NVQ 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

NVQ Childrens Care, Learning and Development

STL22 Reflect on and develop practice (CCLD 304)
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Please explain how learning through reflection can increase your STLS 22 K2 professional knowledge and skills
When supporting pupils I should be able to think about activities I have carried out with individuals or groups of pupils and how to evaluate how the sessions went. At the end of a session I think about what went well, what didn’t and why, did the pupils achieve the learning objective by the end of the session and think about what you would change if you did the activity again. These types of questions that help me to evaluate my own practice and change the way I work if needed. It also helps to observe the way others work and compare this to my practice to see if it helps me. By reflecting on my practice I am able to increase my professional knowledge and gain new skills. As a direct result, I am then able to improve my practice to in order to meet individual children’s needs. The more I evaluate on my practice, the more confident I become at reflecting on the way that the children are learning, a process which allows me to gain the knowledge to help me to meet their needs. I can also reflect on any challenging behaviour I have encountered from the children and think about strategies I could adopt to change such behaviour. Additionally, I can reflect and evaluate the way that I work with colleagues. This can support me in forming better relationships with the other members of staff whom I work with, which can help to improve the working environment. Finally, I can reflect on the way I interact with parents. By reflecting on my practice and evaluating where there is need for improvement, training can be obtained relevant to the area of weakness and therefore will increase my knowledge and skills which will, in turn, benefit both my colleagues and the children with whom I work.

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