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Thats What You Get Chapter 1

Thats What You Get Chapter 1


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Published by Kelly
Why me? Out of all the people in school or at his party Mike Freaking Newton had to pick me. I guess it was part my own fault. What am i going to tell Charlie?
Why me? Out of all the people in school or at his party Mike Freaking Newton had to pick me. I guess it was part my own fault. What am i going to tell Charlie?

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Published by: Kelly on Jun 20, 2010
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So here I am again. But this time, guess who's working with me? That's right!

The one, and only... Brown-EyesxGold-Eyes. Yes yes I know how excited you are, so am I! But seriously, we both hope you enjoy the chapter! -Disclaimer: We don't own Twilight or the characters. Silent tear. But now if we DID, then that'd be kind of cool. Okay off track.______________________________________________________________________________ ____ I woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling above my head. I looked around and noticed that this whole room was unfamiliar. I felt something kick my leg and looked to my right. I could feel my eyes widen and my heart beat increase in panic and fear. What had I done last night that I can't remember? I had always been good at blocking out painful memories. I felt the blanket tug and I looked over to see the face that I have hated since I moved out to Forks to live with Charlie. Mike Newton. I started breathing faster panicking, trying to figure out why I was here. He started moving next to me and sat up. He had this mischievous look in his eyes. The way he was looking at me scared me to death. He gave me a smug smile. "Hey babe I bet you had the best time last night I was better than you thought." Everything came back to me in a flash and I was quickly scrolling though everything that happened last night. My best friend Angela Weber convinced me to go to a party at Mike's house last night against my will. That girl is just persuasive at times. But I had a bad feeling earlier that night. Turns out I was right. I had been looking around upstairs Mike's house for the bathroom and I walked into what I assumed was his bedroom. I was just looking around trying to find what made Mike how he was. I spun around at hearing the door open and saw Mike stumbling in what I assumed was him drunk. He started saying things like how sexy I was and why I wouldn't go out with him. He started coming towards me as I unconsciously backed away, not noticing how close I was to his bed. I fell backwards, landing on it as he smirked and just continued towards me. He started taking off his clothes as I made an attempt to run away, but he just grabbed my arm and shoved me back on the bed. I began thrashing under his arms, flailing them around, screaming for Angela, or anyone at that moment in time.

"Shut up!" His whisper yelled at me, clamping a hand down on my mouth. Tears started coming then. The only thing I could think of was that hopefully he wouldn't hurt me. I started to think about something else as he continued taking his clothes off and whispering things to me. I wondered what my dad would think because at the rate Mike was going I didn't think I would be going home tonight. He started stripping me down and kissing me anywhere and everywhere. I shook my head to get the memories out that I didn't want to see anymore. I didn't notice I had still been crying until Mike reached out and wiped the wetness from my cheeks. I moved away from him fearing if I didn't get out of here he would take advantage of me again. He advanced towards me and tried to kiss me. I ducked out of the way and ran to the door. "No! Never again will you take advantage of me Mike! I can't believe you'd do this to me! I hate your flipping whole being! Only you would sink so low to flipping rape a girl who didn't like you at all!" I screamed at him. I ran out of his bedroom and stumbled down the stairs and out of his house. This was bad. I had no idea how to get back home. I remembered I still had my cell phone in my pocket. Mike must have redressed me after I fell unconscious. I felt like dying. I had never dreamed I would be raped. Raped. That's what I had to tell somebody. I felt myself shudder at the thought of Mike touching any of me. Fear came over me when I thought about how he was going to act at school tomorrow morning. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and scrolled down my contacts till I came to Angela's number. The phone was ringing and I was praying the whole time that she picked up. She answered with a groggy hello. "Angela!" I practically shouted. She then turned into her hyper, chipper self but with worry and concern in her voice. She was talking so fast I nearly couldn't understand her. "Angela! Angela!" I said repeatedly trying to get her attention. She stopped talking at once when she heard the fear in my voice. "Angela, I need you to come to the end of the road that Mike lives on." I told her hoping she wouldn't start asking questions. But since when is luck on my side? As I predicted as soon as I said that she started talking full speed again. "Angela!" I shouted. "Bella tell me what¶s going on right now!" Angela shouted. I think now I might possibly be deaf in one ear. I went on to tell her that I hadn¶t actually left Mike¶s house last night. "Oh Bella I'm sorry, I thought you left or something I couldn't find you anywhere!" She told me.

"Ange, I just want to go home and sleep. I don't want to worry about this anymore. Whatever happened last night is already done." I told her. "Okay Bella I'm coming to get you." I let out the breath I hadn't noticed I was holding in. I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket as I started walking towards the end of Mike's road. Mike. I never want to hear that name again. I started rethinking everything that happened last night that I remember and the emotions hit me so hard I just wanted to break down and cry. At that moment Angela came around the corner in her old 2001 Honda Civic. The car doors open and she flew out, wrapping her arms around me in a tight hug. Seeing the concern in her eyes just killed me over and I fell into her arms crying hysterically.

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