Matthew S.

6426 Loring Drive; Columbia, MD 21045 443-319-5558;

English Educational Goal #6: Serving as a leader in my classroom, school, and educational community by continuing to act as a student of my own teaching and an energetic participant in the ongoing national conversation about best practices for reaching our students. (Professional Development)

I am dedicated not only to improving my teaching but also in making sure the education community in general is always finding new and better ways to reach our students. As a result, I have worked hard to become a leader in programs I think provide powerful assistance to teachers. I have been involved with the National Writing Project for the past 2 years as a consultant and eventually Technology Liaison for the University of Maryland Writing Project. Through this organization I have taken part in and led many seminars on how to incorporate technology into the classroom and how to develop as students of our own teaching practices. At my school I have also served as a Varsity Soccer Coach and a lead encourager for the First Generation College Bound Program. Below are a handful of the professional development workshops I have helped develop and present:

(Samples in folder) The Musical Classroom (Materials for a professional development workshop on exploring literature through writing and music that I have presented several times through my work with the University of Maryland Writing Project) (Sample in folder) Diving Into Digital Storytelling (A seminar I helped lead on developing technology-focused professional development presentations at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in 2009) (Samples in folder) Exploiting the Reading/Writing Connection Using Digital and Online Tools (A presentation for area Reading Specialists I lead through my work with the University of Maryland Writing Project)

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