GRADUATE STUDENT SUPPORT STATEMENT FALL 2010 Department of Biological Sciences

This form represents a request for information only and does not constitute an offer of employment or guarantee assignment.
NAME:_________________________________ e-mail address:_____________________________ Graduate Program:___________________ ID#__________________________ Phone :___________________

Year you entered USC:____________ (Select one)

How do you expect to be supported for FALL 2010? TA -- list course preference (course number) 1st Choice: BISC_______

2nd Choice: BISC_______

3rd Choice: BISC_______

RA -- select ONE source of funding below Federal: NIH only HHS other than NIH NSF Dept. of Defense NASA Dept. of Energy Dept. of Agriculture other federal sources OR Non-Federal: Institutional Other U.S. sources Non-U.S. sources

Fellowship (please specify) ____________________________ Employee Other (please specify) ____________________________ None

Your Signature:______________________________ Advisor’s Signature:__________________________

Date:_________________ Date:_________________

Do not turn in this form without your advisor’s signature unless s/he is out of town. For out-of-town advisors, attach an e-mail from your advisor verifying support. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be sent a memo to accept or decline any offer. Once signed, you will be expected to fulfill your obligation. Return your form to your student services advisor (Adolfo, Bea, Cathy, or Vanessa) by the due date.

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