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National Assembly of Pakistan Handbook for Members

National Assembly of Pakistan Handbook for Members

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Published by: Aamir Hussain on Jun 17, 2010
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Cognizant of rapid developments in communication technologies, the Assembly Secretariat made a

modest but sustained effort to harness the advantages of automation for discharging its

obligations, in particular those related to the House. These efforts materialized in 1989 with the

establishment of an “Automation Center” and installation of Micro VAX-II system. In 1992, Local

Area Network (LAN) was installed with 70 workstations and different software were designed to

computerize the House debates and their timely printing. These software included: Library

Management System, Question Management System and a bilingual (Urdu and English) software.

In the secretariat's modernization process, the Automation Centre has played a pivotal role by

making it possible to produce House debates efficiently. To meet the requirements of an effective

and efficient legislative body, Library and other branches of the Secretariat have been

computerized. Vital information relating to legislation, budget and finance, library and research

and other related subjects has been transferred on-line for easy and timely access. Internet and e-

mail facility has been established, and Assembly's Web Page (www.na.gov.pk) has also been put on

the Internet. The Assembly's e-mail address is: assembly@na.gov.pk

A democratic disposition, these days, implies meaningful participation by people's representatives

in legislation and other activities of the legislative bodies to give a concrete shape to the

sentiments of the electorate. This can be possible only when full information, in shortest possible

time, on issues/subjects under discussion in the House or its Committees, is made available to

members, enabling them to actively contribute and participate in the proceedings of the House

and its Committees.

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