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13 Dimensions - Chapter 15 - The 'Droppas' Return To Earth3 To Acquire The Plans To The Great IDTM Machine

13 Dimensions - Chapter 15 - The 'Droppas' Return To Earth3 To Acquire The Plans To The Great IDTM Machine

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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Jun 17, 2010
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13 Dimensions

Francois O'Haly
Chapter 15 – The 'Droppas' Return To Earth3 To Acquire The Plans To The Great IDTM Machine
Noah and the rest of the Droppas team plopped back into their homeworld Earth3 and the first thing they saw was the submarine that Alice had developed to rescue them from ZIPS. ZIPS, the Zeitgeist Interpretational Processing Super, which Alice had been led to believe was an evil supercomputer that held all of Earth4 in a sick and twisted vice grip brainwashing almost the entire planet to her diabolical and twisted ways. Odin in return for her help in freeing his planet promised Alice that he would help her re build herself on Earth4 with however many resources that huge undertaking would entail. Then after escaping Gates 23876, the sole ruler of Earth3, she would begin work on assembling the force that would finally topple the god Zeus and the great Gates clone family clan forever. Which was a great plan except... "Alright? Of course I'm alright”, Noah answered just stepping onto his planet after 4 days away, “Hey why are you guys taking a mini army into Earth4?" "We're going to rescue you then destroy that evil supercomputer that imprisons their entire

planet in the grips of insanity and oppression.” Steve stated flatly being thrown off a bit by his old friend Noah's obvious disgust at seeing the Earth4 strike force that the Droppas had put together. “Steve? Whose idea is this? This is insanity.”, Noah looked around again, ”Earth4 is a paradise. It's the most beautiful utopia imaginable. Does this have something to do with Odin? I need to talk to Mike. Whose in charge here?” As if on cue the great god Odin walked into the huge room that housed the IDTM machine. “Steve!”, he said jovially, “Introduce me to your friends!”. Then looking over at the Droppas Earth4 team said, “Hello friends!”, as enthusiastically as was humanly possible. “Odin!”, Steve replied obviously excited to be in Odin, the god of Earth4's presence. “This is Noah, Jane, Felipe, and Joanna.” waving his hand at each as he spoke their name. The Droppas initial exploration force to Earth4 were international heroes having been featured on the Droppas website extensively. Odin didn't really need to be introduced he already knew who each of them were and had studied their personal online biographies. Likewise Noah and team did not need to be introduced to Odin, the great god entrusted by the Creator to rule over Earth4 one of the 13 parallel dimensions of EarthPrime, planet of the Creator. Noah a fiery red haired and bearded man who almost stood 7 feet tall cast an imposing figure. And even though the Droppas had never seen Odin they knew him from description and from reputation having heard extensively about his exploits and the problems he continuously caused the

progressive citizens of the great Venus Project water cities. They were under the impression that Odin was a completely messed up individual and were only a little thrown back by his obviously intense charisma having heard previously that he was an extremely persuasive individual. Motioning for Noah and his team to sit down at a large table that sat nearby against the wall, Odin asked them as genuinely as he could, “So my new friends. Tell us how you escaped? We were just going to rescue you.” Steve spoke up first, “They didn't escape. Apparently Earth4 is a utopian paradise planet where everyone lives in perfect bliss and harmony.” Noah looked at the others. He wondered why Steve seemed to issue this last statement somewhat sarcastically. He had a fairly uncomfortable feeling in his stomach about this whole thing. Odin looked at each of them intensely as if he was convinced that he could read their minds, “So why did ZIPS and her brainwashed minions send you back here then?” Noah lied, “We came back here of our own free will.” He then looked at Odin accusingly, “Your world is not what you have people here believe it is. There is no poverty there, no war, murder, no forced labour. It is truly heaven there compared to here. You're only angry because you don't rule that planet and are forced to live as an equal to all other citizens!”

Felipe, Jane, and Janet all voiced their strong agreement. Steve was obviously a little confused. His old high school bud Noah's fiery speech made him wonder if Odin's motives were truly pure? Was Odin just like their designated god Zeus. A totally corrupted megalomaniac only concerned with total dominion over the inhabitants of his planet. Odin looked at each one of the Earth4's initial exploration crew calmly with a huge smile about to envelop his face obviously finding the whole situation extremely ridiculous. Odin looked at Steve and in his best here's the punchline voice said, “So have you guys gotten the biological brain computer seeds implanted yet?” Noah felt a bit uncertain all of a sudden both by Odin's completely calm reaction to his accusations and by his brain seed quip. Steve looked back at Odin and nodded his head whispering to himself loud enough that everyone heard, “They've been brainwashed.” Odin replied confidently over Noah's quiet protests. “The only way to save them now is to destroy ZIPS. They are completely connected to her and controlled by her every whim. Like puppets. And as the brain seed grows they will become even more unable to see reality beyond the illusionary joy of serving her completely without ever questioning the evil that in the end may destroy us all. They're probably here to steal the IDTM. Give them a room and keep them well guarded. And let us make haste to

save our friends who have suffered this insane fate.” The supercomputer Alice watched the whole scene unfold from far away. Well everything Odin said did make sense. And she was through remote sensing able to detect the existence of functioning computers in the skulls of Noah and his 3 friends. She would like to speak to ZIPS before destroying her. Odin said she was too powerful and would overrun her system completely if she opened herself up at all. She planned to maybe send her androids as emissaries. But then again maybe they did need to destroy ZIPS ASAP. Look what had happened to Noah and his team. Alice sent orders silently to her android Mike, supreme leader of the 'Droppas' to take Noah and crew and place them under house arrest in one of the cabins that had been built outside of the Project Alpha HQ to house the strike force they had assembled to attack Earth4. Noah and the rest of the great 'Droppas' inter dimensional adventure team, outrageously famous on two parallel Earths, heroes of humans, computers, bots, and talking animals alike were carried off by members of their own organization and placed in a cabin that was to be securely guarded apparently 'for their own safety'. Not happy with their treatment neither Noah, Jane, Janet, or Felipe thought to mention that Earth4 had a huge force waiting to capture them once they zlipped through the portal that the IDTM created connecting their parallel worlds together. Unfortunately their attack sub would not be enough to evade the force that ZIPS had assembled. Noah smiled to himself. Fortunately, he thought. Losers.

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