Teddy bear laughed at me As I staring down to empty space My gaze was so dark and cold Sculpture was better

than me I was so broken and empty The space you made in my heart Torturing me ‘til no end I felt so lost I can’t hear your whisper Softly tickling my ear And warming my heart I saw my arms and felt lonely You used to fit in its embrace But the feeling of your touch Dissappear so fastly I couldn’t think of any As the cold and numb feeling were controlling my mind I missed your calmy fragrance It’s like walking in dark path without light Reff : The sun shines so bright Broken my fortress of loneliness Teddy bear smiles up And curtains blow up Light touches the cold floor in my room My world shines in bright way again I know I can’t forget you So I will always remember you The innocent love that must fall to an end But I have walk on to the future With you always protect me From your world of happiness Which I’ll visit someday Now table had turned down Altough I still see you in nightmare The other helped me They pulled me out from my empty glassed-room Glued up the crystal pieces of my heart Into one A perfect crystal from far away But a small crack still open wide in its centre The part where you used to be It won’t healed

It won’t come back No matter how hard I try The flaw will be always there The pain will never heal But I will live on Live on for me and your sakes With my friends being the croutches And stay by my side forever It’s innocent love But it was ended in a tragic way Like a small bird falls from the tree sarahnekoi©2010