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Summer Faculty Reading

1. Day after Night Anita Diamant Intertwined fates of young

women refugees at Atlit, a
British-run internment camp set
up in Palestine after WWII
2. Lottery Patricia Wood A funny, poignant, & wise
novel about a very rich
underdog who shows
everyone just how little his
IQ says about his smarts.
3. Loving Frank Nancy Horan Frank Lloyd Wright
4. Suzanne's Diary for James Patterson Love Story
5. The Girl With the Stieg Larsson Mystery
Dragon Tattoo
6. Outliers Malcolm Gladwell Nonfiction
7. Best Friends Forever Jennifer Weiner Friendship
8. The Art of Racing in Garth Stein Dog and Family
the Rain Interpersonal relations
9. The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Mystery
10. The Coral Thief Rebecca Stott Historical love story
11. The Help Kathryn Stockett Historical Fiction
12. The Art Thief Noah Charney Thriller art thefts
13. The Girl Who Stieg Larsson Mystery
Played With Fire
14. Where Men Win John Krakauer Nonfiction about Pat Tillman
15. American Wife Curtis Sittenfield President wife
16. Ella Minnow Pea Mark Dunn one girls fight for freedom of
17. Olive Kittredge Elizabeth Strout Thirteen linked tales
18. The Particular Aimee Bender Moving story of a girl whose
Sadness of Lemon magical gift is really a
devastating curse.
19. The Book Thief Markus Zusack Holocaust fiction
20. Fieldwork Mischa Belinski Murder mystery
21. The Glass Room Simon Mawer Historical fiction
Czechoslovakia 1930s
22. Little Bee Chris Cleave Nigeria & English Fiction
23. Hotel on the Corner Jamie Ford Historical Fiction
of Bitter and Sweet
24. Faithful Place Tana French Mystery
25. Saving Cee Cee Beth Hoffman Female friendship & a young
girl who loses one mother &
Honeycutt finds many others
26. The Vanishing Act of Maggie OFarrell Unknown family member
released from mental institution
Esme Lennox

in England and niece gets a call

she must take care of her
27. Cutting For Stone Abraham Verghese Family saga of Africa and
28. Shining Through Susan Isaacs Romance and spy thriller
29. Persian Pickle Club Sandra Dallas Women, Great Depression &
Dust Bowl
30. Sam's Diary to James Patterson Love Story