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hp OpenView advanced security 6.0, 7 .

product brief

securely manage the e-business
In today’s world of e-businesses, business success relies upon highly available systems running mission-critical applications, databases and other software across intranets and the Internet. At the same time, IT is facing the pressure to integrate the enterprise management solution into the company’s overall security strategy without breaking established policies. HP OpenView Advanced Security, an add-on component for HP OpenView Operations, supports secure communication for managing business-critical and business-sensitive systems, databases and applications over insecure network infrastructures. To maximize your return on investment, HP OpenView offers a complete portfolio of support and services. These flexible, effective, Customer Care options assure the utmost in responsiveness for your support needs. Beyond securing your investment, HP OpenView support helps you maintain its value, 24x7, globally

OpenView Operations managment server

OpenView Java UI


OpenView Operations managment server Agent


hp OpenView operations
HP OpenView Operations provides you with a business-driven approach to achieving rapid control of your e-services. It is an enterprise-class management solution that monitors, controls and reports on the health of the enterprise across boundaries, thereby improving uptime off all layers that compose the electronic enterprise environment of today: the network, systems, databases, applications, services and the Internet. • between management servers and the connected operator consoles (Java™ UI) Protection is ensured for sensitive information contained in HP OpenView Operations messages, action requests, action responses and configuration data. For example, with an Internet banking application the proxy and name servers supporting the application need to reside outside the firewall. Because of potential security issues, these servers need to be managed securely. The communication between the agents and the management server therefore needs to be as secure as possible. This is achieved with HP OpenView Advanced Security.

the OpenView advanced security concept
The HP OpenView Operations core product comes with standard protection against passive attacks (eavesdropping) by securing network traffic. With Advanced Security, an addon product, the HP OpenView Operations’ communication infrastructure is extended to support the authentication, encryption and integrity of management data: • between the central management servers • between management servers and distributed intelligent agents
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privacy, authentication and data integrity
HP OpenView Advanced Security together with a PKI solution guarantee data privacy for the communication channel between the HP OpenView Operations central management server and

the distributed intelligent agents, as well as between different management servers. It ensures that the communication is authenticated and checked for data integrity.

Administrators are able to individually select the managed nodes and the operator accounts for which the secure communication is enabled.

the open security model
HP OpenView Advanced Security allows a seamless integration with an existing security solution: • It supports the Generic Security Service (GSS) standard version 2 (RFC 2078) with an API. • It is independent from any encryption technology. Even homegrown encryption solutions can plug in, if they are GSS compliant. • It provides an open interface to plug in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution based on GSS.

hp OpenView support services
HP offers a scalable set of support services for all HP OpenView solutions. The wide range of service offerings enables you to choose the support program that best matches your needs. Options include: • Customer Care Standard: Provides 8x5 unlimited telephone support, timely product upgrades and materials delivered automatically, and direct access to eCare. This option is included in the price of each HP OpenView software product. • Customer Care Extended: Includes all the benefits of Customer Care Standard plus extended 24x7 phone support. • Customer Care Advantage: Provides proactive, remote HP OpenView technical assistance, such as periodic patch management and call history review. (Please check with your local HP sales representative to confirm the availability of this service in your region.) • Customer Care Premier: Encompasses a proactive, personalized service for large or complex, multi-platform HP OpenView management environments. Provides dedicated support personnel focused around three key activities: business alliance management, proactive problem avoidance and onsite technical services. • Mission Critical: Maximizes system uptime/availability by providing specialized resources for fast recovery. (Available on HP-UX versions of HP OpenView as part of HP’s Mission Critical offering.) • eCare: Provides fast, efficient access to HP OpenView knowledge. Includes always-up, always-on solution self-help, business self-help and e-call logging. To learn more, visit: www.openview.hp.com/services

secure Java user interface
Having a secured link between the Java UI client and the HP OpenView Operations management server is essential to prevent spoofing. In the case of working from remote, when the operator does not know how the service provider routes data transferred across the network, a secured link is a primary concern to prevent eavesdropping or even worse attacks. The HP OpenView Advanced Security add-on guarantees secrecy, data integrity and authentication for the communication between the management server and the connected Java UI clients. It comes with an out-of-the-box implementation of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, the de facto standard used for the Internet.

ease of use with hp OpenView operations
Tight integration with the HP OpenView Operations central management server and the distributed intelligent agents ensures that security can be easily configured from the HP OpenView Operations central management server.

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features and benefits
• Open and flexible • GSS compliant • Data privacy • Out-of-the-box SSL communication for Java UI • Supports Public Key Infrastructure • Authentication and data integrity

For more information on HP OpenView, please contact your local HP reseller or HP sales office. Australia/New Zealand Malaysia +61 3 9272 4097 switchboard + 603 2698 6555 Europe Singapore openview_ccc@hp.com switchboard +65 275 3888 Hong Kong Thailand +85 2 2599 7508 +662 661 3900 India United States of America +91 11 682 6000 1-877-OV-OWNER Japan +81 3 3331 6111 Or visit: w w w. o p e n v i e w. h p . c o m © Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 2002. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, adaptation or translation without prior written permission is prohibited except as allowed under the copyright laws. Java is a U.S. trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. 5981-1664EN May 2002
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