MINERALS MINERALS MINERALS Potential benefits: strong teeth & bones, normal muscle contraction, neural system, heartbeat, aids

in clotting of blood regulation of body liquid regulates heartbeat, muscle contraction and nerve transmissions teeth & bones, essential in nerve and muscle functions and in the release of energy essential part of haemoglobin, metabolism of enzymes, vitamin C enhances Iron absorption carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism Food sources: milk, cheese, sardines, dark green leafy vegetables dried beans, nuts salt whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, green leafy vegetables meat, fish, poultry, higher protein foods, dairy products poultry, red meat, whole grains, nuts, peas, strawberries, blackberry whole grains, prunes, nuts, potatoes, seafood iodised table salt, fish & shellfish, dairy products


Chloride Magnesium



Chromium Iodine



formation thyroid hormone thyroxinmetabolism& growth, conversion betacarotene to vitamin A diminished glucose organ meat, seafood, tolerance, increased nuts, blood cholesterol, heart whole grains, dried beat irregularities, peas & beans anaemia normal growth & shellfish, nuts, whole development, grains, coffee & tea reproduction & cell function

Molybdenum Selenium



normal cell function & milk, legumes, grains & growth, component of cereals enzymes- metabolism antioxidant, proper seafood, meat, whole immune system grains, eggs, dairy response, normal products growth & development healthy immune seafood, lean meat, system, part of vital whole grains, legumes hormones- insulin, night vision muscle growth, fruits & vegetables, regulates heartbeat & milk, fish, meat, muscle contraction, bananas regulate blood pressure

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