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Toward a Theory of Being Me

Writing Exercise
By Sharon Gerald

March 26, 2010

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Toward a Theory of Being Me Date:

Step 1: Draw pictures in each panel to represent that particular aspect of your life.

Dare Dream Determine

Struggle Survive Succeed

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Toward a Theory of Being Me Date:

Step 2

Select one of the pictures

drawn in Step 1 to brain-
storm about. Write down
everything you can think of
that it reminds you of, par-
ticularly (but not limited to)
things it reminds you
about yourself.

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Toward a Theory of Being Me Date:

Step 3

Free write based on your

brainstorming in Step 2.
Pick one item off your list
in Step 2 and use it as a
place to begin writing.
Then just write. Do not
stop to edit. Do not worry
about organization. Do
not worry if you veer into
another direction. Just let
your thoughts lead your
writing wherever they take

Use the back of this page

or other pages as neces-
sary to complete your free

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Toward a Theory of Being Me Date:

Ideas for
Further Writing

1. Write a definition essay based on one of the character traits you identified in this exer-
2. Write a character sketch for a fictional character using this same exercise as a means of
getting started.
3. Find and scan old family pictures or take new pictures to create a photo essay that tell
the theory of you.
4. Write a collage essay in which you stitch together separate sketches of memories based
separate characteristics brainstormed in this exercise.
5. Pick two seemingly contradictory characteristics brainstormed in this exercise and use
them to write a compare and contrast essay about your own nature. You might start
with a premise like Because I am _________ I will never let my tendency to
_____________ get me down or Most people see me as _____________, but the
________________ in me is really who I am.

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