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Voice Of Delhi May 2010

Voice Of Delhi May 2010

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VOICE OF DELHI MAY 2010 Monthly Magazine from archdiocese of delhi

For recent magazine of this month --- Check the below link

VOICE OF DELHI MAY 2010 Monthly Magazine from archdiocese of delhi

For recent magazine of this month --- Check the below link


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Published by: arulforyou on Jun 16, 2010
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DL(ND)-11/6125/2010-11-12 DELENG/2007/19942 DOP 9th & 10th


Vol.XX: No.5: May 2010

Rs. 10

Foundation laying of proposed Holy Family Rural Health Centre, Nuh by Archbishop Vincent (Page 18)

Combined Palm Sunday at St. Thomas & St. Peter’s Syro Malabar, R K Puram (Page 24)


Good Friday at St. Thomas, R K Puram (Page 24)

Live Stations of the Cross by St. Paul’s, Delhi Cantt (Page 15)

Pastoral visit of Bishop Franco to Kapashera Parish (Page18)

Pessaha washing of the feet at St. Peter’s Syro Malabar, R.K Puram

Way of the Cross live by Blessed Mariam Thressia Syro Malabar Church, Burari

Women’s Day celebrations at St. Xaviers, Shahabad Daulatpur (Page 25-26)

Diaconate Ordination
At St Mark’s Church, Punjabi Bagh

Printed and published by Fr. Januario Rebello on behalf of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese and Printed at Bosco Society for Printing & Graphic Training, New Delhi 110025 and Published at Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, 1 Ashok Place, New Delhi 110001. Editor : Jose Abraham E-mail: voiceofdelhi@gmail.com Website : www.archdioceseofdelhi.com

Easter Vigil Mass by Archbishop at Cathedral

Easter Vigil Mass at Rohini by Auxiliary Bishop (Page 24)

Pastoral Visit of Archbishop Vincent to Ashok Vihar (Page 14)

Blood Donation Camp by St. Michael’s Gurgaon Catholic Association (Page 38)



Archbishop Vincent being felicitated at Crism Mass (Page 29)

Dioconate Ordination St. Mark’s Parish, Punjabi Bagh (Page 7)

Chetanalaya News Mahila Diwas Celebration (Page 36)

DCRS Way of the Cross at Jeevan Jyoti Ashram (Page 40)

Fr. Francis Gonsalves of Vidyajyoti washing the feet of prisoners at Tihar Jail (Page 34)

Live Stations of the Cross by Syro Malabar faithful of Defence Colony

DCRS Nurses Convention at Burari (Page 35)

First profession of the SCJM, Tanmaya Gurgaon (Page 32)

Way of the Cross by Punjabi Bagh faithful (Page 22)

Live Way of the Cross by Prabhu Prakash Girja, Trilokpuri faithful (Page 27)

Women’s Day at SCJM, Tanmaya Gurgaon (Page 29)

Women’s Day at Vidyajyoti (Page 31)

Patron: Archbishop Vincent M Concessao Editor: Jose Abraham Editorial Board: Subash Masters Fr. George Abraham Grace David Finance Manager: Fr. Anthony Francis Circulation Manager: Fr. Januario Rebello Secretariat: A D Doss, Jolly Mathew Printed and published by Fr. Januario Rebello on behalf of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese Printed at Bosco Society for Printing & Graphic Training, Okhla Road, New Delhi - 110 025 Tel.: 26839864, 26910729 Published at Delhi Catholic Archdiocese 1 Ashok Place, New Delhi - 110001 Tel.: (+91-11) 23343457, 23362058 Fax: (+91-11) 23746575 Email : archbishopdelhi@yahoo.co.in Website : www.archdioceseofdelhi.com Annual Subscription : Rs. 120 (in India) US $ 25 ( abroad) By Local cheque/bank draft favouring "Voice of Delhi" Contributions for publication may be sent to the above address by post or by email to: voiceofdelhi@gmail.com Editor’s mobile : 9818491527

he General Body Meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) held in Guwahati from Feb 24 – March 3, 2010 issued the final statement on the theme of their meet - ‘Youth for Peace and Harmony’. Providentially, it also happened to be the Silver Jubilee of the International Year of the Youth (1985-2010). Among others, the Conference was also attended by the National Director of Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) and 51 youth delegates from the 13 regions of the country. The Young India: The CBCI statement has brought out a very interesting fact that the face of India today is ‘young’ - the population trends point towards the average Indian being less than 30 years of age by 2020. Hence, the Church wants very much to harness the enthusiasm of youth in the cause of peace and harmony. Quintessential Youth: Most of the Christian youth of Delhi are exposed to the best Information Technology in the world, and have access to very good education, mostly from our own educational institutions, better living conditions and job opportunities. Our youth possesses profound knowledge and understanding of things around. It will be a grave mistake to take them for granted or underrate their potential. The most important quality in them is their faith in Jesus and his Gospels, a desire to do something good/ great and abhorrence for corruption, communalism and casteism. From Toddler to Teenage to the Thirty: These are the three stages in the development of the youth. Each stage has its own distinctive requirements and commitments that parents and mentors have to make. Change is essential in our perception and evaluation of the youth taking into account 21st century conditions to which only they will naturally adapt. The youth have their own concerted conscience based on their conviction and no amount of coercion will work. Therefore, the approach to the youth by parents and the Church should be one that will intrinsically attract them to its fold because of the inherent values, standards and source of spiritual nourishment provided to them by parents at home, priests in the Church and mentors in the society at large like teachers and superiors. Youth, the future of the Church: The Catholic Youth of today is the future of the Church. Once they reach the age of majority, they choose their lives and spirituality as they see and experience. It is in here that role models and exemplary lives will influence them to make the right choice. Our words and deeds as Catholics today will guarantee that we have the right environment for our children to be future of the Church. Grandparents, Parents and the Church: It is the triumvirate of grandparents, parents and the Church that can shape our future Catholic youth. It goes without saying that the CBCI has made the right initiative at the right time for the Church in India. Let the troika of these three segments get down to immediately frame an action plan whereby our youth can grow into the future Indian Church. We, the parents, would be too glad to collaborate with the Church in this regard. In today’s difficult times, there is a lot of work to be done to channel the youth to be the future Church. Let us begin the process without any delay.


Youth For Peace and Harmony


Editorial The Shepherd’s Voice Diaconate Ordination Rev Fr Frederick D’Souza 3 4 7 9

Celebrating International Nurses Day 11 Diocesan Education Scheme Parish Round - up News From Schools Archdiocesan News Catholic Associations Soulmates 13 14 28 29 38 41

Jose Abraham Editor
May 2010

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May 2010

The Shepherd’s Voice
My brothers and sisters, “You have created us for yourself, O Lord,” prayed St. Augustine, “and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Our creation itself, therefore, implies a call to share God’s life and share it to the full. That is the destiny of all people; to return to God who made us and to be happy with him forever. But in his plan of salvation God calls some for a life of faith in Jesus. Our faith is not the result of our achievement. It is God’s free gift to us. Even if we had to search for it and ultimately discovered it, we must still say that the initiative came from God and that inclination to search itself was a sign of God’s search for us, a gratuitous gift of God. “No one can come to me unless the Father draws him,” Jesus had said. But then among the faithful who constitute the body of Christ some are called as St. Paul says, “to be apostles; some to be prophets; some to be evangelists; some to be pastors and some teachers” (Ephesians 4:11) And our focus during this year is the vocation to the priesthood and religious life. It is true that vocation to the priesthood and religious life is a gift of God but God uses us humans as his instruments to call his chosen ones. In the Bible there is a typical pattern of God’s call. The call comes as a surprise, there is a feeling of unworthiness or incompetence on the part of the one called. There is assurance from God’s part that he would be with the one called and the chosen one surrenders. Each vocation is deeply a personal story. I remember some years ago when we discussed the question of our vocation to the priesthood and religious life and shared our experiences, there weren’t two similar cases. Each case was unique. Some experienced the call from childhood, some over night, some had a smooth sailing all along, some a painful struggle. But the hand of the Lord was always there through thick and thin to sustain the chosen one. It is said that the family is nursery of vocation. In a God-fearing and devout family, where religion has the priority of place, where there is prayer, unity and regular practice of religion, where the priests and religious are appreciated for what they do, it is likely that young minds are drawn to follow their master in the priesthood or religious life. If they hear only criticism and negative comments about priests and religious it is likely that they are not inclined to be priests and religious. But there is no limit to what God’s grace can do though. Did he not change Saul into Paul, a persecutor into an apostle? Very important for the young mind is the good example of the priests and religious; their witnessing to God’s love in the service of their people; their spirit of sacrifice and commitment to the good of others; their generosity in serving the Lord as he wants it done. This is a great challenge to one and all of us, priests and religious. We must enjoy our priestly and religious life and must be seen to be doing so. And that will happen when we totally dedicate ourselves to the service of our people and are ready even to give our lives for them. None of us is worthy of God’s call but in his wisdom God chooses weak persons to be his instruments as he chose Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Old Testament to be his prophets and Peter, James and rest to be his apostles in the New Testament. Of the twelve Jesus chose one betrayed him. If that is what happened in his choice, the history is likely to repeat itself in our own days too as it has happened and continues to happen. It is


e celebrated the Fourth Sunday of Easter as the 47th World Day for Prayer for Vocations on 25th April, 2010. Since we are also celebrating this year as Year of Vocations, it is only in the fitness of things that we reflect a little on vocation.

4 4

May 2010

May 2010

to be regretted that less than one percent that go astray get full publicity through the mass media while the vast majority of the priests and religious get little attention. We need to be proud of the thousands of these faithful ones who serve God’s people with commitment no matter what struggle it involves at times. We need to focus on them and draw inspiration from their lives. What needs to motivate the youth to priesthood or religious life is the tremendous opportunity they get to serve the Church and the people at large. We know how challenging it is to live a Christian life to the full. Our people need to be nourished by the Word of God and the sacraments. In his wisdom that is the way Jesus has arranged things for us. When we look at the society at large, we see so many problems like injustice, discrimination, corruption, immorality etc. evils that need to be fought as done by Jesus during his time. He needs priests not only to be his prophets in such situations but also inspire and equip the laity to evangelize the secular world in all its aspects. It is good to remind ourselves that we are no more than instruments in God’s hands and it is the Risen Lord who continues his ministry through us in the power of the Holy Spirit. When a priest baptizes it is Jesus who baptizes, when a priest absolves the sinner in the sacrament of reconciliation it the Risen Lord who absolves. At the Holy Eucharist it is Jesus himself who presides over the Eucharist but through the instrumentality of the priest. This apart, God blesses some people with special charisms to cater to the needs of people at a particular period of time. Under the leadership of his chosen ones he gathers them in communities inviting them to commit themselves totally to God by taking the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience and following his son Jesus Christ as we know him from the Gospels. They are an expression of God’s care and concern for his people. We have these men and women who serve people be it in the field of education, health care, social development or any other area depending on the need of the people and the related charism. Today, for instance, communication has become a very important means by which the Good News needs to be proclaimed and people given hope for a better future for all humankind. Isn’t that wonderful to be special instruments in God’s hands to spread his kingdom of justice, love, peace and joy if he chooses us for the purpose in the priesthood or religious life? We need to discern his call. We need to pray for vocations. That was Jesus’ own advice, “The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers to his harvest.” (Mathew 9:37) Pope Leo XIII years ago said, “India, your children will be the ministers of salvation to you.” His prophetic words have become a concrete reality. God has blessed our country with vocations and a larger number of priests and religious have gone to other countries for evangelization and for re-evangelization. We need to thank God for it. What can be said of India as a whole cannot be said of our Archdiocese. We have had vocations but not many of them. We depend very much on vocations from other regions. We need to pray for and encourage our own youth to be generous to serve the Church and the people at large and even be able one day to go as missionaries where they are needed. With warm regards and God bless, Yours sincerely in Christ, + Vincent M. Concessao Archbishop of Delhi
May 2010 May 2010

5 5

Anniversaries of Pastoral Clergy in May
Date Name

14 22 23 25


3 Frs. Ravindra Jain (1957) 8 Augustine Kuriapilly (1943) 8 Ivan Madtha (1976) 10 Victor D’ Souza (1936) 13 Philip Parmar (1946)

Frs. M. Devadhas (1964) Charles D’ Souza (1935) T.C. Anthony (1976) Johannes Ravi Kota (1972)

1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 7 7



Name Date Name

Frs. Maxim Pinto (2000) Joseph Henry (2004) S. Manikya Raju (1997) Alphonse Arokiam (1983) Kulandai Samy (2007) Jardice Nazereth (2009) Chetan Machado (2006) Thavamani (2007) Jesuriaj P. (2009) Suman Surin (2002) Frederick D’ Souza (1985) Thomas D’ Cunha (1997) Wilfred D’ Souza (2004) Thomas Sherin M. (2006) Peter Emmanuel (2008) Januario Rebello (1975) Denny George (2006) Shaiju Xavier (2009) Jose Stephen (2008) Aires Furtado (1996) Lancy Paul (2005)

15 Frs. Julian Kullu (2007) 7 Frs. Mathew P.J. (2008) 18 Nicholas Dias (1996) 8 Edward Hospet (2004) 18 Stanley K. (2001) 8 Thomas Paul (2004) 18 Bipin Ekka (2007) 9 Savari Raj A. (2006) 19 Paul Roy (2001) 10 T. C. Anthony (2005) 19 Ivan Madtha (2003) 10 Jayaseelan (2008) Deepak Soreng (1998) 11 Joseph Elamthuruthy (2005) 20 20 John Monteiro (2003) 11 Victor Immanuel (2006) 20 Vincent Crasta (2003) 12 Beschi D’Almeida (1978) 21 Lawrence P.R.(2001) 12 Irudaya Kumar (2002) 22 Alex Toppo (1982) 12 Prakash Gill (2007) 22 Benedict Francis (1994) 13 Julius Caesar (1994) 22 Biju Xavier (2001) 13 James Peter Raj (2005) 22 Christopher G. (2003) 13 S. Arockia Dass (2006) 24 Vincent Salvatore (1986) 13 Valerian baretto (2008) 24 Sabu Joseph (2003) 13 Anil Valder (2008) 26 George P.A. (2003) 14 M. Devadhas (1994) 27 T.J. Jose (2003) 14 Claude D’ Souza (1978) Ravindra Jain (1995) 14 Vijay Kumar Baretto (2002) 30 31 Mathew Koyickal (2000) 14 Savarimuthu (2005) 15 Arvind Tete (2007)

Fondly Remembered
We fondly remember the following Priest of our Archdiocese who left for heavenly abode: Fr. John Patrick : May 15, 2000

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We are happy to inform that the old issues of The Voice of Delhi can now be viewed and downloaded from our Archdiocesan Website. You may log on to www.archdioceseofdelhi.com, and click on ‘News & Views. You can also browse the archdiocesan website for a variety of other information.

:May his soul rest in peace:
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May 2010

May 2010

t. Mark’s Parish, Punjabi Bagh was privileged and honoured to host the Archdiocean Diaconate Ordination 2010 for five Brothers. The entire parish community under the leadership of the Parish Priest, Fr Julius Caesar was geared up to organize the event on April 17, 2010 with their tireless efforts and financial support. The ceremony was presided over by His Grace Most Rev Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao, accompanied by his Excellency the Auxiliary Bishop Most Rev. Franco Mulakkal, Very Rev. Fr. Victor D’souza, the Vicar General, Rectors and a large number of priests.


Diaconate Ordination at Punjabi Bagh Mary Jose

Newly Ordained Deacons

Bro. Suresh Xavier

Bro. L Balaraju

Bro. Alfred Bodhra S.J.

Bro. Umesh Ekka

Bro. Suman Paul

The word ‘Deacon’ is derived from the Greek word diakonos which means ‘servant’. The role of a deacon is one of service where he assists the Bishop or Priest at the Holy Eucharist during which he proclaims the Gospel. He is also permitted to officiate at baptisms, marriages and funerals. The Rite of Diaconate where the candidate is raised to the order of a deacon is an inspiring ceremony. It is the first of the Holy Orders before one is ordained a Priest. It involves the presentation of the candidate; the promise of obedience to the Bishop, the laying on of hands; investiture with stole and dalmatic and the presentation of the Book of Gospels. Finally, the Bishop receives the deacon into the presbyterium with a kiss of peace. (Courtesy Fr. George Abraham)

Parish Priest, Fr Julius thanking one and all May 2010 May 2010

7 7

I have a dream for The Voice of Delhi and Dilliwani, that every Catholic family in the Archdiocese subscribes to a copy of either of these, as the case may be, to keep them well informed of the news of all the activities in our Archdiocese and the Church. The cost of Rs 10 per copy should not be difficult and wherever there is a financial constraint, I am sure some sponsorship by generous people (and we have plenty of them in every parish) can help tide over the problem for those who can not afford. Let every family have

Editor’s Dream

Holy Father’s Intentions May 2010
General Intention: [Human Trafficking] That the shameful and monstrous commerce in human beings, which sadly involves millions of women and children, may be ended. Missionar y Intention: [Priests, Religious and Committed Lay People] - That ordained ministers, religious women and men, and lay people involved in apostolic work may understand how to infuse missionary enthusiasm into the communities entrusted to their care. [The photo above shows the Holy Father at this year’s Palm Sunday Celebrations at the Vatican]

“The Voice of Delhi”,
The Official News Magazine of the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese Jose Abraham Editor

Prayer for Priests & Vocations


od our Father, we thank you for our priests, in the Archdiocese of Delhi. We gratefully acknowledge their dedicated service to you, and your people. With Christ as their example, and St. John Vianney as their patron, may they devote themselves, more fully to their ministry. Strengthen them with the Holy Spirit, that they may proclaim your Word effectively, and administer the sacraments devotedly. Confirm their faith, in times of doubt and loneliness, and give them a persevering heart. Father, hear our prayer, in this Year for Vocations. Inspire and inflame, the hearts of our children, with the desire, to work in your vineyard, and dedicate their lives, in the service of your people. Find them worthy, of priestly and religious life, and choose them for your service. Help them to hear, and recognize your voice, and offer themselves totally to you. Mary, our Mother, obtain for the young people, the grace to hear the call, and the courage, to follow your son Jesus. We make this prayer, through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son, who lives and reigns, with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever, Amen. [Note: His Grace, our Archbishop has declared the Year 2010 as “A Year of Vocations to the Priesthood”. For more on this, please read the Shepherd’s Voice in the February 2010 issue of The Voice of Delhi. Log on to www.archdioceseofdelhi.com, and click on ‘news & views’, to view past issues.]

Pope Pius VIII
Pope Pius VIII was born on 20th Nov, 1761 in Cingoli, Italy, as Francesco Saverio Castiglioni and was Pope from 31 March 1829 to 30 November 1830. He studied Canon law and in 1800 became Bishop of Montalto. After he refused to swear allegiance to Napoleon I of France (1804–14, 1815) he was taken to France, but following the defeat of France, he was, in 1816, made a Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in Traspontina. He held various high offices thereafter, including that of Major Penitentiary. After the death of Pope Leo XII (1823–29), Castiglioni was elected Pope in the papal conclave. As Pope Pius VIII, he initiated some reforms in the States of the Church. On 24 May 1829 he issued an encyclical, Traditi humilitati. Perhaps indicating that the current debate on religious pluralism was also occurring in his own time, he condemned the “foul contrivance of the sophists of this age” that would place Catholicism on par with any other religion. Pius VIII was in very poor health from his election until his death. He died on 30 November 1830 and was succeeded by Gregory XVI. Pope Pius VIII lived modestly, made no enemies, and had an irreproachable life.

From the Past

8 8

May 2010

May 2010

Jubilarian of the month

(Asst. Executive Director, Caritas India)
(in conversation with Grace David, Member VOD Editorial Board)

Rev Fr Frederick D’Souza,
25 Years in the Vineyard of the Lord

Fr Freddie, please accept our best wishes on the Silver Jubilee of your Sacerdotal Ordination on May 4 (1985). What are your reflections of that day? Thank you for your best wishes and the opportunity provided to share my feelings. I was ordained in Mangalore. It was a great moment for me and for my family members. In fact, I chose Mangalore to ensure that all my family members could attend, and it did happen as I had wished. It was really a moving experience for all of us. I remember that most of my family members were crying out of joy and my father cried the most. I had prayers and recollection on the day before my ordination as an immediate preparation. I was given the option to join any group for my ordination by the late Bishop Basil D’Souza, and I joined the SVDs as the place was closer to my home. There were two main functions: on the day of my ordination and the day I celebrated the First Mass in my parish. I was at home for a month going round celebrating Masses and meeting different people. It was a unique experience of grace and humility. What made you choose to become a priest, any inspiration from someone, and what is your priestly motto?

Please tell us about your family and pre-ordination life. I hail from a large family of five brothers and four sisters. As a family, we used to have a lot of fun and laughter. At the time of my birth, my father was the leader of my village. Later, my elder brother succeeded him. They both were inspirations to me. Afterwards, when I joined the school, I became the school pupil leader. In the seminary I was the leader of the Outreach Programme. We used to regularly visit suburbs and villages and organise various development related programmes for the people. I used to visit the prisons and organise entertainment programmes for the inmates. When I came to Delhi to continue my theology at Vidyajyoti, I was staying at ‘Pratiksha’ where Archbishop Vincent was my Rector. His life was very exemplary to me because he was also the Director of Chetanalaya (it was then known as ‘Social Action’) and he integrated his work and prayer life well. Please describe your priestly ministry so far. My first appointment was at Rosary Church as assistant and then I worked in Jehangirpuri and Sundernagri looking after the development programmes of Chetanalaya at the same time. It was interesting again working with Archbishop Vincent learning about urban poverty alleviation strategies. My second appointment was at Village Kanhei as Parish Priest and In-charge of the Hospital and the development programmes in the neighbouring villages. It was also a good experience working in rural areas. My third appointment as the Chancellor of the Archdiocese was brief as it was a period of transition before I went abroad for studies. Going abroad gave me a good exposure and it gave me a lot of self-confidence, maturity, skills and much needed professionalism. My fourth appointment as the Director of Chetanalaya and the Director of the Clergy Home took place after a gap of seven years. The skills I acquired were handy as I was able to put in place a lot of systems in Chetanalaya. At Clergy Home
May 2010 May 2010

I had attended a vocation camp in my parish and was attracted by the talk on the spirituality of a priest. My parish priest encouraged me to join the seminary for the diocese of Mangalore. Later, Bishop Basil D’Souza inspired me to join the Archdiocese of Delhi. Serving others, especially the poor, is my priestly motto. Working for social transformation is my special interest in life. When I was a small boy, I used to take out time to visit people and help them in whatever way I could. Later, when I joined the seminary and even after becoming a priest, I tried to be consistent in my interest and motto. I was blessed with good superiors both in the seminary and as a priest who encouraged me to study and work for social development.

9 9

I was making my best efforts to keep the priests happy as they had served us all these years. Describe your present activities. At present, I am the Assistant Director of Caritas India, the official organ of the CBCI for Social Development. As the deputy, I am in-charge of all the programmes of Caritas going on all over India. In Caritas India, there is a well designed and highly organised reporting system. My responsibility is to ensure that the system works. So, I observe and give critical feedback to our staff at different levels and the people implementing programmes at different places. My work involves travel as I interact with the Staff, Diocesan Directors of Social Works, Regional Forum Directors, and the Bishops. In Caritas India we are three priests who work together as a team. I stay at CBCI with twelve other priests forming a community under the leadership of Fr. Thomas Sequeira, who plays an inspirational role in our lives.

be a lot better still. The laity participation should not just be centered on ‘liturgical celebrations’ and ‘event managements’; it should be systemic leading to laity participation in decision-making processes at the different levels of the Archdiocese. ‘Participation’ in decision-making process leads to ‘ownership’ and ownership leads to ‘empowerment’. How can we motivate the laity, particularly the youth to come forward and render voluntary service to the church and the community?

As a development worker, I follow a simple five steps ‘mantra’ that is, people’s awareness, people’s education, people’s organisation, people’s empowerment, and people’s action. I feel it should work as it is working in many other situations. Again, it should be concerted, systematic and an ongoing formation leading to strong leadership among the youth. It was a great step on the part of the Archbishop on the Chrism Mass Day What in your opinion is the key to fostering good calling the youth to join politics and contribute to the pastor-people relations for the spiritual, social and nation building. financial growth of the Parish? We have celebrated the Golden Jubilee of our There is no ‘one word solution’ for it. It requires a Archdiocese. What are your thoughts of that long term sustainable intervention. The pastor-people great event and your wishes for the future of our relationship depends on both the quality of the training Archdiocese? the priests have and the quality of the leadership the laity have in them, which again depends on the training The first ever Diocesan Synod conducted some the laity have. Various spiritual exercises, retreats, and years ago (in 2002) and the recent celebration of the inspirational talks will help promote spiritual growth. Golden Jubilee of the Archdiocese of Delhi were two The parishes may need to make plans to educate all major events in the history of the Archdiocese of Delhi the children in the parishes, set aside funds to promote initiated under the leadership of Archbishop Vincent. I specialized professional degrees for the talented youth, consider these as ‘major events’ because of the intensity and have a focused intervention to alleviate poverty of the preparations that went into organising them among the poor families. The priests do have periodical like participation of all categories of lay people in the transfers, and therefore, we need some systems at both decision-making process and the organization of the the parish and at the archdiocesan levels to address these events. These processes generate a lot of leadership, issues in a sustainable manner. ownership, and transparency in the life of a diocese. I wish these processes and events could be evaluated, the About laity participation? lessons documented and a follow- up action planned. The priests should not do what the laity can do and the Bishops should not do what the priests can do. The principle of subsidiarity not only makes management easy, it is also respecting the dignity of the person allowing her/him to do what they can. We have a lot of laity participation in the Archdiocese of Delhi and we are much better comparatively. However, considering the talents and skills that are available, it could Any hobbies, special interests, talents, languages known etc.? I do a lot of reading at home and while traveling. I make efforts to acquire books, share books, borrow books and read them. I love gardening because I like greenery. I like cooking too. I did make efforts to learn the Spanish language.

10 10

May 2010

May 2010

Celebrating International Nurses Day

Lay Person of the month

Mrs Laly Vinod,
Vice Coordinator of NOC (Nightingales of Christ),
“Giving comfort where there is pain”

The Nurses Ministry of Delhi Charismatic Renewal Services & Convenor of National Nurses Convention Beth-za’tha 2010.
(In conversation with Anand Mathew and Grace David)

Mrs Laly Vinod, greetings on the occasion of the International Nurses Day on 12th May. What are your feelings on this great day in the life of a Nursing Sister?

I am very proud of being a Nursing Sister and I like my profession. Florence Nightingale is the founder What is the beginning and what are the activities of modern nursing. She was born on May 12, 1820 and of the Nightingales of Christ ? named after her birthplace, Florence in Italy. AccordNOC (Nightingales of Christ) is the Nurses Ministry ing to her biography, one day while wandering in the of the National Catholic Charismatic garden, Florence heard a call from Renewal Services. On Nov 9, 2008, God asking her to do His work. That Mr Cyril John, Chairman of National work turned out to be Nursing. Her Service Team officially inaugurated the contribution in the Crimean War of Nurses Ministry ‘NOC’ in Delhi. The 1854 was a great success and she aim of NOC is to foster an ongoing received numerous awards for her growth in holiness and discipleship lifetime accomplishments. Florence among the Nurses through CharisNightingale died at the age of 90 matic Spirituality. The main activities on August 13, 1910. International of the NOC are organising Nurses Nurses Day is celebrated all over the world every May 12, the anniversary Laly Vinod lighting the lamp at Retreats, Conventions, Nurses Prayer Groups and training programmes on of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Beth-za’tha leadership and discipleship. NOC’s weekly prayer meetings are held every Thursday from What made you become a Nurse and also to be part 5 to 6 pm at Yusuf Sadan, Cathedral Complex, Gole of the Nurses Ministry of Delhi Archdiocese ? Dak Khana. From my childhood, I was interested in serving others, and the Caritas Hospital, Kottayam is very near The National Nurses Convention was a great to my house. I liked the atmosphere and discipline success. What was the secret behind that proof the hospital which also motivated me to choose gramme? this medical profession. I felt that Nursing is a noble In view of the 100th death anniversary of Florprofession because we are giving comfort where there ence Nightingale, the year 2010 is declared as the is pain. International Year of Nurses. To commemorate the I attended a one day Nurses Retreat organised International Year of Nurses, NCCRS requested us to by DCRS in 2008 led by Rev. Sr Elsis Mathew, MSMI, explore the feasibility of organising a national level Member of the National Service Team of the National Nurses Convention in Delhi in 2010. After much Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (NCCRS). Dur- prayer and discernment, the Core Team of the Delhi
May 2010

ing the preaching, Rev. Sister beautifully explained that like Nurses, most of the time Jesus was among the sick and the diseased and through us, Jesus is still continuing his healing ministry. It deeply touched us and led me to work in Nightingales of Christ.

11 11

May 2010

NOC decided to host the Convention from March 5-7, 2010. The core team of the convention consisting of Ms Jisty Kuriakose, Mrs Marykutty Sebastian, Mrs Lovely Alex, Mrs Lucy Varghese and me along with Fr Jose TJ and other DCRS members coordinated the planning and implemented the event. The main success of the convention was due to the powerful intercession and the team work put in by NOC coordinators at the parish level. As preparation for the convention, we conducted one day Nurses Retreats in 17 Parishes in July-August 2009. Also as part of the intercession, NOC members in different parishes/hospitals offered more than 5000 Rosaries, 300 Holy Masses, 10 hours chain rosary, 9 days of Novena to the Holy Sprit and Evening Retreats in 14 different parishes.

and also in the renewal activities. Diocesan Women’s Commission, Parish Mahila Sanghs, Legion of Mary etc. are doing commendable service to the Church. Active participation by women is visible in all the parishes, diocese and at spiritual renewal gatherings. The National Nurses Convention is one of the best examples as 90% of the work was done by women alone. Since a woman is the heart of the family, the entire house hold can be bonded in the love of Christ through women. How can we carry out the mission of Christ by way of the Nursing Profession? 2000 years ago when Christ walked on this earth, He emptied himself to the need of humanity. We, the Nurses strive to share in the mission of Christ by giving ourselves in love, care and service. Like Mother Teresa, let us seek Christ in every sick and comfort the broken body of Christ. Nursing being one of the simplest ways of evangelisation, we, through our words, prayers and deeds can lead the sick to the Divine Healer. We also need to be witnesses of Christ by standing for the truth and protecting innocent lives by saying no to abortion and mercy killing. Please tell us about yourself and your family. I originally belong to Kerala (Kottayam District) and am working in GB Pant Hospital, New Delhi. My husband is Vinod P John. We have a daughter, Aleena. I have an elder sister, Lovely Alex and she is also a Nurse, working in Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi. I stay in Gole Market Lay Vinod with husband with my family. Vinod and daughter

The Nurses convention held at Jeevan Jyoti Ashram, Burari from 5-7 March 2010 was a great success as more than 3000 Nurses from 16 different States -Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala attended. There were also 14 nurses from Dubai. The first National Nurses Convention thus held has indeed become a great blessing for the entire nation as thousands of nurses experienced the love of God and rededicated themselves to their holy vocation. Consequent to the overwhelming response of the first convention, the National Service Team has requested us to organise the second National Nurses Convention in Delhi in 2012. Praise the Lord. What is your opinion about the current level of women’s empowerment and women’s participation in the diocese and what further can be done? I am happy to see the tremendous initiatives of women in the recent past at parish and diocesan levels,

The Core Team: (From Left) Jisty Kuriakose, Marykutty Sebastian, Laly Vinod (in the middle) Lucy Varghese and Lovely Alex.

What are your wishes for the Delhi Archdiocese? Since we are in the National Capital, I wish our Diocese be a channel of Grace from God for the entire nation. So, we should be strong in faith, prayer and action. Let us be an example before other denominations and faiths. Any hobbies? Reading spiritual books and cooking are my hobbies.

12 12

May 2010

May 2010

Diocesan Education Scheme
Douglas Morrison
The Catholic Church has received a mandate from her divine founder to announce the mystery of salvation to all men and women and renew all things in Christ. In order to fulfill this mandate, the Church is under an obligation to promote the welfare of the whole life of the people. Hence, she has a part to play in the development and extension of education especially to the poor and the marginalized. Formation of the Diocesan Education Scheme (DES) in our Diocese derives its relevance from the above mandate and social concern. DES has been functioning in the Archdiocese of Delhi from 1976. Late Archbishop Angelo Fernandez had largely been instrumental in its formation, but he himself had desired that it should be an effort of the laity and true to his intention, it has remained so. In the mid seventies, it was found that many children belonging to the deprived sections of our people were not attending schools because the extreme poverty of their parents made it difficult for them to buy books or uniform for their children. It was against this background that the formation of DES took place for extending support to children studying in vernacular/Hindi medium schools. Initially, the assistance was limited to such students because they constituted by and large the poorest of the poor segments of our people. Later, when it was realized that there were many meritorious children from the economically weaker sections studying in English medium who also deserved support, it was decided to extend the scheme to such students also. Currently, therefore, DES is targeting two segments of the society to render assistance. As already stated, the first segment comprises the children studying in Hindi medium/Government schools. Since Government schools do not levy any fee (they charge only nominal amounts), the amount of assistance being extended is kept low. The amount would be sufficient to purchase books and uniform. The scale of assistance extended at present is : - Upto class VI- Rs. 500, Class VI and above – Rs. 800. It is insisted that for being eligible, the students should not have failed in the previous class. While selecting the beneficiaries, a proper mechanism is put in place to ensure that the students are eligible from the point of view of economic backwardness. Under the second segment, students are selected from all types of schools – government or private, Hindi or English medium. Three basic criteria have been laid down for being eligible for assistance: a) The Students should be studying in Class VI and above. b) They should be fairly meritorious having secured at least 55% marks (aggregate) in the previous class. c) The family income should not exceed Rs. 10,000 per month. Assistance is given on a graded scale depending on the class they are studying in. At present, the grades range from Rs.1000 to Rs.3000/- and above for Colleges and professional courses. Under both the segments, the selection process is entrusted to two Selection Committees who have the requisite background and knowledge. Thereafter, based on the decisions of the Selection Committees, the amount is disbursed. The two segments of DES are running concurrently and during the previous two academic years, the level of assistance was as follows :Year No. of Children Amount of Assistance (Rs. in lakhs ) 2008 – 09 526 3.44 2009 – 10 505 4.04 It is fully realized that the amount of assistance rendered is not commensurate with requirements of students, but the financial position of DES is a constraint to enlarge the assistance package. Hence, it is the endeavour of DES to mobilize support from a wider section of our people and gradually enlarge the corpus fund so as to ensure a steady flow of funds to meet the expanding requirements. In the previous para it has been indicated that the support given is inadequate. At the same time, there are certain other factors, which necessitates the expansion of the total amount being disbursed. Awareness of DES is increasing among our people and consequently the number of applications is also showing an upward trend. Consequent to the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations, salary levels of teachers have gone up considerably compelling schools to hike the fee structures. This would mean that parents may seek larger assistance from DES to educate their children. To meet the emerging situation of expanding demand for assistance, the requirement of funds would be about Rs.7 lakhs to Rs.8 lakhs per annum. We are confident that the people of this Archdiocese will come forward to support DES to mobilize additional funds. All of us do realize that education is a vital input for empowerment through better jobs and resultant improvement in the economic and social status. All parents are striving hard to provide the best of education to their children no matter what the cost or sacrifice they have to bear. What about the children from the under-privileged sections of our people whose education is a moral and social responsibility devolving on our Christian community? DES in its humble way is endeavouring to carry out this responsibility to the extent possible. With the cooperation and whole hearted support of the Christian community in Delhi, much more can be done. We, the members of DES invite each and every one of you to come forward to support this noble endeavour. This should be considered as an effort of the Christian community of Delhi. All of you may like to know that our Archbishop is the Chairman of DES and Bishop Franco the President. DES has been registered as a charitable society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 on 10-05-2005. Contributions made to DES are eligible for the benefits applicable under 80 G (5) (VI) of the Income Tax Act. The entire contributions we received from the people and income therefrom is distributed for the education of the children. DES has no administrative expenses as DES operates through voluntary services of its committed members. Realising that there are many generous people in our Archdiocese, we make an appeal for your whole-hearted support and contribution. Your contributions may please be made favouring “Diocesan Education Scheme” and mailed to Bishop Franco Mulakkal, Archbishop House, Ashok Place, New Delhi 110001.

May 2010

13 13

May 2010

Parish Round-up

Mini Easter at Cheshire Home

Parish Priest: Fr. Arnold David Asst. Parish Priest: Fr. Jesuraj
Jasmine Kurian (President, K.C.Y.A)

Holy Spirit


n 27th March, the youth of Holy Spirit Church, Alaknanda organized a visit to ‘Cheshire Home’, Okhla (a home for the physically and mentally disabled members of the society). The visit was on the agenda as part of our outreach program. Recognising the great need and importance of contributing to the society, K.C.Y.A (Kalkaji Catholic Youth Association) decided to take this initiative. The aim was to acquaint the youth with some of the harsh realities of life. The experience we had is difficult to put down words. The interaction with inmates made it clear that all they needed was love and a listening ear. Beena loved getting her photos clicked and Sarojji loved talking about her city in Punjab. We were mostly shocked after meeting Raj, who told us that he was a computer graduate from Lucknow, but due to circumstances had to shift to this home. The best part was when he shared with us his email address. The joy & happiness that reflected on their faces made us forget all our worries. The event was a small effort by the Kalkaji Catholic Youth Association to share the joy, love & peace that Jesus has brought into our lives. The inmates were happy and we too were glad that we could bring a smile on their faces during the Lenten season. Parish Priest: Fr. Moben Michael
Freeda Mathew

Ashok Vihar


Pastoral Visit of the Shepherd and Confirmation


unday, the 21st of March was a great day for the parishioners of Ashok Vihar, for on that day His Grace Archbishop Vincent M Concessao made his pastoral visit to the parish. We received the Archbishop with a most hearty welcome, with members of our Mahila Sangh leading him to the altar in their graceful dance. During the Holy Mass, the Archbishop administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 19 members of the parish. After the Mass, he met with representatives of our Parish Council, the Catholic Association, the Mahila Sangh, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Youth Group, Altar Servers Group, Small Christian Community Groups, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Finance Committee and Sunday Catechism School. Each representative reported the activities of their groups, and answered the queries of the Archbishop regarding their contribution, responsibility and leadership in the Parish. He was very pleased that so many lay people of the Parish are working for its welfare and encouraged them to continue in their exemplary work. The Archbishop later visited some sick parishioners who are unable to attend Church Services and administered Holy Communion to them.
Receipients of confirmation with the Archbishop and Fr. Moben

14 14

May 2010

May 2010

Delhi Cantt.

Parish Priest: Fr. Lal Joseph Asstt. Parish Priest: Fr. Valerian Baretto

St. Paul’s

Easter 2010 at St.Paul’s, Delhi Cantt


Fr. Lal Joseph

s part of the Easter programme we, (108 parishioners and myself) from Delhi Cantt visited many parishes as a Way of the Cross pilgrimage. Our itinerary was to visit St. John the Baptist Church Aya Nagar, St. Alphonsa’s Church Vasant Kunj, St. Teresa of Child Jesus Church Pushp Vihar, St. Luke’s Church Defence Colony, Our Lady of Health Okhla, SH Cathedral and St. Michael’s Prasad Nagar. However, because of the traffic jam, we could not visit all the churches in our list. Still, it was an enriching experience for our group consisting of children, young boys and girls, men and women and the elderly people. It was really a Way of the Cross as we had to lift up many a car and van on the road side to make way for our two big buses. Preparation: Before the Holy Week there was a one day retreat for the parishioners by “Sahridaya” team from Okhla. Sahridaya is a 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration Centre. Palm Sunday: The Solemn Eucharist was offered by Fr. Francis Gonsalves S J, the Principal of Vidya jyoti College of Theology. Maundy Thursday and launching of Scholarship Fund: Fr. Susai Sebastian, Episcopal Vicar was the main celebrant. During the Washing of the Feet, we had a special service... The Priest washed 12 disciple’s feet and then as per our Lord’s command... “I, your Lord and Master washed your feet.. You too wash one another’s feet” . Thus the 12 disciples washed another 12 people’s feet. A new experience... We also launched a scholarship fund for the poor children of our parish. The Parish priest contributed his two months stipend towards this fund. Live Way of the Cross on Good Friday: The whole congregation of faithful of St Paul’s Church, Delhi Cantt participated in Jesus’ journey with the cross. The cross was too heavy and hence many people came forward to help Jesus on the way to Calvary. At the end we buried the body of Jesus in the tomb and the same Jesus resurrected on the Easter night vigil. Every thing was enacted live as our faithful had a great experience in their lives which would have really enriched their faith in Jesus. Fr. Dominic Emmanuel was the main celebrant on Good Friday.

Faridabad Sec-28

Parish Priest: Fr. Albert Francis

St. Andrew’s

Pilgrimage to St Jude’s Shrine, Jhansi


Soney Thomas

ur Parish Priest, Fr Albert Francis recently organized a pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Jude in Jhansi. We took a train from Faridabad Railway Station on Friday night (9th April 2010) and reached Jhansi on Saturday morning. After a visit to the St. Jude Shrine, we moved on to visit the nearby archeological sites of Orcha and the Fort in Jhansi. We also had a cool break by the river in Orcha. In the evening we attended the Holy Mass offered by the Archbishop of Jhansi along with more than 20 other priests in the Church. On Sunday morning we recited rosary and attended the Mass. Later that afternoon the group proceeded to the Railway Station to catch the train back home. It was indeed a spiritually and physically enriching pilgrimage.
May 2010

15 15

May 2010

Faridabad Sec-28

Parish Priest: Fr. Albert Francis
Bro Balaraju A

St. Andrew’s

r. Balwinder Singh with the baptismal name Paulus and Daljeet Kaur with baptismal name Elizabeth have two children Jaskarn and Jasmeet Philomina. The family lives in Faridabad at present and goes to St. Andrew’s Church for all spiritual nourishments. They were married on 28th March 2003 according to Sikh rite and celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on 28th March 2010. Dr. Balwinder came to know Jesus through Jesus Youth in 2000. Mrs. Daljeet Kaur came to know Jesus in 2004. They were given all the sacraments of initiation according to their free will and they renewed their wedding vows in September 2007 at St. John’s Church, Palam. Dr. Balwinder works in Oman Oil & Gas Industry as a doctor. He says, “I am growing in faith and proclaiming the love of Jesus in Oman, a Gulf Country”. I am very happy that I came to know Jesus and am doing his work in the world. Faridabad Sec-28 Parish Priest: Fr. Albert Francis


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Dr Balwinder and Daljeet

St. Andrew’s

Youth Animation and Retreat
n the spring time of Lent, in order to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, people prepare themselves in various ways. Our SAYA (St. Andrew’s Youth Association) Youth Group decided to get animated themselves by the Holy Spirit to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of our Lord. Therefore, a one-day animation programme was organized for them on 21st March 2010. The session was held on the terrace of the church building from 9 in the morning till 3 in the noon. It was guided by Fr. George Manimala SJ, Rector Pratiksha Major Seminary, Sr. Darshana CMC, Br. Charles A


Br Balaraju A & Soney Thomas

and Deacon Rudolf. The content of the programme was selfacceptance and community building with exercises from the Bible. About sixty children actively participated and immensely gained from it. They felt as if they were being animated by the Holy Spirit. The programme concluded with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

St Andrew’s Youth visits Shishu Bhawan

16 16

Bro Balaraju A

s a part of the Lenten programme, SAYA Youth visited Shishu Bhavan at 12 Comissoner’s Lane, Kashmere Gate, Delhi on 27th of March 2010 which is run by the Sisters of Missionaries of Charity, and where the abandoned children are looked after . The youngsters spent time with the children playing with them, and making them happy and being loved. They were acquainted by the Sister In-charge about the history of Shishu Bhavan and how the children reach there. It was inspirational and challenging for the youth to know about the injustice of the society and how they can, in their lives, help to stop these injustices. It was, in fact, day of reflection for them.
May 2010

May 2010

Garhi-East of Kailash

Parish Priest: Fr. Stanley Kozhichira

Church of Transfiguration

Alpha Course


Brenda Noronha

group of 27 parishioners participated in the ten-week Alpha course. The course commenced on 10th January and the last session was held on 21 March 2010. The sessions were held after the Sunday Eucharist, which consisted of a 45 minute talk by Nicky Gumbel (by video) followed by group discussion, a short prayer and a fellowship meal. Over the 10 weeks, 15 topics were covered viz (1) Christianity: Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant? (2) Who is Jesus? (3) Why did Jesus die? (4) How can I be sure of my faith? (5) Why and how do I pray? (6) Why and how should I read the Bible (7) How does God guide us? (8) Who is the Holy Spirit? (9) What does the Holy Spirit do? (10) How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? (11) How can I resist evil? (12) Why and how should we tell others? (13) Does God heal today? (14) What about the Church? (15) How can I make the most of the rest of my life? The one and a half hour spent every Sunday was worth the while. We learnt a lot of lessons, to name a few: The joy of being a Christian, Jesus is eager to start a relationship provided we allow it, the Bible talks to us, the answers to all our questions are in the Bible, the working of the Holy Spirit, miracles are happening even today, God heals, we do not go to Church but we are the Church etc. etc. After the discussions, we openly prayed for and over each other. We now look forward to more people joining the course and enjoying it as much as we did.

Pastoral visit by Bishop Franco and Release of the Parish Directory

pril 28, 2010 – Palm Sunday. It was the first official visit of His Excellency, Most Rev. Auxiliary Bishop Dr Franco Mulakkal to our parish. He was welcomed with the “traditional” washing of hands and feet by the Mahila Mandal and then brought into Church on a carpet of flowers spread out by little boys and girls dressed in white. The combined service (Hindi and English) commenced at 9.30 am with the blessing of Palms. The Bishop’s clear and bold homely was much appreciated. The local MLA, Mr. Subash Bishop Franco Mulakkal being Chopra, was also received in the traditional way invited. He released the copy of the Parish Directory and handed over the first copy to Bishop Franco. Mr. Chopra in his speech appreciated the work done by the Christian Community and hoped we would continue the good work. The directory was brought out to raise funds for the “Transfiguration Education Fund”. A total of Rs 2 lakhs were raised and this amount will be used to help the less privileged Shri Subash Chopra MLA releasing children of our Church and the surrounding areas. On his part the Parish Directory Mr. Chopra contributed Rs.21,000/- to the fund.
May 2010


Brenda Noronha

17 17

May 2010


Parish Priest: Fr Lal Joseph Asstt. Parish Priest: Fr Valerian Baretto

Holy Cross

Pastoral Visit of Bishop Franco Mulakkal
Fr Valerian Baretto

“To listen to and obey priests is to obey God” – Bishop Franco t was a very joyous day for all the parishioners of Holy Cross Church, Kapashera on March 21, 2010 when his Excellency Most Rev Bishop Franco Mulakkal paid a pastoral visit to them. The faithful were gathered at Veer Public School with floral garlands and proceeded with tribal dance to the Church. Bishop Franco presided over the Holy Mass. In the homily, he stressed that the faithful should remain close to the church and its pastors. Since it was his first visit to us after installation as the Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi, we welcomed him with a special song sung by the Parish Youth. As his visit was very close to his Birthday (March 25), the Youth also greeted him with a birthday song and handed over to him a small token of our love and affection for our Auxiliary Bishop. After the Holy Eucharist the Bishop met with all the parish councillors, youth, SCC animators, altar servers and the faithful. His Excellency also gave away prizes to those children who had won the ‘Talent Show 2010’ – a competition which was held on 14th Feb 2010 as part of Valentines Day organized by the parish youth. Finally, the celebrations came to an end with a simple, but very congenial fellowship meal for all the parishioners prepared by the faithful themselves. It was indeed a very memorable and joyous day for the parishioners of Kapashera. Nuh (Haryana) Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Deepak Soreng Maria Manzil Catholic Mission


Holy Family Rural Health Centre, Nuh Foundation Stone Laid


Jais Jose

he foundation stone of the Holy Family Rural Health Centre was laid on the 27th March 2010 by His Grace Most Rev. Dr Vincent M Concessao, Archbishop of Delhi. His Grace was accompanied by Fr Arthur Pinto, Director, Holy Family Hospital New Delhi, Fr Deepak Soreng, Priest In-charge of the Mission and Fr Jas Elanjikkal, Principal, St Mary’s Sr. Sec School Rohtak, and Parish Priest of St Francis Xavier Church, Rohtak. His Grace commended Fr Arthur Pinto for the initiative he has taken for the welfare of the people of this

Model of the proposed Health Centre

His Grace blessing the plot of the Centre backward region of Haryana. A number of people including Brothers from Rohtak Sisters of SCJM and Sisters from Carmel Convent (Apostolic Carmelite Sisters), Channakyapuri were present on the occasion. Fr Arthur Pinto thanked His Grace and all the priests and religious who were present at the function.

18 18

May 2010

May 2010


Parish Priest: Fr. Claude D’Souza

St. Anthony’s

Celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph
M.S. Stanislaus


“Commit our Christian life to the Word of God as St Joseph, the Silent Saint did” – Fr Jose Edaserry

he tradition of celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph together in the Parish was kept alive this year also as the Hindi speaking community joined the Syro Malabar faithful and celebrated the Feast on Sunday, 21st March 2010. After hoisting the flag outside the Church, Fr. Jose Edaserry, Coordinator of the Syro Malabar Mission in Delhi concelebrated the Holy Mass along with Fr. Varghese Palatty, Priest in-charge of Paharganj Mass Centre and Fr. Claude D’Souza, our Parish Priest. Special prayers were held for the intentions of the eight family members who sponsored the festal expenses. Describing St. Joseph as a ‘Silent Saint’, Fr. Jose in his sermon called upon the faithful to commit their Christian life to the Word of God. After the Mass, a procession carrying the statue of St. Joseph was taken within the Convent compound. The faithful venerated the statue and exchanged festal greetings with each other. Cultural programme felicitating Fr. Jose Edasserry was held in which children of the Syro Malabar community and the Convent girls participated. At the end, all the participants took part in the fellowship meal prepared by the parishioners themselves in a homely atmosphere.

Lenten visit by St. Anthony’s Youth
Berslin Brintha


“Partake in our Lord’s Passion whole-heartedly” – Fr Francis Gonsalves (Vidyajyoti)

he Youth Group of St. Anthony’s Church, Paharganj visited Shishu Bhavan and Vidhyajyoti on 27th March 2010 as part of our Lenten Program. Escorted by Bro. Suresh and Bro. Suman, we visited various sections of the college such as the chapel, library and classrooms. Fr. Francis Gonsalves, Principal of Vidyajyoti gave an inspirational talk on how we can partake in our Lord’s Passion during the Holy Week. After some snacks, we started our walk to Shishu Bhavan. On meeting the children, our first thought was, “how could someone abandon such innocent souls and deprive them of their love?” We should thank our Almighty God for giving us loving and caring parents who sacrifice their lives for us. Hats off to the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity for pouring out their love and affection on these children. We also contributed some usable items to the Sisters and visited the Chapel. All the youth members interacted with the children and played with them. Later, we took a short visit to ‘Pratiksha’, the Major Seminary of the Archdiocese. The day ended with a sumptuous lunch. Despite the scorching heat, it was a very useful and fun filled day, and everyone enjoyed the visit.
May 2010

19 19

May 2010


Parish Priest: Fr. Santosh Vazapally
S. Santiago

Church of Divine Mercy

Highlights of Holy Week celebrations 2010


his year’s Holy Week celebrations in our Parish were indeed very much participatory. While Fr Santosh, our Parish Priest and Fr Praseed IMF were the concelebrants during the Week, we had the benefit of guest priests who made the liturgy very meaningful. The Parish Choir, with its melodious performance, added to the fervour. The Palm Sunday Liturgy started with a procession, with all the faithful holding aloft the blessed palms and singing. Fr Praseed’s homily highlighting the significance of the red vestments was inspiring and informative. Penitential Services were conducted on Wednesday, 31st March with Fr Wilfred D’Souza, Director, SCC whose homily focused on the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and contrasted the characters of the Prodigal Son and his elder brother, on Apostles Judas Iscariot and Peter and stirred up the souls of all the faithful. Three priests heard the confessions of the faithful. On Maundy Thursday, the impressive Liturgy included the washing of the feet by Fr Santosh. In his homily, Fr Chacko Mathanaparambil from the Diocese of Jammu linked the washing of the feet to the central theme of the Golden Jubilee of the Archdiocese, “Love is the norm and service, our lifestyle”. The adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Altar of Repose continued till midnight. The faithful observed Good Friday, walking the Way of the Cross in a procession from Xavier Apartments to the Church, a distance of about one and a half kilometer in the hot sun. A tableau with the statue of the Divine Mercy flanked by 2 live “angels” leading the Way of the Cross was the cynosure of all. Fr Thomas Kunnumkal was the main celebrant of the Eucharistic Service. Easter Vigil was the climax of the entire week. The faithful came in procession from the compound of the Church when the Light of Christ was proclaimed. Before two girls received their baptism, the Choir gave a soul-stirring rendering of the Litany of Saints in Latin. After the Liturgy, all the children up to the age of 10 received Easter chocolate eggs, while the rest of the faithful were served with boiled eggs, cake and coffee. Many faithful joined in a tribal and Goan dance, before departing for their homes. (Photo-Courtesy: Mr. K.C. Jacob)

Parish Feast, First Holy Communion, First Anniversary of Church and Release of Parish Bulletin
S. Santiago

ivine Mercy Sunday, April 11, 2010 was celebrated with great devotion and much fervour. The faithful entered the Church in a procession, led by Jharkand music and dance. Very Rev Fr Victor D’Souza, Vicar General of the Archdiocese was the main celebrant assisted by Fr Santosh, the Parish Priest and Fr Praseed, IMS. The Church was packed and quite a few of the faithful were on all the sides. In his own characteristic style of homily, Fr Victor reminded the faithful that on that day they were celebrating a three-in-one feast, the Parish Feast, the First Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Church and the seven children receiving their First Holy Communion. He also had an interesting interaction with the Communicants asking them a few interesting questions on the Eucharist. He touched the hearts of the faithful by his down to earth homily, advising them that the tongues receiving the Lord and Saviour in the Eucharist should be used to talk more for the good and happiness of the people than running them down to ditches. Mrs Sheila Masih, Vice President of the Parish Council, proposed a vote of thanks to Fr Victor, Fr Santosh and Fr Praseed. Sr Cornelia was thanked for preparing the children for the Holy Communion and all those who had assisted in the decoration of the Church.


“The tongues receiving the Lord and Saviour in the Eucharist should be used to talk more for the good and happiness of people than running them down to ditches” – Fr. Victor D’Souza

20 May 2010 20
May 2010

The celebration ended with the formal release of the inaugural issue of the News and Views Letter of the Parish, titled appropriately, “Divine Mercy”, by Fr Victor. Mr Santiago, Chief Editor of the Parish Bulletin, thanked Fr Santosh on behalf of the Parish for having decided to launch of the Letter in which the faithful, young and old, can participate fully by giving their news and views through articles, stories, poems etc. He also thanked the Parish Council that set up the Editorial Board, comprising Fr Santosh, Chairman, Mr S.Santiago Chief Editor,

First Communicants with Very Rev. Fr. Victor D’Souza and Mr Matthew Panamkat, Mrs Vineeta Colaco, Mr Craig Pinto and Ms Fiona Braganza as Members. Fr Victor ceremonially released the letter, gave copies to the Communicants and seven elderly parishioners. Then Mrs Mary Regis presented a bouquet of lovely flowers to Fr Victor as a token of gratitude for his visit and encouragement to the Parish. The Feast ended with a sumptuous breakfast to all the faithful sponsored by the parents of the Communicants. Prasad Nagar

Fr Victor releasing the Parish Bulletin St. Michael’s

Parish Priest: Fr. Alex Toppo Assistant Parish Priests: Fr. Vincent D’Souza Fr. Jose Stephen
Malcolm Reilly

Mr. C C Anthony, a dutiful parishioner for all seasons


f you need a person to bear the cold, the heat, the rain, in fact, if you need a person for all weathers, you will find him at St. Michael’s Church, Prasad Nagar. When there is a function and you need a volunteer to find a cook, to organize the cooking and distribute the food, there is one at St. Michael’s Church. When there is no one to help with the chairs, to help with the altar, to help with the arrangement of a function, there is one willing soul in St. Michael’s Church. When people stand and talk, make suggestions, but do nothing, the whole Parish seems to turn to him. When you need umbrellas for a function, you need palms for Holy Week, there is one you can always depend on, one at St. Michael’s Church. If you need a reliable seller of coupons, collector of Church Support Fund, cashier for a function, you can always rely on one at St. Michael’s Church. Does he have a family, wife and children to care for, a job to follow closely? You will find one who sacrifices everything personally to be at the beck and call of everyone at St. Michael’s Church. For no personal gains, position or power, authority or importance, you will find a person in MR C.C. ANTHONY OF ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH, PRASAD NAGAR. At the most unexpected places, you will find him always holding up the rear. Shy, unassuming, humble and above all a good human being Mr. C C Anthony - this is the MR C C ANTHONY we are talking about.
May 2010

21 21

May 2010

Punjabi Bagh

Parish Priest: Fr. Julius Caesar Asst. Parish Priest: Fr. Victor Emmanuel
Jose Abraham

St. Mark’s

Solemn Holy Week Celebrations at Punjabi Bagh


t Mark’s Church, Punjabi Bagh had very solemn Holy Week Celebrations this season. As a preparation, there was a two-day Lenten Recollection on the Friday and Saturday before Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday: As in every year, palm leaves were specially arranged from the South, thanks to Mr. Baby Mathew and Mrs. Mary Mathew. There was a short procession with palm leaves before every Mass. Maundy Thursday: The newly elected Parish Council members sat as disciples for the washing of the feet.

Fr. Julius cutting the Pessaha Appam and distributing it

A special attraction this year was the traditional breaking of Pessaha Appam (bread) and Paal (sweet syrup). A large number of households brought home-made Pessaha Appams which were distributed to the faithful after the Eucharist. Good Friday Via Dolorossa on the streets of Punjabi Bagh: As was customary, in the morning a live Stations of the Cross was enacted on the streets of Punjabi Bagh in which the entire parish community participated. A large number of nonChristians watched the procession with great devotion. In the evening there was the Lord’s Passion and Veneration of the Cross. Easter Vigil Mass: The Eucharist was presided over by Rev Fr Francis Gonsalves, Principal, Vidya-

jyoti College of Theology along with our Parish Priest, Assistant Parish Priest, other Fathers and Deacons. The homily in Hindi was given by Deacon, Bro. Prabhu. In his short, but eloquent homily in English, Fr. Francis exhorted the faithful to take home Fr Francis Gonsalves delivering the Easter homily to the faithful. three Ls i.e. Light, Life and Love, as messengers of the Risen Lord.

22 May 2010 22
May 2010

Punjabi Bagh

Parish Priest: Fr. Julius Caesar Asst. Parish Priest: Fr. Victor Emmanuel

St. Mark’s

Altar Servers Conference
Daisy Mathew

n the occasion of the Diaconate Ordination of 5 Brothers and the Feast of the Patron Saint of our Parish, St. Mark on 17th April 2010, an Altar Servers Conference was organized in our parish. About 250 Altar Servers from various parishes in the archdiocese came and participated in it. The meet began at 2.30 PM. Mr. Lirio Lopez of St Michael’s Church, Prasad Nagar in his message asserted that it is very important to surrender ourselves to the Lord completely and to serve His vocation. He further mentioned that vocation not only means becoming priests/nuns, but it means serving the Lord in any possible way. Mr. Lopez, though 82, still serves at the altar. Fr. Amirthraj from St. Dominic’s Parish, Vasant Vihar narrated the story of St Faustina which highlighted that obeying God’s voice is more important than thinking about the consequences it might lead to. God tests us time and again; we should resist temptation and pass the tests with flying colours. By then His Excellency, Most Rev Franco Mulakkal, Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi arrived and was warmly welcomed by the priests and the children with thunderous applause. In his address to the Altar Servers, Bishop Franco narrated his own call to priesthood and the opposition and hurdles from his family which he had to overcome to become a priest. He mentioned it to convey how by letting God intervene in our problems, every problem vanishes. What is impossible for man is possible for God. Being on God’s side is being on the Victor’s side. He urged us to become priests and nuns. We thank Ms Steffy Vincent, the Incharge of Altar Servers of our parish for her guidance and training.


“Being on God’s side is being on the Victor’s side” - Bishop Franco

St. Mark’s Parish Feast
Daisy Mathew

“Respect Priests and Religious” – Bishop Franco Along with Diaconate Ordination and Altar Servers Conference, we also celebrated our Parish Feast on 17th April 2010. The hallmark of the feast was the public procession with the Blessed Sacrament exposed along with the statue of St. Mark preceded by Nathaswaram. The Blessed Sacrament in monstrance was held by His Excellency Bishop Franco Mulakkal in a decorated vehicle throughout the length and breadth of the route. The onlookers (all non-Christians) piously folded their hands in

reverence. After the procession, the Holy Mass began. In his stirring homily, Bishop Franco Mulakkal exhorted the faithful to respect priests and seek the call of the Lord with particular reference to the diaconate of five brothers conferred upon by His Grace, Most Rev Archbishop Vincent M Concessao on the day.
May 2010

23 23

May 2010

R.K. Puram

Mohammadpur (R.K.Puram)

Parish Priest: Fr. George Manimala St. Thomas Asst Parish Priests: Fr. Mathew P J, Fr. Arokia Doss S, Fr. Savari Raj & Parish Priest: Fr. Vakkachan Kumpail St. Peter’s, Syro Malabar

Combined Palm Sunday Celebration and tri-lingual Mass


Reji Mathew

K Puram St Thomas territorial parish and Mohammadpur (R.K. Puram) Syro Malabar Catholic Parish together celebrated Palm Sunday very solemnly. Traditional palm leaves were blessed at Prabhat Tara Hostel by Fr. George Manimala, Parish Priest of St. Thomas along with Fr. Vakkachan Kunmpail, Parish Priest of St. Peter’s, Fr Thomas Edayal MCBS, Fr. P.J. Mathew, and Fr Savari Raj. After the procession to the Church, there was a concelebrated trilingual Holy Mass in English, Hindi and Malayalam. There was also a recollection led by Fr. Thomas Edayal.

Good Friday Celebration
Reji Mathew


s part of the Good Friday Celebrations at St. Thomas R.K. Puram, a live tableaux of the passion and crucifixion of our Lord was enacted at the St. Thomas Play School grounds to the great spiritual contentment of the faithful. A large number of faithfull witnessed the enactment of the final hours of our Lord at Calvary in the live tableaux in presence of the Parish Priest and other Fathers.
Church of Resurrection


Parish Priest: Fr. Elias Dung Dung

A Joyous Easter Celebration
Bros. Stephen and Pradiyut

“Bishop Franco Mulakkal speaks on the importance of not only being spirit filled Christians, but also as members of the Church what we need to do in our daily life to correspond and authenticate to the attitudes, values and mission of Jesus.” e, the people of God of Rohini Parish, being vibrant, exuberant, enthusiastic and high - spirited in outstanding Christian community life, were triply cheerful, happy and jubilant for three reasons on the occasion of Easter Vigil celebrations. Firstly, we had our Auxiliary Bishop, His Excellency the Most. Rev. Franco Mulakkal for the first time making his visit to our community. Secondly, our parish is named after the Church of the Resurrection. And thirdly, we, as a family celebrated the 21st Priestly Anniversary of our Rev. Fr. Elias, the Parish Priest of Rohini. We greeted him with congratulations and specially prayed for him. Our Easter service was really condusive, spiritual and prayer-


24 May 2010 24
May 2010

ful which was presided over by His Excellency and con-celebrated by our Parish Priest. His Excellency in his inspiring, awakening and eyestalk sermon, broke the Word of God on the importance of not only being spirit filled Christians, but also as the members of the church what we need to do in our daily life, which should also correspond and authenticate to the attitudes, values and mission of Jesus. This could be possibly brought into practise only through the generous co-operation and collaboration of each individual to the church by forming Small Christian Communities where we not only come to know each other better, but also share our faith with each other so that each one’s sharing might touch and transform the hearts of the other to become love bonded people to commit oneself more dedicatedly and selflessly. For this we require the help of the Holy Spirit who will purify our hearts and minds and mould us to become his better instruments in bearing witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the multi-religious, multi-caste and multi-class society. Therefore, it is our responsibility as well as challenge to educate our children and bring them up in good formation of Christian faith. Rohini Parish Priest: Fr. Elias Dung Dung Church of Resurrection

Parish Feast Celebrated
n 11th April 2010 we, the parishioners as a family were gathered together and celebrated our Parish Fest. As a mark and symbol of our parish family we had community meal. The meal brought us together not only externally, physically and bodily, but also internally, religiously and spiritually to become organic members of the Church realizing the mission entrusted to His disciples at the meal. This was the main topic on which our Parish Priest focused in the breaking of the Word of God. We are brought by the Easter Spirit to form one Church as our physical and corporate body having intrinsic, internal and in-built relations to show integration of the social family. As we thanked God for all His manifold blessings upon each member of our parish, we do remember to thank and pray for our energetic, simple, devout and pious Parish Priest, Rev. Fr Elias who constantly guides and directs us as one family of God through his valuable commitment and precious service. Fr. Elias stands as the perfect model of our faith and hope through his simplicity and humility and whose life style has inspired many to become men of prayer and principles today -a priest with hundred folds of experience in all walks of his life. We are indeed proud and convinced to say that God has really anointed him and blessed him abundantly. Shahbad-Daulatpur Parish Priest: Fr. K.P. George St. Xavier’s (Rohini)


Bros. Stephen and Pradiyut

Women’s Day Celebrated
Mrs. Nisha Dass


“Every woman must realize more than anyone else that she is a precious gift of God, she is capable, and she is the torch bearer of peace and harmony” – Fr. K. P. George. arch 8th, 2010 witnessed celebrations of the International Women’s Day, both in civil and ecclesiastical circles all over the world. Guided by the CBCI Commission for Women, liturgical services were conducted in all dioceses of India, emphasizing on the theme Women for Peace and Harmony on March 7, 2010. Because of several other programmes overlapping with the Women’s Day celebrations, we at St. Xavier’s Parish celebrated the Women’s Day on March 14th. The Mahila Sangh headed by Mrs. Nisha Dass shouldered the responsibility to organize the liturgy of the day. At the beginning of the Holy Mass presided over by Fr. George Mlakuzhyil, SJ, rose flowers were blessed and distributed by the Celebrants to every woman present. Those rose flowers represented the love, care, recognition, and respect the Universal Church, the Archdiocese and the Parish have for women. Soon after Blessing of rose petals for women that, a short, beautiful but heart touching power point
May 2010

25 25

May 2010

presentation was screened by Br. Thomas Isaac, SJ, and assisted by Mr. Clarence Pinto on the preciousness of woman as well as the love she receives and gives, and at the same time the silent suffering she undergoes in life. During the introduction given by Mrs. Mary Titus, she emphasized the role of women in establishing Peace and Harmony based on equality, justice, freedom and dignity for all in the society. The biblical readings of the Mass were brought in to corroborate the theme. The Parish Priest, Fr. K. P.George SJ, in his turn exhorted that every woman must realize more than anyone else that she is a precious gift of God, she is capable, and she is the torch bearer of peace and harmony. The word Mahila (woman), he asserted, in Hindi tells of the richness of a woman. The word indicates of the mother earth which holds everything together, sustains all life, besides that the same word means one who brings glory, and pride to all. Only when women take upon themselves various responsibilities, without waiting for men to give the same to them, will women be able to advance in life and cut out a significant place for themselves. They need to think for themselves, need to come forward to cooperate and contribute without counting, and thus claim their own vital membership at all levels. Special prayers of the faithful were read out by Mrs.Sheila Santhosh and Miss Kanika Daniel. After the communion, there was a special beautiful prayer made by Deacon Manoj Kumar, SJ, and every woman came forward to be individually blessed by laying hands over them by the celebrants. The melodious singing by the choir coordinated by Mrs. Anna Pinto sustained and accelerated the spiritual experience of the whole liturgical celebration. With the general final blessing, the Mass was concluded. Immediately after the Mass, light refreshments were provided and a short movie on woman was screened. The movie named Aparajita (= the one who could not be subjugated), was really inspiring and apt to the context. St. Joseph’s

Women’s Day celebration at Shahbad-Daulatpur


Parish Priest: Fr. George Kooliath Ofm Cap Co-Pastor: Fr. Lenny Konnully Ofm Cap

Shahdara celebrates Women’s Day
Helen Pinto (Vice President, Parish Council)


he International Women’s Day was celebrated in St. Joseph’s Church, Shahadra on the 14th March 2010. The liturgy was based on ‘Women the symbols of peace and harmony.’ All the women of the parish took active part in the liturgy; in fact many women came forward and willingly contributed to make the day a success. It looks wonderful to see the women of our parish take different responsibilities and confidently carry them out. Church is one forum where Christian women can take leadership and grow. If the women are strong and assertive with their views, they can build good families and consequently a good society. The women can be the catalyst of change. It is no exaggeration to say that the women of our parish are co operative and helpful. Such celebrations help in uniting the parish. Only a need should arise, and everybody is there to give a helping hand. The day ended with everybody sharing some refreshments.

26 May 2010 26
May 2010


Parish Priest: Fr. Francis Swaminathan Asst Parish Priest: Fr. Peter Emmanuel

Prabhu Prakash Girja

Solemn Holy Week at Trilokpuri
Shiny Jaison

aundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, and Thursday of Mysteries, is the Christian feast falling on the Thursday before Easter that commemorates the last supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. On this holy day, Trilokpuri parishioners had the privilege of celebrating the last supper with our Auxiliary Bishop, Most Rev Franco Mulakkal with concelebrants Fr. Francis Swaminathan, Fr. Peter Emmanuel and Fr. Jerry. The melodious voice of our choir made the celebration lively and more meaningful as ever. The celebrations started at 6.30 pm. During his sermon, the Bishop highlighted the meaning of Pessaha with his own experiences and appealed to each one of us to “turn away from sins because Jesus died for you and the new life is the promise of God to the mankind”. He explained how important it is to respect priests as they are representing Jesus in this world. Bishop Franco reminded us of the meaning of repentance, importance of confessions and not falling into sin thinking we can make confessions.


“Turn away from sins because Jesus died for us” – Bishop Franco

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday – Live Stations of the Cross at Trilokpuri
n a bid to spread the message of Christ among the people of Mayur Vihar and to narrate the great events that occurred about 2000 years ago, on a day that Christians all over the world observe as ‘Good Friday,’ the parishioners of Prabhu Prakash Girja put up a live performance of the ‘Way of the Cross’. About 7 actors from the parish enacted the events that happened on this day right from the time Christ was convicted to his crucifixion and death on the cross. The live Way of the Cross started off at 3.00 pm with about 100 people gathered in Mayur Vihar Phase II, who walked the Way of the Cross all the way to the church while many joined on the way and continued the walk in a very prayerful manner backed by music. All the actors performed their role very well especially Mr. Joseph Johnny who was Jesus with the heavy cross on him. The procession reached the church at 6.00 pm and joined the 10th station. This was the perfect way to convey to the people around the area the events that unfolded on this day and the death of Christ on the cross. (Photo - Courtesy: Mr. Soni Varghese).


Shiny Jaison

Women’s Picnic to Kauli Seminary (Punjab) - a first of its kind from outside aking a well deserved break from the mundane everyday life, 11 women from Prabhu Prakash Girija, Trilokpuri headed for the Seminary at Kauli (Punjab) on 23rd and 24th March 2010. It was in response to a cordial invitation by Fr. Arul Anthony, our former Parish Priest. We were overwhelmed and touched by the warmth and hospitality extended to us by the Fathers and the Seminarians. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. That evening we visited Chandigarh. His Excellency Most Rev Bishop Ignatius Mascarenhas welcomed us with high tea. Our interaction with the young seminarians gave us a deep spiritual insight into their formation and our need to help them with prayers and generous monetary assistance. That visit, we were told, is the first one by ‘outsiders’, let alone ‘women’ within the walls of the Seminary. It was truly an eye opener for all of us.
May 2010


Dorris Nazareth

27 27

May 2010

News From Schools
Narela Parish Priest: Fr. Vincent Crasta St. John Mary Vianney

St. John Mary Vianney School Teachers’ picnic to Sonipat
Mrs. Shamantha

e, the staff of St. John Mary Vianney School, Narela went on a picnic to Sonipat on 31.3.2010 to refresh ourselves for a new academic year. Primarily, the picnic was planned to bond a good relationship among one another (the staff) and to understand one another. First, we went to see the school field where Br. Kenny conducted a game i.e. potato collecting. By this game we all learnt that a teacher should always be energetic and joyous. Similarly, Br. Kenny conducted some more games such as “rope game” by which we learnt that unity is strength. One more game that we played was “spoon-marble”, by which we learnt that one should have concentration power. We enjoyed a lot with the games as well as the dishes which we had brought. We had a good time forgetting all our school tensions. One of my teachers said that if we don’t change our seat in a classroom (or in any place) we may miss to know about the other person. What I mean to say is that if we are used to sitting at one place, we may miss to know about the other good or great person sitting elsewhere. By this trip we came to understand one another.     


A Qualified Mathematics teacher is required to teach in Maria Manzil Primary School in Nuh. Accommodation available for unmarried Female teachers.

If you are in search of a safe place to stay you have a golden chance. Young girls working in an around Delhi can avail of a safe and suitable place for their accommodation.
Those who are interested please contact:-

Interested candidates can contact Sr. Principal Contact No.: 09813991347
28 May 2010 28
May 2010

Sr. Superior St. Joseph’s Convent B-14, West Jyotinagar Loni Road, Delhi-94 (M): 9810293890, 22810248

Archdiocesan News
Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral
K C Jacob

(Compiled by Fr. George Abraham and Ms. Grace David)


“I want saints like Vianney to be teaching in our schools or working in the offices or nursing in the hospitals”. “Faithful, do you love your priests”? – Archbishop Vincent.

he spacious Cathedral was full and overflowing. The altar was full with priests. Three Bishops, His Grace Most Rev Archbishop Vincent M Concessao, His Excellency Most Rev Auxiliary Bishop Franco Mulakkal and His Excellency Bishop Gratian Mundadan, Apostolic Visitator of Syro-Malabar Catholics concelebrated the Mass with over two hundred priests. The chrism and oils carried by three Deacons were consecrated at various stages of the Mass. Over two hundred Eucharistic Ministers from all parishes who will distribute Holy Communion were consecrated by the Archbishop. The priests renewed their commitment to the Chief Pastor. Close to the Golden Jubilee of their ordination, His Grace Archbishop Vincent and Very Rev Fr Victor D’Souza, the Vicar General were felicitated after the Mass with bouquets and cutting of Priests going in procession for the Chrism Mass the cake. Ad multos annos.

Women’s Day at Tanmaya, Gurgaon
(Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary)
Sr Moly Augustine


woman has strengths that amaze men. She can handle troubles and carry heavy burdens. Indeed, a woman’s essence lies in her innate ability to care, love and sacrifice for the other. She plays an all-enveloping character of a mother, daughter, wife and sister and as a friend, nurturer, guide and partner from time to time. Emotional and vulnerable, sometimes erratic, sometimes serene, she plays a wonderful range of emotions from being extremely courageous in times of crises. “There is only one thing wrong with her that she forgets what she is worth’’. It is to remind them of their self worth and endow them with a sense of honor, dignity and self respect for being the persons that they are, that we, the Tanmites, celebrated the International Woman’s Day on 8th March. There were around 150 women from the neighboring villages of Basai, Bhavani Enclave, Vishwakarma and Vikas Nagar. At the outset of the celebration, Sr. Mary Scaria lit the lamb. This was followed by a meaningful prayer service conducted by Sr. Lily Pradhan. We then put up a street play which exposed the atrocities done against women and how they are oppressed in the society. After the street play we had a discussion with the women which helped them to realize their self worth and accept themselves as persons with dignity. Sr. Mary Scaria, the chief guest of the day then shared her thoughts and reflections with them. Later on, a few games were conducted for the women and they took part in them actively. The celebration came to an end with tea and snacks.
May 2010

29 29

May 2010

Bishop Franco Mulakkal visits ‘Sahrudaya’, Okhla 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration Centre
Rajesh M.K.

“Fervently continue Eucharistic Adoration and enthusiastically evangelise the Word of God” – Bishop Franco. is Excellency Most Rev Franco Mulakkal, Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi paid a pastoral visit on March 31, 2010 to ‘Sahrudaya’ which is conducting 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration at their Centre at Okhla for the last 10 years. He was warmly received by the Spiritual Director of Sahrudaya and Parish Priest of Okhla, Rev Fr (Dr) Ayres Fernandes, Mr. Joji Thomas President, Mr. Jomin T Joseph Secretary and a large number of faithful. Bishop Franco celebrated Holy Mass and delivered an inspiring homily in which he exhorted the people to fervently continue the Eucharistic Adoration and also to enthusiastically evangelise. Bro Mathew Sahay who has been serving at Sahrudaya for a long time thanked Bishop Franco for his visit. At the end His Excellency got to know each and every member of the community personally, prayed for them, blessed them and departed after three hours of inter-action with the community members which was highly appreciated.


Tamil Catholic Ministry Youth Convention


Amalorpavam David (TCM General Secretary)

e hear a lot about the young people of today. It is difficult to keep them focused. Parents find it difficult to handle. When it comes to prayer and spirituality, parents are not able to utter a word. Bible is out of fashion for these young people. But Rev. Fr.Arokiadoss, Incharge of Tamil Catholic Ministry thought the other way. Why not we bring these youngsters closer to God? What would be the way make them to return to God? Thus, a one day retreat was organised for them on the theme ‘Return back to God’. It was a real sight to see so many youngsters turning up for the retreat which was not expected. They stayed right form beginning till the end. The retreat was conducted by the ‘Jesus Youth’. Since it was youth for youth, the participation was a real delight to see. The retreat preached by the Jesus Youth really showed how youngsters can involve the youngsters in praying and motivating. They prayed, praised God by singing, danced in the presence of God and discussed their problems freely and whole heartedly. Later, they were led to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The fruit of the retreat was seen at the confession. Almost everyone made a confession. While the retreat was going on one side, on the other side Rev. Fr. Arokiadoss exposed the Blessed Sacrament and made groups to pray continuously for the success of the Youth Retreat. This gesture and having a one day retreat for youngsters of the church was very much appreciated and welcomed by the parents of all.

30 May 2010 30
May 2010

Regional Meeting of RCDPN


Fr. Cirilo Rodrigues.

t was the turn of the Archdiocese of Delhi to play host to the yearly Regional Meeting of RCDPN. This year’s meeting was held at Navinta, Okhla, New Delhi, and all the four dioceses of the region were represented with the Archdiocese of Delhi having twenty eight participants, Simla-Chandigarh twenty five, Jammu-Srinagar seven and Jalandhar fifteen. All the Catholic Bishops of the region were present except Archbishop Vincent, who could not make it due to his other engagements overseas. The theme for this year’s regional meeting was ‘Quality Enhancement of Priests’ by Rev. Fr. Arul Raj, Secretary of the Commission for Family, CCBI, who flew in all the way from Bangalore. The meeting dealt with the spiritual life of the Diocesan Priests pointedly underlining Eucharistic Celebrations, recourse to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Liturgy of Hours, Daily Spiritual Exercises, Monthly Recollections, Annual Retreats, Examination of Conscience, Meditation and Spiritual Readings. It mentioned that only a few Dioceses in India have Priests Personnel Boards. The Conference of Diocesan Priests of India (CDPI) is only at the introductory stage in most of the Dioceses. The Northern Region comprising the Archdiocese of Delhi and the dioceses of Simla–Chandigarh, Jalandhar and Jammu -Srinagar has come a long way since the RCDPN has taken roots. The speaker also spoke about the ongoing formation of priests in the respective dioceses and at national levels. The sessions were moderated by Fr. Arnold David. There is a Council made of twenty diocesan priests, five from each diocese. From these, an executive group of four, which looks after and comes together on a regular basis at least once in three months has been formed. The meetings take place in rotation in each diocese of the region.

‘Woman Aaj Kal’ - Women’s Day Celebration at Vidyajyoti

he historic centenary celebration of Women’s Day on 8th March 2010 by the Vidyajyoti Parivar was a fitting toast to womanhood. The panel discussion, skit, song, dance and media presentation made it a wholesome celebration. The ‘interplay’ between Biblical understanding of women rooted in patriarchy, of the old, and the modern emerging and empowered woman of the present, was well portrayed. The real image of the woman as equal, complimentary and life-giver was not only depicted but also put into practice through the panel discussion. This was one of the key parts of the programme. Three women, belonging to different religious backgrounds discussed various issues connected to women. The atmosphere created was all to show that a woman can rise above any hurdle, as each woman had resources and strengths deep down which only had to be tapped and developed. Thus the idea that shone forth was that the Reign of God was indeed present where the Queendom of God was awakened and empowered.


Amelia SCN

Commissioner of Customs presents Crucifix to Bishop Franco


Reji Mathews

t the beginning of the Holy Week, the Commissioner of Customs, Dr. John Joseph called on His Excellency, Bishop Franco Mulakkal and presented him with a Crucifix as a mark of respect along with Mr. Joy Thomas, Customs Officer.
May 2010

31 31

May 2010

Women’s Empowerment Programme


Loreto Anthony (Secretary – CCWAD)

he Council of Catholic Women, Archdiocese of Delhi organised a two day women’s empowerment training programme in Hindi and English at Yusuf Sadan on 13th and 14th March 2010. The topics for address and discussion were: • Role of women in the home, church, community, diocese and region, • Empowerment of women - conflicts and challenges, • Women’s Health, • Preparing for public presence - leadership skills, • Rights and duties of the laity and Church’s influence on them, • Media in Church activities.

Every woman participated with enthusiasm and went back with a resolve to make their homes more holy and prayerful as it is the starting point for ingraining prayer into the children’s lives and to encourage every family member to participate more actively in parish activities so that their lives become shining examples in the outside world.

First Profession of the SCJMs (Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary)
Sr Moly Augustine

C J M, as a woman, listen and dare to be prophetic, do whatever He tells you.” This was the theme taken for the profession of our Sisters, Ambika Ashirvatham, Ajita Majhi, Renu Kujur, Anita Minj, Shinta Mathew and Maria Vy. In the morning of the day we had a beautiful prayer service for them. At 10.30 A.M the would-be brides of Jesus entered the beautifully decorated prayer hall with a very prayerful dance and the hymn if translated goes like this (Oh my God, light the path on which I tread). Thus the Holy Mass began with an entrance dance. The main celebrant was His Grace Most Rev Vincent M Conccessao, the Archbishop of Delhi along with seven other Co-concelebrants. The homily delivered by His Grace was very touching and meaningful as it was very much related to the theme and to the readings. Then our Sisters pronounced the three vows in the presence of Srs. Maria Jose and François, the Provincials of Delhi and the South Province Belgium and in the presence of a large congregation. Thereafter, they thanked and praised God by singing the Magnificat of Mary our Mother for accepting them as His brides. The choir led by Fr George CFM added more meaning to the Eucharistic celebration as the singing sounded heavenly. A heart-felt thanks to Fr. George and to the MC Brothers. The Mass ended with a rhythmic recessional dance. The presence of parents, relatives, friends and Sisters from the neighboring communities, many priests and religious added joy to the Tanmay family especially, to the new spouses of Jesus. Later, we marched forward to have a delicious meal. At the culmination of the day we were privileged to put up a program for our Sisters and their relatives. Indeed April 7th was a special day for the Congregation as well as for the Church.


32 May 2010 32
May 2010

Santvana Community Chapter
Shiney Alexy, Santvana


“Become the face and voice of Jesus” - Archbishop Vincent “Our call is not only to give Christian values, but to give Christ.” -Bishop Franco.

antvana Community had its chapter that occurs once in three years, from 28 February to March 11, 2010. From February 28 to March 3, there was a retreat conducted by Bro. Thomas Paul. The theme was ‘inner union’ with the Lord. It was a time of grace and deepening of our intimacy with the Lord. During the Inaugural talk, Rev. Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS, our founder and Shepherd of the Community, said: The Chapter is a time of grace. We have to learn from the Acts of the Apostles. “We and the Holy Spirit..” that was the expression whenever they took a special decision. From March 4th onwards we spent time for personal evaluation followed by evaluation of our community life and the mission. After the evaluation, we spent our time studying the statutes of the community in view of making necessary amendments to have more clarity as Archbishop Vincent celebrating well as to make provisions for various needs of the growing community.
Mass with Fr. Dheeraj

We have a new administrative team. Mr. Naveen Lobo is the new Servant Leader for the coming three years. Mr. Naveen will be assisted by a council of four members; Mrs. Sali Santhosh, Mrs. Shiney Alexy, Bro. Jeeven Kumar and Sr. Reena Kujur. The community’s special focus at this stage will be to reach out to the un-reached as well as building up of associate members and mission partners. The community is grateful to Mr. Alexy Pallan, the previous Servant Leader and the outgoing team. The contributions which they have made (construction of the main house without a deposit of fund) will always remain a land mark in the history of Santvana Community. On 8th March His Excellency Most. Rev. Franco Mulakkal, the Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi visited our community to give input about the Church and Evangelization. For effective evangelization he gave some ideas. He gave three important points: (1) Maximum invisibility, (2) Less material thing and (3) Powerful networking for the mission of the Word of God. He also mentioned that for the growth of the Church we have to create missionaries, not only to give Christian Bishop Franco with community members values, but to give Christ himself. On 9th March during the commissioning ceremony of the new team, His Grace Most. Rev. Vincent M. Conccessao, the Archbishop of Delhi and the Patron of Santvana Community, challenged us to ‘become the face and voice of Jesus’. Rev. Fr. Anand IMS and Rev. Fr. Sabu Joseph also celebrated Holy Mass for us during these days and motivated the community.

Seminar On Evangelization


“Archbishop Vincent speaks about the necessity of evangelization in the Catholic context in the modern scenario”

Bernadette Morris

he Commission for Evangelization organized a seminar titled – ‘Why Evangelization’ on 6th March at Yusuf Sadan. Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao was the speaker. He addressed the importance and necessity of evangelization especially in the Catholic context while clarifying also on the methodology of evangelization. He stressed basically on how to evangelize and how both the lay and religious should be empowered to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in the modern scenario. After the tea- break, he answered queries raised by the participants which related to key issues like the doctrine of salvation outside the Church, New Evangelization and the main content of the message of evangelization. The seminar was attended by about 70 participants which included lay people, priests and religious. It was much appreciated for its in-depth presentation of the theology of evangelization. The sessions were recorded by the Commission and will be available soon for purchase.
May 2010

33 33

May 2010

Holy Week in Tihar Jail
A Deeply Faith-filling and Freeing Experience
Fr. Francis Gonsalves SJ

n Maundy Thursday, 1st April 2010, I celebrated Eucharist in Tihar Jail along with Frs. Nithya, Cosmon and Joseph Kavalakatt. Sr Inigo and other Sisters were also there. Savil Patrick (a Nigerian) who is serving a 10-year sentence in jail for peddling drugs said: “We are criminals and not worthy to have our feet washed… But, I know that Jesus loves me and as a transformed man I will move out of here to tell the world that Jesus is the Saviour!” The washing of the feet ceremony was truly moving, the Fr. Francis Gonsalves and other Fathers offering Holy Eucharist in Tihar Jail singing-mostly by Nigerian inmates - was out of this world! During the homily I asked, “Is there anyone in Tihar Jail worse than Peter who betrayed his closest friend, Jesus? They laughed. Yes, Jesus sets me, you, everyone FREE! Another source of feeling FREE was due to the 1st National Consultation on Prison Reforms held in Delhi on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday! A whole battalion of NGO’s were assembled in Delhi to forge partnerships and build networks to set prisoners FREE. I also felt FREE because a dear friend, Niranjan, has been freed after 4 years and 3 months in prison. Niranjan’s wife, Saraswati, has been our coworker-teacher in the Sanjay Amar Colony slum for some years earlier on. Due to Niranjan’s unjust imprisonment on account of police’s false charges (of rape), his family had suffered tremendously. We are now taking the police to court to assure that Niranjan and Saraswati and the children get justice. Please pray for them. Let us pray to the Crucified-Risen Lord to set us all FREE from our pettiness, selfishness, and the other chains that bind us. Tihar prisoners singing at the Maundy Thursday
Eucharist with the Sisters


Prison Ministry


Sr. Inigo

am working with an NGO called Prison Ministry-India. My inspiration for this ministry comes from the Gospel- the Last Judgment given in Mathew chapter 25:34-36, “I was in prison and you came to visit me”. I see Jesus in the inmates of Tihar Jail. I don’t need to look for Him in far away places. They are displaced from the social mainstream and therefore, I consider it a vocation to empower them through education, spending quality time with them, listening to their heart breaking experiences with love and care, counselling them, contacting their family members and at times their lawyers, arranging our own lawyers to argue their cases free of cost, attending to their basic needs, rendering some financial help, giving Bible sessions, arranging for liturgical celebrations and keeping in touch with the released prisoners etc. I am sure this ministry will certainly bring in the lives of these unfortunate brothers and sisters a fragrance of hope and transformation no matter what the world outside thinks of them. (This piece has been written by Sr. Inigo on the specific request of the Editor to give our readers an idea of what the Prison Ministry is about).
Sr Inigo

34 May 2010 34
May 2010

Profound thanks from Jail No. 4, Tihar For Holy Week Prison Ministry
Francis Akahie

(for all Christian inmates)

alatians 4:19 says “Until Christ be formed in you”. The Mass of the Lord’s Supper or Maundy Thursday as it is known by many, has become a yearly tradition, but for us as inmates, it brought out the true meaning as, though we are servants, yet we were served by the Priests. They reminded us of the kind of life that Christ has commissioned us to live. The Lord said “no servant is greater than his master”, yet as the master has loved us, so we must love others by humbling ourselves low to serve them, Phillippians 2:5-11”. Our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. The Prison Ministry of India organised Easter programme for the inmates of Tihar Jail No 4 on 25th March Inmates singing on Maundy Thursday 2010. It was indeed a memorable occasion with all the Christian inmates and about 35 visitors joining us including Reverend Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, the Superintendent of Jail, the Assistant Superintendent and other officers. The highlight of the occasion was the washing of the feet of twelve inmates representing the twelve apostles, but it was a lesson for all inmates as we all witnessed the Priest (our honourable guest, Rev Fr. Francis Gonsalves) bending low to wash our feet. This was later very well explained by Rev Fr. Nithya telling us that serving others doesn’t really take anything away from us, but that people will see the Christ that we preach in us if we obey his commandments. A lot of gifts were distributed to all who were present and we sang and danced in appreciation of our friends who had visited us. Our special thanks goes to Rev Fr. Joseph Kavalakkatt, Prison Ministry Coordinator who in spite of all his other engagements always makes it his priority to attend to the prisoners first. We pray that God will bless him and give him more strength. We also thank all other Priests, Brothers and Sisters who went through tough security checks to get to us knowing that we cannot give them anything, yet they gave us love. Our biggest thanks goes to our beloved Sister Inigo, who for us is a big Sister and to some a mother. We may not have the right words to pen down our appreciation for her, but we keep praying that God Almighty will bless her beyond imaginations and give her divine protection as she has always put the plight of prisoners first before her personal matters. And may God bless you all.


Yusuf Sadan celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph
Rachel Jacob

n the 19th March 2010 all the Commission Offices of Yusuf Sadan and the staff of the Archbishop’s House and DCC Library got together to celebrate the Solemnity of the Feast of St. Joseph. The programme started with a Holy Mass at which Rev. Frs. Aniyan Joseph, Lancy Paul and Joseph Thomas were the main celebrants. The con-celebrants were Rev. Frs. Victor D’ Souza, Thomas D’Cunha, Arnold Pinto, Wilfred D’Souza, Paul Roy and George Abraham. In the homily Fr. Aniyan emphasized the holiness of the Saint who in spite of his silence was a strong witness to the Kingdom of God. After the Mass all were gathered for a fellowship meal.
May 2010


“St. Joseph, in spite of his silence, was a strong witness of the Kingdom of God” – Fr Aniyan Joseph

35 35

May 2010

Mahila Diwas Celebrations at Rohtak
Bro. Glaster Babin Dhas

Chetanalaya News

“Parents should give good and possible education to their girl children so that they may fight for their rights and become successful in life” – Mrs. Asha Hooda


very year, 8th March is a special day for Chetanalaya because it is the International Women’s Day and the aim of Chetanalaya is also the empowerment of women. Chetanalaya celebrated “Mahila Diwas” on 8th March, 2010 at Chetanalaya Office in Rohtak. Around 1500 women belonging to different Self Help Groups (SHGs) from 100 villages had come for this celebration. Mrs. Asha Hooda, wife of the Chief Minister of Haryana was the chief guest. Women from village Ishmaila performed a beautiful welcome dance and a graceful prayer dance, and those from village Majra performed a colorful Haryanvi dance. On this special day women from different villages submitted their problems and difficulties to Mrs. Asha Hooda in a written form and she received it with a lot of happiness and assurance of looking into it.

At the end of the program Mrs. Asha Hooda waved the Chetanalaya flag and started the rally. This rally had a very special meaning. Women who normally are bound only to speak in the society, were shouting slogans like “Mahila Diwas” “Jindhabad”, and some displayed them on their vehicles. The rally started from Chetanalaya Office and ended in Shri Ram Rangshalla, Rohtak. In the program Shri Satish Kumar, the Coordinator, Mr. Rajender, Bro.Glaster Babin Dhas, Sunita and animators Veena, Meena, Sunderkala, Jagwanti, Kamlesh, Najma, Surender Kaur, Anita, Rajni, Meenu, Suresh, Chanderkala, Kanta, Krishna and Anil were the persons responsible for the entire program and they did it very well.

Women’s Day Celebrations at Narela
nternational Women’s Day was celebrated on 19.3.2010 at Narela. The event was organised by the social apostolate wing of Narela working under Chetanalaya. Bro. Kenny, Mr. Subhash and other staff members under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Vincent Crasta made an effort to create awareness among the womenfolk of Narela about their empowerment. Mr. Himanshu Sharma, the area co-ordinator of Mukundpur was invited as chief guest and he spoke about the role of S.H.G (Self Help Groups) in the empowerment of women. Fr. Vincent Crasta who was present at the event also shared his thoughts on women’s empowerment and congratulated the staff members for their commendable work. Students from non-formal education programme made the event colourful with their dance and song sequences. Women staff also sang a song with social awareness theme. Mr. Subhash, the area In-charge of Narela brought the event to an end with his vote of thanks.


Bro. Kenny

36 May 2010 36
May 2010

Movie Screening at Punjabi Bagh
n 20th of March 2010, all the movie buffs of St. Mark’s Youth Association, Punjabi Bagh decided to bring together their common interest for movies, but with a difference. We came together for a common screening of the movie “Passion of Christ”. This was a part of our Lenten preparation. Though many of us had already seen the movie before, but it was truly an experience watching it together as a group. There were vales of tears pouring out from quite a few of us. All in all, it added a lot of meaning to our entire reflection on Lent and helped us all to enter the Passion Week with a lot more piety and reverence.

Yuvodaya News Compiled by Joycelin Jose
Divya Joy


St. Dominic’s Youth visits Missionaries of Charity Home
n Sunday, 28th February 2010, SDYM (St. Dominic’s Youth Movement) was geared up for a special OUTREACH PROGRAMME to the home of Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, Jangpura, and a Centre for differently abled children. We were a group of sixteen, all excited and at the same time a bit anxious. As soon as we reached the home, we were warmly greeted by the Sisters and were given lucid information of their undertaking. After a few minutes of anticipation, we went ahead to meet the children. We found children of all age groups from infants to toddlers, to young kids. The were all energetic and enthusiastic and were keen and as happy to see us as we were to see them. At first they were a bit shy and docile, but as some time progressed they opened up and became very friendly. All the children were different in their own way, their disabilities did not hold them back from anything, as we discovered each one’s singing, dancing and speaking abilities. It was indeed heart-rendering and emotional to have their hands in ours, to hug and embrace them. Many of them wanted our attention and care, we were fondled by them. We then sang a few action songs and they in turn sang for us. This gave us profound joy. After a game of antakshari (they won of course), we distributed sweets and they were as vibrant as little kids are to receive them. The few hours spent with them was overpowering us with emotions and filled us with abundant grace.


Simonia Christopher

Farewell to Fr. John Paul

Aparna Babu


grand farewell was given to Fr. John Paul on the 9th of April 2010 at Yusuf Sadan for a decade of selfless service to the Archdiocese of Delhi. He was the Director of Media Commission and the Chief Editor of Dillivani. He was also the Secretary cum Treasurer for Signis India (World Catholic Association for Communication) and the Regional Secretary for CBCI Social Communication. Many came to bid him farewell including priests, religious, laity and the youth. There was thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Fr. Victor, Fr. John Paul and Fr. Chetan. This was followed by a farewell ceremony where many came forward to express the wonderful memories that they shared with Fr. John Paul. It became a very nostalgic moment for many who came in. He will be going to Rome for further studies and research in communication. As a token of our love and appreciation for all that he did for the Archdiocese, we extend our heartfelt thanks. We also welcomed Fr. Chetan as the new Director of Media Commission. The programme ended with a fellowship meal where all participated and spent quality time remembering the good old From Left Fr. John Paul, Fr. Victor D’Souza & Fr. Chetan Machado days and years ….
May 2010

37 37

May 2010

Blood Donation Camp at St. Michael’s Church, Gurgaon
Paul Diclause, (Secretary, Catholic Association, Gurgaon)

News from Federation of Catholic Associations

he newly formed Catholic Association of St. Michael’s Church, Gurgaon took up the initiative and conducted a Blood Donation Camp on Sunday, 28th March 2010 in association with Lions Club of Gurgaon City. Out of 129 persons who willingly came forward to donate blood, after check up by the Doctors 97 persons donated the blood. Fr. Vijay Baretto, the Parish Priest of St. Michael’s Church and Mr. R. K. Gera, Chairman of Lions Club Blood Bank inaugurated the camp in the presence of Fr. Kuriakose and Fr. Jayaseelan.


Bishop Franco Mulakkal’s Meeting with FCAAD
is Excellency, Most Rev Franco Mulakkal, Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi and Spiritual Adviser of the Federation of Catholic Associations of the Archdiocese of Delhi met with the office bearers of all CAs and nominated members at Yusuf Sadan on Monday, 29th March 2010. Reiterating that the Laity are co-responsible to the Church, His Excellency proposed two plan of action i.e. conducting Spoken English Classes for the youth by CAs at the parish level involving retired teachers and Yuvodaya, and formation of an Employment Bureau at the diocesan level to ensure gainful employment for all those unemployed Christians. The Bishop delineated various problems confronting the community and emphasized the need to concentrate on building up our community on the first hand. All the 45 participants supported the proposals of the Bishop and vowed to work towards achieving them.


A Chinnappan, President, FCAAD & M. S. Stanislaus, Secretary General, FCAAD

United Masihi Easter Mela
M.S. Stanislaus, Secretary General, FCAAD


“Archbishop Vincent speaks on the need for unity amongst various denominations of Churches in Delhi”

s desired by His Grace Archbishop Vincent M Concessao, the Federation of Catholic Associations coordinated with Catholic Associations and put up 4 stalls in the United Masihi Easter Mela held at United Christian School Grounds on Monday, 5th April 2010 between 4 to 9 p.m. Catholic Associations of Okhla and Palam Vihar Parishes, Women’s Commission, Archdiocese of Delhi and a parishioner from Paharganj Parish put up their stalls in the Mela. Rt Rev Samuel Sunder Singh, Bishop of Delhi MCI inaugurated the Mela by invoking the Blessings of God in the presence of Archbishop Vincent M Concessao who spoke on the need for unity amongst various denominations of Churches in Delhi. The Secretary General, FCAAD is a member of the Organising Committee representing the Archdiocese. Visitors enjoyed a variety of food sold in the stalls, played games and exchanged Easter Greetings displaying fellowship.

38 May 2010 38
May 2010

(Compiled by Anand Mathew, Chairman DCRS)


BETH-ZA’THA 2010 The First National Nurses Convention
Laly Vinod (Convener, National Nurses Convention)

o commemorate the International Year of Nurses, ‘Nightingales of Christ (NOC)’ – the Nurses Ministry of the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (NCCRS) along with Delhi Charismatic Renewal Services (DCRS) organized the First National Nurses Convention – Beth-za’tha 2010 from 05th to 07th March, 2010 at Jeevan Jyoti Ashram, Ibrahimpur, Burari, Delhi. More than 3000 Nurses from 16 different statesDelhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala attended. There were also 14 nurses from Dubai. The convention was inaugurated with lighting of the lamp and releasing of doves by preachers and Nursing Superintendents from different hospitals. Soon thereafter, the Holy Eucharist was celebrated with Most Rev. Franco Mulakkal, Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi as the main celebrant. The theme of the convention was ‘He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal’ (Luke 9:2). The preachers of the Word included prominent national and international preachers, viz., Most Rev. Franco Mulakkal, Rev. Fr George Kumblumoottil, OP (Nagpur), Mr Cyril John (Chairman NST), Sr Elsis Mathew, MSMI (Member NST), Mr. Victor Pereira (Mumbai) and Mrs. Rose Mary George (UAE). The sessions included powerful testimonies, meaningful skit, anointed praise and worship and lively music by members of NOC, Delhi. The last day of the convention would always remain a memorable day for all the participants. During the concluding thanksgiving Holy Eucharist, Most Rev. Franco Mulakkal (main celebrant), commemorating the 100th death anniversary of Florence Nightingale–the great model of Nurses- lighted the Nightingale Lamp blessed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Holding the lighted candles, lit from the Nightingale Lamp, the participants renewed the Nightingale’s Pledge. The First National Nurses Convention indeed became a great blessing for the entire nation as thousands of nurses experienced the love of God and re-dedicated themselves to their profession, which has now become a holy vocation for them. The convention was the fruit of the sincere and fervent prayers, dedication and hard work put in by the NOC leaders in Delhi. A big thanks to Rev. Fr Jose T. J, Director, Jeevan Jyoti Ashram and the Delhi Service Team for their dedication, concern and support. Kudos to Nightingales of Christ!
May 2010


39 39

May 2010

New Leaders for YUD (Youth United Delhi)
U4C (Youth United for Christ) is the official youth wing of the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (NCCRS) which is actively reaching out to the youth throughout the nation. YU4C’s foundations were laid in Delhi after Kairos 2008, and since then it is contributing to the spiritual growth of Delhi Youth through programs like David’s Harp, Sycamore Tree, Illuminate 2009 etc. The reconstitution and election of YUD (Youth United Delhi-the youth wing of DCRS and the Diocesan branch of YU4C) were held on 20th and 21st March 2010 at Yusuf Sadan. The retreat and discernment process was led by Bro. Francis D’Souza (NST member) and Bro. Victor Pereira (National Preacher of NST). Mr Anand Mathew, Chairman DCRS and Ms Elizabeth Samuel, Regional Coordinator YU4C helped in the discernment process. Talks, Holy Eucharist and adoration prepared the youth to focus on their responsibility as youth dedicated to Christ. The following leaders were elected: Coordinator – Rinky Kuriakose (Defence Colony Parish ) Assistant Coordinators – Aline (Hauz Khas Parish), Lijo (Rohini Parish ), Vikas Kiro (Sarita Vihar Parish), Oliva (Okhla Parish), Marina (Defence Colony Parish).


Shalom 2010: English Charismatic Convention
Vaibhav Iype Parel

halom 2010 was organized by the Living Waters, the English Prayer Group of Delhi Charismatic Renewal Services (DCRS) as a two-day English convention for the Archdiocese of Delhi on 20th and 21st March (Saturday and Sunday) at the DCC Hall (Sacred Heart Cathedral Complex) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Rev. Fr. J Rebello, (Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Cathedral), the preachers - Victor Pereira and Francis D’Souza, Anand Mathew (Chairman of DST), Gilbert Faria and Mamta M Ekka (the Convenor of the convention). The convention began on both days with the Holy Rosary followed by an anointed time of praise and worship which was led by the worship team of Living Waters Prayer Group. The preachers for the convention were Francis D’Souza and Victor Pereira from Mumbai. Holy Mass was celebrated on both days. On the first day Rev. Fr. Arokia Dass (Assistant Parish Priest, Kanhei, Gurgaon) celebrated the Mass. In his homily he led us into a scriptural understanding of “A Call to Discipleship and Servanthood”. Rev Fr. Antony Francis (Financial Administrator, Delhi Archdiocese), on the second day drew us into a deep and meaningful reflection on the meaning of “Grace in Suffering”. The convention ended with the laying of hands for the in-filling of Holy Spirit. 400 faithful from different parishes attended the convention.


Way of the Cross at Jeevan Jyoti Ashram
CC John, Zonal Coordinator

CRS organised a WAY OF THE CROSS – around the statues of the passion of Christ at Jeevan Jyoti Ashram, Burari, Delhi on 24th March 2010 from 3.00 to 6.00 pm. The Way of the Cross began with Holy Eucharist by Rev. Fr Susai Sebastian, Spiritual Director DCRS and Rev. Fr Jardis Nazareth (Asst Director JJA) which led the faithful into deep spiritual experience. During the Way of the Cross, all the participants carried small crosses for their special intentions or as penance. The devotion concluded with the Eucharistic Adoration and Healing Service led by Rev. Fr Jose TJ (Director, JJA). Around 250 devotees from different parts of the Archdiocese participated in the event and a great number of healings took place during the Eucharistic Adoration.


40 May 2010 40
May 2010

Diocesan Matrimonial columns
Send in your advertisements to: “Soulmates”, care Voice of Delhi, Archbishop’s House, Sacred Heart Cathedral, 1 Ashok Place, New Delhi 110 001. Maximum 60 words - Tariff Rs 500/- per insert.
 Alliance invited for a R.C. girl, born and brought up in Delhi, wheatish, 165 c.m., 26 years working in M.N.C. from R.C. Malayalee boys born and brought up in Delhi. Contact Nos.: 011-22757296, (M) 9953327889.  Roman Catholic VANNIER Tamilian parents hailing from DINDIGUL, settled in Delhi invite alliance for their daughter 36.5 years, 5’ 21/2” , M.A. Eng., B.Ed., working as PGT in a reputed School in Delhi, born, brought up and educated at Delhi. Contact No.: 28536135 (M) 9868000968.  Alliance invited from Delhi based boys for RC girl, born and brought up in Kerala 24 years, 5’5”, +2 with Computer, working at John Players Co. at Daryaganj. Contact: 9868855871, 9650280741.  Alliance invited by parents for their 29 year old girl born and brought up in Delhi, 5’6” M.A. in English, Diploma in P.R., now pursuing M.B.A., wheatish slim working as a client Relationship Manager in a reputed Marketing Company. Looking for well settled R.C. Boy. Contact No.: 22238600.  Roman Catholic Tamilian parents settled in Delhi invite alliance for their daughter 25 years, 5’, working as Administrative Staff in a reputed School in Delhi, born, brought up and educated in Delhi. Looking for pious and well settled R.C. Boy. Contact: Mr. Dass Tel.: 23343457, 23362058 (between 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.).  Looking for Keralite Catholic bride, brought-up in north, well educated and employed, 23-28 for a Keralite boy born and brought up in Delhi, aged 29, fair, 5’ 7”, well employed with an MNC Logistics group. Please contact Ph.: 9891168448 or 01246519318.  Delhi settled Malayalee RCSC Family from ErnakulamAngamali Archdiocese, looking for their graduate son 30 years, doing well in his career in Shipping and Logistics Industry earning 7.5 lacs per annum, well educated girls preferably brought up in Delhi. Contact: 011-22628435, 9560319391.  Alliance invited from well settled Delhi based North Indian R.C. boys for RC girl, 25 years, 5’ 5”, MBA slim and fair working in Delhi. Contact:9873040311”


With Best Compliments from

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Holy Spirit, you who makes me see everything and who shows me the way to reach my ideals. You who gives me the Divine gift to forgive and forget all that is done to me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and affirm once more that I never want to see separated from you, no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in their perpetual glory. To that end and submitting to God’s holy, Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

In thanksgiving

Caterers & Decorators
Ph: 25557481, 25618001, 25624622 Mobile: 9810358546, 9868424187 Manish Twin Plaza, Sector - 11 Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 045

Mrs. M. Joseph

May 2010

41 41

May 2010

Engagements - 01 May - 31 May 2010 ARCHBISHOP VINCENT M. CONCESSAO
Date 02 Sunday 03 Monday Time 08.00 a.m. 08.30 a.m. 04.00 p.m. 06.00 p.m. 07.00 a.m. 9 to 12 06.00 p.m. Details of the Engagements Pastoral Visit, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, St. Cecilia’s Church, Khera Khurd Mass & Summer Programme for Seminarians, Vinay Gurukul Mass, Sacred Heart Cathedral Think Tank Meeting Mass, Ish Bhawna Available for priests Meeting to discuss the celebrations of the Birth Centenary of Blessed Teresa of Kolkota Blessing of the hostel of SMMI Sisters, Kirkee Extension Curia Meeting Available for all those who want to meet Pastoral Visit, St. Anthony’s Church, Paharganj Available for priests Get together of the Clergy organized by the Federation of Catholic Associations CHAI Executive Board & Governing Council Meeting of HAFA, Secunderabad Ordination of Deacon Britto, Madurai Ordination of Deacon Keni Philomin Raj, Kanyakumari Summer Vacation, Mangalore International Consultation on Climate Change, Rome

FEASTS & EVENTS MAY - 2010 01 (Sat) St. Joseph, the Worker 02 (Sun) St. Athanasius 03 (Mon) Sts. Philip and James, Apostles 04 (Tue) Sts Florian & Monica 05 (Wed) St. Maximus 06 (Th) St. Dominic Savio, School Students’ Day (Delhi) St.Flavius 08 (Sat) St. Magdalen of Sts. Gerontius & Pachomius 10 (Mon) St. Antonius, Arch. Bishop 11 (Tue) Sts Fabius & Severinus 12 (Wed) Sts. Nereus & Pancras, Martyrs 13 (Th) Our Lady of Fatima 14 (Fri) St. Mathias, Apostle 15 (Sat) Sts. Peter & Dionysia, Martyrs 16 (Sun) Ascension, St. Simon Stock 17 (Mon) St. Paschal Baylon 18 (Tue) St John I 19 (Wed) St. Peter Celestine V, Pope 20 (Th) St. Bernardine & Plautilla 21 (Fri) St.Donatus 22 (Sat) St. Rita of Cascia, Widow 23 (Sun) Pentecost, Sts Joan of Arc & Anastasius 24 (Mon) Mary, Help of Christians 25 (Tue) Sts Bede & Sophia 26 (Wed) St. Philip Neri Priest 27 (Th) Sts Julius & Augustine of Canterbury 28 (Fri) St. Germanus 29 (Sat) St. Theosodia & Hubertus 30 (Sun) Holy Trinity 31 (Mon) The Visitation of the B.V. Mary

04 Tuesday

05 Wednesday 07.00 p.m. 06 Thursday 09 Sunday 11 Tuesday 09.30 a.m. 4 to 6 09.00 a.m. 9 to 12 08.00 p.m.

13 Thursday 15 Saturday 17 Monday 18-26 28-29 10.00 a.m. 10.00 a.m.

Date 01 Saturday

Engagements - 01 May - 31 May 2010 BISHOP FRANCO MULAKKAL
Time Details of the Engagements 02.30 a.m. 06.00 p.m. 10.00 p.m. 10.30 p.m. 06.00 p.m. Inauguration and blessing of St. Mary’s Church Ayanagar St. Joseph’s Feast, Jwala Nagar, Shahdara Night Vigil, Divine Ashram, Faridabad 1st Holy Communion & Confirmation, Nirmal Hridaya Parish Tagore Garden Mother Theresa Centenary Memorial Service Planning Meeting Summer Vacation Camp for Major Seminarians at Pratiksha Blessing & Mass at Snehabhavan, Najafgarh Pastoral Visit to Khrist Jyoti Church, Badarpur Profession of Fr. Johny Louis Ghaziabad Silver Jubilee of Sacred Heart Hospital Jalandhar Visit to Holy Land Badshapur Project Campaign, Italy

02 Sunday 04 Tuesday 06-07 08 Saturday 09 Sunday 14 Friday 15 Saturday 17 - 24 25 - 7 June

03.00 p.m. 08.00 a.m. 05.00 p.m.

42 May 2010 42
May 2010

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