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Peace Corps Uganda Welcome Book | August 2008

Peace Corps Uganda Welcome Book | August 2008

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Peace Corps Uganda Welcome Book
Peace Corps Uganda Welcome Book

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As a Volunteer, you will receive a modest living allowance,

paid in local currency, that will allow you to live on par with

your colleagues and co-workers. The amount of this allowance


is based on regular surveys of Volunteers and the cost of

living in Uganda. The allowance is paid quarterly into bank

accounts set up for Volunteers, so the ability to manage funds

wisely is important. The current living allowance is equivalent

to approximately $250 per month and is meant to cover the

cost of food, utilities, household supplies, clothing, recreation

and entertainment, reading materials, and other incidentals.

You may find that you receive more remuneration than your

counterpart or supervisor.

You will also receive a leave allowance of $24 per month

(standard in all Peace Corps countries), which is paid in local

currency along with your living allowance.

Current Volunteers suggest that you bring cash and credit

cards if you plan to travel during vacations. Very few

establishments in Uganda accept credit cards, so they are

mainly useful for travel to other countries. The amount of

cash you will need depends on the amount of traveling you

plan to do while serving in Uganda (Volunteers earn two

days of leave per month of service, excluding training).

Peace Corps will set up a bank account for you. Banks can be

found in all major cities/towns and you will be able to access

funds. Peace Corps deposits your monthly living allowance

at the beginning of each month and you are responsible for

withdrawing the amount you need. The exchange rate is

approximately 1,700 Ugandan shillings to the U.S. dollar, but

this changes frequently.

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