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Essence 4- History of Islam

Essence 4- History of Islam

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Published by Shaktikumar
Essence 4- History of Islam
Essence 4- History of Islam

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Published by: Shaktikumar on Jun 15, 2010
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Allah, the Lord of Honour and Glory has said:


Tell them, what would my Lord care for you if you
do not worship Him and do not remain absorbed in
Friends! may God Almighty have mercy on you. You
will remember that approximately nine months ago, I
announced the revelation that was vouchsafed to me
in Al-Hakam and Al-Badr—which are published from

This means that this country will be destroyed by Di-
vine chastisement. There will be no security in
permanent residences or in temporary dwellings.
This is an indication that the plague would spread
everywhere and its impact will be severe….and I see
that the time is drawing near. Just now at 4.00 a.m. I
have seen painful deaths in a vision and heard strange
and heart-rending cries. When I woke up I was recit-
ing the revelation:


Al-Furqan, 25:78 [Publisher]

Propagation, Establishment of a Holy Jama‘at, and Instructions



I have immediately started writing this announcement
while a part of the night is still left. Friends! arise and
become alert, for a time of great turmoil has arrived
for the people of this age. There is no vessel, other
than righteousness, to cross this river. A believer
should, at a time of fear, lean towards God, as there is
no peace without Him. Make your own atonement
through crying and supplicating. Make your own sac-
rifice by devoting yourselves to the truth. Carry your
own burden with the help of complete righteousness.
Our God is Merciful and Compassionate. His wrath is
averted from those who weep before the time of chas-
tisement, and not when they behold the corpses of the
dead. He has the power to avert a prophecy of chas-
tisement from those who fear Him….Work
righteously and hope for the mercy of God. Move
with your full strength towards God Almighty, and if
you cannot do this, drag yourselves willy-nilly to the
door of His pleasure, and if you cannot do even that
then seek your revival from spiritual death through
charity and almsgiving. These are hard days and the
wrath of God is aflame in heaven. Today you cannot
achieve your purpose with empty words and boasting.
Bring about such change in yourselves and tread
along the path of righteousness so that the Merciful
and the Compassionate should be pleased with you.
Let your private chambers be filled with the remem-


Death is busy on all sides. [Publisher]

Essence of Islam—IV


brance of God. Remove the rust of impurities from
your hearts. Avoid rancour, miserliness and evil talk.
Before you are overtaken by the time which would
afflict people with insanity, be madly absorbed in
your anxious entreaties. Most unfortunate are the
people who consider faith to mean only the dexterity
and adroitness of the tongue, while their hearts are
dark and impure and they are worms of the world. If
you care for yourselves, be not like them. Most unfor-
tunate is the person who casts not a glance at his
sinful ego and, because of his evil-smelling bigotry,
reviles others. He is doomed to ruin. Partake wholly
of righteousness and bear the full burden of the fear
of God and be constant in supplication so that you
may be shown mercy….
Listen, I have discharged my duty and I have warned
you before the onset of difficult times.

[Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 3, pp. 515-517]

As my mission is to invite and propagate, I make it
clear once again, calling God to witness, that He has
disclosed to me through His revelation that His ire has
been aroused on earth, for the majority of people have
become so sunk in sinfulness and worship of the
world that they have no faith left in God Almighty.
And he who has been sent by Him for the reform of
people is mocked at and their mocking and derision
have exceeded all bounds. Therefore, God announces
that He will fight them and will attack them in such
manner as they cannot conceive of, for such is their

Propagation, Establishment of a Holy Jama‘at, and Instructions


love of falsehood that they have sought to trample the
truth underfoot. God says: I am now determined to
safeguard My poor Jama‘at against the attacks of
these wild beasts and to display manifold signs in
support of the truth. And He says: A Warner came
into the world and the world did not accept him;
but God will accept him and will establish his
truth through powerful assaults.

[Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 3, p. 518]

God Almighty says: Save yourselves by doing good
before the dreadful day which will bring about in-
stant destruction. He says that He is with those who
do good and shun evil. He has addressed me in the
words: My grace has approached thee, i.e., the time
has come that thou might be fully recognized. Truth
has arrived and falsehood has vanished.
To sum up, the purpose of the signs that have ap-
peared and will appear is that people should shun evil
and should recognize the Messenger of God who is
among them. Dear ones, quickly shun every evil, for
the day of being seized is near. Whoever does not dis-
card associating partners with God will be seized.
Whoever is involved in disobedience and impurity
will be seized. Whoever has exceeded the bounds in
his worship of the world and is wholly occupied with
worldly concerns will be seized. Whoever denies the
existence of God will be seized. Whoever reviles the
Holy Prophets and Messengers of God and does not
desist will be seized. Beware! I have warned you to-

Essence of Islam—IV


day. The earth hears and so does heaven that whoever
abandons the truth and inclines to mischief and who-
ever renders the earth impure with his vices will be
seized. God announces that His wrath is about to de-
scend upon the earth inasmuch as it has been filled
with sin and transgression. Then arise and be alert
that the end of time, which had been foretold by the

, is near. I call Him to witness Who has sent
me that all this is from Him and not from me. Would
that these things were viewed in good faith. Would
that I had not been held a liar in their estimation so
that the world might have been saved from ruin.
These words of mine are not casual utterances, rather
they are full of heartfelt sympathy. If you will bring
about a change in yourselves and will safeguard your-
selves against every evil, you will be delivered, for
God is Gentle as well as Severe. Mercy will be shown
even if a portion of you reforms itself; otherwise the
day is approaching that will render people insane. An
unfortunate, foolish one will say that all this is false.
Alas! why is he in such deep slumber when the sun is
about to rise?

[Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 3, pp. 523-524]

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