A Confused Alien

Sara Finn-Rodríguez

In space, on the planet Mars lived a little alien, she was 12 years old. She was called Evie. At her school, they were talking about humans and their schools. -Alright class, for homework, I’ve set up each of you a space ship to go to a school in a country on planet earth and I’ve also given you human outfits. Each of you will go to your destination at 6 o’clock in the morning and go to the school that I have assigned for you. When you get back you will do a presentation on what you’ve seen, Said Evie’s teacher. - Wiii piiii!!!!, said the class.

The next day Evie got into her spaceship and flew into earth, when she was getting close she put her outfit on. 5 minutes later she landed on planet earth outside the school; it was called “Vicente Canada Blanch” She didn’t want to be seen yet so she made a spell and landed in the teacher’s lounge. She was really confused wondering where she was, then a teacher came up to her and said, -¿Que haces aquí? No puedes estar en la sala de profesores. -What? She wondered, putting a weird face. The teacher kept saying weird stuff that she didn’t understand. When she got into class she was even more confused than ever, because she knew that she was in England and that they speak English in England, but everyone was speaking Spanish!!! Evie asked her teacher why everyone was speaking Spanish her teacher gave her a look as if to say, how silly you are! -Because the school is Spanish, of course! The teacher said v-e-r-y s-l-o-wl-y.

As the day went by Evie felt more and more confused and lonely she had no friend to play with. Evie was a disaster throughout the whole day bumping into this, tripping over that. Coming to the end of the morning break, she bumped into a boy called Isis. She fell on the floor. Isis helped her up, and, as soon as they saw each other, she fell in love with him and he fell in love with her.

- Umm sorry, he said. - Oh, that’s ok, she said back to him - Are you ok? - Yeah I’m fine, she said to him. - So what class do you go to, I go to year 8 a. - Oh I don’t really know. - What, you don’t know?

- I’m here for just two days, while my mum does this job thing. - Oh! So, do you want to hang out today after school? He asked her. - Yeah sure, I’ll see you outside the school later. - Ok well bye. He said. - Bye. Two hours later… RINGGGGGGG!!!!!!

The bell went and Evie ran out of the class to meet Isis. When she met him they went to the cinema to see this new film called “New Moon”. She thought it was really good though she didn’t really know what a cinema was. When she said good bye, he gave her a hug but she didn’t really know what he was doing so she just copied him.

The next day she saw him at school and told him it was her last day so in playground they talked played and talked, in second play ground he gave her a photo of him and a little card to take with her. At the end of school she said her good byes she felt quite sad because she hadn’t been completely honest about who she really was meaning an alien. She hugged him again and gave him a kiss on the cheek (which they do do in Mars)

She got in her space ship and felt quite sad because he was the only boy she actually fancied, Evie fell asleep and got to Mars really quickly. When she got home she hanged up the photo of Isis and thought of him all night long knowing that she would never see him again.