NVQ 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools NVQ Childrens Care, Learning and Development

UNIT STLS 20 Develop and promote positive relationships

(CCLD 301)
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Please explain the importance of good working relationships in your setting
It is very important for a teaching assistant to have good working relationships with all colleagues to be able to carry out the role effectively and benefit everyone within the setting. My role requires me to work alongside a number of adults and pupils and pass on information to each member of staff so it is essential for me to have a good relationship with each and every member of staff. Teaching assistants should always be aware of the example they are setting to the children and ensure they provide a positive learning experience for them. It is very important that staff members work together as a team. Not everyone will have the same views, so if you don’t communicate your views to each other staff members then conflict can occur. By working together as part of a team and communicating with each other it will be less likely that conflict will occur which will mean that the atmosphere will be more pleasant not only for the staff but also for the children. It is also important that staff build good relationships with parents or guardians. If a good relationship is built then trust will develop and this will help staff and parent to work together to help the child settle in much quicker. This welcoming and secure atmosphere will help the child to settle in and relax and will make it easy for the parents to share confidential information, make comments and take an interest, enabling the child’s expectations and needs are met. By creating clear and positive communication opportunities parents are aware that they can approach staff with problems and ideas and it will be positively and promptly acted upon.

STLS 20 K1

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