Responsibilities of Licensed Personnel – release to service
• Responsibilities include the works done and the paper works involved. • If the works require additional manpower , it is his responsibility to supervise the works of others. • If the works are done half way, it is his duty to handover the task and proper records are kept.

Responsibilities of Licensed Personnel – release to service
• In the event of overlap of responsibilities, the primary responsible for the item will involve other approved personnel of other trades involved.
▫ Example : an engine change is the primary responsibility of Engine Personnel, but other from Avionics and Electrical Trades have to get involved.

Certify the Certificate of Maintenance Review
• It is issued to certify that all the requirements of the approved maintenance schedule has been carried out. • Normally when aircraft goes for the hanger checks, the certificate has to be signed by an approved personnel.

Certificate of Release to Service
• Issued in relation to the completion of the works related to the overhaul, repair, replacement, modification, mandatory inspection and scheduled maintenance inspection.

Certificate of Release to Service shall be issued when he is satisfied that:
• All the works had been properly carried out and accurately recorded.
▫ Up to date airworthiness data had been used. ▫ Proper tools and equipments had been used. ▫ Work environment are appropriate for the works

Limitation to the works
• Different limitation to the works are layout in the related Airworthiness Notice given by the relevant authority.
▫ An example is the AN 3 by Malaysian DCA at Notices/AN%203.pdf

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