I am running away from it all. From a monster…the devil…from my father. There is one thing though; I have nothing…not a penny to my name…no food… not even a pot to piss in. My life is hell and will always be. Why? You ask. Let me start from the beginning.

Chapter 1

11 years old

“Little bitch!! Go get me ma beer like I told yo little skank ass to an hour ago!” My mothers new play toy told me. I have no name. they either call me; bitch, slut, skank, trash, basterd, etc” My mother calls me a mistake…and that’s what I’ve always thought of myself…a worthless, mistake. I walked quickly to the refrigerator, and grabbed a cold beer. I felt a hand sneak around my waist. “Yo momma….let me have you for $10.00 I thought you would be a lot more

then that….your mines for da night.” I didn’t know what he meant…until he dragged me to the bed room…he pushed me roughly onto the bed…I started to cry. He looked at me with angry eyes, and then slapped me. He said, “Stop yo cryin….” He started to unbuckle his belt and then continued, “Give daddy a kiss..”

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