Eyes Closed

(Chapter Poem from The Gypsy Tales)

I reflected out through my eyes closed: sparks of light mixed with dark. There is a substance that needs to be exposed and it arises from a soul to express its remark. You ask, what is it that affects all mankind? Well, that is the cloud that mirrors all our minds and mixes the truth with false eyes that blind; Like multi colored flushes of a curtain blind. I, like you think that what we transpire will become: Good, Evil, and something in between that we accept. We reach; we scrape for that forgiving crumb that drips the tears of those most missing as we wept. For we are human, thinking that we live forever. It may be here or it may be in an after life. We think that we are so clever that we can toss aside within all that strife. But, we are what we are: life. A beginning and an end that serves a longing, and when we accept that end it is as a knife slicing through all that we thought were our belongings. Clinging to some obscene thoughts of immortality that will resolve all our sins in a cleansing with a burst of knowledge immersed in rationality: we realize that all that is; is merely a matter of abandoning.

Randy Rowe Copyright: 2010;2012

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