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Peace Corps Ukraine Welcome Book | September 2008

Peace Corps Ukraine Welcome Book | September 2008

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Peace Corps Ukraine Welcome Book
Peace Corps Ukraine Welcome Book

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As a Volunteer in Ukraine, you will receive three types of

allowances. The first, a monthly living allowance, is intended

to cover your basic living expenses; that is, food, household

supplies, clothing, official travel, recreation and entertainment,

transportation, reading material, and other incidentals. This

allowance is reviewed at least once a year through a market

survey to ensure that it is adequate. At the time of this writing,

the living allowance was roughly equivalent to $200, which is

transferred via direct deposit into each Volunteer’s local bank

account at the beginning of each month. You will probably

find that you receive more remuneration than your Ukrainian

coordinator, supervisor or other colleagues.

The second allowance, a vacation allowance of $24 per

month, is added to your living allowance and paid in U.S.

dollars. Finally, when you move into your apartment or house

following your three-month homestay at site, you will receive

a one-time settling-in allowance, paid in local currency, to buy

basic household items.

Although most Volunteers find they can live comfortably

in Ukraine with these allowances, some bring money from

home for out-of-country travel. The Peace Corps strongly

discourages you from supplementing your income with money





brought from home while you are in Ukraine. The living

allowance is adequate and Volunteers are expected to live at

the same economic level as their neighbors and colleagues.

Traveler’s checks are virtually unknown in Ukraine, and

because of the high rate of credit card fraud, it is inadvisable

to use credit cards or any of the few ATMs that exist in the

country. If you bring cash, be advised that bills that have

writing on them may not be accepted and older, wrinkled or

torn bills will be hard to exchange for local currency outside

of Kyiv. ATM cards may be helpful for use during vacation

travel outside of Ukraine or for transfer of funds from the

U.S., but they should be kept in a safe place for limited use.

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