Cullens On Msn Part14

Hey guys, well I'm only going to do this and one more episode of µCullens On Msn¶ I love you guys but I just cant carry it on I'm sorry Hale has logged on McCarty has logged on Hale: Emmie-kins do we have to do this? McCarty: yes, yes we do Hale: fine but your paying me back after! McCarty: oh« I plan to Hale: hehe Masen has logged on Swan has logged on Hale: I hate you! And never want to speak to you again! McCarty: good cos I hate you! Swan: guys chill! Hale: NO!! McCarty: NO!! Masen: don¶t type like that to my wife! McCarty: who needs wives? Hale: we¶re so getting divorced! McCarty: fine!! Hale: fine!! Hale has logged off McCarty has logged off Swan: « O.o Masen: want another honeymoon?

Swan: sure! Masen has logged off Swan has logged off Good bye my lover, good bye my friend, you have been the one, you have been the one for me ± James Blunt/Morris«. I'm not sure :P A/N: one more after this, it will be my grand finale XD

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