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Antiabortion Novel Idea

Antiabortion Novel Idea

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Anyone who likes may adapt and use this idea. - Jim Mitchell
Anyone who likes may adapt and use this idea. - Jim Mitchell

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Published by: Jim Benghazi Mitchell on Jun 16, 2010
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Jim Mitchell June 16 at 2:49pm How's this for an updating of Robert Hugh Benson's LORD OF THE WORLD ?

In the near future, when the general moral degradation of the world has greatly increased, and abortions are more & more done in a manner and with the intention of a sort of revived Moloch/Ba'al cultus [ see/download http://www.scribd.com/doc/31433261/Abortion-Rites ] , and "statism" is becoming a more obvious idolatry of the state (ancient Rome had the worship of the state through the proxy symbol of the god/emperor), a Lebanese Maronite former international businessman and politician who has retired to a Carthusian (or something comparable) hermitage and is experiencing extraordinary transforming interior graces known only to himself and his spiritual director has been sent to be the personal assistant to a pope in exile, but arrives just in time to give last rites to the pope before he dies. Europe is already in turmoil with WW III looming. Only a small percentage of the college of cardinals is able to come together. The elderly, humble little hermit ministers as reverent servant to the princes of the church, yet they hardly notice him. Then, as the hermit joins them in a con-celebrated Mass, they become witness to his invisible stigmata. They receive a simultaneous interior locution. The hermit is ordained as a Bishop and unanimously chosen as the new Pope. He takes the Aramaic name "Kepha". Though dispossessed of the Vatican, he is still recognized in parts of Europe, the USA, Africa, and much of Asia as a HEAD OF STATE. With little to lose in the present world crisis, inspired by a vision of the preborn Christ-child, and knowing (though almost overwhelmed with severe temptations against every virtue interiorly, especially against hope & faith) that the church must be purified by faith, courage, and even many new martyrs because of the infidelities of so many of the clergy, religious, theologians, and lay people, he makes a decision that stuns the world. Among other important declarations, he grants temporary Vatican citizenship (though he and the curia are in exile) and diplomatic status to all preborn children. Every child in the womb is now a "person" by international law, and an ambassador of the preborn Christ-child. (but great victories are rarely, if ever, won by pen & paper.....) [ end of part 1 ]

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