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Fallen Watchers, By; Jason Guenther

Fallen Watchers, By; Jason Guenther


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Published by Jeremy Kapp
A hidden story from the bible about times before Genesis, Nephilim, Rahab (Nibiru) and UFO's
A hidden story from the bible about times before Genesis, Nephilim, Rahab (Nibiru) and UFO's

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Published by: Jeremy Kapp on Jun 12, 2008
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as one that is slain; thou hast


thine enemies with thine strong arm".
(Psalm 89:10)

thou hast broken

to bruise, beat to pieces,
, crush, smite,
break, discourage,




boaster, proud, act

in pieces



break in pieces,


as one that is slain



pierced, wounded ,
to break ones word,
defile, slew, slain

thou hast scattered



to scatter abroad,

thine enemies



an adversary, foe,
enemy, as one of a
oppo. Tribe or party,


The word "rahab" here is
NOT the "harlot rahab" of
Jericho. I'll tell you something
else, it’s NOT Egypt, or
Babylon, or any other country
the false prophets of Babylon
are trying to sell you.
Scientists, and astronomers
have scoured and pondered
the scriptures for centuries,
trying to find any traces for
the evidence they see in the
solar system of a "massive
calamity" they know has
taken place.Scientists have
resolved themselves to the
reality of a "cosmic collision"
within our solar system in the
remote past, that destroyed
positively "one", if not two
"planetary bodies", that were
once in our solar system by a "comet" or another planet possibly on an
unusually"elongated elliptical orbit", with a very long orbital period (once
every 50,000 years perhaps). This supposed planetary body is almost
completely undetected to mankind, except for the "myths" and "legends" of
almost every ancient culture that has ever been on the earth (see Epic of
Gilgamesh, planet "Marduk" etc.). Scientists and astronomers are aware of
strange "gravitational" shifts, of some of the outer planets of the solar
system. They have "discovered" a few of our planets by this same method. A
couple of the outer planets have "peculiar orbits" which they believe to have
been caused by some type of collision with another planetary body. They
also assert, that the "moon" we now have was "caught" by our earth's orbit,
which came from somewhere else in the solar system or from "outside". The
general conclusion amongst them is that our solar system once upon a time,

was NOT the way it is now. Between Mars and Jupiter, is what's left of a
"planet" that was destroyed eons ago according to scientists. It is now an
"asteroid belt", and the largest one in the solar system. There is another one
in between Uranus and Neptune. This massive disturbance in the solar
system caused the then "thriving" planet of Mars to be completely
devastated of all "life" (remember now, it was announced to the world that
"life" was found on Mars in 1976!). The ancient Babylonians called the planet
that scientists believe was destroyed, "Tiamat" (the "maiden of life). It could
possibly be that the Lord once called the asteroid belt we now see before
Mars and Jupiter,RAHAB! Look at the translation for the word "slain". It is
very distinct and has all the adjectives of the other passages I've given in
description of Satan and what happened to him. The word "rahab" here is
used as an "adjective!” It has been "assumed" that it is representative of
Egypt, because of its use in one other passage of scripture, and thereby is
now Church "doctrine". You've read these verses before many times, and
they just don't seem to fit with anything else. These verses are "generalized"
in their interpretations by theologians and are left being not properly
understood. If we’re dealing with "Egypt" here, circa. "Exodus", why is God
saying it happened in the ANCIENT DAYS! : Why do the teachers and leaders
of the Word look over so many details:

"Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm
of the Lord; awake, as in the


in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath

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