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My Korean

My Korean

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Published by: letynne on Jun 19, 2010
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We have already learnt that there are spaces between words in Korean. The

basic rule is that there is a space between words unless there is a particle such

as ‘+에 to’, ‘+에서 at’, ‘+부터 from’, etc. In English these are regarded

prepositions and considered separate words, but in Korean they are attached

to the noun.

The particles we have learned so far are as follows:

• Destination particle +에

학교에 가요.

I’m going to uni.

• Location particle +에서

모내시에서 한국어 공부해요.

I’m studying Korean

at Monash.

• Time Particle +에

내일 아침에 시험 있어요.

I have an exam

tomorrow morning.

• Topic particle +은/는

나는 모내시 학생이에요.

I’m a Monash student.

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