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Fallen Watchers, By; Jason Guenther

Fallen Watchers, By; Jason Guenther


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Published by Jeremy Kapp
A hidden story from the bible about times before Genesis, Nephilim, Rahab (Nibiru) and UFO's
A hidden story from the bible about times before Genesis, Nephilim, Rahab (Nibiru) and UFO's

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Published by: Jeremy Kapp on Jun 12, 2008
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even all the

chief ones of the earth;

it hath raised up from

their thrones

all the

kings of the earth".

(Isaiah 14:9)

This is one of the most illuminating passages of prophecy in all of
scripture. This is dealing with Satan being "cast down" during the tribulation,
and the Antichrist's judgment of being cast into hell. In your bible, the word
has been translated "dead" in place of "rapha" as you see here. This is NOT
correct. There is NOTHING else they could have used here except "rapha"
for it to be IN TRUTH. You see the translation for "rapha" is "dead", but it’s
not meant "dead" like you think, in the translation. Nope, this "dead" are the
disembodied spirits of Rephaim, or NEPHILLIM. These are evil spirits that
are "cast out" onto the earth when Satan is "cast down" at the mid-point of
the tribulation. These are the evil spirits that are held in "tarturus" at the
moment. I want you to see something here and let it sink in, it is from the
"thrones" of the "chief demons", thatALL THE KINGS OF THE NATIONS ARE
CONTROLLED BY!. Now, when you equate this passage with chapter 13:1-3,
this becomes most disturbing. It seems that, all at once, there is an
onslaught appearance of "demons" and "nephillim", capped all off by the
presence of Satan himself and the person of Antichrist at the start of the
tribulation. Chapter 13:1-3 definitely illustrates that nephillim shall "appear"
at the day of the Lord "to fulfill his (God's) wrath". Now, nephillim are
"conceived". This leaves only 2 alternatives, they will be "conceived" during
this time, or they are and have been "conceiving". It is remarkable how
pastors and teachers avoid the un-avoidable interpretations of these
passages. These areas of Isaiah are "avoided" ON PURPOSE, because the
Hebrew translations are too strange. The interpretations given in modern
theological seminaries are not only comical, but are utterly absurd. Even
though there is more spoken of Satan and his angels then heaven and God's,
there is an absolute refusal to BELIEVE what the bible has to in fact say.
That’s why the Church as well as the world still perceives Satan with "little
horns and a pitch fork". As shown earlier, Satan has a "seed", and the
scripture seems to indicate that this "seed", may in fact be still around, or
are going to be in the near future. But now, let’s try to find confirmation of

"Thy dead men shall live, together with
my dead body shall they arise(rapture). Awake and sing,
ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of

light, and the earth shall

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