This-manual is designed for

Bank P;re$idents and Vice pt~sidents only,

Do oot aDow lower level bank_~:ployees t.o review._




Messag~ to Bankers, PolitiCtan~ and Law Ebfo[c_~meDt

If any. tJire-aJs are mane to Mr. Schauf or laws passed t_o_ attempt-to stop Mr. Sgbayf-we havea.Iegal plan, We have checkmate thebanke1'$ n(}llDa;l:te:f~hat sliategy issused to stop Mr. Schauf. Mr. Schauf has pUieed crirical;inf9nna9-~n ion file hand ,OfO.rh¢fS that.willbe released, en m~> if ';i;fJ11k~p':olitiCianS Uil<.e eerrain M,tloils .. -Mr, 8eliallf will aet in a IegW=ffianl}er_~aet:de0j:si¥0"Iy_"swifilY··in a way that nobanker wil] happen. II Mr. &gbauf;,_ has:::p~o,plernS. be will pl't::sume ttc-amefrolll bank~ -al;Jil~g~ l:icti@.-~iJ_j b_e·take'n. Mr. SGbauf suggests that the bankers niaRe.;:,oo:ltt'aib, that 1:1r: SChauf remains very W4PPY.

B~~"ma? ~:p,J!rg~ Stha'i:lfW;itli"a:seWement offer, If Bankers try ~ndgO to a !nati!jlJ!faJ, I1Mf6mputer hlp implant, use terrorism to force tlie:if.nand, mWce: tfu-e$ ag~sl Mr. J,Schamo.r use othe:r methm:l.s:_Mr. ~0hauflm$Jap'lat1:t01eg__i!llY:G_1ij'lekmate these attempts-amI win against the l'f "'.ES. Mri-SthaijfM1i~ve§ thathe w<1$~qrll~g byGod to lead the nation Quf 0'-:(~ebt':'B'&nd~geat;ld *: s._f:_hau;ff~ats GQd'1;h6re than Man,

Wi SclilU!!f~~~:':;lw:t.Arneti,cans·l:ha't every contingency bas been conlliU~t~l'l; ,alohgwilh'dtrr' response, WE WfuL NOT FAIL. God is witlrus

ana no ma,n can stgg· Q(:jQ._-_ '. _

:-M1Y goal is,tO''infonn.,e\'eryAffie"tican to the Illfiy can then VO!¢, me mag pl'es:i:fieitt"soJ (tan_e.oIT~ttne ba.nking:pfoblem ancl return their rights ,and lreed~'S:



AI1l,Qutlhe M<!.nmH - Its. POl11Qse _ .. '_" .

~l'lilpUlt-l -'Warnin:go ........• _,_ _ " 17

Cb1l:· tar 2. -Court Strategy: , -e _ 22

:'" ;:B-a!ikitfiRepol't by TH0MAS_SQHAUF, CPA 34

<',ter3 -AdditionalLaw:S~ Strategies , .. " , , .. 4~

t;fu~ter 4 ~ 'What Bankers Rear -r- _ ••• _ ,5'

t)!l~p~r 5 -'Notices .- . , 55

ebapter6 - "fw0 KindS oH;l16nejl _ ,- ?8

@fi1J,pfer~ - Credit Cards, ; _ .. :: " 61

~l!.-_PteJ; 8 - Crew} Card_lJ<?okkp_~pmg Bnaies .. _ _ _ 65

eluWter 9 ~ Debt Collect6fi: : ,- .. 67

€.l:tapter~:QI ~,D0titilitfg Money ,._ ' - -.-.- .. ,- 6~

'Ch&P,~rl1 - €J:J.angj_qg'"tJ,_eSntem : · · _ _, · ·· .. o·_.··.· 7

CblJPterrt~ Ultimate Fear Of Bankers - __ 73

·0Ifayt'ir 13." ttreTh~t to the &-onomy .- i.- ••• 75

'~pte'i' 14- Title 12 U.S.c.-, TheBa'i\kin:gLaW _ ",. 78

Clra,l!l~f'I.$~ 4tlditOFS and Attom~ys : .. : .. :, ~ '._.~ _._. 80

chapter: 16 - 'Introduction to PreliIDmary!Ua'f~la1 Procedures ._< &3

®ha;pfei i_7, - TheBjble and TQday~sBankitl~ ,· "", .. 90

;~~::,:::::-::::::-::::::::::::::::::::_:::-:::-:::::::::::·::::::::::::~:::::::~::::::::::::: .. 16i,

- "'S~ggested CourtAdmiss"iOlls _ 103

s,TRATEGY GF NOnGES ._ " , _., .. " ' .. ' l06

&GntE,.6p:AQEQU~ ASSllRANGE Or ,

=!~~~~~d~:· ••.• :·:~:.,=.:.:·· .• l!i

~AVll'~rC_reditUIUon] _ 1

NOX1CIhrid DEMAND .. ~ , rIS

!NilftrcE0FALLE6ED LOAN DISPWE ',.: .. : .. , .. ,., , 128

~{i)nq:, OF BOLp~~pU~(~O~,$"E STATD:S_ - ~34



NJvJID:eE OF'BREACH @FAGREEMENT _..-.: - .. _ 142

~Q]JCE al1dDFi~ FO; FPIL D!Sq,pS~ " +:': 145 P-sROOP, QF'MAILINy'and CEEoTIFJCATE oLSERVlCE . 14-8

Acts Stal-.-·tes Re""i'latiofls Timns ; " -. 150

- ~, "" '<:5'-'-" .' 154

~!RIiI!ts'f.(o'm Tom:s mSt Dook_ .. ,., .. , _ _ , .

P~ple res&fliiQg ihl;:,TQ:p,Seeret Banker's Manual and'boeks one

.~~. ,-- - _-~. _- _, I -_~ - - _

and two:~,t1iWy. Qj,fel o:o~~ $~Fv,le~',$'~/O,t qlJ;!,~r P_-t<xlu.~ts. Pl~a!i& be a'waxe. tltat'fbm' S:oliaur l:t~, n~o parfrietitand- tnahny~ Q-pe'y(D,ll,Je~~r \VltJr (0g~9,Jl'SJllJ;~~~ns Of!Odter: , erv~~~ is a:~ting-IJ"If:ari: itillep,¢:ti(f~l:Wageilt. sI'O)jt ScbaUf has "n.." (t' QtrQl .i.~et '¥hq,t otlien peHple orr~-y6u ~ canstiltations comnients, adI'J¢e",ip!q:mla,tiQJ1 Ql1liQ~a.cUl, Tom ~§IJ!l.~ ~ot !:ia.91MQrw,tw~ ,tfiese;,oilieis' maj ,ofi'er:,ot-;rn& r:es'Ults' N:1-e.t~I~L

1l!:\ls. i;J,l«riJi,a! is, fdt'~qt;l.qf!.fiQ~P.llIiPJ)S~ onl~'Md :i;lO~ l!eg1;1l ~d= ""i:6e:Tdm.8waru k,ea.ll&atirrg:¥o:tGso YOtl'1nigntM0te 1riliLinas 'Rrl}:~'i:~Ii.qg;q9n;~~t the p:E£)!;ili:mls.

TtJ__~~_l;U'~1<i'F9...EIJ;·$_;~~9n.d 'bq_qk.JIhe:AmericanV0re.rsVs: The Barik~ ~S5!!Stem, 1?01if' sl1¥s,. ''L~(),W. Gp,d' ,W1~d Q're t:(l get ,tht banklng m~s-' 'Sag~.ut~lo.~,naI±0JJ. HIli! 110t'elaimtrhdofhisfr.oni,my j'lemer burrafher

)!'" .,'"

'liim t, ~Jlti:J.!!:l~y;,-,g,QW~ and Rr!.'l~,,.j~~J1' 0f. Gqq.jl,S''!l,pgill, in HI_y life."

S~~a,b n'f'!li9,.9:8~ l:Degaij','readin'~ Ttilu.i:!S bOoks aad Ij'$~et:il;Qgr',~9 . .I;ij_s ~udi.{(.ta~, an:.a~9,y.cmdY heard Tofu on shortwase radio as. I tried r6 , er alie. :a~e ijew~'~Q:Q-t wa(l.ti ,: re4lly'ggit')g-QI;dn th~M:;Qill!,try. Aft~r G~ ~,' _~~o!D Siflf0m1000Ii'by my o\W'l'.l'eSearCD, arid p:ar!iciipatln:glo 'FQili'SJ~~ifJ~ g,fll~.6np'e'~d.lls, it Qr;r;ame,app~gnt that it Wru) tim~ for

- . - .

. ~0 dIlW .. an, (;:l!ye~pat~;fuJ'8$8is,tingKr<l.m: '!Jf1',US' d~g,

ffil" ~. -J'it pli!iiAA~ ,witti TQ!ll. ne.' wqnc;l~f~<J why he had been nrissiIlg 'Qmec'Imp" .• '.- tJ)lllauCiaI 'excniragM'.iJJ.:.h:is most -te¢_iIDj:.,'V~.o't'U:l'e.. He: 'r~ j~tIlru::O~Ij~w~d':t'hi~~anmil'comple[ed fusJ.:!' Iuwpears t@ me-that lijW,: it~~ ;;NQ~'-tQ Q~gi'a ~.j~enL of-, th~ Vi~9n!"lite$~rtb¢ ,til

~~If1i! '

~&Jf ,m:e: LQtG':~1Q:iS:Wl!te;(l m;~,and ~aid, "RecQrd, .lIfe 'mioh, aiIill(iinscme it On ~lets~hat the one wbo, ,re.a'dsit niay. ~. ]llor'ifSY'!:itfol" ,th'e-8l1Pginted tim~.'it b~st~ to-w'ard

go;1I,,audJit Will O'ot falL Tboilgh it mrrieS-,. ",rutlo!: it; foolii ;will~el;~i)! l.1:omil, it ~not;dela~ •..

WIg:L'D91 all-Of{tl'l.e~take,up a taunHoqg 'Bgaifi.St lrlm. e-~D m:Q'~ ~drjn-~inuationsagainst &im, andis-aYI' Woe tahlm ~.boi:ncl!ea~,w:h3tis':D(itfli$: . _ Cpr now'l,ong' -'a:tfdJmak~' ~~~l' dilb Mth-IO!lns'? WiJI not ,yom: uedilur§':rue iip'sUa" ti~l*,and thQ§-!,!Wft;ro~-ffOllL~OlJ_awak;~~ ~~~,~,qu 'ViD.~~e- p1wfdtT for them. lJ~.cause. Yoll,have ICiQted ~natiolfS":all theeemginder [remnanU1 of"th6 peo.,les ~[f ,!OOtl:y:ou'-- be@l1se; of"bnman bloadsbedand violemre' t!:~'t"t!1e:iI~d~ to tb~ io~,a,tld~1J its jn.mbi~t&"· (mb.

~ ~ 6-8; N~$V~ .

Is me, C.?,HaRse the'World'Tfatle'Z:enw aug thecettapse Qf Enren __ botti !lllJJQ!-unanCctaii p.o~er$ in.j\ill't}ricif- just fj:·'cdrnddene.e-? Q_r LS·,tlt~ Liw ipg~6t:~P'("aH0W~~ tbis.e evelltS t6oC~'I!lr t() prepare the way, filiI HIS

~R€.funauC" to '~Jloil.their,finandal·'S:l:ave.m<tS!ers"--:fllSt as ~e,y spoiled . t,lle· Bm:ti3q,s~~t0n:. tIrey left'.:6~i? ,Cettill),ili1be.ctedibility 'tif the 'ce1itif~¢tI:piil:blj'c ac!::t1Jtlll.tahts.anG ·,~lirlltQrsna:-<;;·,suf'fere"il a. major ·blow. ..

.A._ ' 'b '.. ·:..L . . '. ."

'~eI1OOllS' are : ~g},Dnll).g to \r~IZe,iliatl'll~Y' in~cl' tQ d.e.IlliiIfd !! '~!FULI1:

,n5SCLQ$URB" ,~{;! a "eGMPLETB.AeQ.GllJN[TNG~ fioID,i:h6:se who ,are\~~pposed 10 he 'jJri:ltI~ctirig'thefr financial, ,IS we:tI as, (?ou..qy_al. in~ . ~S!'{l:.

So the timing of 'r:?-i~{~$'ecr~t Banker's _lv!anual" 'a:om.'tom ;90uJd 401 _~ave .!>tee!l benet! P~.w:ap.s tbis.,:i,'1 p:ar~'0£: the.fuJftU:I1i.j:\·I'U pf l'Sfuab 41.1'5: . <f,Bl$lWld,.lI biti<e.'.iliane Y-Oll a :newl,shltt;1i tHtesI1ingsledge· ["l.nstmmenf .= K:.f\.f\J wlth.d'0uttl'e.~dges;; yop, will thie$, ~~"trl,()w}(~, ~d"lluIverii!i Jl1el;J;l,.~d,·~ill:,gi'ill1<e':llt;€: lii:Us::Iik;¢)€1ta'f1V~ (NAgy) .Si tfee foday1'_S· slavery 'fts mainly caemOltJ.IlUslied,','oy.wriften contracts and'i'law,.s··,of men Cl?:apei;·w:or:k!).rthis /'ims!:J::!mrent""JXi9Mb'cllkcl.y is a"pa:p,l;;~t'lt)(" suJrrti0:0 'l- using Boab,ylOIl's~(j~ p'apeiw.ii)'rk sYlstem against thein. "Thtlu·ogbal{ g~ L~ Ba\oylfin [11s statutes - neG. USC, CER); fuefe\shaLt~ou.;be'deti.~;;'ed;1 :~C{a:b4.l Q, JJ6). ''Utou Qi&i;cpi~ti;:e wi~ ms~,~etifs~fu~h~~dOfhi IfubngS""'HilhhIdmX 3.1:4 (l'IJJm,v),.

J(1i'§lAow \w,PQrrarj{;ls it tb;;tt';we' itct,ollitliis, Madiial,iaM tell-cur friends: iaNiltt it? ~i.~aR' '6:.:sho\v,s; that Goo is·angry with u_s.,fQr!I!i!!,pqing'S,9mr:? ,tm:qg a.boatth-i~ fiJranri:a'!·I?a$te"sys~em. ,,~· sti;ike""IJS:" tlQW)1 wiL~ $l£ki1e'S's a(jd,1?o~e.tly urrI.e8s ':We act to:e~i>bSe,and COrrect this fraud and ,injustire. Notice M:~(i;ak~l, 2,. 1 (}.cHt,(.NASV):

He'"3:rDOWwhat'tb-e'Lorci-issaying •.• tisten, rou mountains tQ. th~~ indictment of.the-Lord, ... Becllns-~ fhe!ord.ha$~~' cas~ il¥ainst His:.¥et)';Ple •••

fstbe:r~:yt;!j;:a ·man in the w'j(~!te4. hlJilsf:;aJong, ltJth ·tnI$:i}mres I of'Wi'dredilt~s5', and::a,shcirlmeaSul'tUhlit i$'cur'sed:f"aboniinabJe" -:KJv]? .Can (justify wi~~Ifsca1e~ Mil ~ b;ag.of a~eptive wejghtS~ Ef)r tI1enchNne.n ·oJ· the city:irr~'fuUoCviolellc~ f'~un:righteoils ~1lin" - Stronfs 2555J, her residents

~pealL,li~: C b~eac~ "cf)~tra¢-t" Stto~ '8267.]" ap~ tMir .~gtle:Ji!:l tle'ct!jt6d LD their mouth.

1&0 ~ ~i',L"Fmake yon'Si~K",stdkingyou down, desOlllt!.ng yO:il tii@cpse qf'~!!fisi.JlS. You will eat, but you will nor· be' ~~@dll"Oo,jftfP:ough oo'eatH ... ,YQu'.;WiU·sow.:bnt you wiD 'DDt l.(ex~".~!!tv,e:ry'~J ... tlil!Teior.e,Lwill ;gf¥e; you UII. IO.r de·~truetil)n ...

Mt S Jilo'HfJ,fh'i$:W~ ... ~~oe the 'Remnant is': prOphesie.d to he dOiUfi!:this . \War.k dt~$J®iJ~'g!¢J's'~, if we '~~J'TQT mv·Qlved d0'mg; ~~:W0.1'lG,Aen.!~,A:mN~ PAtRT:OF()0n'SREMNANT~: SQsa:i:s' 1I~ .

:e ~0~j.~ itf~editi'th~ rll~¥ _~ 'ft_~~ oft"; lly' the B1'~lical refer- .

. ~s~wGr<l'a:nfl ~,tlli'&.N' J1hi$ ·~:,r,un4t;t·st?ncl~Qle., .. give.ill'

the disinformaticn and misinformation that abounds in today "ciVi lized",and "enlightened" world about-creation versus evolution, and the wars and-exploitation that occurs- in the name of "religion" (see artiGt~ -about this at I can only as~ "that you be eperr to the possibility that a Living-Creator does exist, and to be t01~rant and respeetful about ol.1P'eoDvlietions,abou[1bis, even as Wi _belle-ve,ltta Cteator-wbo,is a GodnfTiuth, Trust, COUJ.1!.ge,andFteedo~. and who respects.everyone's free moral <tge.rl'cy.

Habakkuk 2declares a Vision of a spiritual Remnant of Gad's, People or all nationalities rising llp~udden1yascreditors to collect wharwas S!Qr len from them by the deceitful international moneyrnasters of-~ end time, generation. It tis a. Vision' for an appointed time ... thatwil] ~ tainly came; it will not delay," IUs prophesied to occur before the Crearertennns to the earth. 'Those-wno read it should "run" (not proeri,lS:tj~ mite). W6"lYe]ieve the-"appoinred time:' tsno)N. ;m:d,ilia.t; by youneadirrg thisMaoual. ypu~wID Jj·8.,\:,¢an-:0ppOrtllnfty to become apart oftbatReni nan t, with all' the glory,ana credit for what is,'accomp Iish ed, going to tiil LiMillg..(Jr~atOJ' WIlO. makes 1\11 things llPssible.

D0tl;glas- Rayni0nd:Stehling



rlrls tIfaDua! wi.!1 ptesun:e that you hav,e:rea.d,TO:r.n s banking books Vol~ mile: tan~ 2. I:.Oi:Il.,ob.t@1~d a .secret banker's manual from one of the 'beadS ~t' a ma~Qr 'mli'l:eJ:1i~1JY whp wanted to expose rhe bankers. Tom tbaiiks tIW! ~, 011 \\,ho wishes to remain 8noRymoulr . .T{) ~et this inf6r.marion cfluld,haveC,9stthe person theirjob, This perscn.spent $,1,0098 1D,~_t ~lnf6Imatl?n to 10m and the,yr,~ade ita ~f~ ~o To_Q1. 'sel.ask e,ver1ionew thanlcthis one person for making this-sacrifice to the nano~. ~}l we- use. the infatmation in a tesponsible way. No one was to obtain Uti ~t ~ker~s manual without written permission from a. bankpresident. frJ.:biSJh,aiIl:1'a1 will reflect what TOlI! in the-secret banker's m:an:ual arid ~CJSiJb:e.trttth. Tom wants to make-it very clear- .that the .a'Od Ii) tReJ}ible is the One wl:16 instructed Tom to expose the bankers and s&t'thp sla~e$ fte,f! from debt <)TId bondage, The Christian GOg is the one woo gets I:l're glory for the work that has been done, God is the one whill ~roogJ,tt1b,e qi~!JJ BCi!~le40gether to make-all of thi s Jl0ssible and to IlllPpen. Tlp:s rf neB was founded under God .aad there are people who waD'Ufil kiCkl6'oIl0ffthe tliIene; God will.never be kicked off aily threne, One $l:l e~erypng' w;i:f.(be,judged by the God who created.tne universe and apm J:)¢ ~ids a special, hot place in hell 101' the bankers and thl,ir a_ge~ltlwing the injustice. Tom sees clearly the hand of God-in 3110£ tlris and ~(i)~ ~'d p-qtit ail together. 'Iora pupllcl,y thanks-the Christ!an G.9'~ 1: <!J' IDs J;I:li"'gIity [and in-putting, all of this to getfiet{oJ~x:pose the tz:i:it:h,ab0l:t~ fbe rea! bank loan.agreement. Tom wishes to acknowledge lhe p,\?i~pl¢, who dl}v.eIoped the ill computet card in: 1984 and exposed it t(i) TQnl, TGm v.tishe:s> to thank the. bankers: for the secret bank: manual e~~hat to de in court. The secret manual let usknow that» we. dQ ~ftain-tbi~.iYC0tn:t'; tne bank has-serious problems, Tom thanks some df ~ l»ggesl 5ankerssecretly working with Tom to expose their ()wn~ng sy,stem b:9piHg~f_of a change. Yes, t4ey told.Fom that if they publicly !;np'p0rt~{)j:p; th~ llligb.tbekilled.Torn IHI bad.secret top gev~~nt t)~s in top place..s'klptngTomand TOm thanks these brave

II 1~t!.liaJS.' banktniS are scared of the lD and how it would.control yOU, nict wa . t il~'IU:5' ssared to come public uatn we get the

"Eltets· ...'

~Q ;:n OUt, sm&. 'Flie<g'VJ~lr~t and bankers l~ TQm knew that they

e SUJl}:l0l1 of't11,e'CV0t{<rs1.9i;rfak,e.:ithappen;so let's help and make.


i:t happ~f) Amei[o~ trom-enslavement. We thank President B ush for con1lirnfin:g ow; tight$ of-~edomofpeecl:l.

:rum ,dso'wish~ .to th.anlcl'l,J~y o~s w.lW haVtLS(}illef>/'llr Ggnttibuted re-seru.;C:h,;, timefaild- n:umey t(f this e'ffo~t o';fer ~ p'ast 141 ;ye!lli$~ and, kept t'I1e :flam~'.0f''Bank.Ffeedbm,eoFn''ii1iv:e. And ,spe'c.i:al tbauks tri D!:m:g,at ''Fieedo';~9m'' for J,lel[ling W~th f:h;i.§ 1Vlan~·and 'for '9!eatiltg ''BnnkEreedmn.Br<Lvepages.c0rt1'' -3!'l.i.rirtew '·;yeplithled WeQsne' with i~ Member For.l.11I! S0 W{!-§a,p more easilyprctect, share andleverage the ,Jates·rse:tret'info..mnatipll. aiti·ong:oUJ1 group.



'In the e¢y, L990s Tom Schaut" ]yam.ed tha; the Eurepean families ~riva1;eiy oWll'M I'he Federal Reseiw,e BaJ;Ik. When he heard thiS-.,M knew that the. barikers-had to own and control' the CongJ;e~.&, j!,ldges'aD\l tilt?' 'ID,iijQt lIl.!fdj·a. E:~ I!m~w ·tn·at ~b..ey ;e,onttt:.l:Ile.d tqe..ll'ion.¢y ~!lPpl:y~;91l,owfug iha 'bankers l,t6derermin:e ih:: adN·anc.e what percent 6ftlie' peOple worild 9;~ fOI~o.los.ep 'oD~if' the\Sto~.k matketcw:Quldgo up or dowrrand waatthe int~r¢.Stiates would be. ['otadid no! w;ant t,Q'getii1:v:01.ved.$eVerru people g'aveTonm boelo on the FED and he did u(') l want to read it. The!;e,p~oRJe ~~Pt G<lili:Qg Tom to, s~if he had r~~d the p . ok. FfuallY,Qe~~e 'Of tit~ir pe;t'.sist€nce; lre-read tfie b00LTom. feU thatithe God or·the Bible had' call~q get the truth Oil! tQ,all.Am~e_ans..Io one-and a hWf·YeaEs. he got :on!"2',,lllil1i0D .bcochute.s,exp;Qsing the bankers. 'These wete brothU1'e'S,niad~'QifpnQtoG'opyma:6hrnes;, liote-mails, BMk then,few people ~v~tL"o\fned a c,0mppter;

Three months a[(e~"'he'beg!IDgettin!?fouttbe.brQ<;tII.n:y~, be,todka_t:rip, to t:j1e Smojq(MQUll'taiils'.an.d the c§}pkiu tbe Jestaura:o.ll:t~ receiYM ffibto:o ehure two w'eek&e-arli.ei: Peeple were'copynrg the IJ.r;ocliure$ and givmg them 9ut to ~v~,ry,O:F)e.'These DLJ)a1:mT~s ge~erateQ ,so many t~~phon..e ~s,]'em C:9,u1~ni1ft e,V8lJ;'work;, .se he: ha~'to st6p'iliel:irocn,ures. Then pe'ople tOld hint th~ili0cal hanks created new money. FIhdld not lJeli~ye ~t b~aus,~.tJmt W9pld v.i.Q).ate G.AAP (GeneFallY Ac.cept¢;d ACCGIlnting Principles) -,llie matChin_g.cpi-incijilib·and he knew"that CP.Asatiilioo.d:~ bariks. and wha~.sta'1ldard$ 'gf Q'MS{G~~rauy A..99~P.tep; dacds) and ~thiC:S~llfilStf!i.e: tnai'n:l'.amed, TO''pIo'ge to the wQuld tna,tJocaL bali.'iCs did noU!:reate, flew, money, he; asked his students that 'hetaught C:PA cOl!tinning.~du€ati'9n. AU th~ ~~·ao4~tors Qpnfess!.l.dJI'Qdadmitted that"it waS"lfse;¢tet. Th'ey: e"Ven told him was'dene. ;t.ufnied with this·intbrn1atl0ll. T0ID. ShOWe9 a few p;eQP~. r~u.ltingiI! ab0ui10 people get$g Ililt :@f tgeircbDllSIi} meptgage,c;. Now the .t¢'le"p.pone; calls began pouring .irrto Tl:im's 0:£fi'ce requesticg wonnati0D. lu 'this lime, p¢:opJe ~gan using tliis'inf'q_r:m:aHon with 1!:I5:di;t card G0mpani~s.

In 1996'Tom ino..fed to Tucson foget away frem rill the telephone ealls. J'te: asked to ~t;Qp, I:;a:lliqi: for :ay~at so 'that h~' 9~.u,.td ,wI.i,t~ ;rpe bArikiiJg books.Jt took neatly 3:-years w:orkingJ2 hours a Qay, 6 daysa

week to'Wrl'tethe bOQ.t<s ('!;11d makriHli6 cassette tfl.pes. Now-we'Mve found. a ~~qet banking ma[ftialt4~t is onlY, fer the internal Q,ank offi'CeiS explajni~g'tIrat. iffhe banlds sued and U;p.e<i?ple. see tlfe secret laws in this secret b.anki'Qg,ma:nual,~.e -bank-will lose in court.

If we-ean g~t (jut 2 mlni0n brochlir~ in eneeand a fullii'year-s, t1$tk bow easy it Wj:n Be' to get Qlj~e:m~and fiav:e l-,O()0 ,s,:9fwl{~sf(e§exposh.lgiL VoteFs :~e willing to:bl:come campaign wl)rKeisif they know what ffie plan is and if th_¢Y know that we (tau wID. We can wIn and we ,ate win:r.ting.l_t is -now time [0 staop up"and 13e-"count¢d, and inr0nnAmemeans ·abou1 the ,ttuth.]f we get lOO'~-eople,tol1(i)st a"web:site, !i.DOn: it ,will be - 200.' aniltlien 400,,:-a,nd then is'eO '"and then 1,6Q01' and tlieo: over 3,000. ~d itk~ps gmwi1ig. Ifwe ll1~:ve-ev~1l1.00(i) w€.b:sJfeS_'atldeach one,~ets out 1QOO ~m-aus,oQe million. voteTI$ will be iDTh.DlUed.lf eY¢.wone'g01 ~utweam; allt! tnekfrj;endsk:epti.~;~oill)g, soonznilliens of vete:ts'wolild jdm. us, 'Wh_~ ':Ye~nave ten P¢l'te'llt of the voters, everyone-wil! join -USc !rhe pbptilan tbi-rtg to;dQ w:i_lllie fOj(}IDUS,

"fNe' fo:ught !,he R.evdlution'ar'y War .over the same bafikin.g ~f>ue. Tnm J'i;_gljt will!'lldt be ;f011ghJ _l.?y'bune't~: out $~er~~ Iil.~g mauua:tS'aacl ~0~.1fyou '00 not Join us irrthis fight for W\irinin¥i',th~ :¥0t~, &1t? baiikei:s will go tQ a.national ID cil1_'d.'and enslave YCHl .. all fM mote,

rtcilm talked ;£0 lh~ ,p.~QPle . ateiiting IDe ill c.ard in 1994.:; Ttiese peOcple 'w~t};~Gaxed-. 'Fh€y said Uili,rlI th~:ye..ver ffu<;titufe the m:,.ilie goyetnmentJ DtUllte.i~!>0u1d tq~-9.k t?very, lD'uneY'-1;fl!Dsacti(;m., track you by sarellite: and have,abSolute tetaloontT.01 over Y01L Tbe·G,QY!{rnment wiU;,say, "If'You MY~'notbi:llg, to hide, ~hy \\IO,uld yon :earcim They iQfget-, America IS t11e l'iih&<:if-,freedom, not;::6e,_<;ta'po or Russia's KGB-, Show rue yem p.ape~~~. audJ'f yo,u d_9J1at" you~go stI'aigli~t€J jail. They-are 160kii1g f'1ii' e~$ecs to lnl_plenient tI;le to ,tbat they began research 'on oQ~y ten Jeans age, '(h;ey p11.n.nedlQ do it~n:0W. fue.yjust have to talk (he -poptilatj_OD into ii. Let ns ie-llthe'voters ~t>0nt tfie ballIDng"andwhat they have d0ue to us an.P the voters will vofe'out tl:!91le who want to' 'e.nsJ_ave .us thmugh the:;b~,fand it. Time is.rutinin:g o1!t and.we neM,y6u[ help. 10m us wbil~ there-is still lime tpmalte the ehaIf~e for free.d:o~,


!J)he: Ari7,ipna Daily $tru:. Jqn_e '9; 200:2', ,pg, ,.A_l~ rep.6rted n0w Ronald ~eagan,u~sed the;CIAIFBIG0'(ertJ:y, and.unlawfully- ~jed to stop political fg~s per federa1_Jud-~es -, ffthe CWFBI-attep,rpcs (!il t~e:~te)}_Roliti(!a1opplilI).entS, willtt would tJ~ey: do if th-eyhada. national 10. card and YOu differed,ftonLtlrem·PQliticaUy ?:.CIAJEBtpsY4toLQgical warfare was used ~ains_t;p.0liJi9al opponents; Imagine the C@utrol, that th¢y woUll;! bav-e Wltlian ill card, tr;aGlring';YQU QY' s_ateUi~ • .k119wing where; yo.uai'~ 24 J19ms a day, everyone you an,cl sell. Ills ,'ailed [ot41 an~ ab~oll!.t~ centro], makingpeop]e fearful. o.fAtee'~$PeeclL fll'ie KGB and.Gesta:pe ,wQuld ,be Proud qf:l;lw)aw:m.akel,&. President.Bush wants o-Qe-milH0.~~ovemmenrinfonIrants. illhatjs(Ope infaiinjantfl:Jf~v.el)' ,24Q t\nreri.¢~, 'IJil$ would give th_~u. S:.a higher p¢!cftitage oiinfb_t~ts than East GeEilaUYi..'had usiti~ Jhei.:r STASlrs~Cret,p0liGe~

1Q:ey'U be watching YOU. -

(:)11 9111/01, they,,~(jt us to: wave the fla~ as P,t~.4entE:l!s_!1 tpQkaway, Qrn;- r-igh~.1-l:ow :S1;qf'icL~ we~The-mcPnstreaIl1 meduHemaiiied silent a·'Ont=the numerons eye~ii:tne:ss~s'llI'ld exp-t;rt~, inc1uding-1Ww~ repeners C)lD'the sc_~,wh.Q; seconds befOfetoe Wbrlckl'Eade Cer(ters (WTCf<t.ol"IaJsed.; saw and, h~(I ~;W)QsioI)_S near:_;&!'-9uud level whkb Drought the WTIt': dovln.ThtfWT0:was deslgJiedto wi~~ the sjz~:o,fajet that;bit i,t;;.Ask:a Qeploli:rigfl .exgertand ~y will tell:you that a buUilmg,[ike,(b.lilt sheuld fiilllike a tree, and :ootostt<!ignt d_ow<Q_, witb,mge-xpert demnii'tion ~ew-ns._'Qewolition experts.explain is v&rydiffiC_ldtt@ hriqg'9.9wn SO:¢b l4rge~tQw~rs With~:ut tlJ-em-falling like; a tree, Not one, but M(;I'TOW&;Sfeil. 'as ifexpe:tttiemolitioI;Ne<!ffiS bIQijght"~l~__l)\l Q.9WTI. the'TV;sh(i)wed 'W.bJltappeareg tp l]e large eX'glosiollS; near the igroundjuSt-b~f~~fu~ 'tQ. 'ers ooHapselJ. R.'o.inero, <In:gx{)los!v~s.e.x:Plll1and former rurect& 0J1:l:le Energedc Materirus'Research and m~sting Center atNew Mexico T(j_§fl, saij!l on.~11 t" ''My Qpinjou based on the videofape~,i~ tha_t.~ertlla;airplaoes-Jllt the WT.Ctbere were s0mee~los_i_\le de-v:!c_~ rnside the ~mlpjn-5'S tba_t caused the towers to GoUapse:'''' InMay, 200;2~we find that .8:u~h w<;lS,j-pf@tme.d oftheth~~a_t p,riQr til 9111" On'May 23:,'2002., Bush ogposes an illoepinde:ne IDveStiga:ti:o.o' on the:infdr,mauofi Bush.had en tl:t\!- t~rr9ti$_t pzye~t pIio£ to: 9711.' If he- has riot.bfu.g to. bide, 'why qi_a he Sloj!l the itfaependeIit inve;stigatio.Q. PtiQHO WU, _B ush's 'mtiings were J~w, After 9111, Bush'srati'ngs went up,


Let us.ase QT:l£ b~~d~ for one. i'iti@te. If ir W6r4l\ terrorists, WOuldn',l they want t1fe IihlldiQg;t@ fall ~ a tre'e aeS'traymg otb:et buildings? Many Qf ~b~tQP executives thaHial;i,offic~::in the wrc dia not caine tp: werk that rnmniog~ltis:_[eported th<lf§O~OOOW,ork~r~ Qidnpt'show up tb watt that day. ,erie chudib s_chOQl announced: the:€QUap8e ef tp,eWtC a few days i.t:IE~dv,a:m;~. Many people we~e'sh.o.rting; e$'p¢pi~y air- 11ne', s:to;~> ~ettiUgfuat 'lhestbCkoiaiket w,oald go' down mat a~y, So what the deal? 'Ther;e ~&,a huge !f1~p0Sjt of oll In A;fghlillistan. Didthey hi'J.,Y,e tP~baqgeg(lvernrlients lIiJ\lgl1alristan to.get.the oirlls·rt all at;>~ut ni6neY,gI:ee:t1.aJ:fd eg,D;ttoI1 Rememtie! the:oiJ Jie1ds .in.Kuwait ?An Atueii:~ amb,~Sad'6r:'t@ldlmqjuS.f,b~f~reth~~nv·asiori that the OS. wQwd not ~helPIKU~aiti f.heJe_bY'g~vingSaddru:nAhe green light to invatl.e.Then tbe Uni"tedrisFitlb:us W~ rallied t.o: counter this mvasto.n-.Why~rWas it to give y,hlidityto tbe United Na,tiol1};i?

W;:3r$ are ve"ry p~'hlar TIJe)': b:efRge:t you elected·,· YQ:nne~d a War t6 fake aVltii),"t!\:U1f<ti.-ecaJl rigb~ts, -They g0t us ,to wave the fla.g;·an€l sa,yfiOtbin:g as tfiey;'-t06:k:a:way o_u~r tights. Y@u have to_admit they.arevery slick/For 1h~m1:apoll it aff, it ta}(el' Ameriearu;"t0. believe evetythirtg the beob tu'ee"Sil¥s t9 g@-t ~j0b d0fte. l'lriS.;is why we must wake up Ameur:;arls 0J1 b~IHking. 'flie ,th:itfg~wec.l'!D prove an·a tile one thing that everyone ~gres;:j:P-QUt>ls. MONE¥,N~ru:ly¢vetyO!le' is 'indebt-and t:.liliy want out oJ debt. meR iliej( W:ake'~p OIl the'mob:~y-'iS$t1t~, th~y will waKe IlP,OD the hea1:th;UnitM'NatrQti;s, e~htcati:~)U> drugs, guns-and the other issues,

There me pMQ1.e;Q1'gevef11ll1ent who ha~-ean-~nda,!O take awaryour tigh:t$,,~d your wealth. 'tl1eyareJ96king fer e-xtuses-{i'l get !;be j_ol;! 'd~De. WOomed Iroaest12eqpleoili. g0ver:nrrrent-.:":Ple~e h~lp us by -gettini.@ut the ~m~, hostihg -tfie w~~bsi_teand_,'s~mng ttre bd'okS, 'Ilh'e t1O,~ sales help fU.B:d 'U~ t9;:save this great :WOlJQ:e)'ful naticnand .g0Vemm·ei'ili. We just Be'"ed 1iQn-~st- F-eop1~ IIPllning the go.vemtoent-. We need voters to switch !f,pm gQNemmebl eih.ployeesIepres~uting tnebankers, to 'I~pr~S!lllfing b:@iles~fte:eQ~oraJ.oving:A:meFicIDfs. S!!.v.ingfo.n:teri~d~pend5on"yolJ. CAN' WE eOBNT ON "'lQU TO HELP,'US GET THE JOB: DONE·? If yes, .IDt:n ;c(;)n~ct us-to 'get your website up and:g_eLout the emails:ancl hel:p us :gettlie i)(jots 8@19_. WoeI! peopJere.a'"d the ®oks,th~ygel angry andjoiJJ 'us, ThankS .in adv:an:C,~{OI yonr'help. TogeTher; we-w.ill getthejob done. this c._etitd be om Iasnchance to;getJ:h.e job done so ]et'~U10t waste time;


About (be ~_Q.thQr Schauf hasa diverse background. lie has written twobooks re~e~lttbe bffi1kiog S:~Cr¢t from ehe: v,iewpoint gf a'CPACQill1 ~xPt<!:t .w.4lIntfs~. HcL&!'aduated fr€lm'Nort!hem lliinbi's Univeclity with aBaehet~~~t:S(;i~llCl!with.doublernajQ!"S'-in accoup.:ting. and finanre.After gradu.atr0n, he worked as a .S'tM[ aacoUnt('!.ht fet MO~QJ~la,. He .1?ildli~dfo; a srniill Certified Public, Accounting finn, owried' alid operated his ow~ llu:(JtJ:-§ll brGk~rage frrrg aqd C~ed.P.uQli~a'CG9untin~praptice. 9¥er a p6J'lO~ ofneMlY-lteH. yeats, he mas testifte;d m a nu lIiljerof\ Gases as. mi E;~ wt.1t!~~sin.tJU-&ines~ vilU-cW<')ij, and h3$taught the arrsofbusiliess ·\fa:l;l;l:a:t!On, Qu..<tin~:~~uisition ~d 11~g(jti'1Ui01l:$-lP bLlyers".cP,Asoandia~ y611$ '@n a national leve] i~' cOll€(esand maj or mjiversifres: He;ih~ tau~t ~wye(~. ~d chQ,lls_an.ds ~f CBA;s the art' of'v:a.luatiOll an..d"gegqtiat:!:ens in ]tis li)J'rn~l:'ifed~0ourse desrgped to meet contin.'utn~ education teg.ulrement,s, ~e hasbeen a cpntroller ami head Elf purchasing .and personnel

. F~_n1aJ0r !IIaoufac{U:tj:I1~_,.c0'mpaqY,cHel1as. hf:,~n al-e~i,esta.te broker<Yl'art llig'btinstrucfor ~@FII). ' ~ . . . ~ " .. '


About the: Manual - Its Purpose

Tern 11M receive([ telephone calls frQIn marry peopJe,cl_~lt to baye ~'cl GreJ:lit carg del:'it;;;~_$~ gut I'll'-I1iQrtgag_@ c~tf:_le.d,. Sl'lmejl,eoplt:Jia'Ve ciaim,ed tfiat'lfie b~~&s offert:d, to 'cancel balf-'lfle mortgage or-all of it In -an effort to settle wbi1_e askin~ the berrower to.,mgn an ~greemel1l not ro ,tell aJLypn,e that a:&ettlemeDl was r&aclIe:tL M_osLillJ ofiliis was \W>li:e fu secret: People and]awyers WlU1[ ac~~~ ea~' t, fax,aroUl1([- showing sueeess- and: that !)light be-the ~eaJjOO lot It_e settl¢DWJ1is, The banker.> J!;ne-wlfrat~y-c_anno_t allow ~,.Q)l tl]e ptibliC-iieC0rd.PrQ()fJs1uuiit0 ccOllie by.

l;I1i~lIia'nti.aJ ls (fesigiltd ,rp expose lb!iinl{;}riilafip_ll/!bnHead ill dfubfullclr's, secret Q1lihuaJaildllifdlfuauoil obtained frOffibank auditor,~. The s.!!CI1et bank manual. e.x" pesed Ja),lis !hat IJalJk_ers_{ear - Iaws tim1, iftJSed. IWglrt r¢Sw,t ill :hantrers ~OSin~,in ctiud .. 1]l1s;iliamiil ls'deslgD_ed to ,~liow:Uie lawS1Illil. lhequestions bankers cannot eXPJai,~ abeutttte agreement it sboWS,chist0P-(:_ally, WOOL bas t>.een happ~ning m co~. It=~xplJlli1s-LI»J1n"~;LI1.eOIT Dfwhy\ie 1J~],ieve:s,ljiful(er&llllyeO;ffered 10 C<itI¢el §0 peL'~nt'0t:l0a;ns aildolJp [0' JOO persent.of some of the leans-per tel~horre calls from

peoE_le, wh9 ba,ye:u~¢ !he Secret infol'JllXilipn in the b<iIiket·s.s~-tinauuaI. .

~St1Y. oneerthe pw;pos_~-s'of:t:bjsDlanu!ll is to'stOp the OOpye,a:ts; Many poop1ecJf<)Ye S1~ea~on~denfuiliJ.y ~eemeilt8·~Ui Tam 10 keep ilie InformatiOn GOlifidenfiaf. o,nly to rove !heBe people charge others $1,OOO,sfqrthe same infQ_o:natiaIi mtbf manual Mal;Jy 0f uie copycats',cba'n!l:~, thin~ te$ulli,ng- in p'eople -'J~Sing$l;C)OOS', p[)._yi:ng tEll' iru;OJ;n:iatio)1~ and t1~~lQsfng'ii1c.d-u[t.1bis manual's purpose IS to. get.the

truth out LO people and gel voters to vote in the cl;!angt<. .


Chapter 1 - Warning

ThiS:manufl1l,isllO't de!!:ig:nedtt):~g:ive l~gal'~Qvice.lhis manual isonly to, give geogle- hi~'toiiea1 information as-to wba1i 'Jbg,mas ScPa.u:t"1ias learned' rnatbas-W,o:rk:edaIlct not worked"meourt. Tom has learne.Q:_tbat sn=a~gie§ in i:;~u:rt Gatt;¢_nMge every 30 ~o :g(]) days, If-you are using: 01d information, YO:®: Will..L"LOS-E IN ¢QUEI .. ~t;-fQl·1! this manual was printed, strategi€)s changed e-vet'j 8 to6Jll6Jlths. The old S_trat:eb,-jes ~!'ld in court YOJ.l h~ve-t0pr~tlffie that bankers and judges manualand are wiJ-i{iQ_g for you. On. a r:eg_t,Jlar ooourrence 'people hav.e :c.alle_d,-m.)m and sain" I ~ant t9 order your t?~tlks, ·mY',-I,l~ghborgot yhurbo0ks and the banks agreed to eancel theiI.,debt.lw.a'nl to do whatIDyJJ@_igh~qr did. Tom illSU"I'!l1y, w~peop1e and,teiIs'them that just because Y,Ol,rr'Il.~rib:~qJ:' g_ot,our of fuetr ]9~ .d£l('}S not mean that you: \liill'get out of- Y0W" lean, While'they rnl,iy 'liIIdemtand G01.i:Et rules, YOU may not, setting yon U_p,:f0J' a failed,cauir case. IN NO €ASE SHO'tJI.:G 1"PJJ ENTER TNT<J A CLA&S A'CUQN QOl':TRl' eASE, 'You ctum0't' wiri'fighti,ug the!2an:hlng system, 1f y01;f WIIl,iu 'comt,it must be an individiail tawsuit clairoin:-g tha:Lfb€ bank did:tJ.otp¢tlomn, the-hank brea£.h~Q the a&f-eement rid cOlir cealed material- filets/The bankem fail wh'en ,tqey'c;mnnpt '!Oswe_r T"Q?l's court.~dtn:i!i~iQllS' (s.tatements that the bank m.ust adm1t or deny), One" persOll W0'ittlil;:¢e"~qrtcasesin.a row and lost the fOlll:tb TIre 5anlit bribed the .tutl'ge;an_Q place~l;$tS.O:OQd C!_liliin thejudgess p'ersoruu banking accourit, The-judge mighrcall it a politie:al eontnbutiorr but'i~ is used toinilu~~ the judge like a brihe. Torri-Seha\Ir W<\Siwatohi:r)-g the local news:9u. TV.- Tire tv explained how the-localforeclosure jue:ge amasseo ab $:8~Urilliop realestate fo.r::tuoejn 3' to 4-y.::ars by w01'-king'With the bailkells in: buying f01ec-kiSed homes: _How'c:ana j;uJige·'gQ from no net wQxtl;I 10 ~8 million of net worth-in-S s- 4 y~s Wi:thQut-tb,e :Pank~Js helping;] Thejndgebelps. the bankers in COurt and tile _ba'lfuets-make s.ure that the j 1.1 age gets the best'fore¢1osare victims.with the mostequity, One band w:ashes,the,o.ther.:Ittsall,ab.p.ut pt,ofjts. QOing toecurtis risky. )lbu areplay,Jng:ln their sandbox and {hey ma.1ie,;tbe rules u'p.3S they"pJay tI1~ money game.

Tom helped explain' the bank 'sec.ref to one per£o~. Ih__tf~ won in court. Within two weeks or winning the Court case 1,5.00 peopleii1ed th'ddentical ,la~s]lit. 1:h(:'bankeTS went tp '<!:::0ngre,ssand said we must ~)ia:ng¢ th.e law Or ,w~ will have ev¢ryone b®-oming,debt free and 'iliac woUld .shift


the money to. the people that wooldchange. p0litieS) and vote out tJ'le banker-paid politicians and }Udges; Congress immediately chanzed t1ie

_ . - Co

law and t11~ ~l,;;I)O court cases got-thrown out and the" people , Re. membe» tnata:bQut Qne-,thiEg of Con_gre/iismen are directly.related to j.:l;le ,bwets:Qy.birtb o,{ tbe,Y receive mone}: from th~baiil!;ers_. The bjg~Q(ljjli en; have boasted [0 Tom that (he bankers' meney centrols b()tifSides,-01 .th!¥;~lectiQIl_ and also controls the majnr media through loans, adver.Hs ing; m9n~y and direct, 9w.nersbip. :B&nke):s s_i~pjy remind' thecpolitlcians :thati£ they db net coogerate with t!;t¢' bankers, th.e bankers will heavily ,furidtlie politiei.ab's ~ponent during the 'next election. The same m,( bankers told rom that If we organize and -get the American voter awar.. ened to.thetnnh, the Amerieaecittzens. would win theelection andch~ge the bankiH-g,system. So it is,'qp to yEiU to join- us in_an:,'0rgaruzep waYi ~~ win andwec-6ntrol the laws-and who is~~lected. CQl1:greSSl1:lall Trci:fi:can sPoJcf}~ou_t against the bankers: Ire called the IRS(tbe collection #gen~ of th~pri vateIy ,()~d Federal Reserve.Baak) a bunQh of thieves. ~N0w he lSgOin~g tQj_ail H~ SID d it was elective pro ecution anda -eonsp'iI:a:!>'y to putfiim injai], On' GIasrsilld-, '"No do-ubtg-a ,emmeq:~_wasout.tO get Trafi cant," Traficant was an example'[@ the membens ofC<m'gfes~ apt ~o speak out a'gainst the' bankess. OnBLidaYl 3/7/0$, The 'Iueson C4ti:ze'o had an article about boW the F81 had-a practire'mf misleading jiJdges to get search warrants and arrest people. Thisis,wJly it. is so,impQr!an_t 19 get.out the brochures and" wake up e,veryiArnericUn to what·is g!!ling 011. You can. hel_PQ,}': h,ostin,g a Website, get out emails and .w:aJre; up:h~dre~ Qf Americans. As. we get 1oo0s to hest w~bsi~ and workto save America, we will gel everyone talking and wanting 0' be- d~l?t fu:~e. G,:)lQg to' court is not 'the solution. Incosts money and tak~ time, HeIR nsin wai¢:ng up Arnel.icans- to the truth .so we can use' the Aill:eri¢im way [0 Ghan_ge things, Wellave tiJ;e best govemmene ev~n ,with all the flaws that need to bedjan~ed.'We have tlle vote, .It-is up to us tf) Ofv,HfJ th_l?<fertile soil fpr'·change. CA:NYOUTRUST ANY',OFTHE ~_, RENt GOVERNMENT LEADERS wHO mPTHE SECREt, WH(') fOROEUS -INTO DEBT, WHD FOLLOW THEIR MASTEl,{ _, ~ BA:t'\/KERS -c. WHO WANT TO GO TO A NATIONAL m OWD 1'~ E~~'S~VE YQt) ANI> TQTALLY cosraor YOU'? Join us in s.a~ this n:at+o~ frOItt,the bankers'! agenrla before-it is t~o late.

Instead, of sUlngtl'ie ·bankifi. court and spending all-tliat time and moiley. use your time wisely and .get out the information, by- helping us get tn:€.

boOks ,ani! manual sold S0 that voters" understand the truth. Instead of

uirrg the barik. 'use the baiJk:ing ,syslem to YQUf advantage using eomputer prggr~ in investments to guiekJy increase ¥o.\.rn wealth, Some people know-how 19 get $1) ~ 100 percent profita.yearSome can get that in one week, It is. more pI0.titaPle py using your time. wisely making mouey or changing the taws by. the vote instead of suing the bank. The

ales .help fund our organizarion sa that we can save Ameri".a. Hew can !be jml:ge$i and R-Qli1iciansg_o against 120millioli YQters'? the mon~y issue always wins, thevote, It-is up to yOU to. reach bur goal of having every AmeriCan read 'Iom' s books and use.the-vote to correct the problem.. W~.lllj!eg a clean sweep to sWe{})_\l out the l'lanke,r:'s politicians and judges ang to \'Iote jn.real freedom lovingAmericans who w111 ho.nor our Fotinding Fatbe~s quest fpr freedarn.and liberties. The voters lll'\1St first learn what the-real issue-is and that is-baaking,

As Tom was writing this -p1:B1l ual, a d0'oto.! who w:roteaI).O_t! banking bookteok Tom's ctJhfid¢:Ii,tialiuf0rmatjou, 'This d6ctocsfgned an agree. ment to keep Toms irifO:rtna,til;lD confideotiJiL, Thjs. doctor took tlie eonfidential iafermation, put on a setniilclr, co about I Oo.-p1;l€!pie. 'and _cb~rged thsm $600,t}a~b -fof:the seminar plus $1,000 for other mat~,ria!s that wer:-e for sale. Several other. organizatians stole Tom's i n£6nnatiOn afieN;ign" Ing agreements to keep toe llifonnat~onclmf:Ydential-~d then breaehed these agr;e¢men~.only to charge,$1.;OOfls or more fur thesame informalion given ill t}li,S-'lllanua1.

Some- of these sao1eo~:ganizatiom; givelegal advice-or paralegal heJp. One person, afteYsigrriilg an agreement to k®;p the information cenfidential, won a court case, breached tbe agre~niebt and then began chargi'ng people $l Q,090 fQT theinfermation, 'The people hpstWg,.the_ weQsites know wno these-peQp'leanq organiz.ations are.These sanie peop'le>a:n:d organiza1io'nS·lie:to people in-order to get, Please be careful before payingthese 'people one cent Please-warn other Americans so thatthey (to !lo.t get~~nvolved with these people: People--who breach signed agreemen.ts cannorbe truste,d. Po noetrustpeople w hohave atracltrecord :in using- deception ahd lie, be it a politiciar» or.someeae- who. is trying to .m_ake a fast dollar getting you out of your loan. Some deceivers even Il:i_ed to claim thatthey were partners of Tom and tney-were not.

'tws manual is designeo to step tbose whQ breached past confidential a~eement and from m(er.", people. Information that was kept


ci:infitieI11i:a,l in: the past that cost b:etwel}Jl' $30o.a:nd$1,200 or mora r .now here in amanual, The.idea 15fo'r pedple to'buy thls-inruiuaJa'nd Ilot ~ay the deceivers who broke the agreemenrs with Tom. - Yes; there~ru~'\tt few henest peeple charging' that gyt' inf-,qrmatiQ'fI £rpm Tom.~s\ _petfpl~ needhelp.Jf the, banker wr:ote'th_e ag'll!etiieli1,:haY:e them~lmn

it. -Th,ey- refuse to explrun iuo how-can there bean-agteeraent? Mt"tll~" voters know the truth-so they can vote tofix the problem.

For the ree:or:d~T()i:i:i'l;leVeF-!;ead the bOok DEBT vIRuS by'Jilcq:Q,e:t~L Jaikarsn, 199$.1'Oinunderstarids tlmtJa:cques da:i:ins,TomteidJili;;]j(f0'k and :gQt isformation from his book for, Toni's book. The truth r-~-that .Dector Jaikaaran signed·an-a,gr_~ementto keep confidentia] theirrfQ~" cron that'IiQ!"tJ dev'elo-ped-. TbtilJuu; copies Of thea,greementa:n:d Sigoiltllj;i

on-banil. The confidential inffumati0b was' on maKing an offer t6 discharge, the-debt with the condition that the' original agreement W-aR'DH a1teJ;:ed and that the: holder of the prpmi.~~Qry note'is th_e uueownet aM

, , ,

that' the bl'inkcrefum the origin'a] ptQi:trl:sse)JY" cere -umil.te:red plrlS,tl_ 'jf:ifbriuatioh. Afterthis agreement was-signed, tb'i:~person gave tlj'em" fqrnl'ation at.seminars. TOm challenges the author to prove olhet'"d~. This infpm:tatiQo Qt1gjn~ 'ftgIA 'fum as proven by the sjgo-atUIes;. The only 'point: Tom is making itt iJillj.Q-as¢ is that Torn neverread his he,oK. iRS' some claimed, iimd !hill Jacquessigned anagJ.:eement to ke-ep.ltJ.forifi~ tiou.confidential that w~'cleveJ9P~d :byTom. 'Later, th±s samedeJ:ivati:ve ofinformap_on was soldata .seminar; Tcm.Is not dairriih-g WIO'ugq§)}t'l19 of Jacq:l'ies; 'l'om,is claiming that Ji.f<;l;Illes ,gotilie:_bifotmati6rl frOi:rrT(,}JD. The point is that lbIil·deve!oped the.infusrnation as proven by the signa~ tum. Torawarus to±eep therecard straightand stop those who are t6rlug;; tous:e._de;c.ep~oJ) in-this matter claiming that th~0pPQsire o_cCIli1f;:d. ~0jn' pare that infQrm_a;tion to. that in thiStilanlialand YPlrwillsee additiOnaL information in this manual that is not tanghtat th':i1t seminar pri6'rtO,tl1is~ manual.being prfute.q. Tom thariks_ file author for ~XpOSillg the bankst$. Bxpatriatioa, 'changmgGCi1Jrt. jurisdi_ctLcm:, is no.t neW. Tom just w-ant~ (.i€0p1e:~t6 know-that be cleated the 6rtgiil1al infoirtJatiOil an,Q ditl noto0.P5! it.

S.uud_ay:; March- 23. 2003'

The Arizona Daily Star reported that the House Of Representari ves passeo a: bankruptcy bill. Now youcannol easily write off your cl:edit c3r4:fdeB in ChapterTbankruptcy. Now they want to garnish.your wagt':s over five


:fis to. payoff-your credit c:~dS. Y9:tJ. gJ-l1%_S¢dAt. The ~r~lt card COID~ru;Jies wrote, that law. I predict ".~at credit C:W9 ?9.m.p,aDi{)6' ~i,1L b.e .. more' bold tocciUect and tellYOll that it _y0u have unpaid Wee dift'eFfiPI GI'~dit eardc.o)n_panie:s, tl!eY will for~ you into bankruptcy; So pay 'or


]his is why yay must ~e_¥p- to use investments to your adv:ant4g_e ~d _ roore money. Earn mere m_Qney and s_tay. out of court:


ChilpteJ' 2 - Court Strategy

~M bank-trained lawyers are expertS in courtreom proced~S.R:ell'l be:, It was the' 0:.8. ,Presidents who. ~0l thTQ,4gh the, <~~' Wlijl ilie Ene_my A<:;t' and the£meITgellCY War Powers; Th?- V.S. f!jG~ :D1ment and us leaders ~ecla:red the[I,S. Citizen ,to be the e_ne~. "J.'bi~ means you must b~ve a li.c,ense to tril_de, willi the enemy~ (you). TI~ , I di ('.I. ) ~So. ,ers, po ICe require that you-have 11 dtiver'g license. Th~ SQltUets ma

ar_gue fha~c~uld be a good thing to get blind people an(ldrunks ~ ~ ~oa!1al'ld keep people under control. The ceurt has a military il4ifi~

Ul '~k 0 tr "Tl,",'" ld 'f,.;'n'..... t""g

·~e C ' ur ' ?~pl . .JJlC g(h ,~~ flag make$jt a lhilitiuye::Ql1it The was:

allowli th: vfctors, bankers rufa the goverIiL1ient agents WQIkin!.*~ ~e I ~an]{el'$' to pluuderthe enemy (you). Now do you ,understand \!?h~ f.bey ~llDt f0~e~aU the.guns? The,! want todisarm the enemy. You nMQI"l~ ~aye,aq~ht to own a gun, under the CODstittrtiOfl. IJley wmea fh~lltgllt !It~O .a p.IJ vUeg~ that they cODtr.9Jhylicense. They fear that.Eb,ti,e.MllJ,y .might q:nllllUlDlcate an.Q realize that war has been Oil them <Uid the ww allows th:e b~nkers to~reatemoney to pluDderfbe ene~ e: secret weapon.Is the lJ:Jonf}Y creation in a silent war t~ plrn:ider lbe~ emy- you. Tbey want togo to a nati-Wllli ID cardso that Lbey have (o1a! c.~ntrol, ~ver you, l'~e ill card allows them t:o tra:ck.-you 24 ho_llrS' a dAy, by: satellite. You 'C3UflOt .bl1Y or sell ,yithouttbe 1D $9 they .ean dOntI"lll you. D~l~~e your ID card and yon G,a:nn9l"bu.y food to.6aL Get the iCfut\. Q~ the terrorist talk. USirl?, the tenQrist police powers, the govetrunen~has :ru-eadY<lhus:etl~e pow~r against that l'~ople [hey: do not like. Th~y ~a~ IfY0'ubave oothing::rQ hlde,tbenyol,l d,o nor care if We use theID.hiS all ~OLl;1 power a:n,d 'control Do you trust the!IHlf~r they did what thet d~ the banking:? Do you trust anyone: who wage,s'wl!!' against :Y0U to !ll~de.r you? The- p:ropaganda media is there to talk you 'intO gOmg-~lOllg With their agend.a. They cannot fighr 120 million voterswlap ~aYNO, If you' were a CongressmaD 01' judge aud,getting,rul that m:<me:y from the bankers ro get ele:C~6 and, personal mvesenem money, why ~01ild you':ehange the sYst~,nHiri1ess the vtlrers'<l1i wake uP'and sayevqu_g_b

is enough ?Tlie k~y to wHining tocourt isbelpillg'\lSJnf6.rm even.,~ can v~rer and using' the vote toCo-uect the problem and end ille waf:

E-xposmg the problem fortes the problem to 'be corrected.


111 court, ;yO\~, eaonof use the c.Q-nstitptij'>1l., p~,say they~ent yo~credit so yOU do not'have to r~Ray m,e money:, The banker and JuAge;wlD try. and

t you to ~gree that yop have.a 'slgnatw:(! Oil the agreersent, that the

g-o , "

'bank lent moue)' tf) yDU and therefO!~-Y0U must repay; the mO,ney. If the

'udge says. is that youn signature, some people-say, ":t.looks like 11 masl~fful f9!g~ry.1 do,.not understand what this do!>uInent-is. Can yOu stipur~;ejf this prmriiss0.ry n9te'ae~:>lik~ money ormoney eg~va1ent use~ to 19ive value to· a- ~ank:'C_h'e¢k? Can yo-ustipula,te ~. 0f: the Ilia lena! f~c~ ijlbQut the P(omisS:QrycDote or wharthe agIe.emen:t)s so I know what it IS mat myalleged.slgnatnre is, validating as' to the agreement. 1 do net UIlderstaDd in the M1ee~eot if! provide the ~apl;ta'I. OT it the~banlrerdoes t_-o

fund the r;;heM. J €annot tesJ:ify ifsoJIietl:litig is my; signature iII dp not know what is ·agree.d to in the alleged document.' When :tbe_jud~e de.,_ mands that :YQlI .$~;y: or no, some people s,ay t_ht:zy will-answer when you explain whatthe agfeem~nt is.,J{ow -tan iOU t~tify·,to somelliln¥ that you do '.uot.unpe.rst'qnd and, they refuse to eXpJaiii? Some res'R0nd 'saying it ~QbksJike a-ferged me with concealed ~als. If you agree·friat iris yenrsignamre, ),Ol1 lost the court gage. Y0UI signature m~\yop agree fIlat 'the bank lent you I-heir-;mdtfey .and; that you owe them '.YoUr money, The judge may i:lemarra that Y0t1 say tha~, the 'bank lent y~u 1lfog.~y _~ resulted in your pu;rchase of a house or car. B ut"if you agree:t.fuit the bank lenttheir'money to "pllichase" YOU}; promissery.note, then you ~etestifying:tbal tMbank vio~d the-law - GAAP. Per GAA.F alldF~deJ:al Reserve.publlcarions, LWt} Loans were-exchanged. YQQ l_ent the ,prortiiss(iry note to the b~ thlit funded the lean backro yon, The loan £torn you tQ is the deposit 9f tht! p~missbrynote. GAAE r~es ~t ,llie b'anlC"'matcll ' a Jl.8W' baDkJiabilit)'i with 'Jour name;QnJfsfu)wrng that the t!ank ()W~ you for the deposij they acwepted from you just, tiki tbey, do when you depositcaah lnt9" your. chedcing account. The ,baIiKer knows as well ss tlle judge that when you dep9sit cash bito y:our checking, aceount; yon lent the banlcy~ur meney, H yon withdmW¥Qj.l( mone-Y,tbe bank lent yeu-uothing; ']'be form": contrast-

ay~ 'tl:rat the'J>aiik. lent j:0U rneney; but the',sUbstance~ bO~eepingelitries-- say, that the .bank aCcepted your-promissory note as new money as a <-!~RO$itij:t;lSt Iike,d'€l'positiug cash in.~o your clre40ng account. Your signamre dumOl testify that tile ,p._ank lent you the bank's mo~y tQ RQrGna~ your p'TQIllissoty .noie, ibofthe B00kkeepjrtg entries prove that they lent I1f;l .money to .purchase your premissery note, Ifyou lent the bank


~one¥ as a _deposf~; theJ)ruik ;'e.cepted money frbm you, the b~'1le~ gave up One Gent of the bank S .money; ~, barik>a,caepfed morley :& _

YOll_ancJ~e_posited it, which,is \he 0~j)osit~'on~nding)lQU ill0ne-Y.ri:~~ lenrthe bank money and they returned the"same- 'lalue baCk.l(:,)~lS'0.1,l. twa loans were exchanged or they s~pleyom- money. The o-ank_Gb:Sl!.ter _ quires ~e bank: to. followrthe law - GAAP; Yqo ean p)'es~'l1e" tlje 11:, m~st.'.foUow the ~w ~r the contract is an iTI~gal'cQtrtntct. ;'j'hec"l~~ said mterest, WhICh IS defined as th~ charge for the use 6f oorroW(ld 1ii000~y. we· can presume that the party who funded the loanJs te ~e rn. paid the money. Th~ b.QDkda'ims thatthe formsays thatthe l;l~Il'.ded the loan and should be repa:idthe money bur the bookk~pm:'g Imtr~ prove the oppo~te_Djd the agreement say that the. bank was tQ'S • tQii ptemissory note - alter it to' become money, and then return the S1(!)~ :money"ils <1 loan 0L(lidthe bank uSe theif-In@n~y to purebase the prOmiso :so1)' note fr6-rn"j(ou with.out tb~ economics'similarto stealing anAGOun~ terf~iting gndswindJing?-The barik-ersJmte i1 if you daim-·t:fu-It fb:e lililta wasstfulen 'lind forged.

You have to have a damage-in court to-win. Ifilis- stolen, yOU0aD eLW a damage. If: the bank'vi0iated 6:AAP, [hen the CPA audit Isa &aud and ~e bank management and- CPA will ,go tojail and the SEC can go ,after (hem so they, cannot say that t'heydid,-not-lo11ow GAAP.lf they:"rolluw GA~P, we kn0ww.hat the·bookk~ping·entries are and tbey did the,o.Qposue to what you understoOd the agreement Was to be. You only ~ about the"agreem~nt. You,only care about GAAP. You only want them to explain tHe details of the agreement they wrote, You waitnheoEi~ promissoryuote back to see the stamps to see if you are paying the -P£Q1i'l~ part;y-en.dorsed 'Oil it. See ucc ~-302;. Adeqo.ate assurance qiJiue p¢ot~ mance 1]CC 2-609 is for the sale or, purchase. If you demand, aCle€ju,are assurance ofdue performance, the- other party must give assuran ce in 30 days or the deal is off.for purchases, The bank will try-and dem8ri;¢that th1;s does not apply to them, If fuey do this tbey admit that the origfu-al alleged.tender never-purchased the·note·num you,

Let us presume that they purchased yournote using G:AAP and diil. Mt steal it, It is nQt a gift to the bank without yonr kifowledge; the tree s~ys ttlQt no title passes with theft. Tbis is where people use thi's~ It" spouse to suggest that the bank knew that the note was stolen with 00


os{eefatiQ'll given~to pur~e it fro(ll.y6b- No e~nside~on w~ .given ~ JeQ@ecLbytheUeC. This has.scared bank att.o~eys te11mg their ~ank ~j&P1 not to r~SPQi1d~ Th~ bankers o,wn se~et, inside manual_~X'QI.aIDeQ ~aud in t,be.factlIlIl-, UCC 3:..)QQ.This meanst~tthe p~ whadld.not

'tftJ:!ie agI'e(:ment had:no reas@nabJ~ opportumty to ebtain-theknowlw; e of the terro:S. Thi~ is ,why-w.e write the bank notice's requesting in~o~atten on.the terms; They refuse-to ten us w.ho was to fund.rhe loan, the aank or the' borrawer? Dit! follow GAAP?iAJj ~JOJ'!)~SHave ananoual st()~k report that a"stocklbn~ker: can get for you. sllQwUig ~ (1)RA audit opinfon'statjn'g-thaL the management and CPA agsee-that GAAP- wasfollQwed. Wiis it the intent of ~ agreement that tb;e paI'ty who 1:1wded the loan is to be repaid the nibn~y,? Do you see how the ~~ in ust conceal the truth 7Jmagine the bank advertise saying, "Let lIS S(~ your mJ.'lQey and retum it to. you as: a loan." Wb0 would 'agr~ to this,,? They mustmake y.ou believe that,they Ieutyeu other depoS:itQFs' nl0J1ey, making you feel that your ):laVe;! an.ethical duty to_t~Ii>ay the loan. R~d -uce 3.-302 to ~-308 ' in J)u~ Cou~e=.- real defeilS¢s .are rralld in the factum, material 'alteration and ,stolen noteS. See; personal de~s are wantof consideration and.fraud. in the jn"ducern.eht, TheY' ~y. have changed the Hplder in Due Course pam: of the ne.e so ~ all:vised. The .st91_~n I forged I concealment part of the UCC should remain the same. They exchanged oneJciuij of-money - premiss .. dty note(hat, was deposited fur another kind of money called a'ch~. The eheck Mrs Iike money flcr the ace. The panker Will say. it is".att: I:;x€hange (If' whillh you must p~~ .. baek 100 percent of the money exohanged plu (nt~resl. The banker will say 'that th~y do not!lay:e to pay one rent ,of their money lent to you to buy your pr.omissory note. I ,ask wbatdoes the agree,ment say !heat they Wtpte'?Why would the votersallew the exchange oImoney forrnoney arid then-yoU: have to.repay the m:on!lcY plus-interest? Ignorance is the aaswer.Ifvoters knew the truth and understood how the bankers. got oearlya:llthe mOtJ'E;y and wealth for free and control the !awmaki~Ig; judgi!~, polieeand.raedia, Fe would change the banking systern to follow Presidents John H KellaMy; Abraham Lincoln, Thomas l¢ffernon.. Andrew Jackson and.James Garfield,

The banker has probJemsanswering the admissions that we'ha:v.e.They t:annotex.:p,!ai:n the agreement, The bank attorney will say, "Interesting theory, this is the. wa.y it works." TheYG$n@t explain if they followed


GAAP,tmt i1"UW.i'ntIYU :offlie;l'grMment is, that' tifleBar.ty ,-";",,~+<.,,,,"

loan per GAAP (the b00klfeeping ent:r1e§),is to b_e_repatil ili,e

'Ihey carurot, expl aiil whaUs, m~;in'ey pet the agreement. Never regal de:f:ittitiou ofmoney, Only the judge Can ilisposs [l)a.t . .fl~slt,r~'VI m0~ey'_per the agreement?" Theyeellan-exshangea loan.·Fh~ owmg money, mC:lIley,. and then they say; "So what, you g9t.fhe "''''II:1.1l1~ We return that-argument and-ask "According to the agr:eem_e:n,l, bank use- the promissory note 'as money-or money equiva1eiii €If toillncHhe'loan?''' lfybu deposit cash at the bank, hew '_."_~~.".__" .. ,,,y the yo.u-wl1~n the cash was depesited? NONR '¥€ll:llent b~nlclilo)'l;ey.Re_p:1ac;_e the w,or:d cash with pio!liisso_ty .note and .

tlte; exchange; the bank merely acted as a meneychaager rutd " ,~oJ;! as if there were a:_loan. Two.10aD!l weree_irChanged. You IifilS,t _chI} lOall"aiid the bank never has-te iepay theJoa'll from you :to' the". TlieYI b(jneeal' the 10M from you t.o 'the. bank, -cr1}atin:g the '''''I:i\~Jl~mtlIll similar: t.o-s~ealing;, eOUilterf~itirig- arid swindling, Ari ." ........ "',." .... , •.

ful;ltual7uni1erstfi:mling and' no ceneealment, .

:We:are always,inl,ppy to repay tbdoan, justexplain the derails .",,· -t h_1IIII vcrters;W'iU know how to vote, If: voters believe the -big-<lie",Y9"tJ enslaved in, qebc,:aJld youpwe:aLtb 'goes: to thebanlteJ:S_ for-free, ·~ob:to tell the- truth tothe voters, Have thejudge admit tha:~~the p'{,~amrl1llr. ics aresimi_lar to stealing, 00unool;f!UMg ~dswin~n'g and -",,' .'"' ..... ,>! ..... ,~ • .!!I.

'wq:r~ .. Let:-Jh'e.Voti~FS vQteouttliatJo.dge next electionor vote. Cotigressnten and President who allow Judges ttl deny :us·equa:t tion under the law 'and use"coP:Ge~eJit to keep the true eC()D:'flt(iiJj~:P!!1 tbe bankloan,aseqiet.Vdte in-TomSehaufas President and he __ .'."',-_,,, .... honestjudges ,and correct the problem,

If you were: oii the jury arid someone claimed the bankstoleths sory note and returned thevalue of the stolen pr6peny as a. ,l0M~ wo:uld wonder when the banker €.an.not explain, The promissory beli~ved to be forged and there is fraudulent eoncealmenrand <

the factum with unjust.enrichment obtaining th.e· .' free, by Vjolating GAAP. Fraud wascommitted by they would. f6110w the taw and GAAPand U1ey-~lid not The GAAP discnssien t"ptoes them to disclose !'he aCtuaLb0()J;$j~tlP:!Pfl


. ,,'and' that t.lw bornowe.trnnded the Ioan ro the same 'b.6rrower: Ii dlttl~~werprQvi4e"dWe!mpnc~Yj why ~# w~~l1aying back the pnnciple; !1m ~ ei'e8t to a pllitY Vlllo -$fuse,q tj) lQi;Ul tbe mopt;iy that the'Ya4'Vet;~ ~d 1l1~ai -ffiey would loan and then ierusM to giv.:e tli~,tJfo$i"deration tlsedn:ti~I1f I lent YQu ~¥' mQney,you should repay the .I oan , rrr stole 11,tO iI10Jle:y .aifd .retumed the vatue" Qt the stolen property to you. as' a jOOJ'didJ ¢QnceaI the tl:i-eft';and did r perform as proniised?Tliissfolen I~~n ~dtanges the t,;ost- an:d~risk oJJ~~~gec! loan._ Lack ~f consider~on- fs It ]ileESt'lnill d~fe~~',~tf,ti.fle '~~~s in. ~ [~~ft ~r- tree, Federal a_gJW' vmlared. Use:a,CPA expert witness to confirm

~AAR They CIlJjnQt NIt upanexpert CPA'witn~s and answer our 600' questi\;!~. The-n pJa-ce_ID :~e,arrn:uSSi"Q~s ~ .atlrnit or d~y ~ whiCh.they &enolJl'K~l¥, to answer, which lll_J;ght:all0W you to go to summary judg-


You 11M b!!tter- really know law-and eeurtroern proeeduresor you can e;t~t tti:f6se unless they 'do 119tarrSW¢i',thelawstuT. Eveij'i.f;they do' I)'ot aniwer d!.e-$u1t, wi [J the judgesign - QIfand i.illcfw you to, win? Sounds e:as~. b~J1,itJs work, -0.:9 note:q1e<;t tb~ batik te Jet Y9-u _9£f,tbe hoek that e~Jy'. IDfi notstop makin'g p'ayme.l:i..r.S "ot;t:hey v>!i1UoretlO'se .. Some p_eQpM S~l\,d:a::DllW';promi~sory note in the.ameunt oftheoriginal note'payable in I1i'e s~'sl~ecies' of money or credit that tbeb-a:nk Il1SeO"tb fand thtd'0at1 per tAAPfullS ending allinterest andliens, 'Ihen they w.rite lean-paymeat ebe,~ :p.aYIl"i)le:to tile :oewl,note.]f the bankaseepts the- checlss, tb!in Y-:QUC);IIl have fun. If they do,oo~, yOll might claim breach of;agree~ r®-fJI. Y'6ll tried to learn the faGts of tile agreementandthey-refased to'

11<>;1illiin· -

Wewlife: notices to learn what is the. real agreement Wllefutbey refuse rollil[ us! we look at it as breach of agreWl1ent - eoncealment,

PeoPle,try and stay. away from the word. fraud. If yQtt say fraud, you nav,eJ;li. ~ater bw;OeI1,otpl'o.of. YQllshould instead say breach Qf.,agreemll1n~-the;y stole the noteanO you want it returned or for them to fund the loan:.'Wben thffstl)leJ1_p!:-Qp~rtJ 'funded tileJQatl;.thatis abreach of agree:

Tii~~t. '. . . .


WbYQP we kee ,talk" '

GAM w~s 110t follo::::eout ?A'] ,AP .? It is the law; If dle.l ~ ~

. .' " ' Y VIO ated the. 1'-' and' th en ".

Ion. If thty f~ll0wed GAAP, the ca ,,~7 e. :r:A audit op~

what-the beokkeer» . y anum claim that they dJi) 'lli),ttm091 lthit'whiH t0wh;!Il1T, geutrlJ1 .e$'ar~. The: oookkeepiOg en1rie~ er,!),ye<WhO

, _, wo eans \lIlere ex€hau& , d ' .' . !le ~,n

bonowenssheuld repay all l . .oe and we._be;li:eve ,that 1m

b I. ' oans g:JVlU" each 'p"'rh're' at ,,eneve that allthe facts should 'be' .,;:> " , : ~.-,. ,~u p~0!e~t;i0n. ~~

material facts as to who . id ., (fu;C. losed in.thelean and not c;onceJl

, ' ," provl ed the m fu

Who could argue with that? Wh oney to no the ~~~d '

I. ' . y nat tell tile truth the h 'I.' .,~"

not ung but the truth? If tnere i ,', - - " u ~ : "e w Q~e !iJ;1:J:!lI-io, e LS nothing wrongwitb the bariltUig ,


t tell e-Very voter? The fact is, barikers nave beep telling p,eople whY 1'1' ter tleP0s}tors"flUlde6 :the .IOIDlS and you must rep<1-ythe loans so lb~~tne ~ther deposit0rs wJ~o funded th¢ lo~ C~ be iepaWthe :mon:ey. ~ thiS is tnlC;:. then all kl)al~S stl_erud be canceled beeause the borrower ded ee 1.0al1 to the same borrower ~r GAAP and per th~ Federal

fun ' , li .

ReseDIe J1ank pub, can011S.

Re.rti6pi~ -!.bete is De gu'arantee Qfa eourtwin. What worl¢d last month is ngl a:guarantee it Will-woJk.tot:lily. If a;rriend:w:0l1, i:t,(;tQe5 not guaran-

that ylilU will win. In:osts )'Uil~;and mo.ney to, ~o to Court. The bankers haVe; lie time, Ilie mp-qey and the attorneys. The jud,ge migbtbeaEraid to rule In ;Y9w;:~fa'Vor. Tlie judgeil? not yOllr friend. Tern be_lieves that yo.,ll SlIl:lut\i,st~y out of 69urt and help us get me voteFll t6 join us. J'h~ Vqte-IS

_aw;tl'i't sl!ll'e way tp fi~ the,-problem.

'Otis fS thejk~ to winJ\ing. The b~stco~t ~p:~teJ?;Y tc stop the ban)<: sum.~~ jud~eIileI\t agam$t yo~, is. the: OPA.·Repon c;op:yrighted :by; Tern, S~~1IDlA string the Dank using; ',fom"sc"eurt -adrDissiong:~XQ~ need the €~A, RSJ,?'(fli regw;dl~sJ) :of whe'(hfW you are sued Of yeu' sue ,the hank, lA.ok at coUrt pl'tlcedures. Tbe bank cannot suew xt!lput persQnai knowt€4$. anti: a CORY of the-nnre migbt opt givelega1knbwJedge. S¢e the ~&IlQ "mg coUtt G~es: Mpnmoutb: Serve. v- P.A.Q. 317 N';:J.rg&~ffi; lSQ, 193:.19AApp. Piv: 198&" See also: U~tedStateS'Barlkru1!.te~ ~~~.N.J _ Investors and ~Ddeds.lDe.bto£s Julie 3.0~ J993 Barilc-

rl:i\lt'ey b._e. 9.:2-1.07 ~4"

S\J~'fenw Court of Hawaii, PadfiG COo¢fete Fed~a1 Ctedit- Union, Plaintiff"'A)1t>ell,ge v. Aiodr~w- r. S. :K:auanoe" Defendant Appellant N(;j 6362 J~W' 17,1980 tens us that th~ banlr< musLgive us thebool<kec, entries Witft an ~~a¥it or the ba:nk's' evidence is heal:say e'4dencec One c1iDDOt ellte,l1 h~say ,evide.cnce Into the court. Tom says -with this and a CPA t'6pO ~g about GAAP, tM ban)c nas-a .sen<;lus prl!lblen:L

! is tfe§,~ temQl be be,bIDdln"deet paY!Ilents.if you ,SUe. this way they wa:Elt t~r~l~se ru:d .You ~anw-in,. ItlS in!.portant to use a CPA expt<f.l

~~S USI1I~ Tom 8 C9PY:'rtghted CPA RepOrt.

lj. yOu gJ:tt1-0f'1' ' '1'

,y emai s Ol1~ and they .elllalled their friendsalldlD-ore and

m~re peo~le put u? our :,eb~ite and distributed the books we could quickly wm_thenatlOn before 1 t is too late.lfeveryOneslopped andwijnl t? court, we could lose the nation and government we love. We have tlJJ! nghJ 'to replace the employees 'called politicians using the vote but W-e 'need your help to gee the job d.ooe. PLtASE JOIN US IN SAVING AMERlCA AND THE REPUELIC WHICH STANDS. ONE NATION UNDER THE CHRISTIAN GOD OF OUR FOUNDING FATIiEl(S WITH L1BERTIESAND JUSTICE FOR ALL AND EQUALPROTER_ TlON~ JUST:W1GRTS AND MEASURES, It is Our job to:~t every Arnencan talking so AIU~ca will be sate for all. AMERICA S


'Ihey might be able to stop us in court but they Cannot stop us from: ~ttmg. the voters organized and awakened, and vote them out of office and PUl ill honest Americans. Help us make it happen.

TlJ~ lawmake~s and courts have been helping us with the fOllowing court cases demanding that the lender have possession of the promissory nOteb~fore the banker can COllect See the follOwing court cases Ctlnfirmiqg: ~s. See Matte~OfScaffMort. &lnv.Corp.,550 F.2d 1228 (9thCir 1911.).

Under the Uruform Comme:rdal COde the only notice Sufficiellt to mform alllnteresteg parties that a security interest in in 1Tt.JJDenrs has been: perfecledls actual possession by tbese<:u~ pany, his agent Or bailee. See Bankruptcy Courtf6ilowedby uce In Re Investors & Lenders r..iD 165 B.R. ~89 BKRTCYD.NJ. 1994" Under the New Jersey Uniform ~omme:cml, ~ode (NIUCC) promissory note is ' instrument," securitJ interest ill which must be perfected by possession ... ' Clearly the COUlitS de~and POSse8$ion of the note before the bank can collecr, Why is thls so Important? It is important because you have been paying the loan bank-#l. Bank #1 sells the note to bank #2; You keep paying the wrong party, Bank #L Now bank #2 who bought the note from bank #l d&' m~ds that you pay [he last 12 months of payments to bank #2. YoU c~n~ that' you 'paid, and bank-#2 claims that you paid the wrong P Thi 1 why you must be sure that yoo paid the correct party and IDlISt see-the note to see Who the note is sold too or you must pay twice. You W~uld. have to pay the partyand then again pay the correct party. Historically, the bank drums they lent you money. Thebaok bundles u

the romisso nores tn groups 0 aboBl$~~ 0 1henotes


II value to lsS.U€ia bead and sells lbj! to invesm[s The IJank,omes efVicing agem, Now tlle_bank sacs you-and tri~ to foreclose. Get Lhe picture? The bank does not have possession, and Is not the owner of Ule note so what legal standing does the bank have to sue you'! People have demanded to see what contract allows the non-owner of the note to sue you. The-sW'icina.a~nt has 6 days to give you the owner's name after you . nest it See Ii~ 12 under servicing agents). They usuaijy seDil again when you request the owner s name and keep selling it so you cannot.find out who owns iL People have demanded to know who ownS the note, and what contract allows someone other than the owner to sue you. IUs like you havmg a contract with your neighbor. Joe. Your neif!;hbor Tom says you violated your agreement with Tom sues YOl~ Tom has no contract with you and cannot sue you. Replace the word Tom with the word bank and you see the plctnre. The bank works on presumption hoping that no one demands the original note or who owns the note. If you eannot find the note, some states allow one to reconstruct the note. How can they reconstruct it if the one doing the reconstructing has no personal knowledge and you are-arguing the terms and conditions of the note. Only you have first liand knowledge, only you were there Signing it, Some states allow the attorney to use a copy, of the public recordwhere the note was recorded in the country record and certify the copy as the original Again the artomey.has no personal knOv,?edge and it could be forged, stolenand we still do not know who OW~ ~ They still cannot explain our 6 - 7 terms in dispute in the back of this manual in the notices claiming breach of agreement Tom Schauf received a telephone call from someone who used this information. The person wrote to the bank requesting a copy of the current note with the assignments (paid to the order of ... ) showing who is the current owner of the note. The bank refused to respond. He gave a second request, He did not give any argumems or dispute. He only requested a copy ofthe note. Now be sues the bank claiming that he is the holder in. d.u~ course of the title of the home and the bank is Dot the holder of the note. The bank refused to answer the law suit and he got his home free and clear. Remember after one sues, you can amend the suit once. If tbe bank reS.ponded, youcould claim that the terms were altered or breached. The bank did not want to get involved in answering the questions as to breaching the terms and 6-7 things concerning the terms that we want to disCuss.


Th:ey ~[lever1ell~o~'WhO'0W~S the note. Tiley nave been known to ~I the.note&,?o1l. p.ay~ff tl~e.entue noteand the batik gives Y('lU:a 'sb(,i~lll .papt;i· saying 1t l~ ~ p.~~.o~. ~en 5 y.~~s later the ewner 'Of.the nOk Bod gave lIS It w()Iider.fu1 government,and laws ,and C0~rt ~aseS.¥6u ~oreclosf.'ls. Why? .It 18 ·Slll1Qle. You·never g6t11ie origi nat note 6ack M~ 'need to use. wbfll @j')d .gave us' to protect your: . .lI!gilts" Don t Iet some

. Y01l mu~t j:I~0V~. ;tmt youp,aid off l'he ~(lte: ·P~opte'b:ave b.e:e_n :f:i;)J;~.GIQSSl ,at,torney y;i'olate your: tight$', and get YQU.[QfQperty for-r:ree. We ~eJ¢ly .on :-vb.o1Jat~ off th~ ~o~ 5 years a~0 but lost the one piece of paJlli) Wallt ~~y know the-whole truth ~d j]0~g ,1Jl1tth~ trutb~~garalJ1g ~e sayiil~ thallt was'paul off, They throw out their otd .banlt stat~. enls .y,:hOle agt~m:l}ntand beekkeeping entries-and follow the law. WPa;t!S· ~bowm~ ~~: tbeypai!J it off and did not get ba.Ck·the ori:ginaJ note. 'mlis "wrou:Kwith thEl'ti?ill 'the brul,k. :Qas no.t.hilJg tp !I!d~, then let fliem e-whtin ~s :V~Y ~t·lSl.nlp:C)rtat1t-to seethe :origi111Jnote,and~el it-back. 'This is wbJ all ofth(il d_~t~ .• W~ simply, believe that the ~artJ( whe ft)nded the loan, ILlS ImBortar'lt to fellow the law and get the 119te and~e;who 0FB;$.il "per the,b6okk'eepl.llg el).tri~,.SbP.uld be repaid tbe money. WhO conld and get bj:feJ~.~ the 9ciginal. argue wtlb thatunlesf;:,yol.i are tf.swindler., Q.oly, a swindler would try 'and suppress evipe!1ee p;ro$g who funded thetb:a)io They ;cannorprove us WIong so n0W the'anomey,iS r~SOl1 t9 namecalling, We see thisun court. When an attorney cannot witness 'with p,e.rsQu:¥ lmowle.dge to. ,prove their case, the~ttt)tn~y rries to :Qe, thfnv:ilness fiillir)g the' Judg~ Ihat !lUF arguments corildrlJm_G0o.g1e.'ColllaJ)d {lt~n:o-n~ru;e as tbij;:;j,ttomey e:aanot explain G~ th~ Federal law that tbey sheuld knQW. -SQ de we have :moth'er EhxeD.; Arthur!)QD C£A tum on QUi haflds~The jury convicted th¥, Cl?f\ firm Qf Anderson on June 15, 20'02 for obstruction of: justice'iori'm,pediqg an in.:ves.t,igatiol'l.. Diclyouknowtliat~detS9n was a big baTIk'iLUilitoi?Ho~e$ weJ;rust:th~:01" ~yofuer G:PAfirm auditing the ganRs? W~ have a number of CnWSl1l;l'W,whO !hat federal .law GAAP was V101ajed anp thi~ means that the audit is like tli~ Ep.r~n IsituatiQll. ThebanK'attomey,s do not know GAAP,and cannot testify to G;'lAP. On,ly !LCPA can testify to GAAP and nQ,W. b:one~~CP~ are exposing the tinth,

Two,people't3ugnt by To:mh< been winning' on, credit-cards . .QIi~ ~ ~9J1c.:n'(~~~:e.'). the .. GT~ili~.c_ard" th"e~ s~dS' an 0PP0:rturuty to· cUre fuidJ)lj.~ the mVOlee.Tb~n lie .seFlOsa default judgement, Next be sues-the ~~t card company .in small claims court.;s nave been wimlfu1d !it 'illedi,! Wd cnmp'anies have issued, checks back to the victor- in ~alJ clai~:s 'court. Some smallclaims will Dot allow you to sue an out 0f:~f business, Cheek, ID,e' agre;.emeut';regard..iDg' jlItislliction,aioitrafi(m and

COIlFt location. -

Qne per~0D ~esa biJJ of ptlJ:rti.bWats-jf' su.efLby,thectedit card compaq):'la motion to dismissthe.court case brought by tile eredit ~I e(il'm_Rany:fqT nqt GPmPlying with the Fair Debt COUecti:o.b.s,Practites~~ . a'Qd~ovln~ verification/affidavit by someone with peisonatkriowled~ andRe uses- 0W'~PA ~ep(llt and OUF CPA expertResulrs have ,~ su~ce~s~s. As, Lwrite this iUs nota: 100%s'ircctis-s. The week T wrore. flliS one 1l1ru:r1iiId~iis mongagecaIlcelled on one house, buren his oilier house.

the ffiQJ:.tgage'ww; nocean:~Ued. .

There are it series of court cases OR void and V0id_RbJ{,! jMgJ;l1etits. . eo attorney iore~l()si11g did :not'ftel1 you tbat:he is a. debt' ,cOUecto"li pet. die supreme-coun ruling; YOll.tiud ,rio cippdrtUnity to demand veri:fi'cati:\2n• affidavit signed b~ the attorney; wirh personalknowt¢dge, verifyfu:g e debt. The attorney toffies, you into court ana wins. TIe attomey 5'{@Kt' the law by not fufoniJing you that he is, a debt collector, Peopl~ nave;

used court.cases shewing that-the-first court case is void or v~j'dable aq~


reversed the fitsitOnrt .decision beea!!$.!;! the first attorney violated the law.

C:PABanking Report by THOMAS SCHAUF, GB4 July, 2002

Important Ttlis Ie· ,'.' ..., " .

Unauthorized c .~.. .IS copy~~ted, GOPf·ngh.t 2002 Thomas Se

. . o_pymg 0.r lise OUhlS report is nrohibited .' '1 . I..

1 ted 0'" . • bi ,t'. ane eacu- nr .

. _' : ... ' . _~. use.1S~~.yeclroa fe~.onIilOO,OOO eash, UnIte,]:'_.! .

dsllars per each unautherizedco '." .' .JI S,

, . . py, Qf use; payable to ThomarScna·.t

, u~.

This banking' 'l'e"i"",-t ;'to ·to.... .. . +1."

. . '" .t<"'~'L_.L;> . ",x:pose lUe lies mis' . -'. -' '. - .

smoke and mirrors by bank' - di:' .' .. , .: . represe.l1~tlQl.l,and ili-k

, '.' . au tors and CPA auditors.

To>a""'l·.,J . '.' .

. ~. '~"F.! !J repeanng, one mav:' j) i . ~i.' '. "-'.' ...

ba ki " . ~ .'J ¥. 0' tne iliree books thatl have Wtitt

n ·ng to find my. backgr ., d d I' ..en~

CPA. Lhave-te .' . .ounan ocatron. I am an. Illinois 11

. . ave-testified-as.a court e '. . .' . , . . ce~

taught CPA'contitrilln: .ednca .. ""xp~rt':'ln:e~~ for (0~gbJy ten.years Wla len 'I .' ~. . ti,on classes f-or CPE over .a perlod'of' 1:._

. years. have tauzht at major univ ,. .' . aWIl1

heW to te<!h-fn a' s a C"'R" ,1\ .' .e:rs.l.!,l es anrlnatitmally teagh1:ngrn~1

,...LU;)', - ·cr, COWL expert w ttl" I I' . ;':l~;f\"

radio an:d-'T'l~- ' ..- .. ' - '." 1. ,ess, lave been-on a'o'unilfd

.. -, v stanons and have writt :~1'. . .

. '. .' ,. Tl en mrormatton on the bankir a' d

try.relatingte this reportever the+ ' .... ., . - ( ~p m Us-

.,,' ., a~tte!l·¥ear~.

We .all know of the-Arthur Anderson . - . " ." .'

audit scandals As 1 .. . . ' . ". rm, Enren and wo:dd@9!Jl

," .', .. ' ,'" . W<lS teathingCPA. CPE cJ' ' .. , .. : .,.,.- '

GJ>AS over the _' ' . asses to more []:tan, 2-.~

auditors.T talke(; t, ,l1=~I~::' Ia~kedrriY CPA students if an, ''jwere aank th banldns svsu o a II er ot those bank q!l!lltor:s and they adIilltted

e . . g system w~.a_t;rattd, bot they tOuldge-ta ; ., ·th', , -' " . noone could explam'itin co t· hev co '. way.w] ·lt1:5e&a~. hide the truth. This ' . ,our or t ey could use-smoke and mirrf)1'i! to the truth, .,. ,8 report IS to-expose the smoke.and mirrorsand re:v,ea1

P9r the record 1 use FA· al R .

'. _. "',. .e",er eserve Bank, ublic .. ,' .,': ".

entnes as pu.blished by. the Pe d .. ;.1 R ,P icatiousand bookk'eePnil

. ' e eIw, esewe Bank t d $,;t...-,

material this. . '. ..' ' 0 ocument eVC1l1

bank loans 'd -, di' , report, This report-includes house, caranufQ(b.-et

'. . . an. GIe t card loans wherethe bank' ... . ." -

note or receivableas a bank: _'. I ecarded the prorojjS~~JY

publieations. asset as shown In the Federal. R~fjervY'fia&

Bank auditors have repeatedly told me that til .. . ... •

cash as they record tl .. b k L ". . ey claim that tbe¥ e.t~dil

.. • r- Ie an oan agtCeeme,llt promi:ss01:Y note as a: banJ<


1~t 'Which. is recorde'd·und~ loan accounts. They1:g1d me that the.y'r¢de.~.w0rds to mean the QP'p'0sit~th~eby si~cantlYiJbanging,themeall:ili&,'90st, and risko_f the alle~erl \1'ail$~.60n andaweemen't. Tb_e al,1d:iiors llgiaiued hCiw.(he~ p4-y with words to hide the.lI.uth of the realtr.ansac~

il()l~ and theTeru agreement.

f;GOotding to Cliieago Federal R~rve Badk pu.b1icattolJ M6dmtMp'n.e_y ~ecbaniCS; page six, thecbank re.c.ords'the _proinlssor:y aote <}S a bank 85- ,sellw:bich is, by a new bank liabilj.ty!>alled the bO[f.Ower'\;; transacti0naccouut ~wbich'is CpmDlunly;ca1led a ehet,king a,Q;(;lUllt):, Elease:no(e $¢ word '~orroweT's." is possessive. Page three of the same r~pQI1, secoiid'columnand,seco:ndparagraph, r:ilaims'that theb@k:screaWoew money ~IOans are:granted. If you re~d,:theyi:,edeJi_q·¢;the word "mailey" Jomean owing mone.y which is the opp'osite of money. Tbeid~i$ that if ynu' deposit $100 of cash intoa checki.n.g at.count. you can count the "heC'king acc;.ount (Bank 1iabi:li~Y) all m~me_y because there isan equal :alI!0unt of money, casn, d~posited'lO tnatchthe b,arik liability ,Act;J;lrciing. i0 OAAP,gt;-llerally accepted a,cpounring- priuciple& a:bankllahility-means that the bank ow~~ mQoey and,Gash, lifoney, is .reGarded as a:bantc asser. A ellt;ckis not money; b-utac~ Ilkty money, withthe presll!nption fua:tm;o1!:ey is:fu:st depoS.~ted tp make the check gQ(;lQ. Ac{;;o(ding to I!l~fs Law Die~onary, a c.hecli;:COtltaIn~ an uncooditielull promil)e t@ pay: a sura ~~ In roOMY; The -PleSUTIlptlOn is. that.if yeu pre$eu.ta io the bank

teller, the ,ba:$ tell~r will ~ve-youC~h.

f~4eral Re.:,;~e':Bank of 'Iexas Pllblication.J'Ao-ney, BanIcing'·and Monetary Policy explains oupage 1}_, that banks ,create.rtloney-wtwn they lend it 'The loan becomes a new deposit into the.customer'schetking account

jUst like a payrpllcheCk (loes.

Re!leral "Reserve Bank of :a (i).stou-, publication Banking Basics page Que Qlaims that tbemoney deposited belong~ to the depo,sitOrs.

F,ederal Res~rve Barik of;Ne:w Yorkpublication The,S~OlY of~ankS"page ten claims )bat:the banls firstdep'0.$its tb~ roone,y and theDAlSes; that de~osited money to 1iI$:e. the loans. Then it'cl_aims that a. lot of mo-ney is L~~aledw)ren file bankS"e,fe;<li;t unions and saving and teans make new




Federal.Reserve Bank of Chicago publication ABC's <if Figurtng ~ page two claims that when you .deposit money into, a savings aeoon~ you make a-loan to-the bank. According-to GAAP. the new banK'fulBililJ proves a loan to the bank.

mack's Law, Dictionary explains a- deposit as placing money in tlle I!lUsl todYQh bank to be withdrawn at the willof the depositor;

Federal Reserve Bank of New Yt>m publication I Bet You Thougfu e plains-it very well on page tweI!ty,-seveo 'that banks create new mp.! whenever !.hey ~ant loans by simply depositing the berrower's pr0MsoJ sory note as a bank asset offsetby a new bank liability. Page fivee~ . that money does not have ro be issued by the government or o-em'an: special form.

Combine what the Federal Reserve Banks tlDoye have <!dnritfud'm:W~ - ing and you nave the -fact that the bank used the borrower s promissbIj; note as mon!-'!y or like money,hereinafte:tGruled money, deposited ~ ~ corded it as a bankasset to give value to a checkwhich the bank re~

-to the borrower as, When the bank.deposited themoney (9r~flJ,Qmissory note); the'money-depesited was a loan to-the bank This is e~~ tetIt'wif.lj' GAAP and the matching-poociple. Bank auditors repeafed:lY ttfld',Jiie that they to tile bank. If the loan to tbe_ban:kis hidden, YO!l Olive tile economics similar to stealing, counterfeilina .and swindling. All we ask for is tharthe party who funded the loan pjili the bank Mo~eepil:lg eutries"be repaid the money, What liorrest-M,.CS01t would argue otherwise?

If one argues that the one who funded the loan, per the bookkeepir\g~· tries should not be repaid tbe-maney, then they are a:rguiI)g that bn· 0£ the parties has a right to, swingl~ the other party:. Myquesti:on i_s ''Wlat: law or agreement gives that party the-right to swindle the other PartYl" Show me! Ameiie-an:s wantto know. lfthe bank cannot answer, (:bey lQst tneargument by tlieir silence. I will new-explain what bank.auditers have told me are some of the_:Jle&' 'and smoke and mirrors-and then I will tty and expose the misinformation·


Jlll!'lk aurlitorsC@1lotgive a complete answer as to what moneyis, To be a QPA. one must-have the cemperenseteeomplete thea,ssignme_Dt and if tile), cannot answer what money is, they have no right to audit the I!qok$ lilt re.stify. Typic-~y, hank auditors will claim.that th.~ promissory note is oOc Ulon~yand that the bank did not deposit money received from the boi'r'f)wer and that the borrower did not make a: deposit at the bank or credit union. TheY-"l:hen claim that two loans were-not exchanged. 'Iypi~y, at. this time, they. go thrQugh the metions.tnat GMP was followed ari(I everything is in 0rder just like Arthur.Anderson. didjust before' the aullilfraud was expesed. Theil the typ_ic;U bank union auditors Wi!! me following example that audi tors have privately told Torn Schauf ,is~~_nick to deceive the jud~e and general populatisn. ToUt Scllaufw~Il_ milt give the trick, and then expose the trick:

Tl;ie trick goes like this. The ban~ does not deposit the .prcmissory note. the-Qank or credit union reeords the promissory note Or credit card pur,. lase asanasset on the bdoksof the bank or creditunio» and credits cash [Q balance thebooles, T~ borrower gotcash. ThiS'ise.x;ac~ly what one bank _audit()rtQld Toni .Sehaufand admitted ,that this is a fraud and adie. 1\1 this time, the:tYJlioal batik and c~dit unirinauditor.will try and avoid. e~.1ai'ning that-the Gash e.Uf!iet credited is now deposited. The ad'ebil to cash and a credit liability like a ch.~EkirigaGc0nnt pr demand deposi; account er savings: account, The newresult is e-xactly ewba.t the Federal Reserve Sanks have already-admitted, The;re is a new baiik asset and a new hank liability. The new asset came. frfun--tbe-b_O[~ rower and the bank liability meansthe bank owes money related to the D!lW asset.

Tn,th~ previous mentioned bcokkeeping.snmes where bank aud],tQl's claim '1I;1_at they credir cash, they can replace the with the word cneek llnd-you bitvelnes<Wle economics and bOdkkee_pingentry: on.the typiCal loan, TIre trick they use is mat a cheek and cash .are similar because you §~ get cash for a cheek. As mentiened earlier.aeheck is notcash, but a prOmise to pay a'certam sumof'aroaey, Thing is ... £ew _people use cash, !host use ~heck<s and the auditorknows this. They can sell the p;remissQ!), :1j'Of,e fOT cash. Logic tells us that the auditor j wrong-here, claiming that they gave you cash; The bank or credit unienauditor mustagree that the AtQmissory note is reeorded asa bank as et, typically recorded under


loan acrcODn(S.Jf the'0ffsetor'~dit is to cash or check, the typLeatk"-

. . ?"Wf,

fOwer_-deposlts·theC.ash er ~hec;~ r!!s~ting·inad.ebit to cash gr:!i'hepIt'llrlll

an oiffiet tOdl banker ~~dit u;LUQ1) lia,b:illty: (tWichlly called ,.a-cliel;16n account; demand deposit account or savings account). The result is ~~ ,aotty, what the Federal Reserve Bank pUblicarionsearller stated; tlia:~,js TI~~ bankasset ~ new bank liability'a,nd the ec'QnQJirics are the's~e~ Sl~lar to; dep-oSltlll'g new money; I challenge any bank or C!;J:~di~UPiOlJ "aUdit?}; t@:pwve.:this p~a~~Rh.wr,0ng. reblmn'sUeht OF!ry and get off.,on another sa bject to confuse the issue.

~Ve have a, righ_t t9 kn,Qw, amj understand: the entii:e~a~~~nt jt~~ the eCopomicsatid tb,e ooo~e--epiug.:enn:i:es. Thomas Schauf·is lookihg to Totcea bank audi.tdF into a court depQ'Sitionand force the ~jyeall of th~ d~talls of the bookkeeping e'rrl:iies. explain what is andis ;tIot money, Iilone¥ eq'Ui'va1e.litandg~dit and explainthe economioaofshe tfl\JlS8ctiO!1- The b~ ill cre8it'tmiol'i WJ:O,w; the agreerrrent, Jb~y executed the, ¥ld we have a right to'kn0W and uni:l,e:ts.tadcl ,iii/pat the ag:r:eemeifris'ane tfie,·ec:onoIhiqtof~ agreement, Que question rerIl~, Is, the Ilal:!ywhe proVided tlieasset tbabgaye value ttl. the ~l~ged [lank Ioan.cheek, per tbe,be:Qkk.eepjng entries, tQ be repaid. an equal. amount ~vaht~. fer-the-value that was eanlier proVided,roJundthe lean eheck? If (be ans~er is no, d_Q you agree that itj:S a,'swindle~: If-the bankcan get money or: an 'asset f'0r free fL;.0tn the l;>,QITOWer or steal it by k'nowingly ,)iidingtbe full ~rms of the agreementsaad the~ I~rurn ,the money to th~ victim-aS aJo~Jhe¥ ~,uld~w.fln~}I'everythin:gmllie nation sii:ili1ano (he economics ofaounferieiting?

.New some auditors at¢ stiipiJ:! eneugh. to keep die game-going 'oySaoj, is~~ G1a:iIiiin:~~ha.t no m-ontty was deposited to cover the.oheok thu ~. IIDtru;lg to a criminal ·ac~Qf'Ghe.cJ.<)d:tillg' and a fraudulent (J'lHlit,$:QiJ)6 'PFet~hd that thepromisS0ry Ili;lte is first sold for eash, the cash is depGS. .ited to &i¥e Value to the check, and then the.promissary note is."TecjiUlQl:!lT a~'a bapkas~~t.Thl$ i~ astqgid argumeilt-lf~qauSe lher.estLltis,al1e~ o:aIik ass:et,aiid a new Dank liability jl'1St as I' said-earlier, In ill Of"tbe 'abo~ . eases, the banker cr_editU1l:i@n.gotthepwnllssory nQteforn-ee,.n:ew mQ~Y, 'creditm 1D0n~y equi valent was Qr6at¢:£1. The party ~ho providBa rlie,asset to 'gmnraluem the: check that'is claimed to be lent to the alle~-g::Der; T0;wer-wa.scH!_e sam~;ailtged QOFrow~r and the p.arty W b'o funde_d the 1 ,:tm. _per tiJe b0Q"kkeepmgentri:es, is not repaid the money. This create's libe; -ecsnoruies similar to.stealing, C9lll1t¢~iting'and swindling, This c.~langes the'c9~t~~ th~.ri~'Qfihe t!)at(tflmpared, to:if the one whQ·fu;hj:jtfe U1~ loan ;i$repaid the.meney. Tom Schauf challenges any.auditor to prove that me economics are not similar to stealing, count¢eiting~·and S-~ Jllingand' the 6AAP pripciple of matching was not appliec by:ma~. ing:Jhe new asset wi th a bank liability showing that the banle OW~l1lQne-~ to the alle-g~d qpu0wer as indica:~~u in the Federal Reserve Bank p_uWt¢iillions. The' matChing. principle .works like this. 'If you deposi t '$il 060! easll at the bank; the bank must show abanic.liabitity gf $1 OOSbo~g~thJ:1t;d1e !Jan.Il.'.W(lSl return the $10Q to you, Ifttll~ bank accept" cashcra ploffii~' sory.noteft.em yeute give viilue,tbacneck, should.not the sameecoRoih. ics apply to sr9P thli-e.cOp:gnllcssimilattp stealing, (:0unt~iti~g llll! s,wjndl.i:Qg?SUOul!illOtthe.par.ty whO funded the loan, per the book&~p-" ingentries be-repaid the-money? The bank or credit union auditor'cannot

discuss this issue which is-the heart of the whole discussion, .

Demand ilie~1riifdit0t pl6d\l,t:ethe bookkeeping ~iries to prove tfie j.lw.mlssory noWis net used to 'give value to' the-cheek-and thatothe:r depositors 1 'l110;Iley ,.y,as' used to f~nd'~ Joan. If this' were Jhe c~.the ,j;)~lrkeepinge:ntrie:s w:onJd ~<tdebit to.a cbe(ikjng;a~e:ountQr«emand deposit ~cCOunt Of savillg~'. account.and a credit to easa :'I'h¢ premissery n:ote would not ,Ire fejt{:lc(i(.ep as a' bank_ asset,' 'Ihe.depositors canndts~nd:the moll~ytaken <'iut 6f t1ieir,ballkaceo~mtw'hiabwas lent to~ b_QIT0W~r. !r.he IX)tr0\YeJ:":te,p_ay~ thyJ~anand the money,lia'eti.o:Iled Utthe;party~l;Lo funded lhe·lUa'l:G E~0llri6allYSPElaking, 'I;~v~"yone has equal protectibn. Tbereareoll9:eeon6mies similar to-stealing, ctUinter;ft;iti:qg and,swindling.

Ther-e is'only one ke¥"issue. Aceerding-terhebookkeepiug entries, should file valu.e9f ilie.mgney; Of asset that was used to intitLdr give valueto the

- . ,

,loan beretum:e.dt0'ttieoriginal party-who provided the-money or -, as'se:i?If

the CPAl;_lcu1i~or'says;no. then we have the eeencmics Qf aswindle, lithe CPA aliditl:;lr.gJ~'Yo$:··'Ye_s"" then there is no diS'agreement an.a -weiall agree; Who 0ou1<LJt>(l)S$oJy: ~gue fllat"tne one who funde,d the loan-should not be repaid th;e-'rn;oneJ( ufiless tlleyate try;lngto create the eceaomics.similar to ,Jt swj'ntl1~? 'FbW woum~v~ to hl~ the true bo6kkeepmgelitri¢~if this Were the: e~, If::sf>.;have tbs:auditoTgiVt} the cemplete-aetails 'of the b(Yok:ke.~p-il1g eJiltri:esiflcltioibg wu6 pr0Nided the.assette fund. the loan.


If the bank CPAcanndt ex:p lain or does noruude:!iStand whaj; ing:ab:()ut, then he ors1ie, does Dot have the eompete:r;lCe-t,i;)~

audit assignment-and has broken the ethics oia CPA. "

Have the bankor credit unibn-CPAlWditor gJ·lve"altl~D;1pJ,eS'.PffliinlrQ~ use as J) mOMY; 2)money equi v'a:lent,3) 'hrr."'''' .... f' •• 0iT.... DiH ,mmA" •. ..,..'. money recordCd <is a bank asset er liability?Js Cl··:!S· b·.'i!j't\n;o..A'o the bankuseanote-as money? Is th~promis_s0IY.:note,u.sea,t0~e check Or similar instrument? Is it the intent and bank po1:ioJj that

"Who provided the 'asset to give value to the loan chetk, ~·'tll~;;.I3<il~tiii entries.Jiave the, money or value ,of .thell$~t earlier ciesdnuea the.m? 1£ a CPA cannot answer these simple questions,then e~ tb:afthey havc'·auruting1;be banker eredittinlmi. ~l!bl~C1'i:.D andiror.musrhave the competence t6"ans:wer these SllI)PU~·'q.~je:stran:~.~ took_on the asstgiIDient to auQit the bank oreredit union. If ~¥ ' thby-followc(l"GAAP, hilve them give details aadanswer 01tu;{(i\f$.l~Jj:o!1Ijj the CPA claim that thePederal Reserve Bank: p .. l;Lb,hc~tJloD.i~·:aIi~ij.W:@ltl emine what the ePA says and 'see.if they refuse to answer r.\I1.'",,,,,',.,,,,, lions tooefemiine bankpolicy; economics qfa 19~ and W:O:!l.loJlle.l]!!H'U k~ping. entries ofGAA.P ~y are. If the bankCPAdis.~esJ give th€'Pf9{)flf no proof, they J1a~ no credibility. One :p-:$,. caWilitoJ· ~ a CPA class with 'Tom: ScbauftoidTom that these argumeifi& at~:~WA Tom m.a,~_e him.answer speci:ficque.stions and then· be-·'IPnll~~cil:l:fat'.~ was a ft"aud. If no money was depos~t¢d to fund the oank: llillU1 can it be legal? WllO' provided the money to fund the Ipaml Have the I)arik or credit unionauditors prove- that-tire Pe£ietal

Bank publications-are incorrect in iliat meney is not :fll11;:t'~~ ~IJi)WlGlJ then lent out, Have them prove that the.intent of t1J. ieagreemes; p~ wboprovided the asset to fund 'the 10M, per-the 1:).( "qk~pmJ tries, is .notto be repaid the rMney or value of the asset.,mal funjaeG!lH Ioan,


ThereIs amy one.real issue to be resolved, Ask the batik 61'!:<TetIil CPA auditors to answer (he following questions; Is it the "'0<·,/1'.111''''' the loan agreement that whichever party provided the asse.l'-tG gi¥e to the loan, aceordingto the bookkeeping enmes, is to be equal amount ofvalue'plus.interest when the loan is repajd? . simple and basic concept any competent cpA should undiJl'l;'Stand.

ftY!dbd the lQan to the bru:r'ow~~ the V9rrOWe['sn.o,~ be r.~pai.d, bOrrower - wW" trw the Q~nower funded rht;; loan, then ~ party who If!lOJJleone-~iro ShOuld beTep~{I ~~ monet-Now we must decide; per fuOdBd the,,,, .. MI.t1~S; if the bWTow~ftmded tlre loan ..

the \)OOkJCeeP'''",

/i)'llel' prOv,ided cashor a cheek or ail asset th~ the bank depes-

lIllie oolt th t·- th bank - " d li biliti .: -':1.1 sed [0 !rive vrumrtQ e Qan., . e . mkassets an . a 1 ties will

~ted or U'l cfut1J~~~ the 5arikaudit(:lf to prove me wrong. If the bank.lent

:::PQ~J9t"S ~oney and~did nQta~Gepl an'asset'frolIl~e borrower to

d he 10m' ,oX g1:'ile value t9 thelean, fb.~ net overall.banking assets and :~r:r~ nom W~ trarlsa~ti(Jn_.w?uJd 110tincrease, ~ challenge any' ~~ a¢itQf to PIO"g me-wrong. This J ust told you Wb(Lftind.~d ~he loan. AJ;-

ording 10 GAAP and the, Feoeral-Reserve Bank puBlicatlbDS, the, net :tie~t of tb& tQtaJ transaction ofthe- bookkeepin·g~ntJ; was thiittn_e net banldng'~{J .and UabiIities increased.I ohallenge'all): CFAtJank aadi~r 10 prove m~wron~. The CPA can-play with words, ignore the, issu~s, beaLar1>undt)ll bush and ~'abQut nq_thin~6f~P91,tanee, but iftbeydo, IUld ,:re&~ t@ prij~e roe wfon~. you kneweverything that you need to know and ~,~, te win,

1VPfcaJ1~ tbe hafJk auditors will go into • great. detail on how lh~y" followed q~ and belong to all the bank societies, ()liganizati(lns- and ev~ ~ ~.1fuls'·is alb bURch of meaningless chatter if they cannot agree I.lnonesimpJe eoncept-ofGAAP caJ.ledthemaJ~g prinoi]Jle.'The matching prlIrpwle IntNUlS that ifa .bank accepts an asset from Joe, the bank IIiU)l.t ~ffSfjtl:h,l! ~§et py a brink liabilitysbowmg:-that the bank owes Joe the Jb,·n!l.y.1lfi~bank cannot accept the asset );[(:)[D .[O(}, refuse to show it OWBS 10e the asset that the bank received from J oe,and then claim that the banlls i:'I\v§,s iMike the ~mil wilue for the asset instead -of Joe. The ma:~hi:ng~ci'P1e stops. swindling. Have.the hank or creditunion erA aDdilQ:S.,pFove Tom Schaufwi6hg concerning this. To end thediscussion of the·. rv ... Ap - ''''''b' . " -th C'-'~ :..I; will d I' tha t!Je, , . ~ m .. ,"" mgppnqp.le... e 'J::r.\ auwtors" -tty an, c. rum' . t

b lJ Clte"ji\!lll!! :e:ash and Det a ~ability account. The net result, 110 matter

'i:I: cook the books, is,anew,b~liahility once Ibe eIO~$SO? note hblde ~~d~. ~ asset er the: credit umon posts charges to.the credit card, IIlatc~ ~b~. a~cGuDt. .T~ Federal Reserve Bank,~bow (be Per'1h .' !fllnn€ipJe. clamnng that two Ioans, were exchanged as IS correct

e@cw (!latching principle.Jf two loans were n.ot exchanged, then


there is a tax owed to theIRS for the stolen promissory note, Did the bank p~~ the IRS t;-iX:1 The-m<!ctQhiug.Jllincipledoe-s nt'lt allow-any0ne to ste,ru your asset, e~thailge it foY something of equal value, and return the v~Ue stolen to thewictim as a.lean. The bankaudit6ts w.hO. claims that ~ Q~ check was credited .in exchange fer rhepromissory Dote, which :is recorded as an asset, got the pnomissbry'not~ tbr-,fr~.and excltange:d th~ value of the-promissory note for a cheCk and returned the enecl( t6 Ufe, victim as.a loanJla,vmg ,the 'eeoaemics similar to, depositirJg the proaUs-' sory note Like money wbieh 'allows the bank to ,get Jhepm~ssory liG!eo fo;r ireeand cr~ate.:new--molley.The eeonemics are liKIHhe bankfs a'c1iiig as a money chari&et loan. If the bank t90k your cash (')[ stole the cash and used the eash to fund a Check-and iefumied the' ch.eG~~. you as a'Ioan yOLh1an nnderstarui"iuis like stealing. Replace the wOJ'd,~ with pI:cmi-rssorynote and JOB haveosimilafeconortries. Claiming--that ~h 'Ora cheek-was credt~d'i~,only smoke-and mirrors accounting and, ce&k,. ing~the bOoks, wJlich'glveSthe e.Gonomic.s s_i:milarto steaIing,counterreIting.and swindling. Rave: thebailkCPA auditors prov~ me \W'ong:

If J06 signs a promissory nete-andtt is agFeed that::rOe loans thecpQlflIli'$ ,sory note to 'the bank, the following bciokkeepmg entries are J'ecarde(l.

-. TheprorMs;sory.oot:e is'I'Morri.e.d/as'a bank. as~t and the bank records-a bank liability sh6w,ing that tbe bank owes Jbe:molley for the loan tiTtliebank. This sll~ws-two'lgans Were exchanged as proven by the new aSs~ and new lial5i1ity. 1J1ide:nhes.moke andmwror method, the Qankrecord-S' the pramissory note as an asset resulting in a new bank: fui:bility ~Ii~ eve,rything. is completed, butthis time is not on the b~i'JIiability. TIe bank CDPA drums that two loans were nO,t eXG-I1!W-gC;d. Tb~ bank got tile premissorynote for free as the bank created new moneY'anQ_ the party who funded, per the b00kk~ping entries.fs not.repaid the money. Have any bank: CPAaud:rtol' prove me wrong. A bank audit01i hlding:this must claim they credited cash QJ::,.cheGkbut when the eash dJ! check is deposited you have tbeJ1ew.<asset and new l\-a;billty: This temperary bookkeeping~n:ILY only bides the true transai::tiooandeeOilonllcs.-A checld!)a liability, and who gets a handfull or bag of! cash when they gel a car-or house loan"?As,the'bahkCPA audi.tois told Tom Schauf, it is a lIe that cash was-credited, it was only called caslt to. get everyone off tmck$ to the trne.natuee of the trueeconcmics. B<1I11:t anditers typically mill casn things other than easil to Jude the true tneaning of the Word. The b;m


audiicrs-admirred t0l6m Schauf that it was a lie and that the true party who funded the lQW1,peF the bS?(')k:k~ping entries, is neY:e[{jthe_ money. The aJ:l-drtor told Tom that.there isa new asset and.liability and.the liibilitJ J1l~ans th"at(~e bank owes money for the asset it 3.l::~p~d as "an asset. That Is Basic GAAP. The bank::gpt tbeprcmissory-note for free b_y crea-fuIg new!I\pney and violating the GAAPprinQipie ofrnatching Theil. when you ask the.i:>ar,Jcef bank ~p.d:itors farthetruth, they lyph;&Uy-.~misrepresent h,?w;it works or refuse w explain,

Please notice bow 1 gave the: "Fegeral Reserve Bankpubhcatiensandpage numbers and b,ookkeepingcentries. What:proor:9pe&-any CPA have to preve me wrtJng-'? The Fe'd~al Reserve Bank pnblications claim .tBa(.new:n:woey was cr~a~,d in the loan process; money is deposited and theI!e is' aneWia,S~t''liability is,owed; for the new liabllity,s0 what GEA bank auditor woUld be o<J. pig enough fOQl·to ,ql,g$ that this is nQt true? ~cPA bank auditor is fo:olisb enough to elalm thar.ifYQu deposit$-1(JO into y9ur ch~cking account ,tllal you did. Dot loan tile bank the $10Q·and that the bank assets 'and liahiliries did notincrease b.y $100? Tlie pt-Qbl~mjs that the CPA bank want tQ admit that the promissory-note'was usedlike or as money 0£ value'or tllillleY'£;_qnival~t to give va:lu~ to the bank loan cbe~_, Th~ auditOI@ must fry and:bjde, this fact OIl the s~eretJ~treveal_¢that the-bon· 'R~ th:e- ~Qo:kk:eep:" ing.entries gave/value [0 the alleged Ioanand that the, patty Vlhoj'urtde.d the:aIJeg~d loan, per the bookkeepmg entries, is n_~ver repaid' iliemon:ey giving Ilie ecmnorDlcs similar to stealing, countertelting and swindling, thus hiciin_g the true elements ~ot ~qe 'alleged agreement. Any CFA bank au:ditor s-bbu.1dhav~ the-competence to k;nQw ~h.e truth; Of they.sbculd stop

. .

taking assignment th~t they do not havetne corlr_pelence.!9 finish,

Yes"the-J)ank awnt0I typJ!Oi!lly will play witli:w~)fds llj confuse the-issue. Theytcannot explain wbn:t1:s mo~~y or money equivalent. They typi(aUy wills~y that cash and checks are deposited but-that pJOmiSS0I)' notes are Horde-posited ignoring that the overall net effecrof.tbebOQ_~eepingentries in beth cases have ilie:sameeOOIlQmic effectof having the cash and promissory nste.recerded as an assetand both giving value to a Dank check. The bank: is merely a ro0ne.y;~hanger calling tb_emselve.s a lender, hiding the-fact that the promissory note increased the ballk-·'aS~1S and liabilities Qf~tiQg newm0ney or money equiv:,alent 0']; credit, They will


not alloW the Ofiginal_pi:irtrr''''h - , , . .

'.', ,., """. ' ~.J w, oprovlded th'e ' . .... -, . - -r

be-:repmll tlie same Valli- "h '-1.. • asset that.fungl!d't'Qelfi);<lR'il

,_ . . e w en Ule loan IS \ro'd A ' '. ~ ()

told 'Iom Schauf~jt is a.triskthati ' .' pew. . s t1ie Q.PA lfu!:lltGl1s

tb . • .,:, . 1$ very prOfitalile a:ntl til ',' , , '

at co, Ofu$:lonandJn'hQ"an' , :- ''''rc~t.._, . _ '. ey we:reho, In<l'1

. . .. " 0'" ,Gt»,(} ute genera1 no lati . _ eo

to,cDn~ueThis v~.ry profltable trick, Now ~,PI1,., ,~~nwould~~w them

Schauf ls":~enuoi'nl7 3ll'U CP' -'A' b~~'l' ,.', ... ~6i:tnt±,' lSIt!,xposed ana·?fem

" .."......"':7. ' ~ au:dif0r to . ,- .. Him' .

the general pop' uIati6n wiIll-;ar' . th " . . ,prove. Wi(01).g. 'S,0QO

" "" _ . € n € triekand think: th " , . .~

el?A finn, Enron and WorldC,!iJDli:,~M-:I:" .' , ~A~tbJIf/\O(ilfID;lID

d ,', .. ' iW.!'UtSJ;;alleals wereoffi' '81';""";;; ,

P,a,re to tbe.lymo- and ',,' _.' _" ,. .~calI[Gom_"

.' . ". " co ' rmsrepresentatrons we ha . .'

bm'lkkeepmg entries If th .'. '1 ave.seen with, the b..:rn'L. .. . ' ere 1.<; 'a Qan.aO'1'eeme t· tha the ., .. , . -,~

the-bank used thei b .. ,.:' _:.b~ ,)'1". t .·.t)ankwroteaM'

, , '. '. rr oo1ci<ecp'mg entries M -, ,,];.,' ~ '._ .

tellilfg' the _', .",. 'A ." . , - .' . ., ve we bank '":v:e the det~':1

.-' .LI uur an"" nollimg bul tIl,- thanr .":>~ . AJ.!I •

sml~ly waul the one who-funded th: ~~ an ~~ stop tbe'·de~ptiQ.l'\. ~e

entries' '0 b' " Q £beck peT the beokk -'

, ~" . 'c ,e,'Ie!;l«t'd !he' " " "',' .. ,.' ''',' .' _. , ,'" W.. u,,, eenln:O

, ' . '. 1'" _ ,money, WfiQ, but a .g'.vffidl ," 1'1 ''iQ

,~e;vilR1O;g? Toli18c1..h"'".c.. , . ," er could. argue iliatMe

_,_ .. ' ".' itlD.Ucl. gave the- proof ha the CHA' ..,' , " - -

use empty words butoJ.¥e selid '. "'£_:1..-' v,Y,e.. t.llilk.',· -.auel.t.01'S :i[(~t

• . . . .0".. v" pW(')'liuat Tom' S'~haiI;t; .. ..'

areas ofthinepoJit TIieiPsile " . ,: . , ,~ '.o;1s,.wron'g in ill

. mce-proves Tom Schauf to b ' .:

. _, . ~ C,O.r.r6fJt.

We-need wkeep a f:eC0r6 "'.' f' ene'" . - 0'" ~~ .'" .. ' ~,

.c " . .!V ,Y ry' ne llly~bred:J 'thi '

.,1,oI-oihgs.4i,very' 1.l.p' ,l1mfhe ',,~>.' ; ~','.' 1" " - a S'ill1:SIe_presentaJi!:m

'" . .. .....uencan peop e 'Ihe ' .'

to clfrre@~ the'.pr6blem_, 'vot~ out aU wlio 'enf'-' ,~~tiH~ lh~ on_I~ Su~ w~y

:ore "ate IS th;t:.; onLy 1''8a1 :SDlo ti:Qa,Aftt! ._ . ~~.c:ed f:hls sIav:ery<tpon usr Jl1sti:ce tlitHe-1, I' , .-. I! we vote and: correctit, wewill; o:e)

, " ,~<U.. way, t 1S up to ,you tQ gereut tl'ie truth "" . ~ ~

we G~ cerrect the-nr .... bl . c '.' to ,every vorer"sQ

, ... ' J;".'" em.

In sL'inlniar.y,.a:tjan\( auditor' ' ""d ' ' .'

1_. "U~b: ~epnQn will sas thi'n . , ", ." .

reievant to dISC.llSS wh€lfuilde!i the I6m ' " . . ,Y 'c', gS~j l1lS n(!)r;

h(i)o}¢eepmg' entries, it :i:s,uot rele'V~t to &tlS ~o.t ~levan_t to ~.scu~s th~ substance (bookkeeping entri " ' . ' .. :, cuss form (~gr.eethel'lt).v.em€S:

l... ',' -: . ~h 1t 'IS Ilot re1e'''''a:nt' to . ...I~~ '.' . ,.

WuO funded .to<- '1" '. . _, .' .... . ",V' ,t .UL;).cuss. 1f the 0

" , . we oem.Should be.repaid to .' '.' iJW

il~levant to di CTiss w.hat m . . e money, Theyewill argue itis;llot

, . oneY'l and.whari . -' .. .' .. .

typioal] y .say, things like ',' . . ". ~ '', ',:1.1' or 15 not dtqHlsitea.. TlieYi

. " ' ;.tt aonew;s,tn:at tli""o>'" '0 ',," ..

ment't!:l '," '.(r'", l"~',. .' '" • tnee Sl e'ts makin ' - ,." .. amun<?", as a,wayt(') getofftrnGK\' , , g an arg1,1:

report. They. typicaJJ. '. ,. .. and not di'sclls§-the"U)S'lIes'iniliisi

. y argue: th;lt the borro " . :"-,<' '. , '.. . " , .

goocis.:and deny. that the bank Of Cf~dit' ,'. ~~r Ie~~lve? a benefit to buy"

alleged DO ,. '-'," . umon .re~wed a benefit .fro ill.

". . tJ:,J:Ower wlUcb was aD asset from th . ..' . . •.. : , ill, .:~

value to tbe.a1tege{qoan check. SOlD ";. ' .~. bgr.r~w:t4 [€I,.ft.I:P.rl or gi.'ye tbe~olley is f;looleA"an'd -, ~ ,etrm~s the auditors clann:tll'a!aU of

r .. \ell no one kn""'·s ,'t. c "tli"

, ""Y'. wuere ' e m,one . . "'"

y came p-'OW "<IS"


the)':: refti$. \:0, di~€.~s the b09kl$:e_ey);!1g,~otries proV:iD.g wbp fun,de.d the loan. At tlnle'S, t):iJW g1aim that it ooes li£),tJJ)~ wh0 fdhded \he.]o~, 1;0 an)! crule_i th~y 3ie hlamg,tl1~ fun9amenlIDs 6£'·the'agr~men!-. b'o'(>'kkee]l" ing and: I!¢On0mics to.lg~t the QromisSgqrnote for free anq refusing to h3-yt3; the -patty wb;o Epnli!ed the loan. tobe,:te_paid. th.llsccreat:ing:,t);(e ~c9- nomi~s~ t(j).swmdling, [~_ot calliQg bankers; ~ and au:ditors crlmma1s,swj:i1.dlE:~, cqunter.feitel'sand thi!'l'V~~' l·run,-expQIDngthe truth 0fj~t hpWI'smatt fu:ey,' ill'~ ifugeL~1?,] the pt('ltOisse1)' note for, free and creatiIig. new money and: hl:diflg-th~ true,agreeniel1t <is i'tis dop,e. 't<!li:n. Sqhauf%iiliply bcli~'V~ ~\lAt \heane who f.up.d~cd !heloan iliould,be repai~ the DlOll,~Y' W!io could argue 1hat t:his"shou1d,n6t j,;l'e sd? WI;to thln'ks that we sIlo.old; 1lSe. tb~ '~c0ROniiGS ;si'Qiila:r ~,@-a swmOle1 Wna~ h@n:~')J per-soR WC;:ll1ld,§c!Ly, wfJ. are WrQllg~fWhiGh llatt)'hal! given,tbe'pFodf ef the ~v}.den~? my h;iOO thecrea1 agr@.m~nt.and b00kkeepJng'e:ntd~ i'miS'1iou-

.~l>t? Why .shOl~tl ol1e,~s of citii>eUS tr~~~ lI~W money1llr<!kls'}ati'i:t Ol1tt~

'enslav~ the, second c]am; of'''i.~~ns?

€Q)'!(XUSI0N: '1'0 prove Thomas Schauf :wr:()o.g the bank ,€FA must: pI0V¢. that. tb~ Fcil@rru RESeNt;. B~gmk ptloli:di:t100$,'(].sM lll' this [epcirt are wron.g. rfuWatik.CfAty:pieBlly~ys With_words suyin.g,th!ltan;tbaflk did n(jrQ~p.Q~~ tbe'projilis~ozy nl:l.tlt in the:b6p:(')w,tl.r~s_tranSacti6ri,.ae~Ol.'mt!'lS claimed in ~Q.~oF~detal,Reser:velhlll~')J'pli«ations, \Vna,t th~y did was use, aJihort ,cutilib09~pmg entries by c1~g jhst they credlte(j ~b,or ~h¢ck: as-:ibe. p~0mmSQry I\Qte was f!ebifed_' The re§ulti hasl the, same'lrioroicsasdep~$i6ng the-promiSsory DDteand, erem.ting. aobanldiabjlity, In'tase:tlie:rf! is'Il.,ne,w al),setan'd.n.ew b,~nk.lia'QilitYWlien we't;ash er

- . - ~

ctle~ is de'pps.ited pr:oving mat, tbg. prbmissbfy iJlot~ gave v,alue fothe

l?ank lQan ~~e,k, TheJJlleg~d"boJt{)Wfll! p.l'ov~Qed the.Jii'0De.y ~t asset tbat tul1~d the ~e~~d loan ann tae party who fu:M~Q th~,lorui is nQt to he re~ru:dtMI');l9p..ey giving tJ1e e~on~"§ siniila'i to stea1iog,l;;,Ol.Plte:rfeiti11[ an<Lswinoling" ltisi;mR9tUUlt to.kn0w,i;f'tb.e'l)QD"ow€cr Of iltlihe lender W~ to fJlncl tb,e 19an, If ~<:)u~~I1~ me to, lend Y;CllJ;, $S)!lOO .. jl is lp:Lpertant to know if E§teal.Y9ur$S,OOO and~'ll¥wm Jhe .stolen $'5,,000 to-YQuas a-1oan otifHend you my :t5i,9QO <lnd there'is 11.0 ·s~ealing. or swiRdliJ;i'gin tlie The b~'()kke¢piu:g e:.nJries ,prove-who funCt~d, lilretest 'is deflnedaSc~ ,qbarge foJ'· the.'Ilse· of borrow~d money. It is n'Q,t fo.!) s.Wlen [I'l~n~y Jletumeo totlle y~~tim ':;LS a: loan. stealiti:g ~ viqlatln~ tlie.rti~biQg ptincipl¢ Qf 'G AAP sigriiflcal1t~ than.ges ,thec'(')stQ.fld rlJ.k..Jhe bankQ1?A.


triight:sfl,yit'rsinsignifh~ant'aJ1d irrelevant who untltWQu" ,;Sl¢~ th,t; 'C;P;A;'S'ass~t.or lll.olle.y and tet'ilti'l the stolen i_tem t~}:the_:Victim'_a& alvan'lkl1L tnefl, It tiOOd'ffies g-i'&iriffcillil a:Jrrd ie1e-yanf:

,}\nY0fi~W1.tI'£.a: high sCb.doJedUc;ati'(iIi ,~-"see;t}j:e flaw-in tire btillk,~~s ;~eorth'-a-eGaSb. was: IentJaf.ld tlre<bori'owoo,diifn'ot fiilld.tl1'e Ioan, IE')!;"" ample: The banbm?ke:s,$ lQaDS 9f$ljjQ:OO(}~.:Ea:cl:i~dm~'the $,1 OQ"QO@ '-ptowsJ;ozy note ts i~_eufdea-_aS' an asset and C_ash is tteditea .. Tfie dlfft.~ reoeiV:ing the cash does-nob hidethe eashiir their bed sheets; they ~p.lilsft ,it~~1;h.~ ba:l;11b;md ili~J~~ asse.ts:<l'noit~bilitie.sin:C;f¢~ehY $.tOQ~ fr0iDd.h,e·aN~getl ti'ansa:ru0n. A€cording to the_'bafik ,eFAa batik OOU1d' 1l'\l)_cl oyt tbySaRlft_$'l00,000 casbfLvJ.~ tim~:as ~ank: ~sse_t[and &_abilij:i~s .i:n_Q_ieas~5;ti)~l))!;S~ "]be'TIiat:h,p;tp'testhat Yd,u tantlQMi¥'l;e1:he:;sa:m:e_ $lQ@,QOQ, e'ash lir5,pIac~-at th6,eldI.{J~,sam:e: tifu~. '-Fe-gerhl Reserve Nd1~s (easb '~ reG/i}rrl~g: as'ab:ank :CJ.l?:s~t<md' a I;lanl_(Jiab'ilIty',shows tltat 'tbe' bank /i}~~ Fttli_ii}iaL Res6tve N,0'tes,-~y,cj'erul~ jS:tewt~red:-as a lia:i'ikasse;t If,~ bank; liabi1in_es increase by $"500.000- "as 'assets increa'i€ b)i $50P,J:loQ, If means that tb.e bOOik Q!NeS $.sQO,'Q1'te¥ and -:the',o-atik :gptJ me: '$S:IDo~oeJO -lEI. 'asSBI:8 fr.6iii lliea:neged~ 50rrowm. If -y.6tJ lQ:ID theo-arl'k ta: $:1iOQ~QQO, <ISSEi_!; tb~ bank as~t~ ia~n%f~~;-bYI $'SOO,OOO~ancl th~ ban~Jl~

- ',:abiliti¢S lnttti\ase5y$5o.0,OOQ, 1 cnl:illenge tlie b'i'i1ik' ep~~ to' pI'oVo:e -me" wrong regarding the- book:ke€;ping,entries;

WJjeredii:l ihembneYfGo1I:1f.:fiib'nlcto fund'me $,§OO;OOO of In.ewi@ahs?'TIlle, $J00,OnO,casb_js stili in the banle and the bans assets andjiabililie.s_M~e:d ~by,'$56:o"iJO()t$bQW~g thaUhe;b_~-';w:ed $S:06,Q~b;Xn~ie,rtt~ney..· Whal-:exactl:Y'ls money? Did tne O'6ri'0Vil!.t"ot lender' n.lh-a tne.I6ans'aG'~Ol'&n,g:: ~o the?b&11~ b0'9_kk,~pttlg en:tti!?? IS:' the party wtlQ,-fund~'tl t'b:e: loan tb be teprudtJj~ rrlbney or ts-it a sWindle? Which ·otO'lk t,ustofu . deposited !be; $$:OD;OOQ to fund the 10aJ1~? th,~ erA Q~.'auditQJ: Ql~t hav.e·the OOnlp~eteli.¢&t(ir3:i)Swettthi1\ if he Or,~b,ecdl:d.-the"aAcj$t. The G0fl~1u;sion ts ti1atttfe l1ankwrote tlle:.agreem:e'tltand' the. M~e;ififelltifd thelf.6d kee:pb::!g entries and the bank CPA eallllo' d~taiJ.S;and, pE90irand arr~ swe:tsrto QUr qUe'$ti_ofis regar.ding]he .¢O:Olli:imits of the trtre-'(fet:al1s., TM;y typl¢allyJust'sa.-y,; pay, the-loan and'do not ask ·ruty questions; How ,ean there b,~ a:(i at.'1't::eJlui"'iit'-if the,y r~fuSJ;; tQ"gi~ QS d_e,t;l.ils:0f'how· tJ_te"a~me:nt WOTKS"'ahU wifal th~ec:OndimGs are;' Did- tbeoagi.eement,saY;'irirereS-t •. the charge for the-use of borrowed tn.olley,. did i.t indicate that the b0cT"





Chapter 3 - Addition31 Laws & Strategies

Yell Ill.a, want to.1o'o~~t t~ef~nowin~ laws; F_air Credit BiJ.Iing A:c;t i:Ul(f the Parr Debt Cellection.Ptacaces. Act. Look up the words "validati .~. ~ld "v~tifidariO:fl>. in the law dietienary -let them, by Mfidavit: tell ~u that you owe the money and whan Ihe.tru;ms and condill:Ons a:n;. Stud! ~~ rules of.t~v~de:nce (they must show youeach item charged, tb:at i.h~; el~YOI4 owe, not just ~ to,tal de~ti; and ne standard agreementiS, easy to prove), See DeC; 8-315, Federal Rules of Evi~Dce. Rule 1009 about' not ~Q~fug; ~ ~opy as ~videiJce.- aItgu~ the autli~nticityof rfie~(Jpy~ de~d. th~, oogmal lQok up under state law for lost or nDssing l1~tes. ~~dy,ff1e Fe!'l~u1es of..Gwil Procedure, Rilles ,,"7 'and28 tbge:t"QeRQ" s:t~ous: . Study Declara1()1:y Rcliefl1ud:gment to jn¥alid~ the cOiitt4mf. Read DeC 3-308' aoont the proof of signatute and status as the lIoldeF:in ~lli!course :-"abQut denying signatur~kpleadings.:before trial Of-elM ERe judge a$S~mes it is'yeur signature, &i·ving autherrticify t~ tb:epromiS&0~ note - which, means you agreed tile bank lfuu-yolJ the money as agreei St~dy <'h~ay evidence", The debt collector who is an attorney us~ bearsay'evrd!'llce ~ what the credit dara company {a third party')-sai(i - to;

'. col~t. One. rer,son kept Objecting in court as the de\'lt colleetor talke,d say,rng, "cbjeetien, tllis is hearsay evidence.' The judge allowed the detit coUeetOJ" to, testify. TIe judge asked if tliis was beatsay and the, debt cellector ~aia.yes. 'Ihe judge tlrtewoutall of'the evidence because it ~as hearsay, The debt colleejor has no evidence-tmder the roles.ofevidenee ~o COUeGf, S0 thealleged borrower woa by 0bjectiug to"~say~ Tf:W, ~udge may s~, "takejuc,ticial natice," This means' the.banker-tan' bting in a eopyt>fthe note unless you objeCt. Lookfor court cases .~ say: that tb~. p~ty .who wt0~ the agreement has the greater burden of ptoot"explaining file agreement,

~ youare not willing: to do your job, and homework; 90 n9~ expect the Jud~e to help yOU. You have to help the judge help you. Do-not expect tbeJlld~e to rule against tile banking system. H~ wants to keep Iris.Job, O,ply discuss breach of agreement and how they ehanged the cost and the risk: anti. concealed material factS. Discuss GAAR

These are the things that you rriignt want to go over- and discnss"w1th -your legal counsel.


Rave fuu, Get a group' of pe(jpl~ tllgemer f9I a seminar.Pet to~etlJer a mock tria] with a mockjury and ee bow it.sounds. Wliatwoulil the jUlY (voter-s) decide. Would. they rule in your favor or the banker" favor?










One bank answered oW . ~dmisSi.01l:;;" document. adriiittin_g that they follow GAAP and that they foJJow F~erafReserveJ3anks policies and psocednres, Another admissioaSta~mem was 'Tne - ri:tel1~ of thealleged . .agte~merit W$ for the eonsumer (0 provide ~ money tl:!at the bank would use to fund 'the credit line or Ioan,' The ban$: ~nied''iliis.

What have the CTf;IDt card companies q,een. doro'g ~Q.$t6p lawsuits? They change the_rules,Tq~y cad cbange the pO.llcie~',()ceduresby'si!hply mailing you tjJe changes. So they, changed the rules t:eqJ.ri,ring you't9 gp to. arbi irat10lr or spe them in: a state court 1 ,000 miles-from your n0"m~, One PartY told'TQm tharbe sign.,~d an.agreement fotei~l~iT(j1ll itIt9~arbitra~QI1. Tom t<M the arbitrator that the alleged document agreeing to ar.biUation was. a £ru:gery;sotbere iano al?JeemeItl allowing; file .arpitratQt to arbitrate: The,arbilti\~or was.told tI1atifbe did aIbittatethatToll) )V~!lld sue ,the atbilIitt:eI for d·~·ag~s. The alibitrafor refused te arbitrare. Thearbitrator knows that the bank~ p.ayifl,g, him 'and k~p,S gettitig m~ney from the>batik; . .So who do yon think that the arbitrato,r wULrole ih fav0J of? The banker knows that the bank: won before-it .gqt star't~g" It is like hiring the fox to guard. the chickens. Thecbickensare dead in that deal.

To win. to Ie-ally wro.requite.s.that we get the v,6Jets to agree With lIs.·tf not; me courts will llQ.Lbe the .answer. They will just change tbe rules against us.

This.isnotintended as legal.advice. this is only to Show you the historical information per telephone calls to Tom [tom, people claimin[ suecess. We eannotguaran.tee:success~

The i;ntent of this, to show you the law im.d aIloW)'0U to be the judge anc!.j\lry. If Yeou .agreewithTpro, help, us Witi our nation baGk to the truth, Not by golpg to court, but by helping lis, get the ¥oreJ:s tQ joinus Sf) thar we become the lawmakers SO that we control. the' jud~~, heriffs and bankers the legal way, tbt6ugh,the vote.


Ifwe do D0t do aitytbiJ}~, they will g0 to aeashles,ssoci-ety giViGgfllell'l totai control over you, This is the time to win back a nation - to th~ I,ifh, and stop slav'<IY'.

~~ expect tbe ,bank to change stFat~gy in 20(:)$. 1lh~ new QanQt9Y law ~I ~e~ tnatyoU:c_aDnotc~itel Your credit'card deDt. They'will~l.Y ~~'Sn YOll! w:agesand -fOreClose on yeur hO-usea:t'Wt th:eJ;foFe~ }rou ~t0_~~~lWltary ,~an_kruptey. A'sk Y,ourlegaJ eOUllSeJ<Ibo'Ut~dem~&, ptoofoftlie de;bt'm balikrnpt~:y.' Thatlllighttbe your besf defeh$¢\

"B_ecapseibe,notein question was-not p,aY'abl~ 'to o:rdel"(~rto bearert Q lai.ntiff payee did not Jjold in d',ue GQuise. Pasca! -v. TardeJili.",1986; l'ia l'\;p.2d 752, 5(:)7 N. Y;S.2d 225"

"WI~~re an inS'filument1s neither payable to order oJ: bearer 110 One,~ quahfyas'a holder in due course, Key 'Bank of Soumeasrem M Y Y. Sttobe-J'Bros.-, file" 198:8, l:a6A.D2d 1104, 136AD.2d604 52iJi.f.Y.:'s', ?'" 855-"° - . - - - . . .",9'


Chapter 4 - Wbat»ankei~ Fear

Tom taught over 2,000 C:PAs fiat:io$lly 0P- appraising; businesses and testifying iii court.ffian ~~l1?ett witness, 'fom o~m,;d and opero.tedJliS own: CPA fum and DuSine-$&Drokefage- business for about t¢uy~s, Ai .. ter o~ of tbeAI:<~sjn PennSylvania at~ H9tiday Inn, Tom talked ta a C(lntrpUe.r (top aeceentant) for amajer b'aiik. !In a p,IiYlile c9uversaUon, ToIhtbo4ghIA~~woulcl see if he Cbl.!l<lLg~~ areaedon outcf'thisaceeuntanto ToJ:ii:,srud I1'l tb¢ c_o!1troll~, "You.know tha~ aUYOl!I bank loans are a :fraud. 'Without hesitation the Q.ont;rpltec .agreed. TbJTh said. 'Aren't you .rltai4 thlll )';OU will' go (0 jail" Th.e C!i)ntrQ.ile.r J'esp:cinded. no'. JI~ then ~1?lamed how ~banks(,';r~ate,money 'and liew,l;l(j) owns the rrtoftey cl1trtr:Qls the. j'tldges, lawm:akenrand the media, He explamel!, now ad~-' using money: lO$s"and dii'ectbankcoW{f~I'S hlp an.d1l9w bapker's politi:cal cootritiu.tibns ci>n:tr:()ltlte politicians and, the law;s anQ how money contto~ the-medi?J.,!fa pbliticiMvetes_'against,llie bank,-the b~heavjJy ftlIl:!!~ their opponent -Il,ext election so.that the bank po!itician wins. All tIi:~ .p01itl£lan~ knowthar theY;Deep the bane's ITiedia anCLmon~y to get eleGte(i,; He even boasted how the Dank GOl)trol theJiBl.~Getrthe.ilieapf why tI!~;y tb'or-away Eights ihhC}Y' call someone ~ ~orist?)~, He the:h 'said. H li semeene put togetlier a ~(ocb:Uf,ean:d passed it om:,in mass, I would ,irillhetllately, permanently leave this CouiUTY~ lftheA:mer.ican fle9I21~ ever figpre' out wh at we 'bave-done to meni,t!iey ~Qu]d pq~ all ef tis balilh~rs, jl1gg~s sheriffS ana, lawmakersjn J.<!il." He;tfierrla~lied and said, "Thit Ameriean p~_ople are t00 stupid to f}gur~ out wMtw~ have di)il~ ,tQ them, they will never be aale to e;1(_pJain>t:bis ia 1i09Qrt/' "& Jet ToJiiknow nQW"fOI¢W9§mes'are ve_rypi:ofitable!illd when.thebanl(b(llps th~ jU,dge$, politleiariS; an.d sh~.ri1ts, get the profitable foree:losures.Ttie gGVe.i:ilJ:hettt a:~nts in thebankers' 'pocket have veIj'profitable',investments, The banker,'> and politicians call R gOQd business. They iepmsent ~heu l}.!'<rspnal investments, tiOnll~ people tbal'eiectM mem.Cur_[ency tra"di:iig.i:S also very pfo1itabl!p: 8ome'go.Yel'l1.lnentagents herpiil~th.e'l;!arik.= ers get 100 pereel'll.-pr.ofiL3 lI1Q_nth Gil theiIiri.v;estm.ents: He eqhl:ined hO"W the governmentagenis sold their S911i.s [Q the ,bankeJ;~" all t~rthe love ofom6ne~.

This is why it is critical to,get"aS'l1<tll.y websites set up and get-Q,uttbe



emails, Hi;!lp, llScsell the O(fo.ks. and get the:;voterwgry ~lJ,t'lugh'to ~ to his/her merrils. The book sales helps US raise the money neede(Ol to Win the nation back to the truth.

As 'Fom..O:OnollofM GPA'continl1in$'edhcation seminars to. CPAsancl Iawyerll~ a J1~ of bank ~u4itors tpI~rTom that it was. a fraud. The all'tors 1tied to~t rOlli to ;swear tose£r:eGY abeut Ure oan:Knloney Cfeli'fibn and how it controls the government leaders-and judges; Obviou{!l!y',,:th_e btJIlkCGncea:t~d this part Qf toe agreemenr,

From past telepbcne-ealls, people havejetTom~ow thartn.eeun: bank'¢Is' h~~e'it when you ask fa-r adeqU,aW assurance of due pWoffij~~e by, WantLft~ assurance iliat me ow putChasea the. note from you-and" did . ~~o.t'd~_pos:it th~~o_te~ Ifthey:difl, !hey were violating-the GAAl? O1a~t:!Ung prmcfple .Feq'u:lhn~ tire new liability to S'lio.w tbiit"the'bank: .Owes,':t1te,~~ .pesitor (ydu' money'for depositing the Bote. I forgot to miimtiOl1,_Pea; t Qqnlcing law,-if Iile o:<lTIk'depoS'1ts fhe:note., they ulest\~9ve Y0'U-'a d:ep-qsit ieceipl(See 1'2 USeA:Sec18U}. DidtlIey giVe yon ijn-e? History Sl10W.8 that'in court, aankers;ba,te"itli'j:pu·claim tJrerei's'no bon~ J'ig.e sii?;n~~ QIi (be M¢, that the faiged. !!he note was stdlen antl'tlie wJll'llei~ the stbleo property was returned as a loan breaching rbe-agreemem, "Bank<~I'S knew tha_tth~ s~pleD prop¢Ijiy·-funde.fl the aIleged_lOI'!-ll-, Any -prje ill1tle:' lja.nki:l1~g industry buYing the note knewWMt rbe..:lfgreemerlt Sal.1i an:d what the bookkeeping ~:tri~s wt!!·~. Th~Yi.:Jm~W.and O!!lW theycwant;,t0 'ptete:flClthaHhey do ,[lQt ~ow wliqt' YO,1l are r;a.lkiQg aboct Th.e 0~ ~omte~d the o-ankingdaw GA'AP (GAAP is' only rsqulred if the-re' is a~ Cl?~a!ldit opinion and J the bank is, FDIC .insured. See 'UniredState Code Annotated TItle 12Se~. 1&3La (2}(;A). GAAPi;-prOveltb) Feaeral Reserve Bank publicatio~ shewing the boolskee~mg entries and t:pn:fi:rmiQ.g eV:6rythlng TeiD bas sai¢. The bank is il:n;o~ b]:eif they a:tlmic 1:0 -:f@liowingGAM.b.rno1:Jellow'.fug-HAA.-P. Ift1ie-y,do not know whit the beokkeeping e_ntdes are, tbeyrG.8IU1ot preve thatctbey .Mrf{)mne.~'~ der: the agreemelft'&:hd funded the loan to you. T:Jj~y.Mve ~()conrt e i!dence to prove they _performed. The bank: does not want h~·raJk about [he: bookkeeping en:tri~s;~d rf the bormwer fun:ded Ibe loan. So that is wba we want to tqlk: ao-out '[he attomey/debt collectOr is to km>w,fheJ<lW _ GAA:P - and what theagceemem is: State law ~a;y~_ba:nks are tQ, the QIolllis.§01"Y',uot.e. They dep'0s"it~ the note and did not giV~YQ)l a

receipt, Rer Fedeml: Re~~rveI.ta:pk;pliblj:~aIiQn "MQde_JTI1'Money MeC:haniGs''-._page 6, the bank.openetl np a obecking a®ount unqerY;0UT name and 'ij.epQ_sit~th~ Iio,t~. TJlen the bank: withdiew .. !'he money from your M-COl,lIlt without your knowledge, p~rmiS.$ion 'or~l!_th,0rization and rerrtme_djt ~o y~u as a loan. IflheytooK your cash P:k)ftl' your savings accotmt-ahd did this, you WQPlcJ!tall 'it a fraud. The economies are: essentWly·;ti1e .~ame using anote instead fi)fca:;b. Th,ey Il)a~e an exchange-of m'(m~y :formQp:e~ ?m:I charged you as if [here.wag-a 10M. They performed the. services -ofa.,money$anger anli·clltimed that the.y :were a len~r~ .cb:aJ;ging you l00.per~nf fot,the;UliIlsactioll"pll:lSointerest. That is wh¥ lie"3i:ly'.eve.ry ·:Amerigan. is;'tn.Qti:,pt up to them' heaas, anSI sDlking' quiQkiy. They cannoftell yon If'IIlDp.ey'ls_ t;asb· 0I:;a.t)ank lia~iliry 0wmg iilon.e,.y; Po€i~ ;it the la:w f@f definitions of Ii deposit. A d¢~QSit is an unpaid balance of money ti:J!}t the bank oWres·.Anegotiable instru.rn.ent ri1_ustr ~e paid.m a certain sum <if money,:so n0w. can the N'01.e he mQIley and owtng m_0rrey a_ttbesamettme? It cannot be the opposlreJ)HwQ dAffuitions at the same time. The h&nh GjIDtr0,t explain what money IS and the bool9ceep_:in,g ;entr.i:es .. but they charged you fu;_terestt for the u~ of~ borrowed money. They WIO.t¢ th.e agJ-e.emeol;,have t:liem explain-it,

The bankers t .i:jWQ_s~ret manual that is truly f-o[ the bankers, shows d:i~ t.he bankers hate it when people ell'!jm "fl;_~ain the, factum" (fra:u(l:in_tbe e-xeClJti',gn). Remj}mber me" law "in., HSC 'TItle .5 Adm-i-niSwa.thve -JhQ!;.edures .~ct:? The :na11Qn 18' bankrupt S9 we are under ad.mi:niS1:('ative law and that· is the law of"nojjc'e's~'. R.ehfe,mbJ;?r -how tbe ~S ana the 'ban'ks ali.vay~ g:i::V'~ you a notice? You need tode the.same, Notice thenr asking what the' temDs'<if the agreement are - the agreement that th~y wr<lle. Wq,~ th~y .I:~fuse to tell you, the tMozy' Is that you can elaim "fraud in the fa:ctllm '.

ObvioU-!>ly thebanks IearTom's court admissions.Admit Qr deny- iwe-ing tltem to,gjve you "FULL. DISCLOS1JR:E';J

Tom'l~~' a-r~a1-c;.~m. PeoQlewant immediate gtiRtifie:atiQA to beeome debt' free. People want to sue, and. wait 6 t9 L2 months hoping_ {O win. The.n_ pe:opl~ :say; if I win, I Willl tell my fuieJlds aeou~ the Q.~. If tlmy wait, .we w.illneverwm the-vote, The vote ismore tmp.ortant l1lanc.ouEt FleaSe stay 0ufof:COUlt and.eancentrate cn ge,tting,hU'fldredsofpeople te

jqin us bi:fQre ta.kiIlg tbe ti:m~16IE9nstder court, Court ~ risky, tiH~~cans~tring,a'lllI ¢esfs roQue)" to,Jrire a CrA e~IIt W;i_tne~$. 10n G9:uI4 SPlWti t!rousands .. of dollars, w~aste6 to 12 IilQo,thl; ·anrllO-s~ if-y;ou d~ Iiti6 do tbe eourrroom ~roeednr(j,!) c;orrecti:}, or if th~ judge is bribed, Tfwe illuo,n.; (itmttafeori the vete, we-are.sure to all g~t out of c;tetn. '[b~ VO:tedg tl1l, oillyway, to have assurance, to-reQlaim anation. If bundreds sue t:Ile bafilC ~h~y mi.@viusnmange the law to keep YOIl~d.egt The vote i~H:~ SQl.o~ tion,cnot com When we ~et;hUIidr:e_ds ofCPAs and-law-.yeFS jQi:Iiing:~s:; rrwill be easier for-ajudg~ to agree with US1 Thei lawyers and ePAs wIiI notj"(}in until we-~ tbe vatera on ow 8j:de.1_t ~~ 'all abcirrmouey, ~Gc1it and control of the,people.

This manual is n(Dtsu;ggestlng tharyou suethe bank. Thl$ manual 0nly gel yes historical jnformation oil VI hat has,rha-ppened, when peO"ple &:0 t-o court, ~ .manna! gives ·tIl~informafiQn en wlmt the banke!s ha:y~trQqb~ answering in tourt. Thismanual is 1;@ sljo,W what Ieamed jtJ ~ije banker's secret manual to be only given ourto b&nk8ts. This manuM is 'oilly giyil1gyol:1 Tt1im'stlleOry. Thi~ manuaLis no~ltJteIl9!;!das]~gali!d-

vice. -


Chapter:S ,- Noti,ces

People lnive ~~n$etJding Qut notices to the-:bahk to create iJ,_.!3~!1troven;y. t~y want to foro out whether the bank OJ: the borrower fundeo the loan. W$, it. tQ_eintent 01" the.agreement tliat the party w-hgfunded the loan .is to lJe=repai_d me loan? Djd the~bank foDow GAAP't Was the note used.a:~ 01' like money to fund.a cbeck1:A£e tI;lee(lqno~.of thtdoansimilat to stealing (the t;ankgetti;og·the note for-tree by d'epo.&itin.gjt). oounterfsitlng:(creatiugnew flI;6ney based on the value of the note) ahd swindling, (notioUowi~lg~e law- GAAP)? Pe_tJpl~wait'f\:wtb,e bank to:respond._or not"re$p-O.hd.:Qtey .th._eRrll!~id~ whatro do wito th:e-b_al:ik:-on.~J~gal basi$. Whetlier the bank answers ot.'does npt answer heJps HeoplecueJlle bank." Peot>le arelpQ)cing to. the fa¢lom. 'Ibebaak aever. boul!;1:it the note ,from.;yo.uaA9 bre~b~~ the" agreement,an"d tirt;_aahe'd GAAP. r.h~ IlQti!;;~,s are designed toJeam -wh;:il-h~IlReoed and if the: banlds hiding' the fl;U tl1.

If ypu the 1ib!azyand look for the- bookpU:blishe.d_by-Thomas Polk. Publications Glllle:p 'The Amerigan Financial Directory', it ~ell.s yeuthe CEQ, president, address ana, the s;ew.iciQg ag~t of thelendei

- - - ~

This manual'has the typic«I typ~§ ef notices p-eop1'e have sent TIu;:te is n:othing: wrong with Jearning the truth a.bQut the rea.) loan agreement. Why woul4,the:bam.~antt-O hide the truih;;ihaut the agr¢em,~nt tlmtthE:Y wrote - unless they are-afraid offulldisclosure fraud.

See now the:D();tk.e ~ay"s'thatall past payments e~_ni,oFl payments.lf you do net say this; the bank attqIT!~y will say in court that past payrile11ts giv:~!lce ofa debt 1illtJ.. you agree!! tj). The-bank tells yon tharif you 'do n'ot~e t@ t:D_QJlthly payments.fhey will go to court to G()llect 'Of f0~close. YOlk-had 110 qhbi~l}. ):ou are trying to solve the problem and.the batik ju~t says P&y or else.

·T,tle clilliTIty judge is ll¥oLvecL Why. -s:i1lcepiqJki:Q,g is fed~al? 'Ihe.answer is that you.dn not own the p_roperty; YOu have a £e_I'tj;fi~at~ gf title for your heme and Gar. T":!teg_Qve,l'n_'inentown~ your easand home'.l"fiaris how tneyge:t yeu to;pay tlr~m a till\. on your horoe:and cat. A:fqreclosure has to oo--wHh real estatetax an_fl ~ 'toealjud"&e is-there to be sure that


y:~~ will pay the tax, The real estate tax is, OD,e year behind hj' billing gtwng the local govemmenr ownership bf your ptopetty. 'One, Ber~Ol11 gaidth:e tax in advance, It stoppM the 19cal judge from continW:Q.g: -th.

foreclosure, .

When tlie lJapk responds to your nolie,esc share the answers witl:itll~ VS)tet.s. Ler tfie voters-Jearn hew the bank prOGfastin~$ and miscfIieats and does-not tell you how.rhe-I~ leanagreernent wcrks.

If'~YQu '~ talking to .a debt collector or an attorney, loo)c up the>Gour, case CLOMAN v. JACKSON 98&Fed¢ral Reporter, 2nd Seri:$=. IteR--

pl~ that be is to tell you that he is a debt cOllectQIi. -

we. told one debtcQUe£!or to g'i've; under oath :-:verifi'Ciltion~od valid~ !iq_n of the termsand conditiona Qf'the loan.and explam;.,and answer our questions. This .hank attorney was-told that be could be sued if be 'W:o" lated' Fair Debt Coll~9tiQn-J'ractices AeL When be- would be sued. tb~ first tiIUe:-tb~attamey cdril1ni~p¢tjuryhew;ouldbe dlSO-aEted. Tbeattosney -inlln~di:ately~clis-rnBsed me court c;;'e.J{eJ...L1ew if he were s.u·~:d, his .profes_siona:l iusuranee' would offer $10,{)OO to settle out of court. -We collecf $:20,000 fo/ a $5.000 credit card bill. .Looks like goed bU'sine;ss'19 us. The attorney figuredcollectihg $5,000 w.~ not'wl)rth losicghis career. Weuld not this maKe a Qt<St selling beok get!:ing the attomey, dis,. bauerl? Notice them, Let them know that youknow the answer to-the riddle,

On the notices you will see the word "assigns". J?t;lQplewant tt.r:lind ent wnothy real holder (person hqlding:t1ie note) is. Tb~y like to hide, WoUld Y€lU O:0t hl<i~ if you were one of them? Witl~ assigns, people demand to see.tbeorigtnal uotewith all of the alteratibn.s~and stamps on it. WHY? If-you_pay the wrong par_ty~ youhave ih'e propecOllttrtyagain. 'rl6u couldbe paying-twic~ if you.are -u(), the correct party '(se¢ IJCC 3-302). We know they-sell these; notes.all the'time. P~ople want to.see the anginal-note to see the stalnp$ to:se.e who it iSend{)l'S~ 'to,cw:ht?l holds it so.that the a:Ueged borrower is not paying the wron-g party-and has to pa~ twice. Tlie bank mLl$t show the chain 'of ,ownei:S14ip. People want to see the-stamps on the note,"pay to the order of .. _ .. "flistoTY show,s ,rb~t when pe-ople-as1c. to see the original, the bank cannot find it. This sounds

lik~ tM_ lawsuits all~ging stolen. fQrg¢9 doeu menHmd l;l.r~aqh- of;-a~ment, Study-DeC 3-:.302. People navebeen clatmingfo:cgety ifth~ bank cannot corne !.1p With the brigin~.

Please ~"Il1ember that there il;\ a differeuce between a nebt collei;to_r and a lender colleeting their own debt, Aciebt chllectfi)r-oo,rmaUy reUs you that they are _~ debt -calle,etQf in theidett«-'I;o you.

If a mor.tgageisl1wQlvlid. Gllange t~e:I}QJlceSwhetJ: writ:iug toa senricl,tlg agent of the mortgage. se?:: weSt publishing 12 OSek2.,4 CPR -?~OO,Q.l Part 78998 ,2( QUl!lified wD.tten request. You can write 10 theser'fi;cing ageqts' of the mortgage giv'i:og your lliWle"alleged loan .numberand a statement0heasons YOll,b~eve there-is an err9~:piscuss GAt-.'P - matching principle. You were the lende:r,.:tbey' wt::1t~the ME·ower. 'l'hey-tepaid the: 111au and falsely calledit a loan to yO,1J.

Article 1 Sec. 10 of the Constitution of th~ D:nired S t1:ttes arrd. 12- LL\R~. 1$2 reIeI's to geld ~d:si!:veJ' COlli <1$ !~WfulmQiiey bf the Uriuiuf States. The ~wal 12lJ.Slc .. 152 was, repealed in HI9-4. Now legal tl::ndt.Ji : ::reftUted tQcln"2J U~S,.CA.". 5H)~'~Wting; ''D;ntWd St.ate:stroWs. a:D:d '.eur'~ rency ... are legal ~ndeF fOT all :de.a'tS.j)nbljclIDifrges, taies .and du~." The >~nyerome-nt-issu-e.S' legal tenner and lawfliLmoney, Banksuse tw@ &fferent -kinds of Ih:o_n~y. They use le:gru ten,jtler;an~kdbll-]ega:l 'tendeli MoneyisslJ.eQ by the g0V,e:mmen:tana· money n6t issued bYi4y gov~~ m.enr:but,cteated by the 'bank. Bank ~.redh and dep'esi~ are money !be bank 0wes,.Qwmg'iJll9IiJe:Y· j~ the :oppo~heQf meney, EedgI'ru Resenve Bank publical'ionsatltiiit 't:b:at when .bank;s~ant Igans that neWCheQjt~ book money is ·t';l'eated; new money 1$ deppsir,ed.

The Fede(a~ R,efServeBarik of New YQrk publreation "T, Bet' Ye,,,gnt ... " e~plains' t'hllf mon~y does' n0t'ha~.e (0 h~ issued by the :go~~ emm:eflt.or be iThany special fOrm. The borrower's pro_missoIY: nGt!?is ti:lQney that the bmik'UCcepts as llIofleJ1lll~is mooe,!! that theh1lnk;(lep~sit~, :t;fea~a~~ bank asset andli:ab1JJty: Counterfei t money buy,s thln,g!; justas GIi~cks buy tllings. Promissory notes ean be, sold fercash. Prormssory notesi) ll$t1ik;e o.'lStr. ean 9_e eX¢h~ed f@.E-a ob.~k'B(ijtb' 6aJI' fun.a '3 cne"ek:M.d oo.tb' theJ:asb: arid thepr(}miss~ry note have' equal value. 'Ihe-eash is1ega1tenaerano the pr.puussory,oQte is new1Y'GreatM ti~ ln6ne:y when the bankdep9§1tsJhe PHl'lnissory fLote creating a: new banks ass~rand_]i\ibi:lit.y. The bank gotybur money (pmmissQ.ry note) for free, ertta.ted oe,w monay as they depesited your money, and yi,olated.GAAP when ~y Eefused!0 cre.dityout theckitlg acconntantl .new depesirand' liability tlHLt th~}' are required to,~h9W: ~aJ_t they'()we yOu per G~; Wh~n tbis;happene:d, the,bank.shlfted yOin:\~ealth to the bank, Uu~-bank gorY0uywea1thfofiftee, Wealth is anything tbatY,Ol! can ~~11. YOIl ,Gan:-sell your horne, car, gold, silver and ~ou:(4;Q' heurs a week for a payroll c",heek· Labor _prodl.l'ces r.!laos, f00d imct·g;:is for your car. Wh!';n thebankerwolates GAAP and' gels your IDQIley' fQI free and.returns itttryou as a loan, the bank otea~9. neW,molae;y W,ifh"the e.-canOnries, si'l11ilm; to stealing, 9OtJ.nt~"e;i'ting 3Jll::1 8wintlling. The. banker ,g_eti) YQt;rr . lalJ,Qi"for free as y'0U earn ths money to l'epay the he f0n~c10ses,

Mil, gets J, nome. car or f~o]"~. . - .

Pretend a eseated $.i.OO,OGQ o{cQUfiterfeit l11oney,'and lent" it t6. you tQ euy yO~oto.~. You,~ve to :$1).!lY th~$l00,-OUO plusanothec $3'Op,0QO of interest over the next 3Q ¥eMs. Pteten:(ltlia.tthe .coun;t€nfeiter ilid '$3 to eV~lWiAme.rk'aIl and th~ gnj,¥ money in the ,country is the money- that this c6.lir:ire-rfei~r _erilited. '1;hecoHht~[f~it~r created $1 OQ,OOO' ~ut you ilav~ to repay ,hiri:i$400.,OOH to r,e~ay the loan, If$l 00.000 j.s th~only;ti'l0iley pJiElter4_;_ii;liis i:tnp~Q§§Ibl~t'qr ~"I 0.@,,OOO tg .r~pay the; required $400.000 t.zy end the lQmh .The q@tlQ.t~t~rco.nttQ~ tbe;mon~y Sqgp\y. The"CQ,tpu¢eltyT can get newly ,all tile money oacKi as wan payments, k.eejItbe·maney in a: ~hO¢:p_oxf\lild tp:yre IS:-119 moneyav~~~ to. repay the 16an for{;\ing .e¥eryone into iote.elbsll1'e. Tne €(:iooregeite,r gets Y0UIJa~QJ"' EQr-free Q! he fQr~l(;).$€s andgets .yoU! .pf:Q[lerty for -free. He c.ontrelifihem'OJiey s.llPgly and 'at hi,S ·~isl}"~ can !force the-ec.0.Q~my in1Q _a ~c~ii0n Of depression, furms people into foreclosure. He always ,*in& '~cL yin.! a:l:ways 10~e. II- thtl< g_ovemment :pri:n:t~,d~ the, money, spent it every0ne,:had to. W,OrK t~J€iam ,it $l'd, dell~!F ite'd J:i:)_~ lfI,one-yat .~~. ban.t:~ lent it ..oub returning the nione_y to the depositor wfio. funded: me le ani eve~one wo~d have tfql!alm;~~C}~den wIth :00. eeaaernies similar to steeling, ,C0unter:i€it:lJ'Ig: aB_e .swi;ndl'iilg:o GW' ilihl the law ~qliir~ the ~.~~r~ 'to follow: ends' tli~'eceDomies similar tostealing, eriunfeNeiting;a.1ld sWih~.

If :3 :couritedHte.r C0Wltoo.eits J')l6neY~I.\h(llQlillS. iit ql)l +9 ,¥O}'l" c:1iIT!- the c.t;lJlntelf~itw force yQU)0 repay ilieloan?,-NQ.J't is jll_e~lRmfd he cannot ehl'ofee'an illegaJ_ a¢t."1f~~(lw.e,QIIe'stQle Y0\)I [Roney., and.returned roUl' money t6 ypn as aloan; (\0 yeu !la,:?;e t(l r¢pay tbe.:.lo-anl' MO· ,:The thief tannOtJe,nforce an illeg'!,i'acL ACorporad@TI eannot violate thela,W;_C()ll:: tracts-or GAAP. If they de, tb"e eQll;tr<jc~iS. ultra vires .. void .

The c9un~~~terwill S&Y, "But YOU-jgo,t tlIe money," You respondand say, "Yau'-vi01ated ,the agreem~ntancLdid something Illegal." Ifsomeon\'j ,stQI~ your:(.'m= ~d',spld it for oash'and reti:lrned-the casb.t'D you,as:aJoan; dO'yeu have any ethical 'or )npi'~ p..r l~g-allil'!bility, tQ. r~p_a:x the 1oan? NO. N~ne. What is the,differen-ce Ifthey· stole yOW' promissory IlP~t\ instead ~fa cat? 11'1. b,Q~lcase§ tbe;f got Y,qw:' wealth for free. It-is j uste:asiei, to~e:F ),tiur wealth· fOrfreeb,y getting:y~UI !i>I9mi§SOJynote for free insteadef 'y,;OUT car for free. A suitand tilt feels people. If they used a>ggn to .get YAur w~al):h .fpdl:ee;; you, w nulrl know to call-the -police'.

Th~ b~er is t00 inte1iig~l1t ~o· go t-0' jail ~y C0:witecteilIi'ng cash, n i} easier tOJ_t\$t clepesit the promissory .n6te,and vielate QMPand ge.~ the bet(efit 0f:~ettii'tg:y(jor,Pr0'rn:isS<:lry uot~f.()r-frey and_Qfe_armgn~wm.@ne~ getting a,sim:il£!F'benefitJik:ec"Oun~e'l;_l'eilfugwjtl1J,)Ut go'ih-g to jail.

10m bci1ievestliat al1borrowers'shouW j:~R~Y alIlend_el:c8. You wBre4N:St ~e teJ'ldertq the Q-~ pet GAAP~dJier:.Fe'detal Reserve Bank pUhlj:ga;. nons, wseu the b'8.nk:clian-gea the a$'eement-E!.l1d'tl~ppsitedy:OlffiptOmS_ sery note, The th,e qan'k futt_ded the loan }jacK: to, YOlL Two toliIl,§ 'werJ:!i'ex~hanged.lf ~Q,tbDOJ;ibwei'-s,repay both lenders- all (oansare ean~ Qel~dghdng both parti-esequal r2LOtectiOJL 00 you"'s~ wb~ ilie b~mcannot expLain::tb.e'details 'Of tile tEatisacti_o:n Or:'agFeement?,'The bm_iij(U' ,qattnpt e__xplaiIi G:A1\P Or what .itu:me)'. 1.<;;! 'I1h~b"nker_ ill USt ;use' D.~ to::'(a-SUbstitute'_-a bank liabi1ityowmg;mooey-,) :for-mooey caHedch€CR'~ b0,Qk ffi0uey to_ get ~{)UE wealth: f0I free. The hank acted 'a,s a money-e1:iartger :ex (';hangmg your money (pxQ:mISsQty''n-o,te): f@)"· biiJ'rk fa" kens, (cheCkbook money) which- is 'ttansfe-nted lily cheakS which r00!s mest peqpl~: Y(lllr promissory, nOte: gave-value ~o the b&rik toke~s ~ ~ the ower refilmed to ypu~'-a,19an. A tbk~l1'.is an rOU'ju~t as a: o'ifnk 1i_~bility (cheqkhqp_k: !Il{}l1ey) is a.uJ0l:J. Hyau go to acasino an,dcth~y ewbange.YOni-$lOO 6fcashfor an ~ual amQWl 1nv~ue,oftokeris,-did the casino.Ioan YQuanything'?,N:'O, So ll'the_:baDkdid 'ex-aetfy what rut}' Ga&in;_o -jUS! girl, tbell rhe b<nJk> lent yen nothfug. An excmange is DO.L a loan. T~m believes that they breached the agre~ent They'elmhgedme

cost and risk of the: .


Chap_tar 7 - Cl'edi~ 'Cards

All:We wmit-is to unaerstann the'@¢_eUltli1. b'ookk~pinge,I):tcie§, .i.f th~y iQilli>wed GAAP (Generally Ac(;eptedAceo:tmti:n~ PrinCi;pI:es - stan'O-ard boo~epingentri~s) and it ~e~eg~n9mic~ or rhe,arr~d loan Isslmilar to ~teru:irig. cbWlteneHihg and -S'w'i;:Q:dliJl!lllhve"atce t(tJ?epay tbe loan, If, they haveQothmg~t<} hide, iet tliem give tffe aetills.JTheyowrdte 'tbe,a-gieernent, fueY'us,e;d theiT hoqkkee_ping~_tri~s>,-they elaim we owe theJl~_m(j)ne¥~ they claim clllite is ana~e:nti so have, them:el:(p]ffih: and gi:Y,e theldetails·

Y0~si!Wed arr aBP.!ication with rhe'cre'Oit.'card company. They -claim that-' this is,the_agt~mi:mL "1$pii:;a1ly, they. CopY-It_ani:! (j:~_trQY'tbeoiig;~al. If they' to a debt collector, the BULK sale steps tlrern ftPill ll~iI'i'g'f,\ "h@ldeJ: jQgu~ 'C-9UISe~, wIllchJlelps you, StUdy' this arthe law library. 'Fbey can cnang-e ·,tfie agfee.n:i.6nl a;t~~y tifl;te"simply by telling yo,l1 wJJa~ t4e' changes aro, H undreds of _people, have,gtiittm out o1Letedil card lQarts itLth_e. past. 'Iihe Gtedft~g: ~9)llRan:i~~,.g{)t-i:ired:oJth~ lawsuits w-ith)lJ-ries so the-y, Change-d the rules, N(n~:theyW1Utt an arbirr4tdr. p'aid b9 r:b:~: Gre:.dil Girro ~Oin;p$yj tQcp~judgment against rOll. or yeu have to:~ fo a sfafe if6uit 1,OOO,iiilles from y&u'r-:h0~, If theJe;;i$rro v;a1l:d _a~~me,~t!,then DO -agr,(!.ement- can demand i:iiliUrati6n, or ju:tisliictiO'n.,lIl ll,OotPer 'slate. 1M key~to stpppiijg th~ Qank; is this website, w'iJw.atbitratioti-forUrii;:elillru

GThen d~ltl_te the dash 'and LOok at this website. It:ex:ptiis.e,sthe arbitrators:) Dec.ep:uoh is'.the 'name of the gam~. they will not reveal alitbe terms and condition S., 6n1ytlie tart that you JlllJs-r;repay . .:r;jrey eO'n~althe: di:<posit .of~ a1¥~me.nJ.nPowmloueY'·Ql_~at:ipn, GAAP fuiaif yblEfifuiifhe loan to y:om'Shlf: Poople begin ~ritin.gJ'j:e:tices to inq)lit~ :l):>O,ut tbe agr~eflt: 'SoID~e p:~oRl~in"oi_ce t.h~,c;r-ed-it card compan:yfoqlay:men't(!).fth"e d~posit ~ f0C.'tO»G~aiing tJie -agte..eJ;Uent; demJillqlllg details, Seine 1160:pJe believe it is easier to go' t.o· CO'Q,rt to collect bfl, lUI inyol:~ !'atbeE than @~ctly go,agWnst th~ agreement, N~tites are very important; es~~ciaUy ttie::aeJ!au:lrnot;i;c.e, When they a.(),'!!ouIesp~fl_d to the n~tice~'so~peQple send a difiiu1t notice saying, because ilie:y did IT0t disagree, with tbt;mJast l;1.@Ji§;esem:. t1i~y~agree(:l with, the statements in thepast i10tiC(:. Typically, J;l,e.@tll~"gi v,e !hem 10 to' ~,O da¥:1:) t_Q' resJl,ond. Ceurts.are admiriisttative

'C()UI1:S and fiI)ti_Ces,_~a:n ~ evidence, One b_a:nkc:;r t~~k ~_:pei'S0n [0 court and the l:ianker'sW16tUn tord the jua.'ge, "I have bot exhausted my administrative remedies", The judge made a comment that he was the 0nJ.y~rson':in his 'court for Ute.last 20 y~arstlr~<lI'::.rstQQd administrative pro-eooures :and·gave him 6 in'0ntliS to si~nitOb~.hiS·nMce:s bef6ie COIi1'f ,pr-u~cted. Oneviegm w<!li~9nstantly t:aken advantageof'in bankruptcy CUllTIt H~;sent Iris nerrees and-kept senillng.the notil1:ti:5)illth_e \'11,&5' fi!:H!ie :'g_oV'enlJllemaJ agencies (if 1:t1.5.a banking :d}sputii!, senile it up ~(j ili€; :g(j.:v:el!lN.' ~gen"i~ tha1:. gq;Y~1r banking), 'e~~t;j \.lp' t<,>: tbe'rEeasury: ,The Ti'easury interveneD, ".!etLh6 j.lloge'ano bank attorney have it", and ~on1!QJed the pIg'l;>le!11. You have-to help the governmental agencies and employe~s help you by using the law. We lrave a",ond~rjiQ, ,go'-lemmenL We ·neea fo,f6110W tbElaws, so we can;gettlie help, 'rhen we, userhe -v:(;)teto,L~ptace-th;lrgoyeQ:IJ[lent empl0Y-ees wOf~fQr!he banJ{~JS ,an£! w(jrkin,g~a:craiiisflis,

.. . , ~ ~ -

,iI~ays be wiIliirgJQ p;ay.cif;rhey"can explain the ~gr¢erneu,t"an9 are: willing:to remm the unaltered, origtiraLagreemenr wnen"ydu pay the money. One-person in ceurt kept f)'fferiog; throl1;g_b. r~pay t:he)pan~ llig'sapre~:speGie'ofmQile:11e:redi~ tharthe b&lik used to fund-the loan thUS' .ending'allmterest and Hens (ie:,an0ther note p'ayaole in thesame specie ofuno.r(~y O'f0Iedittl:te bank used ~9;fund the loan pel; Gi¥APj thllS:en:~g ,3M ihtitfest and liens); We sidtply" asked the ow ttiSiWt:a£fda:. vir t.IiJi,t thy}' Ient their m9ney. to purchase the Ioan agreement f.£0m me .alleged tl):lIlO:weE:; that they followed thee Jaw of QA..:\P and _diQ.1!OnIC,. 'cipt-ilfmneyloredit -WOrn tbeaHeged b'OrrQ';\ie't ihthe-loan ttansMti6ii that 'funded: a Ioan.orsanilar'iastmment in?pproxima~.~ly,the amount 0,( t~: alleged. luau:; ili:a(the ~'~Oi1nfuits of the: loarrwere not-sinl'i.j:ar1;Q stea:liJ)g, counterfeiting and swindling; and that ih~ intent of the agteement is that !:hI'<. party who "funded the loan is to be repaid the tn9n.ey. TI:l:ealle;gl',:d borrower kepti:el1irrg the j llag~, '1 wID pay, justhav-e the attorney sign tbistPE¢lvh ?U:d1will,pa:y';. -m~ju~g<;llr<epLsayingj "&ign,_~e bJQ:Qdy aflida~ita,Ild get p~ a:ncLget,'Out{)f·'mY :eOumOOT,i:i '. Th'e_:bankoattQFliey,

kept saying, "But j udge, you at:) riot understao"d 1 cimnGl1sfgn if'. If'he

i;s 'a dept j;;oUector, iqpk up v,eiil"icatillll. validarion, int'i!e Fair Deot t:q.!Iettion PL;1etib:eS Actin the diC1'10iiary and fii1d wbafii Sciys nnden oath, affidavit. We want details of'the agreement. Now get the attome-y ethics from your (ltateand get tbe-attomejl'~S·0atk,of0ffi.~. Researcbetarelaws

and tile attorney rnigp_t no t be .legalJ¥ licensed to go -afU<f YOlJ in therfirst -pl~e. They, cannot go,~er YOjnvithQut a valid agreement ~ if itjs,ap, attotiLef bis/her.ethilts s~y; tha~ t1rey .rI:nIstunoerStandaU the details of the a~metLt. They fail at this·I?Qint. H9W ~?ll,tQ_~ t<ike,you to epurtifY911 are willing 1:9- pay! Ynu'j Wlt want;de_Wls ef ,(he agree.mei'lt and lot tb,em tQ, follow the_la wand GAAR 'before -tendering pl;1:yment: The; bankers' o.w~ se~fe;t. manual, the; rn.arrnalJlm:t only _g~~s ~e, to have.t:h:;;ft Tol'tIhas ~¢ad",Sl,iys '!Fl'ap'd iJi th~-Factlil:if' i&ueaL defense. lihatls What the bank-ers' leaJT.

Remember -debt crollemors ate using hearsay evidence and you cannot use h~~_~~):"~evid~nC1e ~CQuItp1l1esn'ou are an ~xpe_!t wttnes5. W~-wel~ . cw.n~ thein eXpe.Jft witness. We: hay.e BOO ,questions: (of them. Let: theri:r _p:lltit on IDe purrlic record. I db n(;t think the:yare that foolish.

Fr.€! m., his_toritaLitlfbtntalloo, To~m: has ,l:earned!tha:t.ifene c-l-aims tbaNne' agreemtmr,Js';sto1en,fOi'gechand th{lt'O!l!! Qi_d ll",t &~gn the stJmdard~.a~~ ment, ,theo ~he b'a:nkcl1 has a pIO,~1em. Un.d# the Ii.Ufes OF eYidetiGe~ the bankerhas difficnlry pT0ving: a-standardagreernent applies, especially, when poe claims tl¢. the awt}e:Pl~ent slgn,ed saji'~jt rll'Qs~~eo'Qow Q~~. The;iment~of-tb:ti agr~emel:itJS ilia:tth.e'one who Lunded the loan is-to be repaid the money and that the borrower RTH¥id¢ ~o lIlJ!Il_~/lP"~tlit.Qr thiJ,rg QfyaJlle ro ;f;il1!d a.cheGK.o!'.simiI4r:iIiSQinneot,in aIlPF.Qxlm;at¢ly, the amolrhr- 6f the: Ioaa. Th.e: bank then rlsesrttieif money 16 pUF€fuise the agreement fr9'lILY0!lo. Jipw c_ilP t'h!33' claim :l;I1a1 tl:)i$- 'is'nm,panrof~ th~_ ij'gre¢jfie:nt? Peap1e p~S_utU\:l _the q~dj;t :~ar!i cpIripa:tJ:'Y fOJlQwBt_the--Jaw - G"AAJ"- an'a the ePA altAP auaksa,ys;,two loans wereesshanged.Is.not we 0n_~~·h!l funded the-Ioan. to :pe't~pa:id; the fElQn,ey;l?,jf 00~ i~ it'l:i,c-onv:clsWU of fu:iias'0f a theftTHow can, tbeytegaJly, take you. to com:Ofy,on: have; been willing to eay, as, ~Q,Qn'~ th~;y c~ ~xP_lair! th.e" tlgJ"eemept'l Ho~ can there be ana~eemeQ.t i:fth~Y-;¢f.use-ottle-*plaiIT it? 'llheylcn'6~ that They:acted merely as a moneyc'hanger'lind tried to make you believe thty we:r~ l~nd~rs~har_b.J,ng~~u oa.<: if there was a loan)f Y9U go, ti) arr inteE;i;a!;ional alrpl:tutand cl;ia;i1gce US_DpUats for1'apaneseXen, you.):fay iinepercent feeto,tIlem0neychanger., nor rO@,peroent plus interest!

F.or e;;;-&illple,: BolO patti;es sign an. agreement"for you to, sell ybUI apples for: $1 OO,C<ls1i:. 'The agreement says you eannot use a court to enforce the


.a:greeme~t, and insrea:iI~ YO_UITIllSt use-an.arbnrator, :Eh'eY'lIi?:t y~-gna,:... UlFe'fUIQ theyge~yo_ur@p_l:es,pqtth:en tb~y _r~f!!lse to,give Y9u,tb.~~G~, ancl-i:rnlttiiill.iliey .give )'ot'rati.IOUthat fl.J~y r¢.fi;i;;t]. fo' Pi!Y· Th'_ey':M~ilEijed the-agreement, They clie not J~i"eY0u th~ agreed: conside"ratfcin-", !:ohow 'ean the:y"eniorce 'th~ agreem~ttl.~ntandblg"arbitrap_on'?'

,$W,d~;" th~~,Ules"oJ)i!)l_i¢~~~. RuI~~"9'fS"ldence-do D0t allow, them tv; j):t'st S1J.ytlii:s i$,.:-tlfe'total qwe:a. The HiW all0cw8'any(jn~ t,i.')'Q¢lij::Mtli'tQ~S@, fhe\5pet:ifiCfiteTIfs c-nar-getl and toml :ljooJiiKeep,mg_:emrJ,es,regari.Hflg-ti:fe'ir agre~mlm.t.

~i_$'tQ~_shQwS-l'hat if you owe little ri:t011I'fY, it.might notbewortf wJlile f-qt !the: ~aiik,¢f. t~ SJle:'YbtLand tPJle:9t''-Tpe:,mor~ ,,6tr ewe, they -m_ltt~ UkeJ:yfuey'wiU comeafier" y.ou:Tl'fe:y,.,kTIbwyoiJ'm'i:: 0IoI[Cwltll 00 mQn~' tp: htre:a:Qt}K1;'er,t witness G'i'A. They kqpw you g.o llHt haw; thetime and "in:oney til figb1\ them. ,rr;he-y r~gm_e ,tb;at the q~-att0ttiey!W:iQetfj.!~(I~ GOUitrOOID Il11ob~a'ures aha you ~a& n.ot.l"hat :il§the'-stFarngy;,rme:~,tuse. :Tl:I:is bvwhy'tOIIi says :we tll'(I'StU:Se theve~e tp~,g~t,evet:Yon.e <i'ebt ~ee.c

• - - -<" .~

TO_ITI ~stim:;lf~!:! th:alln~ )ast;Iew years; thousandsof his-students Ravehad G(ed1t\e}ii(lQaiiW~es ~-t'0'(:d tiilt :bj~ le_,g these: §¢~t'S\ C~cll,~ cara tompru:des 'have tntiu tctriwe'tsetliis-, ft-eil.a: My chan;ging,;:fue'agE~~rns to :;rd;lib.;ati@) appears: thal;;oTl1~ltgag~ wi:u l!1el;!:l:e ne_xt_1yp~ .0I loans Jlfa:t the bankers .Wtl1 tuirt,figtll aiid release deNs; 'tdttl'JU:U;;tel!~ateOly- told peop~e that if theD.r·offers:.fooancel 'l1alrf)le de'bt 'with'an agi;ee'lilent tb1l't- Y0Jj w,ilt-1LQ1,djsplo@ to'aI!YOl1.~ that be<:ean_cef'~d half ~ di2;_bt, take ilie deal- Many, p.eopJe baVe called, To-ro' Sil.yingllfa:t tlie billm o:t1ered tQ-cance] J1¢f th~;q~Ptrft1w-J'·~gn:? bank agr!!em~t of-eQundentlalitfIi:.ol [6 talk (fu ctiseJ9'se [O!iEly<:m¢.]h:):t tlie b~~gl'eed to:t,ruipe"l the: debt JUSt tilke tb¢ creal TI1elJan:kei.'i fear tMt yoi:Jwill tiitnntl. \'he l'i.e~

claYfe:~~OJle will dep1;£m:dt:Q~, sam~ l;I~ai. .'

Ciq to w¥lw,s.._e(!l.g,_ov and' put in the name-of tlie;ballk. 'tou: will see how tbij.,t bundle;d, the d'e4it card. ag:reem@~s"as a bu:lksale. The credit; ~i1td company. is merely n_ sfirVi'cing~agenb &6 who owns tlu::j:"con;traer-? Hew can: anyone S!J!! you if they do net l~g~ly' ewn 'lbeagreemer.rt?

I WQuld,tikJ: tEl l;>,¢f1y:d:i:J;cus,~the bciokkMBit1geti~s (futtIilCCil1:wh?:na: person tliake'~.a-flw;eb:a$e by e:J;edit't~d, I iUD ~s!lffiing: mat i:tLe'rea@r hlt"s alI:eJUiy,,~-@ Tell). Sqhatif's fif.SitW>0~b06kS Qrh;as:~,b.asti;,ilJlld:e[St~I1g o'f'ac€'0untlng piittdpl~s, ff~~t;. n:)jg_hlYifecommend' reildiri~'thertL lhis pas-t-~er when T61n,sehau:£ WjlSJI1l!:i1).g;th~~annu~al.'Colltinuin~ Pr6feS, sienalE{jj)(;:')tiQil ~Qlm;~ £bat-all eRAs' are. l'equii":ed to't$~, h~<liS~@.- tb:os~ in Ui~ clas"sf&om irany:~n~ kn_ew anything ~9-Ql:lt bankS.iX'C0up1e-peeple 'SP'€lk.;e uj! SB,d .tQmended IIp,tt:iflki':ng-:wiihtw0 Am_erl~--~J!l_'!<S§ CFAs, aha~$eruot a.anJ:c tPA V1$AAu}~iifJf;1oJJt f61dctlieiil·liewas ¢1J1iQ,u~'as' to.hQw.t:liie {'!bafi"-;proee:ss wm:el.l W,i:tli--we (:I<;,dlt gm:l,~.l wiUprese-nnlle l;it{OtDfati:_Qn-~.tly .~ theaudi.t6ts.~a:ve ildb Tb$..

Th_~ f-olJpwing j0U:rniil,entfies 'afe j:e_G.~fd:e:d- 01]$e ,bo_oks"'Qt~,.AmerlBrul EXpIess;~

LActoontRe_cezyable $1.0fJ:_._

VelidQr: Pfiya:ljl( :$HXl TQ--Iectll:tl ~urc1iaSe!'Iilli:!e ]:ly,~dhqlder

'1.,€ash"$fOO ' AilG'oUiltReQ?iva'ble'_$,lQO 1'6 recPl1d,pacyme.ut ~Y'J;:ardhold_ef

:J.VeJidQT p~y.abl~$106

.C'$h $100

To tef!:{');r((~~y.mflL'l:t-to m_~q:;l;~t

TM f(j1l0~v,mg j,Ogm31 elltry' is reoordea6D 'tlie_ M-6ks, of VISA-,when' a pel'S(;iIfm~'llpw;c,:hase :withtheirWSA eartH

1 .. ReeeJY'able #0111 VI$,~:'nIDOO

J)ue to/from VISA' -$1 000,

To ve_~Qr,di,tr~_hasemad~)y;,e<l:Idholdet,

l.Due to/trom VISA $]000.

Demand Depoalt Account $ 1 (lQO

To record Ci,YP9si,t 0fViSAb:ansaclion

Tbibk of llit3 a]j°Qve_joumal entries l:ik¥: ,t;hift. They: m:~ 'like-r$ki'J!g a ~~ posit. Th,~ lrru:J. )lctien t~~eip.~ (s:li,p pf·papitl') you'8i;gIi-wlien you mike a purChase w;iJh,~··.ctedil::Gard·1s taken (either plry'sie<Uly: or by RleoD:Qt!fc [HIe Ti~fer~ EFI' for sA~ .. n) t9 t4e m~rehaot'[ g~k and¢epo~ite.~ 4t~G me :t.nerQhiQ:ItJs ,&p.p,QuIlt .. At that point the niet0~aDi has been paid, The only question DOW :is wnere does fut'; money. that VJ~~ tJl!1lsfers ta ~:r;; merchant bank come-frpm} J]1t~ds the cmd~ qp(5S~QD-; The aosw¢r ~ ~mri]Jes,omihlil w:h~iliet the cardholder M'tDiilly, owes VIS§\. ~<I?Y;~ thmg ofvalue. Whose Demand ~po~tA~cQ.untw~ d'!:!.t)~ted atl:he'~ hankTWhieb VJ-S:AJ)an:kit~g;Q_~t9lnet';AO;.lotlge)j bas theJise,of, the jD'@n* tila~as j~!;ttttlnsferred f0~.tbe,:ri:iei'l::hant!s Demand.Deposit A~@.unt1aif! . VlS'A customeEhaslost theuse oftb:~ money tJ:ansfen;ed t{)Jhe :Q1~t:cnatr <!~Ci)pn't.,thl?Ul ili~ VIS&GMdb:eldefhaS,aliatiility to'paf1h~ mS'A 6!lflkft banking Gusto mer back-the money. But, ifVlSt\-sjmpJy cJ,eb~ii:and gIl!;M'= ited' asset ascounts t9 p~ 1he..mel'c_h~t bank theutheoredil to a VISA." ~~~tjs offi;et'~Uh a d~bJ:t to a merchant batik asset. The credit and ~ffi

"wash and we are left with anew asset ami a new 'ql'aJ;_chiIig.fuioility.

We GhalleugeVISAand AilleriCan Express to prove if-a banR;, recprds1L _n_e:w asset from ~ l:illeg~dJoan: IXan_S~.C.ti(ll}rhfitn9 ue-WII10ne-y/~reditha& be~n.!)[~tgd, ~e <!Ie LJQtesa_yi:ng thi ishi:nv,trnetrtlnsacti0n$afe,doll~. VIC' ,~siniply-;saying that so far Doone httS~tep'P9u.forwanlwitn the 'inf~'f'= matiQfI and dOCW1)!-lntatim~ till Rn:jve' us w.Iong. It~is~ m}l belief'iliat WhflTI' questioDS,arel1otfllisvlered,requesretl doeumentation is'-D(')t pr0.duc~~ an:~ pToductiQll of s.omething as simple-as a ppold::eepitngjO.i1mal e_rrt;ty ~sife;rued, then: SO~6U~ has"sometl:riri;&:;tG ,hitle. Clearly, wb.eri one has' me: trUtb6ft their side, ,fue_y',step, forwaid into the light WLtlL tb,aJ; truth.

Pro_:£. C!,i:IIoll QaigleS: s. ua:gedy andoHope oil. page.48' admits, that new' money was created by a new bank-asset and liability. 'Ionr ~Gba:phlS,_ -did the money for-tb,e l@'~ come {tom the botr0Vi1er ·Ol' fr6fn--tbebanJ(':' The:bobki:~eping;entrjes prove that tli'em-oney: eeme from the bQITQW.e,ll.

Chapter 9 - Colleetors

Typically de:btGollecfurs will tell YQU somep}acein the written noticethat t'fieym'e debt co~etQIS, though.;W-ey mayo€G3Sionauy try-to pretend 'that th~y are 1I0.t ~e!lt e:olIeeJOts. Tile Eair Debt 'CplJecIiOI'h~a:ctiCes Net (F;r;fcPA) oplyaJlP'lfes to Deb_tC0n~tdt.S. _1{eintZ·--y~ ielikins, 514 U.S. 2911115,8. Ct. '~~9, 13LL.Edid$9§ (lM5}e~1ain~ n()w tb.e Uhlred States Sl,1J')n~me Go)Xt,has Mep that attom~j'~:wh0 rt<guJarlYi engage In the' aCtivity -ef ebllecting CQIlSUmeJ1 de.tirfaU witBJn tJ:ie;,d~fini!iQn 'Qf a debt eoIlep!pJ; un(j_~F FDCPA-.

Study court pIQ_cedur,~ r TIl¢ witness filing the C9DWJ;¢ru •. '0tiG(eolQl!ing Q.D Y91ft .bome,bt c:011ed:ing on 'a credit"cat.e!. must ha~epeFS0nal kn:Qwledge to IDe an affiaavit or €on:rpli'iint, and wmin' court. If the. bank 'witness oilly, ~e_s a e.QPY of tbe.lliiaIf'agl:eemenl', the'oopYI?i@ b~,all~ged as near,say ~.v.)1lepce wbicll @annat be iu~ "c,'olirt; Banks '(;$ use LI:i¢ H.c.e. to dhlm that they 9U use a c~PY- The. ot:Oe1' Rar~y can ~ai+n that the cOJ2)( is ;a ~'Gnt and paste with ]arts'"mi,§:s'ing or is~,aJ:(i)l;gery-. A competeurwitness must have pe-.:somllJmo:w l¢(tge.anti a GO!'?y is h~e~y. Ktheyonly have, fu cOPY':$d nQi an,original, una1t~!~ 10M ~<tgreemeItl, th~ th~y J1ave nQ~nal k:rtQwledg~ "VIthWhiiili t.0'ariswet our questietl$,as tow.hatfu~ t€rm$:andc~ll:diPoilsof.:ilie agreemenrl.u:e.!~' catmo_t, the a'g@Wen,t. 'A C01Il'l has no jUn-Sdictl:QD withp,ut ~ CQ'tDpe'te:nt'~e._sfr .. NQw YOl-! see"wliy, the parikers bave tried to foreG!ose".w:lthgut going- ttl court and' use arb'itI,iati0u to getaround.the law, They-know t1:_l;3t

. .

they have awe-rum!(Ss-. Yohhave persanru lmowl~dge·~ to ,.wha~ was;signed,

The b~~, w):lO bough( the·,ftgr~me-ntirotii sonieoi'1e els(5 does not. If

'you arguethe agreement, they have a problem. ..'

Hist6ric:all¥,ffypu pay th~ courtthe mOiltll1ypaymentS,Gf 'have the d~9t paid up tg,date tlo$e-ba.nk..cannole-fdieclose. and sue tbe.~batik'ffi.'irbi'eaCb, not fra\J.d, tb~y li1USN1.0W explain thea'gl'eem:em. ff-you, additi6ria:lly .. ar~U.e tlie agreenrent'(ineluding tbl;,}5 or 6 the nonees.aspart 0f the agre~m:e_nt}

-and' you __ can repay in the same ~spl;<eie OfmOl:1I3Y Of theYi n;n:y;t

-tepay tile party who fund~d I'be loan - ~Oll.

-end ~ oqnlnll.d the opposite of the agr~Ii:Ient - changed- ttie

cl')sFan'tJ riSk


-and at1aen rue CPA._rep_ert,

the bank may not answer the tawsLrit 01' may ask. to settle per histery, Experiene~ h~_S,hQwn us that yon want m pUl' ilie: bank president; 0T $GOupIall;t,_·.onthe;witi18SS.stand, ot<lepdse them:'Theywfll figt"t 't-e;top it ati"d mi1y supply a ba:nkteller"to teStify. 'Tile banI( teller w.iJl,say that ~_y db not know the law brb0'6kkeepirrgand claimAnai. tIleY·.aI<tl not ala)\"yer and clli1Ml,e~Iaio tbt'ag!,~lIIll:nL they'w.ill saY;'i)loo gpt aJoan.mst~ri" dilly; the allegeJl bPEl-OWefCflliciUly wantsts know ift11e 5 0F 6thing~'af(~ part pi the~eeriieni or not Who funded me roan, borrower or Im:rder.T

TITe following'is- an important court ca,se·ab.oo.ttegUiring the d.ebt colTc,1:itor to giv.e 'lru:ificafi6n before the atto~y can C011eet in c~Urt: U.S. Bank .. , ruptcy €-Ooo. Sj).FJII):cide. Pablo M~ezl debfor~ j?Iaintiff, v. La\y"O~ Bees _()fDavid J. S~:P.A., DefendruJ,t2anktuptcy 'Nn. 9g42274:.'BK0- _.&A1YLMily 30 1001. Tbeptaintiff won tills court case an-d this.irifO)·maF tionisvery, imp.ottant,tQ wThaga'instaU00leys,and When fiJinga lawsuit

'&gainst'the bank Or bankat:4:JOley. '

The S ul?n;:maey Clause is important. Stare1l:!'w ls void if it conflicts-with Federal Jaw. Snpren:e C9U1t orU.S. James Edgar @P1}lIantv: Mite'€(iIpGrcilioo 'and Mite: 'Holdings. J:ht;.No ~80-118g.Argued NoV'. 3"0 19JhDecided June 23. 15182>. S~ Cl)iC.MO atld:NOithrWestem'Tl'anSPQi1atioll Company v, Kalo Brick and IU~ Compimy 450_ WSSI L See State ot Matyhmd ~t al., v. State of Louisiana 4'5J D'S 725.


Chapter 10 - DeublingMoney

.n~ei:s pdliticians judges,CPAs ani'! attorneysknow the secret.M()wy ,~'V;es ~ou power. Computer-generated buyin;g and $~llilig S:i,grtals.l(1)T 'S~~S ·Ilave gen~tated SO to 1@0 percent prO' fits -per year. Gall Indigo, Mr' ·g'Si&" 80<k31S-5635. Foreclosures €~b_e:.profitaQ1f,:. Man.y times, peo,lllle ,thl,(t are inforeclosure have substantial equity. and .if yo.u help s~e t:h& j;);I)0~Fty; the. owner a&rees 10 'sell it and split tile equity witll y~u_ Tiii-s-l'ielps. them save the, p!:pp€rtyand y01;l 'get a very large remm, As you, builC1 up capital, Y01l have mere.moneyto savermore people.

Sotn~ Q.e@pletradecum~ncy. If'done eotreWy.'1t~ be v~ryprofi:tabIe:

Manyo:fthc;p'0.&:ticil'\l1smaJce 100 percent profit a):ear cluing this. $QI11I} get lOO ~re-enta month'. Some.investors even' ge~:abolit. 100' pete¢I!t OT ~(ll"e .a 'week TOm belieses in not ,~~g the bank and using )(ounime and mO'1i~Y· tn ge:t a local investmenr' elub to pool YQ11T ·l'esOl'lrces and tifue and coneenrrate,on using-the ,ban1cing~$Ys'leln t.o Y01ft lidvamage til getti!:tg v,e_ry .gQ,([Q ~.turn:s.

Another great :s.PJlr~is the1n_v~,t~I's"'Qusine$$ Dally;-ww.mvestOrs:J,;:om 310:-448-61:W· .. Omega 8,R&-2,79,.810l: Is-also valuable. 'Irade-Staticn has great St.e:CK buy-sell indicators. The:phonenum:beris 1-800:-$Q5~9488. and -the website is at www.tradestation.corn. Gall (866) 455-386"3 for EU'ua X Or 'Yisit -wwW.fundxflmd:com. They have av~rJlgetlabQut 20

_, _ .. , . -

percerita y,ear. This, might help your IRA.

Indigo's software uelps you to buy or ~ell stocksand rnake mpn.ey if the stock market g~ up or down, Omega us¢nlQ~ S.tooMstics to tell )lair ifstQgkiSOver-b:o'Ught o:fover-:sold uSiil'fI 200"day averages with s1,lPPort ::wJi :resistanoe lines.

Look a.t -www.0baimelfngstoili,e6m for stocks that blsto11ically keep bj,t:tmgili:e slun'e support and resistance price level . Fon:;:Xiample,.a stlfck, is "channeiing" l:ei[jl~ats a pattem 'of going from a $10 support Jevel t.o;a $15 \level. and then back to $ 10, aI!;,rt th~n ~aclt t-o ~l.$. and"okeeps repeaiin:~ a.s'lniil~Jlattern. TIt.ew,ebs_ite ~ns YIiJ,jJ. when

__ ~_69

to buy and sellcertain st~cks. :resulting in nice profits. Results 'can be 50 to 100 percent or more a' year. -If you startwith $5000_,andt;fouble it every year, in 7 years it becomes one million dollars. No one .can,$1J;ar-

antee profits"we cJlItonly show Y('iU the p:ossibiliti:es. -

Currency tradihg is 24 heurs aday starting' Sunday, nightending Rtida-y: a~ 3 PM Eastern time. 1'-wically the currency -C'/e;n, Euro) movesa~ 12

- ... -_

:A.M.·Eastep1 tirtre plns or minusS hours-and again ar6' .P.M. Easterp

time plus or minus ;, hours andagain in the middle of the night. Ty-pi-cally. one trades in blocks. ofabout $1,000 W:hl,ch: is called.a "lot". If you Jillike a ririsfake.iybti,:can lese ~20Q or $30() all the $ 1..000 mvesfmeill depending where you put your'·stl'ip". The typical trade lasts between 36 mimnes.te 8IWUfS. In 2001, most weeks had one Qr mote Itade,s-o{$(),to 100 peeeentprofit. If you-do it couectly,.you can mtike,subst.."Ii1tia:i-pr6ik irs. C1:IUWlCY trading takes-time, work, education and-experience with pati-ence waiting for the.eight time to trade. You would hav;ea curre-ne,y btokedik'€ people b-.rve th:eir'st(itkb~okeL There are classes that -teinill:f cuqency: trading, 'AILcl8§ses-requlte)ou to :>i-go an agreement or-confidential1ty,. People have taken.several.ef these very expensive classes'and did 110t think they offeredmuchThe best infanaation en.currency tradiug eomes from the traders themselvesand the indicafors thar they US~. Compufer.,gene:rateo .indicators tell the trader which direction the currency is moving; A currency tilider may, wait for severalhours f0L .~ .ibdicators to line up ~efore trading. Thete.are-expensive emails tl1J;1( tell you when to buy and.sell, Irade;cs nave found that the indicators work far better than any email. Tlie.indicatorssarr fell you Within 10 minutes or 30,nri nutes when to trade. The emai] publications are farleSs- acCurate ,md you could miss the trade by hours by telymgon the email. For the .seii~us_pl<J.Y¢rs, currencp trailing is.definitely something one.should consider. Cunensy IDdicatorsl~a1U'f:;s' can tell youinadvance what will hap=" pep in the stock markers. Curtency indlcatars in Mal:di~ 2002. SP9Wj:!~_ that traders w.ou1d~gia-,seUing US dollars.furcing the_US sfockina:rket down for the next several months: Tem.Schaufaocuratety predicted tIilll stock market decline in advance. If yon trade stoeks; you need to know and understand C\;l1'fency.

Bankersand politicians make substantial profits With eurrency trading. Instead Of fighting- the bmker: in-a biased court, why flat-join them in


making huge PI9ftts? Why_swim up stream fighting (hemin court? It is easier to SWim down stream, and use the vote and sound investments to gain the upper hand.Do it the e'asy,-w.ay, not the.hard way. Y6~:wowd do far bette,r spending the t:im,eJ.o change things using the vote and putting; money inyour p"oeker tbrough_investmenp;,than spend time and IDqney going to court, Would >,011 be better offtgoing to coart or leamiug to get

50 percent'rennns ina shorttlme? '


Chapter; 11 • CJtanging the System

Pe0pJ.e fail15eltiluse they do notc;1071:be:ir b6mew!1ir.kj they.'are lazy, You nee~ toJIJO~ npall th~_se Words in the law dictionary . .Look up tb.e f.o1- lowllJ.gwQrds~h"oldel'1tl due.course, in~rest, bOtF0Wer; .. ~ftet"ag1'eement. Gontr:a€t,. fraud and the otherwD,fddu !:ht<l roanu:aland"TOIr1' S'b0~k.. Study th€! ,banki:ll~ la~s_: People lose because they use the wrong llfg1;lljj~IirS or: do no't._gettlte G?urt handl?ook for(foun prq(;eduFeS, Investrrien1S take work; as well. IriMs worthwhile, it. fakes work

You.carinot expect the judge, lawmake]; Of,shetilflb change the law unless' .you do ,your job IPld'1oin us. t'O ;getthe' voter ,~wak!!Jled to, the' ttUm .a};j~,t1f-hanking. ~liy Shoul~ tile gove.rnment a:genrSbe- williillf to stop 'taking all that ,gllbe-mo'Oey-Ito1u the babkers j list bCGa\1Se you tbink·'t is WT_oo,g?The}: willnofstOj:f'unless theveterscan VQ~ th~m out ofoffice~ We'Cail1:iOt let them remain_ln.-office. ri they did tliis t{l us in-banlCi.Dg, we ~0t trust lliem~ver agaia. If t1iey stay La office, they Elan be bribed

" agalJl ~take,~,way tYIlT. right-Land our weafth, They aIri,>.atly let us~~w that money Wl1! buy tbe-vote'tc) pass-the laws thafLlie wealthy elite wan! pas~~rl .. The~: let,lls know that' yocr V0te means nothrng. YQ11-Wete just vo~g~10r banker candidate '#1 0)) banker candidate. -#2; BankenviElil~ou Iose, T~y set up a systen, to k~p y(1)U'~ln debt, to get yQUI. we,alth fot fr~':~d to~eeR ~b'adke'ri~ p6~~r ina goye11lJpEmHqn_;bytheba:nk~m. WE MillST eH1\N:c,gTIiESYSTEMFROMTHATWmCfFfLAStN~ SLAVED US, aACK TQ~:CONSTI1'm'IOWlmt ptfti FOPNDING FAlliERS INrnNDED FOR 1)'5 -WITHEQllAL PROTEeTIONS I;IBERTIE~' AND' FR@DOWS FOR ALL., WITH NO NATIONAL IDENTIFICATIQN NUMBER TO liNSLAVE'AMBIircA,Ns. .


Chapter 12 ~ illtimate.Fear of Bankers

T.oe banker cauQ'illy $':a.y tb;a~ I'he]"e js an 'agreement and that Y011 owe' DlOID?Y, The youtbe original p:romissory noteafter it was !,!itel'~d. ~e barrlq:.r: fear.~ that the borrower inig_hf Cliiim that the agfOOment~say.~ that-the bQ~p¥,~ can I~Q~Y usio,g an0fuecI09 _~ promissory-note payable m the same, !petie of money; money equi;Ya;le,ttt er credit Qr furrdsoT c~pi4U that the bank or finarisial institnti0JiuSeG pgr GAAl? to fund 'the loan. thus ending all in~~r~t and li~~ This would allpw the-borrower to diseherge.the Ioan, an.d,aniutej~st 'and 1i~$:'

The Mnke:rJmows .that ifthi.'l is Cli1J_m(1.d, then y~)Ucquldryp~Y..ILQt witb cash or a check, but with -a premissory 'note ruse payabl~ in th~ same spe~~ o(money the bank used to fund the loan; per 6:AAP~thus endihg all infel'est and.liens . .utn-e banker insis.ts that-you pay the-note yon ask tile banker to sign the b'aCko of tbe.'n6te,and yburep)ace it'W\fuan0the,r nqt(!'·

The banker rears that you will ¢Iai.rii that the ociginaJ '¢ontnfG~ w~ at:tered and stolen and thatthere was an addi tion to tile,agr:eement;Wifu the f6n&~ing:i~~s: 1 )'1'l1e wl@t aftbe &gre~megt is .th¥ tbt:ot-i,ginalparty. who fund~d the per the b'(1)okkee2wg,eht(le;s is'to he rep@id Iib¥ roon~y. 2) The bank or financial. institution in~oLyecl intl\e ane~ed loan wiU-fo:llow GMP, 3D th;e lf1lilder 9I financial ins ti,wtiOJl involved in the-alleged lean will.purcliase.the p(QmisSQty~ worn the l),oJ.7I,owet;, 4) Tl~~ borro~' :do(3~ not providoany money. mO'n~y. eqi:ri;vIDent; .GredlJ, G:aPif~ or thbtg of-value !hat a bank 01: financial insritution will use 10 ¥ilueto a cheCK 0'1' Similar inSti,ll1I)e:nt,5) the [0 repay the loan in the same specie Of money or credit: that !:be bank OE fittancia1 iosti1:u1iEm; b,sed to/fund the 10&:1 PtM GAlAP; thus ending 'all interest antlliens,;;and 6) llie written. agreem:~nt g:iYes full d!.~c.lOSUll'l of

all.material f~EJS. _

Do you see !he barl,kftt"'S fear? If the' banker claims, itc~:m number lis false" then it is a swindle, If item tiLl~mber, 2 is Ihls:e, tbeil it is.illegal.Tf item. D:Q:m,_oer3 'and; 4 is liaIse, Jh6 bank invested nothing, itwas stolel} or 'paid lfOt1i;jpg.fot it and Y9:tJ, funded the-loan, ff'B~I $ is false; then. tlie barl]f,aclmi'tsll' is on~ a mO!1e,yc;b:an_ger·3i1d Charg~d as if ~h~.F~was a

Ioan.Jf numb~r ~ is false, 'th:ei1 they agree tliaftlji}y.-G:onGeaied mat¢ri41 facts: Flnw can th~ bank claim that-these items are not partof the a~ ment? Th~ banker lroo,Ws'ti1at if this is:daimed, th~'Banket mus_t ~9W the0tigirral m~te; If'flre hatilter claims that,. he eJ;)Jy bas a copy, 'llilf boI.'r-ower co~uld C'labny1hat theadditiofl'a,L;p~ of' flteagr~1l,l_ynt 4s missffil ;o;Vith:items 1- [0,6. N OW,o!' oruy'aigu.4).;g th~ !lgreemenl - nd_t the barilL;. ing,sY::It~Ip. The' barf&enLii'us,t dJ~euss6:A:AP aad beokkeepio$ entrl;_~ '~d ifeinS l,ro 6 ~e am h,-st-tillirfg"tha1: the banketwqJits;J;O t<!Jk< about

fujagm-I} the .banker's fgar if~e!.>o~rowers_elit:a'pro:ro:iss0ry o_ote to reP!!}" ih&loan, cJaIT;I,lins t1iat the a~&eJl1,~nt:al1()ws It.Imagine sell_~h~in a the,ckJo reJ:_>'ay.lIi-e mu~gagl}Jo be,appliecI:to tb~ last note you'sendi::u(!gine (be fJ0tlilltifi_L lawsuit lbrth:e ~_er breachihg,th_~ ~g.ree-mentand ,~ ~jl1lker'caho.ot elaim that iteJll$1,:t9'6 are not part of the agJ:eeIDen~l:

TIle b~~I;tower ,~ays, '~H.0w .C;:lli1i l~laim tfus?~' Th~r b_¢ is in.eOi:pon!te.<;!. and claims tb,aub;eyfol1()'W tb-eJa:w .e: QAAR = witn:fuJ l'!1i.s-c1o~llIe inJi!iem .agreementS and withp_ut t;lse anTI J:i1i:sle:ading advertising. ;rh~)'c-!aim

'. ,'tlia~theY'leug YOLl f:heu-:tnb_n~y - how can they: claim &'ft'm-eIit'l;y?

Banl"erS'Iear that tb:ey will have to eX:pwn __ the l:).greemen.l, t;AM and whofunde(Lthe:Joan.;Thl'~ 'ban1rer wants YO\1 t-o argile the banking,~xs-te~ wbi~h-m~s you willlos~ ~·~omt. They dOl1ot'want¥Ol1 coclaiJ;n 'bre:a9;h 01 agreem.e1it ancL~l-aim items 1 to ()ID:~ p~,oft.he a~lIl~nt.and -tlr~y Wo~ bave to tlairtt i;t~ms 1 to 6 ate non, p.ap1l of the agr:ee_ruffilt Bankers und~tandr that if they ref!Jse the Qrigin-al $een)ent. the ~OIT'0Wer-I1:ray claim tliat the,copY' isfot~d heca~e 'it l~ves .Ollt items I t.o 6. BankersiEeat that berrowers may sjI,y"fiant'fln the fagt;qm"e claiming ttiat the items 1 to 6 are. c9nce~etl or there is a f.iu:ged d6.Ci)taent leaving the items out Who cares who' funded. You care b~causeit'ehan zes.rhe cost and fisk of;rire loan. l(thf<re isn6tilWgwrong

'-" - _ -- b _ _ _ __ , "

witl:i-slealing"ood oountertsiting, theQ wily ·d0 w~s~ndthose:kihtl af geopJe io jam,

Aitery,0n send all tb.6 noti.ces:, <\..<OC fora closing statement to dis!iJ1atge .the .cielit.Tllen: offer t9 discbarge the debt witticasfi. or-same ~'p'ecle()f O)0ney, as discussed earlier, providing that the. bank returns the: original, litialtered note-at til:i:t~,,0f payment. Tliey wm refuse, This aHows Y0U: to Sue. ':l31lis has 'leg to man¥ WlJ;lS.


Chapter 13 - The Threat to ,th~ ECQ:Qomy

Historipil!-y., when the stoQk- market falls .to Jla1_f its JC}vei, m~.y-:pe~_ple sto.k"spebding and.arecession or <ieprt)&SiQ!1 fpliews, T0daY'pep_,pl~are at historical, records 'Of hlgh ¢_ebL As: Of Janl:larcy 2002 Qvet 6 per~llt of credit qro:d h{)!ders c-anndtpay the de.ot. Th-e Fe_d~alR~s __ ~e Bank-lias been IeQeattdlY:;~JJJtingint~-rest .rates, The-y can only cui-so .muoh b~fore lpQrt;as_ing interestr<,\te .. S,o fm", we Gully discussed the traditional boom .atJ.iJ bust created 1?y l~da:y~,s&arj1dng, system. The l)eW'J;~¢on()r dep__(es~ion Gould be both SJ,10uses w6~king-, ~d ,Q9t having' the.Juei1ey\ to" paY'tile ,Qifu; with nooseb.old,s ha~ing little OF DO savings and hU-ge debts,

Pedp1e ~tr~as6 ~pendiIiJr_until age 4:l;',After age 45 spehdiJ;1g-tk()pS,. The bell cur-vei'ifAS'ol.d~_~ayslh1i;fUS CGJ).!'iuffit:rr consumpt!i<')t1 w,ilJd'rop r(,):If-sigpi1'icantly in two to five¥ears~ tfeatiJi$a'.iece;>~on. ])otet it;)'ffget' the So'ilial Slreurit}'1 problem.of m~t'¢ end lI_!ore(;llaet :¢QP1~ __ and :fewer and.fewer Y0unget ;peopl~. The&lliett w'aVf;:s have five le~. We. ate .Qfr th€la$t1¢g;s~ urdieatinga eo:mii:Jg recession ordepless-hm, The Ellii1t Waves have O~D very H~liable OV~ the last ~OO)ea(s.,For q:¢taj]s~ buy tl:i~book (!Jonquer tfle (; IlY Robettf!Wll;l1t$".

As-pf S~pt: It 2Q.Qt, we have t6,cOlisi@ra~w e.oalculati'0n.iJule!e~ lng Ute futlJf6 ecenetny. lIJv~tOJiS 'Business ]:laD:y, Jan, 25; 2flc)2, pa~ A2(!), diSGllS~~d how tenor conld ~SI;rO¥ the U.s.. eC_(jhomyiTh~ newsp~~r discussed what happens-if a mass j;I:e:;;~n weapon or bj'olo,gl~aJ. w:.e-apOB w~ put i'nt(t) a sl:qpp' c9ntainer. About 90: p,~r.eent oJ the worra's sn-ippipg,JS'~_on~ by coatainees; S'bl-gping of a> large- semi trudt Cp"pt:aiIle[§ are 4,8 by. 8 1>1' 9,5 feet: Some ship,S carry <:)ver '7 ~(jO qm:ilime-ts. Mos_!. _ofshipp:Ulg is don~~j:n.g containers' tha~' are transfezye~ to trains, Often, ship_ping~ontaineIS: alSo ~'figg!,e p~ople int9the <tolintry ~O'Qgwtth:,~gs ,andiUegaLi:t~ms. Most',all of it goes .uni:letJ;!'cted;by: customs, Oyer 5,0,OOO~_pping containers ailv~each :d~. Custom offi~l'S. ,inspe§t only. 2 pe.r~nl of eontainers, HOn'l~larrd setur~-ty' bJ;iml, Ita~ said," The cQn~ller 1-sso :s~ru:y in term~ 0.1 being a rationru, way ~:r delivering a w,eapo_n of mass. destru,ctiol'i, YP,u '~ost ha't,~ tpdiscu,ss it.' U.S. Customs Sernri.ceCommissioner RiclUird,Bo:nner


said, "One of the mQ_s't lethal termrtst,sce!iariris ... is, the use of ocean going"~ontainer traffic as a means to smuggle terroristsand'weaperrs Qfi ma.ssdestructil:>n'lnto'the UnitMStares.·Anditls by-no means,fa:rfuttheii. Imagine.the Gevastqti,{)Ji of a small nuclear e)..>pIQ~ipTh;at1)ne qf OUIS~~ ports." QSap;la bin Laden ~annOUll't:;ed.,lfI.atit was his .gbhltode-su-oy ~he U.s. ecenemy, We have, many enelilies who'llligbt follow Osama Jjj'n Laden's ,adVise. The°article ~xpJained that it woutd:be difficult to insQ,e<;t all the coutainers entering infO. this .couutry. To inspect thern'would b-:e nearly imposSibl¢ and i£oY0u tried, it-would create-a: b·~(t1.e. neck and IlWiy sNP imports, Tile comaine{s'cpnid be shipped to a nlidW,e,stcity 'ana th'ro:ugh global po~itionill.gfby satellite. a terreristcan determine e· ~ aotly where'the contiliner is. bef!'>re releasi ng the weapon, Every Ame:ri_:can should understand [he danger.:1ili.e gevemment wOli1d'uot shut down all.the.airports 'f~I:a .w~k as 6n 9/11. The govemmeet-would stopall containers. All .imports 'W1oiLlclStop. ')'Jains with contaiiiBrS w9.uld'$tOQ for w,edlts. This,w9u.ldbavea<sigJrificantim:_paet with the,e.eol1omy. TI:firik of rut me' Ameci~ajlS witli huge debts' being laid off Of w-otk andl fjliJig ba:rtkruptcy. Having delsris ,very:daIi:gerol:lS. 'Adding the danger of deQ.~ with tjie dangerotstoppiug the.econom;y" 'giye.s y:ou serious potentia! -pr99lems. Wene{!ti to pray'ami ask: G.od to prevent-sucb a problem,

Letus switch topics 'tQ, the currency. Many Arabshate ,teWs.Ara:bs know (hat1n.Americ:5a,tIiere·ate a high percentage of Jews.heatlingllp our media" ~iUdg_e,s, ll'\wyerst CPA!;, bffnkeFsi .and government, 'AriieDita Mlp-s Israel, th-e archenemy of tbeAr~bs.What woUlti happenifU:!eAraj;,s IJIr11 &gains_tAmerica abd.~tell us'that theywant oil paymetrlS,to''be blad.e not in U.S, d0U.ars but,pa.,ymen_r must 'lie rna;tlem HurQ qollHIs.$ome Oftbe :A:r~bshave ail"eady bees pushing fOftbi~. Burope would lave it. Europe lias ~bh\lt: $0 F!ere:en~ moie'--pO-pulation,tb'an the {jnite4 States. If trus' happeris,e'veryone will.dump eur'dcllars, ere--atingcinflati0u, and. fOI'~g the Fe,deraLReserve Barik to .inerease mtesest rates, Tills wowd'ates,:erl:" OUS prob1e1D8., the Arabs couldmake a. huge pr.o'fitjn .the stock ttliiEket knowing ahead of drtre what will.happen.Tliis could f(;)ICe oil prices tQ go up. If you were a currency trader, Y9u€-qll1d make <ti'brturie. as the rest ofA1i1erjc~ would be signifi,caDtly litrM:. The Arabs could make a huge profit on sfQcks,e~ency> an_d oil bY'sImply than_gihg ,~~ worM .currency to EUIO dollars as1:li¢y ac;hlev~theirRQliIiGalagenda.

The current bankinIPy-stem of forcing peop1e-into' debt creates booms and bnsrs, The more debt;and the;,significant'gos,sibJe changes of terror, oil orwerld c:hai1~s O<I.n;;:"'i_ghifitantly change oureconemy, If you dg not llIlqe~tand'inves.tme_nts,. currency ,and the economy; you a(tUisk:iJfg fOI pro-blems. Ybt.'tdeteunjneif you will prontor,Ltoday's' bank-

ing s~§.tem. .


Chapter 14 - ritle 1~ U.S.C., The::Banking-Law

If you sue-the- bank, yeu: must J:b.'Str~ al1,of1lie:q,$kin:g law. 1'Jrur,e~ States GGUe Titl¢' 12 part$~, (b) discusses'loans anEl, exteiiSioDS efetedi ~ which fuakes i6 app-eat-tl:1at a oi,lllldia'Qjlity is now money or,funds lOaned.'. Tb:~ law also S'l-Y§ that the 'bank:,mu!Wfo'llow @MP anrl a,ccon:li:ng tQ 6:MP a;,batikllithillty ~s-no~mQJ!e-y but owing. money. By law, a deposit is rnortey the bank owes. TM bIitikers' Wrote the law~and the agreement, !Ib'ey stilieanno't explain what money is, Is'money:eqpivaleht to_ owing mdftey OT not b\¥inglm)n~}r:? They'callnot e!t]:)~it' )i,Oll or theyfunnlhe .loan, Under Title 12, read a:boulthe,serV-ici:nga:geI)t (;ai<;os:ee 12 PSCA.. '24 CPR 350'().~ 1 ),JIUJ) (who c~fQreclost!))0r1X10sures arid obtaining informatibn. Read 12 US-GA. Sec 3754, ,Chapter M,~ SJngl~ Family Mtlrk gage FQreclqsure andread J10W the,person foreClosing,might have W live: -fo_y6ur,st.ate aDdh'ow'theS~ctewy-(HUD) ma~give wtittin desfgriatitiit q£a commissioner' RequesiiiIg;tJlis-mf6rmationhilli S~oI?ped:fQIec19SU1"es. You can write up your. own notice ~rtainin:g to this, If you ha v~'tI;oilb'le; getting infermatibn ITGiil tbebank,I~·Q1i.: atr5UscA 5;52, since banks.are b.elie~~d_.t9 be aq~ency of the governrnerit, Go,v¢,tn:fuents_Pons:Qte<i enterprlses' ale a;gt<:n\ sl.!bj~l to Freedom of tnf0r:rtlation~Adt ~POIA) r~ql,les-tS-- see-agenoieswitlrin section 47, "Eed.em Home Loan Mort'gag,f! CQqlQration, W(lS "agency' suqjedio dis'<iJoS-Lltea:ntl-£ep01#ng ;(eq!liteinents ofitlris section ~47Y", Roeap v, Indiek CA.D,C. IIJ7.6" 5~9 H ind 174; 17(jcU~S. ApI': D.C. In.

L06k u~ state;Jaws J:e~ardin:g C0.I1IIa;§ts, ban:klng:, tbrecl0sures, lost and 'stQ.I~·,j~ or forger;! promlssery notes, the trust ;dee.d saJ_e.'~d hoW t9 step it (some shues have'afi-adminisU'-a,tivereJn~clY tQ stop the sale-or Y0UlDig1it' have to filea lawsuit to stop it), aliUm~C pert~g)tQ yoursft_lJation_-rr' Y(:)'11100Kup.fu~~tbi~s, you will find some ,re'hlmrere-s-tinp1Jcts. 66 to the: l&cabfi:brary Of law library (sc,m.1e'§o'llo:,ges o-!, 1!-niXeFsitiesfuiv:e one} anddoyour homework. Few attorneys SlJiI1Iy'.la:w; tbeY·SmQ_yc.0uttroom proeedrrres. Your research can win.~gainstanatt6rney.w)jo,d()es:nb_tknow law. Get ritner people tb join you an4,'study ~Q_gl!thersaving everyone time-and energy, rypioa11y. the one w110 Sues first wins, Eli.$tory shows tliat If you' ask for-:m9n~y;.'damage.~. the banker is mute likeLyllYfiglirin court. History shows tbij,t.'i.£jQu only a$~ l'9rtb-e alleged loan to be canceled, ,tbey might just accept-a settlement with no extra meney to be


.given to yoi.!·.·If,rotl d~ not d'o'your 4Qrnewotkand loelt.,up' these laws and.lsnow court mom precednres, you halve. no business suing the qank.

For eXliiiiple. look up CaIif()mia_h!sta,t¢, la:WM_abqUtinstmmenJ'$ (CUCC § J104(~), m!,!~alteraliion (@UeC§1 340:7), ah~ l:lIil\u_thocized_alteEa:tion (Ga1iforrila Ci~ 9odt; § 1700). LgeK;,upcomparablela\vHor"y.0ni own ~tateof.l_D_d inCludEftliese in tile ~otices. that yop ~n;_d. to the Lenders. The i~Q~_ls FULL I!ISCt.()S~llRB of the TERMS aiidEXECUnON of tlie agre:emebt Was y,(}Ur jlro:n:ili>S:Of.y nore 'GOllve~d.'i)1_tQ. ~pmetbing of va1n~:bytl:!e'~~nder and del?osited by.- tneul into anac.c:Qrm1;-i TO;f'lP:9 Q~t, you.-ml:fst_:se~ theo_r;iginaJ, P..t~ml$PIY' no~! 1f it lias beeastamped'erhad an '«allOl1~€" affixed to ttt0.a'C.C~1Jim.(),qq;te]jsem~r$" ihel}-, that is piim.a·f~cie evidence that it Wall converted we a n:e-gotUi.bleinstJ;$l.eLlt:

Did the'Lende:rinfomn;yoq of Ilii~qpoes theL!J~4er have wrifi€n aiitl:i~ rlZatJ:9_l1 for this 'from y6iJ:o? If not, tP'at,-is «.flial1_diD ,~~ f'$~trni" (fu:1u_d in tJ-ieexecfltioj);), ~\1{hichJ.s;'a rea] defense _ even 'againsrallegecL ':mndeis'in Due- Course'" 6f-a-pte.iilis_soli)' liote!


Chapter. 15 - Anditorsand Attorneys

Ebron stock collapses to lessthan one RerceJ]tgfi.!'s ~a:rlfe.F;val'Ue. AitbU-r Anderson CPA;t'iitn·f@f EriT;on desrro,ysJtey dceuraents, .e.,.rnails,,,memos that .. conld J:ncriri1iRa~ Aru:letsonfor violation of-auditing s.t~~ards w.;' 0u~sidejny.estig.ation was immineat antt-¢iR21tiij:g th~ '0l1SIAu'gh,t.Qf Jaw:S1Jit~itoll_) £1Jt0nmve-stQt.,s, S'6QJ:nvestigati6n arutp_oss:tbJe criminal vio" lations. Andersen's heau auditor David Duncan hea:diqg LIP tb:e.~0'_· aI.lJ.tiq·efi.Ise~ to answer ,GJi)l~m:essiQna1 qUe"stion,sott' 1,,24-02· his_Struqroefidrtielit:rigbt. Dm.'lcan.adml1'ted (0 receiving oFder~~o'Qestt0- documents, 'Former SEC ohairman, ~aid~aGC0untiI);g finns ate Ii:ppele,~siy-: e-0mpfOn$.~tI b--y-{~es:they reeelved by ~ulj::titeli'ent.s; T{iro has Gasse~ tapes on bQ.yi]ie believes the auditors violated QAAP·and uMS in baiiik;i audits. Many hatik auditors have,rolc;l;antl'e ,lJ~ auditis ~fr~Ud. Th~ SEC \$:l'ight.Jruihe'',n!ari(e ef:pt0fit, you (fan compromise an auditor "eyen to ·Iil.atalit de,strtl6ti:0n of db.C:lIf1l-ellts_an,d~fusal [Q"an_sw~r~n:gJ;eS:$' ~ the invesJig_ati9n:. S~_1nyes.t(f]1- s B;tJsioesRDillly E2:$'~n2 fci.f de'taifsc.

Baok ahorney~ cpmmpoJy-claimtba_t y:QlI got,a benefit by the bahkl@an. YpugOt t4emoney So no-harm.was done and nowyollr signature on the, pr-Omissory note. reg uiresyou to J:epay the loan.We.aheuld lJ,S~' the~ar;ne. argument IJIlg say that .if sp¢eQoe c:Ol:mtetfeitS'tIiQiLey and lends .H f0' y.ou what doo the law say, The law-,says ,if SOmeone coume!i'eited'1li:e ri16n:ey, you have no legal liability to rev.ay theWUI1~rfeited_mo~eY. i~rl to you. 1;t. W£lS illegal, No rights can be acquired by theillegal oper-ati(i)ii.

The same sirnatiQnappli_es·jftbe bank .vtQI.ate_d G:~ as it does for CGU~ter(elting orste:a1ing. Attorneys arguingagafnst. Tom on this .issue 00' not know the law, GAA-F-OJ die matching principle en GAAP. The CPA_au..,9itQ!" told eVeLJon~ sjgning:the·pronrissOfY'flOt¢: tI1at there can be-no et~7 llolllics.similattb s.tea1ln~,C6tinteaeiting Oli swindling. In fact, the attoo ne~€$motexplain wha~Jl1poey is. Is TIlQn~y"0_win;g m'QTiey ,-? Is aJ)a1ik li_al;?ility thl} evideace of meney tbaJ the .bank-,ow($i'? Is casfi the, oflly -moaeyor are, the notes used as' money?,:W the notesare Dot mo~y,.iS it cheek kiting? Wlm_t;is the definition 9£ che-qk: kiting?1f cash is: the'0ru1 money, then llo'ceosid,etati,on w-asgi:ve"n topnrchase the [10m from i:n~ ;all~ed?'6_ffower. Ifthe note is mon~y, th_~I!-'~' lende_r/b~ a0QeJ\t~ money from the borrower that funded tJ1C loan,s,o w.hy.,are we i:cp:ayiilg


thaloail. to the one wbp stale our money and -retutn-ed it t~:r ns 3S;a loan-I W:ti~~:~i:e we teB~~ tl!e [fatty -who :refl)~ed to lend OUt} cent to plrteha5~ the-lIPt~ f!:Qrn me borrower? Did not tlre tliief:._getfl p_epetit RY "stealing?

The attorney tries to r~wrse the argumentaadmake it look like yon got a Ii!~nefrt by having-wealth, stolen frotn Y,€lp and r~tum~oj f:,O you as.a loan. If yflu stPle·,tbe a~m~¥'§ money and returned it as a 16an, lili would have y;ou put in j ail. Did: the.note iJ:m'd the 10_an cbeciIo??' If;ycs, tlle (jor'l;pwe.r'ofunde,d ~e loan. W~ the loan Check used to _purcb.a'>e the TIpte from-the borr0w,e.(? II yes., theDQte cannot be used to fund the loan.

Which w:~ it?

'The. answe--r tells us if there is equal. pTq~t:iOll or if'theecononncs 'ate $::inillgu; tq sj.e(:J,ling,·counterfilliih.g',aiId swmdlin'g. Get the idea'lC~ a couriterleiter er (!lief an:swerth~.:s'p~pinc que:Sti6ns .of theif'tnide? Do tl;teybave to use de'eepliOl1 t'0 get yO'ii to' de :l:!u_§_iEJ.~s§ with them? If"bet&lls you_the- truth.heds ~_x.pose'd. Tfie banker wro-tetbe'_agreetoen:Llf the banker fras ncthing to''hide: .h~ve him e><plainit; IT they claim that ffiere is' liot fraud in.the- factum or fta:udWe-nt concealmem, wen have fhem ~~p1~;anoi:th~ d~_t<lils~ Y~ll Qavy_arigtit to understand the d~tails;Qf_tJji'l agJ"~ement.

Tliis ouly tells yeu how in:crePi~ty Intelligent.the mone!ehangerS;_ban~~uflitors, 'bank. attorneys, goveroiTIe.nt a~e:nt~ are lo,iool.Ameri!:;:ans. Like 'OM bank',!1;g!litortQIQ Tom, there are inctedib1eprdfitS ID"C{eaMg mQfi~y and lendhlg:i.t,out. TQrn tb,iri.ks' fuewojes$,ioJ1_a1~ ate not 'asstllpittas they Jlll!.)i wan! ypu to think that tlfey are. Torn i'S!l1otl.~g bankers, attoril:eYSi €Ms;aiId gove_tqme_nl a,.gen_ts criminals. Toih~s-just:csn_0WinI~ you. how smart art-d'~intelligerit they'are toget ypux wealth fQr free without y.ou.JL:'ivillg-a elue how tbey did it. Tom dills.'it'is criminal for-the voter to arrow ihis'togo on. The vot~r'js the Qnere~ponsible:for this. The vote! h<l-':~ _the !!~ili~Y' to end it very quid~ly -fiy helpingtlS will' m~"vo~e. we·win me ¥ofetlJ doipgit one vote {l~~. rime andang-erfug the VO$I·i:nt·j:fte1IllJ:g .hlsl.her ftienos fa jein us. Otherwisethe bankers andthsii pr6fe-ssional fri~nds ;audgJll1.'emmem cronies.will keep. on doing it to Americans.

"po, you not,see how mOne:ychangers, to' ke~p the cieCqptioll g0in:&, use tbe!~)lditprli. and. atl:omeys1DoJou see 110\\' Woe [0 change


ffie system. that )'Sdesigried t(r,k,Mn ~l{) iirdeJit 1;!f·;~L,·- .. d I'

c,.." b '. .' , 'I:' J'Y .. , u "'''''C:, an -ens aved to:

U1e. anker'kAngry Americans will think: it i th . d

. ,'..' .' . . 1 is err uty to wake OI?'J)n-e

voterS,S9 :h,eip usrand J eur in tIiis',grCaiaod n:oQlera:sk .


Ch~tpter 16 - Intrm:}ucU(iJJ to.Prelanlnary Judiciid Procedures

This,chaprer W8& \vtitten by Ria1mrd' Dale H'ollis; D,o.

The El.l:r;poS€ ,of-this chj:tpter is J9 snp'pleinentQne~ oouc;.atiQU and to ilitro-du_e.e yO.q. to' tbp, various shO.t(Pt1i:tIiQ:g, we find wnelLuiliers re.qt\e·St QW belp.1 was as~ed. g,JI, Tom to write tbjsbh.aple.r_'to .h~p"clarifys0Jfie .aS~ ~ttts of PJ:0cedU-res.. My,; etPe,genq: i$limited- D.iit :bil~w.nY invflt~l>le. N<it1iihltiQ: Ihl.s chapter niayBe-toDstn:Jed as gj;V$g legal ailrlce tbQQ..ghI I~ul:ine-l~ ieques_t'sugg~s!iffi)~.t'rom riiY@WD'];!g!;il cQuns~Js_ OJ1C€ yon .havecread. s~(1ie_d~ and €Ol1'fu:::ffi.ed.:all th~W1i. Eederal ReSeI:Ve ;Banksllw1~ meotS and V,atiOllS ty.p~s Qf; Y0P may pegi:n. to' wonder viliete tp ~t~~,fitst 1tsli't p:ertains:ro yol,U" ];lerS0nahiluation. PeEh_ap~i'~0P will Me Jh.W: se~ldngq~4vate assistance is ,m:ore': to your advinfilge hut m' QO way d~e-s thIS a:\(:ei~ y~]]r responsibility toleam the IDfrteFial

MiSst p.e:opJ~ wUJ_ not ~eek help until tl1e.'y~ein deep tnfuhle. !fh~y require aSsistance ,be~US,e~y" are bt?ing .sIifOO:, r~civ,e<1 a summonsand QOJ;qp~ ~ only bavea fewaays to answer. Yo.u must' f~V~W the donwl:am:t'andan.sw~roitwiths_peGifi.ctt¥; QI g¢,I)wally deny_all Us all:e~.t:(OQS. d,emMll writtenw:00.f vw.:. ~WOJll affidavit; au'd..:st~m.<1D'darue¥identiacy, J:l~ng.; under th.e rules! of €iV:iJ proceilure fQr the p.r.oe~u,~,tiell of all ()tiglria1,·do,~1im~n'~. Ytlll must attead.all Iiearings on. th(_l,matter.O€ba;tl;}~'al1.)!1 the aa;verse:p~;W!U:d~m your ansv,(er aHltrJj,'tollt~§tingand mov:e iQr a dehr,l'll1 j udgJ;riefit -fot ia:Uu~ t!.); answer PIO~rly 'Of :faUI;rre- t-o

at~d [ hearing. '

Th0ugh ¥0U; al'~ lOV91v~.d~:in an actien, YQU must centinne to write No"" tiees. The Notit':gs-tM:.~;fi100in'.as· evidence r0 eJiliaust-Y;()iIl:,'listra~ ti:v,ere~e.~es.]qQnruilly, fneadY.e:FSe c~,un@l wiRaveidany fefe.n~.J1~;t~ _the :'NotiGes~C~.!.i8~: they are p&id' 'to _publicly' P~We:Il:l!te. a coJ:JilnBretal tt81;l'sJI(ttl<!_n v{,1ll1e'YQu 'are a,ttemIlclngJo settle tlli..'matte!; pri\!:a_~y. You will '!irid the' "admissions document''- also outii"Q!'l9 ill this manUal. vezy h~1p1'iil as ~ell, Ycm_.m.a.y serve the adveIise paW b~.t.b ;.pub'licl~,a:nd pri'lqfe,ly.

d.t'course me:.adYeE$e C-P\Inselwill.refus8 t6-adinit ord_e,ny ffiQstq,uestions


in the, adl.ti\ssions doeutnent beeanssfi exposesthe truth a~kmt the ~atit mg..systeiil. Therefore, Y,QU can.submit a "Motion toDetermine the Sllffii.. Olerl(,yoF Admissions, then: a MQti.on to CompeH .... dmtssions tb force ~a' adverse,par:t:y.:tij answet or-·ln.,ille alternati ve, have-all admissions deemea admitted. You must look up the various motions in your local coUrt-rules to ~pply them,

At this point, Y0amay,pe won'dertng,,how 1S, it that you have been un,a:Me to expose thetruth concerning the baM 10'an agreement? _R,~membe!,JA~l'ers~ f6j- me 'ballk: -are master manipulaterxMany are clueless as·tb .' fr banking .taw,soand their only contentiOb "is that yon benefited. Did 1b~ bank benefit? Would 1 OO%.pure profit plus interes; be abenefit? HimllibIij', sounds like counterfeiting; ~flsJavem:en_t>liDjust enricbrnent; nncfJnsGi~ nable CJ)Dtra:ot, lack:oJ disclosur.e, tatro failure of adequa:te,copsidel'ajl!l,n 10 mel

'The fact remains, yeu.eaanot prevent discovery 01' the facts, admis?'l()ll'&, production of original documents, Dill otpartic11lars, 'depositiOns; Q1' ali) other pr.oofan.d at tile same time~gilm:ftlie court "subject matter jurisd1G:. tion," The-court can.ohly bave-itsjurisdictionif you~:ubmitrt0 it and.~trJs impossible to'bedenit!'d du~process oha;~and discoveryand atth'e,same tiure"gtanHhe i301Ivn;ubject matier jurisdiction to hear a case; tlrough rh~ adverse counsel w,(i'lUld"have you.believe d.iff:e.rentIy,ttiejUdge~s,flIlSt 11k spOll$ibility before any bearing or tnaus {(.')-,aetermine whether the Cqun has subjeetillatter jurisdietiorr if not, me judge looses il1lJ1llUlity'andlierein: lays theirpower to rule over the matter .$:.:8urt.en'der their nnm'unityan'd be person,aUy, liable. Y6urappeatabce in COU.11 is.not to argue. YQ)J only: declare the facts, demand proof and if you have.been denied admil'1istrativedae precess of law then declare'iit to die judge. Do not create any ,controversy or disputes, There.are.none, You simply o_bject tel any of them contMti<'ins because they amount to nothing.more than ,])earsil.y, Youare-: not theone wb:o l.1f9ugb't the claim; so stop y0Uf testimony against yoUf7' . self. Tn:e;Jj'ank~nltfst provide-the burden pf IlI:Oof,

The.judicial system:ig a trial of thefacts that- are in eonrroversy.butfast we must presentthe facts ... period, How can youd~feDdYOi:m;elfjfy.Qtl do not know the facts? The bank s job is to hide the facts and.your job is toexpose.them. The Dank lias UD .defense and that is Why they.hire the


D).aS(cl maalptrlaiors, the "debt coUeQ~ors.';

If' YOIl- obtaia all the iilatedal referenced in V.olume 1, V01ume:2a:nd this manual, YOIl willbe wen prepared to-give YQurselfplelity of to'o15 tMf will help 'YQlJ'Win ag~t thebank.Below, is a shorf liSt Of essentialjtems but-in 1l1)'Waycisit an exhaustive~j-st.

1. Tom~'cha,llf's V0hlme-l. 2;,'andlhls Banker'S Manua12.l'otn Schauj'''s audio serie-s: '~AT~e Like a Bank Loan Ex,perrWitnes$.'· 3.. The G0uIt Rules Ior your Sta~ 4. F~4etal Rule.sof Civil Procedure, the'State Rules fQllowthese.'tUle.s-5. The Dictiolla:I:y of Banking 'Ierms, by 111Qmf;lS Fiten 6:,A UGC textbook,oT the; if you Gan,afford it. tiJ.e'allnotations are importan:tb"eca,USe they provide the tfB:se law 7. A good Law Dierienary 8. Atextb6dk'ior Business Law, an Anderson's Works well 9. The Federal Reserve Bank,.pUbli:~tiO:ns"ap:cl save tht~ enV'eloQe. tbe'y are ev:ide:nt:e 10. Anrlnfertne.i:llawAccm'uil.tmg Text

Wh§\n time is.short, We suggest YQu-se:Bk prbfieienl'fielp but you still.mnst Jearn ~'tiiaterial. Lltave'frmnd that using local attorney~ well indoe:trina'tedinto the system to, be'of.littlehelpin te.-presentingyour iilfefestS-.;Nb, maner h~w ytin plan to o\)ta:ili. relief from the banking sysJep1, you must ut:)detStaT16 allthe-principies taught iUlhesebopk$ and refersnces. Never aecept the idea that-someone else-is going to WID yourease, Weare not

, . .

m:ag1¢flJiS, and iilly'ilIll,si.6ns you may havewill SOOn' end ill qi~a.pp0jn.t.ment-if you 'refuse to do your.homewerk,

'Ibebusiness of "cut ana paste" uSing soraeone.else's form nO)it,¢$, anti duplicated to thd(j!tt~js-futilE:,. My:'eXp~TIooce.Juis been tharpeople wlib use,thls hort:cut"copy and paste," usmiIlyend up in trouble-and aren~d asal~d,efelfaa:nt:ill a Iawsuit.Learn to rewrite tb~~€xam:ples a,n:d imply use the examples as' a,gtride. If yOil _eh:Mlfe 'yom prb.cedure fo, an art, you will detinit~lybemtjfe succ-essful. Another problem ~s~ when Y9u t:ike' ;whatoiliers say. an'd use it as If it were 1n;Ie. r live '$i'I practice by, this caveat. "Just because someone says 5"0. does li,otriiake if SO," When YQU ll:;tv:¢ confitntetl the iriforrriillion for yourself, and you hqw truth-,a;~:out what1'ollare doing, YO).IT cenfidenee and~bllity ta deliw",'<Uiy, preS:euta:troll wlll inCR}8Se by a. hundred fold,


Writin'gnotice,& islI'Uly an artfoiTIl, butjf,y{;)u_k:n_(jw the principles ra~t in-these books, you willbe much more successful.1he.~v:lNIl~.tbqr~ by T<:J!,n is ~gQtd rniru,!. p"se i:t ~ca1;ls~,it,_b.I$ tt~etld~l,ls value •. Tlfl.e;~ eiavit needs foITilitd with .a jfue space between eaGha.'lseveralion..

- ~.' , . _- .. -

El.irSt rt~quest the-credit card C()fflFan¥'to swear on rhe fi~~.stipu1.a~,

ihe:,af:f1dav:it.. YOw: next respogse to their,.re:,fusaJ is: "I ari:t'ul1SU,te as'ta wb.y. yo.LLTeruse, to sign: the :Affidavit pIto¥i:ng I am mistaken" thus tb:~ have no prQ~f ~t 'YOll in fact awe an;yth:i;I:rg; Ple ... they owe y:011l. When they refUse to~ Sigti' tlle,AffidaYif;.this goes A -long vi-&.y to prevent 'beiug-hari1ed as a part)'. ina lawsuit Row can tll!!y S)Meat 1;lUtaG£) ~.r~~e t9,sign t1}ecafficlavit fu y,QL1dJt$t1iotice .. Continue to senn,.ttte hfIld!t.v;it:in .lke sec'oudnotlGe while y.ou update y6ur'self OD the laws given: 'as esamples for-your hQlll~V(·ork.

Y-ou tan e:ve.n addtlie aetual wormn.g_£rOID the U.S.C., the C;:aR. a~~Ltlie U.~.C. to YOIlf aetices, th~'wQrO:ing give!! YPI'1r:notic:e.s bjte<ind~ th.em, meaningful. Th~ U.;.G,C~ is. l1'Ot subject .tochange bftllejumclat .systems0 use it. A violation 9f ihyJ~w QT pro~eduI~ o~ay{ evidei1€e is wb:atOV:~fturnS (;).r·'laC~S jud~U; f;1gaimtl'oiJ:, I liavellMer f@B.t· :c~ w.h~e.;tbere wer.eilot viclarions of, the-law -and peoeedure, @Q qe~~ sayte-yjden~~. Most <¢tomeysrlb nQt know wbW:: the laW :S.~y~ lmJ:l this goes fQr well,J\.tto1O)le)(,s are'sworn to uphold the Rules of Court '< the law. We have personally-seen a case wb,e~ we had t~ de.:liveh a cnPY"Q!the;Fair ]jt:l~tCollec;tio:os Pf~ti.ees.,·fueju(lge be,. cause hedid:·ebt.k:tiQw wnatihisv.uru,Act OfCOitgrBSS ·said. So sometimss you even have to.edneatethe judge,

Now le.t:'S..revJew some titles for Notices, Do netreprint g€<n:e{-ai ;t±Uxs exaetlyas ~y appeanin the ap~)ldix c:,;Jftbis man J;!a1. Ch<U!;g~ the titles t_t> fit·Y911I. situatiOu for e>{am,pli:

1. DEM~ fRR AD13QU~ i\SS~NCE OF DUE PERFQ~ MANCE 2. N0TICE 0F DISP~l'B (tIii~ dees. net mean that a cqntHl";.·exi.<;W, it is ~i:mpW"ati~ used to tnf0.r,n:J dl~··cJ1l(lil'§9tllpan)( tQ.finYoke yOjlf c1aimluDdru,' the F~'~dit Billing Aet; a Trulh~iIi,;.Lending ptov:iSion)1, SEG0NID N0TICE.OF DISpUTE, ot. FINAl;" NOU(j_E ~ D1SPUUt 4. :NOIICEbF ;BEEAt:;:H Or t\.GREHMHNT S .. S£CQNQ N'QUCE.QFlfREA¢H 0E-AGREEMEN.'h •. ;etc .. 6. INVOIeE 7. SEC-



Jlh.e titte of the Notice pertains tP"tli~'$libject'af th~Jio1fee. nothing more, and has unli:mitedp@~sipilities.K:e-ep it·simple. Scmetimes yOLl 'rTl.l:f$t ad.d twp :or ,even three titles to a notire. rhay~ evtlP sen,t a 'Noti:te of GOSl JristrUinent"jus[ to find ontwl1P has.the Qti'gUIaLNQte;fef pB ys~cq11U$.R~(>· tion.

'Now lei',s review jte~'S:M disCov~. Xhe adriiissio.ns documenrmust be .s~2£i:G.. You 'IllUst actually. name tlie pa.rtits in. yqtu: r;e.q iJesti!l[orailims,. si()Jls.lD<fMtfuse .g~neral t~, A QfQdhcti0Ii I'l.f:docum·erits must always Iequ~~ :~rigiirurl. dQJl~ents; .e'\(e~Z -elSe i s hear~~y .ev:icl:pll~~ and i~ n;Qt .ba~fl'lti' facts. Rememoor, courts ~j:udgmen:ts 'Ji0't'tiased ,on--:fu'ct~ but ratl!er y,6ill agreemenrto h,ea.$'4yevi'(jeJi¢e';8fiG w.e GoUatel'ally a:tt5l~k it. TIi~m:Ii)J wrll;iilg up~leaill'il~, noti:e'es'f)I:at;!)' Qfbercqntt<P:dM isbased QiiJIfetifadd yQUI of the ~uQj~ct;

A. de'~d -for ''BUlaf Prutr6t]lars" is a req~.!lt for speciftdI1fornrati:Ofir aDcVtld(.mmenfs like account ledgers bObl;keeping entries; andeaatl ami eye.fytral!l~llcti9n. with parti'ciilactry evert the original promiss9lY no~. Jnfarti'l! iliJ!.tadY'ij'rse party in your .p~a~g lliali"iaiIure to prOvide'formatioIior documents w:UI p,i'eclu9,e IDem frmitliSiil;g:'ffiem ara tria] and that J:lleYO'only !rnvetweliry ela::W'·(o provide them, ~()ok Uf! YQotcsp,ecrfic }e¢~~0i.:u1 tuit'S' for time funi.~ typ~;qf forms ~o,,b'~ used, e[c:

R~ilm'e:;to pI\.ovide ru:sco:very-is ·an abrogation of <lne pt:oc~s_s You ate ~l~ys el1l:itIed'i6·see tb:~;Qci'gmaJ 4,oollth.ent,J:!xamine tbeeVidenceor all¥, witness. forjbat matter. Failm'etb state.a claim 'Upon which relief"ml:J.Y be',g£~tecl ~ all answer en/the iliiti''al An. wer Summons iind ,G:G:tn-


plaint €If even a dismissal of; the :.<::I;;ti:rQ.. llle. b~has a. slaim and ~ want you. to: ,*lie'le rliey.have been damaged.The truth is, YQU are _tl:te. .one whe . hasbeen damaged by d~@eption, :rOiS!-"e:pr~entatiQn, fraud, 1ntla:tionand d~t:iatiQn of-the~c9nDmy, fia~ )'laper, Federal Reserve Baaknotes priV!lte-s-cnpt co.r;l'stantly damage our Gj)uu"l:lylJ is wor,'ld

has·little·or no .intrinsie value. ."

.NOn-jlidicial foreolnsures are lawful'~\l.P(erbft CQ.illt. said S0 and .you gave !)Ie bank tI;Ie riglrt tp forec10se en you in. the original; prom» i§$Q~ noteagre¢menl .. 'This little clause L<>. writ~nmth~ NQte and.the bankknows <it. In this case, you need a '~;verifi.ed Complaint." A "SummQPs"'~ i'M.oti,oft·t(l,-Va~aee a Yoid'.]'-with a brief in SJ.llW0I,t (:)r: }l0,Jp" MotiQli:and:semetitnes an 'liijuusti.Qn" nr a; "Stay," and <i "Lit. Bendens" filed.-at the f:lO.UllW recogt_er:t9 ~_lo1.1,d. the title, If rime is Sh0t4 ti:tIl~ YOl:U-·¥o.tiOTh to -Va-qrl:e .... ,as ''Etnen~ent Motion to Vacate ... -"~i~lr~ . beard with seven1y-twt:l hours, AlsQ, make tJp:·the;8¢tQal."QJi'ler" for the jugg~ to sign.It is called a pIop~sM_fomi of-order and must 00 ~fij~ ~ilh allMotio:nS. . .

Jtn:Ile:ia1 f_Q~c;ioslIl'itsrettt:iireja1lthe routine answers, dit;;_~ovel'y; ely, l'h'!1f are d:6Iie in. open, court. -As long as y0J:1~-wofk: fast and" tespo;nd··i:tppfQ:pn;; ately, you willdo 'fl_ne. N!!ve,r .()ve;~sti:mate ,the adverse counsel, 'I hav& found mom: 'debt t~tors' (0 he:-vindicti"e!rganipuJC).tQr~) w~ll v~s~d in eonrcprocedure, rarely utilize anything ID€lI,".e'Lh(Ul nefu:saY'evideime; and.never very in1~Jligent. Lam trer sureas to why' debt collectors' 'hoaye small irrtelleetualnapaeities.but this has' bet<nmJ' experience, If-time: t> s-gi sbort,.·ana your h0me·wiIlJJe,auo:tiop;~(Lin the iffipJ.:i]jtJg, we,usllruly,:,e!i~ OOl1)'a:ge a Chapter 13fil:iiig the v.ery day before the auction, B~o-¥ ~ves ·~,ou an automatic .stay of any aftlQtJM juc!grnen,t and ,allbw<s y,C:1t£ time to OJg@ize Y0UJ" ma;teria.J HQ-weVeJ:, yeu still continue writing N'0=0 ticeintrtdiemind the 8REIDI:rOR about t'j_lingJi'I1s~''Prooi of ClaIDis; It they file ' one, Dbje€t to t4_eir Glaim.'4lld '@QJl1n.d"pt0ducti:oo, .ofthe 6~ unaltered N~te, and a1Jtfi;e 0t1iet:,discGvery1'0u c~. get Most a:l1rle.-9t security instruments dan be discharged inside thy bankruptcy if tbey,IT:(i;l,. to provide the pJ-PQf. fhrou never. ~temandtbe proof, as yGuate,entit1ed. you will nol get it and.y.ou will Iose,

One' final word (:)flnter.estn~tTh tQ. be-istateG. Ttis-never over until ydt1S@

itl§c"o1let:.--1!.:.s long as Y,01:1 speakand espose the truth; you ~J5etter d;ett~fla .ann protect yo.urJift<,libefty, ano_~edom, and you win ~! Every time the ad\1~e party, 'filesaThaffidavll or some erron~{lUS Clamt oJ:P,e~-= son~ Im'9;w.iedg~ '.01' ,cvtllifi:_~.9~" it must be ieb:uttecl WitByQ_ut .own' affidaVit of tne truth. Learn te writ~ affidavits that plainly ~~t~tfie f~tlS. A-fficlavi:ts GI'l :not draw eOrihlliSi6ns:-of law,· Of aSSUrtieany jniennaqpn. Simply ~tate Ith~ :QIots. Negative avenn~n~s wotk very W:eJ:l:,exam~le~ 1 am not in' possession of arlyoriginal doc:u:m.ertt ~ith ill)' bona ::fi,¢.e ~tgI.1aMe ~it_at-purpQftS to.P-¢I?Gta claim ~~aJHst me (CQpieS;aren"Ot ~om~tent evi(lente and i did [lot sign i'!. eppy)'. SQ_. yau must learn to wnte·Affida-


I am :c0nndenf if you Qeyour bo.mew0ik anc:ll~am the fuf5illTIatien ~ou will be sl1cnes:sfuh We liave had many. many S-~CI:;es:S¢S iu OUTw-o-at'Sfmpl¥ ~cir~se Knowkdge 'has wlue. cte'ditreportS have no .:vrllue ailQ we usellliss as f~as 1 gill con~~Q. Lean!' ,w1l!lt-real ~~e: aIlCl~~w:tb)s and a~lll1lniate i't. 'rhein: you ean tea~b' Others the SaJlleo-in'f6rwati0n. especially OW; c):ri1d:r~u.

[:kribw'tllis e,ha_p_te"t d.oe~ aot It)lY0.u~v;_ery ~pect'neeaedt0 Win ~ju~cial complaint, bUL it ;willget·you li~clthe rigbr.dit~Li:i:()Jl_ 009 IS' ~illy,a

guid~, R,erne_ml:!e;; t:P~~ is. alway,s' lire afte"r-'jud~efi,t-ro ~~' ~~.~~cl YOli:wil1 find{)Ost~ judgment weP--M-y:: smeere than'Ksa:e gtven to Tom $,chauf for this oJiporfiui.ity to supplern~t thi;s 13JVlke:r!s Manual.

Richard Dale Hollis; 0:.0·

(;baptel: 17 -The~ible ii~d Today's Banking

Christians can use.the faUowing-Bilile.- verse.gtQ help be lieversand RIIi:.ache:f.S{d~0nOW tbe.~ible:s view Q'fi banking. TheAnieri~e:v-ol'uJimr1;lry War was fought·{')ver; the t\M(j b~g~ysre.m.s.Att9,a_t ume 9-~ p~reent of Am,mewl ',cWrned to be;ehristiaiL The Gons:titutiOll{ €lii!y 1iJl(:tw~d goid and ~ilver,p';0hiJjiJ.;A1g credl;_r" 'forqing equal protection. The IQlluwing verses tell us what GOd says_,

Exodus J8':2l (<>hapter-l& V~fSe 21), 20:4, 20_:.U-17~ 23:],.,3. Leviticus 6:1-5, 19,:Jt~1§ and, 26: 2~3~ Deuterorfbmy 5':l'~~2J, 1&:15;; 20, 19::l8-l!).20;1-4,,~3~19,2.5: 13-Hl, 27: 18-2~i,Qhapler: 28 ,(If y~~ obey Gods'law, yQ_1l ar_eb1ess~d, ltyqutiiSQyey, .¥ou areeursed.), 2-Kings 17:1'9-20.2 Chronieles 2tk2H. N'elieroiah,ebapler $_.Ps<!1th&; 1;1~~. 7:14- J;6~ 10:7, t5;',.1.c5.J 7; 1 ,.;24: 1:'4. _2~A.)_21':12, 31 :Q~ 3$: 1(}-11, 35:2;;1, 36:3, 37:L"'li,-4{j):4-, 4-3:1, :50:10~n, j)3,1~3_, L64:~-Q-, 7,8,39', 81:15, ~4an~L2, 94-:ls;-16, H)1 :7, lQ6~~,l07:1=2, I07:11~12,1'09:2,-nS:14, U~:2. 118:25- -26, 119":9;7-9$.119:-104, 1-l9:ll8, 119:121, _119: 163_, 12Q:2I, J 40:7. -PFo;v-

-, _eI1bsl;32-331 3:9-10, ~:32., 4:24. 6:16~19. 6:3Q--131, 8_:1~'._ 8;-17"21 &_:'?;5-

-36,-lc():3-4, 10:6. 10~9, ~O;2:2-24; .n.i, 11 :!i .. ,6, 11 :2-0, 11 :M~25, L2.:J7,

U':~2. 13:5-:6- 13:2J, 14:5_-9, l4_:25, l.5:5-6, l!i:9_-l,O, i5:i~-2-9. 16:1-1, 1 ~:11-12_'r19;:,,5, 19,9; 19:28,20:23',21 :3:, 2-2:~-8. 22:12,.22:22-23, 24:~~ 28 :16; 2.9 :2 . .Ec'clesiaste_s 3': 13 .1s~ah.~:23, 9:15~11,1 0,1 a, 16:¢-5, 11-: 1, 33:15-16,41 :H-14(Godga:v_e:t1iis, V'et$eto T()m)~4Z:_74,4!t'~" -1.8, 4a.:22! 5i4~ 54:-17, ii5:8~9, 56:U, 57~'~7, 59:4, 59;15-17, 111:3":10,,64:7, :66:4;. Jererniafi 5:28, 5:30~31; 7:2.3-24J9:3~ 9:6,,9:12-J3, 10:21. n.i-s, 1;?:t'7, 13:,25, 14:1~~'2:2,15;_:7! 17:5,-11, 21:11.,22:3; 2:2;1-3~1-4._22:l"l,23:14,24:7;~ 8,29:11-14; 29:32. Lamentations 3:3S-3_6. Ezekiel 3:l&. 6:9_.,JO', -'7:21- 22, 0~2~3, chapter 18,33:1-9, cnaptec33 and 34. Hos~a4:i_. 6:6, ~: 11, 10:.12-13, 12:1, 14-:9'.Jeel' 2:12--'i3. Arnos 2:4-0-6. ,!/'I, "[,:7-9; 8:5, Jonah IUO tbA:2.Mi:cah 2:1.-4, 3:11, 6:3-l6. rIab_akkuk 2:9. Zeplianiafi 2:7, 3:12-l3~ 3:20. Haggai cliap"ter 1" 2:8.,'Ze_Chariah 5:14,8-;1'7, 11:17.

In Mala:c.liiGliapteF-l, Esan.:meansJ:i::;d headcbiW a:n:dRo.tiJchild the.banker was a red bead child. E:sau:( EMriitfes) settledby me BlackSea wh~~n~ .the R.othchilds , the bankers of today, came frOID. Edom and changed


their names to Jewisllnames Glru.miD_~0 oe:Je-ws out we'te~n6ft See_Re-ve4rtlon 2:2,3:9. The-J3tb!e claims th<:J:t1oday's bankers are Qf thesynfl" gogu-e ,Of Satan. See Genesis 25:3_0-.34 27: -30-46. Bsau i:s trying -to get backhis birtlirighr.) Christians worship a Hebrew (Jew) taUed Jesui $,atan uses counterfeits:

Malachi 114, 2:1;~2.·2i9: 3;$-7-_ The church, tryin,Kt((l get,mone\y> lUak~ 'a t:O'iltra~t·Vi!ith .. the-b'anJ<·et - iRs .(Q~neelio:aage_ncy(')ft,he pri~at,eJy b~eld_ Pederal Resetve B.arikjb1:inging the Cb:i:J:I'0h~-ooder the earse bydiso6ey-i~€:lod/sJaw~~ Love·o£m0ney:,by ,ilie ghureb htings on ~:e cUl"'se:lry only teaGttiIlgpartial insftuetieo 0f God' _ word. Love for IRS ~ontriM~ tions [(£I get yOUJ money, debt to build a oi"g building t6ija~ 'ana Dig N~ijflhet's sal~ 9rings~on thl;: ~Jll!Se. l~Y'~<;:~Rtra_et:, the IRS !;!Qntt~t~ the Qflur(§h_, Tlrardn beM6Iatry. The IRS'"can be :the idel; pla,(:)j'itg ;the-IRS _ful't,~{] Geed's lawsecond. tdol w_0I§hW i~ a curse tq the merabers.ef' the-,chur-<:h - toe G'U:!?Se ef de:bt and. H~.~ "w,¢.altl.i,. Ma'tthe"Oy6$.:4,Jm,S vi61ares this verse); '6124'; B:~13, 1:6", 7';m~ i'6", 'J ~2'l" "l!:-2ikZ-7i, 1:2:; r8--€'l ,- 1~: 13'-"20, J 7:24-3.2, ~l :13", 2!:37'40, 2j; 1-4,.2:5 :25, ~ :2:&,241.11,24':24, 26:1 ~3Q (We did .not bury thetaleru, we ;gave it, away ta be gi_yen liliili}t as-a lean, which is a greatersin.) Mark 4:,19, 7:6~9. 7:20-2-iJ',JO:17~1:~1, 12:~1, ~4:1, 14ill. l!-l-:56, LUke 3:12-14,4:5 (Gou ere~t~ ir~nTJ wlie_:n man disobeyed, the devi-lgoHfby deceptien-:-and by creating m:oney and loaning; ito,ut4--: 18-1'9, 1:~9-301 L_O:~O"j_1 Bel~ those whQ have been roJJbM.),, 11:4-2o.M, :rt:46::S(2,.J3:2,3-28, }~:,1l~15, l·g::ZQ, 19:8 ~f the banker repents, he neelIs ttl repaY' us. the. note lie~'dep-(1)s1:ted.), 10.1:ln 3:r_p..i~-l~,R,;44-4~7',iActs 13.LO, 20:2,7, Romans 1:2:8<5:Z:.,2:2J:, 12':-9-U~ 16::J.7<.'H) (GUntraIo/tO llie tea0h.i.ii$"-1'.

Tltep~X1;v,er;:;e uses the'New AIn~dYlll1.Standat(lJ3_ible-· 1 CQrir)~s 5: ll- 13· (A,swindlerwiU goto JielHuldj_s not"a Gbris:tianand 'if they elaifh t9beaCfuistian.,l1avt'; nothing to'db wifh them, Th~~q1i 8hQJi1<l_:~,tay,. a\vay-€r01h sWin:dlets:), :6;9.';: ] ,1, ,1 Ci};-26. _2 CI;jri:ntrua:ns H :!~t G-~til"l'.l1S' 1: DC$. l1pheSi&ns.4: l4-'15 ,:4:24-'28, $:71, 5 :n~ 13 (eveidet tile: prea-eli6t's sal&'Yp_e vl, 1igb:0, ~:l~2_Q (truth an:cl rigbteQus;q~::;). Celpssians, 2:8-1 Q. lTh'e.s.sal-tiiruans 4:6-8. 2; ,[!iessalO"Ilians:hL4-:-15. 1 'l'itiiotliy \.:9- 1'9:; 3; 1~ 15. ~:3-10. 2 'Timlli:hy 3:25-26~ ~,:26~17, 4~1~-g.: Titus 3:9~J 1. Ffe_1;frews 1:9,0;6: ia$:'$'~ 1~~1_&, 5: 1-2. I Pere-t' 3.: 15'. 2 :Pe~t 2':_l-5'. l

- ., -

J'16.lm' 1 :6,2;21, -3':9-10,. ·2 JO'l1n,J-~41rntl 1~9-11(Oo TI0t"parti'Gilpatewitlr

the bankers.), :3' TQba 1:2. 4. Re,yeladon2,:,B'-9, 3:9. 13:11-19 (bahker~~ cashless' sQPiet)l:'), 14:5.~ ~5:4, 18;4, .(B,aMton Is cQmm_efce.banking shw.), 21 :i26-27, 22:15; (God does not change) Malachi 3:pJ-I~7" 13: 8.

,Now, you are ~,d with the truth and can truk't0 the Je·<tdef of your chuieD.'Why tithe t¢ a Gh:QJ'ob':..tful~wiU netfollowthe Bible? Many, chlIf9he~ are merely businesses {Ie&~gneG. for tl:i¢ pre&.che:r ·:til a~umula,~e gold and Si1~~f ill ¢iJ.:~C1: qBP_0st!iP~ tQth,e teaching of Jesus in.Matthew 1 O~9' ,1 Petei 'S':l:-2; 'E_pheS,rans: §_:7;-11 and Philigpians~ 2:l0~21. The pr~acller,sa.Ns tith~ but violates the law: of.God wnen tl'rey ge~ alean, 'FI~e pi'eaCtier is ~g a dili~n~;nt 'd_0cp:ine, 50 wh~ .1?arti.oi"Qaie in the preacher 's sin b.r tit:1:llntlTithe!l/cQrilribtttlOU:SiP. i1l:e N.ew Te,slam_~:was fer the needs of the sain~s. Leviticus '19: 1 0 AC$,4~2,..37, ACts: 11:29, Acl& :zm31-3s, Acts iO,:Q9; 2 Th~Sfll0nians ~,6--~, :h8-14, <;brin.thlans 4:: 16 and j I : l, Matthew 6!3",4, 19;.21, '26:9, Mark 14;5. Rom_anS"ol.2~ n, 15!:26, i. COl'iuthl;ms, '$;4- 5.;Fl :) 4, James 1 :27 . Regarding Old 'Testament Law (t.the)seeAGts ehapter 1'5, ',(ets,es 1,5,S-JO,l4il-2P anQ_28-29. CbJ;\s~ tiatts'-~1i9 n_eed fiDan~lp-ti the- was to he e'atetl, before the Lel:.ct S~e

'. bevjticus chapter 19 and De'.U:te),o!iQin~,14:22-29', DOes-yomchmcllJ eat 14~1ithe'a§ a group?Why ri0fl Iffuey are a'])fosp_euzy p_reachingp_reacQe,r ~yii:J.g,titb'e ap._d 1ihey do' not·~n yO\! a~9ut the truth about t]le Bible.say,ing bink loans are a cUI.$" they ;$'~ Itot tellip'g-Y-!llJLth~ wbole:lIQ:ttl. If' P,~9P'j:~ stqp,p~d. funding preachers -who. refuse. to tell lire trurh, tnose prea1'lher&:w,0_l'lid go Qun~£J:'lu~in~ss,and th.e'QA~-;~ who preach the, truth w.ill keep greachihg. EVery time'~ve tQ~Qn:ieo'q~ 'tI¢Cei-vi:ngpe:OJ)_l~, you participate-in tb,ei;r sin, Stop sinning and they will stQP.'G(inGealing;

the truth.

Before tithin:g to.a €hure9" .yoll,should a~-!l:fIP\I( q uestions. Is- the.preacher building ifie -Pr~her'.s lti:ngdom (bi$ .8,alary and big b1,lildingllJ ~I-' ishl~ b~il~II.gGo.dfs,kingc!..!llllGQd"'s way,ru;:fl:te BW!e feUS tis tt)".dO? @an the ptOO(;I'i~I 16Qk)'on- in.the eye $,G tell you that;bewYll~l~~w God's way GOll~erning tithe, m6n'ey. bank loans and USlUg- ta1entsTlfJle. will trot folloW GQd's-w~y, why f1Ieyou f911Qwing him ,arid;~ving :liiIti· yoili ;y_ii6ney? ~Ttfhe~is :designed. to putt God first an:d God say-s'1~ is-better to obey than sacrifice. If you do notdbey GGd:s--way. YO,ortitbe means li~de if a:ny~hi.ngiu G€ld:s .eyes. :ff1l1l the churches-did it God's',way. ancl1it:Gpped


preaChing in .paEtlality an:!! '[9['0 tllE'~Whole: trutb:,everyO-n.e- would have more m-O.Jley:and .the church w6tf1d use the vole to bring back godly

go\o:etmnent ' .

Ha:'leth~'P.rMch~ lead Tom s fii>Stoaruong ;boQk, Vel urne 1, and .read thisparr ,of,the manual eonGeru:ir;.g,th:e I!wlA. ,After_he kn:ows.tll,e truth, see i£:b_e,will {0110-...., it with·bis'wMle lleart,Or-not:waot to te-ll the-whole truth, Tell eve!yene in -ymrr church, Have them re~d.the w~p$te __ HeJp those ,wAoellil!_r,ace the truth, Some pteacb:~'s w.1JJ say7tbat tJiey GO ,nt-it want to germvQNed. ;rh"ey are>a&ai:itllieyml:gllt offend' thebanker or ate afEaidlliey lllignflose· litbe mQI!twl>,y upset:tl.ttg ro.~rnbe;rs- 9ftl1~ ehureh, s.-~; G~ati~ ]:J Q-'l1 and then GalatioiIs .1::.6;;9. ·Tlilil means-thet they. are .afOre i1itete&i:@{l in tlleit, Sa'HtfY" putti:qg ri1QI1t}Y' first 1nsteafil ~(iiNj~'d fliStdhan preaching the-tcuth.lf"yon:r pt~a:c!1~:fS ~lryc(~f.this_, t:lienJR~ is invlQJatiOJ10r Matt:lrew 6:33. Per 1 TtlfI,(;)tJiy'dliij:iter 3, the PIMd~is to be free. ft0!ll the love of m6'ney, and W~upPQtt~e- .1Jufu. n9t;~~e PaWJof sordid gain. liketbe;CongreSsmeu a.nctj:nd,ges w-fio t$e the liahker's bri.D'e money, M.oney 1S gIven: to ouy tlieir ,silence when ili:ev'shQuld be .speaking Out the-truth. '~e~ J t±mp-tby'6:1Q. B,y"cloing sq, th~ pteaehe:r is' r~_l'lre:s~nti;ilg'hls ill~reSt$iln:d E:ot'~om; b'e,§tirft'ett'l·s·tS. "Portliey au' seek .after the-iriOW-lljntet~ts •. not those-ofChris» Jesus." PblJiPRians heloves hi~cpe@J~le; De will telltbli;m!:heJnitb..inid e:ndfb$S-ll)v,ety. "Y@u were botIght, "With a p.dce;d'O n"tlt oeci>:m,e slaves 0f men.", per ] Coriritlii.ansl':2--.3. Ra.v0yom preaCher~]ldthp~lavery~~ telling'th~ truth or find.apre~d1er wh:Qwi!Ltell,thed:tIith W1d_foll6w fu~ Bible. I£::ftle~tell 'y,())l to give money to;1he~£hmch; t'h,enlliwe- them tell the whQl~ trlJ:fu.0T ,stop @'ving. Give. to S0meQn~ who,:wi,ll tell the truth,

,ShOuld you leave .a church that will not qpey flre Bi;qle? y~s, Fler2 Thf'!_I?,~onians 2~tQ, 3,6 and 14~AlSG see 2 John. vetse9·~ Ib<llfa~R!0mans 16:L7. TOm's, orgmation is,J,Q'Oking fGt,cnu.r6be:s and:ehiistian~ wlIo want tfl Ie'am how to: use "theb.aidking syswU) to 0t1F'B;dV'an:~ge:jli':l(il.get buge-retnms .pnm"estmen,ts 50 we have'theTIi0trey to bring "this nati.on back to a Chtisti:allliiition.

w~ are'g that yO'07will jQ:in us i:ft this .great venture. ffne n1mmh Tom.alQm1iled had huge deot. The first $5 evefyone gave we~k1yweru, ~o the, banker to pay the interest, Iltlte:'ebure.h dig itGo.d~s:~ayal1d,s_ta:y&l

. out of debt fIIl,dd,Qubled money' quidcly there WQMl~ be an~overfl0,w of £9o~y'.~f6re any'Weekf¥,offering-'op~rating~un'cle.f tne. bless~ and-not the ,cUtse. DOes yQur chur~ 91)~ate under: the blessin.g or the curse? S'Qmy ~pre~lwr:S'o/illatgQe to follow the govc;rnm_enI;.Fetel;" answered .tb~s inAets 5:2-9 and RbIDanS IS:l. The.gqv:~millg ~trt1t0rityis our Con'stituti0n~ prQbi_bitglg tOd_ay:_S bqillcing-system denying TI$. eql1a1p_[o~ctiQD.

Here-are some fgnvt'Wses: Matthew l8:3,and 7:21. Joba3-:16-, Romans 3:i3~31; 1O~9-l-3. Ephesians,2i8-'9, Titus ~:~> G;a1ati,01;~dm" John 1:.1,2- 13,

Why;,dia Jesus die ?Read: 1 CorintbiaIl$'15d::4,Ro_mans,S :6i Marld'O,45. eoloss:iari~ 1:i4, He.tne-w:s9:22:,Rey~latiriri 7:14, 1 Peter 1:1$-"19. :ffis lllQ:gp _redeems vs spititua'Hy £romSa\9D'~ clahn: Oil ;tjs: Once' we __ are' nedeerrie-d,--thenJesu~. wp~osp:e'r,just as the Israelites Wli!~-re,deem:e~tby; pJ9~!'IonP~s()ye,r, and then were fF6y,Q fr,qm Egypt to 'pros-P'~,:tn therr own land. Notice Jobn lQ:IO "fht'; thtefcomefh not, but for tosteal.Rill an__d ;Qes1T0y~ I am a.orne that-they mig!u have life, and, that thy might illI,ve~t- more abi:uiuautiy/' God wants .¢> to prC:)spe.; anarto -heLve an abun'daui_life'§~o)har: w¢ can> ill thar eondfIitin ofr_prosperity mrd freedom "'-no,t Qll~·,o.t-uee¢ssity .,. freely chodse to ~gr~ with His way pf ·life; f.Qt- all eterriity. GOG uvesln l!we_S~)Ine spjtudpr and. wec'ilth, We 1I111S ex perience that:SJI1:O~ W~th t~ enough this hwnan 'trainiHg,g;r'-OuQd fustii.iD. :o~-deF, to rrsake-a legitimate citQ1CE:,t§>;i'1hat way of life. Satan~s,$trafugy is to st~<il. our, weqlQl-_'~d proSyerity so we can never-ex:_peii~nceand q-hoose God"s waY;6ElifeL Q-od~&.:angry aboJ]Ij,()U]1 GQm:p1i~it:y with Satan-'s money system based on debt; ~QW1t.etfeiting runl 'wmd:li'rtg! JtJstbefo.J:e; the-end of'a~, God willhave a Remnant of pe:9R~_ who willa~n to llilS fraud and .sudd~i1y- aris_e m c011eqf!ro:rni sp9il and plunder this-money sy::;ti!m CRab 2.6-;8; 3.J2~14; Isa 23.18;: 52.1~3; Zech 2.7-11; Mi9Rh 4,6-13}~otliat God dill use-this Rernnantto ~~rll1 (l've:__f?t PE0~-O'uS nation'as an example of tb.i? pI:Osp¢1\0'US' way, of life that God-wants all peo:Rle--tel1a--~¢ - &.0 we can choose to esca~ ibis' world, just as, He Plovi'd.ed ..the:.people iil Noah 's days'wi:t~ a witness of ~ WaY of life ~.d chance to.escape, .Read' M~9®6.and see bow Goo, -sttOJ1&lyiildiitls Ris:Re,qpJ~ for allqwJ.nglhisTlIianc'ia-l caste-system (Mj'cab ,,6_2, 1()"'13) ro',g-o'on,:and how the punisbment wiLl be stc__kne~s1oI"th0se

"'4IO ,do 001; do ~o_m~thing·aboJll i.q f{QWe¥er, the acwakened Remnanu will be delivered and (heir fortnnes restored (Upb 3.12-20)!

%:trjs J ~s_u~,? Th~S-0TI' {')f,m:a-nt:brop;gh till! virgin Mary;:and God was His .Eafuer Lhroogb .the Holy Spirir,'f6r God is Spirit per John 4::24 and the, flrst few cha-ptets ofMat~'r'i M'lrls L~ and John. Read ~'Petet 1: 17, ,MitfueW'~: Hi-,l7, i._llke 4:8, 1:~5i Isail:fuA3:] e.n, 44)6, Rev~lali6n 1 ~8,

1,:1';7, 2:8, 2Z:.8~9, John 8:58,1 Timothy 4:'lQ.}ohn 4;4+~ 1 J(:lhn..4-:1'4, 1:{ebr~ws 1 :5~6, Jolm 2,0-2'8, A:c!s:4: ii, 5~3~4" 13':2~Matth¢w WaO;A_ds $:2~, John 2:19, RQmaIis.8:11, 1 Timothy:2:S-; Matffiew 18:\\9, John 14,9'--- 1@, 101m 1 O:3Q~33', Galatians- u8; t 1_:imot11~ 4- .r, 2: O(minthllm'S P :J3~ 1j Colcssians ~::i-l__O, 3:16, L 'Yun:otl",¥ -3:13; 2 Tin'lothy: 3:16~ 2: Peter L:2ID_-21- and Matthew 424. These verses tell you whe has ~(l:utl)_p-J;ity to, .make the rules.

'Does J011rcliurch fbHow the Bible OF cnang~ ~--Bili1e? In,the'Day',of ~Ju~mDent; you wJli b,av~ to answer t4is, I\l-oostibn .. (3(jd wa1rts' Us''t0 prQs-

. p"ir ~o be bleSBed, see Isaiah Lt.8:1S-f7 3 foliln verses L an~ 2. GQJtjust. wanl<;- you toput.Hlm £i11it~p!aee in ¥9U! life and HinlhQefli)t¢_ mpqey, ~ttQew 6:33:) not Q-fter the 1RS1a'Hleduttidn and- deo.tYBuildtl1e: CallICn ana your-holile ,using Q'od'S ways, HOL the bankers 1W'fJYs,. Gociga¥~ us tlleJIibJe so we--wo~td be bless.~9 and)lot cursed. God.,~re--~ted;[he earth. ;~:a 'Lru;-d~yjl triedto st~H t:J:jrbugh~cteating-moneyaRQ l<'la:n:ingii.out, getting the mortKa~es ffi)f free, ~9 that you Q~ moretrl;bJIte (m(ijpey) to _the~devii tb~ '~9 Gog by tithuHt- Sawh'.Qi.s I5'rst place in,'YOill-.lif'e, God .Of thede~il? It dOes -not .honot-God to &1ve GO(Ys money to tllf!' devil. We-must ODC-Y G9d. 'Utllingis'<illabQ__lltpUtting QQd_fiFst;. Wll%I'e yoW ro.Ofil!y go~ te;1lsY,Qu-who i$ofl'rst-1:n yJ1m)ifeantl in y'OUI elmreh,

God's; hankiIlg s~st~IP is fO!x:pl~d W D¢.lIte,t0Iiomy lS:1-;L4. ¥0u~ar;e 'not-to (tellifu:b;in debt 6r lose your lnhei:i:taDGectiIi'Ough fOr.e01!!lsure. )fou be the lender, Jl(jlt the Q01I9Wer.


Jho$eg_o'tngto DonrtargJring the¥banking syst;Incwilltose.!fy0u tell the jUQ$~ that the bank lenflluedit '01 di~n~tofoLr0w !h.e C:onstin¢on, you al~o Jo~. A class ''8:Gtitm Iawsuit will fail If you do 'Ilol.;slidw that (fie 0a:pita:h for the.Ioan, came·hElm· yon, you lose, If !ihe bili:J10Can SllOW that the banklent }!ouLfie bankY§ mo@y, th~ judge' willforee you; t~ repayjhe m.()Uey re£ardless if you de_ny-itt!> yom sig;nature,orno.t. The banK will usetth.e form.~agr~Iil~nl r- wi&jour signatrtt~ tgFclairii iliatthe bank1~nt· mOID;'Y'tQ:Yo.u,. To be sl1c:GessfulYQu.H1ust'sl1ow, that tbi! substanee .. h6t>'k_~ k,*pil~g.entii-esJ(GM.~), W.e-Ie the 6pj:>~s.iti?: ~f the fQmii, subStantiaI!-.y, changingJhe.cm_st and.risk,

fUis: very MlptuL:~o bave a 0eA expert witness traine-I'J< oy Tom SQbauf . using T,9'ln'~'~0i_Jyrighted CPA repQFt. The n.Qtioes are used~ to 'efeallil.aD· 'a,rgup1e)ft to find out wQaHhy, t~jID$ antt.€ondirlgns are. ofcthe agrooment. TIiey. <fannQt explain it, yet' they wr:Q_~ it.;ffi.tliID: nber:e is an ag!;~ml:)nt, ~o;let thenH~;x1llain.Y611 are-always willing [Q.re_p}Ly the lOan in tJ:re,sanlespeci<} ot:JDoney (cJ'cilit they used.ta fund tb:e loan: per G'AAP, thus ending all interest, and liens, if they,t:;J;U:l show y6'u theorigln:a\,uJia1- te,(edliQte,.n0t:a-forgery, and 'tl~,u th':::y purchased' it frOIT! Y0W (no t sto'len) lintl. ioU0wed' GA:AP.

TJleyarii iiJ.oneycnangers s-; se t1iey::i~fuse the same ' mbne'Y. They 'ao rilIlt want yon to do' t()ttu:imascl1,eyhaN~ done to yOll. Theee are t:W,9' kinds oi:'-moneY'-M~neiissu~.~ by th('j gti*,enl-i1'ient and ll(:mi!Y createdlly the,Q®k by. depositing y,qur m1)ney - t'fire p_fQrnlssory D'~te,iDid yomrsignatum.;agr~ thatthe note is -mon~y to be d¢:j)osited?l3:ow, yiyO'9 had -I'ltllm6w ledg~? Sig_n,&tu:r¢ means !bat you agJ;_~e\to (he v@d,i~"df the dOctimeIitlttansacti;q:n~ The h.arikcrum0t ~xptaJntue·p.6:11c::y.or I-k)()~e-€p--' ing ~mries. naTIlte't;S bate it when ~pm~dlle. :datnis the nete js a f01;ged:d6cnmeul!. 'The-bankers' ::S-eeretTuanual tha'tTelll oOtamed'lsnow;s' now ilie ~an~:tS bate iYwlien someQlleu!!-iirg 11 real defenSe' of.fraud m-· tbefac.~ elaunsrtnat the banklsJl0t'a.!:toldet in dueeo.uFSe,.Jf one does" iro~'ob.allene-e-,tliat the bank is. ~h01der, 6rn01a~F :in.gne c.QUise, the judge -will 'prr€-S1lf£Ie $cat tbeoankle·gW-lr ow:ns'tb_e' i1Qt(3aniL:you Plustp.ay:. TO win, lii.stety slilMs~tha1 Que: lD:US~ sh'Qw breach of agree.m~nt sU'Iee the ,bank never paid 01l~ cent to p~ase your note from 0/00.1'1 tflck to get

your note and opt pay fer ~c 1& UQ_just enriohment, A bOIT0Wer has the right to, believe the bank followedrhe lawper G4AP, 31¥;lRUTChased the npf~ fr~Il1 the,bOf(OW~I. No title passes With arnett t:lt. a fO!'ged:g9~umentThey will.try to. ge.n~~EI to say thaut is your signatiIr.e.lf-yob ever s.aY'"it is y:~ur signature, Y0uadbllttedctQ tb,_e va;tid:iJY.Qi"'the do_cument. Look up the word signature" inrhe law dictionary.

A~fOf heJ.p. ~ te see if someone can lielp you wWJ Itb.~ c9urtIpC@l pr0cedures an:d papeFWork.:&ernem:~r historically the banking-strategy: 11~ changed every 3.0 to 90, dq_y& Old ~trate:gtesJai1. We believe that :ill bQr:t-owers sho,l;lktr~p_ay all lenders pet GAM. We belieVe.j):), equal protection.We believe that the: J:nre'nt- of the !!'m~~ment is thar.per'GAM?, the ene who funded the loan: should, be repaidthe III()Jl:ey~ We believe that there sh.ouldp~=-n9 CQDt;:ewment of the' agreement or its m;at,_erial boO.kke,epingentrie.s. .Se far, tiO",l:)aniW has answered Torn'sadmissions. $,t,ud:y ~Otll;,t :ad:nris_§i.ons and suri:imaty judgmen: iit:l;l~:y 90 ];Qt answer the aCliiiissiQ't):s.

Uno new ,fu0I1ey;.w~ c.t:eated.aslfh was a loan from a friend, tb:e:re is no breachof agreement.

If you wah(t0win in C9114; you must heJQ the judge help youwiiliout' asking the j nd~etodiree:tly go against,Lbe b!lflkjng sy tern. J udges Iiave secre.tly Jtt.e·t witI1;.9S tg ~~I? us, Many ohherrics.ecret1y'~an.t YOUJO .:win. They have.asked-us to present ii c3$e,in fiJe'R'!=oper way' .so that the:y cali b~lp I!S. If .}IOu ~laJ.m jt is,st61en 'and forged, the jpdge;§,3n ask the bank to When the bank c.~Ph then the judge mmbelp you., Th~ Qank does not want f6 talk about GAAP aj)cgtbar is -~x~u:~tLy wb~t yqu want to discuss" in d~tailwltJ;I ajlll'Y, listening. Per tbeoa'gte.ement, 'is th~ PJ'.olni§sory note tno:n:tW or to be used lik~"mon\!y to give v,IDtl'e to a cl1e6k or silJ!iladnstruinenf'l rfy:es, youfunded me lbao:; so why 31"_e 'yOu It'!:paying ,inrer:eSt and pnnQiple tQ a,.p~1Y' who Iefused to gay you one C6,ntJo p,ur~ OMS!! the ptOmiS'S0ry. note frOUl YOUt?' Anyone blJyjng the promissory :nt5t~ from the o[i.g;inal lender knew llI.e, b,o'okkeeJlw:~eqtries we.r.e the opposite from what YO\I '1,l1l:d~tood the-agreement to be. Jftliey,,~annot tell you what the b00kkoopittg~e:ptrie$. wene, ~Qw ean Q:I~yprove they, lent,-yo"Q one .~e~lt of ~~ir money 10 purehase your p:£.O.rIDssf:)rY:!lo~· :fi:o~l. you, prb¥ingit W(!S opt i?toIM?

E¥~ if y~:p whr, :yoiitf.we~n.i')tb1p·g{if.lihey go '1;0' a natio'Qa1 IQ 'card. We: nill:st wake :ilp Ailwrieans aD'CPdb. ff1JOW. The vote is the ~ns:wer. They can 3ilwaysi'eb1i.ilgf<'th~ll,aws to Jree,P' ~o.u in dJebtun'l:ess we can. v9'~i:n a tnre CAaflge .with go:vejtp:mept:'empJoyees,paSsmg, law;!> aJ1.<l,jud~s drat represent'I1$MO not the bwes,s. Use the law andthe vO.¢.to change the}tn and use tne rnetn0q t~ ~aphu~e irtv.Mli1;tJ:ent


Tom~;'!.S sl16wn you tite,his,!0ry ofpasr etlur.a'00m argumentS, 'Ehis noes n-6i;gu:arrart1~ that ,you wi'll yriq.Bankyrs ~ave 01:fanged'stiJ1.regie!}'ana no[[owersCliave co·artged.stra,tegies evety ,mw,roonths. You GM;:expl;,ct 'this manual to change eVeF-Y f~w weeKs 0T mCil,illb:s tp. keep 4P With tlie la.test ~b~~li, TQID expeets·t@ only/print ~~quailtitiesof1'h~ manual' ali.a time LOKeep Printing the latest it(fpp:tllltign.: Watch fbI' the Ellanl;i~~~swith the cllan&e~ to be'~oun€ed[6.n t1i.~ we~siW:

'banldwmesty .com

F:dty tt:ith:eG'~d flf the BiBle. AsRthe,C:br~tian@o(l wllo this nation ,wac'S .founded on f0fwisi:l@ill, gpidance, dll:eef;ion;tlnd k'n:)teQtionl.Ulthhat' Gg.d woukt zraat us favor an'd Qle~sing'e:verywfiere W~ gQ~ We must leatIYtl!l

, ". 0-

llveJor GOd.and country, T6m-req,noots tqat li'0u'p:ray f01:: blm 'Oil a-daily

ti~is. :Piay mat Qod,would, gjv,echirn pi:&t&:ti'0n, favOl\_b lessing:ftnct~danc.e-ili'aU of Tom's [ctivi'ties:and 'fuatT0ID hear '{he voi~e ¢ Ged ail'd qqiOkly 615ey~p~ay tnat"J:1>m wou15 be pnr~ana bol~ b:efore God. Tom belleves'that we Will,wili ~na:ti(;)n OR 0l'liiJdte.eS before a holy God, tbe

el:ll'istl$ GlOp of the Bible.

The benkersbave tried,.to t¢e G~d put of our stb;aQls, g~)Vymmerit,. and way of:tif~ 1"hey:;must try . alia. dQ this b'e,fore goingtG a c$hless soc;iety, knowing that reaiChrlSti~"W9\11d o'bJet:t;:per Revt:;1ation ~13;. ']]he~.·are fighting against God and tney willlo~,e. Goa ~~pMredly:,t~l . U~' to k~p the faith and no~'ttl fl:laJ;. PI') not fear them, {>nly fear Jesus. liti.e b$'rle IS the"1..e;c;Th. We sifuply Will (i).b.eY',·th~ 1{idg'Gf Kili~"Tom ~Ohaufllas put' Jesus mst in hi's life. J850'S is the.Kir!!r and we simply Qbe.,y Him. TOfll say~ that GO'd is, dl~ dn~ who _put-the ljarudng Q.00ks to'geJibeJ: 'an~ ~, rnanaal and websites. Go-a ~ '!;he,ane' behind. all of Ibis, ani! He will out allow it 10 fall. Oneq.ay, Tom may give ,the detro1s of flOW G.od. djd so .many things l()'put·;ill.'ofthis.togetli:er. 'Jom:giv.esGod theglOty fOJ au of

this inf6rinatioll,oooks:, and:;m·an~~.As~ yo..ur cliurebmembets foj'Oin !IS_in living for God and .€owltI')',and briQ:g this natien back tpo the God 'Of ,'our Bounding Fl\thef_S. ~ the churches Join fu with. US; we wi11hav£ won.

Remember tlm.ttou can Ulake'<l',differ~ce. Wh"bn IOn oocaffi¢s20'b ,an:d then 4Qq and 800 oeeomes.1,'600 andrth.~ 1l!,ms into 3,OQ(> websites and ev:eqren.elWts;out aver JQf) emails ancL'peopie read !he llOO),rs and get an,g:r~,and foIId.w us, w~tli.~~ de£ige:whojs;eieated inso office and we win h.a"e· wen the nation. People Will join, US.,WoQ8il th~ see. we have a p1an/tbanvill wOJ;_k Th~ b.ql0k. sales will fund us in saving tl;te ,t(ation. 'Iime is, mnriing: OUlISO db riot Osilay irt h¢,lping:us's_av~ the nation.

Nearly anyone iii Jhe,count~ t1:ying t,!?, get people-out efdebf leameitW'ld 'copie,d from Tom. Two l:aw cluU& (ill sehoels Sjgm;d.~gmemeniS" with :;rom to keep theinfermatlon confidential.and then 'Mi;o~d the ageee .. '~nelltS:They,lostneatlY'evBty'lrourt case sirIlpl'j' In changi I).g dew, things. Ti)mclhy!; With '!gLlj)u,Q 'in Florida clainiingt@ eliminate dePJ, Ue,ir-Jl1l!11paI says that fuey .Je~ed a;bOu.t_it tbrop_gh a ePA. Yes. it was 'l'oii1:: They 's~gn~ an agreement ofcorifidetitiality in frO!1tQJ a witn~s_~'. Tom l'efused to work with th~n:;I ~I'tbi~. They have beea telllngpeQple'tQ send'th.e credit cat-d €:ompany'$$ Ul~€;f:i 1>;I!J( in full. If you~[ea-d me UB~ you Will see th<!J the-credit dard'Gompany"iS c&.rreiilt an§i.Yi;tUeannet use this stfi:itegy-perttl'e'UGC f01: cn~d:it Cald: companies. People ga\(~~e ~opl~ in Florida$.t,:OOO fer something pt;{F the uce that does not wotk:Jr did W0rk.. in limited cases with 10w credit card balanCes ~~cau~eitwas a lo.w enough-balance ow~.ditwas notwerth pursuing.

Tell ,eve.ryone to Pe Gafe:f_f!l. of the people who tiopy, TOh1~swo(k,_ The copiers do not uriders{;:tllo what :lilltl why ;peop~ win or 1.0Se. in €ontt. This manual w¥ put t0~therS0 dint pi50p.1e can: gettLtejnfopnati:on:,{or '$27§ an;d ilOt ~peDd. $,l,OQQ~. Yes, Tern has speoiah friends tbat b.e gives ~ l~tt'!~t inside' infol11lJ.'ftion t~,.. 'Please jlis~ l>~ ,_Sl,]J'e·tb,a!.,.1'10. ,Pne is, taking' advantage 'ot-you anp ~onr friends. We 'ask" y,ou to foq.v.ard the Iatest good tnfermattcn ~(i Tom So tha~ 'ev_eryo~e: can benefit. Tha£ik:S fo.r 'eve:ryone'.s help tha~ has .been belping Iam in:sa\fing the na!!.p'U the-govern:rnellt~e lttv~, helping;us'useth~ !late-to change things the Ameriean way.· and replacing tbe.,gOve,m:ment emIi19yees that represent the b_ank-




The ~P~ow~gC!9CUUlents·<u"e examgle1l·of wharhas been ose:d b .'1. . ~o Ql:)t~ FULL PISCLQStJRE .G,fall.inf{>rDlatioll ab ' " ~ Qu;I~ ing' entries assb6ial! d ~th.l..· '. '".: -. qutthe bo~kkeeo"

e Wl u:leclo, an agreementfor;Cl-ed1, 't 0a:r;~- au"".1'J ' _J' .

and home mort ~,- 'Pl. _ " _ . " ~ .. ' l(\)..;10illlS

. '. g~ge~. ~$.~ <I1e,_, not legaLdocmnent'" DO'r I" ,_, ,"'" .

liflo1d a:l! . . " o. l1' .. gill auVlce

you..s . . ways'conSillt with:,<;:empetent legaIcoUJJsel. 'Db " _. - -.

are onlv for -vonr d .' , ,- ". I;)Se e~p~

- '- . v . J e ueanon 'and reference. you ... · :t' .j' L-'"

U ' ' " ' " ., . . --J-Uus eanb.l0,W tb lOO:k

pY,om .?WIl st~e:sraqn~s .. aocLregnlalIons and use them as uccess

wou,ld. be a good ldea tli start un-a local s't'''' " , -fo -,_ . :,:'~, .-aIY:, : (t

, . ,. . - :t' ", , uuy group. 0 ffJ.~nds: m: ,,'

area to help $bar~ the 'costS and time C d -,. -hj _ _',' _ .' i}'I'),ut

- -. - .,. .lor (')jng t s type 0f reseat6h.


Suggested Court Admissions

Tbe:f6!lowingare Admis:;ions ... admirer d~nY; tbdollowing. One:: needs toinQ~'a~sions ,t(l,fit tileiT'courf6aSe:. HXl,lIDple: the lender or bank involved in tlifl alf_eged loan. fallowed GAAP: If: it is a .credit card, you CjlI1'cj:umge the term.' promisso-ry note" to 'loan agreemeD):" OT "credit cain i}gri:!e'l:n.entand'pi:JIchas~" . a Fit.artgage broker, mrure sure ymo saj, "IillegedJe:Etd~r or financial m~t1Jti6n mv'G!ved,ur the ~leged Ioan",

I1Th"e l_e:pding bank fo116ws the Federal Reserve Bank's po1ieies and p.JQ¢dures.

2) Tpe le:p(!.ing bankllcG'e:pts aRspecieofmoney mandated~by the~de:nu Reservt; .B ank,

3} The1endingbailkf.ollows Ge.nenilly:Ac;ce:pt\'!dAccuunUng Principles; Ol':G,~.

4) Tne~lendjQ.g pank claims that they le~t money teJoe Smith.

S) 'Ille termsand sonditieus of the alleged agr~emelirdi;selos~d that tfie bank o(finan0ia:l instimuorr"il1volvediathe alleged loan was tt;> fISeihe bot(flwer!s' promissory note-like oras riI'0ney or cr~dh-whlcli msUltedin increasing th~ assets and lilibilitiesof '8 barik~s) arrd/er ffuantiaJ iilst!~_tion(s)..

6) 'T1~;len:rlS and.condinons oittie aUege,d agJ:t:;ement diselose tha.t the 0rjginall~nder never lent one cent 6Imoneya:.~ ad~uafec6nsideratien t1:5 the.promrsscry note from the a!le.gep~owet;

7). The terms-and conditions Of the. alleged agreement disClose that the eeonoraics of the lillege.d loan-were that the' borrower is protnissury l1()t~· was ex;cllangeQ forsornething.ofequal value like money ora \>$lI: check, Of oatik dr.aft or ,'>iinilar- delficethat was returned. to the borrower as ~ loan.

8) t)l,~ teJ'ills and eo~dit:iol1s of the: aUegetl agreemerrldisclese that a l;iank,or financial iliStitotiU0:n was tQ accept tbe borrower's promissOI)""lyofe like l>a:nk,s accept::riloney and use thevalue of th~p.nmns= S.oIY note to create' neW maneyor ctedi.t.

~) The t(}nnS c?-llrl cendifiens of the alleged loan 'agreement allaw the bank to recerd the promi!;"soI1Y"lrote asanasset of a bankor finansial iqstiWtion resulting in a new liability of abank or financial rastirn,tiOll.

lQ) 'ffie 15.oGkteepingentries oftbe promissory note:sn.o\:'Ys·tbat the bank


or fi.natiCial [Pstitutiol;l';r~coJEI~c! the lJrQmissgry note 'as an.asset of. the b3nk(s} orfinaacial.institnrionfs) wsulting ina new lial;l.ilir,y of' t:h;y qank(!,» orafl5l1lGia!mstitution(s).

11) Meon:lmg fo the lebi1i>-UJjd ~ontliti0.n~ of the alleged loan, 'GA'AP Waj) to be f011owed,.inciluding the rnatcliillb1J1.rintiple as-outlined in GA~ (ri4at<;hirlg-,Qrineiple Jl1e~ i(!i';gu~tom6T deposiJts mei:J.ey at a Bank. thebahlC must CteditJlie Same .customer'_s cl:teckin:g'~~q>:Ul1l sh_9wing a b!l!lk )4;~i lity-i $bo:w.ingJ fhat the baiiK owes money ttl the same.>ttl~t6me.r. )

12) The leading bank <writein_Jendei's li(iti:ie), agrees_that the in-

'tent dhbe~me;nt requirestha; tht!pat1y who 'provided the money that funded the loan is lo,be'j;epaid tile mone,y, plus lq"rgxest

L3) According tothe loan agreement, the bank or finimGial institution, i'nW)lved ill' the allegec1 loan is Ip use :th~,bon::9wer's promissory note as money, money. eg'uivalent. Ol:-tiliilg or, value to .give v<iJ_lle to batlk "",hel;k:~.or b!pik Ql:aft,~ or bank: w~ transrers,

14JAetordin'gtQ GAAP bo6J*e~ping,enttie~._rS!garding t1!e,alle~d Loan and J,)Jo]'lli~or¥ nom, banK or i'ii:lllilcial-inStituti,ohll' assets alld-liabilities in-ere.ased J~y 3P.QtQximaJely the ameunt.of the alleged loan.

15) The' aHegeo borrowei: is allowed ro repay. ~ tOM us.ingth,e. same: sgetie of-mone,y 01: credi t that the baUk used to fun'd the alleged Ioan, thus endfug: all lie,ps and interesr,

16) The.intent of tbe-allege;d agreement is tharall bOITOWelR must-tepa)' <;l)lleQd~ts.

17) Thecmten:t.ofthe allegMaweemeru: was,fQr the b'G;t;1:9Yle:r t(),p,I_9:vide the moneyi or money equivalenc or capital that the lender would use to fund toe ro~- to ¢'~ 6:9_rr9w~r.

18) The intent of the-alleged loan agreement was-for the. one Wb'9 proylqed the money to fund is ~0 De repaid the money,

19) It was agree_ct .iii tbeallegedj_:()an'agre~n'j.,enr"that: tbe .ecensmics of rhealleged loan was robe siinilat to steaIi:n~i c0wlted'eiJ:ifi~ arid s:w1ndl'irig:

20) Accordiiig to t1ie terms arid CQijditiQns, QJ thaalleged, loan agreemt;!J1t" money is r~ar.ded as Gash, Federal Reserve Notes and any Qtli&hnooey tbat. baIJ,~.$ ~Geptt1S lI1QJ1~y q:rn.t is recw-ded as a bank asset.

21) The tntent'o ftheallege_dlpan agreement is for the lender-to follow OAAp-.(eg:arding'the ptotnl1>~q-ty note as required by law or CPA


audit 'opinIpn..

22) The silta:lleclle'ilder wrote the alleged lO;;lThagr~Ul~t1t.

22) 'The current party ho:Lding: the Iillegea loan 'agreemenf understands theLe'fms of $e10}.lU agre,erne:ntiru:ludin.g..,tD:e tefill.lROfwJ'l-\'C~Y' who was-to pro:vide m6iley to,fiIDdthe anB~ed loan.



NoJ;ices-ar_e useUoa8 eMi.den€e 'thai the bank-will not tell us the details of the'agreement, People n1U~t'q;~~ their own notices @pe).il~ing on the s~tuatiol1~nd;cunJstan~5~and' l'l9W ilfe'- credit bard ioompany<-msp:oods:

Copying anotice does-not ctd It. You must-adapt the notice tp' Y9_ill s~~ation. Look-up the WO!qs '':ta:ei1-l'raeurati;OIi, tacit. tacit admtssions, - and stare deC'~si$~"fu t1ie law.dicti:anary. People use these wortls with breach Of agreement-and the following. AS questions in fu~ £oDll' of a notice. People send notice mithtbe: 18'q_uestioIIs and usiilg mcit pr_oc:w'anoD and-stare deaisis;c-theh send a second notice to cure th~ breach. and then.a tbird'll0ti;ce 91: def~ult'; p:~Qple usually gise the bank JO tP,S-O days tQ.(esp:ond People call1hecq_ueSuoris''ii:rquiries'' .irr the -notic'e'. The following.are 1 Rinquirie.5 for a credit.eaal G,_ompat):y (I?ep{lleebange tt fon ll1t:).n;gage.s),

1) 'Does Mr: Debt't9I1eetoLha:v.eacoDtT:act with Mr .. Y:91lf'Nam_e to colleet, ~ a:Ileg~d debt? Please [~sPQn<E with a Yes. or No In writing.

2) Is it true matwhenca credit card hclder signs a pl):f,C}h;ise receipt, ,that the ' as a bank -~et to give val ne to' a eheck or inarnrmeurer C1'~t' (l"iIa bank account, :resulting in a. nevi bank asset and new barik lia:bility?:Pleft$fl"___r~sRagdwith a Yes (i)I Nq in writing.

3) Is i~ trtI!e-~t the credit card cQmpaoyfQllpw-g GAAP, generally :accepted aoco!lI1tmg principles? 'Please respond with alfes or No in writing,

4) ,W$' fulI disclosure given reg'cirdiIig if the credit tard.hdlder was [0 provide th'efiJndillg;fbr the credit.card loan per ~()Qkk-eeping-~il FI~ase ~s,p(lnd with a:"'Yes Of NO'i:n writing,

$) Does llie Gteaitctt:rd; compruiy accept something of value from the credit card holder that is-recorded as an as;§~t en the 1100)$ of:aJinan~ cial j;ngntuti0U resulnngfn a new-liability on the b'Qciks of a-financial" insti:tiltiruit? Please fMpOHd with a Yes· or No in writing.

Q) Did the credit card f!.9ID.Ran-yl¢nd the credit card h~lder'!he 'liii:'ediJ c.3fd 'GomQany'smoney. Please res-pan a with a Yes or No in writing.

7) Isit !he intent of the credit ,I'::ardlp:;m· agreemt1:itt that the'party-who funded the 19&1, pen th¢, entnies, is to be repaid tlie money lent to ,ootmwerS? Please respond with a Yes or No dn writing:

8) AtcQr(iiIlg- to the bookkeeping entries o~ the-credit GaLQ ~om:paIl¥dr


financial institution invelved in. th~ a,Ile-g¢ Joan, wj,)_en a oreiliL card 11~M~opm<;:has~s .i:¢r~an'dis~ w~th flj~ creditG$d, dOes the credit <mid comp-any orfinanciahinstinniort inv61veel in the a1iege9 lpan_~]t';;l new-asset from the t;:]'ydlt-oa:r(lhold~l1l;h:atf:i;m.ds the tOilli ~0,rhe,Qredit 9atlih:of!:ler-i:nithe same,trans8Gti{lIf? Please re-sp-eliCl wifha Yes'OT No ill wilting.

~),pot(Sthe ered±t card c,>ompany pdlmanoial·,i'rlstitution i:n:volN::edin7IDe ecretlltl:are loan f,ecofd: anassetsliowing th<ltlliie credit card hgld~r 'owes money to the credit.card. GOH;lpan¥'QI' ftnallt,:i{l1 instituti0D In, volved in the alleged 10~Il? :elease~.resp-OnG- with Ii Yes br"'No in writing. 1 O} Dld fheci:edltcara company fullow the Jkcl~ral'R~se~rve "BaTIk's _ .. po_lic!~san_rup!O~dUIlisjntb:eqt'idir card Q.1UIli"@ti.oriS,? Plea<iejesp~mU with aYes oiNo-in writing;

U) Is it true tluit,aQcerding tQ; tl;te'~0okk_e<liI!inE;~ntJi-es, tI:l~, crt;qit tatp h_Ql¢~r_~$ thy lpan ~jj the.same'eredi; ¢l:itd liolderl! respond with' a'Ye - 'or No, in willing.

~Z)ls it true that, ,,:~cQ(di~_g to' the · ¢! of-the <::tedlt c.ard MID'tlan:y; the eredit-card holder is the Iender'to llie fife-ditcard eo"ihpahy?'Please answer with 'a Y-6~ or Ne inwriting.

13) is lt true that, 3P'G_ording t(rtbe b\!>Qkkf;epingentri:es Of iliIe credit. card ()~i:n:pan,y('jrIimlnoial :institution. 'ih¥d1ved-jn fue,all~g~d loan, new money or credit i~ cJ~a~d wberrthe gr¢dit G-"a:l'd bpl.C!.ti-f-pse.s:the credit ~~J'rg to make a Ru~chaseJ Please.answer with a Yes or N6 i:n,writin~; 14-) Is it true ttiaf, according to the agreement YSlU reeeived.pejmissien fram the credircard Jwlrle,r to .~en_y·th!'l c.r_e.dit· eard h91tl¢re'qualpr(J~tion under-the Ieao ~eement?'Please,rulsW€nVith aYes Of No in writing:

15) Is it true !ll<tt, aeeordin g t.O the ':a'g~e1l1ent;~ credi; Gardh01der agreed toeCoi1dmic:ssi.iililar to stealing, c01.JIlterleitin_goand ~w;iAQ1.iQg again$.ttI:Le credit card ho Idei? Please2afrSW~[ Yes OIL No. in 'writii\g;1' 16)is it tme that the credit oard·iiompany yi-dlatea QaAF, generally accepted accounting principles. funs making the, agI~~e_nt-nU'O and void? p~~ answer Yi;\s _(iif N6 mw;r:i:ting,

17) Is h true: tliat the cre:dit·cardfompari.y convected the credit card agreement and/or credit card purchasereceipts byrusing' fu:e, agreement andfor9r:~d!): C$Q purchase reteip.t$ as value t6·giv(tva),u~ to If'C-lieckor siriillarmsttument as: provenoy the h()okkeeping entries; thus proving that the credit card holder 'funded' thecredit t;:.ar_d purchases and p_fovmg


tfuit the credit card:t::0mp~y use.o falSe sratements that th~ c~di_g\ard cQmp~s m...o~y funded tbe:aredit card I?ur<?h~~'?Plt}as:e answer Yes er NQ in~~g;_

18) IS it true-that tae CI~t 'Gafdi company violated the matching prinriple gf o,A:AP in that if the-credit c8nfcgmgany aeteyted an-asset from thefu'edit card' holder. fh_~ cr¢iLcard GOmp~, dio netcredit a li-aoility a<;>£ounf~howm;g tba:tthe credit card company ewed 'j:lloaey to the.gredi,t card Midet.,.:for the asset[:eceiveQIrq:Jil the citedil.Gat'd;holder? Please answer Yes~r ~o. ~ writing.

People u~tlfe notices-to give·d~tails.'h(')'w'~ecf¢di.t card crompany 1)1'e.adie2 the agree:mefIt and meu'aSkthe:credit card (?ompany·tQ eiJ:hel' answer there q')lestionsand sign the affi:davk9J':Zero eut .the credit card balance. 'People the£! ll,S,~traud:ul~nt co):!cealnient, ta'cit'I!Ioc·UI<:\, tapir admissions, ~clSJ;aIe g~tti$is to WID tfifUU;~!1t. ~P'YQu use. notices like this, you-ate using admfnisuative procedures. People-use the-same str~at~gy_f0nnprtgag:e$.


Notice of Adequate Assulonee of Due Performance

CeJtifiei1 Majl#~ _


L Ben Robbed, hereinafter "Borrower" 999'BiDAv€


Pp,Feb 15 2'002

1Pt: Alleged credit e:ard number _' this debt is

disputed. Before 1 pay, I want t-o know the details at what the entire agreement is and if you- performed according to the agreement:

D~ officers a6d/ot ,agents for i,en~.r;,

It bas come to the attention of the alleged Borrower, after consnlting ,witb_.BQIIower, S CPA and rese.a.tcmng tbe:Un\~ St?1es Code, the cone,spondHlg'Codl!~of Fe~J'eralRegnlatibns. the Uniform Commercial Cede and certain Fedetal Reserve' B~* Publications, that there-is reason to' p~li:eve:tl{at the alleged Lender- is n.ol the.Holder in Due' Course of the Borrower's p:r:omiss~r.yJ1gte andJ.orma~, haifc breached the agreement cencerning theabOve-{eferen:ce-d, allegeQ loan. or loan' of.oredit,

Since the Hotrowerpaid m0ne)["in the form of 'a promissory note to the Lenderjnperfornr'ding tOa loan agre.e.m:ent. the Borrower-is now hereby requesting Adequate Assurance of Due Pe:rfonnante pursuanrto tree ':2-609 :!ffat the Lender has pCltoqned according to 111e loan agreemencand thattliepdginat' Ie:nderased their-'iJwn money to'(!l1Tchase.tite Borrower'sp'tomissory note. and ,di_c! not-accept the BbtroweJ:'s p.roJnis~ SO£] note asrilO:rie/f0.t1ike money to fund the check-or-similar instrn-


ment ilia! the LeIidetlil.eTh lent to the Borrower - whiob would nave' an eeonomic :~ffeat similar to s~allitg, cQ.u~et1iUting{~d swiudlin.g -,and 'that the Le.nd~f has f-Qflowed ,t~e' Federal Tlaws 12 IlSC$eit. l.8~ln (a) (2) (A) and/or 12 O'ER 74.1:6(01 re-gi,ll14i!:fg Ge.n~r,aUy;Acce~ted AccOti:qti'og,Prrioci_ptes, and ,Gener-a1ly Accepte-d Autliting S1,an¢rr<ls concerning this"lo'i:di'.

TheB0~'J!Qweris,he._r~.tzy ~.gue~ting that 'an atffui:lEize:d Offit~t'Qt a~nt or the bender sign and return \'he atta~h~d, -ci:ffiAA,4t within 1§ days· of llie tfllte of this'nj)tice. Also attaclied is:aolaffidav.rt ~igt)ed, 1;»)1 .tfle BOIT-Qwer &fating theBortowef;S P~fS(:)naJ know le4ge of the' reribs oftbe'%,"i'eenlenl nus· is the 'Borrowef.s ,gMe ·fctit:b atrenrp't,t0 sett1:g ttils Jl1al~J and CLear U:pl;ru.1~ cQllrosjQQ about the, terms d11 fualmili agreenleilr'pJior to iffit~driH:oistt'ativ.€ :HeariD!g en ti1e''!Uatte'(. F<!il;~~t9 respond' wJll beo:eeIIied a di~h~lrrQr of this Notice. 'Ene cflJe" evidell.<~ ~t may b~ used ac:c6tlliri.'g-'to (jl:e F~~al R~ul~{;'.2f Bwdertce~to pt5se0~ 0.1' e:nt'o;t:es-a:ny default ny-youicin tIi1S MJ' C}?A is prt:Ral:Y.d tQ 9'ffer Experr-w.h~ ness te:s.timeny should oourt p:t0eeedfugs bi;j aee-essazy.



County ef -----.I

), ss.

AFFIDAVIT of I. Ben RObbeq

. Tbe und_~igned affiant, bei~g: dll!Y. sworn Qil O<i!h_, deposes and sa~~:

That he or she understands I;ba,t an e/x:ohanga-is net a loan. ~X:'lz B~, herein~c~ • alleged lenderJ clalln~"~fth~y leJ1tt@itmoney t6 me, Al!egedlender ellilmea to me mat·tbe:a,llegetllfinder would charge interest as; comp§':!lsariQn"ior- leoPding me l1le,.ailegedJ~l!de,r's JU,OIi:ey, Eio<!Ilcial institQJ:i,Qti s CPA audit oplnlons:'cl~ tbatfinaOcia1 institutions ipvol,v.ed ib,issuIngt~eg_e-o lq,an-s ~r: lOMS foUt"w 'Gen~l:ally Atcepted A:q::_ount:iq.g:PtIiJ;fcjp1es., GAAR The_~':i~ a dispujt\ regaliding whQ lQan,e.O what to whom o/,JIIdirrgthe aUe:geo hian,. Theall~ged ,"len,ijec Claims that th~yJen_t me thelr money, The-alleged ten,qer- claims, that tlle,a1l~ggd.lendeli.J1liS loan paper-s~'with the;affi~t~snam:e on it as

.- -_ ... - _. .- .

eYidJ!nte of a:d'ebr. The boo~~ping entries shew.the opppsite and that-the affiant was .to:e ~;nderan:cI tharthe a:lleg~d !<mdet w-~ the bon:owt<r: AQeQ]:d:i:o,~ to GAAF! tills is wbat..bapP¢D.ed: The alleged lendetada frifancial institl!tion'mvolved ill thealleged lean neY¢f le-nt one cent to the~affilW~ C\Sadequatec6nsideffition to purehase the 'affiant's pr6i;tlissary note. Th§ affi:an:t;£i,rst became the lender to. the :aUe~:d lenderand the a1l.e~d Iendecwas die borrower; ?-'Q-c0rdmg to 'GAAJ; the pa.rikrecorded the :pr6mi~SQry uot(f as a bank:~asset of.fs~t l1Y a batik: liability; The prnmisscry JI'Ute was' a bank exchange for credits in tbe.aft'ilint's1:ransacd9!1 ~c;r0I,llit OJ' to give vlliu~ to a e;t'I,eck .or similar instrument, The ma:tc.omg prinaiple irtGA.t\E requ:iies that there-be 8 marching liabilit¥,off'se'tiing thy prQlUi,S,SWY note recorded aSll.n'~-S-«t and iliat 111'e liability shows that the, bank/alleged 1e!1d¢f owes the alleged borrower money for. the promissory note ~t was, rent to th~"bank-or iill~ged lerldec The prQ-!1)is:;ory Rote was deposited.In asimilat: manner as cash is·depoSited jrito a tne-cidng account, Depositing cash or a:_m:oJIliSs.9I}' note into a cbec;~g ~ount ora transactianaesonn t is' the same-or similar to loaning' ¢.e ~eged lepdj,~r_ t1.~e· ~~!;)h orpromissory note, Ac~pr-iihig to ,GAM, the'promissory Ilat¢ was deposited !is a bank~se:~ ""ffSe.r-by a barik liability with

the bank1iabil1tysliowlng that the alleged lender owed the.~ant

~~ey for tit!! promissOry: note tbat was rerei17ed from the affiant :a:n_d _ tieposited. Wben (he l:)ank:.d¢Posite~ the PEomiSSPZY ,uot~ andC,l'~t~Jt the affiant s trafls.acUQn account, theaUeJI~~d lender the one who. claims tliey o~ the pI(mn~s:9fY 'l!ote,.~cQfde9 ;t tO$:1 from the-affiant tO~tI1e ~_ all~ed lendet;making::fue affian.tthe_lelider and !:he ~Jeged lender the bQli-OW~f. 'Tbealle:ged, lendeli returned the ~triy.a1e,ntln l1.9ual vaiueof the tfran to~L Beu'Robhed, the lenaet per ~ When the ID'Qney-was r€?p~gtQ L Ben Robbed me true lender per G'AAP, the alle~-<llet1~r claimed t1iattlie repaid.mOUflY w~ a toan tpea-eqrro.w~~rned I. Ben RoO-oed arid ignored the b66kkeepi'D~ eritries'wb1Gil.:jl:fMe'd the nloney n:ail of wholeutwhat 1:0 whom, TQ_e alleged, lender, claims to be the. J6Oder,llsing a profi:rissQry note ~d,tlaiIii. they'iellt m,oney'.:t9 the ~~ but GAAR shows that !lie-opposite l'iappeIie&'The-'illege(Llen.~er' dId the oPRQ~it~'of·wha1 the afitant.l. B.en'l4>~bed,:rnlqe!,s~OoQ and ., believed was to happen, cre-ating an ec,onQmi:c effeGts~lhilW to stealing, <;-QU1l!¢r!eiting,an4 ~windling ag~t the affiant 'I~ Ben RBtibed'.

The GeSf ano Fisk Of the' agreeni'ent i;;O:imgeit 1£ the true: lende.r; lea't $1QO to a; bq:t:.Fow~J" and tll~ botro·we_q-:~pays ~ l,9aR"tilere i~:.equru .. protectiQfr unJier the la~~n\ill:l a~OOIfient. TheJej;s', no ~O~Qli!l:Ic'I~£fecL similar to stealing, countertei'tiug ana ste:allilg anoSW1udlmg; If the ;Uleged::tender'steMs $tQOftOn1 thee b9lTower and retams the ~~O~_ to . tfie b6rrow:e"ras.a 10an~ tOe tosfand"riSkc.hiinglfs·aild tile eG:onorrucsQf thea1~e~d loan: is similar tQ ,~tea:Iingand swindling.


CNotiGe fo· Reatlgr Be @:·arefnl before signing: this," You 11luSfbe sure that they reilly CrgafBtl.,fl(~w-mlllneli·)


Count:y of __

St~t¢ pi _'


Th.ath~sh~js <!J1 9fficer of XYZ Bank that claims to.hold thepremissory

to.i)$ of L BepLE0t1.b¢°in the; orip~ 'p~tlll.alartrQ,UI):t Qf $, ~

That~,~/she, as an (}ffieerof m Ban:k_b:,01dingsaip note, has the authori:t'~; to exe~mte this affidavit ou'bt<b:alf of tlte COP,lP'l1lY and to bind the same t.0 its provisions.

The loan agreement has tbeiolibwing: terms:

XY;Z_.B~k follows ~MP (Gel:lel'f!lly' AQG~pted A'cG.ounttO;g Principles). The Intent of the loan agreement is that the -party wbo ,funded the loan, per 'i}_polcls~pjiJJreQtP-~,s~ is t9 b_~r'0p,a:itl ~~1IDon.~y;·l~an~<_I .. According ro the b'ookkeel?ing;, X Y-Z B~ used their money as aQ:c::qua~~ CODslderatien to purchase the promissory neteof 1'. Ben R-ollb:etl. The promissery .1t1'lte was DQ~ ,it$ed as value to ,give vru.l1e te a check or similar inStrurElenl0r cheekiog ac:e:ount.l that Lunrlerstand-the.terrns 1ID-d couditiens of thelean agreement,

Signed- under penalty of perjury,

Signature of Officer

John D0e, officer OT XYZllank

Sworn to and subscribed before me' this da]\,of _

"Myc..ommissiQo Expires _



) SS.

State oi~ ,-"

AFFIDAVlT'(Creait Union}

The undersigned affiant being dilly swornnn oath, deposes and Say&:

Thathe/she-is an officer.0ftfi:-e oel0wnamed financial in~titution,a Federally rDs_wedt;re:dit Union, hereinafter qaUe;d :credit union.

That, as an officer Of union, h~sh~'.b4S<tb.eaufhoriW: to eXIfCcute this.affidavn OIl he.haifuf fu~ credrtunien and to bind tbe eteditltirioji to its PI0'VisiOris, Iris understood tfiatan-exehange is.nct a loan, Theeredit union leans teberrewers cash or (Ilfb;e:r dep0s_itors' money to It}gally,'ol::!tain 1*is~essiOli ofJhe ptonrissory nates.

The ~e.dit union:~ffimlsit dI):~'D,Ot-l'l¢t like a m!:ll:i:.eychang:$; ~e",-ei¥iu:g,a n'eg0'tiable'ins~e-J1[ o:r commercial papeE hereinafter. "funds", ftom the OQIT0Wer. The credit llIIi:OD exchanges funds [~G~ved from' theboarow¢r f(i'r-an equalaillaunt of fun$,te'tUm:ed to,rlle borrower, calling the tj'ail_sai.5tion a lean to the borrower,

The credir unisn does not denyborrowers' eqwiJ protectiOlf under the law, money, credit, and agreement.

The credit onion complies with and fo1l6ws' all Federal Reserve Bank ruie$',PQlicie:;l' and procedures. The-eredit union complies with Gene~ ally ACfi:e-Pte:dACGOl'iirtiti,g-PrirlCiples-(fSAAP) as Titlel2, Ch8f>ter vn'ofthe U.S_ Code-of Federal Regulations (12 CPR 141.6) dealing: with the National CreditUnion AdIninistrat(en requirements fm:insi.U:arlee.

The t{1:cli,t union fi!lly diseloses t'0 each and eve:ry ODIT0wer all material factS- Witb respect to ail loan agreements as to who is to loan exactly what to whom and whether the borroweror the credit union funds the loan che'¢k.

1] 6

The O:OI'!6wer does.not'prbvifle funds te the ~'eQ1t union, used to fund a check or siaailar.instruraent.

I -also .affirm that aU material faG~ ar~ stated in tl1~ wri~ten loanagreemen],

.Signed under penalty of.perjury,

J 000 Doe, Qffic!<!, 9f 7{YZ. Credit Uruob

Sworn to and subscribep qe_fofeme this day oJ _

'MJ1 cQIlllDis-sion E~plre.s ~- _


Non-Negouaole :NOTICE and DEMAND


John Do.e,.J1~Ieinaft~ "B(}ITo:~e:r; S'tr@~t

City, State 99999


XYZ Collection ~_g~ncy, h_f!f~ter't.ende(' Street

Cit},. Stat~ 9~999


RE: Notice and-Demand to Cease and DesisLCollectionActiv-itiesPrior to Validation of Pu:rp0rted Debt

Pursuant-to the FairJJeht'CoileG"tioil Practices A.ct. 15 D.S.C, '§ 1601-' 1692et. S~~., this:copstii;Qt~tittlely written notice that ldispute the entire amount of the alleged lQRa and that I decline to (jay the attached, erroneous, purported debt-Notice whk,h isunsigned and-unattested-and whieft ldisc!iargeand cancel in its entirety, without dlso-gMr, on the grOl)pCls <if breach of contract, false [J~PJesentatiQn. and-:fr.audifi: the induc~m~nt

You have refused to ·answer Illy Nonce of Adeqpate Assurance of'Due

- -

Performanee, thus e:n:9lng:the 3lleged a~ee\nent,ruid giving m.~ evidenee that the you did not 'follow GAAR, According to fbel)oo}dc~eping entries, thebonnwer ptQvtde,Q the money ,or credit, a thing. of value to fund~tlie alleged Ioan or-check 9r similar instF_i.ul1eb:tlfr-questidn. Pailirre to answer my Notice of A:pegU'ate AssuraJ1((e of Doe Pe;hforllliince tells


me that YOn acknowledge tlle 1 funded the -alleged lean arl'i;l the 10811 agreementwas s_to_1enano forged, rhnsendingany claimyeubave a'gaiost me.

]5 U S:H § 1692 (e) states. that a "flllse,?d.ecep_ti:ve; and misle~dP1g:1'~Th= teSei1tatioii ili conrreetion with _ili:e-'cQn~tioi:i J)f-ariy debt.') fu_cJuQe~:JJle f<iJ,sex-e'pfeSeDtaEI011 .(i)f the character or l~gal smfu}:;"of:ruiy debt and fur; tb~L_es a tbreatt6f1ag,an..y a:U(i!\)D tI1~t e;unrot le_~allY· be fm?en~~'a deeeptive practice.

Such ~greemenL'miIits im(irmaa-en:, such ~ y.iJ$l eita,tio:t'ls. whit\hsn6ultl have'been alsclQsed, disclosiitg U\.e agency~s·j\ni;>€lkti.€lp:aJ: and ~t~rtlitpty authority, Sai(i agre.,eme.nt fiuthef cont-ains 'raIse, de!'.ie_p1i:v~ a'n(;Ctrusleadi~;r~'presentat.iQns aPJi '31Te_gafil'iilsjnt~nfl&1 to int-entional1y:pe;rv'ett thettllthi;-n~r tlie purpese of fuquCWg on!;:, in reliance upon sqdl, to .p,aIL with 'Property 'belonging to t1Iem 004 to sumnde:r e~;nilin substantive legal.and statutory oghfS', TQapt1,lBG~ ~s agrre:iiLent would divest on_e~ ofhf,Mhet p:roRerty and their prerogative-;iigjltS, rm;lliliPg ill a legal in-c j:m")',

Pursuant to 1$ U.S.C. § 1692 (g;) (4) Validation :e_f__:pebts,if Y@.llllaV-e evidence to -va1i4ateyo.ot ctlai1:n· thabtHe-affoohe4 presemrsest-of YQurs dOes nOL constitute :&-al:rduJeutmis-representatioh and that oJ1e-ow~s~tliis a11ege'dd~bl, this isa ciemanll that, witl'iiiJi thlitjr',(30). days,' y.0t)p_royjcl~ such v,aliCla:tion and s]Jppo:r\ing-"e,ri(lence to'slti;israririate your claim. Until tlae ,regurrements· of fhe F_air Debt Collection p.raotiees i'¥cl bav-e peyn me:t ;rn(,! ;yotir ~li:ri:in is validated, you MV~ noaut,b0"ri~y. tbGohtll'lue->any ~olleCti0Ji M<tt.vities.

Thisis Ac.tual Notice that absenr .the' validationof you_r- claim within tlility (30) days, },J'l].l..m.USi e"ea$-e'aud\'clesi~t any··and aU <;:olIectlol'i. qeta vij.Y ·and are prohibired Jiotn_<;:onti'l~tin:g'Il1e;. th,rotigh: the tnail, by ~e_JepbOl1t;!. m;pe-rsoD, army-home,0_r:~ my W0rk. YQUI'a!e fortHer prohibited' from


aqruact;ing my emp!oyeJ,/OOY ~?nk. . or :~y other "tIPtli' party; Ea~h and every' ,attempted:contaet. in violalion bf the }tair: Debt GollettioIl'Pf.a£tices Act, will constitute harassment and defarnatian-of charaeteraad will sbbje_ct yo,ll.r~~c-y and/or boaidJaild any mid allagents in his/bet! men- inOivitlLial !iiip-a,crtie-$wlib ,take p3:(t; tn s\ieb harassment atI'd, d~£a~ nnttion, ~ a liabllity.i0t'st:ttW:PTIY d,arn~_ges. of W to: S-1,OOO. andop9:~!U9)'¥ 11 ~t.if.t1reJ; liability for l~gal fees ll'l I:!e p~d J~~ily c:01Jll.?>el wb:j:_~ l'ffil;l.Y retain. i?nrtbtr; aqS!';l;ItS:i:l._ch valida:6;Qp:,.o!, Y9U arerp!Q!liMteA from filil!g: any notieeof Hen andrer levy ~d~,~y als0 t>w:retJifrQm reporting any Qero_gat.oFX:_ ~iI'i_lpllqImat.iQr_l Wany eredin repOrUngag~ncy; Rr;_r ,.-~ !Lair q~eg_it BillingAct.regardingthis disputed, purported debt.

Further, pursuant to' the Eair-Debt CoHeotionlFl'a-Giices Act, 1'5 n,.8.e. § 1.6921$) <1.); as ~0U areroetiHy-a'n: "agency" Or boaid,aotmg on some,one else's -bebalf. th,isJs·, a 'd~lnao'dJ;hat y.oaptQ:vitl¢ _tlf_e aam.ejano,adUfessof the,ot'fg;rnal":prirl'c_ipai'ai"Mlder in due .t9ur$~" rot Wht''-m y,:OjJ_,a.re_a!~ ~tiil~t€l eQll~et this d~br:to,get1:ret Wi,th YJH:lF'~dayit of alIllignm.e-p:t;, ;pdw!it of'attOjJl~y,:, and Qerl;ifftatfQn, pf ,¥QwliQ'e.A~~.

Ag-ain"p.ursll_an:r tnTh~ I'air Dept Credit C:_olle_cJip!~raf;J!.C$:;;_-Act § ltQ9'Va1ldatiqllof ~g_ts 0-:5" PS_:{: 1692gJ subseeticn .cb~att_a6h_ed)"and ,as _fef~l;!R~fllp YQUT verification witliitt ~Oda)Js tq ,tJiie a4dresS below: Verification rnt;luires '~e0JifIrIltatidi1_ofeoaectnesst truth, cirautilenricity! by affidavi.t. 6:atbm deposition: _In'acco1ffitiQ,.g_, lit' i-sJ ,:tllle pmcess,{jf sobsfrul:tia1ii1g entries;in b:00kSbi;aCctiunt" .(BJa~·s: Law DiedbJiary,' Sb<tli Edition' S¢f;atlacl1,e,d), '1!i' verlfiql.:tioQ. sheuld ihtlpd!?, bu~ not be Ihnite.d tq, '-si'gijipg 1;ho; eJ]el'(ised$t;1a;vit ve,ri:fyip,g th~ t~Il'J]$ an!ie0P-dltiou",$ of ~aneg~:d jOllA an9an$\Y'e:r~ to~ef9li9w-ing; list of qu~s.tiO)ls:

L A\>Goqjfug,.tp yow:unger_§_taqd~_g, 9:f the alleged agreement, is.rhe written,a'Sreemeflt ~¥ the terms used within it,a~fining rerms of a: .loan or·a:nexchan:ge .efequal, -vafue f0r: equal val:ue1 ,

2, .p.;tt;{irqing-t9 ~our unQ~srm:ding,gf-fbe-aUeged ag-reemen't;.if'lcparge ~400 to ,tb~e _cr_tiiliJ card, does the credircard'cempany loanrne othen pe,opJes; $4007

3, Acc0'rdlng:tt!lyuilr underStaTit1ingdHhtfallege:dcagte-efll~nt,-iJ [cb.m;ge $400 to .my0_reltil dwd .• daesllie ¢(-e;dirqat:ej[ .C'C'ili.ipMM,wt1:ettrl n;Jjl ()tlli'i-r 'p'ebple'-s iilPne)i';_.I~e@Ed tb:e $'400 'GhaEge,d!Jri: tne'QI$i'dit egrij Cl)trr_panyflS a. $400 a;<;s_eJ with Itne.l.'i'iy e-reiJ, liabili;ty flJI the eredi~ em-a c.>0;m'Jl.llP:Y ~s; ~:I;--C0:llllu-qg b.~qJ.:'~, and th~n\I~f!-lr this. li~tY.'t.0 tl'!y':s-:t_O,l~ tImt I charged ¢,e $409 tp so tfe~~iv~ $409 pf Iru}whandl:s,¢'1

4: If $400 was Ioaned to the ~-r.edit 'card cnriipan.y, wduld ·tlle0refut card ¢ompany:s,a.<Jsets :iirin liabili:ties-<irieiease-'by $:ttOO?

5,~ If the mffit carllicompab,~ sttiLe $:4.0.0 £tom me ,anti J1e¢QIG~d the stOlen $40.ooli'll1e:-a.tC-Gi:l.ll1:i:n~ bi:lJ2!~s aiid te'tdi:d}f.oftlie-'~credit e;aro Mm.p_:arry, . woUld: tb:~: e:rerut 'ot_:1i~ilit:i~, or. cl,lgha:l iIr~ ¢_(.e'8:l>€'; by $4007

6e I\c~ol711ing to. y:om· UIldet:standingnJf the -'a:ll~ged ag:r:eemeIit, if I -ch¥ged,$4QO' tOtny'cre.Q_itoard,dGesllie £I~di't eard "c6mpan~ reeeive-a .$40.0 assetftom.meter fr:ti&'and retnni.tlie.valaeof tins 'same ~$'4(i)Q asset ba:e:K t6' me"8s'a k:ia.tliir0m-llie e.tedftcard. cOlilpany, and· tilts loan pays fortheilllmhandise I bou~ht-u§i'i:J.-g :my"'ei&dlt GMd7

7. . ACG0fdirlg:-to yPtU' utid#staniling9Dt.l:i~ e:UMed a;gi1e~l1I,eB;t,:df>ts tIr~ credl-t.e;a;<;I-eoinpaE!y,chat'glt in.l¢rest t.0' rp.e:Jp-r-th,e use, ef,'an:8$S'eu:ha~ the ~dtt G:lliQ QomplilD.Y -lpan:ed t_0. -Plelmd that-"extstedbefQ_re I 'Qh<,ttge:tl thY'$4~O' tQ)Jie cr?d:it'Gc¥d'?

8. A§~0rQlng to-your understanoing'oftne rulege'thagieemeIit, if-J:(:jlfn Doe lise'S his credit card to dlarge'S4.00; acnotdirig to\th'e ¢Jteilit,eattl


,c::onipany's bopkk~ypi"Qg'~ntciel'I,,-.4; JobJiDoe:alsb'; at thersame'time, the.J.endet or l':redito[ to th~ creditcard t,~:mpanJ' in: !lie amount of ~4QO?'

'9; Does the e:reditcai;d company, comply 10 ilie F;e4er:alRese_I;¥e_B:~!s' pol1ci~ an:c;i pf.Ocedw:eswhen isstiin!{ creditand 'charginginte.restto r;E~J0mers:of'1he.,c!edi!. card -cotnpany when theeustomen u~ the credit card to' buy meIl::.hajlJlise~

10; Isitthe I?reditcardeompanw's"l?trliGYt!!l deflyeqllal pioteGti'Cm under ilie law, money. credit, agr~emej].t or c.ontr'aet to the users of tfieir crii.'lil Gants '!

~ 1. Accordin,gtb the cre:dit e"m-a. company 's booJ¢,if the: c.rediit card e6ii:fpany~ paid its 'deht asseciajed with gnm:ling. loans. ,~€)qld it, pay Jhe d~bt theat the Borrower<J1y owes the Gfedi.t card co;mwm-Y?

12. According 'to your credit 'c~d,ctmipatrts policy,did theciBf)uewer· 'Provide rhe~.dit r;ar9gompany: with an, asset and tJie credit card (:ompanY;Ie[lIfned the:valu~ Q{that'as~e.t bl£<±to the safne Borrower calling it a loan?

1.3. i\c00idi.ilg to: tbeeredit card comllan¥l~s poli~y; QQes the 0redi,t: card tl:pmpanY act like.~a monetchanger, receiving an~.s~t lfQlll t4~ Bor~pweF and retnrlliilgthe value of the asset backtothe SfUlie Borrower,ant;! e4acgl:rfg the B'eITower$ ifthe:re:was a lo'ln?

14. What are aLL of th~ bQ0kk'¢epi:ng,"i:ii1tries related to, 3! with. the credit card transaetiens fcrthis credit card account?

15. Accordlngn« the alleged agre~men:_tJ w?S the Boa-ower to loan anything tothemdit oard c.olT!Pan:y7


1 (i), ,Atcordin'g- t~ the wd(tena~ement. was. fhe Bprrower to ,give the ("'rt'idit card c.on:ipany anythID~ of vMll.e6f:.wllleh caused the:q:~'liit card. CQ'mllahy1s lla;bill.:ties to increase. by the amount 'of w1iat the ore# (;:~d ~oml!.any {~cei\t,ed?

11. Accoroding W ~oU[ understanding attne alle.g~d,agreemenr, wastbfu;e, to De an e~change'of~q,ual value f!1li' equal val:l!fe'Jb~eeh the'credit card company and theBorrower'i

18, AGt0rdin!fto y.()uFunderitiin-ain}~ of'fhe alleged agI:ee:mept. was-there to. be an exthange from.the HorroW'llr?

Ill. lhhe credit oard. company j~ cQmIltytu3 with the FE\o~~r~ R,e_$¢rYe Bfuik'·s policies and procedures when ~J>ylng·"~redit~all(lchaJJging Interest, is fu:e'b.6ri;ower's.transat-'tion account cr-eQ4ed fQ1':fhe~mqtjDJ: uO,Q',0wM i;ii1(Lis that the mateJrlng Ihibility for the amQ:unt tbat.i;; p,eb~redto the b:atikh. ,asset accouri:t? {pederal'Reserve. Batik of Chieago,M,Qdem MQney Mechahlcsi p'. 6,. ana 'Iwo. Eaces ,01' Debt. pp 170. 9,),

20. Jf'<IA depqsitcreated tb:EQug;h lenclingis.!l±debttha:th3s to;be''}JaiOou _deflwnd (If the d@0sitnr, just the same 'as' the debt arising frQm a dustomer's clepQsitof.cbecks or cuITengyin the. bank" EEedet'ai Reserve Bank of Chicago, TW0 Faces of Debt, p19), does tIyu m~~ that-the; credit card Gorh-pany owes the 1fouO\oYer for the depo~iJs tl.Uide in 00noection with credit card loan ttansaGuon$? [Emphasls added]

21. ~l!engrantIng'Joao~; ifthe ctecdit curd ~:otilplfuy' Uaoil.ities did l1et .increese, w~u)~ ~e hank .I?_y in vii:llatiOfl of the.Pederal Res~tv;e Bank's, BQIl!;1iesand procedures? l(Feder!,\l Reserve. B&nk of Chieago, Modern Money MechaaiQs" p. 6, and lw0.Fa~s Qf DebL. 'pp l7-19.}

22., I(l;l1y qr_y~t'eanI ~olEpanydQe$ ngt r~flay "adepo_~itcreatedJImO\!;gh leridhl~1', would ~t be in 0Qla-ciQ~ :9f_!Jl~ E_({d~.:ral ~eseJ;ve; Bank~s pt'.llieies and procedures? (FMeralReserv:e_}jank of Chi€ag,9~:Mo_dem,Mone¥ Me-ChaD'iCS,~. 6, and Two Faces orDellt, pp 1(~19)

2,3,. Wlienalorur is not T~paia, is ,tlie'oi:fe who funoed the loan damaged?

24. Wben thecredir e:~d co;nipaJ;lN' does noue'pay~ upon demand, the de-p0~l:t ~ade bY'the BOHoweJ', cl~s:it show that (:h€q:i'olicy and ,~ tent qf the c¥edit C4I~ cO.!l'ipany'-,is gQ d!';DY eq!]al,prp1!l,!,::tion of the agreement, 1,aw,,!lld orediete the Borrower?

2.5. When the credit card company does not reveal the,su!;Jst!![l(;e-qf tht tmil.saetlon ill .tbtl'lotili agre'ement t6 tbe'-B0rr:ow~ does it Sh0W thai tile policy and intentcif the creditcara campan¥ is to 'deny full diselqSur6 of the term-s,of-1he loanragteement to the Borrower?

:26., -pQ the Gel:Ie~y Ac~ee_p(e_d i.\(OOui:jtihg"PritLeipills :(G:AAR). fbe GyJ1i'<n:iIly AGcep(edAodiOng S,~i'!-n_dard,s::(dAAS),;t:J:jeAuru~J$eports:, th~ AuQitor1 Wo!'kfugPa:rier$, .t;heeau Reports, and the eredi~ card ~omp<my1s &ancU,U (that Will. (eJa~d to, ~Jlassoci:ated wl1;!i '~J_o.agtr::msactio~l)reveal U)e spbstnGe, pf tjie loan, agreement:]

27-. If the substance of the 'I:Ureged loan agreement does not match me written fij1!lti: of the. agreement, (Jees' the eest and,tl;ie.i"isk 01 tl:te w_ti~ten agree·ment't.

2&. Is;fuJJ 'dis:c19sur_~ !iiI' material .f.agl,Se~~ntili:L t0A3: vaIi~ eantractia order .1:9 have. ':l,:gr~ment?

29. Ih.your opinion, is-itniateTj.afot-hlnlWttaJJ;l: ~()Jm:ow whl:C:_bparty'is ttl mnome 10an- iil- 6id:er ro know whO is, damaged if theIoan is n9~ repaid'?

30. k·y~ur op,i:J:rion, do you b,eli~),(e the B!').m:Owe,!' intended fa Iil:Iovide th,ec;.opside:r<ltion LO f1ind th~,Grifdit-c·atd,lf)$?

3J. 1f fh~ credit card company dig not riSk allY of i1Sas!>e~ at; ani}' time regarding flu: w_ci_tt~u~gr;eeme~, was i1ris 'rn:a;te-rialJa~~veJ1'disclo&eg t!!l tlie B orrower?

32. .In- y6tir - oJ?ifii6b. if '<An ilfleonscionaJjle -l>argai n or oonieact Is one whien nb mail In 11issenses~ not under delfrsi.ofl;woulO. ITia-Ke,Oil the "orre lia)idand wliith Hi)" filitah(J" Iioilest mad w,oultLaccevi oh (116 '0th~t .. l1cls] llsi1a1l~ held to_oe_v,c;;ihs agWnStpublic-pol1¢y." ,macks UwJ5iotiQIiary; ,6_t1:i Edition), would a~pM agreenieiTftlial ta.lrns·, the lJ:!ilrr9weJS~~~S as th~funding fQr a lean :b$k ttl the Borrower, thelbl:eqllin~s that the Bq:rr()w~r pay l,la!Jk thatlf)a:nwitliwt~I¢st to a: third party, M:c.! th~c:l_oe~.:notrequire- fi:reTe.payment ef the Bqqower s 'fundsback to the'BOIT9wer,J)~~)ll_agl'e~m!!llt thatis uncons_olpnal:!le?

J3~ Al>Gortlinw to -your 11llderstandii1g ~f the alleged agreement, if :w'M to provide the-fi'mds for the loans for the dremt 'card a:GG-Punt~ w;ouJdthe alleged agreement, in, tour opinibn:, he- UDGOa-scionable as de;Ei:ne.O, in Blacks Law-Dictionary?

34. 1n~ YOW opini91l,lf a $i.gnatJITe· is ''tal;: aet ef B-u'\OOg::Qn~'s~1f<!me at the end oJ an 01 trumenrte a~~st to it;; "aJidity , (B1ack~ L1iW Dietio~ 6th Ealtion); then €Q_pJ~othat signature .be.validlfth;e in tmrnent ,itself. is, 2B unconscionable bargain or contract?

3,5- ,'l_ct_e(ijt ~'ji.'td cQ:Il1:pai1y;actuall~·g-$n title to Any debt instrument (el'Mifc-aro sli~)'thJldhe:B0n:o:W.eF,Signed and gave to. the

merchant for, the me~Gbandi:se received? .

36.. DQ youhave pers,Qnal~kno.wlli.4ge that the ~dilCard~onlpan~ proviq~9 'full di~c;los:ure~ of all of the terms of the a&feem~n:t?

37. Do youhave R8rSPo.uknowlegge tIJ.4t,the credltcaro company dis-. closed to the Borrower th~ re,qlIiI~ents' of Federal E:e:se.rvePoli:des anoPiotedores' and the Ot;n~au~ ~epte<9 At'?GolID'ting Pfinciples (GASP) imposed upon all Fl!<!erally-iu$UI,ed (FDIC) ha:tilCs l:!y11tle t2 Oftll.e United .. States Code. sectian 1jl3JCn,). (',;1), that p~Qhibit t:P.eIl1Bo,mlendili~ theirown moneyfrom th~iF ow:r:q,\S1)elS QI: fro~~pther deJlQ"Sitors ?Was 1t disclosed where the JllOIl~y' for the a~gep lO?TI WJiS coming' Jiotn!?

38.. -00 you have p~rsQnaI ~Qwled:ge that the credit card company disclosed that the2_ontract,Jne BO:ECQwl!r p!Offiissoryn9~) was g0in~ to be' conve_rted iotO a 'n't}g{)tiah'k: ll,strumerrl' by the :c.J,:edit' c-ard 6bmpany and- b~~omea:n_ asset on the credit card 0Qu:pany's accounting books? Di£l' th~, credit card "corrrpan¥ dis~)e_se thisinformarion ro the B9rr;ower mqluqiIlg tharrhe Signature on that note rnade it 'money', acc{)r.gmgto Ih~ P-nifOIID C0$1iI¢r'" clal CQffe (UCC).sections: L-20 l{24)'a,nd ~-104?

39. DQ you_: hav;,e, ~fS_on:aLk'n.o:WleQge·rharthe credit eard.cerepany cl_is. clo~~g that the BOErowe[~scoIitract or promissory nate '(m~y) would be taken.and r~grd~d;,as an, ofthe credit card cO'Ingaoy without 'valuable cpnsideration given to obtain the note?

40~ Do yen bav'e-pers0nalknow!e:gge th,a~ $e cr~~tJ~ard.'cCiiDpaoy,~gave 'th¢: Borrnwer a, depositsrnpas a~l::eiptfor the n1On.¢Yi the Borrower gave them, just as a bank would ~ormally':pTQvide :wbeJ.l';making a deposit ~O a bank?

41. Since, pursuant to vee :3--~O'8, th,e,b11t1len ofopr.pof isnnthe Pt'lIty.' claimlng under t.he sigp:a,t.gre, do yo:o h'ave pers!'lnaJ 'knowledge q_f the vaJjdity '. of1;he signature' On the ~ileged'a'~eJIl~nt,iftjt is Q¢nied,

in the lawsuit f,>leadiiTgs Jjas®-upOtl'answt;n~ to ab0VeC[Uesti@Jis-? 'S' c pur--sua'nt to nee 3"602(b)(2), ftle0blig~61i of a party to

m~ . ' ,

'~:''''',ll.' ." ',., c-l':"-gthepay~ ." .-' -'- ,----.".,.;-,Ie· 1t ;,~ -...-rOTdischargel:l u- llie pe.FS0u 1l14"ill,L . . . ~ . pay-an 111"","'_" I 1".:~" -' • -

. . "l-' d u u hllvecpemona!.

-. , t' 1""0"'S ilia~ the iustrUrQent IS stn en.,_G J'Q" .' t" -'., ~,-' .

men. J!,," .,".. _,', '

knowleGtge that th~ inStniment 1s or is, NO! 'St01e,o,?


encl"'sures: The FN! Debt (lolIecliOn.praetie-e,s5,(;t , :. -".

"., '. -", - D" ,_ ',' $1XtlJ E<lit1on

"w- ",0::' " . u'-on":definilionrn j31acks· lCti()Uary,,· '_-

v,enulZa . . ..' - - - • . "-

''PJlconsQiQna:ble'' de:iin1ti0n,iilJna~k;~s ~w DICt10nary;

.5<i'itn EJiiti0n . .. --

-E d. _.\ R';'<, Bank '0ff @~tg9, Moderri Monev

:Jc'~ ~ eft.u "'" LeY, " _

Meehanle§, w6 . - . '.

D 01' "~l "D:es' e~eBankofChicag(:),]wb Face.'ol0ffiebt:.pp,. D7 &19

E'eueJ;~:- -' ' --' ' '

Non_- Neg{)


t Ben Robbed.Iiereinafter "Borrower"


XYz ¢(e~JitGru:d Company, here~after e A11egedUnder"


Pri ,Feb 15. ~OO2

Nonce to the"princlp:aJ is jlJ}tice to the age._n.t and nottce to the. ag~nt. is notice to the princlpal.

1, L J3e:,rl R0bb.ed, hert;;by give Notice ot Meg?d Loan Dlspute t6 tfie . AllegedLeader.

Alleged lender advertised to me that theyweuld. lend rile if 'I agre~4 to ,repay 'their IQ$: The. alleged -Iender aavertisedtQ me that they depesired p1at they would lend the depesitea mbney r6' borroweJs, aqd thar ~9rrowers must repay the money SO that tliemmiey, can:beTetarn~,d to toe de,posJtors who fuude.d the lO~Il. Now 1 'have' eeidenee frotn ,the bOoKkeeping eilI:ties ~I GAAP, ,1;I1at thy alleged l~de! did tlie 6pp6'siie.ofwhafthey c1a:irned!(hey,had d0De" Il:te~1:ing e:CQnOIDics &imi1ar to steellng, c0unterfe.itfug and swindlilig.

There are twe totally different kinds oftloans. The fitst example ·gLve$ equal protectlonand tbe one who 'fund~,d the )9!lflls to b~\TeP!Md the p1(:mey.Ex<pnp1t< .num~LQne: If TQe. depoSj~ $,100 attDe l:ia.n:k" 1he"b~ lends Joe's ,$109'1:0 Mike',Mike:iepay.s the b'aDk tb;e $100 and the bank returns-the $L00 to JO,e. The second e~pJe is quite different In tll€ second eXj'l.mplt;: the bank claims .that they will lend J ((Ie S 1:.00. ::Phrougi:J. conCeal merrt, tlie barrk ~tea:ls $tOO from; Joe, deposits the $100 and re-

tUl11S the stolen $100 to Joe as iLbailk loaa. ThiS tias :tlieeCOliQini"s, siillili\:i to st,ealillg. ~o:n:o't~rfeitip'g:~!is>windling, tof,ally ~harrging :th_tt cost and risk of the al1egea roan. In b6th '(lases' th6''lJankei- deCI~les that Joo'reteilleda $-100 loan,. ,A.Il1Bortower am isthaHhe OlllfWhO'TIm:cled tb:~ tQatJ is to' be .repaid th~ . m!i.lU~:y; . In example number one, the: bfu1kfunded the/loan, In e4liam:plenumliler tWo, JiJe fUn(j:~d \lie: loan, Wh~n the batil\:®nce;a1J; tb~ ?~Qld(e~pin;!(~!l~e? ~~the ~cQn9mi:~.s ~ee similar t<? ste~g, counterfeiting and, swmdJing ,-Joe.'Ia f.$100 .o1.wealtb and tbe bank gaihed!$HilO: or we'a:ltbUJ:ef0~ JOeeveJ ¢C'f!iy~d,th~ :a.'J.lgg~d.$19Q bank losn. lJnd~l· example o~m.bertw.9 the bankers would end up owning neailyeverytllingojn"Amerl~a,and forGe tp8 qvt;t~e Ameri,caIi int!\i more a;nd more: (ji;)bt ~."eIY tim:~ t:b.i} pank ~role t~e mone"yi' anq r,etqrne(j the sij)lenJIlf) If theiei's an agreement<l!beiLiHere:Is ttibe ~iitl:till und'em@idirig-anp.J;onside(!Iti.0'n" I1'lgn~llaid, te buy roe'~ yJ9.P'll$sg:ES I\o.W; W.fle_nfb:eoaok stJill~J(j}};!,' s ,$;lJlO" tlie bank never yaia one rent. ~or the stolen, money arid the ilidt was 'G'Oht:eal¢d' and';l1e'ver agteed to by'loe. T~,bqi1k:t,old metha,t th~ QP~l'at:W Iffict~r_ ~anll~le n!fiDb~r Cl.1:1~"butth_e.b9j;lkkeeping: entries, no',v,' ,sh o'W;';l:li:aHlie bank 01ifellites trilde:r eXanlplenoolOei:,twb Of willen I I)eve,r 11f.w~;etl ~Q.

I am defiJiing tfre. w.ot;d iliffin or ,s'tehliIl'!:t as: ~ :~lild'er oJ!!t~g t1:le hOrr0Wet:S p.i:o!l!lissp1';Y nOf!:: w:tt.);tom;paying:one cent <!S W}l~(leratign to buy tb~ipromisspr}' ,il0,te frem the. or as'tetoi:ru:flgl'he prarnis" sory, note as a Man frein tlie.alle'gtlR m,'o.ITOW~ to tIie. Q1I.ri:I~A)r.c hll_egecl lr;;.nd~Yand qpn.cxaling this 'lO.!!Jl. T~ defi'ning counterfeiting as,81tenng the j£QmisS0J:)! nOte '~lftef It:wasiftt~gedly Signed ~dtqr ci;eatJ,ng, ne~ Jii(JQ:ey-'~r'(;redi:L, OF' bank liap'ili~i~~o 1 am d~filling;,swmdliug.~ tU_e same or simi1~ ~c@~mi csand or b00Kkee,ping eriti1es'as~st.eaI)n.i $lIif01tOlU. J oe-arid llien returnt'qg the value ,@f'tMstci]~n pr{).~ t~ Jee as~al.Qan. 1 'a_nI \d!i-!in.iijg m.\\)l1e..Y""fil 0;0'1%'''' m~.e:yequivfgeJ]t. caI?lta1, funds, m~S0-tialile illStruments. promlSSo/fy no res or anythii')g at y:lill1:e t:):l.&t'1h~ 'baRks US~1l£;0t like I11QD.ey t~ f~ch~!c~rordraf.i:s or. wire trClIlSf~~ or similar

inst[:o:m~nts. .

TheFlHsadifferenc:e betwee1f11lr,me-y ~d"weaIth_ Mo~,ey is· US~~ t9 buy tbb\g§_. Wealth is tbing~ YGu can ~illike real ~st.1.te,<gOla,.s'iJ.ver, ¢ars,ati<:l labor. Matiy A1lleticans work 40 ho_iii's a: week and'sell ihei.rlilll~ fora paYl'j)~1 Qb~~k:. If thebank/lender s~eaIs a 1~J:0Inj,~~Or.y note, deQ.osh~Hl:ie [lrQJ11i~s0ry note.olike new mon~ ailO:'6reati:is new tfi~ney and re.tlJ'Ei:bs: the value-:of i;lie :s_t~MIil 'money t9 the Vicdtn, <!$ a Ioan, the. banker m,Q~ved aQciJa~n<!~d Wif,bsi:m:ilw: o:,:simil'i:ft0 stea1ingco1plti~ f¢i.ting'itnd"swin'dtin;g and re:€elllio;;g W'e, aIl~ed bQrtQW'~''S wealitl fQ£ fr.·e~ The aI1egedpol1owyr must work for the Banker 1(;)1 free to repfo/ the alleged loan. or the ower ro:reCi0ses, anll gets llie p:topeny fqt free. lf eve'l'Y A-tii.eriGan slb'pp.e.!;l, ~0rkIDg·amj stayed home QQUllt.eifeiting m(lne,y~ like' the bankers, there wOllin :De no fooa '0r,gas fo;- Y0!lf' car o€(;;.ius'i::. e¥etyone-, $topp-etl WQiking. 'Thi.s is ""hy thi~v-~~ and counterfeiteP.i' go ,to j;riL1f the tHief and"!:oun:terfeite<r is not ·stoPI'!!'a, 'me uurrunal would en(f up ownin¥ e:veiytbi:ffs: fot frM. The- co.i1n1~.t:fett~r(»r thref


nee~~ th_~ ay~~g~cAmerican to;m~<'lu~ wealth. homes. ears boars.,:gas, food so thafthe thief aD:(Le::o(:uiretfeif-er $Jive.illJ uxuw. ebtf):ii;\iDg' we{!lth £011 ;Q;e(}~thQp;J:. pnod:iJ.cinganytninK9f valueetherthan new money . .If yo;u ~aim that there is an agreernent.jheu I demand ioknow the detail' ofwbat YQ,ll claim 18:theagr¢e!TI-&ilt, ~~m:~.!~Ji')'e_[, t,b.ere i~n9 agre~e~lif ttr~~t:, is ~0 mutual U1!d~~$taruiing ClU: fraudu1~nt coneealrnentcf material facts: r demafld fu1criciw ifitbe ecofiQriiics ottli€,.aIleg~lQan ag(eem~: ~ similarta\ling, c,Q:!ll1te.®~t:i'Pg- an'd; &~indlit;l&. '-J peI:D.and tQ know tb~ bankpQ9kkeepmg,entnes regarding the promissOrycno'te.

':I)le ti0Qk.kee_Qi:n:gerrtrj:e~ pro;v,:e .the foQowiIlg: The :alleged je)]!i~l>oL fin"'t1ci~ i:ns.ti,tM!i~.n i!lvolved in the (ille.ged 10:an itGcepre'd the alleged liotr0wers 16an pagefir (prOIirisS:0ryt not'e) 'i;W a ban}; liS§'et o~et py'a hank n,aoillW; Tb~ linan£,i'a.!-tn:sn~on eXt:~gect cl1e grOmlssoryi pate fer credit in the borrow~r's fIansa.clio.n-al3cOI:ii1t..,This1'neans tli(ilt!ie 5arlk dr alf~ged. Ienden recorded tli¢ Pi'O~~9~ 00te$ a loan from the allf~xg~,dJ:)on:9wer t9 thlililank and die 'bank :(~tlleged;'1enaer) fit!>1 begaIrie ilie J)OB;owet" EXl1mpre:: If Joe' goes tp the: jj~ and de'pos~t$. $lOQ., th~· bank (:r~dits Joe' cbeeking account (transa~tiot1.aC9Punt)f6r$1(}0. This credit means that the bahk, te_Gdrded,.a b:a.nkJIDfiiJity account sh6;w;i;ng that tlleh-airlc :recbrdeda lean fram Iee: ro tne bank and, that Joe was the hrnd~rand t:h1!.t:th.e, bank W8$ tlteborrewer, The 1!lat.Ik a~s mat 1tiejs the lender t{j:, the bank'anij fual the l'iailkis'ilie. b:On:Owercbeca:tlSeiJO-e.can \,{.a,lKll:ptQ ~e Q~ ~l~F and-g~tbis $1QO 01: ioe ~wJIite a cheek fOl' $1r(\() and spend the money. ThHarl'eans1befiii.anelaiiristi:t9ti6n ,aC.tepfeo tlie plQ,miSsGty n-qte li~'mOJiC}iY':a:s a de.p0sfl ju~t Ii~e':banks a~cept cash or c;lr~'ck:s like J1lon~y arrd.eredit.a ch!'!cKmg,actount or ttansaction account. Banks: accept legal fen:der m~hey-.ciaued cash and banks aeoept 'pro,litisso:uyn:€I~s·m~pey; wh!o~ ~',n(')n !x~!l1ty_llder ml1ney I!ll\lcause J?romj~,s9ty notes 'Pay interest inves'ttjtswiill pay cashf6:r the.1ir~tnllssor:y n6fes ~vinftIi~promisso~y ,nptes ¢'qua1,-valoe to ~.h:.AC,cordif1g: to Federal Resew? ~ank:p'llb4~afiQns and GeIl€1'ally Acc~pted"AccOtint(ng Principles - the standard bQ.cikkeeping entries banks-are reqUir~d rg follow- the promlssorynete was reCQ!"9M as a !pan£ to the alleged lender or financial institutiou in:volyed in the, ;a1l.egedloan. I wasfhstth« ltmde,r an:d;yotI wer¢-fi:J;s'ttht< b:OP;CiV,i~. Wb:.~n:yoo r:~P¢9 Jbe IOaFH!nd.; retum:ecll'he-money, yop claimed that the money mat you refiUlled t(il me was noi rep'ayin:g the money that YOIl·b€lf:r0we:d fmm w:e, but tIi.~ tb.e·mo,pey t~ me, was a loan :fu:liHll you to me. Itbirik:"\\,e an agree in the prinotple mat the driewho funded tbe loaftshepJ.1:I. be repaio the money! A¢conlingto the bo9kJa;eping.~p.Pi~ using G.t\M', twas the ene who.prov.tded th_!? mpney <if funds that oreated'theindne:y.tliai you. claim was~enit() me. Allliis tilile yoU·a,l'e- cOi:!'ceallng't:Jle1me ~~~nomicli an~Lfq_p!~'o:fwha' Y~lU are clainring-is a I,ban, The PI'omisS(!uy note is not pr'b0li' of a ·loan. The- bbokkee;pllig eIi:tdes ;w,id) .prQ:V~ whO loaned what to whom. If You claim tp.a.t;yoo; did nO'li folJ:owG:A.AP. tb,.@:. lhelll@age1l1l!Jlt of the-financiai inst(tuii0n I s~aringme·CPAauditt-r~ort dhlriliilg, ilia.ttltey,:JoUo,We,d, v~AP'will, bY, 1a~, ~ coi1lttli,l~rg a fr{lud. ] h~ve"ev:e[Y, reason t9 believe the 'CBA audit report 'an<lthat they £01-

lowed GMR If'you._~laim-'~a; ~~!iJr_ agree~~i 'aJ1~ a ~oan, then _Y .. ou must stQ,pt;0n\;,~;iling,m'~na1 facts, answer m.~ quesnons, ~iI tell in~JE.!h~ ~€lge(1' pI6mi'ssol'Y "llo1e;w.a~ orecoi:~efu~ J!.~10an ~omm~ t? the 0ri~ alleged Jende,,r Oil finan('lial insntntren IDvQlvecL In the a1le~ed loan or.if theBr()_mi~s9fY note was stolen. Ac£:01'mn.g to m:¥"ree:o.l;_Ci.S, :~e~ p-!=~)InisS(;)I¥ note was. stolen Qr:f.eebJd~Qas a ~Qan .frQ!!!me~0 th~ ()n,~ alleget11ender and t1l:~. the alleged Iender never prod one c::entas~~g!;l~ 90J.l~iaerati0ij,t0· pru:Gb.~e Ute I!:rpxru.s~R-'pO~,ir?~e cr0ahn~ tbeeeonorriics, iIIJ1i:lat It0S1t!iliog, CQmtt~p:elun:g'and swindliag.

I am now, deniruidIhg tba.t you:~it~er- SWP cpnceallng; material,;fa6ts and im:swer1nY;4U~0ns if you_ c!llim. that theJ.:e-:is an. a~elll~n:~ ~rthatj5.Ou return .th:~ $t91eil pnomissOl), ·note. II YQU c1~m ~t~~,1?~olJllSS?r.~ no!e was a laalrftOin ,me '.1;0 .you, J deman,d_ that Y0U Jmmediat~l~ repaY the loan b~.r~lumiug th~ prOmiS5:oty;;n0te.ancl stop tb.:e dain~ge !Q>m~\

If'a thief s'ttile.Jfi,y pi0iiet!iY'(,)f:,;v:e~th and' eiK.Rh!yl/:lee th~ st01en~gi,)o~$~f!.r c'aj;h and tet!1EQe.d (he'e~h to mMlS a loan;,fue'tblef c('ln~~a t,~ ~~ thetbiefbt~(!:hed tb~agreem:eilt.a:n.dTh~,\~: flO legl!!'ohhgat10D to repay rliMill-6g'ed Ioan.Jfa wuaterfeiter t;:o.unterfeit'S fue-ney andJen:tlS:-Jne the co1lntedeit~d mpney wEll eli'a, to buy my h,\.fQse, Lhave 110,.legill ohli<ratJi6n fo,tepay ;the@f;g¢d d.ekt because t.!:te aJ:l~ea lender'W:tfS'&ngag;d,m.'!\~~aet giyin:gme ilIeghl..goi:i'si{'titsn~an< tp,e' ff~m_~l]L .AS:\far a~ 1 am eM1§emt!d; :you~Igatl'hed_thy ~€ifee:~ent oy,~ doing; ~e 0P'pO~ife' of wh!-~ ,Y~u a9,vertt:~~~., ~d agree~ fO! 0re~tm,g tije eeoaamies similar to steilling,e;ounteJ!Ji,eiti:ilg and SWl1lrrling, and then reti:is~9 to. iJ,ve m.e: spe~tflit 1f~tail$ ~f' tbe~-ged' ~We~me"Jit and '0.0;0-'at~i).i faG~ A prq.mlSI)0F¥ note Goes. not ]Fp-ve'tl:iJjf J!l~'W~, a Joan eJfthe len'iier's money as ailequ'a~ ~pl1~~dera1!0}l to purchase tIte protni:i;;(j~YnO't~ fl'oll)· tA~ Jillege-dbotrgwerand tMt .0'0 theft C:'lT)t01.lflterfeititrg or swindling t00k plate;

Just' 80 that" nOGQIlfuslo,o, money; thans cash, iSl"e~QFded!lS: a bank asset and.a bank liability and means'the bank Qw~mpll~¥. Checks are not "lmorM~; kM'Cks si..n:ipl:y'tfaIDlfer '1:1 bank liaBility - ~!i&ckii:l.g: .. ~¢coant baIan(:},eindica~g money the bank'Qwes a:c:~st0m:~:r who ~,wher deposited money-to another b~ cust01l!-~fs e:ln~,~ngaocOll.litba11.ltCe. The olfiik'S till 0\\1 es money that wasearlier depoMted.


payoff or _disebarg~ !'be all~g6d' debt using t1iecsame -peeie Of funds,ot mbney Of. -money; e7qLriv<Uent that the'~:fina:n(llial institU.tJ_QD used to fund the a:1lege_d l~!fil ~check 01 ,sipillar instrument using Genenilly AteeRte.d

AGe9uritll~g Prlnc'iples thuS ending al1lilm~ md in~resJ _

If'y0U elann 'ilia! Lh~re was arragreement, then eJq)lifui 'the clewIS of !heagreePl~nt byansweri Ilg the fOlloViUng-q_ues_tiens o'rsign . the. ~llc;J()sed a'ffi.da~t,cgi v:lli~ ans«re_r.s~o th¢ 'following, ques.tio_n~::

1) Acoording to: the &lleged loari:_agreemeit:t; was the alleged L¢nden ~T firtanciillinSlfttrtioi)cinv,01ved in $e:-allege_~~to Jend their money ~s lj:dequaj:e QoAAc,I~ratil)mt()Qur.~b:a§e the pLOn:iiSsory note (loan,agree'mim:t) from the alleg,ea b6frowei'~ YES .QtN,Q.

2) Acco'rJI:i:ng tp the bO-9kkeepf!lg entries of the fiilan¢i:iil :i:fl~tittl;ti0:hjIl-volved in the alleged loan, dii'l'ilie aIlegetllettder !5rjml!ilGtal-ia~tutjon ~il_¥olvea ill t:lie;-ane:ge-d1_o~u le)1d their n[@ne-Y't'l§ ad~H]Jate:ool1sid~rlltion Ient t9. p~b;ase ,thtgrQmiss6:rynote.{loanagreem-el'it, ftom the aLleged b0qbwer? YE8'oYNQ.

"3):~.iieol'di:trg t,g. the·alI_eg~d Ioarr _a~eem:erit, was.·fl;ie Mleged:beErower-t0 PJQ-vide'anythfug of'vaI~e,thata:fiiuiri_qaJ institution weuld g__~1_! ·tQ give> value to i( checi}c: 0_L Siniilar )_n:stJitiment in app~qxW1are1y the amfmnf of

the ap,~g~d 19a:n? Y:ES' q'T NO: .

4~ A£Gording-t0 me b.00kk~pirig'~iltI1e§_':Qf .the-~p_iaJ!j11§titution iJL~ ~bl,!~din me a1l~ L$) the lender or financial IDs_iitntioM1VQly.eo' in the a,ile.ged 16an,accepn allyt:hing;le ftQm lh¢ Wl~geq .bgUqwer thatwasased ill ~V~Va111e t9 ~ check;'qr_~ilar mstruinent in appr.oximately the amount of theaIlegeclJoan2 'ifESfu NO.

5) lDj:q the auege.d leild~ anQ:fiilanQ:iaLinstitu~tion im:olved, in the·allegea Ip3-nJ'ollow &f({Aeraliy accepted aci:ouritillg -Pflndpfe , GAAP1 i.YES or NO? Did the tiiiangiaL i:Qsti-tu!lQIl iQ, thJ:;alleged 10l)Jl have an audbt done by a CPA with tbe·CRA_audit stai:in~ that me fimi.hci~.lilsl:itnti{)~ follb,wed generally .ac-cep~a. accotnWng pnn¢iples, GAM? YES 91

NQ. -

_~ Do you h<!.ve~any info1lIEl3'tibn or e~idenee. thaH~ele_mi~r otfman;!?W inslilttlioh iDvoIv~-a rn' the a1J~ge:d loan :did no~ follow :GMP1 YES or NO »,

~) Was:itthelritentof ~ alleged lean a~e-menttb:at'.theQoe who, funded t;he lOaJ;1 ~~ to. !,je r_epaid th~ meney? YES. orN€).


8):Are the,ecQi1oiniCs{)fth~ alleged loan similar te stealing-, eounterfeir-

i~g~ anp. swindling' against the bcmower? 1rES or NO? . _ .

9);Ate aJ1ii'r<lterial facts, disclosed ~th_ewtii:teFlloaaam~menl? YES.or

NO. '-

10) AC~l:Qrding;lo the aUegeji -L0an ~g:re:eJn:eJiLJ was thfa alleged borrower tpJepd!he tf01:now-er'l> W\om'issqzy' note to another party; suCli as tlie allegea lender or financial institutio.n·? ireS i>r NO.' .

Ifyou reluse to. answer t6eseqUesti6Ds with. detai led li,j:>e,cifi.:e, a,ps\Ver-s, we Will pfesume1q"at there is a c'OMe.almeot Qf_;r:n:~teriaJ f&Qis ~d that the· gr0miSI';(\)fYl1QI'~ h~1_beeD _~t~J:ecJ anq stolen and thin t1ie aJ1ege(i:'bmrower :pr()w'ded tlie-n1oneythat tli-e: a:ilege€l let1'deI~c,1aiIm; wiiSJ~hltQ m_e alleged b€iJ;1lilw~:r;. If YQ\J-:F$Se tQ ail,Swe.r 'es~'q:oestjons; then please return a zero b!llanc~ and retiim toe; pF0missory note-. If..ther.e is a .wert and.if an at'toniey ail'sw:~r-s with_~u~_gl;-vmg;sp.edfi<;,s ~~ ~~trqJ.!esti()~ lb:§la:tt9I!Oe)f mi1Y .b~ ;acl-de4 to' a· futUre. lawsui~ we wi1lt'lieii 1la:'Ie tlie attorney, becerrre a withess i1t eQUIt ahCleX:plaiti_wh&l this agt~~~ntis allaO-€I_llt. Recm:e:mlJerijffuet~ (S_'3'n!'~eemeut, tIfe·jitt([:IITIey will have to answer-these-questions in a depositionoriil c-e:UIt WItter nath, Iflll'e._attOri1ey.eomniit~ pe_rj\11)'~ fie or She: willbediSb:~'i)fI. r fu[tb~ unut<.I'stand th~tJf~~Sue_ ~ a,~Ptn~y! the·ll!t.Qm~y's wgfe~si@naJ'i'oslU·rurce will auto.. matically tiffer betwe€n$ 1,0,0100 to $;lO~·QOQ ,·to $l~lfle thisllltW .qh;Ql1I1 and drop the nfioi::r:i.ey from the 14ws_n~t.

Be ad:vis_l}d~,l will not accept tel&pJiQne.calis. Q.bly, ,respond iu.: wcitin:g .willi an GftiG"er'of,yonr cOIj;l,otatiQn -sJgnjn:g1l0t;lF presentint,ll1t.

At this time; I believe Y:Qu,ar~. in gos,Ses$iqn9f st~~:n t'OJ;g~cJ' P19nerry that l~,Qks_Wre a pFomi'Ssory:ndrB Wiifj my harne-~otrlt_._:Pl!;ffiSe return: t1~. ,stQle:nft;irg~d ptopert¥ orgive.We.cif'it>·aasw,er$' to my .. q_uesti6tis ..




Prom: L Ben Robqed_.he[(~inifter "Borrower"

Date: Frl,Feb ~5. 2002

Noticefotheh-incipaT is Notice to the AgenLJ"totic~ tQ theAgep_~,is NQtk~ tft the fdm;ipa1.

t L B~Il-RQb1>ed )wr~tlY :givello:ti.ce tba~ tIll:l _Q~ n~t'a H9[der in I}ue CO).lISe. 9£ a:;Pfomisso17Y note with. the name Of 1 Ben Ro IjI bed On it. Tlii~j"Sin re_ga.t; the alleged loan nnmbers .

Previous notices to the,~6reait Gadf COIilpany fur adequare_ assurance of due petfOiifJatice have not been :pfo~etly and.legaIly re.sp0nded. -to/Pre,vrol:l& notites {equestil1g:;'S.peCific:teQJ1s and,cQndinOIlSxegard1ngif the proIDisso.rynote:'W1is U$¢d tpfund the harikJoan dhe~ have ;~!,)lle unanswered- Also umUUfwered wflfe preY19lJS notices ( requesting; if tlie te.r:®-and CQrrQill0n.~,of theallegedloan II,gr~e!pellt' intended to bave rb~e.c_ono-mics similar tCil stealing1h~-PIQmiSs9-LY

note, d~P'08jfi:n,g tlieprom:i$spry note, llSln;g ~I±!e W;omi_$~ory: note as or lijce money-oras asu'bstit1.lte. fOl: money-that was usedto fund a::check or §imilar instrument that was.returned to theBerrower as a lean. Requests, to know 11' is AAP; Generally Accepted ACa0untingePBheiples were followed, have.also 'g_one un-answeted.1-,atll:',offfi.e belief that XYZ'Cre-diL Card Company has inte.n6011aUy,-a:ttem'pted tocorieea1 tbe troete.rllis, and conditions of tlieallege.d loan and the B:on:ow¢,f hiid:n:p opportunity 1P obtain jhe know:l~ge- of the true tennsthaj-are S1mUa:r t9 stealing; counterleitingaod,$windllng. The original alleged '!en_d~J :am:! financial inStitqti_OD involved in the alleged loan never Raid One

_~~nt-t{) obii:tin-tbepfOIDissQ1)' .ilOt~ and th~reby Violated federalIsws .F~g.a:rding GAAP.:lnow·be1le:Vl};I have tb!!.'ey.idence that the terms and dijniliti'ons- 'Of tQe ~e.M~am~ement are concealed, the j)rtlIIl'issbty O:ote' w.aS-.:sl&leil_, forge4,runl/of altered; No goat! title can pass w.iW a.tlreft. 1}lie:Ie was no meeting Qf the niinds assent regarding taese; gl.l¢:.$fions and yqu.have refused roexptain ffie' ~Qfu; auq; cpnc!icions by, l¢Iswering:~t;_se questions, Therefore, there is no valid a:g!'e~Q1en.t.

The @eged Ienderand frilailliiaHn&titution is"1lot."';:h0J_ci~ jn, Que ~0ur~ fOJl tliefollowing reasons. T~1e '~ged len<.k:r ana tlri:anefal instiriluonki'l'0ws ,jj!' 'Should IJiave :lqipw nt;b:~ 'stan~;ard bookkeepmg entries callM GAM, and tliIN"i1!ln;eY',1r_ail_; QJ?oKkeepiiig- entrIes S00W that the tipposl(e_lIiippene¢.G9mpare:9 'tQ what the ane~e{l agrooment ,said was to h:aPPeD·

One, o£t1te, r~;guire~~ Ql a negptia'\jje instr.umeht is iliat t:bp instru-\Ile.n1 w:u~t bepa,yagte for a.fixed runouilt' (ij'f;n(o-ney., My quesu0Il:is, frQ)tll yom vi,ew point atcordifi,!IiO your 'UliGerstflIl.Qing of t'be'(lgr_eement, is 'money depositec.trecordeGla!ra l:!-W asset or-as a bank liability,!? 'Plea, idU;t':;ill foi:Jlis'of:meneY 'pr neg()tla]>_Le instriunentS'you and the,[]legedlenl'ler au(l,fin;lnCi<!l :iD_s_tituti:on Y:Qu are inv,olvecl in issuing-tlie;alleged'16ah. -uS'e 'as:.<:)f'like qr as-a §1l6stHllte .as m(f}(.1e~ 01: 'credilu-sedtl) fund. cbeRks·QrP~cl'rafts .. SQeoifi'eaily, did 'you or the: 'alleged lender ~4-'6:n3J1~ institution u$e my ~riiisSOrY'1l~te asa b'a.n:K asset wJllth wall offs~~ 9Y it -banK' li'a0ili:t1Y specificallyw~ my -pt.omissfi)£y" PQtf!'used to fund a cheek ot bank di&ft? II myPIO:miss~ry, ~:0Je Wi,\$' used'to fund a checK', t:.J:ien []ii"o~id.ecl. the JnoQ.~Y to fund the 80 called loan and you never-lent me bn~ cent oJ your money: te purc~ha~e fue nete from me. 'Bi¢xef-(}re, the <;!c(,)fiollJics are sim:iHu: to. stealing, -cofinterfeitihg and -s\Y.iIl:d1ing-:~agatns~ JI:I~, which I ne:vl:lt agreed to',andw tiieh is aot part: of the- ~~eement ,According to GAAP, if y.du liS'ed -my pr<;>nd:ss5}ry n..Qte to fund a chee!.C, y6u stole m)' prol¢sSQry, l'io,feq:EY9fI recorded' ieas a lean from J;IJe tGYOll. an¢")\;0;t1~ti!.L OWIO!

me money that y.Q.u never lent me. the-cost and the :ri:S¥of the r:ransagtiOD. I want to know spedfic.aJiY'diO you .inteud, to Gr.eAte the- economics §i:mUm- t0~ steMin:g: QlJ; prQrnissQ:ry note-as part of llieagreetbent? Please answer ye-s or no. If you refuse to tell me" thea we M~efraudj'n t1ie:£~~. Which makes you ne lrmger.jhe holder in due 'Gpnrse. No good tifle Ra<J~sWith aiheft.

Since the QrtIrnis.Sorynote is forge~:l, and, no ~Ood title Eass~s wjth a forged dl)clID'lent".YOQ are not tb~ bol,{!!eJ, l,di!-mand that the s__tQ)en forged pIg;m:i:S-~Qtyn,ot_e:1l0w;beretum~d or}(ou: answer all ef InY questions:!n I;lii:~ tloti¢e and,,pi'ewous'n9tie.e~eJg;llaihlilg thet~mlScan~ G;oildltioris of th_eall,@ged:agreement censerning thececonomics· similar to-stealing, c0untf!!f~_liM!<llfd swihdldng,

.Er~O ,ha£ oeen committed. when-a false statemen t j~ made ·with the 1Dakerl1avin1rknowleQg~ that tbe statement would be relied Dp0i1 w,itl1 th~ in~en~n ,that the 6i:heI;, ~aEIy, will.i.)eI:ieve it aild>acto_p'€lD it ani!' the patty having Justifiable reliance qri:the truth of the" S!;ltement rneurs ::i.' damage, '~ytime yebbav:ea th~~, 1'911 have a-damage, This Is ~hy· counte_i;(l:!4eJ;~ ami thi~YeS,ate put-in prison, Crimlna1s,damag~ p.eoWe. you.claim the l~nder Ienl fuerr-rnoney as eon~ideratiori to purchase the proms-sory; n,9t~ £rQ'm the bOlTower. You:cl_aim, that you fOllQw the fMetal Ja·ws o£ GAM; 'l'bu ,claim [ha:tJ the one who fiIOd&! Ml~ loan is to be repaid the mm1ey, Tht b'o,okkeepin,gen.t:rle>~prove t1lat::Ifunded the alleged loan.' anti YOlT .11!J.-ver gave any money till' ptlrd::lase me p_r(')Uiis~Ot"Y'note from me, TJl¢ .609JekMpihg' en~ :PIOv'~ thg ecenemics are similar to stealing, t';__oli1lte[ifetti:n~ and ~wi-ntl]jng ani1I want .you to tell ~jf this was the iu_tl!~ Qf t1:malle~~d loan :&gf@eJ)]enl and. ::if you:~~ftI$e' t.o:an&we'i:'and reveal fu~ true terms and l!on!fj;tiOIls3yf the alleged loan agreement,

All past payments are eonsidered tb be,_,extortipD pa'yliients and are HOt: in anyway considered as'val;i:pation.onn.y"a1le:geddebto~ed. You

told ID.e that if .do nol p'ay' thepay.meut$,that yen would -uselegru ~~~.:ms. tp ·~onect. Lam -tI:ylng tq res.oNethi,s m'i;l:t:tel" by; n,t)1:itl~ Q~{ote

ii:lfug court action,

A1l1li'ave .asked ),011 to do iSi:'lllswer :SpeCifk questions.r-egarding the terms fulc1cOi:!.c!itions of what ~611 claim is a loan; w hether tile promisspry note was:us¢d to fmfda CheCK t)r simllar mslrtiment, and if yon followed GAM. This would tell m~.U the te~&81l:d conditions crthe alleg~d liJ<4l bave.:theecQiiJ!l.miGS "similar'l0 stealin:~j' and' swindling.; SQ far, YOP have- .rei_useq to' elaimclMt ytJ_lli--followed fei.fuUi1 law foj1owtng Of\.AFand YOIl 11l!Ye nefus~dtP 'd¢liy tbp:t tbe:ec6nomics,

are,~im:lla:r to Ste~Ilng," oounterfeiting and~swi:o,dllng,

To be a h01der in due. course _yon mustper:(Q1:1Thme followingS deeds:

1) pUtchaseilie promissory Note from the-boqower, 2)take-the -pr6mlsSory i1tite in good,faitbusib~ honeSty, a'b§euGe of maliaeAl1Id the a,osenteof'deSigrt to t1efiauo_.or to,see~ m_;:"unco~ns€iomiBle advantage (See IUacks,Law Dic-tiflEIaFY: {-Of. gti0afaitb.), and 3) ha~e,;itO tiotite of a'n~ dyt'Ct1Ses~ag;Uru;t pa~Irl¢nt of,Qtlier ,'e,taiIns on me pi6an:ssorY litite. The- allyge:d ~encl~t:·n:eve[paid.otl'e C'¢TIt (r£"¢~nsid,er&ti~ji'r tpp'mehas~ the ,p-rqm.i§Sory, n0t~ fi;o~ th~-,a1b!,ge9 bQrfoweJ, QAAPwas yj:ola:ted~ and material facts oft4:~;:anS!g_ed agJ:e.e:1J;l.l;lJl' w.en,:qoncea1edcooc;etmn~ the ee~ri01ili~.similaI tQ !>te_~g,Sounterfeiting and .swindling. You are-not a holder in due course a:tu:fTdeman.d th~yq\l~WJD-th~st01en _pt-tiffiissoty note or 3J1swer au ,orm.y qvesuons In re-veal the nue-terms and e.ouditions oft be -allegea:loari.:Xf you refu-se.tofu1!<wcl then it provM uau11 rn the fa'Gtu~,'wh'i:0b. is a realJattaek~against iliMmegeo.

holderlruitie Cfiutse.

1. Ben Robbe'o



From: 1. Ben Robbed, her~aft~F 'j3onr0wef-'


,~ Cre~l:i~ Card'€orirpany_; h~~reirrtJft:er- "'Alleged Under'

Notice to the .PtlitCipal is NotiC'~ to the ~gerit.: Notice' tQ the'Agent is Notice to the: Principal.

I, I. Ben R_OQb~~ B_oo:Ower; hereby give notice. ti:)cAlJegea Eender fon tequest"qf'con:flEma:tioh of ternisand conditions 9f agreement and:~g_,eglulte:a~~urance of due perrOtlnain':e thatMeg~d'Le-ntle:r ma· norbreach aw:eeriiebl

.A1reg~dJ..encfeF a,weed to the fQUow:iug-geneFa[ tetm.$_-ancl'wnditioos"6r the lrreditcarB al1eged agreement; 1) Alleged L..eMer must 1Jse,tbejrm0~Y or g{:~t llif,adeguife -consid~atk>D ttl'prn:chase the ~ee:tbeJl't fn:Jtn BOfrower te r-epij.y'tbe loan: 2) AlJeged. L~nqer in-volVeti,fu'thecallr;.ged It'l.~fi did l1pt'aG~pt any,t:li:ibg 61 value' from J?~r:roWe:t that would be-used tQ fund a· check orsimilar inswumeJ1t in apRLoxitrtately Ufe amollU t of the alleged loan. 3)"i\,Ueged Lender must follow gener.a1lyaccelftcil. aGCo1ll1t-

iug pr_fu-tiples as Feq4ired by CPA audit. opinions.

4)-J1he iiiterit of the agJ."et;llj'~nt is. [nat the' party -w he.funded the It}an;j$,lt"Q"i

be repaid themoDJ}),< 5) "AlLma:~~ti'alfi:!..cfs ate to he dis.cljijse:d ffillre written agreement. OJ The card h9Jd~nmrst-rep~f th~lpan:ln_th~ s·~,s_pecte of money or cteait'or thing of value the frn:<!f1.ciril insritu.!iQnip'101ved,iu the 1o.lUl-us'ed to:funafue loMoh~ckor similar instrument, taus ~_rrdin:g all, in!:¢rest and liens, 7} The ;J.oan transactiondoes not create the, eco~OmiC;S. sirni1hr:to stealing, cDun'teclbitmg and swlndling.

Tb~ a~nWnt that.Lentered into has .the,.above severt elements in it. Ae-Q:O.j:cl.i:qgt0.~ bOQkk~ping eil:tOe,s, All~ge.d;Le;rid~r pere-ached aIl8e~ert basic Blym:en~._0_£-the alleged agreementand then· Alle¥,ed Unne'r concealed material facts of the-alleged a~itl,enl.l a.m_ deriian9lll¥, adeqUtl,ID assurance of due performance that the abo'le'$eveXJ ~lem~n,ts'fiJ;e P~1 of the alleged, loan agreement or I demand that Alleged L~~_l" retnrn a zeta, lOall' l5aThnee. The proof that ,A:I1ege<tI::end,¢r br~a!O_he.d the-agreement is.·that both yourassets,a:nd liabilities increased, proving that.Altegen Lender tecorded a liilail fi:oiil:BorrbwEi'r to.:Allegetl Lender and then tet_QlmeQ th~ 10aned tno1)e~('nThAllege'd 1euder.batk,t6 Bettowet, falsely claimi;t)g the I;Jloney I!etumed tpBomhvei isalijan' ffoJ1iJ\11e~ed'Mn_der to--B.()p'owe):'. Alle.-geQU;ndel' did t1i:eoPl"t:isite !iff. what was aij:Vernsea and-agreed to: and then cQnceaJetI th~;{acL .t1i;at AJleged_Le:nder.. accepted: money.or credit or thing of value fn:lm_BQn:Q_w~r th~J funned a cheok or similar instrument _fu the amount of ijle' aileg!!d _t(}.a~ •

This notice. will remain as fa~ ·M'the,,e[ernents of theaI~eg~d ~gr~~ent and the ,breach eM Alle~ed Lender tJiiless· Alleged Lender Oi~I'lll,t~s thi§r nottc:e Wl,thinaO'Q:ay .





From: I B,eu R:(i)_bhed. he"i:efuafter"'Borrower"

N6ti'Ce;;mthe Prmcipal is Nonce to tfie,Agen:t Notice to tlle:'Ageiit is' Notice to the Principal,

Y9ur response' t011iy NdTiGI! FeR ltEQBEST'OPCONFlRMATION G>F,mRM$ AND CO:NDlTIONSQF,k(jREEME'NTANDADEQUtitE ASSURANCE OF QUE PERFORMANCE TH.A,T ¢l.iEDIT QAR:D ,Cb)4PANY'DID NOT BR,EAqi AQREEMENT;,s€nt Feb, .15, 2002, 'appea(S thatYQu dQ not Clgtee to thifsev:en~lem~ts oIthe alleged l!iS(eement 'as -tanfuiited in tny previous notice, a GOPY'of ~lii(;h is.enclosed, It appearsfrom your response tllat"y0JI agree !hal youldiOW th:at,yol.luevet. lent me one cent 9f yOUL money' as .adequate cQnsidtration [0 purchase, what you: elafni is an agreemenrtnar I ,signedoagtte1n;g'to repa.y: a loan. AccordiQg to your. response, y0.lI-C'Utim: thatI.provided the money, mOIl!:;Y equivalent; cr-editi cag:i:t_ul, f!:111.ds or. thing of valt!e';,J1er~,!nafter called motte:'y,-tp fundthecheCktlia:t yO\l;clgUm was a loan to me . .A¢cordingto )'our r&pl~,llS.e, you, d_o not follow generally aecepted. Mt(iuntiDg pain~_p~esJ thus ,agreeing tQ.a~you committed 'a, f~l@ny. regarding SEC fifiG 'securities fraud. Aecording to yOUI' r~spql1Se the' economics of the allegeo Ioaais-slmitar to ,~;teaJin~cou:nterfej,tirig qnd_sWifidJing arid tbe, p'fffty w ho funded the loan is not to be rerfaia th~e:ir "moBel.If you deny what I have said, then 1 demandtha:_t ,You"show me Y0ui :statldai:d P:0.0~keeping-entries regarding ,your alleged loans in a response to me 'and


provy me wrong. If ycu refuse to giveme pioof, then yom refusal to adtnit:ifYQtr'ag).'ee'ordisagme to the seV'e-n elemen,(S 0 f ilie,alle'ged agreeinentalfd refusal to giv-e: bookkeeping entries .proves concealment on YQ]II' PJ1l1.

I wiU only give yOu pr!'llllf-ofm,y acclJsati,0D.S when you confirm or 'deny tbe,se;ve~ ele.m!,<~:ts of.tQe"~~g~9. agreement that nequestM now OOdiri th~:PJt;;VIOUI! no~e.e WIlli a S1~edsJ.gnatur,e £ro)J).: YOW qompany. i£ you c4.'ltmf;liat tlre.r6 IS' an agreement, :th{ITLe\Kplain if y~u agree 0r-ai~agr~€ Weith t~e seven e)ernents and' answer' each sta.tementr:l.l:¢ctI¥ withQut

changing the subject .




From: 1. Ben Robbed, hereinafter "Borrower"

TO: XYZ Credit Card Company, hereinafter "Alleged Lender'

Date: Fri Feb 15, 2002

Notice to the Principal is Notice to theAgent .. Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal.

Our records show a complete] y different loan agreement than what you c lai rn is the agreement. The Joan agreement that I understand was agreed to had the following-terms and conditions. 1) The original lender or financlal institution involved in the alleged loan is to use their money, money equi valent, capital funds or thing of value hereinafter called money. to purchase the promis ory note: - (loan papers -) from me alleged borrower. 2) The alleged lender involved in the alleged loan was to receive no money from the borrower mat would be usedto fund the alleged loan check Or. similar Instrument. 3) The lender and financial Institution involved in the allezed loan mustfollow generally accepted accounting principles, GAAP, as described- in, CPA audit opinions and the law. 4) The intern of the alleged loan agreement is that the party who provided the money to fund the alleged loan check or similar instrument is to be repaid the money. 5) All material facts are disclosed in the alleged loan agreement 6) The borrower must repay the loan u ing me same specie of money, money equivalent, funds, capital, credit onhingof value, hereinafter called money, that the financialiasritution, involved in the loan process, used to fund the loan check or similar instrument according to generally accepted accounting principles. thus ending all interest and liens.

It appears that you have violated aJJ six elements of thealleged loan agreement and thus breached the agreementusing false statements.


These six.elements of the alleged loan agreement stand as the basic element') of me agreement 1.JJ1le s you write back in ten days and state otherwi-se.


I. Ben Robbed





Date: Fri. Feb 15 2002

Fr-om: L Ben R6bbe:d, h~iIiafteI'-''Bo_g.ow·er'' 1()2-MilliAy.'e

City~ S.tate )Of'ptX

To; XYZ Company'. hereinafter "Lender"


Re: Lo.aIT Ac'€oIi:n -#.-' _

hereinafter !~6a.rf'. datej;i _

Notice to the Principal is N 6tice' to -tlte-A:gent and N))ti_~ totbe Agent is· Notice to the Prl-udeaJ.

It has. come to t1)~ Berrewer s attention, afte.r clJecki:nwthe records fQ't the Loan, that there appears to be a lI):;tt¢al Q~~.ion in theLdan ~areemoot cQQ§e~irtg·;the deposlt and disp.ositiOn of the BQlfI'fWe:r'-s prorniss'oi:'y'ubte_ during the e'X!e,(:qtion o~ the Loan.

Pursuan; to Federal an:d State lawsand regu:lariolls ('lee a.tta~hed), the Borrower is. hereby giving' .the'-LeIf~1'}~otice_an4 Demand for Full Dis-


dos1J1_e of the'terms and exeeution.of'the Loan. Please tnai.!- ~0 the Borrower, certified and verified copies; or schedule an opportnnity.fer the' Borrower or his CPA- to make a ,pllysicalins~ti9n of the'tolloWing_; documents within twenty (20) :days of I:he receipt of this Notice:

1. the original PIQrnissgry note, front .andback, @sDeiated with the Loan

2. anyallonge, rrQ.nt and back, affixed to the Berrower's

promissory note f6ririi:i:orsements

~. an bookkeeping}oum<!lentries,aS~oc:iated·wit:h the.Loan 4. the deed of trust assceiared with the Loan

5. the insurance P9li9Y ,on Borrower' s, premissory note· associetedwithtneLearr

6" t1:i:e Call Rep,{)Tts for the period covering the Loan

'7,. the'.d~p6sit.slip f-Or tae deposit Of the BQrfoweI~ S promiSSOfj7Dote'assodated With the Loan,

8. the orderauthorizing the withdniwhl Qf funds from Borrower's piormssQIy note deposit account

,9, the account number from wlri:t.h the ill'Qney came to tuud the cheek giV!l!1, tothe B orrower

U'L verification that Borrowet's prnmissery, note was a free gift to tbeknd(if fr-om the Borrower;

I'l. the name.andaddressof, tile current holder of the =BOi:rowefspr~rn:iJ:;~ory note

12. the name' and addressef' tbe.Len~er's:CPA and AIlQ1- tbrJoLth~ period covering theLsan execution

This i$ the Borrower's good faith-attempt to clear up allY: confusion ill trus matter before taking any fuitber-.aati-Ons. FauUre. to JA~,pond within


twenty (2Q) Wtys of r~il?twml5e deemed a dishorrcJJ: of thisN oticeand Demand for-Full Disclosure,




FairDebtQ'ijllectionPfattice~Act.(PubJic Law 104-,208; no Stat. 3009 (Sept 30, 19:96)


Fair Credit BilfingAd

Truth in.Lending Act

Regulation Z r. Full Dist1Qsore

RESPA -~ea1 Estate Settlement Procedures Act Admhristrative Proeedures AGt

1917 Trading- with the ElietIi¥Act amended In- 1933' to ihclude U.S_ Citizens as "enemies of'the state'

16 Am Jut 2D. 7:1 - 'A~:neri;carl Jurisprudence

(''The Constitution does net authorize emeI:;g;en0Y powers or a suspension of its€ff.;')

SeciiritiesAct of 1 ~~H- 34


Section 12(Q.)

Secti on 17( a)

Secrion '24 .

Securities and AetJ)fl99.4 Section 10\~)~,Rule 199-5 S.eCtion ] 8C,a)

$ecu6n; 32(a~

_pCeA- EClJ;ci:gn Co:r~·qptPra<;tj_cesAct of 1977

uce- Uniform Commercial Code S.ectiorll-2Ql G:?ner~ Definitions

Secfion2-609 Righfl0 Adequate Assurance of.Due


Sl'fcciorn 3'- 104 N~gj)tia.ble Instrument Section 3~2041ftt:lbFSement

Section 3-102 H,old~ in Due C9u:rse

Secti{)n_3:-203 'IranSfer-oflnstmn'lent-Rig!lts Acquired by


Section ~c3O-~·Valu,e and Ccnsideration

Section 3-305 alhi, Claims and Defetrses'and Recoupment


Se~ti()rt, ~"JO~ Pliont of Signatures Section:-3,4,(i)7 A1t~ration

Section ~~6{i)2-1~ayment SectiQn.;I~6D3 Tender of Payment

Sedtibn.9;-IQ5 Definitions [Secured T.tansactiol'is 1 Section .9-1 07 R~q¥~t._fQr N:.eoa:nting

USC- United States: COde

TItle 5 Se,cri0n ~;56_H~ariJ1'gs

Title 12 SectiOn, l831n'{w)(2)(A) - G.AJ\P require'dfoT batiks Title 12 Section 2(:)91 DisdO~gr~

Tille 12 Se_ctiQu ;2.6Q§(e) Dispute a clBilhof-delitr 'Iltle,15 Seefien 1601 Hair IDent CO'lled:i:i'>n 'P.ractiC€S TItle 15 Seotien J69_2 Fair De~t Colleetit:l:a_P),'M:m:~s:

eRR - CbdeofPeoerru Regulations

Tit!:e: 12 SectiQ'rl _2Z6J7(b) Pull. Dlsclesnre

TItle 12 Sed:ion226.17(t)(1) Basis,bfJDisalosuie_

n:~J1 S~ftiOll 308 F_IjIC &ll~sqf Practicesand Procedures TItle 12 S:e,cti:lim:141.6(b> - aA:AP required Ier'eredit unions

FRCF - Federal Rules otC.lvil Procedure Rule 27 - DepQsilibnsbefere action Rule 34 -Production of documents Rl:!le'36- Aa.tmss!ons

FRE -. Fede.tal Rules 6f Evidence

Rule 1003 -AQ:missi!;dJ1JY QipuPli.9RteS

_ _ _ c _

FDic - federal Deposit Iasurance CotpQtatit:m GAAP- Generally A.ccepted Accounting' Principles Ma~lrin.g

Representational Faithfulness

8AAs - Generally Accepted A uditing Standards

Federal Reserve Bank Publicaticns Modern MQn~Y11_e£:hanis:S' TW,o Fa£,e_s t;lf D,eb.t


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