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National Assembly of Pakistan Handbook for Members

National Assembly of Pakistan Handbook for Members

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Published by Aamir Hussain

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Published by: Aamir Hussain on Jun 17, 2010
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Security is a sensitive issue in the context of Parliament and requires vigilance and spur of the

moment decisions in line with the situation. The Assembly's Security Cell operates under the


supervision of Sergeant-at-Arms, who is assisted by a Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms, Security Assistants

and Junior Security Assistants, including women. Some of the key functions of this Cell are:


To escort the Speaker from his office to the Assembly Hall and back during sessions.


To maintain security at all gates and entry points to the Parliament House Complex.


To ensure security of VIPs while they are in the Assembly Hall with the active assistance

from and coordination with the Police Special Branch.


To keep a watch on the visitors' galleries.


To keep a watch on the Committee Rooms during meetings.


To streamline the movement of visitors during the Assembly sessions.


To restore order in the Hall, when ordered by the Speaker.


To perform technical sweeping of Chambers with the assistance of other concerned


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