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‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ = Title 2nd = Brainstorming 3rd = Before 4th = After 5th = What volcano our rock came from 6th = How it ended up in the river 7th = How rocks are formed 8th = What our rock looked like at the place of origin 9th = Animation 10th = Our prediction 11th = End slide

Our Brainstorming

Our rock before we broke it.

After we broke the rock.

What volcano did our rock come from?
‡ Our rock had come from the Waikato area. ‡ We think that our rock came from Maungatautari.

How did it end up in the river?
‡ Our rock ended up in the river by going down the streams of water that are flowing down the side of the volcano. ‡ The stream transports it into the river.

How are rocks formed?
1. The rocks starts out as magma that goes up the pipe of the volcano then it becomes lava that solidifies after it comes out and that is how rocks are formed.

What our rock looked like at the place of origin.

‡ Our rock looked jaggered at the place of origin. ‡ Then the lava had solidified into a rock.

What happened to our rock when it was transported?
Animation of how sedimentary looks like The animation is showing us that the smaller rocks are crashing into the bigger rocks to make even smaller rocks. The smaller rocks are going faster then the bigger rocks.

This is a link for observing how sediment is moved«

(You have to copy and paste the link as it will not go to the internet).

Our prediction«
‡ We predict that our rock will end up in Port Waikato« ‡ It will look smaller and rounder. ‡ And it came Maungatautari because it is not as jaggered as the others.

By: Zeenna, Carissa, Charlotte