Worksheet Finding your way round longer entries

If a word in the Macmillan English Dictionary has five meanings or more, these meanings will be summarized in a box at the beginning of the entry. This menu box helps you to find the meaning you want quickly, and you can then go straight to the numbered meaning below for more information. Note that words with multiple meanings are usually the more frequent words, and therefore menu boxes are mainly found in the entries for red words.
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Activity 2 Look at the entry for the verb run in the dictionary and answer these questions.
a How many meanings are explained? b Write the number of the meaning that: 1 explains run used with machines 2 refers to electing a politician 3 refers to something illegal 4 refers to travel ______ ______ ______ ______ ______


Activity 1 Look at the entry for the verb bounce in the dictionary. Notice that there are five different meanings of the word shown in the menu and the entry below it. Match sentences a–e with meanings 1–5 in the menu below.
bounce1 / baUns / verb ##
1 2 3 4 hit surface and move away move up and down move energetically when cheque is not paid 5 when email comes back + PHRASE + PHRASAL VERBS

Activity 3 Look at meaning 6 of the verb run and answer the questions. Notice that there are three definitions here: 6, 6a and 6b.
a Which vehicles are mentioned in the definition for meaning 6? _____________________________________________ b How many examples are there? _____________________________________________ c How late was the train? _____________________________________________

a My bank charged £30 for the cheque that bounced. b I’ve got your email address wrong. My emails keep bouncing. c He came bouncing into the room. d The jeep bounced along the rough country road. e The ball bounced off the crossbar into the goal.

d Where do you find this example: John kindly offered to run me into town. _____________________________________________ e In which of the meanings is the driver not controlling a vehicle properly? _____________________________________________ f What did the truck run into? _____________________________________________

4 a ______
b ______

c ______ d ______

e ______

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