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Annotation for McChesney Book

Annotation for McChesney Book

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Published by Christopher Byrd
Politics and Media class at Evergreen State College
Politics and Media class at Evergreen State College

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Published by: Christopher Byrd on Jun 15, 2010
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Annotation for McChesney Book

McChesney’s book: Rich Media, Poor Democracy demonstrates the author’s clear understanding of the problems that face the world today in the wake of rampant capitalist expansion and consolidation. A clear case is built that demonstrates the origin and emerging outcome of the current media infrastructure joined with the financial interest of the mass capital possessing minority. It is commendable of McChesney to focus considerable attention on solutions that could be pursued in order to avert our current course of poorly regulated super consumerism and thus restore a leftist vision of public democracy. The overwhelming obstacle that faces those individuals with enough awareness to develop a clear vision of democracy is the sheer strength that the existing media monopoly has over the thought processes of the masses. One must develop clear strategies that empower the public to make their own decisions, while reducing the purest capitalistic ethics that are proving to be so very damaging to our cultural, environmental, and democratic resources. McChesney makes several suggestions for constructive change that could get our country and world back on the road to public rule. One such suggestion is the development of a “distinct community and public access radio and television system that is thoroughly decentralized.” Existing cable television networks typically have a channel for public access broadcasting, but the distribution to the general public is limited to paying consumers of the cable service. Further, such networks have limited distribution within their own system and sometimes interfere with the creative process by placing limitations on access to technical equipment and technician networking. Dr. Schwartz

citizens face is the moral ideology. that capitalism perpetuates. Specifically is the example of Plasma Emission Frequency Technology. This movement.pointed out in class that there was a recent movement to make available 1000 FM radio licenses for mainly educational and religious purposes. while maintaining a 4 to 6 hour slot for public dialogue and children’s education. since the 1930’s. New Zealand also is a notable example of how socialist principles are implemented for the benefit of the general public. agriculturally. It is very encouraging to see a few shinning examples of what can be done to enrich the quality of life in some countries. no matter the impact our actions have ecologically. The problem we as U. It is not surprising to see the progressive politics of both New Zealand and Sweden leading the world in both media reform and the resistance to the privatization of existing media infrastructure. McChesney suggests that the war for public dialogue must be fought in the arena of policy. One ideological policy that may offer grounds for attack is the idea that the airwaves are public domain and therefore can be rented out to the major networks and an exorbitant cost. or the lack there of.S. was marginalized due to opposition from special interests.S. we again see a mostly ineffective 100watt rural area confined radio program. energy . We as consumers are taught to look out for our own interests and to acquire more of the things we “need” for a “comfortable” lifestyle. even though initially approved by the FCC. McChesney’s vision is much more powerful than this example of good public media implementation intentions turned marginalized whisper. which has been oppressed from use in the treatment of cancer in the U. which only made 250 licenses available for the 1200 applicants. Implementation of viable strategies is surely our greatest obstacle to succeeding with any reform. medically. In the end. socially.

The image of the whore of Babylon comes to mind when I meditate on this thought.consumption wise. or world domination wise. . We must continue to have the things that make us the most self-indulgent society in the world.

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