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Urban Design Toolkit

Urban Design Toolkit

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Published by: casanerd on Jun 15, 2010
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What it is:

A group of interested and affected parties that can be made up of informed community
representatives known as a ‘community advisory group’, or key stakeholders known as a
‘stakeholder reference group’, brought together by designers or policy-makers. A reference
group acts as a forum and an ongoing point of reference for consultation throughout the life of a

What it’s useful for:

Typically used on large community or private projects that are of community interest or affect a
range of private or institutional stakeholders. A reference group allows expectations, issues of
concern, and possibilities for their resolution, to be identified before the formal policy-making
or consent processes begin.

How it’s done:

A reference group is formed at the pre-design stages of a project, and may continue to meet
throughout a project for as long as there are issues to resolve. Meetings provide a forum for
identification of issues and discussion of both shared and contradicting views.

A ‘community advisory group’ is generally established by a local authority that seeks to act on
the group’s recommendations as much as possible. The local authority provides the technical
and administrative support. Members of a community advisory group usually represent key
stakeholder groups but may include expert advisors and individuals from the general

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