VITAMINS VITAMINS VITAMINS Potential benefits : Food sources : healthy skin, eye, liver, fish, egg yolk, Vitamin

A teeth, gums, hair, fortified dairy products mucous membranes & glands, night & colour vision, infections metabolism of whole grains, meats, Vitamin B1- Thiamin carbohydrate, nervous nuts, beans, enriched system & muscle cereals & bread red blood cell formation milk & dairy products, Vitamin B2- Riboflavin & nervous system, whole grain, organ needed for vision meat, green leafy vegetables protein & amino acid organ meats, bananas, Vitamin B6- Pyridoxine metabolism, nervous & legumes, egg yolk, immune system, red whole grains blood cells, hormone synthesis helps form red blood eggs, meat, poultry, Vitamin B12 cells fish dairy products healthy teeth, gums, citrus, green Vitamin C bones, vegetables, potatoes immune system, absorption of iron prevent Rickets in egg yolk, liver, fatty Vitamin D children, strong bones, fish, absorption of calcium fortified dairy products formation of red blood vegetable oil, corn, Vitamin E cells, muscle & tissues, soya bean, wheat immune functions germ, whole grain cereals immune functions, yellow , red & orange beta-carotene suppress development fruits & vegetables of premalignant ( carrot, apricot, changes tomatoes- lycopene formation of fatty acids, egg yolk, corn, biotin- Vitamin H production of energy soybeans, from glucose yeast, liver, peanut butter red blood cell dark green leafy Folic Acid formation, vegetables, amino acid metabolism, whole grain cereals, formation of nucleic organ meats

acids convert food into energy, nervous system function formation of nerve regulating substances & hormones production of proteins & blood whole grain cereals, meat, dairy products egg yolk, organ meats, whole grain cereals green vegetables, cabbage, meat, milk, potatoes, whole grain cereals


Pantothenic Acid Vitamin K1

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