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th '. " M' '-, " .', .... '" :....~.-', .' "'-'f A'~"'I'I"" '-h' _I.e',_<es;se'nger o_.a __

May Goll EDlll IUs' Mmtiou Semnd, lidiuD

'W'ott.en by::

Abdurrahman al-Sbeha

Translat'ed. by:

Abdurrahmaan MUf,ad,

E,dited ~y:

The Ifd.mtiC Pmpa,pti,on Office' a " Ra'brwah lWW¥llOislamhou6e.eom)

M~ M. ,AbdusSalam Ab'u ,Ayoub Jerome 'Borulter

... Ii. ~~ - J'

_" . Iii· J • _'

~-i1)_ ~'_ ,~

l~ ~ .~_'t~,~ :~JJ.\

,.I LT-:;' J ill "Ii- .

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!II .J'

( islamh )"

"',",' _ -, ,,'," "', ,-', ,:- '-I - ---:' ,-c ,--:,' 'I' .. '

I W"WVV,.lS a ',:

!Iii' - , J I, Iii 'Ii' fiijI' 111.'ti J_~. __ ... \!I~ 'I .~!! .If 'I !Ill 1I"f !lil!JW!11 i~: '~I

~ - -:-"- .- d~" '. ~'p- -'~' '-'

, _., ..... -.J...p. -,~~ .... ".'. ~ ,. '-

v.' .: :;J - - ~ .. ' . '. -

~,JI J1...;i:.1:.~ ~ ",~ ~ j ~ il' ,1i}\l1~ l; ~ ,»W ~ (;' ~~ \.I, ,~,~ ~U iJ I~J ..Ji:P~ ,4IJ' ,~~e~ J! ,.'6i.'~ I,.. '"~I,JJ, ~tU .J?) I~~ ,,~I ~~

::'J1bIi ,~~~ ~. '~#;"J,.,..Ir' ~ ~ ~ J~ rt':rA J1' J!".... fir ~~.d ~li'"' !!,I

I ~" -1- '~I mh ,0 -- , ,ir'!'.-- .--C --. _. • - I L_i'\R, ili _ i1

en~J;~IId!!_ non .... 'YJ~'i' "J:;'"

'1 T · ~. ··d ~- ~1!..,,: .... , b L

'-ermm:.o '.'ll1Se-" m nus eooe

- 1 •• ' •• , • ,.'_ - I . I.,' -- - _. .. ., ,

2t lnk-odlllction.

a,. Who is the MessenSjCf1 4., His Ii:rte'a:ge

~'- n'I:~_, ,0·· I b !~i!lIl~d··-. 1~J..~:~,.lLOO'- ,', -d·' ' .;J.!~ L.~-,~.IIIr~' ." IURUI, iQi.j&,!l . iIL:ll.utlUl·.,· ._'>' ......

6., l1le' description of the Prophet (,'.) 7',. Prophe~'s ,m,anDeI'S '& ICharracwristitB

8. Some 0:£ d:u! Prophers ethical 'manners

9. Statements of justice and ,equity 10, The' wives: of the Pr,o_phe\t OJ) tt. Textual proofs

12~ Proofs from the Qur'an, 13" Proofs &om the Sunnah

14~ Previeus Scriptures

15· .. F-·~ ~1..,:,,; r"'!!'~Cl'~~

-- !I; La: V.UJl 1l!.Ip;:: ~~t'~

~6., Jhtellecmlal pr-oofs

1'7~ Wlta.t tn,@ Testimony o-f Faith entails l8~ Conclusaon

19" G-lossa-ry

"1" i

AU, ',raise '~s dlUle: tcl' Godll" '~he LO'l'YJ,l of: 'Ole worJd_s:;; and 'may God, p:raJilR'

P- - , , . JL. iI:;, M-·:··--· h· -, -,;., , .~-j. ; - - r.:l '-:/~'. A[I!!'I' bim ad ~-~~ hou'se.hDld :saf;e and, ,ae-

_ j:'1{lpnell, '_ .1I.!l, aml1l:ll~ any rr~Il!IOI,___ _ _ _ ~'Ui:Ii - . -- . -

ctIl1e ~m ai~'n evil"

Wben 'la~k~n8; :aoou~ I?r'!Jphe~'Muluunmad (.)~, OM 8huu_ld ~eepm m:itnd, Ula'l he 'is, ta[ltiiD,s ,aJlillUttne ~a~est ,md:i!:vid'ui! ,m hm,tory'. TIlLs :I_s not [I base'l.-~, Iclaim_; for. 'the [Ciliie who 'leads[ hm :bho,pIJpby ;afnd, ~,e.ams of' bis mannedsms a'nd erlli,cst ~ihi1le :keepinl: Hide a~~ pr~l1£eivled,

'nin~:","~~.ainii~ ~,~I ;"""'~:::""~J' '1NJi~',.-L ~'I!,.'~a, ~T,",11~"'iD'~""n- :~'"f"n,iii~"",r~~:"i" ,"1iln-4i, ];'ustnt"O' .• n-

~~,~v.UU\l.11JW1I1 T~U~,W.Q ~!1;.1.~._u.I~i ,,' .mL1~~,1 tUll~ ~"NJJHl;tIY~.-'V. I. Ii! ~,~:Il:Ir,""' J.r_~ ~, ,Y ,~.I v.

Uus][ms, MV'@' :fe'aelud 'iNs conclusion. D, welL,

~: late 'Pro,fessOiJL" Hasan A It, may [GOO, , m.el!ey (In, min, ,said. :inhis

'1""_ ,,,", ~-:-~_~;n.a. 't,Iif;~..-rtrii;F' ~J:_]l;::.'~",,~, ~~' t-,~: .. ,t- ;:i;, 'nlli!'''':IIf-I~'_';nl;a. 1~11,a:ll,~:1'D I~f·' '~~ ~ ~-~[d .u'I.Q;ga~I"~ ~'~\u'lln 11;1;1, j.l:lo,ll4l"I,1 . J'ldI , H i1JlIl.m.!lllUlb" !b'IU!\~~~",,\~..,,'''' u ~,Uii:!' y~,I_ !!!-"... __

nim:,IiJ,n reaJP~:~ and '~eUev.-;e ~:t tlt1w Me:ssenpr' [!!jif: &.Iarnt is: 'lbe great .. e_s;~ ,;'Ulld, BUJIS,t 'mamre :man '~n. h.iskli.tJ."~'Pf!ofessor :Has;m, Al~ may G0d have' mucy em, kbn; a~ked hiJnt:.j~¥lhy [do· :,ou. 'CQ,nsi,der hrlID, ,as the ,greatest and mMJ~~; maliuf~ m.a~:?oI':f. 'He !'!pl~I1!d:::

,N,o' man, p05Siessed. Ibe cl'u1t'i'.a!'d\eri,gt~a;I' IBU1iI!\ms,m,s and, ,erhJJes tba:~ :he possessed lit iilne HOle" 'H)a' was a id~8: under whom 'the, 'G1l!tire

c en" :_:: <[ was liIllm'l1,j\:ilci." 'u,et he "t'l1'[3'shumble:. :He be1Jie:vr-M 'that' d-i-

p_~ml!J _ a _ _ .... I " _ _ _ _ __ _ _, _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __e

domifli~Oin bel~rtpd 'ooihls '000 mlt()n'e'~

Grea:t rwdles, would. come ~~o hlm~ ad, :yet ,he, Uved, in ,I Sib.lte ,oif pov'~ erty; fire would no't be lit :in his, .hoose fur' :mmly days,.; and. he, WOl!lld, sJ~a!y hW!~gry'" .He: W~aJ5 a peat l,eader:; he led :sma1i~ num;bus; inJOO' ''iI:Wl1e, ,.tI-IDsltblu:ujsa_nds" and y'e~ he W0i1l11d d~isiV'e~.y dlefea:t th,em, :He

it 1JWj, Ar,aibi(: '~r.m, n-l:e~!~.!' "Jm~:l" GOO, praj~, '~m ,uJ:if.el]J!ti~[ ~, ,s;a.fe',-~ ,a] II wl1/"


I. Dived pe~ce 3i~11·H~'"tS and \-'I{QrU [d ,~got·ee t·othe.m. 'with a finn heart .. 'eYeJ'lthoug'h he had. H10U~atnds of his brave and. rou ra,geous CO.m.-' panlcns 'by his side. Each Ccmpardon was very bra!v~ and could confront rei thousan d enemies alone, while' not "ooUng fhe least bi ~ in= 'trumtdat:ed. Yet~ the Prephet 'was kind-hearted, 'mereirut and did not want Ito shed ,a drop of b~ood, He was deep l y concerned about' the a:ffairs .Q f' tllte Arabian P,Minsu la, yet he' did not neglect tne aff.aJi rs 'Of hi.S! fa.mily~ household, or th:~ 1"00·[" and nooo)'. li,e' 'w,as keen to dis-

1I:'\~"in~,tI-.i!!!i Islam amonest these w'" 11.""'1 'if;..-,..JI ,g .... ne "!II..-!fm<5Y· T.,.. O"rl&r;;~"'l lI...". ~.lIll!IHIj ul .. ~, a.]i,Q 1[111 1'!lV.iIIillllj,iJI .,. Ui::niY- .: IImJ JllQl,l.l . 'U L. ~ll:J~_lILla. • U:l D:LlllC-~,'iU II .I!,·I~

was: a man. concerned w'i ~h th-a ~e!t:ternlent and, we] ~bei.li1g o'f m ankind, yet he did tl.IOI in ,an;assing 'wodd~y fortune'. He bu sled Idmself with the wor.ghip of God and loved dQIDgs,rleed s 'W h i:ch .pleased Him, He 'never avenged himself on account of ~ 1e[~DIl~~ ~rea~ sens, He even prayed for his enemies~ wellbeiIiJJg. and W('iUJ ld warn them o:f ·the pun lshment o~· God.

H:e was an ascetic l''e,ga rding worl dly affairs and W,Qu] d worship Coo. 'lhiroughou't' 'the night, He' was the brave and courageous soldier who fought with ~he sword - and the Wa n~bru~ P~Qphet - [the conqm.ruellor who conquered ~ations and ceumrles, He slept on a ,m~t of hay and a: pillow 61 !ed with coarse fibers. Peop le crowned him as, the 'stdfan of the Ara bs, or K.i!ng of' the Arabian Pen ~ rJjSU la~ y~~ hi 5 famUy' U ved a s.imp~e ] iIe'; even af.~er the)- reeelved great; the rimes were pned in the 'M,osque. Fa~i'm.a~' complained to him abnut the' strenuous work she d i:dl ~he grinding stone arnd water jug: whi cl1 she used to carry ~ how' they had left marks IOn her ~hod y .. " lie dj d ~ot gi \,I',e her a portion of that wea1~h; lnstead, the Pre phet (~) '~a.ugh:~ hera 'few words and suppl lea ticns. I .. ,lis Com panion Urns r~ · to hi s house ·~:nd looked in hi s room .. and saw nothj ng bu t a hay 'm.a.~ 'whkh the Prophet was sitting on, which had left marks on his, body. The only provisions in Illle house were half a s.~·a'l; of barley in a. container, and a water skin that hung on ,t:h~ wall - thus is aJll

.~ Fai!ti![fia], 'W~s o:ri:!~ of tt.Je ,d!tl'LJLghl·i1!'fS 0:£ l:h~ Pro!p'h~~, !liItly (;o:d prni.s@ him.

~ One of ittu~; r~ilp'hll!t'.5 close co.m..raI'l:~onf!, iHlLd the· second C~Uph siter his. de.a th ..

,il. S~~: a m~:;iurn of capa!::By equid to f~),,~:r h;,l!i'!dful~ Qf the tv;o hands held Io.g(ithl['.r. 10

.iI.. ." ''Ii;(, ~_ -_-;;;~ O'.,.:ljip IC'It, G- -'E~-1i owned alt, a 't~m- ,n: W· ',: .' h' _-', ... '~-f' ,Io-li-';gi Ara.'- ~,~: 1J~'j("-,I'li~ UI,e ,~'!t!les~~~_~"",...-i _'loI'y - - - -~- -- - --, ,'!l;, ",~h";I,,~, _dJ _ U",.. ,n , __ ~~ "" .... 1. ....

under' rns eontrol, When. U:marr saw ~hU~ he cou]d not co~)trol him,s~Thf :an:d wept., The Messm_ger of ,Goo 1(.)1 Mtd'~

,;IlWhy a~ 1'00 w'eepb~8 10 Ulnat?'~ He ~ilfpl,~ed: Ii'. Why :shouldn ~'~ ~ 'w.eep - ' and Caesar lelil,j Orf fhemselv1es in 'dU,s 'WO.!l;,rn;d]. and the ~Mresse~ge':1r ,of' ,Gold LJ on~,y' orftl'DS what' 'I S'iN~!!:'" '[He r,e.. 51' omded: ,no U mar, wO'lddn~'" it please youthat~ tb.i:, is the sb~re· 'o,f KhI06Ia," and Ca,.,u~ar' im, this :ti:f~ and ~fi the Hereafter this, pl,ea:9ilil're' w,o,u'l d, he ~Dr us ,alo·:tle1u

'\-!'{h,m t'he' r,rQPh,e~' examined. 'his, troops, pr:r.lor to' the ocm'ps1tion. 'of Makkah,. Ablll Sllfyan, s~'ood bH~de' ,aJ.-AbbM, tile' uncle of ~-the -Proph,et (a) andl the:y I.ooked at: the' banners !Ill the M'u-sUm ~y, Abu. Swym a~, tha'~ nme 'was n.<lt a Muslim. He, 'vms amazed by the va5~ numrtu!'l' ,o.f MtI~UlllS; ,they advanced bI),w,atds Ma'kiah Uke (I, t'OIrent of W'at@lf,!, No one' ,000000,ld s,t~p them and ,nollim,g stood in dudf w,ay,. Abu S!u"ar~, 'then sai,d ito al-AbbM:, '~o Abbafl" your nephew has, become a, gm-andK.inJg!'" al-AbbaB MS'pondoo, sayin,g:: "This is, not kW11l:-' ~~h":;-" -A',:i:~,iI"rIiP p. ·roll'llil@thiood andthe Me~a~~ of l:sl:am.',~

s ~plrd'i,n~.!.-F----- -/---- - -'-0-- -- - .-.

A~..,.,I I, Ta'ee the son ...... €. H'-"iI>"...",.., ,a.:iI- ~T"'i!!I"~- ~iH!..""; ~;e; :a.'i..- -----~d'-I'v.--- ---:-f,t"'.I;~'U~ ae- a ,~ef '. :_'1;:0' $U1I,d ou!i' la ,~rn.':I,~ ~iL'-_!m, ~!':;''I'TUU ~Q UIjJ!' pra:r,u, l~m,o '

Iletl,e~osw'tyt attmd~d ~he assembly Off dl!!Pro'p:be~ (.) while he was:

C'I<I"l~ 'lo ·c- h:"r~,cii';'''lI;'n '-w,~· 1l.""":Fli '11..'""', ,~sl~j;.,W thia, Comoan ~:""''iffiI'';' a ~!WI'':''ri,~ ized

iilI!I;, ~ ~, IU, --- _ l 1I~~l~g:_.. _ lllJt:l.i!. lt~ ~~'!I"'!i' ii~,II,i;.tf' -_ ' !Ii;i - - V·!I.~~!I!Lf''''''-'"· __ u",·~ -_- ;~~..J.I't-U:'~-_

and ]'mipe~t'ed the rrDphe~ ,(8).1' he W,aJ.5 oonrfuS'.ed = was hea P'rophet Of a king'? Hie ask,ed. ~irnse!fl "Is he a k~ng ,o.:r til Messe:n\g;er' 'Olf the Messen,gelSo of: GQd!?J,f WhHe he was pO:lilderi~g over '~h~s.t a des~l,tu~e ~voman came to U~ Prophet (eo) and ~addl:, ~JI wish w, ~ell you 8. secr~t.~'/HI! s~'dd to h,i!'r: "In wh~~h road, in, M~deenlah do ]I1'01U ',\!\!T-(lint me to :mee;~ you.?J' The P!'\o~Jhe't: (iI) ~eft 'wid\ the' des'titu,t,e; maid. and took cam of her needs. W [len Ad' ee s~\-v tll'e' humb~9ess, ,or llie ]P~li'\ophe~ (.,~, he f~laJU:~ed the. truth ,~u,d dliS:C'~lded li:l1.E!' '~rOtss~~ th;at he was w"e~u:'w'A:g and became 8. Mus Urn.

We' will mention somestetements crt the Orientalists, ,conc€.r.nulg Mu;= hammad (8)., 'W'l':!' as M-usrn w:me; firmly belil;€f\1le' lin tl!t~, Prophet ~A) and. hi;s,

M~!r,at?1;!j;·'lI'H:d' '.51,0:\> ;:5,--- .... h· do ;rn,n,i. ,-,--.rnd-', the ,e>'~"""o<'iliii'iiAi'lI5'i"io;tj!!il..,...t n .... If"i' '-M·,'-'I'I'£!lim;e" to . " . _: _ -e'<;;'!! 1OlIl:l1~.' ~.:;I ~Uu 'I . ,. ~ I~"'"n, 1'1 tlll:i. - ,II;:; ,;;I LU U.t:i.ll~,I~,'E,~ I, iJ!1 'I.!"~" ,VI ~- '_ l!;o!I,",_~. L _~ __

@s'tab~:ish Uljs fact. W'e ar~ men't~ot'l~n_:g th~.~ sltatErn,erruts for the,fCllrUOI\, two ['eas-ons;


b, So that nen .. MusUms would knowwho 'the Prophet is fI'nm the: slatenu~nts! of thelr awn, people, 00 that ,they' would be ,guid~d 'to, Is-


,m ask. an :r-eadetS 'to not held any p,rea:m,ceived notions when seauhing' fol" 'the: butbi' whe~eT it be th~s, er any other' h]am~c material, I ask God tD open ,their hear~s ,i]lllld ,('11JeS~8to accept the' trnt-h-t, and to sbow i1em ,Ill;@! ri,p,t path arnd ins,pi're 'them b) :ttd1Io,w ilt"

,Abduuaimlmaan b. Abd,llE .. ,K.@en1 ,WyacUt, lUi\35, P.O. BOrK 5,9565

Email:: alsh,eha~,a:nOO,J:om bttp:/IwYffl,.islamland.'org

~'''I.'he WOld t~l!;!l~,~~ed as p!ti~ion :i~ ~~I:!il~ w,!\!,'ch '!In ,AnIbH: QO~y refers tu a w,fJly'of 'iI!i;~' ~ th:icl\ • , boillil i~'Ve!ite'iIi-:- it! ",ubUc Uis, ,JUt intlui:!lf! tenn ~:ti':: :EiJ!cts of 'W<I,rsni:n

, U'Y W. IS., - J F"'~ .. ,n, r - ,. , , __ ,.. - - - --- - . - - \I';J - - - ,F~

:polUi~1 pr;adij~e~ and ,a (h:t~iiled ~te 0'1' CMd~,ct" t.:ID~dmg h:y£i~ OT ~tiqU.€in(;.' :q;1aIl'" ~ers.


H· .... u -'. - .'- .. ,--- .- .

I .- 1'-' _. .... -

... .1.5 .Inea.,g,e

He' ls Abul-Qaelm (fa'liter of :Mublnruruld.~. 'the'

iii: A-' b ..l '111'"",'t., th f A' bd 1 M" - lib it..l'.:: '1"

son. Ot ,···_:-uU.I!.JJ~1i.; tne son Q~<-,-'UU.Ib ... t:, uta,rij-'4 l:Us':m.e'a,ge

traces 'back to the tribe of Adnan, the son. of Ishmael '[tbe Prophet olf God" the son of Ibraheem. (A·.braham)] may God praise them all His mother isAminah, the' daughter of

-W',·-·' . ..;..··Lcl·b·-. 1·'<·iW,ll:-'.1Il

The Prophet (8) said:

'~In-dee,d. God chose the ,tribe o:f Klnaneh over O'tlU!1 tribes from ,the children of lsibmae'l; He ehose . Q'ora.iJSh lover' other tribes, of Kin,anah; Hie ehose Banu Hashim p'ver ·the families of the Q ur,a ish;' ,ani. Hie chose 'me from Banu.Hashim·,Ji(Muslim ,m116)1

TIl,US!, the Prophet <.8) has the noblest lineage (In earth. Even his enemies attested to fhis, fa,ct", as did. Abu Suff·an, the' arch en.emy o-f Islam before he became Mushm, ]in front of Heracnus,s~the Emperor of Rom,€!! ..

A'b·:-·,d. :~1i1:~,.".~ b. Abb .. ·!".!I.~ .. i"·1-;.~ neehew ~f the Prophet, I,--op·--,o .. rt ... d

_ . , 11). . LiP . uo-, Ul ... _ "'"'r- ~""'.I!"" v_ u.~~ _ _ '" ,.~.!} "10;..... lUi:

that the Messenger of Cod (,iII)1 'wrote' to Heraclius and invit-ed him. to' [slam though ,a. I.etter he' sent willi a ,QOm:plmion ·of his named Dthya al-Kalhi, Dlhya handed this }lel[te:r. ·to the Governor o.f. Busra who ,then forwarded it to Heracl1U8".

Heraelius, as a sign '0'£ ,gratltude to God", had wai[k:ed. from,

H:=;:.w~ ,~ ll' 'Ud .(:,~ ~- [erusalem) w,-,"~,en·.· . G··· . ..:'od,.·- had Q1!"~ln'I!<"",'~1 'U,~~

_ "-'I~I;' ~v . '3~ "'1111l~1I! , __ ' ... - .. ~1~~1~1~ .. 1. •• ~,Il .. _ .. ", ' ... ' AI.. !Of~~JL1~UJ ,1-:-:-1l.I.1.L.

"-~,,..,oi:., - --, . 'til" -' 'p:i __ -".-,-- Jf.:c" - .'.', -Wh- -,I < -. ,&;.L_ 1! ..... u....-, , f~' t- 'I..

Vl,";'I~Ory OYe'I I. _ El! ,_-'e'rSIan j[o:rres~,',.', J:m u W ,~: .. IL11S!I" 0. '. Jite'

M' f F .... ~ ~k d -H-C "1'; h ld ,_,L- dl

,sssmtger 0:': uoo ,reau,-~e~ _,' .eracnus, , 'J! S31'_ M~ rea', lJl:g: _

·,t--' 1':'Sdidll .. 'f'o'r: -m' ',Q, ';;'!i''illyEfi'n--'~ 0'£'-' t..,~ ... p- ,al!ll'-::-~'::- ·('Ai- .. ebs of &11.., ..... I-I' """",11\; -,', _, ,'!Io.o P;.!i,c~,'U,--_'!I,;,. "',~ 1,1!JUlIi .....u,p,ILi@'.."'-_rals, Ctc UU::'

Qutr,aish tribe) if' present helle', '~n order to' ask him ,aboru,l:

~'L 'M'''.·-· - -. - .- " - .-. 'f' 'G',":' d'- 1''''1' A' , .. 'L., .. - -~, - . . A'" b- - - '~"il'i'hjj - it...~, --Ulle:__.:,e~~~u:~~n8'@,r 0:1 .:.:-,0 -., .'.' t: 'UJiI,t 'HOle', ,'0 ~w:tan, 10'm

. -

H-- - "b -.. -- S-·'L,_,.... (·tL- IG- '--- "'--- 'S", -,!o. At·· ')'1 .. -_!th·· - - --

i1J.I\_:_ W'SS m,f~m ,J!u:;:_'.;rea:l;~er,-yna. ,''ea~ . WL- som',e'

men f.r.nm~·- Q<~Dral··'JL.r' who had comeas merchants during the'

I __I_,,~I~ ·__':__j:V,· -c' ._~.," ,i:)lL11 ,," '.C'- ' -,. - ,,' ._'. __ ' - ,,':, ",_ ,I - ,1,,_ '.'", 01 . , ·c'

''_.'ling, d..'at had been concluded between the M'essen~.J~'I of'

1~lp,~. t!I, __ ' _-.1, ,I_.~. _1,,1., I . __ : :_- ' .. ,' I ~ _ " . ,1," 't.:-=: ... _ J • ".~.- ~:. " ••• =-1, " ,I ~~ :; .... , I ~--.._-. ,.,=-_ ICI'!lior. I, ' _.:1_.

G~A ~',-,- ~ .Li'l,.- 'p-"~Qr'::!i"i!"Ii',e of Qur alsh Abu'," - ·S~--'11"1If..::I"'=IIi1i"i' ~~11j ,l ,U\J, aHu Ule " .' Uo,UII, ~g .. _.:, .... ',IU, ~ ,,'.' ' :", /.. . ""'_",1 UI.n ~~ 1.-,lI'

"Heraclius" messenger found us somewhere in t'be Greater S,yrla area, so be too:k me and m:r compenlons flO llya and we were admitted in:~D Heraeliusr preseaee,

W,· £'[1'-- id 'L,"-- _,·,t..,;l;_,··, , ';'. 1-'""-' '~I ,,,,,11 .. -.I--uri'-' , ..... ,.- """-1":-':-"-'

e .lOUR' nun 51-,u!lg, In us royru cour w:(!,arm,fJ iii

crown, surrounded by the senlnr Dy.z1aolin.e dilgn'itaries,j

H- d lit'! ~~..1 'f'n h';:i£l ~~"n~'dI ator I'A' . ck t'Lam W'LO:C m amonast ~' b\~,IU, _!~ . " ,ili~ ··U.l.~ln_· '~,;BLiR' V ., -"~ ':.: rne ,I, I ·,,·_",IJ.Ir",· _.I~. ~·~U.·, I,,~~'~

them m ii, close relationto the man who claims '10 be ii, prof',het~ j ¥1

Abu ,Suiyan. added,

,~1I I'e,plle,d~ ~I am the nearest relative 'to :h;~m,i:' Hie asked, ,\'W,ha .. f degree of r,~la'l1o:nsh:ip ala you hav'e, with him'?; m replied,~H'e' '~~ 'my ceusin,' and there' was none from, 'the tribe' of ,Abd Mfl:Uia{ in, the ,f,UilVrut excerpt o1.yselt, Hera .. elius sai.d,. , Let him come ne'lare[.' He ,then ordered tha,( m,y eempanions stand behind DU! near my shoulder

9 Thi'9 is, a hwlo:t,lc region '~n "the M~.ddJe East bordering the ,Medi~e['ranea:n. I.t: is gene'I'aUy ,oonsidered to include, 'the' modem ,S'~,te5

t' = '. Leb n "1 . '" d" J d

(lil Syna.r J...e' anon, ,~,~,~!eSltn:le~ rut __ Oi[,'_'Oi,[l w


- -, -". 1-' ~'T 'i') h " '.' -';;" t I'

and said to his transtator, , e,U I.'Ul companrens 'tl.itaL II

am, g!Obl,g; to ask this, man about ,the lOne: wh.o claims 'to be (1, prophet .. If he fells, a lie', ,they' should eontradfct hi ---- ~: ----'m- - ed iately :f. '<I'

I, 1[11 :11.11, I ,~-=~ -', ~,

Abu. Sufvan added

- -- . - -. - - -~ ~ -- - - - --I

"He then sai dto his, trans I ator, " Ask him WDJil,t 'kind of famil y he be lungs, -t,O' , if I replled, 'He b elon,gsto ,il nob le farmHy amongst us.' Hie said, 'Has anybody else amongst you ever e laimed the S,MIU!' before hira?' m roe .. plied, ~'NO~;f 13:,e said, "Have you five'! blamed him fOI' te1ling Ues before he claimed w"ha:t 1h.e claimed?' ] replied, 'No,' Ha said, ~'W'.as. a:nybody amungst hls ancestors :,;1 king?1 I replied; ~'NtOl~j' J~I:e said, 'Do thenoble o-r th,e poor follow him]" :1 rephed, 'It is t[hie pflor l\rho fol .. low' him;" I: lie sai d, "A re they Increa sing or de creasing hlaily)'?~ I replied, 'They are inrcr,e'asilng/ He said, 'Does anybody amongst those 'who, embrace his religien be,COttle' .displeased and the:u discard, his religion?' Lreplied, 'No.' I:-Ie said, 'Does be break his :P'fI'}ID1,i,sles,?' I replied, 1'Nol" but w'(~ are now at tm.'ce with him and 'we are afraid that he may betray us.'

Abu Sufyan added"


"Other than the Iast sentence, ] could ,not say aDyfhing' ,alliin sf him/1

"Heraelfus Ih,en asked, "Have you ever had, a 'war' wi:th Itim?rf m, replied, I'Y,es~" He' said ';Wha:l 'w'as: the o'Uic'Dmc: of' your battles 'with, him,?!' I rot'plied, ''Sometimes he was victorious and some/tim,E!S we",' He sai,., 'What does he order' y,Quto do,1\f I ,sai,d, li'Hlf! tells us '~O w'OrShi.p 'G,od, alone, and not to 'worshjp €Jthe~rs aiou,gM'th Him, and to ]'eave all that: our f()ir~""f,a'fh,eTS used '10 wOlSbilpi He orders us to pray, give in. c.harity" be 'fhas'fe,r' keep promi;~H!iSI and n!'tum Wh,8t its entrusted to uS,!",;I

I!Wh,en I had said that, Heraellus s Wld., to his trsnslater,

, co '~'v".n h ~ ft'iIl· I ~,.it'! 11"8...1 yn.u .... ,b 1il"i.11'11" 'h~ it! 'film'!' 'iili! pe and' yo'o - --8

Ii:t!!',~ J I!yI JLLlI.!~~ ,:g;,;"I\.~U,' I ~ : ,"~.'I,;f ~".II.~ 111 _ .'~~,~ _, I, _ ,I > '- '"r r ~_.

ply WI,S, tba.t he 'be.lon,gedln a noble family, In fact,1I all the Messengers came from the nob,lest lin.e'age of :tb,eir nations, Then I questioned you wh,trUiteJ!' an.ybody else amongst _you had claimed such a thing, and yoar reply was jin the ru.~lgati ve. If the answer had been in the afilmta:th/e,l I would have ,thought dta.t ,thi.s man 'waiS fol .. lowing . .1 elalm that had been sud 'l1eiol'ie him, When 1 asked yo,u. whether hie was, ever blamed for telling lies; yt'nu r-e,ply 'was; in tIle, negative, so I 'look it .for' granted lh!al a pers on who did] not ten a :u e to people could never fell a lie ,abou.t God. Then Lasked you whether any' of his ancestors was a king, Your re'ply was in ehe negative, and if it bad been. in the affi.nna.'ti Vie" I would. have t.hough·I' that this man wanted to bike' back. his all" cestral kingdo:m. 'V\rhen I asked you whether' the rich OJ[' t-:tu,~' 1"001" peop Ie 1'0 Unwed him, yo (l rep lied it wa$


'the poor who followed him. In fact, g,UICh. are' tbe IDolJow1e'ts o:f the' Messengers, Then I asked you whether' his '~ll)lIlaw,ers, w ere increasing or decre,asing_, You re .. pmied, that t'b~y' were ilfl,crea,sing~ In faet, ,this is the result 0,1: true :f,aith till i1 is complete (in, all Ie-SPed's]. m asked yO'O whe'th'er there was anybody 'wbo"aft,er em ... bJ" his,~e'Ug1on, became d.i1srp;el,av~ed and discarded his religion; YOl1ir re'p'ly was in 'the negati ve, In fa,cl"tliis is the sign of teue :faith~, for when, pleasure enters and lDJUXeS, in. "the' hearts rcomple:tely; nobody 'will 'be dis""' pleased with if'. I asked, you w,hether he )l,ad ever broken his picmmi~'e'. You replied, b1. tl,u;: ne§a,liv'e~ And such are fhe Messengers, ,tbey n ever break their' pmmises, ~Vhen I asked flOu. whether you :fQtl8~lt Wi .. Ul, L1:iDJ ,and he fought wifh you, ''au replied tha,t he did and that scmetimes he w,as victorious and s,ometim,es ),,'00. In,,'' deed" such are 'the Messengers. they are put to trials and 'the fi.nal vk,toxy is always theirs, Then I asked you, wh,aJ,t he ordered yon. You replied tha.'t be ordered y10lu to 'worship God alone and :nof 'fa worship others along w"TUh Him, to~,eal1Oe~ all that your' for,e-if,athe'ls used to worship, to of,fer praye_FI.; to speak th.e'trull1.jI '10 be ,cha~lh~'~,to keep p'fomisesrand to ~lmJ.1, what 'is, en ... trusted to yeu, These are really the qualities 0.£ a, prophet who, I knew [frorn the 'previot1s Scriptures] would appeatfj\' but] did. not know that be would be fmm amengst you. If W11,ilLt. yrLl'll( say 'is true, he ,vnl very S'('IU:R rOC( upy the earth under m y feet. and if I knew tha't Z w,otdd 1!iC!:,I!.('b him, definitely, I wou.ld go immediately

to meet him; and were I wi. Ill: ,him! then ,(wi()lrnd d cerbdm_ly w,ash 'b,is fe,etl' U

Abu, S'u~an, added,

tIHrf!:filvcl'bIS' then asked for 't11,e~ :I!fj,tter €!I f' the Messenger o,f God and, i'tW,il:S read. lis ,C!ondents w'em: 'l'he' f:oUow:tng.t

.I begin 1rith" ,th!e' IUlltlJ.'e' of GIQ'a, the most Beneflcent, th,1! most M er'Cil f.1I.d, ['lhi~ le'tter' Is] ,i~n]m, Muham;mad1.' ,th!~ slave 0(1. G ed, ,and His Messenger, to' Heraclius,

,L~<!j; 'Du],-,;g-7' ~Jf'- 'th' '!I;O, hY'~'':j'~ni~'n,~_ 'lmo,~,iif'~ t~D OP-111iFiIo,O-'- :I;h- ~ ,.~ ,i'_~, .. ,

Ul~ .!IL"\;'. __ .~ 'u , '_,' ,~, IEJI .r ~~,I,IL.IL .~" ,!If ~~fb.'~ u~ .~, ,-y I.. I~' i,

:['Ofw,e:r~ 'of ,pi,d3lD:ce~ I in.vUe YI[Ii'U to Islam [i,e, sur ... render "to GIO!d])~ Aceept 181un and you wUI 'be s,afe; a,~eepl ,I: s 1)011, and IGod, vriU, be~'tOlw' on you a, d;O'lI1'bl~e ,ri!·wud;~. But if' yDU reject this in,vila'Hon of Is\blIfllr you shall be' :rts,p oms! bl.e f'OI' misgo idin.g th,e'p'e,asantB [i,e, ymv ~natiJt:Jm]l..,

'(10' p1ei([l!pl!e!' of the S,cnp'mres[ r('Glmle trll ,I 'wo'rd eOll1'lDOn b'eilvee'ft y.ou and lUi, lIla! 'we lVO'ftld1.i p IGIOCJ".. ,md (batt we. associ ale nothing in, 'w,oFsh'i:p wi th Him; ,mndllhat .I1l0'D,e of. us :sh.di 'take .o:th.ers, as G,ods, besides Ged, Then if ttb,ey turn iiJi\fa.Yf say~ Blear m'mless U1a,t '¥lire are the,y 'w'ho IttaVIf! surrendered [un;toHim,),.,:,' ["3,64)

Ab~~ Suf}1fan ,adlO'E!:CL

.r,lIWlrU!D, He'['lil,CU.11dU;, bad :finish,ed his speech, there "~a;s a greet hue rund. (ory caused by tile' BY," djj,gfl.itM.h~~'S surmunding him! ,au1d there was so' much noise nll"aI;,t I did not understand 'whaj'~ 'nley said. SO'"W1L! W1e'Ie or .. ,

dl d" t If .,l...-, ..I. II

_ erf.1C'_;, ou,_- OIlUI,j! COUJh:.,-

()tWhe'lfl :1 went 'out with myeempaniens and we Wl~lf~' a lone, I s aid ito Ul1e:m·,t 'Ve rily, l:b1t, A,~I:iKabsha',s U i e.,! 'Ole Prophet's] affair has g;ai1l,Tled. po'wer", :TbiJ:5,1~ tbt KIng, of th.e~R:om,ans fearing him.' n

Abu SUfYm added:


LJ. B;y Go CL .1 became ;SlJ1Ier .md. S,URr 'dl,at his re:iigi'on

·w'(l,uld. 'be v:ic:tori:01!lS Hil. I end.ed up aceepttng m'S,].W11.~;'

lin,' ·~~Ib. ., ;\!.i··!P·701il) "u IJ.~ iLaln.i't~'IO~_


PI:' f"_' B"'!'_"h~'- - d Childh d:'

. c_JIc;e 0, ,I -IJ;I,,: ~. ani _ '. - '_ - ,I. "_: _.' _,,00 : '

The Prophet (8., W'-'lS born in the' year 5,71. 'C.B!, into the tribe' of Quraish [held noble' by' all Arabs], in Makkah [the religious capital of the Arabian P,e:mnslda ]j.,

TIle! .Arabs would perform f'IDlgdma,g,e to Makkah and drcumambulate the Ka'bah which was built by Prophet Abraham and ins SO~ Prophet Ishmael, :may Cod praise them both.

'The Prophet (~) was an orphan, His father passed .a'way befor-e he was born; and his mother died when. he was, six years old" He was taken under the care ,()f Ids, gr,andfa,dler, Abdul-Muttalib, and 'when he died, his, uncle, Abu TaUb, tool, charge of him. His tnbe, as well as others, wor-

m d" ld ] d ,f:. d d '~AI

sruppec l::'_OS made nom stone, wooo anc even gn~u,.

Some of these idols were placed around 'the Ka'bah, People believed. 'that these idols could ward -of'f harm elf ex- .. tend benefit

The Prophet (a) was a trustworthy and honest person~ He never behaved treacherously, nor did be He or cheat; he was known amongst his people' ,81$ !fA l.-A",een ', or 'The T'ru~s,tworthy , People 'would entrust hfm with fcl,1;cirvaltuab les when the:y wanted to travel. ~][e was [also known a fi ':As~Sadi,q~ or 'The Truthful" for he never told at lie. He' 'was well-mannered well-spoken, and he, loved to help people. HIs people loved and revered him and he had beautiful manners. Cod, the Exalted, says:'

'(Inde1e,d y!OU are of a, grea't 'moral ehara,ct'e',l.',.) [66:4'~ 20

The famous Scottish historian [and writer, Thomas Carlyle (d. 188..5) wrote in his, boolc ''Hemes, Hero,.., Warsh;i, ,11M

,the H~oiclt1. History':

But, from an e'm"lliy ,~ge:r he had. been remarked as a fuoughlfu~, man, His companions named hfm !lj4[l A,m'in, The Faithful.!i A man of truth and ,fid.elity; 'tru,e in 'w'na.'t he d:id~in what he spok.e and thought~ They noted that he always meant something, ,A, man rather taciturn in, speech; silent when ther-e' was nothing to be said; 'but pertinent, wise, sincere, when he did. 'spe'[ak;aJw'[ays throwing Ught on the matter, This is the only sort of

..-.:t.. "h 1I ... ~.- ... , ~ Thro ,iI'7l1h, 'iil1:,€ ,lit" d ~!

s'peeu;, L wort: 'j :speardl ~g[ - I ,1' rc u~-~ me' we lII.J't~'~ ~cll1m to

have been :re,gard.ed, as an altogether solid, b, genuine num,~ ,A serious, sincere maracre'E'; yet amiable, oordiaL, companionehle, jocose: even ... a [good. laugh in him. wUdlal:' there: are men whose' la.u.,gh lis as untrue as IDly thin g' about them; who C4;Utn-,O't 1 augh 4' A spontaneous, passionate, yet ju st, true-meaning man! FuU ,oi'w.ild. fia.c>u:~,ty" fire' and light; of wild worth, all uncultured; working: out his life ~ takes in the' depth 'of theDesert there

The Prophet (e) Iiked to' seclude' himself in the Cave of' Hir« before be was eommlssloned as a, prophet. He would stay there many nights at a tirru~:.

He (8) never partook in !any falsehood: 'he never drank, ill tox ican ts, nor ,did he. ever bow to a s-ta,hlle or idol, take [all oath by' thern or offer to them" 'an. offering, Hie was a shepherd over a. flock of sheep '\V hi ch belong-ed, '~O his people, The Prophet (0) said:


"'E'v,ery' prophet commissioned by God 'W,IS, a shep-

herd .€Ii'V' '81'1'" ,a, 'fI' lock ef ;i;'!lh" ~ap" " 'Hi":·::.. '.- '; .. , .. , ... "j.. -'. ",. iI ... · ·d·'

_, .... ,1,' _' ~" ~JI" , ' ,U"",,, 1Ii,,~', ,i:!! I ,~~ " I 8, com p!llll o.ns ,aSl\.e

him: tE' , .,'. '! ... '0'-:" M'··· .... " .'.-, ,." -'·'f'" IG'~' c- ·d: ':1-':j. 'H" r . p' ,~A, :ly~".,.". ~ 'Ii'

'_ ,m" I: ve n. .yO 11~, .... .'," 'e s senger Il}., '.' _ '0 __ , '- ' ,e sa~u. , ' e 5,.&' ,Ill

" - 'ld' 't' .. ,'11""."-::-'-';-"f - f"I";::-'ii~ ,',"'-')f." -", 'f-'", th '.,. , ,.iL I' 'f' W1ou. '.', .a_Ae care o a ,I 'DCn. 0, S" i.lIeep ~ifJ.rILI,ep'eOp,l,i! (J "

M" kk .... iL' j. ,-yJ, 'U .. , , ,. 2"11Alg"Ii;

-,' ,a, . ". :' ,iI.l,)rt~ ",U~,N Ii,MI. " ''I 'Of

At, the a,ge' of forty:, the' 'Prophet (,fA) ,received dlvine revela'Don whenat ,the, cave of Hira The Mother 0'£ the believers

_ _. _ • . . . . I! 1, .. I ". . _ . - . ' __ ' "_ __ ¥ . , . ' _ !I!ij;,_ II:!J/

At '. 'iI... .... ''L.:BiI!l - 'C ·'d-I

__ llSnwiL - ~ SaJ,':

The first thing 'that IGod:"s M,es.sienger (.) received whlle in the Cave of Hira in M'a.kkah were good, 'visioru;, [dreams ]1. 'Every time he had a dre'am,itwou'(d come' "true- and dear nke' the split '0'£ the dawn, Later on, Cod's Messenger (D) began to love being alone in, meditaticn, He spent ~engthy periods for days and nights to fulHU this purpose En the cave before retnming back to his family, 'He would take a supply of food f-or his trip. Wh,en he' came back to his wife' Khadeejah U he would get' a fresh supply' of food land ,810 back to the same cave' to con tinue his meditation,

The Truth carne to run" whfle hewas in the Cave o.f. Hira.

Th .. A·'·,' ,," .',1' ,G': "'b"" .:~ ',~,= .-0 " tr M'·" ,.~,1k."'I~~ '.A: f~)'1 '. id .' ". "

reo . .nge c,_ a .. ' n,e,!!' ram€! . 0 ,,'." m L(lI!lfUll(!lU ,\,~_ ,81n_:_ c-o:m=

manded 'I!..,~""",,," to read M' '·'1··'11Ii·1am.'· nm ad ,(,fil' replied if'I"lIf canno t':

.:&I·ilLl'-:~': lWll't '>' :1-':,'-':,'.1. " .. ,"" 1l!lJJJ.1'·:' _1_ ,I, Q.I:. ',:.,DlrI., '-E;~,-'~~~,->.-'~, II, .~I~ ' __ - .. ",

,-_., AII.lI'G· "~, . brl '·1 "'. nb ',- .. 'e -J, M",·· ··~uh' '~I'- ~'T'iin""', ad (' '~')' .. - ~:I 'iii.,. l' '. '.' ]d'i re au" . ..,,:EL ne. emra,e u. c', : _ .;uJ!.ILl!!.Ha~,:a::p.:,,: UUIUI.. JIm,1E! IOOUilL .

not breathe, and then let hhn go saying, "0, Muhammad!

Re,ad!'i~Ag,aillr Muhammad (iB) replied, .&",1 cannot readr"

G -L,'" "1 . - b . d M· ... - '1Ik- = dl'- ('~)" l: ' th . ....JI J..l;--- H" abriel emnraoe , I,,' unamma :~,I tor ':' 'Ie seconc nme. L ie

])0' A ,~,i~,e' of the rrop~e:t (J,i).

n KtiJi~dooW~h was the first 'iAti f'~ (I f the Proph et, 22

then ordered him, to read £'01 the third time, when he did not he embraced him tigh t1)" until he call ld not breathe, and ''''~,£1I'n' released 11'fi;~I~ s aying 11"0" M"'·' ~'~'~~'ft'illma.1 d ~

!~tl·:· [U1tL.~~ill JL ~ LO~Ii:)'~· .'U I~l . ~ . . 1',_,,'1- .", _: .1~..Jlt~,-· " .. iii

(Reci'h~J wi"th the Name of Your Lord, Who bias created, (all 'that exists). He has created man out, of it (mere) clot of congealed blood: Read! And 'You'rlovd Is the Most, Genereus.) (96:1-3)

The Messenger of God. (0,) retumed home trembling, He entered his home and toldKhadeej,ah,~ "Coverme up, ,COVle,! me upl" Khadeejah covered Muhammad (.) until

hila ,.: ..... ,1] ij.; better H' £:ii, th', e" in £'0' rmed 'he 'I' a bout w" ,'~ha.· ,~ happen -, ,,,,,".JI

I. It; !,~Jl!L I ,,~.i~'L'~- 'iii J~ ,_' 1;_ JUL, .lL,' .' .JL.:t':I!.·Il~.- .. J . ."_ I i.: - 1_- .-~ '~, _. • ••• r :__-_.Ilr.'-, ~~; ·l~ .. -.~ _~,

to him in th'e: Cave' of Hira. 11:,e said, '"I W'8.S concerned about myself and my 'w,eU, .. bein,g.,l.i Khadeejah assured Muhammad (.)! saying:

By 'God! You don't have to w01T)'! God, the Exalted, will never humibate youl You are good to your kith and kin. You help the poor and needy. You are generous and hospitable to your guests., 'You help people who are in need.

Khadeejah "took her husband Muhammad (ii) to a cousin of hers named Waraqah bin Nawfal bin. Asad bin, Abdul Uzza .: This man became a Christlan during the pre-Islamic times, known as the Era of Ignorance. He' was a scribe, who wrote th,€: Scripture in Hebrew. He' was an old rrran 'who became blind. at ,the latter part of his life. Khadeejah 5 a id to h er cousin,


"O (~IUS'm., Iisten fo 'wha:t your ,nephew [te~ :Mu,haw:mad ,a] is ,a,b (Jut, to le,n, y"IUt'UJ'I.!i W ara,qah, said.:: uWha;t. is :l't 'you, have seen, ,deIC,'r ne,p hewl!iI

The Messenger of God (,B) informed him of '\vha,t he had seen m, 'the Cave n: Hi'ra"Upun 11u~arln:g' hill: - report, Wa:[,a~qah said,

""By' Co d! This il tJ~U!' An,8~1, G,aJ,iJriei, w'h,o CurJit, to r:r~phei' Moses" :ma.y God praise l1:im" I wEs,h, I W1},ttld be alive whe,n your people 'wil~: drive you out D,t,

'-M'· . '_ 'II-.~~""hTHn'I-· '110 -M' .·,.iI2I!I:::!I~\t::In' ~lr ~~' G'· .-,,",.A' l-')I woad O~D~~' ~v A

__ .,'"···~d..AM:. l~--' .i~~·· "_" ~g~ 'd;~"1 ul~ "'.".UUJ \.~" ~·¥.'[U, I : I~~'~U!!! '··,n:r.eJ

'dle.y :gomg '10 m've' me ouf, of Makkw,l'!" 'W,a,r,cuqah affirmed pos,Uivlely sa.ymgi, lI:Nev1!['has, ,I man, fo:n've'Yed,

,I Messale l,bUm: to wha,t~ you bU1.vl! been c'haJ,ged 'wi'th,., exten't 'thai' his, neeele 'w,a~d wu' :a~. ai~nst :him ,"'

.r .r'.r· ,lJil!ir 1101

if I am 'f. mm,ess 'this,!, I win :s;u,p'pod' you. I!!'

W- araqah hved onlv ;'l; (_~'~I-l,;i"j;er~ p-' a'F'"i;tF"i..;l' .... ,uD[ ';L~iI!! fn .... ~...i- -- t and Ir.lU.UI :,irut ,U'1i!' '\,;,! v:, :t,i a jJJI,I;ui111 ,1"-, ',i~"wiWL, artet n UI;1li " :I"!t;;~!ILI.}m', ~,t,IIJ,',

p,as~ed away',~ R,ev@bdion also stopped {,or a w:hile/ (Buh . "Ii'J\

nan _,,;;'j

The chap~er of' !the QUI' an quoted in, itbe badeellil,2 above marks th.e be,giruUng when be 'was eommlssloned as a ,Prophet" 'Gad", 'the 'Exalm:ct then, revealed to .llittt

(- '.C:- , (- ,- lh d- it' - ). i d (" ., ' '.

I ',' ., ...... - - .:. -," :-"~ :- .. ~ .. ._' ,_ '" . ,1 " "J' ... Il: ,-', ,'.- r-' . 'J",. . -.-- . _-' • __ -., ,. ," "Iii

, a you,Mu,_mun,a: ,'~ e.nveape, ',m ,g,anLD!l?n,h),

.i!o. ,,..!,;::'illllJi; "t1"D' d 'W-',:<'J'I"'lnlm A'-lfii~' -y-~IIiiI'ur L' ord I{A- '~1I, .... '11..)':' ma iIiJ1i1I: ~d A' .... nd l"Uj[~JI;i 'iaII, "," ",_,[I,~,~ . ~j~JU, _ ~c '_' ~Jr~, t!ll.l!i!1U1L_ .. '~e-l.i,.li.J' ,i, .'" .. ' IU

Your g"llmU!Il'ts, pluri~J'T)' (14-':1 4)

"_ '.". , .. i, .'. - - . J'. 11 ••.. ,.- ~ "J!,J. '-' e- '

TI-.di.l[!. ·f,;,L::::II.,i'l ............ , .... , 1If', • of .~,~ c, .... Qu. :"'-'-'r~ o:i;,i"iI.-'" marks 'L·I'b.,~., i....·.iO.-·_ul,·1'l·.·r -:111;;"1110'1. W·'Ip-~.· n.·· 4;@' ,U!I.1I U l~.t' !~,'!;;~. v U iIli!;" . _I -. 'I!;_U I~ . c_. ~.II. .!!\\'~ U 1110:. IV~D""" """ ~ ~'O __ .!Ii b....:;_. JIll,..;;;

W,(lS commlesloned as a M',

With Ule l~evielati(Jn of -tm:~, !Chapter of the Qurlan, the .Pro'phet (&\) be,g:m calling his, nation ·to ~starn ioperuy~ He began M·th ids own people" Some 01 them. refused ada·_· .manHy to listen to him, for ·to them, he was caning to a . . matte:r whieh ·tbey had never wi messed be£OI\I!.

The' reJigion of lslam is a complete way of liI~j which d.e~Js 'with :r,€'Ujsious" .poU'Hcwl ecenomical rand social affairs. Purthenn.or.e, the ,reUgiO.ll ·of Islam did not OIl],. caID 1. them to w'o:rshlp God a1on,e and to forsake aU id,iOls and 'thinp they worshipped; rather, it 'J)f~)hibUed them. frilm dwgs ·til,er ()Q:lls~d ered pleasurable, such as consuming Interest and in:t-oxilcants1, fo!ml'c.atrion" and gm1b1imS- It also called peopi-a to be just mdfair wifdl one i~d\1)lfl1U~r:t· and! to know tha t there' was 'no' d'iffereru:ei between !them. 18X·cePI t H-ru.r.ou~h 'p--,i-

~ 10"' ,I

ety ~ H;o-w could the QutiW5h [the most noble tribe amongst

'the Ara bs] stend to be treated equally with. the' sl,a,re5~ They did nott only adamantly' fefl:llSf! to aooep·t 'lsJan~, rather; ·they harmed him and blamed him, ·sa.ying that he was cr8.Zj, a. sorcerer and a. Iiar ~ They blamed ~um · thlngs 'thiey would dar-e' not have before tlte advent ,oi ~5- lam. They' inci,ted the i<7flOran,t masses against him,

~ O_:.

harmed him. and tortured .h1:8 eompanlons, Abdullah b,

Masood, a close companlon of the ~PE·~phe·t sale.:

WhUle ~he Prophet (~) was ~,'btndiug UP' ,and,p',rayht,g. nearthe Ka'bah, fl. g1!!IlUp nf IQUf,aJ.lS:h 'w!ere sittinG, in tiu;:-ir 5JU i 11:g ,P lac e ~ o-n e 1([1 f them said: 1,1 Do YOUSif e ntis man? l\tould. someone bring. tb.e d-i:ri' and fnth and

bloody' in testines froftiIJth e camels 0,' SiO' and. so,, and. wilt 'I ill he prestrates, and. Ulen place it be hv'€ en his :sbouEd,e,r.s1111 The 111,OS't wretched ,(unong,s,'ti ,them volun .. teered 10 do 'l~ and wlu~1l the Prophet (8) P[-~l'!;t:rated, he. :J.lllt the f:ilth, between h.i's, shoulders, 1.0 t~he Pmphet (a) '5 blye,di in prostrartiO!n. 'Ih,ey lau,ghe:d, so hard that tbe:y' were about to fall Ott e,I,c;h other" Someone went

... F 1Il!:,_"",1. h ~ 'I d" ,OJ £ d' t

'!I.,'O , :,llWI1i:UI W _~ 0' was, I, 'Y011IjJn~g lin'" ane 'm'i£or,me,'; ner

,[d' 'what had happened, She: hurriedly came towards lhe 'Prop"h,et: (e) and Jr-em,'Ii]:v'ed.tbe, filth from his back, and then she, turned, around and she cursed the' Qmaiis,hJltes who W@:[i1~ sitting in, that ,tdtting. (Bu'khaf~


,Muneeb al .. Azdi, a companion ,of the Prophet (II) said;

I saw 'the' Messenger of God in. the Era, of ID:gno,:ranc"e ;~Ut',yin:g: 'tEl pe(Jp,ie:: '~1Sa,y there 'iis no god wOli'hy ,01£ be .. , i.n; w(J::r'Sh'i'plpled. except AU,anl if Y(J u w,ouldl be suecessful," There Welt nlOSe' who spat in .his face, those w'.bo threw s oU. in hilsi face, and UUl'u,e w'hcl S,WOrF.e ,alt him lU1H.1 m.idd.ay~ Wihe,n [enee] a ee:rt,ain yo!ung ,girl came 'witb A, b:i,g container Illif watef:t, be W'lallJ:hed his fa,ee and 'hands, and. say! #0 d.1fl'ughte.r, do not ,f.ear' that your father will be humiliated or struek by poverty."

(Mu~jam al-Kabeer I' 80S),

A, bd j"'~~_'t.. b A'" ,',,' ,- al A:' ", -' . ",;, "." \- - ":f~ ,1-;1j....;, Pronhet ('~')' ,_,I!,} UUdJ!t _~ Amr a. ,-.,151.' a comparuon 0., me ,JlIV:P· e~~,.

was asked about some of the 'evU the pagans di.d to. the Pronhet ,(,.,)"'- "to which he r,ep-:-lied~,

~ .. r· .. I ".' . ' ,.,1 ..' . . .. ~. - - _, - - -

[Once a pagan] approached the Prophet (~) whn.e he was praying near U~,e Ka'bah and '~-wi5t,ed his g,a.ljOO_cn.t

A[ORSd his neck, Abu B·2I_kJl,·3 hurriedly approached and grabbed his shoulder and pushed hhn ,away g~ f;! Dn you kUI. a. man b ecause heproel aims Allah. as his Lord, land clear 'silgn~ ha.vt! cO'.meto y·o'1il Dr'OID

'(ittll; Lord ?~I r(5iJl~i 3643)

These 'iru:idents didnoe stop the I~o,phe1t {A., from calling '00 Is,lam .. He preached this message to the many mbes that came ·,toiMakkah for Haj]'i4 ~ A, .few~' believed &om tb.e: people of Yathrib (a small city llOI'tIii of.M·akkab)j! known ,today as Madreenal\rRnd th~y pledgedro sup.'~Jrrt him and help him if he ·chOSI8 to mig, ate: there, He sent 'with them Mus'ab 'b", Umairto 'l-each them the: tenets of ,1'rE~Jam" After al] tile hard .. ·

""'l... . ip .. s ~k~ ... .j; ,t;.'L--·I'a M·.- -'l:.-··~'il~·I,-~'fif'i'C ...... t MI'···: akk .... 1k. f'.'JjI~.d': Lo"m'" ".L -. ,1GI~'1"' O"I.C-.i!;'-'::~:--~ illll .. ' I~ IlJlllp;.l\;: '~Il,.~ ._ Y i:I\' ~,~.II.~ lJl~ " ,._ - ~ It ,I ~~ .. ', ~J[ ~.) I, .1', I!Ul."fIJ.~ v .,,~ ~ IL

people~! God gnm,ted them the permlsslon to 'mi,gralte t(lJ' Madleenah. TIle! people of Madeenah gt!Eetedth.E!m. and re[;·eiv~d them in a most extraordi ,....~'ry'~ .. t m-:- ~:'I'ii,~ II:iliir- - ·M···: 'a" .~ iE!I~n ... '11...

"'"" _ U Ill!;.. _ _ _ ~_ i'___~'Q. ~,.iIl P1V\II, LUiJ, l~. I nLI;.l!jo. LII;.". __ .~ . _. . .. 'IWI,~'I!;,,",I'W it

,",,' -

became the capital of 'the ne~r Islamic 'the place

fromwllUch the !can. to Islam was spread far and wide',

The Prophet (B) settled there and. ta,~.t people' how' to redte the Qurj'arn and the .rtdmgs of Una .religion. The inhabitants of Madeenah were gn?3·tly moved and touched bythe Prophet' smenners, They }oved him mere 'Ulan 'lthey loved their own selv·e~,;they w()u~d rush to servehim, and ·they· would spend all thi~y had in th~: parth Qr,f Islam. 'The society was strong and Us people were rich in F,aitb.~ and they were ex-treuleWy ha·PPY. People loved each other, and

i:3, The el esest comp!~Fiiic:m. to ~~e P-rophet ~M) ~d the 'fit'3t -Carn'~ph of ISilam after hi~, death ..

til· PUgli mlillge to ·Makkaih ..


'true brotherhood was apparent amongst its people. All

people ~,:i7\e- -r-,\f!i' ecual: ~1)...a if";"='~' noble ar ,~- - - -' b·-11 , .... 1'~.- ..,;::I' _ "","" "",,"'!o,,'!f¥" _"~ ""'"""1!IU;_-.r' u'h •• ,lII,iI!!,,;_:U, "!.iv"IIb aDt,.Jl 'poor,.'La~ 00.0

while" Arab andnon-Arab ' .. th;er W~'r.:~ all considered as equa~s, in the reJi,gion of 'Godl' no distirLction was mede among them ex,cep't through pic,ty,., Aft-er thJe QUl'msh

]~,~"m't- ,L.'~ .... t ~ii...~ p.",-- '::'p., 'h-! ¥- .... all h ad '~', ,',' ,d" t'h--:-,' ,,~. '--'-'I:,~,;,"","t i~~,,-:

!;a " !"w,14 _ '!,,!I, l.~ ro_,· e'i~, S ,-.a .ii,a, _ '_ spr.e-a. ,!OJ, .ey 1I.0U&,I_ ,1lBn

m", tbe flrst 1f.'a'U~1I!liI ~i1i'" Islam the B'~t·t1:, :-', :-: f' n, . .j_ ~':;" b - ~tl"

I, I~" ~;;:;., 'U' ,nl!;~ .!JJII,l .':' ~lIl,i."_ ,,~: ',i;;,'_ - "e o· D'aW-, ~,i!,~s,a'!J,,' e

took place between ~o g;fO~pS unequal in, preparatlens and! weapons. The 'Muslims numbered 314; 'w:her,eas:f the pagans tV ere 100 [) strong, God gave victory' to 'the' Prophet {A,) and the Companions, After tbis. ba,'tt1Je, a number ,of 'battles too.k place between 'tile Muslims and the P aiD' ans,

l II ,0

A£'t:er e~8:ht ye,usjj, the Prophet (A,) was able eo prepare aIOO,

a:nny l-O!,OOO strong .. They proceeded '~owards; Makkah and conquered! it", and wi~ tills Muhamamed (:.) overcame the people who had harmed and tortured him and his Companions 'with every eoncei vable a'JJ~~l,'fEy., In their f1ee~ mg, for; hlr J1iVf!S" 'I~hey' had even been fO;rced 'to I.e'ave their property and wealth behind. The year 01.£ thi~, deeisive vic,tory is lcalled "The Year if); the Conq~t~t Allah, the Ex-

al't-ed" :Si'yS':

'(Wh:en the vit:~o.ry of Allah, 'hIS eg,mt ,and the con'q:uest. and 'YOU, see t&il! pE! ople lentering inlo Ib,l!! lel:~g"" Inn uli Allah In m'm:ti::tu,des; 'tl1lien gllO,rlfy the Praises of yOUI' LO,[-d and ask: His :forgiveo,eJs!S;. ln1dleed,. He is 'the One 'Who ,a,ceep'ls the repentance and Who forliveis;~)

~,110:1. ~'3,j

Upon the oonqu'es'~ the Prophet (M) gathel!ed, 'the people of

M, _ _Tl,",'m~~ L,. and ~~~i~: ,:1.0--, ,L,L hem '. ~~tu,l 1~ll"' Q~}U l!,'_"- U··l~·~ e-e

,uWhal do, you. 'thin], I 'will do to you'?;U Theyan .. :iwe:red:; liJYou wiD only diu somethin,g favorable; you, are' a" kind. and gen,eroUs 'bmrda.Je'r~, ,and~ a 'Id:nd au,d, ,Ben ... e1rous nephew'!N The~ Prophet 1(15) said:: urGa "" you, are

me .:iJ (Blaiha,qi ,~laOS5)

nus mcredjble act of forgiveness caused many "to accept ]slmn. The Prophet (M) then returned to' Madeenah, ,After a period of' time" the Prophet (Ii) intended to 'Pf'(,fOT,lU Haj], so he headedtowards Makkah with 11.,.000 Companions and. performed Ha:ti,. 'This :Harjj' is known, as'HajjaJul~'WadQa' or the "Farewell ,P'ilgrimag,e~ since the Prophet: (M) never performed another H'a,jj,. and died, a'hortly ,aibe'r 'he :per-

formed U!,

On the 9~ of Dh:u,'i-H'ijjiah at Mount ,Ar.afa't the Prophet (',Mi)~, , deli 'I 'v' ered Ju t', farew ..... '~'l- sermon , Aller pr,._~msing"" s Allah, be

1lll.1t;, "'"""Jt.~"" I"U~ l "!Utl.ll\r.'n~" J ~~, __ " " J!I! ~ - _" "


0' :Peo.ple'! Lend, me an a,tten"tive ear, fOI" I: know IIOlt whether 8'fte'm' ,thisr :ye." I shall, ever' be am oll;gS! I' you ,again~ Therefore listen, til' 'w"ha;t I, am Ii lying, to YO'11, very' (:at~e:fut[y aad f,ake t,b,est! words 10 'fbose w'ho ,could, not be presenthere today,

01 P'€!op:Ie!: lust a's yon lIlegani, this montIt. 'Ihis day, "this (:ity as sacred, so re gard the Ii:£l€!~ and property 0 f ,ev'ery Musllim" Return the goods ,en.tnts,tJed to you bJrth,@~ir ri,gbtf'u.l, OWJ1E!fS., 'Hurt no one' SOl that no (JIBe may hurt you. :&eme:mberi! y"Olll, win iindreed meet VO'Ul' Lord and

. .

He w~i'n indeed reckon yow' deeds, ,A'Uab, b,IS, forbid,den

f'o1.1, to take 'usury; therefore all I.D terest o'bU,galion sh an henceforth be' waived, Your' capital, hClw'ever: ... is y'O'orB,


to' :kee:p~ Y,ouwill neltihe'r i:nfHcl 'ftO,F s;uff!e'r lill.e!qiuU:y~ :Oeware ,of Satan, Iv'r the safety 0.1 Y'Cl,ur reIi gwmlJ;, Hehas ]Ol;t all hope! ,tha:t he 'will ever be able to lead you Ismay iO,gt',ea,t ,thin1gs~ 50, beware of folm()iWiug, him, in small thhl,lPj,

o ,People'!' 11 is true fhat 'YDU ha've certain, 'riglhrts, wi,th regards to y'lOur WOD1E!'1\, bUllbey' 111'8:0 'have, 'ri:g'h,ts, over you. R'e.lDE!.mb'el" 'tb,al you have' lilk,em, [hem as Y01l:r M,ves lonly undJ.,er ,A'n3Lll'~s 'bust' ,aud w,iih His permis!!O,

:sion" m'f 'they ,a'bide 'by' your ri,gh't, then '~DI 'thiQm belongs the right '~a be' ,f,ed and cl,othed. in kin,dness,~ Do trea I' yOUf' W1omen, wen and be :Idndito'tnem,l'o;rfhey are yoar parme'rs ,and. commti:t.lled helpels,~ And, it is your ri,ght thmttheydo no't 'Ulk,e as infima;~e ,fri"en cis thiOSI!!' 'whom, you, ,dlo nJ()'t: ,lp',pljOve olf' as wen as ~o 'D,ever be' unchaste,

o Peoplel Listen to me in e'am,e:st;:W!orrship Allah, perform ,'om five daily 'prayelf9J\' fa51 'thif! monUl of Ramadhan" give alms and, perform Ihe ,pi1~gjfimal\e (te~ Ha,in' if you ean ,afford. to. All mankindiis from A,dam and Adam is fliom, ICla.y~, There is; no sup eriori ty :fml[ an, Ar,iJ.b OV'eI' a 'l1Il.on",Arab,;, nor for a nOD'"',A:r,ab' DV'f!Jr an An\b; or for a 'lcvhile' over ,(1 black, nor for' a. 'b lack over a wl1,:ite; except th,rough pi,ety~ Knowlnat every' Muslim :is a, brnther to ,evle'll' other ,MUSnnl and thal the MUSiiims are one (!(J,mmnn.:Hy, .. N'ufhm,g shall be l!egiHn\ai'fl~ tiD a, Muslim U\,af. bemong5to another 1!J_]J,ies's, H W'i}S ,givlen freely and w,nU,n,gly'. Do 'flot" therefore, d,t[) in]usti,cc to Y0'tJIT-S e'l V@,S~

Remember, one da)t' you will appear before Allah and answer ,foT your de eds, So be'w,iUE!'! Do not trb"ay from, 'lhe path of [,~ghteoru'Snes:s ,afl~r I am :gClne~ '0 ,Peop'],e! No prop,het or messenger will come after me and :00 new fai"t'h ,",ill be' b om, R,e,ISICJ,D w':en" therefore ... 0 pel]" ,,~,'e!, And, understand the words that m convey flo you, 1 :i!e',;,1v'@ behind ru'e' two things,,. if Y'BY fo:Uow them Y'ou 'Win never gD as bay:: fhe Book. of Anah (Le,. the 'Q'nr",m) and my Sunnah, Allthose wttO list'e'n to me shall pass on my words to others, and those to others, again;: and :may lhe last ones understand my WO'1i'd:s better than tho,se' w'ho listen 1'0' me directly, Be :my wUness, 0 Allan, that I have conveyed VOlur 'MessD,ge' 10 YUllr Pee-

1- ,

,P' e,~

The Prophet (M) died in ltvIacleenah on 'the t2lih day of' Rabt al-A'wal in the 11th yea,'f of 'H'lj,rab and 'was buried there as, weU,. The' Muslinls, were shoeksd when 'they learnt of 'his, dea,'ih; some Companions did not believe :it Umar sa.i:d:

"Whoever says that ]VlIulhammad is dead", I will behead himl~Abu Bakr then addressed the Musllins, and read the w-ords of God::

(Mubammad, is not but a Messenger, Olh,e,f messengers have ,[PaJ1SS e d ,away before him, So if be' W',s,s to dis or be' ki'UE!d!, would you turn back on Y1Dur heels 'to 'unbelief? And He who tums back ,on his heels win never harm God at aU; but 'G'od win reward the' grateful .,) [3,,; 144]

When Umae heard 'this verse, he stopped sayin;g 'what he was saying, ,since he 'was, v'e1j' keen on 11pp:Iying .the rules of God, The! Prophet ("Ii). was ,63 years Df ~ge' w:nen he died~

The Prophet (II) stayed in Makkah Ear forty ye~ar.s before 'berog: commissinned 'as, a Prophet. After be'mg commissioned as e Prophet; he lived the.r.~ for aDO/the!' thirteen years, in 'wmch he. called people to the puremonotheistic bei,ef o.f Islam. He "then migrated bJI Madeenah, and ;s,t~yed there ,for "ten years, He 100 nttnued to. receive ,rev,ela:tion there, Im;til 'the Our' an and. fhe re'ligi'o!1. 'Of Islamwere com-

plete ,.·Jji~~·'~I.'

The fam,QI1lJl,s p-la:Y1Mrl:ght and crU~(I' George Bernard Shaw' (d~ 19:50) sajd:

I have ,aJwa,ys held the' religion 10£ M'uh-ammadin, high es'llma tkm because of j ts wonderful vitality., It. is the onl y

1'" ~ h _'IL I-..A. tl t .' '1 '-~

reugion Wi· 'lu ~ appears to possess '_-_lil ass~1lu~a:hng ca-

-'-·'b~~:it,~f'u t· ~1-.t.., ... ~ .. , '1.. ..... '-J ."' ~..- -'h',·'1L. .'i ..

pia -,UJ':'J :1:1' me cnanging pnases (L exiseenee W_JU:J:l maxe

it.self appeal to eV'eIjf age' '~ I have propheslzed abou t the faith of Muhammad 'that it would be acceptable tomorrow as, itis beginning to be' acceptable to the Bur-ope of today, Medi,ev'aj €Clc],esiasn,cs" either through ignorance or' bigotry, pai,n~ed Muhammadanism ln the darkest (,'0'],.out's" They were, in fatc~, trained to hal:e; both the man Muhammad and his religion. To them, Muhammad was an anti-Christ, I have studied him/the wonderful man, and in my opinion, far from being an anti-Chri st, he must be called 'the S~lVi.OU~· oct: humanity. 15

'I S En,Cj~\dop~(Ual of Seerah, by A fza IU'1" 'Rahman. 3:2

11_: - P',-·:-· oh ·"t' '.:'.' . 'i': ·-'li-~'f'I'~"ill.m,:, C'jL,.,..-.. -,::C. c·v. -:-~O''D~fi;;-''lfi:t

ne ',rup, I e was 0_, a S. __ 'W,I~M.'y aJUVvle-a.' er~,o~ iU1b.llgJli,

,Amazingl.y i!" in 8aj'lliering;s.~, he, 'would ,apf1'eafr 'taller' than

~t.... '.c ... ..., -'~'~=, t '~'l-- 11;.1, ea .. hi '.' , .' ,t::111 ·!f.h:-'t::!io --i!:!i"'I-- I'a d" ispersed

UILOse cu:,!.uauy lall __ !E!r uUto. ,_m ,""', WJl,_u IU, .~ p~upil.~ , =QI, .1!,;i,!!'!i]!!I;;u.~,

In complexion, he was whi:b~' with ,a, rosy tinge; pale, but

no· .. {!!Jf- ii!'!\OO,t:!'il~V' '£ii;~ 'Ill' ;iZl,r. -H' '-,ill i:'" ha ~il'r- W· . ~ C!!i '~'DI~ -b-' I]' '!eli I"",m~ and 'W' ,- ~ -vy" -::-" be D' Ii,

IIlL,:'" '~x~'!;;;O'~ '_"lI;,;.l} iJv. ,,!IL~., ~.lIL,_ ,,!l~;;;l! j~11!- c,,~,~~ lU-l.,L:· ',' ~'.' ':t'lIi.

stioppedl short of curling, and W'8\S kept between his ear-

10' bes an 'd sh ould ers 'S-OID,i'jj'HiID' 1.iOi.ill! if,..'ol:li, W",' OCtjli~I'1:,f1I, n~ .... !1!- '~,,:;C! hair .g,,15- . _,~~ .' I, . ' ,~_~, JIL,_)J;~., :._~~ J'!b:U.L _ 'G~ I.~,'IG _ _"~fL!l:, J(~ 'I). illU;:J' ,Ill _:Ii. al~

'the middle, Othe'F 'times" be would wear it braided, The Prophet ('M) 'had the physilique olf IF! powerful man, H'~, had a broad upper=1bat,ck and shoulders between which was the Sea] of' Prophethood, H~' had mong' muscular limbs, large

~; .. -,,"'-,I,.,,_ ,c" r . ..:rii .. , ,,"'d"'-} ILh~: "L.17.·, ]j,., .. (,;.i5-- '. ,-,..,.','1;.. .,-, .. - orotruded

jomrs ann a \vru,lc.e gitr~~ .'. CJ.IS It.eoo, stomacn never prorruaeo

out past dte' profile of his chest. His facewas radiant, .I:i IS i:f the sun werre fol_[owin,g, ib, cocrse acress and, shining,

e; 'h-~"~ - - - Ii ·...1i . G' "liJ:i L ,~1

rram .J;Si race, . :sa.~'u one i, o:mparuon, tllS neck was suvery

,.I!..!:, .... I" l::-~',. '£--'(-.'·1· sad '-""'1-' "_. ,-"'1.., his ,'., "~1-'" ] --'3 and

Wl.ilJ'L,E!,r :.;DS ore aea I" pl,Om1llnen .. ~, U;I pup~ '~'" ,ar_ge ilI11J ..

blaek: ills ev,e~a;sbes long· and Huck" his nose high-tipped

,_'_. I, if' ,'_,- ;lC-!- -_. "-'-'f .. ':_-. (", . ., -, " .... ~, .. I "'\'-/i ,I· 0" ,- L ,r"'C'-

with narrow nestrils. At U-u:: time of his death, 'the Prophet bad €'x,al'ctl.y 17 white hairs shared between his, temples and the' front of his thick, beard ~ He 11 ad ha ir on 11 is forearms ,md shins and a Iine of f ne hair also rim from his chest to his, 11a vel,

The Prophet (~) would walk briskly with aforward-, leaning gait" moving with strength of purpose and lifting each ,~:oot cl.-ea:rly off fhe ground, lifts pace Wl',S such that fit men would tire trying to keep up~ Wlme:n he tu rned, he would turn his whole body, giving full aUention to the


on.e addr'iE!ssmg him. and showin;g complete coneern to ·w·ha.t' was belng said, '1i'lhen. he pointed, he would use an o:pen.hmd. SOl as, notto offc,rud ... U,ke~¥ise:f 'when he eriti·,,, dzed a pelsou',S; lbehavi.o:rl ratherthan name the mdl\fjid:ual/ he would· "5a!Y:: "'W]lY' do people do se and so?\lI;; He' 'would ]au;gh only to,tbe 'extent fhsrt Hle s,ap between hie front teeth would become visible. 'H'I!: would become ml,g~ on1.y' ·to the: l~tf_J1.t ·ltha·t his ia:c,e'. 'wo1.d,d, turn Jed. i]!nd the VP'ID··rT. between his flne .. \ bow-shaped evebrowe ·W~··'·'~1~~;:~d:.·

.... _,.,.; . ~IL n >;'~i!,i~ !;? .U.J,IL.J . v.. gil, Ih.. ,_ U ~ "... ' IV __ .,. _ U'I~J!,.

b- 18 - 'R'" - - - - - - "'d

.. UI ['. -10. - 0 An:~1 '~,all' !Ii

.' .... ~ :':-..... __: ~_'!I;.o, v\!J. ~II""."'" ,Q ~ _ .: _.,;

~~I-I . . .iiI·iIl " '.' . ~c . .Il-" ce· 'f·ji.,',l. ;), d ,- .c.",@,.-.,;ii -.'- ~I-' ef A·~'· .. ~' -. '--,- nd '111' ·d- .. -.

_. aJn. Illd,e m,a;SIliE:.r n 1l.w.ii.I(! ': es'lj;,,_ .!Il'am,~:s! 0.', ·.uUti an·· .Ill _ ill'

II, t if: ~ . .3I -,# ,m" ., dtb' .'J

'110'". :!I,ar so QUI O.~-1P'11']l.Ul~~~.· \\ ,LJlI"lm;; ". '1,1

"nI... ..... !Iio.if ::-:c do -,: ,~-- ,- ',-~;idc '- .. :.!~: r- .:;;,,- ,·-· .. b'--·· ... s= ,-"..: ',e ,', i'l ~ .... ,cl.l-:··':·~,d:·', ::.'~.,

. .LI~I~ .•. fee .om ~.t'vm pn_ e WgiS' O.cVIOUS even 1'-\0 cnnaren,

who 'w,Quld ,p'layfuUyh~fid the Pr:01p.het: (Ii) ·lttrou.;gh the'

~.~i-,"", I-'~' M', edtna w~·~;~'~.'1' al~"JIliC,p-C-i~':l;'ilo" ':ir:;,o "f:ii:n~!~ Ind ~ . .l h ,m,

;;;J "I. ~:1L;li! U1 ' , _~. ' .. ~ .' - J! ~dii1'1i. ,01 ~iii;!._,.\,l~"Q Jilll_'" ,~. -o' .... ~' ,.U.I' _~'Ii<Oi!I"il .. 1·",",

h dJ '·'·~d·~· , ,laL ' sa]!_, ~,

iI'.tl'~I·;o!!i; w. h .. '"n ·d· n CI,~ n- n·11 ,[" how m· ';::;;~"'V ".ifii "1""1"11'1' yn"u.n·· or - n: 1 nif

.I .. _.'~' . _.~L_:.. ul I:.. U bli;ll' ,I U L li:l!ll ~.Ul .. ,. , r. bJJ,'~.J' lLu hlJ' '~IL· I ~ : V _: "Of . l. .0., .

'L _..- . _. ,.~ d ,_ - l..iIi:. ,,;r 'A- 'ib D' - ~-,.Ji·lii,

.. noner (J·ur I('!I.I!I/ ~ ¥' ~.S no!l, l. rem us, \;; ", eu ,aw~1

(.(Allab bas sent yo J a Messenger who recites to Y'£J<l1 th!E! clear S i,gDs 0.£ AUaJl that He Inay li'akJe @ut, those w'bo be:~iev,e' iBlud work righteeasness from the dar:k,. .. ness to the Ught (of I'~ Iamic Mo.nOnlre:h;,m}'~)' :[165':'11]

.AU, cousin and son-in-law to. 'file Prophet, said of Mu-

ha .. "',]i'II'iii Ti"IJi$ilI~ ~ . .u~,I4.Iu.JL ~_~U'!!I

'He was the Las t of the Prep hets, U1.'e' most g' v mg 0.1 hearts, t~he~ most tru t:h:hd~, UU! bes t I®:f. fh.le'In In '~etm'" perament and the most sociable, Who~v@r unexpectedJ.y :6 a w him would, 'Stand in a.we of him" and. who-


ever accompanied him and go,f b) know him would love him, Those describlnghim would say. "] have, never seen anyone befere or after' him who was com ...

_ .. _. hI' '" . ''L..;'' . f-li

para ~ .• 'e '11,10 nnn,

Th;O Prop het's k_1i,~V",""~ 'W", , if~, A'·1:~h'~:~, 'Said '0'£ her selfless

~ ,1-:-,1UI' ........ o;r l~lv. 't1J, .' __ "'"',_ ' ,W\ .(lL,1(, ,_.. -,. . - ... ' . -_.

h 'b d

"I .. " .. - ~,

nusoan .

"He always j.[tm~d in household ehores and 'would ,~,'t tunes mend his clothes, repair his shoes and sweep the: floor. He 'wouldmilkt teth'L!.r and, ,feed his animals,'


SIte, also describ ed b,ils charaeter as: IITh,€! :QutU,an (exempl:Ufi.edl. if

(mna!l1!ied inthe :Mefl.s1en,ger of' Allah YO'1] have an excel ,",' ,le'nt example to follow fOJ~ whoever :holpe,s, i:nAlIah and the Last Day and remembers Allah ,m'uch",) (33:21]i

Some ofthe Pn "h-~'-M"'" '.' ~·om.e 0-' :~-Ile , -:rOip· __ :ert- S._- anners and

C:'=;h" --- t' - ·Iio ti- ~

-- '-'. I ---' ,.'-.' .... - --' .,: ._ '!Ii'

.. -=,' )arac.,efts. -I_I.C:SI~

1- 19:<, . '0";· 1II",.j. ·r-·'i\··,.·,jj.,· 'TI'-'Ie M-:'-"'-:·_·,··, .,'-, ,,(,~.,)" had ".' -' - ... ,:, ·lll .. ··---:-·'t •. :_Ol!Ul_. Jl,n~(L!!!.e.C!.i., ... 1E!' 1..Jessenge,r.'~ .. ,itlJa_ an exce:_lIJ,en~.

complle:t~ and sound, intellect. No man has ever had an. m~ 'teUeC't as complete and perfect ,2Jj:S, his" Qadhi Iy,a)adb16~ ma.y

G- od 1l...'~'iI~;O, m at-r~' on htm ~~.';..J'. ""'c_l).li!;il!.""IIO,;. _'"" 111I;;o-,_;;,.j Vi .iUI._ I,. ,W'~];!'U!.

TL,::~ '~~'" -i, ' .. '. ",-,~-- " "-,- an mdivid ._m wh '--'i' .;,.t.. ... __ ., -:.-',.\l'Ji. ,-1",;;L- -

.Il1.US, oecomes ctear Ii.,O an. menvrc U2!IJ]I;. wnen me researcher

read ,;- th ,--. Pro -'h-,e ,,1 __ . be. '\- .... --, .:\"-, · .. sh '. e- i . ·dll . ,...l_ .·II!._. j-", hl , sts ,:1" .. rea s I. e ., . .-J' ... et ,S ;, 109 ra.p . y ana unU(,er-s Il.aD..:S I IS S l!I.!llle'

(,f ,affairs,;t and. his meaningful and Inclusive utterances and tr,ad.i.noFlSj his good manners, ethtcs and moral char-

: .. _,1, .. -_, his 11~_· .. , .• ,:.lll··d·-,- "i~ .i:.l},- -T-!···;·'h· ····dl ·(;·"'···,-·····,··-··1 and -,.1.11..,-_

ac ... er, ._ lS NIl,OW~e.· Ige 01 u-1E< ! .oran ano .,.J1Qspe an .. otner

Dhrin.e' Scriptures, and hls knowledge of statements 0· .: f

- -- - - - - -- -- -§ --- - - - - - - - - , . - . - . _., . -- - '- ~ ..

. ,,:!L!ii:], W" -~;~Q'" and ,- '~-i'0- owle ~ ,it)':iQi, o··f, , b "'g- '~n' pi:!!' ,-. -: I-ti,-, ":::: -- nd eb '~~ h~' U.h", ,._ .!i;;J!""',~ !~,~ .. _ N :l'Ul' ',,""" II;;;..U!iO''I;;; .," y_ ,V", ,~ nat ._Jorts, ,an. ._. a. c.1 ~l,., J

to B,-trike examples and implement policies and correct

,cim-e-,~--o.· += __ .T'jiii::J,'iI M-i" '.:!Ii·rm:::- -e O'iiI"jO H-: £1;, W-"'IiIi~' :di':fI" IQ-V!1'II'IP'¥'i:p,i'f::i' ,~'t"i,d··: paradigm

~ ... i,,'!IbIlI;JI:U!I;lIJ[ .' .1. g_., . ,1o:;.:&I.oiJI" .. J~ ,. ,1:'\<;;11' {.U.iIl ~"""II',"JL!; ~ _I.... !Y,I;,!Jj, _ .. i!i;lI,I u. c~, .... ._

to '".1..1':: •• ,;1.;. his " ._,· .. ·::-·c,· ... ·;1'·.,:· :-- r , Id r -'1- -.,.,1;;;- .. ~-'. :' .. ,' ,···n b -.-. nehes of

.0 w I.IillU 1. 1.]r9 peop.e (dOO _ re a i.e '~O III a '. r,anc . es, O.ll

·1' ·""",···-··1-·· "d- - . ~ ,-~, ·f: ':.' shi - - - -d- ." -.,! -- . la - .(,: """'1"~1 ~ ::-. -';

~"OW.1e,.ge_f ·a,e!!'! or worsr Pi mecncme, iaws Ow. mnert-

:1-, .< -, '1"' -I ,-.' r' ~ c,AI,L·;4 . .' - .- e- "~R, -.,---: - ,.-, .... -I~. M',',·· ·k·, -- ·'"I-.-F AI

l!,:a.t1Joe" m,e:,a_g.E!" anU. OL!li,~eI mi3h,~leI'5 ,as we ,w.~ ., .. e .. ··new anU.

.~- d- ll-'- f this - itl .. - - - d:'" .,. h

,,- -..... ""'-'1" 1'-: -'. ---. '1'" ,'c',_,' ," ,,"'- --_.." .-,". _"- ... .- - - .. ' ".-" ar . 0 .' ." .'. WI .1'oU t rea lng or exanuruag t €

·5': ill"'t"~ 'pc, ,~ ~ 'I-I9-if'. of ·t·~'1II''''''''~'O befo r- -\i:!Ii .~ II ~ ]f'iI.FJ' II!" d I id he sit 'w,';; +~I: t h ei ':r-

. .....~ ... :-_III-IIJJII, ,~'LJI v, :t I~'U!',;I'~ i!l.)I'l,RJ!!,' .. ,' Ii.. 11i.'! . ..:l., :!!! 1",\.,,,,,, '.1... .I.~ Ii:lIIIL - _. .aJ.'Ii..W.l:-· .~ "

scholars, 'The' Prophet had, no formal schooling, and was

···"II-h· -'. -,I,· kr owledi .. -·· of th .' 'b- .-'Il~'~ before '11-.._ ',,' .' . ,. - - .. ~' ..

Wl,'~ OU!. _ .no,;v€! g,e' , ,... 11. e aoo 1!"~ lue ore uelng co mmis-

:.," .. :. ". -d·" --- e, ,-I Proph et 'iI"'iIi"Iit[ ,"l ..... uld 1"'0, ·I-'"'_·'·.J ,0"" .. - .ui. -, • ,,", .. _ 'f' h c

s~one _ a.S(l, ,g; rv.,~,._ I,~_~ .~I~!L!' .. 'l,.:UI!"I..u _.I~. ,re,au .. r W[b,e'" .... IJIG

Prophet (B) was wise to th.€! fullest ex-rent of' his mental capacity. God, the Exalted, informed him of some of

,!~ ,A .grea~ ~dlQ]~r of Islam who W['Oite many'wiolfks,. in.clud_rung on the 'Dlo,gra:phy ,g:£ the lITopffiitEH (;fi)',


what had taken place (in the past) and, of that 'which would take, place in the future, This is a sign. that the Dominion belongs to 'God\l' and that He is capable over all things,"

2,. DO'In,g Things for[' the Sake of God,: The Prophet :(,A)would always do deeds thr-ough which he would seek 'the pleasure of God. He was, harmed, and abused, 'when he: lnvlted and called people to :Islam; yet be was patient and endured all of this, and hoped Ior the reward of G'a<L Abdullah b. Masood said:

'The Prolphel (.) resembled a prophet 'w,hl(} W,afj harmed by his peoplle~ He' wiped the blood from his 'f,~iu:e and sald,: '0 ,God!: Fmrgi:ve!' mY' people, for ,they kno'w 'norU" (Bukhad ,'3290)

Iundub b, SuEy,aan said ~hat -the Messenger's finger' bled during one .of the batdes, and he said:

nyou are but a ,finger 'w'hich has 'bl,led; which suffers in thepafh of God. t (Bukhad 12MB),

3., Siocelril~Y': The Prophet (B) was sincere and honest in all hismatters, as 'God had ordered him" AUa~, the E;x;aJ.ted~ .says::

(Say~ ~lnd~'led/ 1'11,)" prayer, :m,y. .rites o:f satti6ce'i my '~'iiving and m,}," dying are' for God, Lord 0,' ,die wor~,'ds,~ No partner has He, And this I have been commanded and ,I am U~U:~ first {among you) of the Muslims.} [6:162"l61]

117" 'O.,;dhi '• u,,");,,..ili;-. "A'" ,r_C'L'i' ... ~, J:.i'f."".r:--·-· "f,''' :1':1' - -'iI~'-';li'ilia;~ .. ii"".o'Ii'~'II!, ... ;I .. ::"/'

"I.(~,. "t::,\ 'J '~II:,;I ! '!" ,,~ .,.,,1,1,,14 ,u,1 iI'~, reel I! .£tOtj',glllll"""''''l!1 t.', ,l;!!",-U,I'o1f. ~'RJ H-

, .


In 'this statemen't, ,AIl':i:;'hab meant that ale Prophet (illabid,ed by its, laws [and eommands and ,a'bsbllned from :i.ts pr-ohibi:tionst and observed ,th~ virtuous deeds mentkmed m, j,t,. The Prophet (8) ssld:

,IGod has sent me' to p'ertie[c-t ,good, manners and '~O do SOO d deeds, t (lB,!jkhad ,'= ,A.luned)

AUah, the ExaltecL deserlbed the 'prorpb;E!t, CD) :sayin,g: '('.And~ndee'dJ' you. are uf at great :mol'a'i character) [68:~4]J

ABle b Malik. served 'the Prophet 1(8) ,fo,r 'ten y,eaJs; He was wi:th him, dray in and day out~ both when 'the Prop,he:t l(ii::) traveled and, when he was a residen't in ]y[ad,eenah~ 'He' w,as knowledgeable orf the Prophet's,s. He said:

'The Pl\op,hl!2j'l: I( S) did not ~:l¥i!!'[ar' at ,anyone,,,, nor was he rude, nor did be furSlf anyl(1ille~ If' he di@'siired b~)1 repri .. mand 'som,eome"hli! 1.c\!iT:(l1- ld :say: i.Wha I- Is l+Vl'o[ng with hi'RIlI may d'us t be east in his face ~jl (Btiik'hax~ i~Slf;tB4),

5. Politeness and :Good Manners: The Prophet 1(,_.'4Ui;_ ~:),',

I _ I 1 "ll~'" "." 11- l$

showed good manners andwaeeourteous to all, even to ,ChiIDdRfiI.. Once when. the Prophet was in a ,g',gt a drink, was bootll\gh ttoHF'I,e Prophet (")I and he drank from it. On his :ri.:g"hf .s1de there was a }$oung boy' and on his, left 'W'lef,€ [elderly men. Fee'l~g obliged DY the respect of


£!ij 'iild~: iOi['!1i!' ai'n ·dj '[1' CO"'" 'W' '!OII,nfj' ':n'Q' "'0'" t,.'u'rt tJ'~90 Ii7il feelinas 0' f'" th .:::!II ..... :t. ;i;'m.J t.~ ~Jl',II!I;:''Q,I II::u:IL,' ,I ~ '!!l, ..... ~,,~, '.' ,'0,(1,' ,U' '.", . iI;~I!I!;i; .~"'""" ....!'~I~ '.' .' '!L.,'!;;;;' U,Uj,!.,.iII"" ,U'IO;;

~1'El!,1L·',o,-1i ,,,"'Ii.,.'Iii:!! U.r:liIlI"'FliI'g~.· h'ii1i,V'"

~~~ U 1~IJtDJ~ I' V'~~~,~ I ,JjJ V,/' 'i'

tD'o 'yOU 'm,in,d if Lgive !~he drink '~O 'theln.1';!' The young; 'i-.;""1"u .. , ~':')ii ~1 ~ 10": '.' 'lIil''lfiil'lon ~'Nl a'l' I~ f G:' '.' od I, B,;y •. "··' G' ':':,'0" ;~ 'r m 'l!L~'nuimd no t L1'U J !;iI'~IUi,..·. lIr ,,...., r ,i!.!10 ..... t U, .... v· .. ,~ .'. . . IU,." ~,''!f "'" -- " ,'"

pr1e£'er ,myo:nil!' bJI drink fromtbepla,ee, yl(Jiru d.ran.k. 'This Is :my fair ShUe-HI .. ,1f The: MeSSE!lilpT' of God (.)

L, __ ,...iIil:ii~ !llit..iI!!ii b Q' 'Y' ~','~,a ·d· ,· .. ::,....'~I_!II' '(:B' i.' .,~.''t.. ... ~'. 'iWi!')I'!li'~;t'iI)

_;,iliW IIU,,,",,U U I~;' .. /:., .. 11Ui.~".. .' ,rU, m", .1, "WiN IlWoll :i'!",~,,l:;r ,I

",' I •

16. love, for Refonnatlen and R,e:conciIhI'Uon,~ ~enever ,B, :situat!o.n occurred called f():r reeondllatlon, 'the Prophet (M:) would hUf,ry' 'to ,re501V'e~ i.t., Once when hs heard th;at 61,e feOpIe' IOf Q,~d.1.aa'l~ di,~put-ed wi:th each other' abou t a, r:n8'th!r, 'tIl,e' Pr,o:phet (8) said:~

"te'l us' g,oto resolve th, s~.t{lati([in and make peece betwee n them, f {lukhul 12/541)

~7" O:rd,enn,1 wl~:h the good ,m.n,id forbidding evil: If the Prophet (1) saw an act which opposed atenet of 'the' relig ...

~nT'i1 he would reorimand ~.IJ" "C,: fI!' ,·'~I-"';;b·II.~. ""'. ·c.-· .... ,': A'~d·~, .. ,~,'-

Jl'L!l'JIl;!~ . '11;,;. "v_I. s; .... pn '. I,an~, h m d, ~Ull.!Ld .J!.re ,m.a_nner", ~,l,JI',11;.!U.

l .... h b Abbas ~~I';·~.:~

~_~Il 'IJ l:O. ~_a ~~.I,Ulil

The' ,M;e,ssenger of God .II, $(1.'W ,a man w1earmg a ,gold r,mg:m, so be. reached for ~ti [and] removed it,.,~. Hethen said,::

"Wou~d one of YilJU seek aburrnng charcoal and plaee ilt an his band.?'!'

~8 A,o;:,ording tOI ls'bm'ti!c etli~lle~te,. One should alw,ays begin £l',Q(M 'th.e :dg11.t.,

1" ,A, 'lO\i!nl pr~d@1!J,IS,ly QU, the ,DiE tskirts Ol£' Ma.d,eenah. m U '~~p!!'Oh:ibi t)ed ~'or men ~1~ w~:r S,-old ln 1s:1a:m.


Th@,m,an,waslate/l"totd-af\t-ef'the'P-rninhgt' - ii~lf"" "Iake

,,- ,- - - - - ---- - - - ~., . .. - "-' 'Vr' -' !~, • I~ I., ,~,,,,,"

Your ring Make good use of 'it ~'f stdliPQ.~·' It].' ITh' -,,'.

_ "- -'" ',:' - I - -'- -' ,_.1 .' - , - - ~... '- IlI".!'I - '. ..,..., '''0' " -. • " ,e mm

said: ,"N",n b Y' "G:-C~~'d~'I' ... "",,:'il-' 'na'iT.or' take It .... .£,~ .... ,ilL -". 'M>'-' .',.-.- -- '. -'. , u.Ji ' .. ~ _. __ ,'I' ~<-v _ ,. - _- 'W U'" ~ '~, 'Y !i:i,_alii.~ II i::11IJi,l,;'j[ u"e viessenger

- 'f~ 'G' . .-., -- . - - -. ~ t . - j' ('M 'III" ,:i!'Ii"ij>j"'U''i -1\

o :- - w .. ease ]i) aw,ay., 'c,I,' ~s~rm 'f11Jyr;.rO}

Abu Saeed al-Khudri smd::~l heard 'the: ,Messeng;er of Allah say:, "Whoove'l g,f: you sees aD. evil,amOD, lei him. chan,ge

'i,t 'uH'd1 his, '~;,oo-:," d'~ md 'U'he is, 'Dot' able b!J diD Ml 'then 'wi;ffi

... _....!, !'f~,I11,;- __ , , . __ . ~I~ I , I - I {_~. - J _,-,_ 1, __ ," _' •. ' "_ • " •• •• _.'1 ' . l (' _ . . .. _ -!.

'hI9- '~, - 10 - - -- d if--'" h - '! - - 'I: - 'b-) - 1--- d' - - 'Ib-- -- -- - - "' tj-jb- 'gl- ,. --

-'. ". " - ,.. I'· 'f~' ti . ,", I '1'· "." . . '. ,'.' I I., -'" 1".··· - I' , -' '. , .-' ' I" I -

"" L I, 11_ Dg11e" an:, ,_ . , ' B ,!IS D}I)_, iii, e, 1,0 . ,II) ISO, ,-ea WlI, , '-,

keut .. ,~/ (M:ruslim)

8~ lAJv;c of ,Pllrificati,on; A companion passed by' the 'Prophet (II) w,hUe he was, not in it state of pndfica.-tion. He ~-emd rum, 'with IG,od:'s n8im,e:. but' th,e Prophet (e,) did not return the, greeting u.n,HI hie performed ,ablution. and apologj7Jed, saying:

~!:_,lI,!:iI~_.'" ~... h .,'ilA ~. G' ·, ..... ...I'lr' . .. 'h'~1 1"

'1 ,rplat I SI-,OUJ.u Dl1fntioD :·.'~'W'S, name W me .I.

am ont ,in, II. :stah! 'o,f' Pu.ri:l;y/ (_]bn I'<Duzalm.ah ,1~2.06)

01 I~""£.~' - , . C:.'~', -', -'d' ... ''::-..1::- .. ,- 0" - · .... 11'·, ~ .. - .... -,-- ',., Th··I-'-.-·· M"'--'

"7 iLJ:I:U' ,. I,' . II. : ~~, an ", lY.llu~nu.n!lr~ '.' ,D~ ,5 - .l 1~',::I~e~, . e·· ..... ,es-

_ l. _' _ 1 _ . ....:...:..' .•. - !fJ - -_ 0 gl~!tJf'! 1 .•.. l , ,

senger of Cod (.] 'would. busy himself willli ffte remembrance of' IGo~;, he would, not talk In vain. He would leng then hts pr,aye:rs and shorten the speech, and he would not hesitate [0 help and, take care of the" needs of a

need ~y-. P' 0:'0' iii" or 'W:- '~l-d·':·--F'i;,w'- . .('ii~C'Ii"'i' H' "l./lb~'i"iiolil,£,),I")~)1

',Ii,~~ _:;': f' ,_ ".' ' . .IIi, .... ,JI;, .,' -" 'U' r ri, : JilV,I,i "lit;!' . ~.!., ;fI!i!(\!"jf;i;;.J!.'

'](11 'iC ..... ' 'I1'~' - .... - ,r . A"~' -'f' W:,"'""--'I ': hi'~ -. A- 'ish _,'L,_ - .. aid ~ th ,e ,b th " -'. , u. ~,ce mg ,m -",}C(la Ul. " &15,_ p" ".,181 iUt StU,-, L: a I;, I~ ~

Prophet of 'God (It) used to pray d'unng the night until ,m~ feet would swell. She said, 'IWhy do you do this, 0 MeSr'


~n~n,ge:r of' God, while God has forgiven your past-and. furare sUtns?' The Prophet: (II) replied:

~ISballl not De' at ,paJlefnl s,ll-v,e' ~'uf' GodJrJt!' nlukilarl. 1~45,5i)

-11"1,"1 1C'1"'r"L'e' ~,~T;!IIi,,,,,,~,i' 'On' C" ,,' ""', ,',' "~,,, :, (c':c','- c"p,,''),nl'~.ii''''fili'!l;al 'FH"U'T'nifJi' ,11<,;;0,;, ,ILL,~,

]I.. '., ll"u! .. IU·, ~}~I~~~., """,' ,ne some, Ciam",~i!l.!!.'V'UIi.lI' ~~I'~ 1L'lJ "~,

Prophet (B) comphunim:g about a 'mbe, namely 'tn,e' ,Dams, who refused to accept islam", a;skin,g 'him "t,o curse' them,

= '

The Prophet: !(til') raised his hand,~ in pra,J,e:[' and m~tead

= '

~d' sal" ~:

,;10, Allah Ql11l'[i,de' 'the bibi! ,of Dam~' and 'Lrrii'DD" ,~~:c-- ,~ .... , I~ ...

• - - - J ,~~" • .- .- '.- • ]I, '. '.' - •.. _~ ••. (iJJ ._~ _', ,U~'~l~. IUlIeJIl. 11,0' II:]I

ff,-- -Jr'll JeaJm.

1.2 ... G,ood ApPI'aranee': TI"e w(mpaai,ons, knew HOle 'Pfophet {M) to be 'ale most beautlfu] 0:£ peop':~e. 'One: companlon

said; ~l~UJI~

'The ,roplb@,t (:g) W'ilS II person 0,( a:9'eI,'!gt! hei,gh,l, His, shDulde'm welle M,d,e., His hair I'@amed. hi,s 'emobes~ ,Once' 1 :uw 'kim a.oo,medl in a red lamIJ@D.i; 11[ :n,level' 5iii1rw an,yIhi.n,s· mere b1ea,u.tifu1 'Utao, 'hDn~,l' 1[~tikl'Uiri ,1'.235a~

"TIlle ,MeS'sen.gef 'Ilf God ('. -) went to' sleep on a. mat, He s,lood u:p' ,and he, had marks, on 'his sid,e due 11 thie mat thal h.e bad slept on, We ,sD,db: "0 :MHsen8~r' (JI,l' G od, slh.a]] we' noit make bl. JPfloper-] b,edd.i:ng for yO!u?"


Hie said: ~ha't. do I have to do 'w,~th thii world? I ant on'~,y Iike a 'way'fa,:r-el' upon, III mJOlllnt ,tha;t s toppe d 'to 'take' shade and rest under a tree, and 'then leaves m,t behind and continue 5 onthe j lotl]:m1ey /

,riP'i,_,' ...iI,Ii-'iL." ;lIi"I-]C77'i 'Il iI. I ~ ~.LLlu.ud fI',," ",or i i

Amr" b" al .. ',Ha11rith said th~,e' Me,$s,e,n~e'r of' (~:od (:.,),'1 did

I ,I ._- I , ._r __ l. __ ._ - - ....• A~o." I ., ' ,._". ,." ''':,' . __ ..

not ,~eave any- gold or silver 'CUlf,r,ency; or a slave, mille o r female:t afte~r his dea th, Hie onl y left behind his l\frute mule s , his we apons md. a pIece of land he declared

--I~ '0- --h--' -- -'"ty",,' fill: I 'II.,~-" " IHI'lIC;IDii::I''lI.

I~' , __ -" '1.'[,1._, ., :!;.~l!UINlIIatI~ i!'I"~oOl

14., AUrruis,m: Sah][ b. :Sa~d s:aid: The Prophet (j) had more care for those aroend rum than fOtJ Ns own S!elf~

~,A woman grave the ~Ie'scS,em1ge,r 0.1 'G'Dd (~)I a Burd\a,~~ (gown), The' Prophet (8-) asked his Ccmpanions: "De you. know what aB"ll~~dah is?' They replied iY'es, 0 of 'God~ ll' is .a piece of 'woven C o:th [slu:tilu 10 a, shawl]. The WIDman said: "0 Prophet of G"odl.'f. m have W[J(Ve'D this shawl with, m,y 01lV11 hands, for' you. to wear,' The ,Mes,~enger of God (:e) 'look,:U while' he direly needed it ,Afh~itt· al while, the 'Mle,f;sen,ger of G'od '(f3) came out of his horne wearing it, and a. Compan-

it'on said '~O the Messenger of God (.i\).~ '~O Prophet of G'olld! 'Gl~a,n'I' me th~.s shawl to wearf The Messenger 0.£ God (Ii) said: "Yes.' He then sat for a .. w'hile'~ and headed back h.OnTU~~ folded it and gave it to the person w'ho asked for ,it .. The Companions scolded him say:i:n,g: 'lt. was Dolt i,ppIr(rjp'ria~e for y'OIU~OI ask. for 'hrus, Shal"lN"t especially since you know he does, flied hltrl1


anyone down 0:1' send them aW',liy emp'ty' .. handed! The m,~n 5,aid::: ~'8y God! :1 only asked him '~O' give' :it to me because :I. w'a;o'l to be sbrouded lm. this shawl 'w'he.n I die,.' Sh,~hL, the narrator 01:1 the :Hade,eth :said.: "I'he s'ha,w] 'was used as it shroud for that: man w'hen he' died.' (B,ukharl ,~'] 987)

IS. Strung Fai'fh, and Dependence on, God:'Altboug~, the Prophet (11) and hi.s, companions faced severe biaJls, from 'the d.ilsbeliJev'eIs, be always, reminded them fha:t' the €'ll.d was £!l):r 'nte' believers, and, that the WID '~Jrf' God. mil, come to pass", 'Wben Abu Ba:kr' and the Proph.e1t hid in a Ca;,l1E!' after they had left their homes in order 'W :m.igra,te 'to, Madeen.aI\ the, dlsbelievers of Maikkah had. sent scouts in search of them, They carne so; close' fro the cave tb.a.t Abu. Bakr could see' their feet Abu Bakr said:

'~1. ~'oiDked at the fe!e't of the pagans w'hille: we were :~n Ih.e' cave [ofTIJti,wr]., ] sa,i.d1" '0 Prophet ,IllIE God,'! If any .. one 0 e ,the:m looks down a.t his fee't he, woul,d, see us!' 'Tille Messenger of God 1(8) .s,aid:~'O Abu B:al.a~ W,ha't do you Utl,n.k of t\'fO with whom Godjl' fhe Exalted, is the i'r.' Third?' (M'i!U,] ~ la54).

"Th.eM,es,s,en,g,e,[ of God (i'i) performed Sa,l',tiJj' '(pI',ayed

h~1 11, ... t: '.' 'I A'

W ,I.e ne w,as carrying ,3,1II, intant gu,' nameu

U'm·1 aamah dauehter n,t A~· bul-A "31,~ W· 'hen :t..1,r.;;, bowed

- - ,JD..lI..,IL i~, r ,".~. ~o ,'IIl.~ .... uJl!. . IU =s , ..... ,d'~ .',.-,~ I, ltil~ Uu '-'.~ ~~

he ,ut her on ,the ground, and when hie S,blOd u.,p,~, he' wodd ,carry her 'il,g,ain/' (BukhMi r566O)

1.7., SnD.pJifica'tion «!lid Ease~ The Prophet ta) ,a],wa:ys SOU."bt, to make 4t:j;.~rrii~ e'8SM for 'p'~le The' M,e~5e:n~r ,orf

," '. ~~ .. ,. ' ... ' .. ' !1~rilll.Ll.Ull~~ _ -_ ',J. ' 'I' '!mIC~'r' _._ ~ "_ ,_,' .... - . J. o~ ._",

God· u ··: (".:)" said ~,

-_"._- ,·111. ,i;":,l~;I':_"!Ii'

i( slart the''ll!]" with the intention of iength,E!,nin,g il:t J:nl't when Il'u!u a ,cltilldt 'crying, .I shorten tlle prayer;, ,u I know j,ts mother would snffer hom his s,c:reaaIS;:!'~

iR '.iL, ,. rH~~

\,u1!.ilU'Ian :i'I'Q~:'} J_

~Sometimes:, when I return to m.y fami'IYII" I 'wotdd find

,.-I .... ' f'''' IIJ[.., b- d- I Id '. k ~ '! .

I. uat@'"", nul OIn me ee __ . 'won", p1.'c. It up to eat d;

'Il at I WD,uld t~'a'f iha,t it 'was hom the Cha.ri'iJPol JI and tbu.s, ,th_row it hack [on the ground],' (BiU'1dta.ti ,~',2300)

"The Messenger of God (&) was. never asked fur. something when a person accepted Islam" except that he granted that PCrs'Ol1 whathe asked, A man. came to :the' Propbet (.~) and he ga:ve him it hem ,of sheep that W as puiD:g between two mountain 'S,~ The man returned "to hls people and 'Said: "10 my people accept Is-

who does nOlt fear pove'riy,;~ (M1J!sJi'fln, '23,1.2)

'Ibn ,Abbas, said::

'The :prorphet, 1(.) 'w'as 'I:he mos,t ge'll,er-ous IO:f. people, He W,iilS most ,gen.eI'Du.s d'urin,:G, RaJlDadhan 'when 'he' ft1!e't' G a.brl,e;l (If~); he 'wt)'uldmiee"t him every t dlm~ in,g Ramadhan "tv practice and, [Ieview Qur an, M'th hi01., The Mes:5,en~j[' of. God (8)1 w,t\r; so ,genemius, thaJ he was faster Ulan- 'lil.i2s'yfiftes't wind m tills regard, {BuJiha.'[,i '6)

Abu D:h.MT ;sai.d,:

;11] W',!);$. waHdlB,g: with the Prophet (Ii) ,01 the ,Ha:rjr;all~ (volcanic region) o:f Madeenah and w,~ faced the mount of Uhud; the Prophet (8)1 saidz "O Abu. 'Dhar,di I said: "He:~le I MD 0 Messenger of. IGodl~' He saJd:1t would, nut 'pI!!3l£M!! me to have an ,alm.oun'~ lof ,goldl. E!lqu_aI to the 'w,emg;ht 'of MoumJ Uhud, untll I spend an,d pv'e: it out On the sake 0 f' God) 'With nil a m gh or 'wi,thin three ni,ghts,~ I ,YO u ld keep a s ~'n;g'le 51 lver pile ce of i:t '~O hel P those whu are in d ~ b t, (6uk-hmi '23,12),

Iabir b, Abdullah said:

"I'he Prophet ~ did, net refuse to give Ia:.ny,tbing, which be had to s omeo ole' if he asked for it,' O~ukh~ld ~S6~7)

20., Cooperation: The Proehet ( .. '~) .. '! W'~'C', not' ,II. king wh ,i'i'

"" - - = - " "I\". ,!I!.~, VJr--_!1I!!.... '.~~.' . '- Y,.:!I ._' _' _' c - ,.,' "0' .'." ,I;J!'

commanded his followers to carry out Ins orders. Rather he' always carried oot his O'Wn, ,alf'ai,fs and helped others in

ooUectitv'e duties. ,A'ls'bah was, once asked. about how 'the Prop'. 'hel (-'A:)" 'behaved wIth his £amily~::. She said,'!·

_ .: L I ••• ' .. - •. -. _ - _ -.- __ ._' __ ... _. • '_ • ,'''' _ ,:,~._. -.-._~

"He helped and. assisted his fa:mlly members wU~h

~t..IO'~U'~ ehores: but when ";h' 'Q) ~ .. ' ... u 1'-0' pr--~y'~ W·· ,~~ 1!-D.:~':r,_)JI iUJ~J ... _ _I II!;;.JllI.u, !!bal - -' !I;IL II. 'n' .!O.;, • L .~ 1",'lLIl!1 'Il. _ I, 'R!_, !!I;;;_.!J., QrE! n_~,"'-lL_ Ul,

he' w'ould [S.1t:OP everything and)' Iea Vle to attend. the prayers.'

AI B'- - _ - b'~- IA -~'b' -- ~_.;lI _ - ., .... _Baa . -:m, _ ~ '~Z:";_' S3:'lu:

#1 saw ,the Mes.(u!l1.g'e:r of ,GOod (.~) on tile 'Day of the Trench f,aJD'ying dirt [lha~ was dug from the' trenchl

,~'I' hi 1!.. t . .:1 ·1!1.1 dirt N

UI'h'l_il. : '_I,S ·C JlI Ie s. W,I S e:OVI!2!1.lii!'U. \-\i" I'ul I ~.,_. - I. ~ , (B'u:kJu ii, ,I2'78£),)

21~ Tnt'hflllln,ess: A:'ishah. :said:

"I'he t.raj t and, characteristic wh ich the 'P'rop,he·t (~) haled most w,as lying, A man wOll·ld. t@11 a 'He in 'the presence of the f'rlltphet (_) and he would hold it agains I' him, until 'he :knew that he repen te (t j< ~nnnl!dlUd f19'3)

'Even his enemies ,aHes,rea to his bufllfLllne651~ Abu j'ab1,! 'who was one of the' harshest enemles of Islam, said.: JiO MunIIlUnad.! ~ do net ,say Itha,t you. ,are a Karl I oo1y d,etl;'"' 'what ')T1Ou broughtand wru[t 'you ,c,aU 'peo'p'le to,' Goo" the Exalted, ,says::

(,'lYe know indeed~htlt what ithey say certainly grieves you" but surely they do omll CiU. you. a liar; but tthe unjust deny the verses of 'God, . .)· ['fk33]

22.., ,Aggran.di;zi,ll,fj ·the limits set by A11aJJ" and A.!w,ay! Seeking the Mode rate Path: ,A,'i:shah said:


"The Prop,bet (,D) was 8!Olt gi.ven I. Ich,o:i:ce 'behv'een twu ma:ttem'l exeept U1Ja:t he chosethe easier 1J,:f the 'MIO" as Iong as it: was, nut a ~illm'~ !act~ If that act wa;s a siinful a.efrt he' wou'Jd 'be the' farthest fr,om it 'By 'G,odlHe never ,aYle:llged. h;);M,fjiElf" He IIlJIl1.1y became, ~gr-y 'VII,hen, peop,le 'kansgress1edl ,the ,Umi:lr$ and 'boWl!d,arie:s of G'(;Jd; in, ,t'hat' case he' a v'e'D,g'ed, [fur I~he' sake of G-odJ~"

,m.·. 1;-' ~ ,1 .. L~'..-'i ":~JlIi!'ii:~'\ \~I~M l!il-l£,~, - ~~J

23,~ Pleasant Facial Bxpression: Abdullah, bin al-Harith sald:

"I have never seen a man l\Lfho smiI@d, 31;; m1(i~h ,3:S! Ule, Messenger 0.1 G od 1(.) /' (Tbnd.ddli /1,2,64,1):

2~, H,nn- ,,@;[IItv.".T'Tru--- -- .c,t-'"iE"I',Ail-,i,h;--l'~"i'Ii .o,'E!'~ ~ ftii..:lj D '~I- ,~, ~ 'Ji;o.;;j 'ii ~ 'h.if'-'. The'

, ~~.I!I ... -,V_ ~~~1~,1" J., - ~I ~11t'-y U .,ll· '.I.I~,a~ ~~QJ ~'\r~ ~P.u~J.~~'j '13

Pro'pbet (B:) was well .. known fOi' IUs honesty., The: pap,ns, of Makkah -who were openly hostile 'towards ,hlm,-, 'would, leave their valuebles wid, him, His 'han.~'$ty' ,md fie:UabiUy

ow· 'a·' ia:! .... ,['!j;~"'GA W' hen ,',;1 ..... .5 'n~"!V~'!iRi,'.:;. '0-': M······· .."..11,.1!. .. , .... '!1,.., abu - ised 'I!,..~.- and

:· .. '1.: 1.0 ~,~~I~,~;li '",_.,.! ~I~J 1~11J~ t.U',bl~l!~ .:.-1,1[1;., I'~" ~~ ~ oL .. ~. ·!!:D~·_: 1 ~tl1_'. '.ID.~1~ ~1l .. ·1

torfllredj, his 'oom,paruo:ns and drove them out of 'tlleir homes, He om' his cousin, AU b, Abi Talib to po:; tp one: his ,m~gration, for three day'S to return '[0 people' 'itheir' valu .. able,t)",22

Another example of his ,honesty, trus,two:rthJ.ness; and re~i, ... iab~Ut.y is demonstrated in the Truce 'Of H u.d'Q,ll~i,ah~, lv:heI1ein he' agreed 'ke' the article in tlle' trea ty w m"ch, stated 'that any man who tell [he Prophet (:e) would not be returned to L im _C ,-~. and ~, ":Ii '''"'Y.'· 'In'''il ~''FIi 'W'" ;~h'-' 0' 11 ~f' 't- 'M" lakk . ah W'~O" uld '1).,.0

.. " ._ . __ ~ .... ~,~J!.4L J' ~lIJ.." ~!LJ:-.: ~1~,~~~ • .IL~J .,~ = .. ~'I;.;'., '"";l_ •• _J!~ "'}P-':'" m : .. ·, ... 1- I LJ'I&;.

returned t-o them 'Before the 'tn1~atiy was: concluded a man named Abu. J andal b. Amr had managed 'to escape fr-om ttua: 'p!i),gans '0'£ Makkah and rushed 'to' jomMuhammad (a)., Thepagans asked Muhammad to honor his, pledge and return the' escapee, The M'e§se:n,8)e~r of God (,II) sa:id~

;'0 Abu .J,an,d.aU 'B'e ,pa,tie-n:t an"d, ask, God 'bo grant you. pill.tietu~t~ 'God wWl suely help yo'"u and 'those w'ho are p ersecute\d_ and make ill e'asy flor y,oa~ 'We' have sig-ned a_n ,I,greement with, Ihem4 M1,d], we certahd.y do Jlloi be£ray Or.' act aeacherD'Us.J.y/ (Ba ih~qju;ee '1861.1)1

25,., 'B,:Ei.very and ecnrage: AU said:

''You shou.ld have seen :hlm OD 'the Day of D,a,dr! 'We :soa,gh'i re',l1lge' m:th the Messenger of' God (.). 'He was 'flu.~' elose's:t mtOD.g us to the enemy, On .hart D'ay; ihe MesSeDle'r 'OlE' God (8) was the strongest one, mUJD,g 'us .. ' (Mmed t:65t)

As :f:or ,ms tau.rage and bravery' under normal circumstances ... Anas b, Malik s:ud.::

IThe Mess,enger .of G'od eft)1 was the best ()'f people and the most ceurageoes, One night, the people of :Ma.dee'oab, were frightened and headed towards the sounds 'they heard during 'tb.e!, The Messenger of God (.) m.e:~ them whiIl! coming, 'balek from 'the p iaCie' o:f ,the soun de! after he made s ur:e that there was no trouble. He W,3.S, ri(Un.,g a horse 'lba;1 bellont,g~d, to Abu. Talhah M th ([J'U t , saddle, and he had his sW1o'rd. M.Ot him, tie wa's, assuring the peeple, sayin.g::

H ·th ~ idin h ith d'im d'

o. - _ • \. l' ." . I . " • I " 'I - - .. :-. ',," --:-,"1 • - • ,-'J ,,_:"! . . - . ( .~' .' ". . - I -:-. :: • ' -',' ,,-: ' ., -;'. ,'-. .::, _-,' .• - i .:- I . -, , "' -. .'"

.It! met up Wl. .. ·. poop.if! fl. ·.8, a .' orse Wl: .1.11,0 sa·.·c.1 e, an.·

'·h-·· '~·"'I' ried t··,1I:' sword for :th:·IC.· 0 ·1,.},:Lt 1"1' ..... ~,~ :; .. ' ···,····:·,,···1;· need

u J~ carrIe. ,1Uo'."! ~WE 1 or mere ~m\g,l"ll, ~ ElJ. reason or nee-=~

", .... ,-. '!'il" H····~ . ~,~...:di ",' '.:~ ',.' ,-,. ~t ~',C:', . .' .. ,~k, ..... - ,........" ... ~. '. 'ii' .. ' ,iL, fh'"

to use it. c_e CH'u not WM,. ror (I y ters tu mvea _ga~e !U: e

source of trouble as is usually' done in 'these silwa;tions~

216. D;iash.fulllle~s,'~, and Modesty: Abu Ayoubl al-Ansari said tbat the Mes:seng,er of Allah (M) said: sFou:r (tr,slts.) Hie' from the practl;c€ of ,the Me8sen,gers:;; modesty, using perfume and SiWrtlK (b.)otth ,~lick,) and marrlage,' (Th:-n]:id~'nru)

,Alis:hah. said:' i A woman asked :li1!e P[lo,phet: (:M:) abo,u't the 'bath 'which ~;~,tal:!erru at the' end oJ the mleD$'tnial p-eriod,., The Prophet (M) said: J1purl:ty yOil[~.elf with a plece of cloth soented 'with musk;" The PfOop"tU!!lt fM) f~t shy and

rum' ed hi' is face A' "1l~d1', 'all sm'd~' "I pulled 'he'.tE1f' to' . mvself - ... d

, ... ·.0 • .. ,,'. ~' .... ",·,'1'.;',"',1',.' '.'. ,'_',1 """"", .... "y ... ,...~! .. ''CIiIIl'''li'"

._,.,_...:.... ,.~,__:____JI'. ,~~.' •. .:· .• I,.:. ~~.' J ',' .-ili_'·'[!' :., '_'," lJ,'_- ._ . .:..,I'J,."_'."" l'~,tii':__

I ':

'told her 'w:'ha:t the Prophet (M) meant." I(DDl!dlM.i #313)

27. Hwnbh.l!:ne,ss,::Jhe Messenger of God. (A) was 'the most

t.. ... ,.,.;:- ,·"b··;]: ..... I·-·i· ... ','-:":-:" ~'I H'la ' .. ' .','.' , . '" 11-..,,,, .... : ble :th·'I.- ~\t, "'t' . -. '''tr- ",' .... , , .. - '. ,"I, ... '.

nurn c' ,e p erson, ' ... ~ Wal,S, so II mm .Ie _ --,,_a, Ii a. ,s. anger were'

to enter the mos,qJuE!' and approaeh the Pr-ophetls sittiJ:l,g'

1· h .'~ }' '. I-;~ ·':l.L L.!: C· .' .,

pace wnue :1e\vas 51'LLing' ·Wl!.u'll rus · .. ·.o:mpaJ:U,oms)1 one

would not be able 'tor distinguish him, from his. Compan-

~ A 't... M rk 'd"

lon;8" ',:R;aJS .Join '.:', 3.!!t.<. SCU!,:

"Once, while we weI€' sitiin.,g with the Messenger of God OA) in the Masjid, a man Oft bis. camel 21,p=preached. After be 'tied it with a rope, be asked: ~'~V1ho amongst yoru is M.trlhanlnla.d1~ 'The Messenger of Glod (&)Iw,a.s sitting, 011 the ground. while he was Jea.nifig~.

w:U:h. 'hisCompaniiDnS~, W'i!dilie cled 'tlu:l:e,do,u;in, :Bay .. ' ~g: '~TIlis; wllif,.!!: man ~eani_n.,g on. the pound'i:~' The!

'D 'ilk., - /,flrii.J.')'. ..:m'·';!1 .. di" '. it:£. d'· .. , ... 'i' h- h"II:£.

iropne't \~,! ulu :DO't '., '1·:ii.Ji.'er n.Of ,;_lS,till,81U;S·· .italse'J(~.

,it-,iij"IlilD1Jj'_ -] 'IL'I'::: ~ ~ c.:~ o·m--;c-:-··p~, '~'iifij·ii nns ..

,,"_· IU!:)I ". - ,'-.' I_' I. I~L~U 1.[ iJ!;l1

The Prophet (,.) would not h@sib\~e to help .• tl1@'p,'Or)l,

, ~

:meed)' and, widowsin ,their ru~~ed;~!., AnB_fJ b. MaUk said:

1 A woman from '{h,!, people 001.' Mad,el!n.ih 'Wh,OlVDJ

pa,:,iJit'\t~'~71'1!1l'V Iasane !i:'i.<il]·~~ !If~, the p--::-rnltl,hi O'~' (;lfiI.'.ii·.)-r· .ll1" 'it.".li1i~:d, to ask , .. ~l. JJfIlU,1 !iJ!,_ ~ ~~ U, I~U tL ,~- ~'Ur-'-' _,~~, ' .. "'~~ . .'!!! Jt t'IA'~ ~ I.!IW!' 'AL!;'. c •• -,

Y1DU [your help] abt1Jiut. ,s:ome'tl1Lmg/' fI,e: Il"elpled her and too:k. care -of her n.eed~5V (Buk_'h~lri, ~""'IOI)

,i'O 'PiL!Op]e:~ V',e'dly there ·ate atu!(Jin.g; yo,o. those w:hol chase Pi e,(]iple' !a.wa;y~ :Ef y·,ou lead p'ell)'p!~e in'T" shorten .~,iI1...g t'l·r··~'W'QJr--" The .... ~ are o~·'~'<fIl ·~'I-'!IiI·~ W'; Q3.'Ii1k·1 rn,~li"Iilp:-:·~.Q

~ll,~v, . ~~ !ltl'I,'k; ,r I~'J' ~ • I l~ ~,JJJ~ R.~'~ .. ,~'-l R l~lUJ .. ~R ,C ~u .. I.~,

and th.os,(! w:i.tb s,p'ecLM needs behind you in 'p'I,ayer.," (BrI:.mk1Jlad .~16m)

Once when the Prophet (il) went 1"0' visit rus, g randchild ll.el shed some tears,

The :M:eiS:s'e:ng;'e'l!" gf Glod (.3) sat w-ith the cl1'dJd ·wIi.He he was un his deathbed. The ,cbdiIdi's. eyes froze in their pla.ces ~ike' stones, Upon seeing lh.aj't~ the Messenger lo.f G·nd (.~) w,~p,t 5alfd said to him, ·~·\~nla;~ Is

this, ~ 0 Prophet g f G od?' He sai d: "Ihis is a me'lfY llii:1,t God., fhe Exalted, places in the :heath of His slaves Truly I." God is n1 elltc:i~u I to, thns'e 'who are mercifu I te-

wanis uth,ers.. t (SfIllkRari #8942.)

29. Pati,enc:,e and Forbearance: ,A,nas, bin, Malik said::

J',O'ft.c,e',r I 'was, walking, with the Messe:n,ger of Gud, (A) w:hile' he was, wearing a Yemeni eloak with. a, ('ollar wUh edges, ,4 Bedouin grabbed ,him s'trOD,gJ.y'. I Iooked a:t the' side ,of Ills neck and sa:w 'ta,al: the e ~ge of Ule' cloak left ,3 mark on his neck, The 'Bedouin said, "O Muhanllm,a"cU Giv,e me [seme] oEthe wealth of God ,that you have, ~ The Messenger of IGOId (ft.) turned to the Bedouin, laughed and ordered that he be' give n Isem e mo ney ],/ (Bulhari ,tl::29BlJ~'

Another exam:ple of' his 'pa:tience' :~s 'the 5,tory of. the Jewish Rabbi bid bin Sa'nah, ZakJl had g;1rven something as ,ill I'Dml, to 'tile Me!isengel' oil God (,.)I~ He 'himself said,

"Iwo or three days prior to the return of the debt, the Messenger of God (.) was a.ttendhtg the funeral of a man from the' An~,ar,.Abu Bak r and Uma:rl U"thm,an an,d. some other Cempanions well! with the Prophet (iill. Affer he prayed the funeral pr,a}rer he ~,at dolYll, close to ,3 wall! and I came towards bim, ,grabbed hin1, by the: ed,gea ot his, cloak, ,arndllooked, at him i,n a harsh way .. and said: "0 Muhammad! Will y'fJU not pay me back my loan? I have' not known the family ,of Abd.1l11 .. Mutalib Ito delay in repaying debts!"

Llooked at Umar b, a) .. Khat'taab or .his, eyes,wer,e swo]. .. Ien 'with ,anler:~ He looked a,l, me and ~5aid: '0 Enemy lof God, do yo,u talk to the Messenger of God and behave towards him in this Itliantl,er?! By the One who sent' him with the truth, had it 'not been for lite fear of not; enter ... - in.S fhe Heavenly' Gardens, I would have beheaded you 'with ,my s,wordJ T-he' Prophet (&I) W:D looking at Umar "in, at calm and peaceful manner" aD,d he said: '~[O 'U'mar, you should have given us slneere ceunselmg, ra'nler than 1,- do what Y' o'.m. d_-id! 0:' U-' mar 0-0 and 1rP'na' 'L':i.,..... hls

- ' LU_ -- - - -- - ' , - - I 0'- ~!!!.- - .... ''''''r-y litJ.Uil 1;.,

Ioan and ,give' him twenty Sa'a 4m'easW'e'men.'t of' weigltO extra, because you seared him!'

Zaid, said: "Umar wellt willi 'met and repaid me fhe d.1ebt, m,d gave me over it twienty' Sa/a of dates, I asked him; 'lVhat is, ,tI1.is1~ He said: 'The Messenger of God (,.) ordered me tu 1PV1e -itT because I frl,ghtened 'you.' Zaid the - asked Uman 10:····· Umar, do y·,',iIffi;-U· know who: I

al , . n ~ ear - - - - - - r _ _, . '!!,II' _, _ __ _ , •

am?' Umar said: 'No, I don"! ... w'no are you?'" Zaid said:

. ~l am ,Zaid b. Sa'nah.' Umar inquired: "I'he ltabbi'?'" Zaid answered': "Yes, t-he Rabbi,' Umar then asked him:

I\Vhal made you :9,IY what you, said ttl' the Prophet (.)and do what you did toO ,him"t' Zaid a:ns'W1e.l~d: "O Umar, I have S,t!@D all 'the signs of prophethne d in file face of . the Messenger of God (fl.) except two - (the first) his patience at1IQ perseverance precede his anger and the second, the- more harsher yOIU are toward'S him, the kinder and more p3,ti@:l1't he becomes, and. m aD1 HOW' sal .. ,;;s,fie,d~ '0 Umar, I hold you as a witness that I testify and am 'S atis fie d 'th_ilt there' is no true go d worthy of be .. ing worshipped except God alene, and. my religion 'is


Islam, and M'nhammad (8) is; m.yPm,,':beL I also ho'id you as a, wim}e5s tthat half of my w:eaIi,tb - and I am among the wlea~'thie5t people im Mlldeenab _, I: give for tb,e sake of God 'to' dJ,e' M'1ISHms~" lJmar said:: "you win Dol, be' able '10' distrl;bu.~e yODl' ~lth to all the Mu.s ... Iims, ,510 say,. ,'] will d.i:!;"tribu.m ,it to ueme of the :foHow .. , ers Ol( Muhammad (A)/ Zaid said: ~] said, th,e:n I will. distribute '(th,e apportioned) 'wealth to some :of the Musli'rns~' Both. Zald, and Umar returned to. lb.,e Messenger' of Glod {,B)., bid, said to Idmo; ~I bear wibless that 'there is no true god w10rthy of 'being' worshipped erx(1ep;i IGod alone, and tba't Muhammad (D) is th,e slave

e G....I d His' ~ M I H b 1'::' d" '. L·' d

01 > "Ou aD __ , I _,essenger. ,:- e 'e.u,ev£, 1D nrm, an __

wimessed many' battles and then died in ,tb,eB,attl.e of Ta.bonk 'wh.Ue' he was encounterlng the enemy '" may Cod have mercy on Zaid,' (Ibn Hibban 1288)

A great' exmnple' of' 'ms and perseverance is apperent when he pardoned the people of Makkah ,after' its conquest, When the Messenger of God (II) gathered, 'the

_ I - c-h,- had b d ha 'd and" t..,.,_,d' 'L,~;_

peop_e.; 'WI 0 na r a u sec il narmed and tortured ,il!iiu1lL and

his, companions, and had driven 'them out of' 'the a'ty of Makkah, he ,said.:

,~OW", h a"f do ve ,'I'll a.!t...·li,n'~I' 'I w'- fll d ~ to }'.#)'n, 1'" TIl '-'---1 4'y' " answered:

~ _' ~I. ~}L, U J ,~~ Ul:~~~ I. .", .. U _' IV _ 1111 '~'." ~~~',,"","~. __ ..

- --

"You win only do something favurable;.you are a

kind, and gene:rous,brn-lher" and a kind. ard :geoemus ne,phe'w!' The Prophet: (A) said; "[Go ... YIOG are nee, to do as you wis h. ' (l3aihaqJi '18055)

"We entered the h![lIUlS,e' of Abu Saif "'" the blacksmith ,,," w:ith 'tile' Prop',he't (,il)~ Abu Sa;if"s wi~e' W,15 the W'E:'t .. nurse 0:1 his 'SO,El, Ibraheem, The M:,e,s,s,en,g,er of' God e-) I ~ ftedl Ids is on Ibr,aheem." llil,a. ~melled and kiss ed him, After a, whUe he wel},I' and sa.w' his, son, il,grun, .. he wa.s dy~ing~ The pjfl(!jlp; 1(8) :5,tar~edto cry,~ Abdur-

rahm ~1'~I''i:'m b-" A'-','~"ii,iI!: ,I:! ~'I~d'!' ~·o-c' . P'~p'J!tIP't- A'~ G' ,- ii"iI,.Ji _ Y' -,(!Ii'il'il ,i.n1if'ii, i"lfif'I'i!'

.II!.~Uill. -_~lW, ," [i' :: .I!ldl1i, ICI~ '" __ !, .. _:_. . .JLU ,.~11I;i.;.1 u,l ._" Juli" I~. U~ IJu,y LL.!!II'II· ~I

The M~~;seD:ger (i\) said: ~O Ibn ,A'Uf~ 'Ulis is, a mercy' .. ,tb,ePm:p'l1Ji~~ (,.) sh'ed, mo:re b!'HS and- !j,aid: "I'he eye's shed tears, ,the' hearrt 'is saddened, and we' oOnly say w h a.t please s our' Lord, and W'~ are saddene d. by 'Yllrur death, 01 Ibrahe eml t, (Btlk~iliF~1 #1.241)



3'1. justice and, Faim'e'ss: 'TIle M,essenge,r ,o,f' God Oi) W',StS just and fair in ev!e'ry ,asped of his Ufe' and in th.e' applica'tioo of "the lleUgl.on" ,A'ls.hah said;

';The' people .of Qurahsn were extremely concemed about a M~omil woman (te',., the woman from the'

t.ri~,1ti '0"',,,1': -M,ig,'!ll,,:"~1,\..''?'rt<t[Iom'i ~ who r"\ry'ij'iHiTin1iur""'d':' ,~, ~+-,n~, Th :Q'y~:.'~ con-

_u.r~ ... ,_', gL~JL_~ ~ _.1 .... !.llIu LiV.l:~·IlJ._:t,u'l~~·, __ ~ ~~1Ilo!" ~I_: ~cv,'"

versed among themselves and , ~Who, can: in'ier(lede' on her 'behalf with "th,e Mess~n,get of 'God (.)?~

'They ftn~:ty said; ~Wh,o dares to speak to the Messenger ,of God (B) in 'this, matter except U samah b, ZaidI the most beloved YOtmg man to the M:essen;ger of God (.),,1' So Usamah spoke to the Mess~ger of God (D.) regarding the 'woman" The Messenger of 'God (ii) saj.d:

to Usamahl Do vou Intercede <on their beha f 'kiO


disre gl3'rdJ one '0 f IG od' s castiga ti ons Ul d punish-


~:,i.,w. ~III

The Messenger o:f God (,e)1 go,'t up and delivered a speech, saying:

"People before you were C],estloyed because when the noble among them stole, ,they wouJld~ let him ,go;, and if ,th,e POrOf and '\ reak stole they would punish Jiim~ my' God~ f.f Fatimah, the daughter o'f Muhammad sbSth~'~1 would cut her hand ;01£1/' '(Bu'kh_il'f;i ttS'2'sS)

The Messenger 0,£ God ,(~) 'was, just and fair and allowed others '~O avenge them selves if be harmed them, Usaid b. Hudhatr said:

,t A man from the Ansari was cracking j okes wrufh 'Pen~ ple and tuakirn.g Olen;, ,,ht and the Prophet (~) 55-

'p~i£!''''-..jI bv' L!'_ ~Ilftd, 'no.., ........... : 'L!,_ ~I~'A- Ii'~ nrL'U:~' ,. , ,,'~'il.t.. .

'I~~ .:.i ,lUlU ,tu:_ .. 1. _-.:_ ,I"" 1\,11"1, ,lUll' ;",! ~ , 1:7*."1 'Wlut! a

b h· · ~' . aiL ,n -h ., TIl.,

;.Jranc' O;.i a, bee UlIIJt Ij Ie was canylD-5 .~IJr..e' ex-

oi!'!'l~jlm.od' ,," ,"O'~' ID-'p·'hel .o'f'G'· '0··(1' Ii' A' '8' nUr 'mID ,.a_ a'liil'l!"Q-ft:PI~ 'm.- -

'!L~ __ . ~ .. _~ .~:'., , •• U, _""_. :1~~ .' ". - -.' _II' .ol ',1 I IU'ln'· "~""I~. ,·raf·~I1_~«;l~'." __ 1""

~,_'I'~t' Th' "~'h·· ,11., .(,,0,&) ,. . .'''d''' '~'G> '_ ,A iLl :_" -. ·dt" TL ' . M:U.,~, . ,'lIE! ...-,);o'p,. el~, ,~,' saJ'.::._~ ~.u- J'Ulira,...., ,J. ,ue' man,

sa :j"'d<" "0.·.·.' M~'.i:!hi:liinIOi.·,·,Jiii;1r ,AI:£ ·G::o· AI :J,qR' ,~-.~~cr-:iII"IIIP' a' 'P.:i1!1r.;..,

'itiiI-I, _ '!Il _, '-""" __ lII;.l~~~~l "". _ _ _ u.., ... 'lJr.u..~ ..... u,..;; I" ~D.4:ILI-.B . " ~_.'

m~ ;Dn~'"~- ·d' ·1 'W!:::Ii€! nlii'lliit· wlL.·e- ·oitt nn'k.illld" m e IF.I"'" D, .' _

,:" ~)I~ .Iill;~, .. , "' ... ~ :. Vi , .. ,:n, £1, :rip, r';"~IIP;:;:', 'I. ," ,~ .~., Yo'll

j,a'bolled 'my iexposed 91tio;,. SQ' it: ,is only' fair ,I do die lsame '1'0 Y,llJu]!" The' :M~essmlef of' God 'A') raised, hi.s Up~'1'UQ" 'P'I~Uie.m.l~ [,to emooe 'his ,sid,el, and the ,Ansari,

llr-~ I.. r.~r·

la,eJie'ly1: :ldssed, it, A;yin,l):: , oBI" ,meant 'ID d:o this/, 0

'M·:-'-··_ . - ._ .. ~ .... ' Go···...::Ilif"'"

..... es~,er 0,:('·., .'.0..; i[Av'U, Da'wood #5224)

32 F· • G' ~ . 04~' .A H li' !I. ,iI'!: d e: ... 'Ii f' :ur:: .......

':<. . eilDD'Q',,"I, !ano ,_'~rii.'O", .!L"'IuD'·. ,ju,I.Oi ,lI:iUD,:: Th ·,9 '\.~£'I'P='

't! ,~I"'rD ' ,i'l!i;. .J[~:4L1irQ.

senger Off' God. (i3J was the most mind.:ful person of' God,

A'1bI-d~ ·",P ... L 'b·'·;'· ''Pi.A''''''~ ,"I .. d £"":3I;'d', . ...c·.' Uilli:U, I, i . In. ,.!!y,~,sou.. . i:'!!""" . ,"

'~lO.ce'l tb,e ,Me~sellgeT' 10,( Go·d[ (,.) Mid. :to me': 'Reci;lle' iIio,1i!JI' me '7m,~" 'Itbi;"o 'Qi'·.·"·;.~',?;n'~" .A··"·.b·:d' "u .. Il .... h "b, 'M-''': aseo .• ;( iIJ';,,:,,,;:,4~:

Itlll$ I ~ ,1_lllU ,_,~, .. u.I w_ I. I. 1 •. . IndJr" l . ~ . I _ _~ .. u ~ ~_~JUL.

,;l SDa II I red,l:e if' 'tD YOlll", widle' il 'w'as 'You to w,hom if~ W,U Ie~ve'aled-?~:# The Prophet (A) said: CY'ers~'" He .said: ., started, 10 recite S-Wi):t an~'N'isaa:2J, un'dl I Feachedtbe V€Di4?:

(How theB, if We br Du,GIlI, hom, each nabon awi:t ... ness, ,and W'~ bF[lUpl you. as a ',l@SS -a,g:runs~' the5epeople!:) C 11,:41)

Upon 'he~ariBg Uris 'vers~,~, tbll! Messenger of G'od (~), said: ~Tha't is enotlgh!Jf A,bd'ullah, b, Muood sad,~ 'I

'~~, the' -fourtlh eha pte'r o~ tl1.~ Q1,1 (an, ';:;'6·'

oJ '

fonu!d aroend md ~aw Ihe MesseD;~r Df' 'Glod, (e') aymg/'" (lh.;.d<had, ~'4716J)

A ~lshah, said:

'f]G the' Messenger of God l(lI) saw dul< clouds in the 8iky; hewou~d. pece forwards and backwards Bind, would exit and enter his house, As. soon as it rained, 'the: Prophet ('.)

would rel ~v A,i';lifih-i::i,l'!j; asked t..~_ about it ~'n..Ji he 1~~,~'AI'i' I!I d

_:', ,: V _. ;'~"_, .. _ ~ ·!~A,~ ,", I, JJri:Jl., !~1Il, It iu~,~,~t:_, .llllill.l p.,1!)', .' U.ILo J,:. -I I~, _IU, " >~ ~lty,IU.'!!1 0:: .:.__:, .... : JQ

DOlt kn}QIW'" U: ma 'be as some poopIDe r~Uu.ld::

'(':rRen,wh!e;n Utley 's31wthe I(penalty in 'the' shape 0If) I, c':I'!lJud 'brav1t!fsm,g dt,e' s,:kyl' comm,g, ,to meet t,h,If:.rr valleys, they sud,: "Thds cloud, YIiII ,give us' :[fa'iin~: :N ay, iI: is tb'e (lCalami'ty) you 'weN askin,g III be hatsteft'ed~ ,A, rwind. w,b,e'R'in, is ,211 Grievoas Penillfy!~ (I,ail)

3':t ·~l·..".·:·;;LI' . ..,. "Q~.~._" "",~,.Ji ·C,'· '-'O'IIi"lIIit'1ion~II\lIiD'I' o";€ ,It."', __ H· ._."ii' .... " Umar b al-

llJ!!", .III.'\. UUIll'",,"~,;,' !~II lUI. '_ 'VJJ.!I!L~ I. LllJl.I~,.,., ,!II. UUC "" 'e'lAII., II.~ _ .. -- '-' .' ~ .. '.

Khattab ,!C'::':J;~.,..:aI'~ '.t,11[, ~dLJ ,1;1 g,lI.,~J!".

~I entered the ~me,fi!jen,ger's bouse amd m£m-uod 'him 5i,t,~ tin,g on a mat, 'Hie bad iii. ie'i]/the'r pillow stuffed with fibers. He' had a 'p,o~t of. w3,terby his, 'fee't, and there was ,SOiDe ['I,'ot~l,'es ll:ttnS on U],I@; w,a1I. His, side bad! marks dUe' b) 'the'mal th,al: be lay lOB. U'mar'l¥,ep'it when, h ... 1i':'I'''i''ii'.ii_'~ ,i~;~, and ·th' '-:113 M· esseneer ifi~) ...... sked him: EM"" "ii,"

~ ;:t~r'f'" '--I'~;j\r 'IJII~~' ',._,', ;,~. "j'\!_:._._~;~.'_ .I-a~ _ \.J~':._I 'PDI .' }~< " ~-~,j I:' ,-, Ily

,Aln VlilM1U-- 'W"·'c.o.n.,;,?'" U' imar said '.' "O Pro ; "fth-,g,i>, Af;; G:-',:f[Ii,d,-'f.' Kh":-I;-',-'-'_

rut~ J!!i.I _ . !;;;''''"'r'' " ""= aI!~ .. "'.' ';' . 'IY,~!II" IUI', '.' ,'!i;.!' .,'. I! !miS,

ra u an d Caesar €'El ii oy the best of this world, a.nd, you are. '~ruffedn:g in piCil"ferly?~~ He said.: '~Arenill y'Olu pleased that l'h,ey enjoy Ihls wnrld, and, we "rill ,e~l1jIOY U1J,e~ Hereafter?' {~l!Ikh~d ~~;!:(29)1

'~] asked 'the Me,r;senge::r' ef Goo, {"): "Did you face' a day harder and more Intense ('bm the Ba.ub~j of Uh.ud?tI Herepfied: ~,I snffered a lot fro-m yOIO:l' p,eo;;. plel The worst- I suffered was on fhe D',DY of al .. ! Aqabah when m spoke ~Ol ,Ali b, Abd Yaleel b, Abd KilaaI Un order to support me) but ,be' dis,app'OliE1:ted me and le'ft,m,e~ :1: 'J,ef'fthe' area while I: was quite worom ned, and wa~Ik,ed ,.. when I reached am area called Q'R'rn a,tb; ... Tha"'al,n,; m raised my head tOI ithe 'sky and noticed a, eloudl that shaded me, Ga:b:riel (,lII) called me and smd: '~O Mu.hlamm,~d:! !God, 'the Exalted, has heard w'h.a:t your 'p'eo'p:i.e have 'Said to 'y'O!U .. , and 'hit's, sentthe ,An"p'] in, charge of "the .nUJ nntalns,,, 'so you can comma:nd him to do what you please,' The Prophet (,.) said; "The An,gel ill cbarge of the' mountains. called. me' sla.yin8~; IMay G!ad praise you and keep safe ffom a~] evil! 10 Muhemmad, I 'wnl do w.hat€:v'er you command me, b)1 do., 1£ you, like' I can, b:rin,g the Akh,,haDa'in mountains tog,ether and crush th,em all," 'The 'Messenger of IGod (.) ~~ai.d: 1,t m,ay bethat God raises frem alDo::n;g them a progeny whe 'WDfShipl God alone and associate n,o,le:ts, 1-,,1111, Hilm.~ (Bllkhul #\300'9)

L The :I~rop'h.eti"s close relafions 'wi~h his Comp,aniolls: 'The Prophet wa;s ve'iJl'c~o\seto his Ccmpanion8~, aund "this Is 'weU .. lkn()\y}l, when one 'reads the' de:taUed r-eports about dl'e f:ropb'ef's biograpby~ The Prophet ('.) is the example wNe_b we shouldemulate in all our ma,tters", Iareer b~ Abdtdlah satid: "The Prophet (,~.J did, not prevent me from si:~~ 'Iting 'with 'rum since I accepted Islam, He .alw,ays smlled when be: looked ,~d 1]1e. I once (')omplainedtc) him l11at I could not' ride a horse and he hit me in my' ,!Che~t and ,suP= pUelled God, saying:

,l,O-' G:.--o',4I1~ ~11o,i:li'~~y·· '1L\.'1'·1j'Ifiii, __ and make 'him a uerson "",;,lto

..... ·:_' .. · ... : .. ·u,~ ul!~UU, .. ~.I.~.~ ~. __ ._ , ... _. " ,c' J,.', .• , l ..

,guidei!j others alul a seuree ofguidan(le/' ~,ullihari.


2,. Tile Pmphet (~) lc\r'Illt'lld~ ell tertain h;is Companiees and joke with them: AI··,HuGn said: L An old woman came, to 'the Prophet (:@i) and said,: "0 Me'SsEmlger o'f God;;" ask God 'to ,admJj,,!: me into the Heavenly Gar-' dens." He "Old women wffiU not' enter the HeavenlyG!mdens!!ir' Sht! then w:alked away crying. The frotphet ('8) said: "Tell herthat she: 'win not enter tile Heavenly Cardens as, an old womm~, for A'11lah says~

(V'elliiy:, W,eb.aVi!2 1C'[lea:h~d, th,enll (maid,~I1,'S!) of special f:F.eali 0.0" And, made tbiem v ~,r,gl ns, Loving' l(l-heiF h usbands only), '~a'nd) if)f equal age,) [56!35-7]

The. Prophet (B,) did not only vler'ban.y entertain and joke with his companions, but sported and amused them as, wleU. Anas b. Malik said:

"A Bedouin named, Zahlr b. Haram would give gifts to' 'the Prophet (8)i and, he would, prepare tmn,gs for him as well, The Prophet ,R) said:: lZahiir' is ourd.eserl::r and w'e are Ids citv.'

- _I"'J"'"

The 'Prophet' (,.) approached han while he was seUin.ghis ,good's;, and 'the Prophet (B) hugged him from behind, and

he could D' ot e_~ 't..~:;-o He the -·n·, 1I:!!~1Id-:' ,.!il """':t, me , 'go~_c'j" 1:!:n..'O'n-, h -.0

__ !!ir. ~-vUJ . .' a 1,1_ . -;l- ~~ ,llL:Uil;L.! ,I I , -II!.. ' __ _ __: _ !i.-.!~ _:- ,il Ib.te _ " .1.: ':.: _. .• , .• ,' ,II~; . " ~

knew thatit 'was the Prophet (A) who was, hugging him, he pressed ,his back towards the Messenger's chest!: The Messenger of God (II., then. said: ~Who win buy this slave from, me?" Zahlr said.:: "O Messe1lger of Cod, I am worth .. less~'~' The ,Messenger of God • said:

~Y,o'ill are not consldered w,orthl@S5 by' :Godf/' or he,

C''lII'~d·,-''i' FV,OU :"11-, valuable 'lIj, .... ..:I' nr-D~n'n~ to' ,G-'nd" r (Ibn H. "Ii.. I~a..a '~J I. '. ,a.aJ,~ . iLl., ... ' !~ "_J.lU ~ _~~~~I~.!;II!" ".:-_ V."=<11i I.,' UJ:l i;-lu-'

ban. ,'5790:)

3,. He wDwd. ('ORS'ULU his Cempaniens: The Prophet (.) woUld, consult his; Companlons, and take thelt opinions and paints of view into consideration in iSSUES and mat-

....... :jl.s ,~ W,·IL::' .... t, 'no c·. !I..-.'x""~~1i p--Ir--~iii:'s w'C-~ifj,'r'_01 ~j'e' sled Abu

t~·~,i. l~,1L ,·.'JlUU:~ ~&~J .. " iLlb',,·"L,Uu.11 I.·.·:II~,I!.I·.I L ... ·~_·~, l~''\r.~'· '(Jj,l[I_-:."_,. __ '~'~,I~,

H-'Iu' ralr ... 'b said '.

,_~~_,gJ.1·L, [~ Il

oil 'have not seen a ,p~rson more keen. for 'the si.nce're advice of his eompanions than the Messenger of God IAjL' ('T" - - ".A h' '~'1"Til 11)"

'i_ :&IFIl' '. UTflli'h.iI;'t J i!.!, t .],"t .

4~ Visiting the sick, whether h~ was Muslim or non .. Muslim: The' Prophet (.t3)was concerned about his Com-

- . ,'. ~""'~"S' and 'W·· 'r'!iiU-,-'J1,A m-' ',"1lII'k-;O;I; CJu'''rD ,IR-L!!iIt- 't~h···,Q'y'-· . '~are-'" ' "~=111 -I"f-' 'Ii...

panlOll '.'--.' 'v _iU ,.'I>l'b ~"., ' ...... U.~lU, . __ ~_ W'l;;: _ _ we~~__ue:

--c - told about a' IC' -o·m-·· .. pardon who was sick h I!lI w--o- old' -- .... L 'W,etS ILv~ U '~'V ~ I ." .. ,. ,I; , , ,w,u,'1 ._; ~-' ·.~ig,~ ~.\,;.., .! ~" .. ':U.~' :rU;)JIl

"0 1lft~I~'t h-I- ~'1I"lf'Ii 'W1-'-~,i.:i.. th ce'--: C--'nm~-"p--~ril;o-'n~ that "t:;I;~[D. pre esent ·!u.'rifl;L L!'._ Y,IIi,!;\I I •. _~~~ 'l .. _ . u ... _ . _' . v,·. , _ _--'~I[i.i!,· .. ~~ 1.,1,1,.., , "''''Ib.,~ _: ~_. -_-""" .... '_ c .. 'n I.UI

'1f;:' __ , 'H- Ie w· '··,lfl;u·ld: n't 1'\i~I:y: .. ,~,ro~,,, 'ft....n M····· ":~"~I~'I-'I'~'m-,-~ w-- ho W'-·Ollt",o, 'itj<:li ..... k-·,,~

Ji,IWJ.I!.~ '_" " . 'V' _'-' . Ii. ullJ., .. _.' ~'JiJ;::;II'JL~ IU.~~ ,_._. Ii.iIQI .. ' ,'iOJ' __ , '.'. , __ .~~ 0'. \.,.,

rather, he would even. visit non~Mu,'S']lms,., Anas b. Malik, "d


I A J'e.Wis'h. boy would serve Ute Pmph"ef CM) aDd_ he ten sick, so 'the: Propbet' (,OJ :sai.d: 'let us 10 Mid visi;l: him;' T,hey w,t'ni It' him" and :f.'o,u'nd his f,a.the'l' Isil .. ' fin.g by his. h,ea,el, and the Mess"eng'e'f' 0,' God (e) gal,o::

JprucWm 'dla't 'dle're 'is nil) 'biU,e' 8'91il worthy o,f blem,g

_Tfl~h';;'t:Irp-~ ed A'X- -""iiCI'p~.' ,A,1i~_<+ ... ,'ID"i"'iI.iCi,1' an: - -rd'- ']I W' ·H-' 111 intereed Q!

"·V~~\~. '~,CI - l~< ' ~. '~~'ll::'" J;I;..I.1,l]t.JJ,1 ,~.:.:. .. .l..It~ :' _. -~ _._" ,jJJ. _ ... _.~ _-.~ -.~,_ ~~~,~~,,:_~

OD yont behalf on aeeoun t of' it on 'ib.E!' Day of Res,i[tf... l@CUOft."- The' 'boy loobda.t his, lath/eft, and the :£ath.e:r 'Said: "Obey A'b!uI"'!Q'ajim[~f so' ,the boy uttered: ,~ITb:ere is no true :8'0(1 W1),rthy of' being woa,hi,pp.ed lex.J!!I!~p,t AI·, lab alone an.d :M'uh amm ad, (A) is 'the last :Messenge'l'.!? The Messenger of GodI (Ii) said: JAn praise' iSI due tal God,. Who saved him from the fire 'Of Hell,' (Ibn H].~ bm#2,960)

Si lie lV,as, gr.,a,liefil] for ,p'eop,~,e,'8 goodnesis 'tow'ardlsl lti.n\. an,d, 'wo:tdd, reward that ,generously:: Abdullah b'i Umar saidthat the Me.s,seng'er 'Of 'God (e) said:

iiWhoev'eT seeks ief'u,ge' mth, God agam:$,t, YOUt evil, then do not harm, him, Wh!oever asks yoru by God, then ,giv,@ him, \iVho ever invi les, flOUr then accept 'his; invitation, ¥ih,oev'er does a favor forI' you, or an act' of'

~ Ano~k~tn~ml~ 'of the' Pf'o'ph~t {M).'. 6]

kindness, thell. ~e:p,a.y him in a similar manner; b'iUii: if ·VifilJU·..:!I·i\"fI'l '1I'iifi'l!, fin-:;:-d- 'f·m..·':!iil!. w" ·h-I~:'t'it..· 'y··-.fJ:-clI'iiI can 'il!'\fiiW, ,~I11'"i.J1 h~,T~iij-1If!Ii1 'I"~'i"~:,t-·L ,) '!jJI!1 _ Uu .lJ.11,'V Ii. ,_ It.nii;f;1,!L,. ~ "!.}!;,,,n _ . ,~ "" ~_= ~ ,111.", _. !i'!U. 'Ui. .. J'LILI.:I. '!f'!Ii ,I -,II..t,.

fhen suppl ~eab! IG,od fOil him ~onl~inU!ousl.y"" nn Iii YOll. I'blink yo"u have' '~p,3.1.d him," (Ahmed'6100)

,A'ishah said::

'The M.!ess!@'ng,iEl'I 0 f God, ($) 'wo-uJ.d aC€:lep't ,gif't~" and reward ,8!enellGl'D!Sly on account of 'l'h!~lJ.'t/' (8uikhaf~, 124,45,)

6,. The -Mes,sen.,ger's love fv\t ev'ef)1"thi.n.,g 'wlttd1. is, beautiful. and, r~ orel!: ,Ana~ smd:

"The 11.11111, of the Messenger of [God, (.) W,i!!lS; softer til,an liD y silk ·th:at m h ad ever ,touick,e d.j? and his 5 cent W',il'S: sweeter than ,a:ny perfume fba't I had ever,'

(luJkhal'i #3!68~!

'7'. 'The 'Me~sen,ler of God (,~) iOl;r,edto helpl others by intereedfng on, their behalf

,Abd'uDah, b, Abbas sai1d:

"The husband of Bareerah was a slave whose name was MuS;hJ~:le'l:h '" I. sa.w- him w,alking. beJrmind her :b1. the streets of Madeenah 'C11~gf and his 'fie am were f,aUio;g ollf' 111m: beard, The MeiSisie'nger of IG,o til. [A J said tllil' AI .. Abbas: !!'D',('jle9,Iti!t't ",~ amaze ;yOU\f how ranch Muglle@:th loves Ba]'lE!I!·['a.llr and 'how Itlt1.~'h she d'isl.:ffi.k,es

M" t"i"~ IIl,hli'lI'

·01 u:~l€le'!~ :._1,1 .

The Prophet (tj)) s aid '~O E are erah; J'W'~,i.y don't yo U ,go back ,to him?' She said to bim::' ~j\.ie you (I@rm~manding me b~!I do so?" 11.e said: ~N'OT but I am interceding en

hisbehalf,' She said: I)I have no need. :Ior him.' fBuk- ..

har[ iI 487'5)-

10 'T'l..,.,., 'M"";';' ~- , I '-_, "'~ IG'" ,-..l t,~\ ',' ,'1..,11,' c-~cc " '[L,.,,:- ee, ,-:11.1:',

0'" I, ,~i!.ll:' ", les,.seOs!er 00.11_ OLl \'~I WOD_,lUl serve :Il,lliILmSe_Jl~.

At ~,c,$.", ... :t.., ~'al~d-I' I ,~~~~l~. ~~':- 1!P.

~I WlilS, asked how 'tI~,le :Me!;SeO;ReT of' God, (e), b'e,ha;ved m :his house,' ,S,he' said: ~H,e' was 'Uke ,my' m~: he wash,ed 'his CIOithl~iS" mUked, his sheiep,j!' and :5(!1"1lled hiBltsel~f,/ (Ahmed :Z49f8~,

The Prophet' s, exeellen t: manners, not 'only ,madre rum serve hiims.~lf; ,rather", he' would, serve others ,15' wleU. A:~'is;hah "d'

;S8Ji.:·: ,::

'm W,aB, a!i,ked ho,w ,the Messenger 101£ G',Dd (R) behaved :m h'is 'hI0U;5,e~r S:h,e said:~ 'Hie wI1l1l!.l~,dI, help out i,mt ,t:h@ hO\1:Se wilh,th,e d,aUy' ehores, Mii-d 1v,bleR he heard the A,dduQ1, he would leave' (,everything 311.d, :headJ for the Mas q ue, ~ (Buld1ari 5MS)

Statements of Iustice and Equity::

1,,, The 'German, ,Poe!t, 'Wolfgan\G' Goethe'26" sajd~' "I looked. in,to bisw(ry for a haman paradigm and found it to 'be in. Mu1hanunad, D.,

2. Professor Keith 'M'OON!'1, said in his book. The Dev,elop-

~'tI'IljO, ,: ;lJ;1o'i'iI1"i'I'iIiI;", !J'· ... ~I L"1l,Q,fJ'IK.l!l iii

'I't ",- -'1- - - to- --- - tn":C_ -t tbL - - - -t-t- -- --t --- - t h--- - -

I' I '_ .'.-. I, .' "I' , , . -.- • . , ' , " •. ' ~ " '-'-'I' . : (_. '1' ,·1 I '-I I ~',' - ., - . I .. -' - .. " . I . -: . J .. ",

': ,_ .IS C ear i -"- me t ,,11_ mese sra em,en_'S must t ave come to

M:-, .. ihamm mad from - 'G,'."nd', or A:',1i11""t., L. .... :;"I"3'U,O\O most 'O,;{'" ";l\..,i:I~

,,'_UH_, __ .<Ai_ ,llU.... : Vc I V_, _ il¢U.t, t.rt::::\-.n -;;n;::;;1 ,'!;;!"::.;;;I' ',_ uu"

knowledge was not disoovereduntil m~ny centuries later, 1his provea jo me th_at Muhammad must have been a, ,messeJr.\ger of 'God} or Allah.

He further said::: "] have no dH'ficulty, in my mfndrecondl .. ing tiha tthis is a divine Inspiration or' t''evela'liol\, which lead him to these statements,'

']"; 'Dr,~ M,aurice 'BucaiUe'Z8,: said in his book: The Qu r'Qn~ aHd Modern Science:

A, totalJ.y' o~lecti:ve examination of' it ~'the' Qur' an] in the' 6;ght ofmodern knowledge, leads us' to recognize the agreem,en,t between the 'I:\vo:" as, has been dready no-ted on repeated occasions. lit makes us deem it 'qui~e' un-

r..'L~:~1I'. - ble f."~.l"'il.r ~ man i""i,l M' U'''1,- B'Ii"in'iI¥1I,<jJ,AI~'~ time ~r. 'h-' '~VB been

U,Illl,~aJ;··"· ~,!Ii.)I,' Q. ,.}~llIV'J, .,' ,'I: 1,1.I~IIJI";~:p,U ~I t..I!.,' ,.I~ '~~I ," a··.-~:~' '>C:;;iCJ11~,

16 Q~_an wrikI.aIriJdJ ,scl~nti$~. A ntilliS~~ ~f' poetry" drema, and th~ ~n.oiv~l H~' ~]OOI ,ooaduet.ed :scient~i ficnfsea rd\ in v~rjo:u:s, fie~d.s~ nol"ably hotm y~ and he-I,d several ~Q\I''l~liI1ITII')J,GlllaJ positions.

2.i' 'He was 'ttte form;e[' P:re,s~.defi!'~ O~~ ,the CanadlaLI"l As~oci ~t:~O'n of t\na-tO'm,i~~s)' Depilrtl;Jl'tffnt of: ,[M:'taromy and cc]~ 'b~OIDgyt Ufl;h,!i~TSi:ty 'of Toronte,

~ Dr.. M.a'ltH·~ic~ 'Bi!l~jUe W.8iS an el;n~ne;llt :Pnmi!:h, surgeon, 5cieIiLt~st" scholar and :author of U-TI!i~ Bib~e" The QUt' a:Ji1. ,Ii i1;d. Sciem~\\l!'; ,r-


.the author of such s,t(lb~n\e[ittst, 100 account of the state 0,£'

l r, _"·,li:~',,,. "n' , '~'f'O dav ~r·-II"''t. ;;i"A,n·;£'i~Ai.t:li:,-,,,:;,·, ' . ~,', ,'<"Iii"l4:f'" hJI;!L(lWl€uge 1_. IUo;:J ". rAY, ,~UUl "'", ...... ~lu~mu~ Me Pa,;L!L Q ..

what g'v,@S 'ID,e' Our'mUII: Reve!aJllon 'its unique 'p]aoe, md fotloei the im'partial, rsde'ntist tol admit: his' ,kulbUity toO'

P- rollide an ex,p'I);anatio'FIJ which cells SO:le1lv Uilril. : on Dla;teriaI ...

, .' _. . - I _ - .. . - . ~ _. ,.1 . ~,r ,... . .

I!. ,j-.!!!. . ..... ~ i! .

'1Ieif;.ii,j"'!i' I'lfli ;:]j!li:!l"'Id!'lII''liIl'1ll'!;7 .IJQ'U~ .~ ~~'lJJ.1:IbU: I[O~'

4. Annie' Ib!sa:nI29in The LiJe; ,flnd ~eachi'ng$ ,oj Mohlmnflad~ smd:

'It" is 'il.m;po~!sible fo .. r: 'who' smdi,es, the n~e on,d. ~ acter 01 tile' gre'at :Pllaphe;t of: Arabia who :knew how 'he tangl1t and horw '1\e 'IDi'vlfd, to feel anyrthin..;g' btll't, reverenee forthe ~glUly Prophe:~, one of ,the ,gmal 'messengers of' the Supreme, And, althoug;h in wlud ,I put, I,a, 'you I $illaU say mmythmgs; wm,ch m~y 'be famillm' 'fo!nanYr yet I ~yself' ,, w:heneve,r I reread lli.,eDil, a 'new way of a.d.nU., .. :ra:oon, Ia. .new SE!l115e' (If revesence ,for that mi,g'lllty Arabian. teacll,eT"

5. Dr~Cu~t,a'il W'eU in flis'if),ry o/,the .1s1l,mi,;. ;Peap~e:S! ~aid~ ,MuJham.mad was a ~hunfiig e~mnplle 'tr(]i N'S :poopie~ His charac~erw as 'pur,e' and s;tafuJess., His hnulE!~ ids, dress, ,his food ~they 'W'&If! char a:[;teri~~d by a 'rare! simp }i,clty. So unpretentious was he Ota,t hie would [~c€!ilw from his companions no special miarr1< of r-ev,et®c€'", nor V\fould be i;l,QOO]P't imy service from rus slave he Qould do ,for' him~eU. ,H e was accessible 'to an at all times. He 'v.],si ted the sitk' and was full of' sympathy [!o.r aU. U'nHnlmt'edwa~

~ 8n\glis,n.tJh.eosolP~t !p'hl~CiI5f::iplil!~F~ iCU:1iJd po~~ti ~ I' t!'g'l.lm 'Wh©1 ~d.'\" hoi!rrt;~ 'ru~e' and ~d ~~itiQn~d ir1?.FGITri!!~ in hlldi a_

his, benevolence ,andgener'Osity as also was, his anxlous care kI,r. ,the w, ,,\aifa1ll"~' of 't-']1IID com m'·U'ln~,h,,,-gO

•• , ._' -.:_-, , -, _-,._ 1 . _ ~ -- - ":'._~~ U .. '~~f\;. !\.n:~'_.' .- .. _.~I_ .1~,T 'II!

6~ Mau_rj,cle; 'G"aud"(i!':bory said:

Muhammad 'was a prephet, not ,a_ 'lheolo,glaIt a, fact so evident that one is 1(J11 tWl to s'tate' It, The ,menwhQ SUI,rounded him and oOflS'litnuled the bdluerru,tiaill ,elib~ of the primate M:uslim, loonmulrtiqr" cOl1ten:ted, themselves wUh oheying the Iaw 'that he' had, proclaimed in 'th,e name of ,A1JJah snd 'wlth foUo'wing !D, t:era,clUn_g and example,"

'7~ W I_si.hio,gtoo, irvm,gS12" ~:Md:

His miiUtarry mumph~ a;,wal(:e'ned, no pride nOT vain ;g;lory' as they would, have doOne had 'they 'been effecmd by' self .. ish pUEp0,ses", In, the' time 'Of' his SJ9test power be maintamed, the same sinlpUcity (l,E' manner and! appearance as in the' da.y;s; of his, ,ld.vel~lty'~ So far from ,alf'ectiing ,re,g'al £j!ta;te, hie 'was dis,p;le,alsed H.~, on en moo,;: a room, jury' unusual testimonial of respectwas shown '~O him.33

Q', d 'ill' "II... -d- l.·~TI 'M 'Ii.. . ...l 'II ~ --

to" ~~:u:mtm,_ bllJl"l\Je' :ssL'~ '-C'-.Wle',U'JJ,ilMmnauln ]awj w!lu',ch m

'bmd:ing 'an aU :&om the 'Ct() lim ed, bead to! the' meanest sub .. j:@c't, is, a law ml't,erw'o,veI\, wirth ,3 g'fst-em of. the 'wises;t". 'tile'

m .ry,C'I;t,-' leamed ,.:I'r'..4' ~'r,~, most enligh tened 1i.~11,.p;'!!".n1l"jl_~,.,:i.:Q!n,~, that

,~~ ~~~Ji,LI!iU; troY.,dJl, [Ull~. '!!..I!',;;I!_ .... - ~v ,,~i!.~. ,~~J!.'_iG!',r'!!"'II.l!.!II,J,~!l-'O,;".'!:;, IIJ.!:~_

~ -- d' • -- &;t.. . - iJld ~.iI')iII

!eve'f ,exJ'~,te, m 'Uile Wot,l ~.~", .

3ti iG\"'~'~·:~'IJ' ~'~';;'iI"Il '~~iii7'I7, '!<f""''''~I",."._,'D'';;IL."''i',<ji'i''Ji. '~I~'_,1'~' . ',~~II!~ ~~, ~~~,I~llll~ l).', n. ~~l~I"iII ~!i~ !I:.~I! ~,iU~,I~ri

:R H,' ,,,", 'Wi ;"""''''' ~",'I'II"!i'(PI',1ij, ,\,!i1""';1..,.1I" ~.~II'!"" 71:~~...i1 m" "~IO'~~ , '_ "" '_ ,It"" ,~" ~_< •• ~... __ ' .""..,~" ~,~ .. I!;,![i~~ ,,;U,..l::".

!~ Ent}c]'o,ped,~aJ of &eraht. by Ah;~ru~_r--..Ra_h_n;i!;an, :}I, [bid,

1L~ Rellgious and le:gi:sblJ,tiive purpose: The Prophet (A) married Zalnab b. jahsh, 'The Arabs in Ute Era of' Ignoranee \vou:~d p.rohibit a, man from, marrying tnJe wU:e of .ills adopted ~(ID,; they believed ·th~.t the adopted, son was like a man's Silc:ru,al. son in. all aspects, The Prophet (,It) :marri~d. her, although she was previously' the wife o\f ru:s ad.optedl I[!'~I Zaid ~" H· arithah 'Th'~'i!J!' 1l.~Ii!:li,t'!'l!:!'an··· ~l'.£l!;r of G:· od (i~i:a')1 m···C~I"'II!'!;,o"",i iQ~J!.~i . - .!I;iU .. _. U'!I] I ~_ . .lU,ldW~ll! . J 'C J.Y~t~g'IiJ~ .,c!l;.;,~ ,.1., I . 'r. "," .:.I •. ~' II l!~~].;l~!L~~Y.

herto abolish tills beUe'.f~ Cod, the Exa]:t.ed", ~a.ys~

(A:lid w hen Y(Ull Si!\l~ d 'IDOl him bl' wham A_j,Ialil h,rud S,b'Q'Ml favor and bTI!' whom YOIU had. shown a f,avor~ keep your wi f,e' 'hJI your.sel f and, be careful (lIf (YOiur d.'O'~.r to) Anal1!, and you 'coElce,ded. m your soial WhJ3,t ,AIl.a·h would bring . 0 :1 ight, and you feare d men, and. AU,a:b. :ha d a greater rl,g~:~'tthat you should fear Hbu .. B,ut "vhe:n Z,lid had aceemplished his want of 'Iller, "Ne gave 11.30 ve Iter 1.i1Jl yon as a. wife, so tll,3lit nlel~,e, 'shl{]lll 10. be no d'iffictdty for ,the believers in respect of 't~h.e w'ive's, of t:heil' adopted 50n:5l, when ~h~'Y have accomplished their l.-v,an~ of U1.E!'ln; and i\ .. Uahts, command shan be fu I .fi 1m, ed ~ .. » (32k37)


2 P-:-In)-I· 'tic'\iIi't':'!l:'I' ''Ii',a !:!I,iCon iCi:!' -:I'n, ,.:il for ,:I'L I!:I, ,v'p' l""o'''I,d' -, o'C' 'f- m'~l"'m" -, "n '~'H''!Il'~:'i..,,""

__ '!I .... I~._.,._III~,':!IJ, ~1~'U~!U'~JI.!i!J! t;tJ~tl}~ J1JO, I, IU,IJ~' ~.""l-'l~.~.-_l _."il JI.~'.: y_, '~)Ul ~~:I'y'~I~

'ine--~'O~,e to Islam andto ~ilift the i,~i'll~n-r' of ,~jt..'!i;!i, A,-:r-' ab tribe p' r """,rlli~ .. 'V r;Jl' - ~. ~ ~I - ~'Y' ,~_~-L .IUI,..... "'" v ,Ii, UiIJ,'!l;;" a. I.Jll,. es!

The M,e5S~D'.;er ""f God (J3)1 marrled women fromlthe lara-

:...>_ . .t.-,,; , .. - "~'~D' - I ~ ... -._-' .... - .. '~.", J J. J • ' ••• I .. ," _. '.~ .r. "_,' ~

est and sl~an.gE!st Arabtrlbes, TIle P.rop:he,t (,.) ordered his

Co·_ , ... ,', ,:; ,.',', !I; 'ii-~ , ,:a.i..,':;,,,,, '. ' . -'II' Th'I'-, 'p,...,- - 1..-:-11'- f'~")' ,,'id·iI ......

mparuons i!JO '01;0 1~1~:as we _"!' . ,:,,_e J~ j[:opl.le~ .,,~'" StU, w

Abd ahm b A' f'-'

-:.- '[ 'I -..: "j" I --:: • I -, I' ~ -.' I. ,.':._ ". ,II ii

. _..:'- ,U[,I'.:· _.' I" " .u I .'

'~If' they obey you U,!:e~ acce~~'1 :r,silm) ,then m,II1l" the da',ugh,ter of the' he'ad OIf' the tribe/

Dr, Cahan said; 'Some of the aspects of his. !fie m!lly ~eem1. eonfusing trO us due to present daly Q1,tent-a'Uty" TIle M:es .. senger is ,,:rlticlzed dae to 'Ids obsession of' arttaining 'worldly desires and hts nlne MVeSi' whom he, married after 'the~ death of' rus wife :Khad~~ah~ It has belen, confimll,ed, that most of these marriages 'w'er,e for ,PO]j'tiC1li :reasons;, w:hi,d\,wer:e aimed to gain loyalty olf some nobles, and

.. ~1L "


~, ·S~~o'Iii"'II~', .. ,1 "r-n~ii.l:l1-:-·nii:!'·~ Th'" . e Prophet .(L~'~, 'me' "~!'rr~iO'..J.Il 'i!.'Iln,m·····i!I; if'io'f" t..'~'er.

,~,~ ~., _'.,'Li iU ,A,",l~~, i:. ~I.~ I' '.I~ ,C'.I, '.61' 1, .. _'I_"~;1l .. :'~,l ~::I, ~._"_, 1,.w:~U. ~V" _" ,: "~I '0,", JlIU~d

Companions' wives who had died, in. battle or whne on a mission to preach Islam He married them even though '!L'tll'''i~y'-'~' ",~,~j'"'aI< older 'than hlm :a.nd he dld SO~() honoI fhsm

l"W.i!.!c; .,",~.i!.,,,","~,_- ~_' . ,I __ ., ' .. J ,'" .... -, - -~ .--. _ ....

- ,- ,..I .11:.1,;.';, I')] " '11... id I'"

,ojo'i'iI;u, U.l@'l!I nnsean ',S,

~,I~- - _

V, __ ~i . V" ' .. -, . ~'u - "j,S," 11).. .... 't.,c-:,IIL .. , ~'1i',_. 'D:·l ..... i~··'. I' ,. " 'f- ':Ii !> .' "r :!a~A.,

. eocta:" ,agUle,n m ner eooa ,,tl:~:'aeme' 0- ·l:lh.aID, s~u!'

~Throug~oo.t tlllE: Y1eat5 of his youth, M:uharruna,d, 'CO) ,only married ante \v,omml., even though th.€ sexuality of.' mtOO1 is

.,fb ",r...-. ' .. C .•• ,.'11 ... , . ..:lI ,-, _.. , ,~J!' •. ':,~ '-.~ .. ' ·-::,·,·d A"'l''':~'·'''' h •. b,.c ,I'~, I'." 4 :"'n' ,1~l""G ,E''f!i;=,

all, b.o pe~ uu:nng uUS p€n,o~ ., .~ ; ,,~uOO,B·' ne d,V,~U.1, u,~~ Q.'4!

defy' he lived inf' wherein plur.a,~, marriage wasconsidered

the general rule, and divorce was 'v'€ry easy ... 'he only mi8JX"", ried one woman, althoo she was older 'than him. He was a fail:bfu~ husband to her .for tV~f'e:nty-B ve' Y'eara,~, and did not :nla~,ry another woman, e%(lepl~ a-£ter her death, He at tba't time was nny years, o~,d. He married each of his, wives thereatter £01 a, social or ~poU:ticam p'urpo5e;, suchthat he wanted to' honor the piOUS women, or wanted the I,oy,alty of certain tribes sc that Imam 'would spread amongst 'them". AU the wives Muhammad (.(1]1 marrled were not

V~;'r:!U~1I\'1 nor "i'.iJ'~:r:G ~~'l"~Y" Y','l""Iiun" 0' or 1b'o'Ci'''1IiIU-''I-~tU·1iiii ,GIv f"',I2Ii'P'1!. for

_L, !.'::j!11I4! ," jJ,~!l..!'" 'IIl'!Ii' ~ ~ II-1l.1 '~',: :,.' """ ,11,','Qii-" l'_",,~ __ ,III.U_lIl-j ..... ""'''''!;,.,.,_~, I~, ,,i.'.,

,A'isI\a]", So how coo, anyone claim that he was a mustful man2 He was a man not ,i;l god, Hls wish 00 have a son :may have also Ilead him to many; ,fOI' 'th,E!' children that :he had from 'Khadeej,ah an died Moreiove1f, who undertook 'the financial responsibilities of hislaJrge family, wm!~hou.t having: large resources, FIe was just and fair towards them aU and did E10t dHieren,t~a.te between th.€·mat all He fom~ lowed .. I the oractice ll"iii:A: P rev~,.nr-u~ Prophets su ~1)..1 as M'IF!i~'~~

ltv. ,I;;, Iii,., . .~:"" ~!\"'I..~'!;,.'I,i;: uill, '~ __ , _V! _ ,. __ .. ,';' ,,~O ",-li~, iG\! _ Vbl'~~,

whom no one objected I~O their plaral marriage. Is the~ reason \vhy people object bJI the plural 'mM,dj~:ge erE Muhammad !(!hi) the fact that 'we' know the :milinute details OIl' his life, and know so lit.He of the details of the lives of fhe Propbets before him 1"

Thomas Carlyle said: ! Mahomet himself ,afieif' all 'tba't can 'be' said. abou t him, was nOI~ a sensual 'man. We' shall err widely if we conskler UI is man as a, common voluptuary f inte:ntmainly on base en]ioymentSit..-=nay on enjoyme.n'ts o~

-!!i;T"i;·Y.,.' Il_.~ ':1'- -'ii<d: 1!'J6 PJI. l t. f.\.U I~I .. __ I ;,

ss r~~e]'oeg\Jo H,eFo'~"N olLshJp' and ~h~ H'le:nl'ruc' itl H isto'ry 6.9

Textual Proofs which support the Prophethood of Muhammad

1 ,G .... ~I 'the Exalted savs:

, ,~-,~ ,",-' , --','," -----! :";l ,'"

(M:ubalnm,~ld, Is net the father of ,any of your m'e:n" but '(he m)' 'tilie Mess E!nger of' Allah" and Ihe' last 0 f the P1l'lopbels:: and ,AU,ah has fuU ,kn,owied,ge' of all.

thJ.~'cn- ~~ ),', 1!"-13:~40)

__ ,I, ~"'.'" 1;.""'.",'

2~ Jesus AI g,:c' ave HIE! '~lad ,tddm~s of Proohet 'M' in

, _' '_ I ._" . _- . - •. '_ '. ~ I,' - 1 I • 0 _.. . . c' . J I 'rt - ,., , '_ - - - - - - - ---

Jii'L c, G' '-"~'C~_ c',c'l 'GI"" "d"" t~1,.., Exalted "",'I ,_~I

Uile-=-o:~pel~ ",0" l I ne ~xa,!1:.Uoi!' :s,ars."

(,And remember, Jes1l!i,~, fhe 801ft 0'£ MUYt :sa.i.d: !~O CIl.irldrern 0,' Israell :I,atn 'fh,e ,Messe,llgiel~ ef Allah (S,eTlI'l) Ill), you" [Ionfin:niog tiu! aw (which can:u~l) befere me"

,~IHI'd' U~I',u:'IlIlg_-' G, Iad T:C--'-'~::d~ inzs of "lIi1 -14 .... , 1.n1t!!£"Ii!!tr'li'il,@"D'I!'J'ltif5; "'"'1n.D',-'II'J;, after ~!Ii. ~ ~'.1r' 11.: ' ..... ,l,g.·, . ,II, ' "11,11.0;;]1 u·· d I" ~~a~Jl.ll.!ji~'lL ~J!' .... 'IJIO ',!!,i;; !Iiii.lIL ~,II!.

me ... w hose name sb, ,I], be Ahmad," But w ben he cam e It) them wjllb Clear Signs th,ey said, "This is evident .emf' Jii'!i~'Ml'I"'f)·'1 ~'61'6~,

..:J'IJJ!!'''''~~~IJ I!!,." ~ ... II .. }.

Proofs from the SunmahJ':

The Prophet (IJ) said:

M,:y example a_n.d the example 'Of the Prophets before me is Iike ,3, m,mn, who tUJiU a. house, lvbi:cb he' built

37 :SurlJn,ah ~ the narration of! itJ'lJe speech, acUo.f~i.~\Ji d''h~[a,Ch,'~:rist~'c$! or tacit approv,als of th~ Prophet.


Prevlou ~', ·S·'I~ntu· :~QS'';;

JI[ ,. ~, . 1!!I.i!' g '..' ,,",1.,,11. lit. ..11. '!!IOO .. '.

At ',." '1!... Y"':" ,."'.";;" iiI' i" A·bd- , 1!~1i.. b A'-""'-''-''- b I-Aas ~T'iIo'...1

. "aa, D',. , a.saar, ,SBlu,., . me,l. :_,c,_ c ~ Ul.llaJi it , •. ' , mr '. r;:IjJ,'_ .... ~,~y,

I - -"k-d him .-

.. ,', " ',','_ 'I'

. a~te·, '.i",

"Iell me aboutthe d.'e~cripl:OOIl of the ,~s.senger of God

(-)" ".-.- 'th-'D To "-a"l.., " H ';llj; said: 'He i:I:'::!' d escrlbed 1,1ni '&.~'l:Ii, Torah

u.. ml . . ~ I .. ·:.·.·r.~ U 'al!l! " -I ~ ~~ .I.'~!_, ~I :__.~ ,L~l .. _:' [~~~. Ij, : ~"" U IlL 1~1t~ I VllL ~ll

with, some of what he is described in 'tile Qur' an, '(W'e' have indeed sen.t you asa wimess (over mankind) and one 'who gives glad ... tidlngs, and warns -alhers, and one who protects, and safeguards the commoners.You are My a,lave and Messeng'e':r; ] called you M:ltfawaikil (The Trusted

On ) '\.I' • :L'iL.".... ",~ 1- ,.111 d d-'

, e':'~, i Ott Me nettner b -marmeren nOf m,~_,~ nor co you

ralse your voice. 'You do not pay evilwith evil; rather, you , and pardon." Lwill not collect his soul until I guide 'the na,tians, anduntil they sayof' "Thera is no true god wor 'thy of belng worshipped except God alone' and unti1 ,they clea'riy see the, Truth",'

Ata said: ] met Ka'b, the Ra:b bi, and asked himabout this narration and he did not differ with Abdullah b. Amr b. Al-,AJa.S except for a minor difference inthe wording ofthe narrarlon,' (B;ilJ~a,ql ~'l.J019)


,Ab dul-Ahad 'D'a'\YUdlJ8 f said: Ibu"t ] 118.·ye tried ·~o base my arguments on portions 0:£ the Bible wmdl hardly ,allow' 'of any linguitHie displu,te'. I wou]ld :not go to Ladn, 'GF~~. or Aramaic, for Hhta.t would be useless: I .just ,give tile ,roUow ..

. ing quotation in ·(he very words of the Revised Versionas published by the' 'Bri.tiish and F:orei.,gn. Bible So clely';;

W'e' read. the fOUOWID:g words :in the 'Book of Deuteronomy cll~pter xviii,. verse 1.B:: IU[ w.iU raise them u.p a prophet from among ·tb.e:~r brethren, Iike unto thee; and ] will put

m 'il. r w··· ords ;·ft '1..4·~, m outh." f.~· i"7E ... !a~~, wo ii"",4!~ ~.n.1 n ot .'tIp' "'Iy .. :. >Io,n , __ . -.l .. : ",". -;;:)! U,I" iLl:";, ., )'V!·I,,;!..I~ .• l[JD:. U.ll'!G!;iI'"," . _,JL.Ui::I ~u .. 1'" _ U .. , f".Ii.._, '!!.v

P.ropbe:t .Muhanlm.adi 'the~1' SltU~ remain unfulfilled. Prophet J'lesus himself never claimed 'to be the' Prophet alhided to, Even his disciplli,e;g wle~r,e of ·the' same oplnlon: ·th,ey looked .0'·· ·t'JLlI!lI second ro-m---=m··Q' of 'J'"g'~1JiC1' for .iL~·a fulfillment 1Ii'lI-~'t~:h-'l:lI;

:tt. '. .-llL~' ~!IJi.r.~IU "<U ~.:'.':' ,J I "6' Iy~, I:~~ _, ,~j ,.,.'.-.,.- U"~/~I 1I11Ul.~ ,lI.!.Ull~ll._- ~UIL ~: I~

prophecy, So far m't is undisputed that the first coming: Oo:f 'I' - -h- d- . - f· th .!\ . h - ·1.!1.. !l-l-· U JleSUSi was, not tie' a venit or tne -pr·op-,et~·e unto thee,"

't=i.'Fi ~ '11- j,~, second ~ ·dl·-- v·\O·:n·'1I!. .... ;'JI.:n,it... ardlv ·'-'·'lf~il t: ... ·ha, ·W .... ,;'"'ij;",..,.I' £'l: J,p;IIl:!:U~ ~IU ,.lIll~ "~J~u.J,,~,._.__:, IQ!.'._" ..... ~~ ,l, '~~I~ ,~,~lUjlU oj" IU "-Jl _1 l, ~ , .. ·.'V~UIO~ _.~i:Ji .. ~;"

as is believed 'by his Church, win a:p Pi ear' as a Judge land.

'R: ot as :"3;1 ·ltli,w,·.~_'O".:;1!·i'\Q'r-~~ b-I~1111.'~ .:rLe: promi : ;'l.irJ!...1 one has to com 4 'iil+ftl·Iil.L. , I v .. ~ Pi .. ~. ,_ l;]1!l1l!'~,.1' _ ~.Iij,. II!J. i. _ .. ~ 'UI OJ! '!;; U 'V1Jt _.,;; _~ _v II;"V ~~" I1I!UU

a "flery law" in "his right hand,'

lin. aseertalnlng tb.e pe1f.Bo:n ali 'ty. of ·the :p'.romiSledl prophet

... b. C .-'r1ll...i0'ii"' -p: rophecy of M~> o ..• '~0i::'· 1· iIf1J ~.tifi;f"lj,~:r~1'II:r1i01i" ·'n'~In.r '1,!..1.n~lp ..• fnl

!IMi.l.e' Ou iU.t.l. ,I, .. "!',!IU" J: l .. (J '1;,;'_' .._ ii:JIl!G:a' i;;)! m ~v n~··'I' ~.iII.! '!Ii' '!k:,'~'.} .~ ~,'!GiIl.. . I!O.!!I,

where it speaks o.f t11ie shirdlng' forth of God from Paran ..

the 'C;'~,n- -n° ta in I orf·= ··M·>·· ,1!::i!iii"'iF"~ 'TI-'!ItGII. w· -'-, ord .~. ';1i'i'1 the Book .0': f Deuter ..

IE mvul 1_ . _lI! I. _., ". "!"."",.""I!;_~_i 11. .h.~ ,1_.. .:lI .L!.'~ U l ..... ul'o., _ I!!.r _ 1;.""'_'

.- .--- - ... , _16.., . - 'OOr-.-,··' .- ... :.,' ~.: ·c·. c, c.,"" .--- -- -. ie- t .·ir~ .,-, ·1 _'i' i~-l1T-- - L' ord

(Hlo'my~, enapn r xxxru, verse £~, rum as 10JJ!.lOW,s·.. ~ ne ,or •.

came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them: he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came wHh. 'lien

3B He w'as .Rev, '[)aV'rnd n€Tl!j an'1~111 K-~ddarnlir B. D ,A, Catholic priest .of m~ U'r!J] a:~a1!)a.rude~.n sect, H@, was born rnn 1.,86"'1 at Urmia i]ll Persia,


thousands of saints; from his right. hand. went a nery Ia,w

,iI.':-.F'ii. r i.'ID... em IIIP. lu' uru,'It.; _I,I,~

In these 'words the Lord has been compared wi:~h the sun. He ec .. ~_,~, f ··O:i·:-I~ S· ',ijit'i,/,;l.1_ h 'e·' rises from Seir, but he, shines m

_ .'1;'; comes [,m, .. &.IHlU-J! _ _ . I'

hii1j,O ,tr"I'l1l ,8' .JI0··.··~lY, from Paran where 'be·~· had to ap-~'p~e:ar wU;h, ten

~a 11!..!U:··, ,1._'_'1': _ , .l~"""'~' t··· Q ~J~t _ =~- ~ '--'_". "_ ,._ ,_,.,' I .. _. _ .. - ._--

• '.' -. ._ - J

thousands of saints wUh a fiery law in his rig:ht hand,

None 0:£ the' 181ra,elit,es, includlng F esus, had anything to do

.... ,:."th..: '.p .. ' ... ,'. H", .' ,.'.r.:1, h :·1· '''·',c.·::-' I,...,'L..'~a· el, wandered - 'm~' " th ~

Wl '.' I ,arm .. :' la"garp Wlu.l, er son , tiiIl IiJJU . -,- i,,'!ra J "- .'_,0:, _ " _ _. ~~

.. ",."i:iid· -. C·,·-. ", " .·f B-"~ t,.. .. b ·..l,,· -·,f:·t . .a;-~ "·«-rl-: 'd- '. . '!·-··'l'il- ,'; I~ 'Ii'Le· wu.,.emess 0, _ -eernl.ll,e, a, W,1l10 a .. ~_f"W il.f ·8, '" .we,." In U.I·

wilderness of Paran (Gen. xxi, :21). He 'married an Bgyp,.., tim 'woman; aJ1Jd through his flrst-bom, Kedar, gave de-

- - clUJ

scent 'til] 'llie' Arabs who from that 'nlm,e iiJu, now are the'

d ".' .... 11 .. , ~ .c·f-' ,iIi.,'L" .. = wil ~'-d' iUi·---~·;C!i;- - n.i: p .. =-,.--,-,--.-. A'-'--..-1I ~,' Pro ~·h-:··t, ·U······- , w'e_. I,e:rs to !IbU,e ,.....' ;lGml!O:;,:!:H~;, '(iJL . ar.aIl. .11u lll.,I~P_ ,if' ~ ~', u ....

h ammad ad mitred ly ,~~ ~~'.I h ands traces his descent ~,~~~~

, ~,L,IIl.£,IIi.L~.· ~_ ... I .. 11:.: ... , '. U.W~, gJIl.l. !WI.'lc_,""1 1 __ . ~;Ib-"'.. .,;:::1 .".'l",.'q"","~,ll_, !;.V )t~.U,

mael through Kedar and he appeared, as, a prophet in 'the' wilderness O'f 'alan and reentered Mecca wUh ten, thousand saints and zave a neinT law to hls oeoole, is no~ the

. - - _. .'. - . - - " eli· ~ , .. '" ,./ .. - ~ .. - - . r· -_. r . -I ,. .' . ., ,. .

'in'i" ..... ;p. ,L"".nJ' .c'JiII'L;.P!o.'II!,:'e=m··· enti io _. n~ 'd-- fu , 'Ii £'1.111 ... ...11 ".r-. m Co. ... 'v· ·PnJ' 11 ~t- t~r-"

IF .L'Il;"J, I: .[~""',J iCOiIll!)"","Y, .' '!G. '. - ~1 i. IH· .·J.eili, I!.U ltli .• '!;' '.'~',; .I~;I- -~ I. '"

The words of thle' prophecy in Habakkuk are espedally noteworthy. His (the Holy OnJ€!' from Paran) glory covered the heavens and the earth was full 0-£ his praise, The word "praise" is very signific:a.nt, as the' very name Muhammad llterally means Uthe pra ised one." BesJdes the Arabs, the wnha.bitOO1ts of the wilderness of Paran had also been promised a Revelation: "Let the' wilderness and the cities thereof Mn up their voice; tile villages that Kedar doth inhabit: let the inhab! tants ofth,e rock sing, let them shout f'l"om the top o:f the mountams. Let them give glory unto thif' Lord, and declare His prai5'€ :w the island 5,. The LO'~d


s'han giD Io:rih as ,a, :m'i~lty man, he. shan stirup jealousy Uke a man (),f war, hiE! shall Icry., yea} roar; he! shall prevan ,ar_g;ainst his enemies' I (Isaiah].

In eonnectlon with itthere arohvo other prophecies war .. ~y of note where'· references have been :m,ad,e 00' Kedar, 'The' oneruns thus in chapter 1::<:., CJ,f [suah,~ "Arise, shine f;oJr' '~Y' tig;ht is: come, ,and the ,glory' (lif 'lthe Lord is r.i~en upon 'dl,ee ~,i,'" The mu:itU:nde' O'f camels shan cover thee:, the'

dromedarles nf'" M"': "li,.,J,~~'I9I; snd 'Dp--~-l""14I. ~'nl ,th;'_;,~ from s~_~,,,,:L.(::~,.,'v,'~~~I~.'1p., '!!G~ 'IUI' .. , .' -.: .U,:Il~.Lll ~'IL" 'C!,",il )m~ !II;lIU, _" I~J' =~v '.. ,",lIl,Il!.t::!V'i!!

,shall. come, ,AU the €locks Olf' Kedar :sM'U be 8ilthe~red to,gether unto f}u~e,. the rams of N ebaio:tlh shell minister un~o 'thre: 'dtey ~u come up 'with. acceptance on mine laJIt:ar~ and I will Iglo,my the house of my ,gJoryHI (I ~/l. The other :prop:,beq is a,gam in Isaiah "The burden upon A·r,a,bia.. In

'lIf'LA Fn1l".t::u:'!t' in _ A····,"r··<:Ii;ib~,~1 ,C!1Ik'~':11j 'U1<':'l, ~ocAIO~ "0'" ¥,.G ,ii:-~I'I'",,,,,llIf=.a t"'if"IIm· .. ··p''-!jjU,ll~ ,liv.'~ ~I~'" '_ ~. _' ,_,," _ . i-~ _'_:-I.QJ, ~1 ~:n.··_.ID ,J: ~ l.'~' U'o'~ ..... ", I~~': '~ ~~ll"p 'v ~-m I~~ 1~1'.l.l1 _' l! . .'. ~'''''''

::ni,es 'of 'De dan im, The inhabitants of flue land (,I Tema brought \va:te'[' to him tha.t \vasthir,s;tyil they prevented wi.tb their breadhi:m 'l~hat fled. For they .fled from 'I:he· Si¥lorrds and from, 'the bent "bow, and f~om ,the ,!,ievousness of war, For thus hath thE' Lord said unto me, 'Within i~ year, according to the years of an, hlrellng, and all the ,glory ~f Kedar shall l·aU,: And the' residue of the number of archers, ·fu,e :mi.,gh:ty of' (be cbildren of Ke dar, shall be' d~.mmished" Read these prophecies in Isaiah in the Uglft,t o:f one in Deuteronomy which speaks of the shining forth of God from Paran,

gave birth ~o Kedar, who Is the ancestor of the Arabs, and

'i~ ·I,~h-,:. "~'O"'i"'~:~I~ Kedar tad ,t·":-:"'Pi"I~~'~'·:.·.r.:!i;I-O;V"IQ:~:a-.""-!·"' :f\ ...•. _._ G-,',C-,Ai' :jf:';' b, il ... e tLn;:;l' O\lli., ~ .. ar .la. ........ :Il.,eL'!o;.l,V'\;.. [i~ _ ,,",,!Ik _ don fOUl. . OUl, '

the flocks o:f. :KedM had to 1(,OUle _up' 'with acceptance to' a 'Divine ,ai.tal~' to g'tori£y 'il11the house 0,£ my glury!~ where the

darkness had to rover the earth far some cenrurles, and ,then ,khat very' land had to receive 1li:S'ht. from God; and, if ,an the ,gloIj' lof Kedar haLd[, to fail, and. the' number lof arch,~riii:!! .t-'If,. ..... , 'it"ififfiah-'h:r m"" ~iMi' ;F;;4 ,1,-"":0, children 'o:l- 'li"",.,..~,"]j[I_ h ad JI..t"'!; ~I~", ~" ~'j ItJ,~ ~.!!U'!eJ;= "",J I , ~~,~ ~Jl Ul~ uu_-"c ,_,~_ 1- ".I(, ~I~, ' ~,,', II, ..... !:AJIi.

mmish within, a y'eat afte[ the' one filed from the s,word$' and from the' bent bows .. ' tJh~ Holy One from Paran (H'a,bakkuk iii! 3 )- is no one ,elsie: than Prophet Mtihmunad., Prophet: Muhatrmlad~,s 'the ,ho1:y offs:prlng ,of' Ishmael 'through, Ked!~ltr, 'who settled in fhe wildlemess 10£ Paran, 'Muhammad, is the oruy Prophet throegh lvitam 'the: ,Ar,ab~ received revelation at the nme when the darkness bad

covered ' ,1iLl.:-ilD. :Dl~,¥~1l"N, ~v. ""'~e~IIJ'~ l:- ~!ll-~ ~~:I.. ~,~,~

Through hnn God shone' from Paran, and Mecca, 'is, th,el only pla,ce: wher,e the' JiO!UJ;se of IGod. is ,g;[orlfi,ed and the :f~.oclc's, o:f Kedar OClIDe 'with a ooeptanre' 'On. :l'ts, ,alta;['" Pro:phet MuhBltUlrtad was persecuted by hils peo:-pi€l and 'had 00, leave Mecca. He was thirsty and fl.ed. from 'the drawn

d .Jl if.1L., b 1~ d ~ h .' f' '!l..~ iIil~ ,~;:h, -

.swor~ andme l.'ent i&O~, and w,~t:m a f,ear atter nts :IlJU~'I~t

the' descendants of Kedar meet him at J3,atdr~, 'the place of 'the .fir:s t battle betv\if',een, tb,e Meccans. and 'thH2 Prophet, 'lite

... ,:t .. ,:II,.,-:II'r-~rn O"ii:' 'v ed ~,"t" and their DC n'iift:"i;IIi..,;e.'!!! of' :~'r--, ... L,O[-iO d ~''F!n~'FlI<'1~1h''

'UUJ.'U.LI I~JlIIJ. 1:.:__.IJIi. ~~ :_',!~u: PJ.. _: I~ll'~~_.: .. ~bU1_~.'IWJ~~- ', ... ,,1, ~: ·.t;L,~t~' a .. :!

and all the glory of Kedar fail~,. :l£ the Holy f:ro,phet 'is not to' be accepted as the fulfillment of all these prophecies they '\jIIjfUI g,HU remain unfulfilled. "The house of' m;>r glory'f~ refe::rlred to in Isaiah mx is the house of God in Mecca and not the Church of Christ as thought by Christtan commenbl:~ors" The flocks of Kedar, as mentioned in verse 7, ha \I'@' [1U2V'iE! r come to the Church of Christ; and it is, a fact 'that d1U.~

, .. ,";!II'1'I:II'a,a~ '0--::1: -K:·.,o::..-d, !'3,[--, ~'ifii,d· their m:;'--h'-·· abitants ;o;5i~..n, ,i.'L,,9, 0 .. , 11 ," ,", ', -ii,

VUJ-""'IO!!i.rIO;ol:··l',t __ ,_,~_ ,!;'t', QIi"l,.c' 1,_,~,,Il - ,-,!Q -,._~'l![l.;L:::!' ~~~ IW!,'!~ .. ' . .liliUY POO:iP'Ui!

,~- &'L;e; -W-' h'011~ W· oAIT')I1'd-'-' 'W'- ho L:\lII,,~,;r~ remained im - pen t 'L'ii - """'" m II.I'L'~~,_;,I_',~.I.~ 'u~"iii._,' 'v ,H~ V~ l'''':; '._U-iu,~,~'__, ~_ ' __ ~'I,e-r,alJJJe i.,;!V'

.. ' - , ':: ..... ,iCI!-"'-.' : .'. '1' the I'C'- L ,_,.,','L;"~' C'·"'-hri-- ::'I't-'-

any .u g,:I!.a,enre (1Jl- : _ :e .. ' UurU t O~ . . _ _:_;·S ,

A- c- -:-/- ...... , ..... , -t " 1'~O:·'lnl InL 1,n~· ,:-- ii -~ ,. - D-' : '~-'II- .·,'.-_.C,. ,._. ... ,,' '3- '_ -gmn, U~ ,menl,\j,.·:! I !,).ii, , u,\JUV sam~ m, _: eure,ronomy xxx, ",.

~~, ''--V' 'e"'ir11 's:~gl difi cant H----' ,g- (·· .. G·.· _1'iII)'" iilii'~,!i-ad: ·Cn[}l1f..1 .&' om P- -.iar·- ·;:in,-' .. d

J..i;J ,'.' -J..,,] .\~.-" '~.'_~_"~ ".~rUU ,~JlJ!J!itli;;;;_c, IVc.:.!t,!I,1J_ ----',_'v .. ! -_ r .... ~,111.~ all:

hecame ,,·,th:· 1-10-- ji'iUi'lnl ""f- .' -,"-eM R' ',:-...1 ~\.,:. whol 'iLl·,;l·,:a.. ---I-

e came l¥l':___'1 ... >,,'UUU 0: sam~., ,:<,eau tne w"o-,e lU!lS'L'OIY O~

tho ---C' "i'ill d: .- . - - . -'f'-, ~-. -', " .. td .'. ,.-, ,~-, ·'It]1 '6n~i id I .. - ......&,'!I..... '--. ..

, e Wb:_'em,e-ss 0," Jf." a,r,an, an·. you WI, _, '_ !- _ no vud~fr e\r1en1L

'bu,t w:h,en Mecca was conquered 'by 'the: Prophet, He' comes; ''t .. ,.;th-'L 10'" ,000·,:, £o-Uo-wrOr.~' from M°.J:-r,,", and '''~T!ir''''''iI'iiD' !h· .... 'e:··

".~ . _'- J·.··.·l _., . 1.1 .. " '____.:.:.__. : _.._ '!liP ,I~ ' __ ", - _, ',1" :._,·_·.:.__,~\j'J)J]I:;I~.J U-IJ!IIIt" ,11~'~.,!l:ILC;!.l.~ Ul.:

house of' my ,SJ,ory,.!~ He ~ves the fiery liIw' 'to :lile' world,

C .. · N'·' .... 't.. :Rd"-I'- d ......... -. 'h- . ·'U - th I ,. Th·~·c- C-:- .... ---£._-,110,..-._--- the W,i',i ,U~II,. '. -. ':. '.om . .1. 'Ii.U as:, es, HI. o-·m ,~aws. ,I, ,,e :'. -OJrill.iUr!l!,ef -I. if!

- . - - . ~ - - ~ - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - -

S:~'p:I·'~it '0' "f: T··,~,·,iI:Jt.. , .. , spoken ,o:Jf:~ ~:r 'p"--':r'fi,nh-~t l'e',ii:'!'iI;:'ii::! was no ,ir'iit!1' er

- . ;:___I!!;Ii .' _ _1l-IIloIi-UIII ii:J ,:L~ -" 'U] '-'V,rl~" J'i!j,?~!;iI!' ,~i:Ii _ . v ',,-

til - Pro phet 'M····· nh ismmad l....::m··ii::ja'll,C 'It- .-;;"ji'i'iliRot-' b ," t· ak Di-- ,,' ...•. I 'JU~,I ,_.:l, ': m;",uil,!Lt.o!,'-'. ,lUI - ;;;!i~U,. , I., Cf-U.U,l,~1 c' ~e ',a'o;;;;n as

'the: 'Holy Ghost, as the Church theology s:ay,s. "It ,is, expedieDit for you 'that I go ,away 1"" says JeS1!lSlr! ~n,for if I: go not aw,ay.· .. the' Comforter will not come 'unto Vall- but 'if I de-

. . -,- _. - - - - - - - - - - - - - . - .. - . -- -- ,I' '. ¥.. - " , -- -

~iM I 'w"ID'i" sand him no' -~[l\,ii'"'io, you ,!~:

,y~1; ,I. ·~_'I. ~~Io'J_:__. ".lJ' .. 1_' _·'·_.L.1lu t'-' _ .. ,: 'i,

'10' --g. -w-- rords ,c··~a.::lr'rl-y:"" i£'!"~'o-:-rw'· ,~' that I!.'ho C' ·'o--:,·'m--·f·-o---;r,-iIo.D!JI'!' had ~n, come ,_c,,, _~ _, _ '\#', _'~ _r!;l' c .!l.~1i!1_, 1._ ~~,~'" '_ _-I 'I!!i;' e U,li,,", '. >, .... , "II,I!I;!i:L " . - _ ", !.u I;..V .,1 .'

-l'-"'Of' the d epartu re oi' 'l1,il2lit:!'~11t:! and w as not W·-·'·l·~'J)..· him W-" rh ,CD

WIL~~, .- ...... '._~',,,,,,, -_J~_-_ !I;,;o ,.,!J!. JI'Il;,,<!i.1I!~'!;!!~ '~'!, ~C_'_ ' __ ~' 41~.-· ,_,'_. u!'~, ,:.___, 1,1,.,. I~ILIL

he, uttered these! words, Are 'W~' 'to ''',[iesunu~ that Jesus was

III ,r" )

devoid of thJe Holy 'Ghost if' his coming: W,88, conditional (In

'the' gom,g' of jesus: besides, the w(J:',Y in wru,dh Je:!iu.s de ...

scdb '£ri~ him mak 61';' him "Ji human ·b·D~i'n,u. not 'flo zh i""iIC!':&' "ii-H- -,~ '~iL,,~ . '~Q ~u :_ ,."'~ .'~,jj j, .... ,) g ..• , .'.,.1 ·.W.I. ' • og;.I....,~, I 'v ~ 6'~[~1~". '" :'~

shaU not speak of himself but 'w'ha.'~soe'v:er' he shan hear ,ii,.i...,~,ji, he sha .. ');11 ,IIJ,If1Q;~'~"'_U Shou .. -:'l"d', we -p:·'r-~d'i:'~'u-'.-m-~::"O; that the '-HII'.I·v-

U 1.~,1l. _,I..:; :ttl~, _ . ,II. ;:;:!r ~u:t'l;.,.:.!Il, h ... !! - . _ " 1;;'-_ 't:rLJ!._ .... ,I;;;; Ii,., I .t;i.,. _. ~ , ,,"OJ' I

Glhosl and Gad are two distinct entities and fhat the ,Holy Ghost speaks of bir:rtS~lf and also what he hears from iGod'?' Th.e words, of Iesus cleerly .. · •. · refer to som,e meooemg ... "Ie!r' from,

l. I" .'

God 'M--ID; calls h""~'m"" the 'S':"p'l''--n~'j:, '0-' 'f':' Truth, and Cl'O-: ,£t.g Koran

CI _", . . .... ; Ii;.-~,ll,;;l! ,c~_ .. " I~.',,~ .. : ., . ",L .! ,!. '.' u ~-,jI ~ I~, : _ '"'_ U l~ ,I\.. _.' !LiY,~,

speaks of Prophet Muhammad, 'i!No'J1 :md;e1ed,h;(! has 'brBugll'l: the 'lrutlll,,, and cOil1:firme'd, fhe Me:s sen 51 rs "I!I o, 37': l/7' ,3~

There are annmber o:f pas5~les in fhe New 'TestameD't whliCh cl,ea.r:ly :[efe~[' to lite coming of MuhaJImlad, '(II) by

';lFrII"pJf:'l~g~nn' ,ILL;-n,u--IQ!"t., jj,:L;Jll; 'n~ .. tu"'e'A'~ ~ii'ii:c,~,i"i~~e A,1jI ,t:..'~'~'~,n9'ii'iO ,iLlL,I,~",U!'bg,UV ,_ u~W.v ',1lj'U' 1l.Jrt~ )1 ,~I_lc lei.:. v,I ,iI,l~ p.!!!!;"I;.JJII;jI':.i,llii;tll v.a! 1!1,.U1,"U!!;;I\"':~",

~John!, the 10 ap'tis,t: 'The Jews Bent po,clm 'to him to :find au,'t' who he ,,,",as,,, ~'He !Confessed" #m ,am rot the~ 'Chri'Sit..'" And they ,asl{ed, hiD\, ~"~ViJh)il:t th~en:? ,AI'e you BlJijaih,?!$ And He said: ,;,1] amnot," Are yo-u, th!8t P.ropneit'1' ,And he'aIls,werec\, "No" .," .And ,they said to him::: ~''''\\7hy do y'ou bap:Hze' then,

,:Ji: V.i"iiiil'lil '$i'Ii!"Q 'i['iliO"t,-" '~~u, ,"""'1L.I'FI~t· ,,_ nor 'C~~'~'"!i;'~I' n or that "-'-'~",,!i,,"'ilI'Iii1Lr'!ii',t..rD. JI y.~!IL ~~ ~~J.:'" I~l-~ ~~~'-{r .:._ _'UJ,L '~~I!~I~' . '~" ",~ _. _~~ . I,. "1'~:11t I!! U1V.~~:g:"l.

1 :::210 .. ,25)1,.

That Prophet is not. Je~US't but ,M',unammad" because lohn, the Bap'ti5t~ oofit'tinue,d pre,achin"g and blp'tizmg and foreteEHng' the looming of that PhJ.phe.:t during the 'life-om,le of Iesus,

"jesus ~ The P,rophe,[ J esus foretold the c-oming: of another

P- \o;! 'I).. j:,. 'h- - - -- - - -WQ - - '~d 'LiIEj; '~p- 'Ii!!iO'! q - .. ;jl!iIf .... j;O #-p' 'ar':i t"I11a by,/'

,,~O,'mJ'Ji:I~e'(,~ w."~ose' name _:u~,_, ,1!J~'~'"r.I_:.; '~10'i "" ~-,g,,~~~I'::!Ii::::'

r '

or 'Paracalon' and 'who (thal is, whose teaching) would

lest forever, '] ~n p'ra,ythe' Falhe'f; and He shall give you another Comforter (Periql yb)~,')~ tha!~ he m,ay abide V;,J"i:lli

you. forever,' (John, :XillVl 16).,

:~ MuJl!ta mmad in t'h_'e B'mble? )\;bdul-Ahad DalwudL 77

'TIt'e word 'periq[y-to~j means t~nU$,trj)OUSt J'[enowned" and "prmsewortllyl and thls ~5 exactly what 'the' name l'Ahmed~' means, It 'is confirmed in Ole Qur",aIIJ1. ~hat the "Pruplie't J e9D~ did propheslze 'thid at ,Prophet naml~d 11 M.mH~d'" would, come a(~erru'm,. Cod, the Ex a.'lted; saya:'

(Andremil!mb~f' wl',len Jle'sus the StD'B of' Mary~l iaid: "O ChlJ,t,Den 'of IS\f'lae'I!' .I am the' Mess eng~r Df ,Allah 'lDt,:~o you, co',nfimrui.n,g' 'the Torah wb,:ich,ca;me' before 'mew 'lmid ,gi,\dln,g gla dl ';s of ,a, M~i:5 e:flG~I' to' fo,m!!! a:fleT me, 'wbose' name sh~]1 be Abm,!ect) (~:m.:J~')

I·'-·~ " ,,1] .. , .. ,- 't'-' -,11 p' --; :-;'liF , I~I'~ 'H' :-.11< :,~, p' onheth ;: .. d

__ D.ll.e\IL,eC. Uil!! ,,(.100,1:8 0.1 ... liS I ,r.opJ.~,e ... ",00:

~ ~ The Prophet (S) was Wlie'Hetred,He' did not know how' 'to read. 0\(' wri:te" He lived among a p.eople who were' unlettered .as well, Therefore one' cannot claimtha;t the Qur~ an was authored by Muhammad (.)1' (~;od/tltei Ex,a~tled,., says:

'(An.d -Y0'u did no i: recite any '8'00.](. be'fore il, nor d.ld, ylou 1Vri:ie one, w:Hh, flo;ar ri.:sJt.t· ,hand;' in tha't ease the mlamwlou]d, have dotd,t1ed..,) (2'~48)

2. The Arabs, 'w'ere' challenged bn bring 'fof'th S!(llm.etltin,g, s,mrlhLl' to the Qu£,arnj and 'they' were uuaibl.e to do 'So!Th.e~ beauty, structure and, dleep meanings of the Qur' 8f1Il amezed the Arabs, The Qur'an isthe e'v,er~asDn8 mlraele ,of Mutmmmad (e)" The' Messenger O'f 'God (e_) said:

'The miracles 0,' t:h,e; Prophets (bef'IlJIFie Mu,hanlJ!'la.d, ~~ were i)!,o,:nfined to tlu~ir tntte's~ The miracle I have been given is the IQurf'aD, which is, e'Verli~$tln,g; ilheref([i'!ie't J bll)p,e to have Ute most f()illl'DW~rs,~f 1(_1'lJ.ddru~ri, ,0918)

Even though his, people- were eloquent and, wren known for I[h!e~~,f' it ~v-eSlom'e' poe'b·Y'r God 'cha:Ueng'ed, them to p1roduce simtlae to the Qur'an, but '!:h,e)' couldn't. God then challenged them to produce la. Chapter similar b) U~, and th~y couldn' t.

'God says:

(And, If you are in doubt as In what W'e ha vie' sent dorwn to OUf slave, then produce a chapter like i-~~ and

Icall 'upnnyollf helpers be s\idll! A .. ~tal1.!', :jj:f' you, are 'bUlh _, ,fut.) (2aJ!)

God chaUeng,es :mankin,d, 8l~ large to brin,g fCl[ltn simU8J_f' to, the Qttr' an, 'God s'ays;~

!(:Say,. 'I_f mankind an~d. UI.!i!' Jinn g:ath,e:re dl b)8Je~f]iil£:r to pIl!'od,u.ce 'the like of this QU(,illtl.,r they 'could not pro ... d.'uce' 'the Iike thereof, even tho,u,gh Ih,ey should help

10M a '!!I,n,O" ""1:1" er » ,('.'],- ,?'.~Dl!

,:lLll", ~~. ~,,~, ,~ I!! I . l I' !ir~ .. ,

,3., The Prophet i!. c'·ontlnued preaching: and calling peeplete Idanl, even t.hougbhe faced many hardships and wu,con.£l'on,'~ed by his people; who w'e'[if' ];dotting t'O kin

him y~'·"8;1:., L:t...8 P'-:"1":.l""iiIP·- :~I""".iEiit", ILlf:iIi, ,;"'!iI";,fl"i";;:n"I'udd .. ' 'p'" rn'!':II~'il\..I~'~J"iiJ'<- "g' ;ti,.,...,~ 'W!:l!,~ p''.OiII ...

. ~;L, U·l!Lr. ' ~'U I . ImL !~~, , I~' ~V\ L-_1 " '~I .. . 1·J.,c~!LJi !!.U,!~ - , .. 'iL"Il!L,IU .. ~c;I! .~.

,~ _ _:_" ,_ .. ~ • _ _ ._. _ ._. 1 , •• _., _ • ,_.' 1._.1 __ ,',_._ J :_,' '_'._ ~_ '. "';..:.:.:.~ '~_' _., • '. ,"' •• _

tient, If he' 'W,3S an imposter .", he wouIDjd stop p'lreacl1in_g and would, ,MVle' feared-for his W;e.

W., M'DlntgoDl,ery Watt satd:

Hisreadiness 'to undergo per~eicuHon .for his beliefs", the high moral characeer tOf 'ttte 'men. who beUe'Viedin him, and looked up ro him as a leader, and 'the greatness of

't..,i·IiIill 'U' '11"'-ii'l'1*"'~""'" achievement ... '~IiiI ;o;'i;<r1lTl'1',Q 'iL.'~'i~ s: . .".. ..,Jl·~,'ft"iil~,"bgj'l' ';r'I;, ..

J!,.u!1;!_J1.UJl~I~1;.J!1;; ~)1.,;.!U "!;i~ ~~.IIL"~ ,I., 1;1." 111. '~'P""'~ ,illi!l.@ J.1bU.t,I!U!~.l,.~~llll)"a, ,~,.L

~grDty ~ 'To suppose M,uhm:m.:mad an, intpostar,[' raises more problemsthat it sol vies. Mo~·e,~,)ver!. none of 'fue' great filg'ures (l':f 1U~;bJTy :iSi 00, poof:'Iy a.ppreda,ted in 'H1e 'Wiest as Muhammad i,,'~~, Thus, not ~nemelli:y ill lLlS:t we credit Mu ~ hammad wHih essen Hal honesty and in.teg;rlly of :pur= pose" if W~' are to understand .rum at aU; :H we are ito correet theerrors 'we have inherited from the past, we must not :iarset ~he eonclusive Pl~OO£ is it much strieter re-

iIlI',.iI1'- I Q"II,I!

qlllim"e'men:t' 'Ulan, a sihow' o:f ,p'lausibi.Tity" land in, a ma!'t~eIJ

ch iI:oll, '. - :- nl -11 .._ b ,;0 at.i.-""'m':-' Cidl w",~::L1b., d--if'---fi-·- - -lh,

SUI _ 2U; 'gUS o;_ _- -'J' '~V - e ,_', ~Wl ! [I\;" ,- , "',,,:~,~,_ t c--, I I~ :"'J'~

,4,. IS V'll',ry P f:r'So:n Ieve s ,tbe om,amen-~s and beau'li,e,s '0" ,t-hls nfe'.., and wou' $,waIye,d, 'by til@se thinp,~ G()d,J' the Ex ... al:ted, sa,ys:

(Bea.u;Ufied for meth is the love o,f' desired 'lliin\gs _, W1[Jm,en and ,c;hU.d'reoJP, and 5J~ored ... ,up' hea,p'~, of ,go,ld, and silver, and pastured :h.omle:s, and 'C3,tt1l:e and (,r.,oP,g,~ Tha:t isthe :prnvi:sion, of the, pI'e'seJ.D t U,ie; 'but :lit. Is God mill. \¥bom is anexceltent abode.) (3i:14)

'Man-if by his nature, is keen, in acquiring omamenes and beauties ,of 'Utis world, feop,!,e d'if:Ee.[(" :m the mefbodthe:y use to, acquire these things, Some would, resort to using lawful means to g:ain the~e thingS/if 'w:-hile ljJ!the,t,s w[ould., resort to using unlawfnl means to 8J,cq.u:ire these thi'I1:8!:; ~

If 'nuS' 11S lknoum (vou should know llia't) Qurab:h ,tried, 'ID

. J;J ~. -.

~1PIit'u";li,d-.iI'li; ",1..[' [~ Pronhet t[&'\~l'~ to ·s"tO~"M' callin ;CT 'p-,iEiu"iiI,p ..... I."'" .. ..,.. ~'[~~i':!i'ii'YII'l

r·'~~i;1 . Ju..,' .,~ U,ll~, .', " 'V,it' ·.·~ .. I '~I,~l I_-~ - - ··:~'·c·' ~~~-'. !~ I ",'!IW!U ""~ ~v lQjI~Jl.l~,!I;,

'lbe-y t-old him tha,t they would make himthe master of' Quraish, marry him ttl' the most 'beautiful WQ'm[~ and make him the most affluent man ;.molngst them, He re-

"::;p-n'!9 ded '~o· 'iI1h"'Qr~;g tem lili'~i":::_"(J' 0" :£I~r\~ savin 0"" a . .' U.£ LUi~.::-: - tl~ ,I ![-, _.I~~~ _ ~- '.F loU 1~,61 I, .1,i.!!G :, [~If' Q:~. j. I lin!"

'~'By Godl i:f they place the sun mn my rigbthand, [and' the moon, ~n,my 'left hand to' Ieave ,this matter, I. would 'not leave i[~; uft,til Godmakes it ,apP', or I: am k~nled calling people ~o ,,~.;, ;(Xbn H~sh~m)

W'e'r,e the Prophet ,. all funpostor he' 'would hBlV~ accepted this ,offel' 'wiU'., hesitation,

'Th' 0" ,-,~' - ,.,., 'C·· -,' 'I v,]Ii .... ,,,,,,~d- • .!Ii ., .. .H1U.'i;:;l! .:_,a.[I" ,l~J' Sif,n·, '.

They called hJm a prophet, you. say?' 'Why, he stood there face 'W faee 'Wi:th them, here, not enshrined En any mystery, vlsibly c]ou.lI:i:Qt} his own cloak, loolbbWing his (Jwn ~hoe.s~fightilngt' cow·u~eUIlg ordedng :ht the m~dst of' them, TI!u~:y must ha,v'e seen what kind of a man he' was, left him be called .what ye Uke,. N'o emperor '1Ni:fl1. his tlaras 'was obeyed. as this man bl. a cloak. of' 'his, own cloutlng. Ourmg tM1ee' and M,en:ty e'M,S: olf' :r-Olll:gh, actual trial, ] find something' of a. veri' hero, necessary for' that 0,( 1:tse1f,.':!1~

5~ It Is well knewn U1Ja:t subjec ts and ·wea.lt11 (j'f' at kingdum. are :subj,e'c'tetil to the wUI 'of 'th,!e :kIDt;J ,and his set .. vice .. As for ·Mu..lla:mm,ad (1i]1 he knew 'that ~Sl 1life was a tramltory sta.g:e". Ibraheem b, AlqaEinal,. said that Abdullah said: "Ihe Prophet (~) i,aJY down on a s,u,a:w' mat wmch

had marked ~~:''':'', ,~,~..:ml~' '~O··' 1f sa '1'(,1,· "O :;': M\:' essenaer 01".,1" a·:·Fi.·d=·~ '1if

J ~I~,.~ ,JJ~ ~ .~. ~_ ), ~ c\lllJU,~ ~ - 1 ~LI~)U~ ~ .: .- - '", ~1IG~~.Ji ~b.~i' , __ . ·l .. _. tv.. - ',_1 ,JIJ,

ransom you ' my mo,ther and, £aU~ted AJlow' usto put bedding ion this mat that you ~a,y on, 00 YOtu" sidewould

, ·,··t· be ~.:I.'rt: fI.. .. d e' ·d· .' .. 1. •. -...11 t Th' . ,c', 'D .... c-. -:;·hl--:,Ia., l~') 'e .,. id: nor ee w.JJl,e'CI~.e,._ ano Inaf:t'li;;:elt" _ .. ne r rop net ~fIti'll'e' s!W:':I~

J1My ex ample in ithi 5 fife Is li ke at ·rider' w ho ·~Do.k rest under the shade of a tree then ccnttmn1ll,edl on his ,~GH:~' ney," (n~n ~~~.jah ~:4.l(9)

An~'N'U~m,Ml b Basheer said:

'I ,f'! ""'W' 'V't"i,j'ii!'''' Praohet (~' \ (·,Jun~'il"~'('j' ~ time i, w'IF,Pnc, 'L.;n; 'IIIA,:~.':lII,Cl

I~~ r .. ~" I)' u~,~i '~ ,ij,I!IW!IJr'~ ,~'.: ,~'1 . UJ -!l.1I61 p, ~""--' _:._ JLL~ .lll~ ,,'W ~~,

n (lIt eb Ie to even fin d ~,ow :q uali ny dates bJ fill his stoma ch., r (MlJJs]im. ~2917)

. :,/H'(fr-o·e~!I H·ero-'WoiUsh.~p and t!l~ J~Ie'ro(i,c 1(:11. "'listQiry~ 8~

Abu Hurairah .said~:

'The :M;essenser of God (ta) bevier 'filled his stUmAch

h ' ~ . .1' '·"1 hi" d ~1...'

fior t fee censeeutrve uays un'li ';': is. 'eaul.~' l(Bukliari!


'8. v' ·en· .', .'. thou p".~~ ,~t...~ A·' .... rablan •. II· 'lWia'ftiln E"~ iII't~ W" .~,it'! 'Ii ,,;,...,. . .-II''''''''r L ~, ... , control,

' ·.1 ~iWU', "O~W' l!.Lil~. .R,u'l!. ,.II.:' ~'"bU L>:i!';~l~ .. '1!1<I:.!O!! U;Ii,;l!.U.l!;;O I . .Il,~ "'-i' •• iI,;UiU;U,~

and. be was the s our 00' of goodness for its people, 'Iihe Prophet ,a) would. mt ,som,~ 'times not fiin,d ro~od to S~I him, His wi A,i'ishah .sa~dlha:t the Prophet (A) bought some food from. a Jew·(and agreed to pay .him at a lat~ time) and he: gav'e' him 'mlS, armor as roD.a.teraL:' (:Bukhad '2088)

This, does not mean, "that he oowd.not obtainwba;t be wanted; fo;t the money:s and 'wea'lth would 'be placed in . . front of him in. his Mlsjid, and he WllUld, not move from his 'spot until he dis·tnbub~d it, amongst 'the, poor and

ne·OJ...iiy·" A""· m' >0'· ~O' il!,,,,,", Comp .. '~'ii"i,~;A.'!ii"i;;j:l! W·;D·'ii"o Il;iL" ..... , ... · .... 1 ·W·· h .. o·· W"i '.\i!:!i,1"\i!:!ii

.~ ~!~._<: II ._~ .. ~~.: .'.~.'~~ .w.~ ~I~lll :_'.·~~V~~i . _' .. i\ir~~ U-'i.U~ "'-.). ','." .'. I'~L~:

w.ealthy ,mo. ,ilfflu1eR,t os ·they· woukt rush to 5lerve' 'rum and. would gi'.Vie up the most valuable of' 'aDn,p .for biim., The reason the P'ropl'u;!lt (fi) renounced 'dl'e riches O,f·this WO,[kl4I' was because be knew the reali'ty iof 'this, rue .. He· ,said: '~Tb·e

1- .i:,.mll; ... _, ,: . .-. .. ~'IIl!, ,Cli,·.' ~.::~ ·W:. ',··iif)r-' lld.· t ',n ~t... ~ Herea ~r-' . ;irC;!. 'l1t'Li~~1 ·lP·"ii;;!i'r~n.', ,19.',:

~,:u.t:I"I!~ vA U I!..!!:Q_ v· J!._ . .u l.U....... . .. , -'~, ",",,;(:1l.L!li: l' ~ ~"- ,Wi, ,""" ,aY'.i.1i.

W'lL.Q·, d ~nn~;,1i L:'c L:-,Q'ICi'f in .:l.L.,o, ;n,~.i'Ji,~ ....... ".iCi"· him e;~. T"·~h:(3,I .

. . lIl.I. " " '.lIi:,r.t:<eU 1I,LQlI j(Ul.'O~". . Ull~ "'-!!'Ii;.,.~~.1!!; J!,,,,,,,Il,...,. ·13~~ 'n I ~.!I).

'would ,returlh,f .(,Mn~1im '2858)

Reverand Bnsworth Smith said;

If ever a man rolled by ii, right divine, it was. Muham .... mad, .fof he had aJl the powers ·"vl.'lliout the:il' su pports, .

6. Cerl1ai.n Incidents w'O'Ulid 'be'flall tlbe Prophet 9f G'od, 1(.] lVruC'h would, ne ed iclarifilcatioDt ,and :he' 'w'ould, not, be able ,to do, aJR]rthiu,1 becanse he ii,d, D.lut I!t!ceive :I1~vlellation ftPa.I\d.u11'P' 'f,t. Durin 'fl:r," ,1I.1\--IJ"it! '~n~~ln'.JI I,~'_o_ between Ii.L, .... , 'm~' ",~d'llil!!liilPl.'t-

IC·~· - D' - - -~·u·.:~·,_~ ~'I!JQ t'.:-..w-·_, rUU. \'~!I!!~II!I _·:.~'~W~ ,", ~u.~, ,.[~· .. _:·~Ill_

and rev,elation) he would, be exhausted. 'One such mcbient is the Incident of .{tJ,,~t:2 w11J!Jl~m the' Propher 5 wif-e A'ishah was a ocu sed. 101 being' tte,amerons. The Prophet (8) did not' r-eceiVie're1ve'!atlon ,conce'rrliin;g ,this, tnetdent for OfUi! --, --- th"-", d_O"un---"'n'g 'w'W- ·1d1,'-' '~- ''''~'''!) e "nem'~l-'''''S :i;.-alkJ'-'~ e'd'" 1"'-11 a--'f: hfm un I' til'

m'-';if'i;I1r'I,' -"';,,' ,I" I"," """"',' ~:mLw"" '- ,I-I" 10:::" !i."- ': 'I I' ,- ',!II.I'!.il 1'1'1'-

·_IU'Jl.Ii.~I:t ,.":,." 1_"i,.1 .,,[.Ii'o' _,=~.I·.·':""":"·-""":_'.__:I_.} .__:_._"'-.~' _ ~' .. I'~_=L~ ._ 1

,reve1arHan was, 'revealed and t:h~' inn 0 eence lof A'fshah was, declared WeI,e,the PlIophet (,i\) an imposter 'b,e would ll1avle~(esolV\ed trus, Incident 'the mmru're m,t came about, God says':

(NIDf does he speak f~'ut Oil d~sif-e.,)(,53:3')1

7. The P:m:p'b,et. (ij) ,dlid not [ask pleop'Ie~o adulate hlm, On 'tile 'con:tr,aty, 'the Prophet (5) would not bf' pleased if ;l person adulated hini in ,any"vay, Anas said:

'There: WClS, no mdlviduaJ more be,lovedl ~o 'the Com .. - panicns 'than ,t,he Mess enger IDf G'Od_~T ,He's aid.: ,llf ,they' s a;,w him, 'they WOllll d D(d stan.d. 1,1 pi '~I(U~j bbu; beeause

thev knew he dtsliked' (' nanidthi #2'5~r~ r

_ ,J

'~~'Mnha[[liUinad aad M:li,:i!hijj iiluna dilillis;rn"

,n 'i.e. nl~' ifr!icl~:I' ~irn~f.Jeil:1JJ Itn@, hl'~cri'~ei\'l fa~se~1y ~00l~ A;I~;'lit!lJ 'win .. w:l1om. AJ!]~h is, pl'~ecl;l' 10(( bli!~f1I!g unchaste,

W shi - - ,- - -- 1- _-~:_ - - ~ id: ~"H'· ,- ," ii": ,~,t ' " .. ...;:, ,,- ""011 ... ,,, - W'- .... '~_..'-

, 3~k, 'm1fP!0n rvlng~ saic 'il "', ,1$ nn laIJ !j,4,,,Um,pJl [5 .a.', -,,' ',fU'i.,:'""

iened no :prlde nor vain glory as they would, have donie: had they been ,effected by selfish purposes, ]n, 'the' time of

10.,::, , O"1iI'"iCi 'liJ iI.,Q;et" P'o- w' ar I!.._ ,...._ m''15o ;i'i'"li,tI!o""~:I- -, ,'Ii!!i;d' -I ,ii,1..., ..... , ~~,ni'!Ii ~ ~;'ft'!iip" 1- '~II i'!i~lk:r nl. rus .of_I;,;U'tL~~ _' ," -'.' __ e ~ ID-t: -_ II~uLul(.lkW.j!l~~ I, un:: ~.II,tL~ 00:':;,';, ,"i.!l,I~Jj'''''J u,I'

,c_ ,-'''_', '-"...i _,,' ~":''i~''::-:-"--c,,--,, :",' "':-,: ,Lk,-:, 'd"","""" "-:"f:'t..,~,,,,, ad '1":"",,- -:,~hl' C .....

manner arIliu ittppe1u,lB,iUje as 10, me I,'., ays, 0, "U!J,~' ac ver-mI~I" ~

,t: ," ,t, , ',: """iJi: ,-,.......:: .... " ' , ' -,' ,:;;;.'m - ,t:. ""'"'" 1-. --C', :--- iIj,!jjfiIC d' -- '~'~'pl~.a~,~.od'" :if'l -- 0" n' I~~

,IIJ.,U ,~,r-om 1W1:eL:W~g r-e:Gm SI,~~hJ~ ue \'v,iliil.O': :li;J"i1~g'!l;: I' I ~.u-

- · - al ,I - _, '., - - onial-'~ _' _ f~ ---, - """ ----""

", :,: ,,--':-,,: .-,"".-, ,,, i, ","1'1' i' ,- --' '",'-' '-, I, 1"- I' ,-' "," , ,- '",' --'_'- ' ',','.':1'

termg a room" i1BY unusu ','_" restim",,_ ,_ ::~'- 0._, respect was

! ... hown M, ""I' '!~;m' c ,~ M rl·~.~jnY'V 4I,IL iL.I~' Ilru. I I J!i!


C', Some '~~iD'~ln-Ii1:!', P,'m"im~' the !QI,".'lhi'r.'~"!!I'itfijl '!iIl'~,rliiliFi!'D, or.iii,'" g.,.,'la.d[" in ~oIIlJ1'h' ;_t,., O!l _"!Ikf~,, . '!Wo' ~ila ~ ~ ~.1t. -. 1 I '. ,I;: ',' ~~, I'~ll, I'~ ~,;IJ. ~ .ilL ~ 'If ~I~~' ~ I ... ' '.-",. I~~U.·~

the Prophret (ll) W,ll' blamed, and ,adnlonilhed, d,ne -to

IIil!lft1ljii"llJi!Ii! m" '--I,""~id:" ~t' :I"'Ii,1I" ~i~""PI-" :,~,--:;--, -Hm" ,.', ,-: ,,(7~' I~U-: ,~'16. ~lll2l'· 1~~,II!t~" ,~,;I ~- ~ll~.', U&, i~l "r'~" '10' ~ _ ~l. I~~II

~ ~Thi ~-_, 0 words '0'---:"(' IG;--...l ,1II.~'IiO, r.' .. ~, ... JI~t:lildC' III

'i1-b " , .I'!<:;, ',"lit, ~ ", IJ!"', ~,--" ~ !lJ.l"" ~l:t!.Iill"" ~' ,,~

'(10 "ltopbeU Why do you :f.'o\f:bid (f,oJ[' y.ourself) th'l,t, IGod. hal'S ,aJbJw'll!d1 hJl ]!'IDU, sle~eking, ioplte,atSle' your wi.ves.? And GOld 'i,~i Oft''''Fo~givm,g" Most Me:rcj-~ i~~ll1l ), u;'6"1-)

,~.~ ~II!!~.' 'IL~':' !ii!:.,,~.1

The, Prophet (Ii.) abstained f~om ea,~g honey, due to the behavior ot' some of his w,iVieSi" Cod that admonfshed him because he forbade upon himself wbalt God, d,eemed l,aw= ruI.

b, God, ittte Exalted, says::

(May God forgi,v,e' y'O'U 1(0 MuftMlilmacU., tvh)r did you. grant -them, I eave ~ I'illr remainingbehind; 'yi(l/U !jhnu'~.dl have persisted as re gards your (Irf\dC'f ,to them to proceed 0[1 ,J'mha.d) anHID, those w' 10 to,~,d the truth W1e'I'e seen by yon, in a clear H.gJtt, and you had known the Iiars 7) ('91~43)

G- ...... .J, . ·d·' . -',,' ~'!f,.AI .i.:t.. /'Ii; Pro 'pc 1-' , '.- ,t (~) becau ~ h"'" I'· 1'1 :" .•• ;1';,,11 ':;' . , ... _ uu, ,a moruMd~u UI,I~ . i,' _,., le', '~'~J-' .... ~!.\i!;,_0'\; e, qUl~.I(y ,ac--

cepted. the false excuses of the' ,hypocrIltes w:ho lag'sed be-

L,,li d I th n ttl: ,t: T' 1L.. k H" - s: -- - - ~1- d

,Ii un ~ _ :m '~'.' ,E!] ,E)a, _Jj,e: (}I,( . auoo. ,'" - 'f' lFo~gaveLnen't an.. ~1C:~

cep ··,ted. their excuses. without vetily-':'mp them,

, ,. ·'1' .- .. ..' ., ., .. , ,_... " -, ,- - ,. - ,0;' -.--

G"-:'" d tn:, - Ex- 'I"f' d ... , ,.

#"! '. ' . 0-" I .' -,,!Co.' 'Cii, .' '~"; . 'i!:'!:~'V'ISl':-

'Ii;;", •.... '." '!,;;" -~- ..... II ~'.1 .... '

(It is, not ,£'or a Prophet that be' should have 'p:ri:sonels of war ~,an,d free th"em, with 11'aDsom') un,til. he had made a great sla,ught'el" (amAlu,g his; enemies) in the land, You d,e:sD'e the good 0,' this 'world" butGud de ..

·c,~, ,"'-'c fry,: ' . ~u' &.L'I,[ljj; H-':-- .:,a'; e ....... An'" td G:~-" 'd'" ,'!' _, AJII M-·iI:n:'bhl' .srres uJ!' 1'","". U~!I,;;.,e['~au,\':['.~ "'I,~,, -,0 ,IS " I:!!O, I,~ 'd'!',l'

AU",',~') m".![L'n

1 -- • - '.,.' \,'YI .. g ... ~I

d, 'Go d, the Exal ted" says::

(Noii £0['",00 (0 Mulumufba,d, bu,t for God). is, the d.cci, .. sion; whelber He ' Ln mercy, to '(p,~don,) them or punlshes fhem; 'ver,U:v,,,, th@y are 'the wro,ng-d,oers, . .) ,(,3,1[28)

e. 'GcKt the: ExaUtKL says:

(The Pr.o:"h,el .frownl'ed. and, turned aW'3!y"" Because there eame '10 bi'm, the blind man", And how can yl'lu know 'that 'hye] :mii,g'ht, become "Ute ,fro.m ,s,in~1 Or he' :milght recei,ve' a,dmo,nJition, and the admonition might: p'fofl,t him?) (.!30:1=~)

Abdullah b, Umm Makt,l'JOO~ who was: bltnd, came "to the Prophet (Ii) whillie] he was, prea .. chm,g to ORe or some of the QUI'tdsh leaders, andthe Prophet (.ft,,) frownedand turned ¢!\-vay ,~ and God, admontshed him on account of that

Therefore, were the Prophet '(fi) an im,postf:r:~, "these verses w()u~d, not bel found in the Qur' an"

'Mubalnmad Marnl.aduke pickthall said:

One d:ay' wh,enl13e P,[op,het' was iln C011wlllil'tionwi'Hl one nf 'the' ,Sre\at men ,of 'Qw"E!:ySh/' seeking to persuade 'him of

, -

,the, 'bll:tlh. ofAl-Islam, a. 'b1lind 'man came and, asked him a

quesD,oo concerning. :tbe fai"th~ The, Prophet W'i~S annoyed at ~ ,~t..G, 'iin~~I'~p---:::-1110~' fro ~ed~' and ljo:"' ~1'ii'~~'''4iY'' fr ,iiFiIi'm, I ,i"L"""

l~ , :U;l~ ~ ._~~all;.ly,. : . LlLr_,.J:IIJ1. ... ,'." I ,~~ _' .. _:. _",::",:,I_! ':_ I~U~~~~·_:_ .. 1~,Ir.=! ... ~,_:.' II,~·_ UI~

bHnd man" 'In 'this S11lr,ah he, is, 1I::01d that. a, man's impOt .. , tance is not: 'to 'be: judged from his, appeaesnee or '~¥or,ldly

,~I-o:!i ~;;n;.n 43 !GIi~i~'UVI -_ ;F.'-- '

9. DOle: of the 5 ure signs o:f 'his, Prop'ile,fh Dod is, f(nJllld in ihe Ch,'7 0:1 La;h ab h.:ll,ap·ter 11.1.)1 in, ,the Q\II"' ani' In I;t God, the Exalted,· condemned Abu Lahab ('~he fJopbers unele) to 'the torment of Hell, Thi~i chapter was revealed during the Ie/ally' st:a,ges of his Dll~wak ,(caU to Islam), W'e'Mie the Prophet f-) an imposter he would not E!lSUe a ruhng Hke 'this,; sino2 his uncle might, ,ac~oept Islam aJ'~enYardsl

'D;f',. G,ary l\4Ule[' says::

Por example, 'the P'rophet (.t)) had an. uncle by the name' o:f Abu Lahab, This man hated Islam flo such, ~n extent thaJ: he' used ~of:oUow the Prophet around in orderto discredit him., If Abu Lahab saw [he: P:rOplh.'~Jt (.~) speaklng to. a s trang e I', he ~1!Gu1d wait until tJ1H~y parted. and then would ,go back '~O the stranger and ask him, {What

did 'n' t '~l , '0' ld h ~~I 'I' ... ,' '1:,.",' 'ml • "I!' elk,." D- " ' • .J' t,

'_ H~l - I)e'~~,~, you, ~ ',.I.,,' ,", e say !i.1 Jba.c~" 'rv e'l, :1t .. s w ~,-~:( te. ,IIIu. ne

say !:Mor,min:g?'~ 'WeU, it's night,' Hie f,aitltfuUy said the ex-


act op'pos:i't€! oif whate''Ver be' heard Muhammad (,8)1 say" However, about 'ten years before Abu Lahab died ,8 H.'ttl,e~ chapter in tJhf!'Qw:~ an was revealed to him, It' dfs"liincM.y sta ted 'ttial he wound ,S)o to the FID,~e (i.e~ HeU) ~ In other w'orrl:Sl it alfirmedl 'tb_a.'t he would n~'V1e'E become a MusUm and would tlll!liefore 'be' condemned forever. For ten years ,aD Abu Lahab had to do was ,say .. l[ heard, 'thai it' has been re'V'ieilled ~o M'uh,am,madthat I will never change ~ that I 'win never become a MUSUttlil and wfll en~ef the HeUf,~,'[e~ Well I want to, become a Muslim now. How do you Hke ,tltat? What do yQU think o:f YO,Uf divine

[-'e~:vG~ ... ,'ti",ocn '!!"II,niil'.ili.J."'" B'"u'" he never did that A" nd yo't -'r1...!:JI'" '~e

I ~ ~.!Il(m, -, : .. 'J: l. .lIl. n.v If"V :[' -. ~ __ -,~ '-"~ -. I,~ ~. ~. - ". -_- ,Lit IU, tg, -. . : I, 1lJ.L . .' ~ _-f' !U. ~~t. ~!;I!

,e%aJl':t1y the kind Off behavior one 'would have expected from him sinee he always sought ito contradict Islam, In essence, Mubamm,a.d (11) ~a~d:: 'You ha:t,e' me and you want to fini8h me? Here, say these words, and I am :00- ished, 'Come on, say them!' But Abu. Laih~ never said them. Ten 'Years~ And in .all that dme he' n~veT ac~ep,ted Islam or even became sympathetic to the Jslamic cause, How could Muhammad possfbly have known for sure that Abu Lahab would fulfill the Qn( anile revelation if he' (i.e, Muhammedjwas not tnd.)'f the Messenger of. Allah?' How' could he possibly hav,e' been :S01 confldent as to give someone i~n Y1ea,rs eo dis credlt hts iclain1. of Prophethood? 'The only answer is '[hal he was Allah's Messenger: form order to putforth such ,8, risky chal .. , illie11ge, 'One: has to be entirely convinced that he has, a df= vine revelal11lion.,41>1,

~ The A.;m,.azj'Il~ ~",_"" aa

"" ,', , - _g, "'-i:!j,U! ---

1.0. The Propbet (ili) is: called: I,Ahnl,ed' in a verse ofthe Qur'an instead o.f 'Muhammad'. Goct" the 'Ehc,allted,., says:

(An~' rem emb . ..or: w·····h· en Eesa ~~"', of M":I'RI""III:m' -I sai . .lI. ~'O-'--',

. -~ J.l,~ _~_. l.~ ",": ,~, I '--,!b~._.I' i:JIUI~I~ V, .. '~~I"' I~~ ~~ ',_ '_'

Children of Israell I am the Messenger 10£' God unto you, the Torah which came before me, and giving glad tid~DSS of a Messenger '~O (lome after me, whos!e! name shall be ,,ed"I,ut w'hen 'be: came tJO 't-hem 'with. clear ,Im'oi's:]!, th ey sa i.d::' "This Is plain, magic,') (61l:6)1

W:ere he' an :tmpo~:ter~, the name ~'Al1m,ed,! would not' have been mentioned in the Qur)l an, stnce he was known as 'Muhammad' amongst his people,

] 1+ The' religion of IslJiUD s,tiU exists Indl,]" and, its; spread .. , :ing all OVl!:1 the G,llobe', .. Thousands 0,£ people embrace Is-

lam and prefer U over all other fe!i;gions., 'This happens eventhough the caners to Islam are not finandlally backed as €'x:pected; and in spite IQf the efforts of the enemies 0,£ Islam to halt 'the spread of Islam. God, the Ex,aUed" sa,y,s:

(Ve~rily j 'Wi!! sent down the Reminder <Le,. the Qur',an) and surely, W,e l-\ri]1 g,uaI'd it from corruption.) (15:.9)

Thomas Carlyle said:

A fa I ,f!I e ma n found a ' .... a,~';o",iii"tl,n' 1 JIio,'fik y' ".?, f J~I~~'O man cann ',nt

, ~ ,~,: e u iJ. -_ _' !~.' ~ " ." : )I~, 1'<. _ ... .; ,~, lll;:,ll~itl.IJ,~.I!, I. I. I, Y .ltl I.' f. ,g "a~~,~~ ,II I. l~. ' '-.J(I. _,I .. ·,1 U'':

b- ~l-'d' b ".-111 ... 'I:.. . 'I 'If h d- - - -II. k- - - - r- ... _.A f' 'Ill - ...... ~,l-

IJ·1ll1 ,-. a ,J:n~ J!,tOUSie," rr .,E!: noes nor xnow ~-u :,O.!J, ow' tru y

,-L a p" roperti e :~. of m ortar 1I~:, rrn t cl ~'V' an '1- ~I: w··,: iIk, a '" ,Q,1I se he

lll~ I~'.w. v, : ... _' .... Ilo~.:, ~ .... 1. . .'U ItL11Jtl' I). ~o "." J.- _._ JU,.) . " .JLIJ ... _ .W,i!JulL, ~.1Q. I fIkr

works in, it ~:S no hou se 'that he makes, but a rubbishheap, It will not stand for twelve centurieafc lodge ,a, hundred and eighty millions, '~t w~n fall straightway, A man must conform himself to Nature's laws, _be_ verily

in" communion with 'N'atU'r<L~ and the truth of; or Nature wUI answer him, No, not at ,alU Specioslitie:s, are spedous-eh Rl.e:!~a Cagllostro, m,anyCagliosfios" prominent ·w'O[l.d-le;ade:l:s,~. do :p'r-ospe'f by their quaekery, for a day ... It is like- a £o:r,ged. bank .. note: 'th,ef' get it passed out of ..... thelr., 'worthless hands; others, not they:; have to smart for it, N a rule bursts u'p' in fir~·$;: French .Rev,o~.uHons ,an.d. such like, proclaiming with t-err,~.ble veradty 'that forged notes are lo,.rgedL But of ,3. Great Man especially, of him 'I wiU venture to assert that U' is in ... · credible he should have been other' than 'true. It seems to me' the p:rimary Ioundation of hlm, and of an tha:t can n,€!! in 1Umj' this :is

'Th· -. . P'-" - ·b· . I!.Ltili, - " _. . - .- -. d' I ~,t.. ~ 'i",.1 .. .' t:e. -- G' ..... ~' 'h- - dr -

'-- .!e . _'1\Op . e'", .. 'prese'E"vie 'UlJle '~:w ,an, ,1'£II,e:r' Ou .. ja~ _ pr'e-..

- ' '='

served i.t in the Books, chests of men ,ge:ner,atlon after gen-

,eration, Indeed memcrlzing and redtina It Iearrdng - and

._ •• • J • l_. -- - -:. --' •. ---.~ -0 ir,. _. '.'.1' .. j

L,~ " iIl-i-. lii"j..,':;:.,..., M' 'i' i",

teaenme l't are ,amonrt; 'i~!LeUUUli~S ·',_usdmsar,e' vei~!, xeen on

,0' Ir:;.li . C) ~',I

dome ·f~ln.r the Proph Of" I~', said .'

._-y _ _:''':\O.!'l ,_,v_I. g:1 -', _' ,~V ,;'-': ~. '~ ~~_JL~ I.'

"The heist 0'£ ynu. are thos,e w]1.0 Ieam the Qur"uit and teach, i-t/ (Bukhad. ,',4639'),

M,allY' have' ,tried 'to add and omit verses from the QUlt~ bue they have never been. su ccess'rul; fur these mistakes ar-e disecvered almost immediately,

As: for the Swmah of the Messenger o.f 'God (It') whim. ls the second source of m,egls:~aH.on tn Is 1 am, it has been pre-· served by ttus;Morthy' 'tdous, men, 'They spent theirliViI!,g, :sa thering thesetrad itions and scrutinlzing them. 'to sepa-

n '~Ii'~roesi H~l'tr"~(lirShi.~, ,illldthe Heroic ln HiStory' 90

rate theweak from 'the' ialu:theno(;;: they even clarified which narrations 'w'€!:re fabrl,cated~, '\\?hoover looks, at' rh\e books w,ritt:en, in the science of Hadeeth ~, realize this; and ,th~tt: the narrations 'that are authentic are in £a,ct ,au-'

1i.1..',am,'~,;i"'I U l~IJ ~JUJ"-'I!

Michale] Harl41D' says:

,Mtihaw,mad£ounded and promulgated one a'fibe

W.r'i;;i'JIA:'~'.o great 'If'I"",Iii':{1'~ii""Nllf"i~;:I11 and became ~'n imm .i5liiFii<C'! .... :1.·' ~t.

__ 'v~I~Il}U -iJ. :;.~·lL.~i~.[l. .llLit!:Ud~'V'lt~=-, 'tu ILl '_' ._ .~,~.~.l.IL~ IULiL _-J.~' ~_::1 ~l"d~,y 16:11~

,f-eetive' political leader ~ Today, thIrteen. cenru,ries after his

death '\..:,c ;- ~:'U'-;IQIIflI!"'oi"!i, 1":1[!' Q,~]]. '1'''f'iW' ','IQ,-'J'l''"I"r:'11 and nervasive

'---'~~ - F' ,loIU~ ~JUll.lll .. - ~;I:~,~~ Q j:;!lllJ..· , r'U' ~-,,,l.'JJLl ![Yll,~· r·~,l£; .. I~.I. .. ~I!I

12, V",:~ ,c'i"r;'!i ~~',h,'~i.,: .C·. c, d t ru- - . t',~-1I fu ,I' '11.i"' =.!~",,7, ,;rn.'f' hls Pi: ",n",;-, i, ifoI~;"-P'.' ,1',0", ,:- n :d:' ~'"LI ",- ~ , ,. '1;r!IL.""o!;'~, all, , ,~~,!IIu..!!!I!~eiOll!5 u.!!. _'~," _IJIII!;..!!I,. ,~'!!;."s iI~n, .. , IIJUD.'I;,

Uley are 11,00(1 ,arftd. suUa,ble for ,every time and, place'. The results of tile a.ppi,cati,on of Isla-mare clear and well

known, 'which in turn 'testify that it is indeed a revels.'Don from God, Furthermore, is it net possible for Prophet" Mu- 1f--iol'm'·::lI.n!'.l:d:·'(:~':)· ~, ~~, ,a, Prophet '!;ii[]' ~!';i'1Fi,-y,:, Prophets and 'M"'II'~I~ ... ,

~~u.~ , ,_U,_ ",~, 'LU Ii.JIIG ,. ,..!!.,',. ,~ ~'~ !Y(1I ,aJ.I"IliIliU.'~'I' " : ,·~I~ !QLk ' _"_~oi:I

sengers W'€J[',e sent before him l' ,n: the ans,wer "to 'Iftds query lsi fuat' the'le is nothing: that prevents this, ... ' 'we then ask, ~why do you. reJect his: Prophethood, and conHml the Prophethood ,of ,the Prophets 'before him.?\f

]3,~ Man cannot bring ,a'bou,t Iaws similar ~hll the laws ,of Islam whic h deal with every aspect o£ Ii fe, such as, transa,C'tilons, marriage, soriai~, conduct, p oliUcs,LI" acts !o:f llVOJl'SJ.l.jj,p, and "the Iike 50,~, how' can an, unlettered man bring

,~ i'[h~ l(lll)Y A. r,i'liiilik[ng of ~h@: most i[il,f]ul~ti~! !te.!SON in Nmory',,,

,~7 VV!~ ~i]]!e'\!G :tl~~'~ Islam 'is a 'D[v~ne re~l~~io'n :f~~ An~:h-.l ~d '~ha,'~

Mi,.d]~IrrmCIJd .t1!. did net found :it

, ".' .. - thi ", ,_-·c lliilk-'" ,Ll' ' ,,,] '~, n't ,1I.'ib.'r:, acls ,- , - .. ' . oof ',' .. ,oJ, ,','., .. ' ,t. 1,.,."'. I

somet .. ng , ,-'e' trus ~ Jlsn. UIIJIJ's, a c ear proo ana ~ugn 'Or ms

P - .'·L"'"h'-· . '''d- ", rop.lll,~'1b ' , 00. '. :.

1 AI The p·ii"'.i"fiip- 'h-- et '(~'):'" d-'~~AI n il'llii. -'t·"4',..:i:. :--1~;iII'I'~ -- c- , ""'J " 1'1'

,J:.~. ,', ,~U',; "', -, I,~" . ~.'u, U!'IL S !iD,'1. IC:,~J, 10,g ,peop _C '!loO itS, 'am,

until hemmed, flOlrty years o,t,dl~ His youth had passed and the a,ge in which he should have fe-st and spen,a his time

'1,0; ,t'! urel v' 'w,',of,t,(,!' .li.1".,l'1i; ""IIIO'.tf!I in 'W·,,1.!..l"'''''-II..., he ,t,,iI;'~'~,,o ""o··'m'- nu'~Q~'~n!nod-1 '!:Ii,c' . ,'bJ.O:l!' . '.'C) I "-."~ U,I~ !!;iIlo~ Ii II" ,Jj,l.'lJI.iU ,I'C, i''i'iD_il' II;.. '~' ;"'" ;;)~J;!,,;.i~ .. ';';';", ~ a.

Prophet and charged with the dissemination of Islam,

'T"h'" -" C""-'~ 'I . '"'

" omas <Holly 'ie" said:

Itgoes grea,Hy against the impostor theo,ry, the fact that be Iived in this entirely unexceptio"naibllei!' entirely qui'et

d Ia . "II th h f hi' ,

.,"_ . ····,·".-.'··11;.-1·-·.'· L ."," _-;::~ 'i.'.:~:".' 1:- I .:. ::\,-",.-:1 ,':.'(. -~ .. ,'>~~:_·l."_. ··~'~.'>I'·-

anc commonp _ ce way,~ til., I. e heat 0< ,_, ,8 years was,

done. He 'was forty before he '~;a_U<ed of any' mission from Heaven" AU his irreguilarl'ties, real ,and supposed, date' from §f- ....... ,.. t..,':tzi: t::;t~CIi~1.., yil!li. a ""I W,t-Oiii'"ill the eood v'...!'~';J':,_,L, died

JJ..I I :.~' ; .. ~ ~I 1:1~1' llU~ ,~r'_t'IUI~,U~ ~: 'I~ _Il.,'" "~ .. , ·l,'I~.I~, '.~-- :,'J. ':' :dl:·~:-:·::· ._.~ ~U.u: W], :._-_ ~~:,) ',II!

A'II ..... ,~.,.. "ambitio n II' '~Dt::Im,,-!I'[MlI'D'1Iy. La' ,d,; b a~, h'll'i~L'Dr-~o t-1I'lII liv e

_ ". _', ,J,.lU) : .. ,Il) '~iL. _ :J G!!b!lb· ,iIi.!L liIOl.!i,,' j ~ 1.·· ~~ I~;, _', 'U l~ 1!!"'lif ',.'!.",!' __ _ .

~"II!"i, honest 1~:t;o!' ''L..~'~ "fam If!i '" the 'n"inl!iilili"'--ii:lI, O'II""Ui"'i..ll "0' -p'm'- . )[110- 'n' 'o-·"f:'

~~, .Il,Il.V.l.fII,~~.~ .uJJ}~,r ,1·U" 1-: .. I.,~l-' __ ' _~ .• LJ.IW~IL,=" t}VVY. :_ ,1"-:" "',1 . _:.' "_"' .

. -., iehbors ,":1!.,.o,t '~""-O"i.":I' him had been sufficient hith ~'i" ... o,

neI!.,g-a I~ ,·ur,Q!' 1l.J,:liU . ,!\..lIb ... , '!JV ,I 1I._: '--,I' ,--I _1;'1.: __ __c ~~;I.!~ a'!l.;LJI.. :,""IL~ , " A, _. ~"- LJ ,.4

Not till he was already ge'tting' aId, the prurient hea't of his life ,aU. burnt out, Ind. _,peace:~ grovrln;g to be' the chief th'WJ;g trurEi world. could give' him, did, he start on. the 'r! ca-

it. ,I.-.. 't" n ' !-1' and b £Ii~''Y'i'lfl"D'!'JI,]'' his past f"I;h" racter '!3'119id

,reer 01. a'mu'L Ion; (£1' I, " : i!;;;;:i!.,,i".".r'-D, ~- .:1, n iii';:; . ,!!litO' ~., J,~, ,u~'t.,~' Q.J.:~ "

, . , •. ,i-, ',::-' ", t, , . '. :" .-:-",.' . if,. hed I', .,': -: Ihl r1.l ':~ .:'m._- ,J!.. ,.......,., .---:

existence, set up as a w,n;~;I~Cllh;;;, emlPl~',J Ula.r~aille~n LV ~c-

quir-e w:ha.t. he could. now no, long-er' lenjoy!' For my share, E have :0.0 faith whatever in Hla't.4a,

,jj!l ~ [.:[e.[\(JC~. liJilm)~,\..y orshlp and the Heiru~c. in l1ist'Ol'J 92.


We conclude. this, research withthe words of Alphonse de T ... ').,1 --.-"-', 4i!jll '.- .I']LJ[,~ j:.- ie de al Turm -,!,'I'

l..d!\!~artruJ·'Le' ':ml Jr.:, .US'Lone oe a" ,'Urqwe ':

Never has a man set: feu: :tmn~;rlt~~'lf~ 'Voluntarily or in volun-

:f'~''''''il'''y,- amore subliree aen o·m- it"'!;If!ij ,!i.'~J~ aim '-W'-'~'~~'Ii!! superhu

~Lil ,,:,!~ _:~,I_'.II!~: ~ :"JJILlJl.l;.,.,: !llIinn, ,,jI, ,I;,..;,.", U:U,i]J 1;;1;,11 ,,' ,,","U;GiI' fiJi' _,I ',I,' _ ,,_IIbl,-'

man; to subvert superstldona whtch had been imposed between 'man, land 'h'l9 Creator, to render 'God unto man and man 'Unto God; to restore th,'e rattonal and sacred i,d];ea. 0,£ di.v,U1j,ty' ,a,mid~'~ the chaos 10,£ "the material and d lsn,gum:ed gods, 01' idola:trYt then @,:;ds"tiI18',., Never h!2I:~ a man undertaken a 1\10:r:k so fat' beyond. human, power wHth so feeble mn.1e:msi' for be (Ml:thammJad) had. Jn the' conception as well as in the exeeuflon of' such a zreat design, no

o I~I

""",1l.1k,o[-,- in tstn un ent thJ ~ ~~ him c\C,III" and 'If'i;"!l; other aid ;Gj;,V;rf>.ii:Ii.p' ,t-- oSII 'VIU,I~·, '.~~L~:I J '~ J ,tl 1_] 1!jL:LlL, ,[tu J ~H U-I,!lJr._-·_' ,~:L'V' 1!!lJ.'U,IIl.~,1_:, ~,~_, I\.,;.A,~~ I~" _ IU

handful o.f men liv,mg' in ,8 loomer of' 'tile desert Pinally j

t1.,:[:;l~ IfO,'ji'I' 'ID"Ij, ~I'C!' ~ m-·· 'ilin< ~''''''~ml''· po. ,iII,; ~h: ed ,~,'I1'~1 eh ""II h 'f "'iQ",,,,,", """'In·' d, : Ia IE! I'm~' 0'

,J. ~;'¥'~.!l, .w.1JP1!;11 ~_~,_" ,·!~,t,' IP!'~ •. ~V· 0 .:: .·JILt~ ... ,~,. -.' [~~L·, , ,~ , ", "~'I~~ ~ - ~.'~ ,~£~MI~d~ b'

revolution intheworld, because, in less than moO centuries after itsappearance, Islam, in failh and in arms, reigned over the 'whole' of Arabia,t Md conquered, in

G.,." _..Ii ~ Persi K'L. T' '. 'W 'i, _

_ OL~"~ name, .>:elr~na. snorasan, ransoxarua, ',"'e$,b~'rn, m-

dia, Syria..; 'Egyp,t" Abyssinia, all, 'the known ic-ontin'~n'~ of

N I,'l\.., A~; ~ 'm ..;l ,ct, ~~1 M· ... ·~·'-

ortnern z iJi~,.iJca", numerous :ls,~anu~ ot tne '~',~]lre-frlwnean

Sea, Sp • and part of GatJil. i!ff ~ea:mess .of pUI'p'Q!~et smallness of. means; and a~tort.i8trin:g resultsare the lthree criteria of I~ human genius, who could dare' oompa:r-e any

. .;~ He: W'2iS, a poet~ ,a m.'e:mib~T of i~h~ ,P'[,ovw:sional. ,g;o,v€',[WmiffntJ, arnd ,~ one-

tlrne :~ii'r""""; ~ ;a, .... 1C1· ", i Fa""" _"Ji ;11 ,'] '''',~,..,.

. ~ ~~,~ 1ij,'II;i' r' ; 1.:;liJillra~. ,,:I!J_. ,¢JJ,~i ~, !~ I~U,~U,al~~1O


gre'a.t man rn,his.!tOlry 'vrith :Muh!anll'rnluld?' The most £a."" mous men created arms, laws! and. empires only. They founded, if' anything ia:t ell, no. more tllan. ma.b~·rla] pow." lerswrncih. o'ften cru.mbled awaty'before ,th,E;'drey·,es,• This:

m' '~'In m',- R'II!:".;:;}'d,= 'iI!9i,ni-· ,n~l:u' '!iIi .... mies 1IIIiQ!i)';~'1Io::1'~'~".r;; empires ':-p,Ji'!!ij--

.' '1.'lLII!1Il. ,I" :v '111'~' c' .ll!.1[vlli. yl.ltll..)!" ' .... 1.. - ',~.;;lI'l !I,'II,,;;.'D'il~J!d.uu.ll~:, 'I!,;,; ~ ,~L~;;;II.I' ;'IIo;;;(J'"

:pIes, d,ynastieisl, but nilllions: of men in one-thtrd o.f 'the' then inha'bi ted ~ro-rld; and. more than, 'Hla,t he moved tlhe,altars, the -gpd~ittte :reigionsll 'Ule ideas,1I' fhe belief.s and the souls, 1!!On, the 'basis of Ell Book, e'wry ,Ietim' which has become law, he created a), ,gpmri:rual ,rtal'tiona~.Uy \Vruieh blends m'gl~the'r' peoples of ,ev1ery 'ton;gtie and raee, He has m,dt the bi'~d!e]_f:bte ,cl:1ar,acteriso,c CI~ 'UUs: Muslim na'tionaJity' tllle hatred of ,£aIDse gods and, 'the passion :io[the One and :mmnl!a.mrlal God". This, avenging :patrio,t:i[sm ag.ainst the p,ro:f,c]D21J'Hon of Heaven formed the vlI'we of the followers of Muhammad; 'the conquest 011 one-third the le,arth 'to tb,€!, dOignljaJ was his mirad,e,~: or :f.,ather' :U was not the miracle of' man but fh:at of' reason, "The idea of 'the 'unity of God~ proclaimed , the eXhaustion ,of 'the faibu'101l8 theogordes, was. in ,itself ,su,dl a, ,mirac~e 'tnel't upon it"s u'Hecance from his lips it d5trnyed all Ihe' anclent temples 0\1' Idols and :get om. :me' ofil_e..,adrd of 'the world. Hia life, hts nled:m:tati(1rIl5~, his,M'mic reveling :a;gains,t ,th.e Sf up e rs,ItiinonS, 0,1 rus roun'try;., and :hls boldness in defying' 'the Wrl,es. of idol.a.:tTY, ms fimmess in, endudng ,tbem f!m'tef!D yea;r;s ~n M,e(~1r his ,tlc,c-ep'lanoe' o.f the' 'role' of public scorn and almost of beb't_g a v~ctiln OIf ru;s fellow countrymen: all these and finaUYt his ~ his lncessant preaching, ms; wars a,,g:arn.n~t odds, hts .faith in his success and his superhuman .serur!ty in, mms\lf.:orb.m,eJ!' his forbear-

~ift~. ,'.~ . """'l!-.niiFtii' Lii:,,," ,c· "~~'''';nn, w'··L~ch::-I'· ,."'. . ., - ~''''i'''':~ '. de~!L~' m V'U: .. LU .... "J, JlWJ.4:i' ~EHW}h.ILU",1J . I,U" was, eOILlU.C1Y,,-

vl(J~ed 'to one' hie a, ,aD.d fn no manner s'tfij,vjjn,g for ,Ill, 'em-

n'I~·' 't... . .:_, end 1'I""",iI!)iI!' '.p' r'~''!U''Piroi;J; 'hi··· ,~O' m·:- ,~,t~ II\" lI'V'W!Ii'lliiJl"_'PC!!'!~I'~O· ~.~. '-~,iL!"'"

r,g,~,. ,Ji.~ ~~I.I!, IIGiiiI!;;;;I!' . c. ,i!.i~',i';"Jl, iiJ;I' ,~', - ,J ~ , .. '~ ",",--'!!J\lI;,I~,iI!' '!I.:i. ~,IiI.I/':,lig, W~,Uil.

G d hi d h .JI 'Ib'" - '. 1!... ~£' d tJh;' a11" the

iFiF' _ "_·0: death anU. IdS, triump 'Jill, ,ruier " e.a ." .. , .. I ·I'~- "3J~;..

__ Y·. ,T .,.Oi .. ' _ "_ - - - - . _. - - , - -.. - .. J~. ".. • • l~~; ,01,

~. ···t· . ' ..... II- ,t" .. , I·· imp , .. I("ii;~ ibi,~~, b ,.,~ '1I"li,., '11'0· .~ ,q,~! nn, ,'~ ..,;, "'hi-·· ._1L., I!;JI:;S, noll" ~O an ,III.,II,.~l!!-v.;;;II[II.!!).iI.~,!1,;:; ee 16i,1C, ~ .. ' g, .u~,!!,~,., ,,-,yD,VlCUOn W" .Ul

ga've 'him 'the power to resto:F.E!' ;1 d,ogma. This dogma

k.,.,. £. .. ~...:i ,10k .. ·-~fu 0.,1" God .. ·:, and i&.'il"o imma ;"-:~i1"ltu, ··~···f' [G·--::·,'d·'" I.W,O.tOJUA Ute' urn .. ;. \t,__. ..... ,' .~,- UIifli.. . ",I, ~nad,! ... ,) 0-. ' .. :._ O·,.,j;

the' fOml'e'r '~elling what 'God is"lli,@' :ial'tt-er teU'ing wlla't God is not; the' one ov"_~rthrol\Vin,g: false gods with the

.... , ord lli.l... ... . ,Il-l .. ~ .. ' .~ t· ., ~'-", ·d·:~''C' ,., ~'~h· " ... ' 'd' .. np··l...lil-· ..

swo[ .. , UI~e Ouler S _Ul!Llllg, an L 'c:a WJJl_ J, WOE·. ;6 .• , "IU 050'"

pher, Orator, Apostle, Le,m[sla:to!,[~. Conq .. '1j,eror of Ideas,

II o~ I -

R') .: . .1\ .... ,.: ,', ;fif~: ~,o!'~01("i,_1I1 beliefs Th·I~·a, £\I"'iI,,1'I 'ii"il,dj'. a·'-r 10If" i-.r·"l!'\oiIiI"ii.'hi.r 't·· - ·e:th.or,~ 'v' . .iIi;\.~,U)~"(g,..,,U'lI;;;;liiG!!\ •• ,.'~ ,.,._, iIJ;VIl,.Ui.~,·· :~: ' t''"''blLI,,,.,_Jer~

I'Dt!,i-n,.;','3,'1 ~~p[ J ft'~s· .. and '0' e o.·,n~, ,8p ... J~;,,...;;',tu· .. ...'~ em' _ .. : iplre &:L;o«t· 1:"~' M, ..... U': .'_'

~!Q!~ , Q, J ~J.J'II ,,~~,. ~,I. _ i: .. ~~~ ... .1"1.1£. dJ.,., ,~~ IUIUld. D , . __ ~'

, ,

hamrnad As regards all standards 'by w:hi"ch bu.m,an

[g' "'11'\0·":11 ~[O"II'f!!\f:' m '. '::lIly" be m ~ D~ iI::!'!I'~I'FiOd' W" 'iI:llI, ''I:'!n,,~v w" "·c,'D ask '~I€:' there i',I,''!i..~,[L!!lI~.;:;III;,1i' ,: ''''''.' .,~ . 1~!~ ... ~1!10,,0 '·1 ',_ ....... ,.n'[~'i ,:... . ~~,,I!'.!Il.~ !lll~ I",

aIily' man :greater than, he?1

~!bzll'~J~1 ~'

,phiq,td~q,~ ~~"~e pl}wq"LiIll ~:Q

AJl,Prai~ul' is: d;UJi1'W Allah alane" 'the 'Lom 10,£ Utel 'W:odd:S' And'may 'God prase His, 'P1ol,het and :ws h(Jtmeh(d~ lind, keep Id. salie :tlmm, ,all revJl,

.'f '~Olll would, :liklefo, ,mc@.J.V"ie' 'DtIDi'm i:n'fomlI3,tio,n abeut Is-


lam", do :liUli: :hesi:tatl~to eOD'ble f 'us'::

1I1_, ........ ,I,~,nd,', "'111,'''', ~UIUl.II.. ~U.JJ.' . .-I

2) You, ,may also ViSl't tl1e fun O,W,ms' ,s]1tes:

,-- -, - ,~--~,,,,,,,,,,,,, 'RI~:-n"'..:1 ~---or 'W~ ,:i5Iiru:W,:I:J,~" i ,u~~'r~

~, "I - - lii"" ' - -

~_ ,-::-,1, , .. I .. ; .. ,". ::'" ~. - ".-.' -'-:, .. : '" ' ,", r- I"l""' .,: .

~.,lS ~,~ ,Ilon"com

~.fslam'""t'UUd_e"iOO_~ ~r,,1\!W'.mi~:aion~"S\lam ~1g:OIDll

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