ABSTRACT Analysis of Potential Development of Ecotourism in the Protected Forest Area Wehea Subdistrict of Muara Wahau East Kutai

Regency This study aims to determine the potential for ecotourism, especially the potential flora and fauna, makes an engineering based on the potential biological and natural potential for ecotourism development in the forest landing Wehea. Information from this research can be useful as a consideration for the manager in carrying out development of nature tourism in protected forests Wehea. The primary data captured includes, landscape condition visually, direct exploration for observation of flora and fauna, as well as public opinion about the development of ecotourism at the study sites were measured using a questionnaire. Secondary data that have the potential of natural tourist attraction, namely the flora and fauna, as well as other supporting data. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive analysis method, which is displayed in tables, images (maps) and writing. Potential of existing flora in protected forests Wehea very unique and interesting to a tourist attraction. The uniqueness can be seen from the high biodiversity of flora and fauna. For the flora there are still many types of natural tropical forests, especially from the family Dipterocarpaceae, as well as woody plants do not peg the earth, black orchid, and so forth and some species of plants, which are efficacious for the drug. For there is potential for a variety of fauna ranging from primates, mammals, reptiles and bird species as well as nuances of natural tropical rain forest with many Pacet which can be found in protected forests Wehea. Potential landscape is also very attractive, so that capital can be a basis for ecotourism development and management efforts that can bring both local and foreign tourists. There are four lines that ecotourism can be prepared, that is the path to the location of four six two five facilities flying fox, giant tree with tree house facilities, canopy bridges, waterfalls bats with the bridge facility on either side of the waterfall, and the Tower of View. Of the four lines each ecotourism has a rich and unique flora and fauna and diverse landscape conditions to be explored. Development potential of ecotourism in Wehea directed at achieving a balance between conservation and recreation function, by bringing forward environmental tourism activities. Keywords: Ecotourism, Flora and Fauna of Potential, Forest Wehea

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