Accelerating off market transactions

Our application of RIISNET’s institutional grade platform to the distress market creates the first real time, centralized, secure and anonymous marketplace for assets and notes that allows private sellers, banks and distressed asset fiduciaries to intelligently and quickly shed impaired and repossessed assets at price points that preserve Tier I Capital and loan loss reserves. Riisnet is the first and only firm to be entrusted with the confidential and closely held annual acquisition and disposition plans of the industry’s major market participants, ranging from the Street’s biggest hedge funds to over 500 REITS and high net private equity investors. Together, they account for over 40% of the commercial real estate industry’s total annual transaction volume. Thus, we maintain exclusive advanced knowledge of impending industry trends, volumetric relationships of supply and demand, and an intimate forecast of likely transaction activity by the most influential market actors.

We construct the most optimal and defensible disposition strategy to restore a bank or private seller’s capital ratios quickly. Boiled down to its essence, we tell you:

WHICH ASSETS OR NOTES TO SELL, IN WHAT ORDER, TO WHOM, FOR HOW MUCH, WHEN AND WHY. As we answer these questions, you enjoy: ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ Total confidentiality and anonymity Forward-looking price modeling and valuation Real time connectivity to the financial community’s most prolific buyers Free access, price modeling, and analytics. Riisnet’s technical staff can schedule a demo for interested parties. Over 90% of those who witness a demo walk away sold on our platform’s utility, uniqueness, sophistication, relevance and power.




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