Union Square Park Greenmarket 6/19/2010 photos taken by Robert Lederman Compare these Greenmarket photos to the Park

rules for artists. They are against trees, on benches, right next to the subway, obstructing sidewalks, curbcuts, fountains and monuments. They have merchandise displayed for sale ON park benches. They have scores of trucks parked inside the park obstructing stairs, entrances and paths. NOTE the RED BULL corporate promotion obstructing the city's busiest subway entrance. They have merchandise burying fire hydrants. These are not the exceptions but the rule throughout the entire Greenmarket. Trucks parked on pedestrian pathways, blocking staircase and subway entrance.

Greenmarket truck against park benches and obstructing staircase/fountain

REDBULL corporate promotion obstructing the city’s busiest subway entrance

Greenmarket merchandise against trees, on trees

Generator ties to bollard. Note cans of gasoline, extreme safety hazard.

Truck completely covers pedestrian path and is against tree. Pedestrian must walk in street.

Boxes, bins, trucks, trash cover sidewalk, obstruct fire hydrants, create unsafe pedestrian passage

Note fire hydrant obstructed above

NYC’s busiest subway entrance obstructed by Greenmarket trucks and merchandise

Staircase obstructed by Greenmarket merchandise

Park benches used to display merchandise

Trees used to display Greenmarket merchandise

Totally obstructed Park bench used to display Greenmarket merchandise; note Ghandi statue

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