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THE TRIALS OF ARTHUR is republished by The Big Hand June 21st: The Trials of Arthur, the extraordinary account of how a leader of a motorcycle gang declared himself to be the modern day reincarnation of King Arthur and freed Stonehenge for the nation as a result, is finally back in print. Co-written by Arthur himself and CJ Stone (author of HOUSING BENEFIT HILL, THE LAST OF THE HIPPIES & FIERCE DANCING), THE TRIALS OF ARTHUR is a wild hilarious tale full of deep weirdness and High Magic. It includes a foreword by Professor Ronald Hutton. The cover of this new edition features a specially commissioned portrait by the acclaimed photographer Vanessa Winship ( The entire text of the book is also available as a free ebook – see for details. The authors are currently working on a sequel, which will be published next year. “Am I alone in thrilling to the sight of this noble throwback to the age of Celtic romance? Our Prime Minister is a grinning, charmless twerp; our Archbishop of Canterbury has as much spiritual charisma as a raw potato; and the House of Windsor is Dullsville. I’d dump the whole lot of them tomorrow and replace them with a single Royal, Spiritual and Political leader – King Arthur.” A.N. Wilson, Evening Standard 1997

“A haunting elegy to all those people who refuse to accept that they cannot make a difference in a world they know must change.” Deborah Orr

The Trials of Arthur by Arthur Pendragon and CJ Stone is published on June 21 st 2010 by The Big Hand (£12.99, 364pp, ISBN 978-0-9564163-6-0). Contact for review copies or more info.

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