-trades. Such people are forever swatting themselves on the thumb with a hammer or pinching themselves somewhere with various tools or stabbing or puncturing themselves with various other tools. And what do people do at such golden moments? They raise up a cry unto the very heavens, yea and verily, with loud and sulfurous invocations of the Nether Gods that the offending thing that savaged them be then and there damned forever, blasted from the face of the universe, and forced to go through an IRS audit for all eternity! That is, they cuss. True Uranians all, we are either the most elegantly fluent cussers in the world, or inventors of ten thousand mechanisms of denial of that wonderful, joyous urge to fill the heavens with a magnificent noise stinking of brimstone, if you will

excuse this unconscionable mixing of metaphors! We have produced Mark Twain, Give-’Em-Hell Harry Truman, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, magnificent cussers of legend all, and Anton Szandor LaVey, a truly libertarian warden of the realms of brimstone and sulfur -- we will be cussers to the end, pouring forth our enormous spiritual power in the form of truly Uranianly volcanic Scorpionic cussing in unlimited quantities even as the universe reaches its greatest expansion, reverses, and approaches a new Big Bang! Let’s hear it for cussing and the home of the red, white, and cobalt-blue airs breathed forth from the greatest cussers the world has ever seen, a true nation of cussers, God *!@*^&!! us every **&%$(*%#loving one of us!!!

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