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Re St el ees eC ee el ete ele ero aol LLU tele ol THE BLACK VAULT Lee See Re steel laa oad ae Pao eoameto sgh RECORD CLEARING HOUSE IN THE WORLD. THE RESEARCH EFFORTS HERE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECLASSIFICATION OF THOUSANDS OF DOCUMENTS THROUGHOUT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, AND ALL CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY VISITING: RIALS ate eh a7 Ueto) YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO FORWARD THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR FRIENDS, BUT PLEASE KEEP THIS IDENTIFYING IMAGE AT THE TOP OF THE PDF SO OTHERS CAN DOWNLOAD MORE! DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY ENGINEER RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER, CORPS OF ENGINEERS. WATERWAYS EXPERIMENT STATION, 3909 HALLS FERRY ROAD VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI 39180-6199 8 April 2009 Office of Counsel SUBJECT: Freedom of Information Act Request No. 09-05 Mr. John Greenewald, Jr. Dear Mr. Greenewald: in response to your FOIA request dated March 18, 2009, enclosed is the information you requested. There will be no charges associated with this request. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the address above or at telephone number (601) 634-2757. Sincerely, Lewis H. Burke FOIA Officer Enclosures a ur nd” Rede ee Property of the United States Government MISCELLANEOUS PAPER E-74-5 USE OF THE SUBTERRENE FOR MILITARY DRILLING APPLICATIONS Major Lynn C. Webster October 1974 ! LIBRARY BRANCH | TECHNICA MATION CENTER | US ARMY ENGINCER W vAYS EXPERIMENT STATION VICKSBURG. MISSISSIPPI U. S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station Explosive Excavation Research Laboratory Livermore, California Approved for public release; distribution unlimited