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Bitterroot National Forest

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Forest to open selected closed roads on short term basis for firewood cutting

Hamilton, Montana, June 14, 2010 The Bitterroot National Forest will temporarily open up two
closed roads on June 21 for the purpose of firewood cutting.

The West Fork Ranger District will open a normally closed portion of road FS49 (Piquett Creek). This
road is located about 11 miles south of Darby and is accessed off of the West Fork Highway.

The Darby Ranger District will open road FS1392 (White Stallion). This road is located 9 miles east-
northeast of Darby and can be accessed by going up the North Fork of Rye Creek to FR1126 (Cat
House) and then going north on FR273 for approximately 4 miles.

This is an experimental effort by the Bitterroot National Forest to provide more accessible firewood
cutting opportunities. Recent illegal harvest of green trees and trees within the protected streamside
riparian zones has raised concerns.

Easily accessible firewood is becoming harder to find in some areas, said Chuck Oliver, Darby
District Ranger. So were hoping this effort will help to alleviate some of the resource damage issues
weve been experiencing lately.

The public is reminded that these road openings are only for firewood cutting and only during daylight
hours, no other motorized access purposes will be allowed. Due to the narrow and sometimes steep
roads, vehicles should not be parked on the road as it will block access for other wood cutters. Please
use wide shoulders and turn-outs for parking. No off road access is permitted.

As with wood cutting elsewhere on the forest, no trees are to be felled onto the roadway and all slash
must be cleaned up. Law enforcement will be monitoring these roads.

These roads will be open for 21 days. After that time, the Sula and Stevensville Ranger Districts will
announce their own temporary road openings for firewood cutting.

Contact Chuck Oliver, Darby District Ranger, for more information: (406) 821-3913.