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Fallen Watchers, By; Jason Guenther

Fallen Watchers, By; Jason Guenther


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Published by Jeremy Kapp
A hidden story from the bible about times before Genesis, Nephilim, Rahab (Nibiru) and UFO's
A hidden story from the bible about times before Genesis, Nephilim, Rahab (Nibiru) and UFO's

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Published by: Jeremy Kapp on Jun 12, 2008
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and he was strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his


and his




(Amos 2:9)
This verse is referring to the Amorite people who had a very strong
"nephillim" majority in history. I want you to notice here that these Amorite
'nephillim's' HEIGHT is being referred to here, and what is being stated here
may not be so out of wack here nor mere symbolism. The 'height' of these
nephillim Amorites of the past were the height of "TREES", and this might
just be a verifiable fact here. The above picture is a skull of a "giant" from
exhibition on "early hominids" in Peru. Notice the "foot long" ruler in the
picture to determine scale!. The legends in Hebrew myth of "giants" that
were said to be some 300 ft. may not be so far fetched, for in a temple in
Syria there just may be the trace of a 'nephillim' of monstrous

proportions..."On these floor slabs are
carved gigantic human footprints-each
more than 3 feet long. Two footprints
appear on the first slab and one left
footprint on the second, as if some giant
had paused at the entryway before
striding into the building. In ancient
conception the temple was the abode of
the god, which is why these have been interpreted as the footprints
of the resident god-or goddess, as we shall see.…attributes the
temple to the goddess Ishtar, ...While the footprints are those of a
barefoot human, the deities in all the 'Ain Dara temple reliefs are
wearing shoes with curled-up toes(see "Y-M-C-A!" http://www.bib-
arch.org/barmj00/aindara-b.html).The distance between the two
single footprints is about30 feet. A stride of 30 feet would belong to
a person about 65 feet tall."....Now, I don't know about you, but
whoever or whatever left there "footprints" in the doorway of this temple is
of extraordinary dimensions, and the myths and legends of "GIANTS"
become less and less unreal. Please note from this relief from 'Ain Dara, that
the personages bare 'horns' and 'cloven hoof' aka. SATYR/PAN
characteristics. Now maybe you will believe the "spies" who went in to spy
out Canaan when they said that they were like GRASSHOPPERS!. Thus, we
shall soon see Joel's, Jeremiah's, and John's.....LOCUSTS:


Three prophets in the bible distinctly allude to a terrifying vision of a
horde of demonic personages that come up out of the abyss during the
Tribulation some 200,000,000 strong. There terrifying images are described
in detail by the apostle John in Rev.ch.9. John directly antiquates these
demonic beings with the 'evil angels' or 'fiery flying serpents' that destroyed
many of the Israelites in the wilderness during the Exodus:
"And there came out of the smoke

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