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Nauroz Khan BBA 6th Business Communication Seven C s Sir.Irfan 17-06-2010

The Seven C s
y Communication:
you say it it s not what you say, but how

y When we talk about Effective communication

one thing that comes in mind, what are the basic principles of Effective communication . These principles tell us how your message can becomes effective for your target group, These principles also tell about style and importance of the message. These principles commonly known as 7 C s of effective communication.

1. Completeness
yA) Provide All Necessary Information yB) Answer All Questions Asked yC) Give Some Thing Extra, When


2. Conciseness
yA) Eliminate Wordy Expression yB) Including Only Relevant Material yC) Avoid Unnecessary Repetition

3. Consideration
yA) Focus on You Instead of I or We yB) Show Audience Benefit or Interest

in the Receiver
yC) Emphasize Positive, Pleasant Facts

4. Concreteness
yA) Use Specific Facts and Figures yB) Put Action In Your Verbs yC) Choose Vivid, Image Building


5. Clarity
yA) Choose Precise and Concrete

yB) Use Familiar Words yC) Construct Effective Sentences and


6. Courtesy
y A) Be Sincerely Tactful, Thoughtful and Appreciative y B) Use Expressions That Show Respect y C) Choose Nondiscriminatory Expressions

7. Correctness
yA) Use the Right Level of Language yB) Check Accuracy of Figures, Facts

and Words
yC) Maintain Acceptable Writing


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