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Be Responsible. Be Eco-Wise

EcoWise is the leading provider of comprehensive Waste Management and Recycling Services in Delhi/NCR. Headquartered at Noida, we are strategically placed to cater to Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and nearby places. Working in the Organized sector, we aim to provide the best services to help you watch your waste-line and save the environment within the purview of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Rules 2000 laid down by the Government. We act as a single vendor to meet all your requirements when it comes to collection, segregation, transportation, recycling, treatment and landfill (only inert waste) of MSW. We benefit nearly 1.5 lac residential and commercial customers daily.

Drawing on our resources and experience, we actively pursue projects and initiatives that benefit the recycling industry, the communities we serve and the environment. EcoWise is also moving towards ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 Certifications. Our activities divert more than 10 tons of waste from ending up in landfill sites daily. With manual rikshaws and trucks running on biodiesel/used vegetable oil we operate the city s largest fleet of clean vehicles. Eco Wise is the only company in India that has its own waste segregation and treatment site. Our operations have permanently shut down more than 15 roadside dumps in Noida.

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Door to Door Collection- We believe in reaching out at the grass-root level to tackle the problem of waste and have developed superior Door-to-Door waste collection services to provide ease and convenience to our customers. Our friendly waste collectors to whom we proudly refer to as Health Officers , reach your door step each day without fail to collect your waste and give you a clean experience. It s not just your daily kitchen waste, but we also help you get rid of your non-biodegradables, horticultural, construction generated waste in the most eco friendly manner. You can also Sell your trash to us.

waste management services
Educational Campaigns- The EcoWise Model makes a direct impact on the lives of people. We regularly arrange for educational seminars, awareness campaigns to train housemakers, children, adults alike about the importance of segregation and responsible disposal. We recently launched The Blue Bin Green Bin campaign with Eldeco. The residents happily agreed to segregate their organic and inorganic waste before putting it out for collection. This step not only helps us in our operations but is also an indicator of the growing sensitization towards waste management.

‡ Food items ‡ Kitchen waste, peels, cuttings, refuse ‡ Tea, coffee ‡ Cotton ‡ Match sticks ‡ Hair

‡ Plastic food jars, tubs, lids, bottles ‡ Plastic toys, make-up jars, Styrofoam, foam cups ‡ Milk/Juice Cartons ‡ Empty paint and Aerosol cans ‡ Metal cans, coat-hanger, batteries, pots ‡ Glass Bottle, jars, dishes, cups, pottery, make-up jars, mirrors, light bulbs, window glass ‡ Aluminium rigid trays ‡ Household paper ‡ Paper gift wrap and cards ‡ Paper egg cartons, rolls and bags ‡ Boxes- Cardboard, cereal, tissue, detergent ‡ Newspapers, telephone directories, magazines, books

Be Responsible. Be Eco-Wise

waste management services
Purchase of Scrap- EcoWise purchases scrap at market competitive rates while giving you a solid professional experience. We provide you with correct up-to-date records along with all kinds of certifications and legal proofs for your compliance needs. The Government is going to bring out stricter norms and regulations soon to deal with scrap and do away with the informal sector. We are ready for it, but is your organization ready? The items we deal in are- All types of Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Metal, E-Waste, Textile waste and Other NonHazardous waste .

waste management services
Go Green: EcoWise Industrial Services has the knowledge, resources and expertise to help industries manage their waste streams in a way that is both costeffective and environmentally responsible. We ensure confidential and safe destruction of documents. We also pick-up construction debris.

waste management services
Waste Collection: We provide quality collection, recycling and disposal services to businesses large and small. Whether it's a stand-alone retail store, a midsize office building, a regional shopping mall or a multi-national corporation Eco Wise can provide your business with efficient, dependable and responsive waste management services that supports your bottom line.

waste management services
Green Events: We partner with various Malls, Corporates, Schools, Government bodies and others to organize Recycling Drives, Awareness Campaigns, Environment Weeks, Exhibitions and Workshops to reach the people and spread our message of Clean Cities and Sustainable Living. With this, our partners gain coverage and promotion. invaluable media

Turnkey projects Technological Know-how Waste-to-Energy Setting up a similar business in your area

Door To Door Collection of Municipal, Industrial and Commercial Waste Transportation of Waste to Ecowise Waste Segregation Site

Segregation of Waste into Wet, Dry and Inert

Wet Waste converted into Windrow and Vermi Compost

Dry waste sent to the Recyclers

Inert Waste disposed at Landfill (less than 10% of the total)

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think about it..
How much waste do you generate in a day? What do you do with your waste? Do you ever consider the environmental impacts? Would you like to improve the situation?

how much waste do you generate in a day?
Delhi/NCR generates about 10,000 tons of waste daily! Out of which 30% is Organic and 70% is Inorganic MCD is able to collect only 60% 20% collected by Informal Sector

what do you do with your waste?

Your local waste-collector or house-help DUMPS the waste in the nearby open ground or any other convenient place. Municipality collects the waste on a highly irregular basis and DUMPS it in the landfills without segregating or treating it. The valuables are extracted by the ragpickers and the rest is BURNT in the open. (about 90% of the total) Otherwise waste is left scattered or completely ignored.

do you ever consider the environmental impacts?
Waste lying in the open plays host to a number of disease carrying organisms like- flies, worms, rats, vermin, pests, stray dogs, pigs etc. A number of Green House Gases are released with time like Methane (which absorbs 60% more heat leading to global warming), Ammonia, Dioxins which spoil the quality of air, water, and soil. A lot of items are lost which could be recycled or reused. Landfills are slowly reaching saturation levels and soon there will be no space left unless we START TAKING STEPS FROM TODAY

other impacts
Open dumps reduce the aesthetic quality of the surroundings High levels of stink and odour Biodiversity impacts Reduced parking space Reduction in property prices

would you like to improve the situation?

Our Solution The EcoWise Model Collects the waste from the source and properly processes it resulting in minimal disposal to landfills. Transports the material to our waste segregation site. Treatment of Organic waste into Compost Recycling of Inorganic waste Disposal in a responsible and planned manner resulting in minimum harm to the environment.

other benefits
Aesthetically pleasing scenery and cleaner cities to live in Become a Role-Model in going green Reduce your Carbon Footprint CSR initiatives for industries/corporates Legal and Audit compliance needs for industries/corporates Gain invaluable Customer Loyalty and increase Brand value Help in creating Sustainable Environment for future generations Use of Compost and materials derived from Recycling back into use Save children from exploitation and ragpicking

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Be Responsible. Be Eco-Wise

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