BUSHFIRE RECOVERY TREE MARKING REPORT Forest Road Hazeldene Ass date 9 Jun 2010
Assessing Arborist G. Gerdsen Rural/residential area. 2 lane bitumen road, servicing a number of properties with creek frontage bordering the northern edge. Vegetation, a mixture of very tall semimature Eucalyptus cypellocarpa, Euca-

lyptus obliqua, Eucalyptus viminalis and Acacia melanoxylon. Most of the

eucalypts are regenerating well with nearly all indicating good health and vigour. However some that are close to the road edge have responded well with large volumes of epicormic growth in the canopies. This growth has subsequently caused branch end weights to be somewhat heavy for the supporting structures and need to be reduced. Proposed work required includes some removals and some trims at height, especially horizontal branching of mainly dead terminals of branches that occur over the roadway. All trims required, present a hazard to road users and property infrastructure. This section of road has previously been scoped and cut to original scope of works, June 2009.

MAINTAIN MINIMUM SOIL AND VEGETATION DISTURBANCE ON ROAD RESERVE DEADWOOD AND CLEANOUT ALL CANOPIES IN SECTION Where possible retain charred trunks and large branches (hollow or other) on site for habitat.

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