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The iconodule monk John (d. probably ca. 825) is known only from his vita. The patriarch
Tarasios (784-806) ordained him deacon; later he became oikonomos and then hegoumenos of the
monastery of Psicha in Constantinople. He was persecuted and banished to Cherson by Leo V (813-
820), but was eventually recalled and died in his monastery.
The anonymous hagiographer, probably a monk of the Psicha monastery, does not claim per-
sonal acquaintance with the saint; nevertheless some scholars (H. G. Beck, O. Volk) considered the
vita as a contemporary (9th

-c.) work. The only basis for this argument is that Ehrhard ascribed a

manuscript containing the vita (Monac. gr. 366) to the late 9th

c. The editor of the vita, van den Ven, is

more cautious, however, characterizing the handwriting as of the 10th

c., although he does not exclude

the second half of the 9th


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