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Liferay Administration Guide

Liferay Administration Guide

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Published by: dhaksna on Jun 15, 2010
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Roles exist as a bucket for granting permissions to the users who are members of
them. So one of the main tasks you will be doing with a role is granting it the permis-
sions that you want members of the role to have.


Using the Control Panel

Illustration 47: Defining Permissions on a Role.


When you click the Define Permissions action on a Portal scoped Role, you are giv-
en a choice of two kinds of permissions that can be defined for this role: Portal Permis-
sions and Portlet Permissions. For other Roles, you only see the portlet permissions.
Portal permissions cover portal-wide activities that are in several categories,
such as Community, Location, Organization, Password Policy, etc. This allows you to
create a Role that, for example, can create new Communities in the portal. This would
allow you to grant users that particular permission without making them overall
portal administrators.

Portlet permissions cover permissions that are defined within various portlets.
Clicking the Portlet Permissions button brings you to a page where you can browse the
names of the portlets that are currently installed in your portal. Once you choose a
portlet, you can then define the actions within this portlet that the role will have per-
mission to perform.

Using the Control Panel



If we stick with our example of a
Message Boards Admin role, we would
then find the Message Boards portlet
in the list and click on it. A new page
with configurable permissions would
then be displayed (see right).
Each possible action to which
permissions can be granted is listed.
To grant a permission, choose the
scope of the permission. You have
two choices: Enterprise and Communit-
ies. Granting Enterprise permissions
means that permission to the action
will be granted across the portal, in
any community or organization
where there is a Message Boards port-

If you choose Communities, a
button appears next to the permis-
sion allowing you to choose one or
more communities in which the per-
mission will be valid. This lets you
pick and choose specific communities
(for a portal scoped role) in which
these permissions are valid for users
in this role.

Once you have chosen the per-
missions granted to this role, click
Save. For a Message Boards Admin
role, you would likely grant Enter-
prise permissions to every action lis-
ted. After you click Save, you will see a
list of all permissions that are cur-
rently granted to this role. From here,
you can add more permissions (by
clicking Add Portlet Permissions or Add
Portal Permissions), or go back by click-
ing a link in the breadcrumb list or
the Return to Full Page link.
Roles are very powerful, and al-
low portal administrators to define
various permissions in whatever com-
binations they like. This gives you as
much flexibility as possible to build the site you have designed.


Using the Control Panel

Illustration 48: Message Boards permissions.


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