The Debate Continues«. Presenter: Kristina Grace Posadas

Understanding the Vagina¶s Normal Flora

‡ The normal flora of the vagina consists of several strains of both bacteria and fungi, specifically yeast. ‡ These microorganisms are non-pathogenic once undisturbed in their natural environment (in this case, the vagina).

What is Douching?
‡ Douching is cleaning the external genitalia using different chemical preparations commonly known as ³feminine washes´.

Why Do Women Douche?
‡ Most women are bothered by their odor (especially during menstruation) and vaginal secretions. ‡ They associate douching with cleanliness and good hygiene, since it kills the ³bad bacteria´.

Are we Really DIRTY?

‡ Of course NOT! The vagina has its own cleansing mechanism, with pH levels as its device, vaginal secretions as our indicators.

The Controversy?
‡ Douching disturbs the normal Ph level of the vagina, washes away both bad and good bacteria, and invites other bad bacteria to invade it.

What¶s Next for Us?

‡ The dangers of douching are twofold: a.) Irritation and inflammation of vaginal tissues«a portal for pathogens.

What¶s Next for Us?
b.) It may complicate existing infections. It can push the germs causing the infection up into the cervix or uterus, therefore aggravating your situation.

Act NOW!
‡ SCRAP THE DOUCHES! Say NO to those ³Notso-Fresh´ ads or ³Intimate Cleansers´ or even those claiming they¶re ³pH balanced´.

Act NOW!
‡ Use only mild soaps and clean water for your perineal care. Be sure to use these for the external genitalia only. Rinse well, possibly with lukewarm water. Do it frequently, especially after using the comfort room and after intercourse.

Act NOW!
‡ Be more observant. Distinguish your normal from abnormal secretions and odor. Visit your gynecologist. He/she is the only person authorized to prescribe herbal or iodine solutions as douches.