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Missing Tables

Missing Tables

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Published by: LabRatFan on Jun 19, 2010
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T able 3-9 is an excerpt from the Cry Havoc's Mass Combat Rules, and is one of the things that should

have been included in A&H. The table shows how effective are units with less creatures within it. For example, when you score 5 hits with a unit containing 3 creatures just look at the table above and compare match the results, you find that the unit didn't score 5 hits but only 1, because they're less effective in combat.

T able 3-6 shows an easy way of figuring out how much penalty to incur to a ranged unit trying to attack its nearest target. The unit doesn't necessary need to attack from its exact nopenaly range increament. As its shown on pages 84 and 86 of the A&H book the unit will try reach the nearest target but will attack anything within its maximum range, which is 10 times its normal range increament.

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