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Search of knowledge

It is a scientific and systematic search for pertinent

information on specific topic

According to Oxford Dictionary (1952, p1069), A careful

inquiry specially through search for new facts in any
branch of knowledge

According to Clifford Woody research comprises defining

and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or
suggested solution; collecting, organizing and evaluating
data; making deductions and reaching conclusion; and at
last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether
they fit the formulating hypothesis.
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o gain familiarity with a phenomenon.
o portray accurately the characteristics of
a particular individual, situation or a
o determine the frequency with which
something occurs or with which it is
associated with something else.
o identify the casual relationship between
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- Descriptive vs. Analytical Research
- Applied vs. Fundamental Research

- Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research

- Conceptual vs. Empirical

- Other ypes Of Research

One ime vs. Longitudinal

Field Setting vs. Laboratory
Clinical vs. Diagnostic

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In Analytical Research, the researcher has
to use facts or information already
available, and analyze them to make a
critical evaluation of the material.

It involves the in-depth study and

evaluation of available information in an
attempt to explain complex phenomenon.
Analytical Research is primarily concerned
with testing hypothesis and specifying and
interpreting relationships, by analyzing the
facts or information already available.

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- wistorical Research

- Philosophical Research

- Review

- Research Synthesis (Meta Analysis)


is the study of past records
and other information sources,
with a view to find the origin
and development of a
phenomenon and to discover the
trends in the past, in order to
understand the present and to
anticipate the future.
It is the research in the fundamental nature
of knowledge, reality and existence. It is the
research/study of the theoretical basis of a
branch of knowledge or experience.

It is the process of a formal assessment of a
research with the intention of
instituting/making any change in it if

is the process through which
two or more research studies are
assessed with the objective of
summarizing the evidence
relating to a particular question.
Research, is, thus, an original
contribution to the existing stock of
knowledge making for its
advancement. Research is search of
knowledge through objective and
systematic method of finding solution
to a problem. his systematic
approach is concerned with
generalisation and formulation of a